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Found 52 results

  1. mordatre

    [MOC] Minecraft Chunk

    A "Chunk" in Minecraft is 16x16x256 blocks. Based on a 32x32 baseplate this build is actually 16x16 blocks. The height however would not be possible to replicate since it would be too high. You do not want a tower like that to fall over a bunch of kids at an exhibition. :) This is not based on the latest version of the game sinca a lot of the newer blocks are absent. However most of the classic features are there and it´s basically one big playset, like the 10188 Death Star of Minecraft. It is possible for the figures to move from bottom to top through caves, ladders and stairs. Some designs are Lego´s official from the sets, but the ones I was not happy with or didn´t existed I designed new items. Like the chests for example. Lego´s chest´s are excellent for play, but not for display. More pics in my flickr. mcc012 by mordatre, on Flickr mcc02 by mordatre, on Flickr mcc01 by mordatre, on Flickr mcc06 by mordatre, on Flickr mcc03 by mordatre, on Flickr mcc09 by mordatre, on Flickr mcc04 by mordatre, on Flickr
  2. Hello all, My 6 year old has abandoned all Lego other than his Minecraft sets, and for that matter most all other activities except console gaming when given the choice of free time. So to encourage time away form the screen and more actual imaginative play, I have built as faithfully as I can the Desert temple from MInecraft Game. This is a play set, not a model. The focus needs to be playability so, as the real sets show compromise, some have been made here, but I have tried very hard to conceal them. Eagle eyed gamer's familiar with the temple may notice some, but I am happy with the results so far. There may be more done to this MOC, is any build ever finished? but for now my son is enjoying adventuring into the temple, especially in a darkened room using torches to light the corridors or different rooms. The MOC. I do have some LDD files on this, but they are evolving and the final product has corrections and definitely simplifications that are not in my digital plan. There is approximately 1500 pieces,of which nearly 400 are 2 x 2 tiles alone! there are some of the jumper tiles scattered throughout to allow for simple minifig or torch placement. The building is sort of a pyramid design with some towers, an entrance and side entrances. There are 2 levels, and a set of corridors. Inside the main floor chamber are portico's and sub chambers (this is where some compromise was made. Using Lego as a medium for Minecraft at first might seem like a very logical and simple application. Wrong. The game is really essentially based on cubes (easy to render, computer to draw, build, etc) allowing for complicated world design at the expense of that real world appearance. Lego is not a cube. It is square at the base on a 2 x 2, but requires 1,5 layers of tile to make it a cube. So suddenly it becomes complicated with structures. A door is a good example, in the Game a door is 1 cube wide and 2 cubes high. Well in Lego (using a 2 x 2 brick as a start for a cube) we need two Lego cubes wide, and at least 5 cubes high to make a door for a minifig to fit in. A more accurate Lego "cube would be a 3 x 3 x 2.33. As you grow the cube in Lego in any direction to accommodate a minifig, the design must also grow in the other axis as well. With that in mind, here is my interpretation of the desert temple. I hope you enjoy, a Video of it opening will be available shortly. Adam
  3. As you may or may not know, it has been announced that Lego will be releasing some player skin minifigures in 2 packs of four in September. Pictures have been released. This should sum it up. What do you think? Possibility of any more after these?
  4. TheBrickPal

    Minecraft 21128 The Village 21128 The Village, 1,600 pieces. US $199.99 - CA $249.99 - DE 199.99€ - UK £169.99 - DK 1899.00 DKK Released June 1st, but likely to be available mid-May for VIPs Build and protect The Village! Join forces with Alex at the busy Minecraft village, including a variety of biomes plus a watchtower, library, blacksmith, butcher and marketplace. Enjoy hands-on Minecraft adventures featuring your favorite characters and objects with this LEGO Minecraft set—designed for young fans of the highly successful sandbox video game. Includes 4 minifigures: Steve, Alex, zombie and a zombie villager, plus a Creeper, enderman, pig, baby pig, iron golem and 2 villagers (a farmer and a librarian). The Village features rainforest, snow and desert biomes, and includes a watchtower, library, blacksmith, butcher and a marketplace. Fold out the library and butcher's buildings and lift the marketplace roof to access the interiors. Grab your iron sword and prepare for battle! Build the iron golem to help protect the village. Accessory elements include a crafting table, water bucket, emerald-ore-style elements, 2 pumpkin heads and a chest with emerald-style elements. Weapons include a sword and a pickaxe. Set your imagination free—rebuild the set for more LEGO Minecraft creations! Measures over 5” (15cm) high, 19” (49cm) wide and 17” (44cm) deep.
  5. When the LEGO Minecraft series was announced, I, like many AFOLs, was baffled. I’d heard of it, but never even considered playing since it was aimed at kids, and the graphics were already blocky. But that time has passed, my daughter, now seven, talks about Minecraft daily, to the point of me coming home sounds like this: Me: I’m home! Her: Daddy, how about Minecraft? Me: STOP TALKING ABOUT MINECRAFT, AT THE VERY LEAST GREET ME WHEN I COME HOME: Her: Maybe Minecraft later? (English is her second language, so her sentences are a little broken.) So, I know Minecraft now. And last Christmas, more than LEGO, more than Inside Out toys, Minecraft was the present that made her head spin. Thanks to LEGO for providing this set for review. Set #: 21125 Name: The Jungle Tree House Theme: Minecraft Year: 2016 Pieces: 706 Minifigs: 4: Steve, Alex, Skeleton, Creeper MSP: U.S.$69.99, £74.99, 89.99 euros Peeron Brickset Bricklink So, I called her in the room, to say I had a surprise. “Daddy, it says LEGO!” “Minecraft, I love it, we’re gonna make together?” Impatient building assistance from my daughter. The box It’s a fairly large box showing the main features. The back shows the action features as well as the additional build feature. The booklets The set uses three books. The first two are for the main build, the third for the alternate build. The Pieces The set has four bags of bricks, and three plates. At this point, Lego prices fluctuate so much between the changing dollar rates and licensing fees, I have no idea if this is a good deal for the price. There appears to be slightly more to it than a similarly priced Star Wars set. The Build Bag One Bag one has the smaller pieces of the set, as well as the minifigs. Alex and Steve are the protagonists of basic Minecraft, and Steve comes with a helmet. I’m guessing Alex has a diamond pick axe. Diamond weapons and armour are a thing in Minecraft The back printing on Alex is interesting in how subtle it is. I wonder if it was worth it, relative to cost, but I’m happier with it there. The set also has Creeper and Skeleton, bad guys in Minecraft world (apologies, the Creeper is missing a piece, it was the kid who built it). The sheep I’ve seen in a Minecraft set I got the kid for Christmas, but the Ocelot is new. Not a particularly exciting build on it though. I quite like the sheep, especially the legs. Imagine that Creeper has a 3*1 green studless piece on the side. The creeper is one of the more interesting in game designs of Minecraft, with its freaky little legs. The bag has an assortment of vegetation. It also has decorations and equipment for the set: torches, a bed, a bucket, and some stuff I don’t clearly know. The bed is a fundamental item in Minecraft, that you can place pretty much anywhere in the game. Bag Two Bag two starts the base of the set. From bag one, so vegetation and a fire are placed in. One of the notable things about the Minecraft LEGO series is the use of 2*2 plates with a single stud in the center. This is used to make parts easily removable, but also as a place to put single stud objects while maintain the blocky world of Minecraft. The flowers occupy a 2*2 space, as almost everything in the set does. At this point, my daughter was getting uncontrollable. Me: Give me that! I have to take a picture! Her: But I wanna play! Me: Wait! It’s almost cruel to make a kid sit through an EB review before she can play with it. Bag Three Bag three continues the build. The set has translucent green and blue pieces. These were driving my daughter crazy, “It’s so beautiful!” She insisted on putting those on herself. The atmosphere is quite clear here, the first tree placed on the set. Bag Four Bag four finishes off the set, with some odds and ends pieces left over. It’s a nice sized structure, with almost no Technic building. The Finished Product In the tree house, we can see the bed. A waterfall has a platform that locks into place at the top, and can be used like an elevator. In front of the bed is a trap door triggered by sliding the vegetation. At the foot of the stairs is a button that causes them to collapse. Another feature is to move the top of the bedroom over the sheep’s pen. It’s a small change, but gives the set versatility. Overall, it’s a lush, detailed set. Alternate Build The third book has instructions for a separate build. To start, you need to clear out the waterfall, and everything over the upper platforms. After, you are can build this. One feature is a cactus, which is important in Minecraft. Or it was important to my daughter at least. If I recall correctly, you can get water from them, and inside this, there are translucent water blocks. As well, a wall is made with Creeper’s face, slightly hidden behind vegetation. This made my daughter happy. The Final Verdict Design: 7/10 It’s hard to rate the design of Minecraft LEGO against other modern series. Overall, the whole of it feels retro, with its simplified build. Almost no modern pieces are needed. You could have made this in 1980, minus some colours and the minifigs. That said, though there are no “wow” techniques like in the modular buildings, there is something endearing about this dense, brick-built set. Build:7/10 It’s a fun build, not too repetitious. At the same time, nothing to learn from the techniques here, except the value of mapping a build out in advance. Playability: 10/10 There is a lot of play value. Good guys and bad guys, animals, action features. My daughter was thrilled to get her hands on it. Minifigures: 10/10 I like the figures here, and Creeper is its own unique part. Four figures (plus the animals) is enough to populate a set this size. Price: 8/10 (America) 6/10 (world) While I think the American price is reasonable, the international price is not for me. You would have to be a Minecraft fan to justify it. Overall: 8/10 This is a really good set. I wish LEGO would make more sets like this in their regular lines so we didn’t have to pay a licensing fee for brick based sets. A lot of sets these days have a hollowness to them which is a turn-off. It’s economical to produce and sell, but less exciting to build and play with. Another thing I really liked, this set has more abstraction in its design; a torch? Let’s use an orange and yellow translucent instead of a fire piece. Leaves on a tree? Let’s use plates blocks instead of a custom piece. There’s a hypocrisy here, since these custom pieces were super exciting and fresh when they were new, but they aren’t as exciting and fresh now. If anything, they can easily get lost in the mountain of LEGO that so many of us EB users have. Making stuff from bricks feels fresh. This set (and the Minecraft set I gave at Christmas) really taps into what I enjoyed about LEGO to begin with as a kid. The bricks have a lot more room for reinvention than a lot of other series. LEGO sets go through trends, depending on the staff at a moment, I guess. This Minecraft style is a good thing. I would love to see some of the brick principles of these sets filter through to other series. I love the minifigs of the Superheroes lines, but am pretty burnt out on the vehicles that are omnipresent there. A bricky, Minecraft style room or street would be amazing in that series. I recommend any AFOLs out there who had no interest in the series due to the license to check this, or any Minecraft set, out. It is very pleasant. Not an overwhelming recommendation, but a solid one.
  6. Introduction In this review I'll present you the Lego set #21124 The End Portal, from the Minecraft line. As I'm not a Minecraft expert, there may be some errors or imprecisions, so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong! Lego continues to release Minecraft sets, 4 sets every 6 months, meaning this is a succesfull theme that reaches its public. The End Portal is the second biggest set for this wave and should be pretty interesting. In Minecraft, an End Portal can be used to access a location called The End, where you'll have to defeat an Ender Dragon. So this set is in direct link with set #21117 The Ender Dragon relesed in 2014. From what I saw online, the portal itself seems pretty accurate to the game, but let's take a look at the whole set. I'd like to thanks Eurobricks and The Lego Group for the opportunity to review this set. Set information Set Name: Minecraft The End Portal Set Number: 21124 Number of Pieces: 559 Theme: Minecraft Year Release: 2016 Prices: £49.99 / $59.99 / €59.99 (Euro prices may vary from one country to another) #21124 on Brickset Packaging The front of the box follows the Lego Minecraft design, with the green square patterned area on the top with a Lego Minecraft lago and a creeper face. All usual indications are there: the set number and recommanded age, the minifigs included with their name, and a picture of the set itself. As always with the Minecraft sets, there is the "Build your own creations" add which deceived me in my previous Minecraft review... The rear of the box shows the set completely folded and small pictures show the play features. Content of the box The box contains 2 instructions booklet and 4 numbered bags. We can see a lot of basic bricks and plates, but that's always the case with the Minecraft sets. Instructions booklet The two booklet sport the same picture as the front of the box. Not much to say without opening them... The building instructions are extremly easy to follow. The very light blue background makes it easy to read and there shouldn't be bricks' colors errors... Ok, I made a mistake when the first white bricks showed up and used light bluish ones. But that was easily corrected. Half of the second booklet is about the "Build your own creations" part. And I must say that it is way more interesting than I hopped. In fact I prefer this alternate build! After a quick explanation on how to use the (included) brick separator, we are asked to remove and destroy the two "wings" of the set, while keeping intact all the moving stuffs like torches and blocks. Then we get back to "normal" instructions, and you'll see the result later, in the "Play features" section of this review. Minifigures The minifigures included in this set are Steve, in a full diamond armor set, two Endermen and a brickbuilt Cave Spider. Each uses special molded bricks specific to the Minecraft theme. I'm glad that the spider's head and the Endermen head and body can be easily repurposed for use in completely different themes, and they might be featured in a coming Andromeda's Gates build Interesting parts If you are a fan of the Tap 1x1 without hole end, this set is made for you! According to Bricklink, this part appears in light bluish grey 128 times in 105 sets... You'll got 32 here, plus 2 spare... But the jewels of this set are the 1x1 dark blue tiles, with a Eye of ender print. You'll get 12 of it, plus one spare. They have a lot of potential, like creatures eyes or control screens. The Endermen body and legs part may prove usefull, but I have to say they are really badly molded. Build As always, the bag number 1 will give us the minifigures and all the accessories for the set, like the torches or the blocks. The content of bag #2. The bag number 2 will give us the base of the central stage of the set and its only moving play feature. The bottom of the portal can be switched from lava to "activated portal" by sliding the blue blocks on the side. I have to say that the sliding could have been smoother with a simple tile on the plate that connect the blue parts to the lava/portal element. With the bag number 3 we'll build the portal itself. I really like how the portal is build and how it looks. And those printed tiles!!... The portal is quite true to the original material. Bag #4's content. The fourth bag brings us the two wings of the build, a library where the Cave Spider lurks, and a room with a chest. The completed set, with minifigures. There aren't much spare parts considering the 559 parts of the set, but they are always welcome. Play features The main play feature is, as explained before, the sliding parts that transform the portal from a pool of lava to a fully activated portal. Just drop Steve in the activated portal, and a #21117 The Ender Dragon will magically appears before your eyes! I'm kidding of course... Am I?... The alternate build is some sort of a prison cell, guarded by the Cave Spider. I really like this build, more than the original. Conclusion Design: 8/10 - A Minecraft design, true to the reference material. Parts: 6/10 - Lots of basic parts, and a dozen of great printed tiles! Build: 8/10 - Easy and straightforward builds. A bonus point for the alternate build! Playability: 6/10 - Not much things to play with, except from moving the minifigures around. Minifigs: 7/10 - A Steve and two Enderman and a Cave Spider, that's nice. Price: 8/10 - A little more than 10 cents per piece, 3 minifigs, a brickbuilt spider and some cool parts. Overall: 43/60 (72%) - A nice set for Minecraft fans, maybe not as nice to the non-fans. Some pretty nice parts but not much playability.
  7. SuperGeniusCreator

    Lego Worlds Discussion

    I didn't see this coming. Brickset article Could this be the building game we've all waited for? Is this the modern version of Lego Universe properties? Is this a Lego-version of Minecraft? (Which is sort of like a digital version of Lego?) I was hoping Dimensions would feature something like this, but if this turns out to be the game with a sandbox building system then I'm fine with that.
  8. Lego 21121 Minecraft Desert Outpost Thanks to Lego and EuroBricks for making this review possible! This will be a little different review than normal. Somehow I've just never gotten into Minecraft, but my two boys (9 and 5) are addicted to it. So since it's currently way past their bedtimes, I'm first writing a review myself looking at this as a Lego set but with basically no knowledge of the source material. Then tomorrow I'll have them give me an education and add that to the review. That said.... on with the details! Name: Desert Outpost Set Number: 21121 Pieces: 519 Price: $59.99 Minifigs: 5 Theme: Minecraft Year of Release: 2015 Links: Bricklink Brickset The Box So, a set of blocks based on a game about blocks and giant pixels. Hm. Nice logo and pixelated background at the top, with a face or something over at the top right corner. Frowning ghost face? Messed up Mickey Mouse head? Not really sure.... As for the set, well, it's a desert outpost. With a river flowing next to it. Um.... isn't that against the rules of a desert? From the boys - there's lots of rivers in the Minecraftian deserts. And the logo in the corner is a Creeper face, even though there aren't any in this set. And they really like the action of the box front with the TNT flying and such. The 1:1 On top of the box Lego used one of the minifigs to illustrate the size. It's a skeleton with a blocky head instead of the normal minifig head. And armor. Why's a skeleton need armor? It's already dead! Guess the boys will have to explain that one too. What they can't explain is why Lego used a minifig for scale. Anyone buying Lego sets probably already knows how big a minifig is. It seems to me that using something else from the set would make more sense, but there's not really anything else that would give easy scale. On vehicle sets, a wheel works well. Here, I guess they did as well as they could with a fig with a weapon. The Back of the Box The back is a standard display of play features. I won't recite them all since you can see the picture. I do find it a little odd to see the "build your own creation" in the bottom corner and the top center. Isn't that the exact point of both Lego and Minecraft? Do people REALLY need that spelled out explicitly for them these days? The Contents 3 numbered bags, some baseplates, and a manual. Simple. The Manual The manual is book-bound, not a stapled booklet, and nicely made. I'm not in love with the pale green background, more of a traditional light blue fan myself, but it's ok. You can see here there's no problem distinguishing light/dark grey or light/dark tan, but there were a couple times at the start of a section of building that it was less clear since there's only one color in use so far. Also, why are the print colors so far off the brick colors? For kicks I tried placing bricks on the page and it's crazy how different the colors are from the book. My wife and I do photography, so we understand the challenge of making prints match the screen or a physical object. But this is LEGO. They could do it. Once they defined the colors once they'd be pretty much done. So why is it so different? It'd make it easier for those times different color shades are unclear if the print color matched the brick color - just hold the parts to the page! Sort of how Technic sets often have a 1:1 scale axle on the page to help you get the right one from all the different sizes. The Minecraft Ad At the back of the manual is an ad for Minecraft, with a 70s looking dude playing along with his daughter on a "Blockstation 500" desktop computer. Personally, I love the style. I've read enough actual ads like that from back in the day to appreciate it. It sorta reminds me of a Pixar movie - it's an ad geared at kids but has lots of hidden details the adults would appreciate. Like the massive beard. And the collared shirt / sweater / jacket combo. And the Apple ][ style computer. Nicely done. The only flaw is a computer of that vintage with a full color screen :) The Other Sets That ad is followed by an ad for the other Lego Minecraft sets. The original micro sets are not included, but the 2014 and 2015 sets are all shown. The Part List For those who want, here's the inventory from the set. Yes, there is a brick separator. The Special Parts There's a variety of specialty and printed pieces. Not sure how much use any of them have outside the blocky Minecraft style, but they work here. The Minifigs Technically, I think Lego counts the wolf as a fig, but it's not built with the other figs in the manual. You'll see it soon. These 4 figs are nice though. The skeletons get Minecraft heads, and the two other characters are decent. It seems that "Alex" is a female Alex, based on the orange hair printing onto her torso. That is sort of a bummer, since it limits the usefulness of that torso for other things. The weapons and armor likewise are pretty limited to the Minecraft world. From the boys - You get the two main characters that you can be in the game, so this is a good starting set for someone. The armor and helmets are cool, but it'd be great if Lego could make the armor leggings and shoes. The Minifigs' Backs Alex gets the only back printing, and no one has alternate faces. The Build, 1 The first part of the build is a few small objects. A wolf, I think a crate?, a red torch?, a grey thing, and then 4 other torches. I do like the grooved bricks used for the wolf legs, but beyond that, not sure what I'm looking at here. From the boys - it's a wolf, tamed since it has a red collar, then a crafting table where you make things in the game. Super useful, you pretty much can't play Minecraft without it. Next is a redstone torch used in redstone circuits. There's also a furnace for cooking both food and other things, and finally regular torches to keep monsters away. The Build, 2 More small items. Some brown bin thing that based on the box art is a little one-man boat, a few plant things, and then I assume a red bed. The small bin is a boat used to travel in the water or for fishing. The green cylinders are sugarcane used to make paper or sugar, both very useful in the game. The Build, 3 And still more small items. First I see what appears to be an unfinished green tree, and then a TNT launcher. No dad, that's a cactus and a TNT Dispenser. Ok, I guess I can see the cactus. Still say it looks unfinished, but everything in Minecraft sorta does :) The Build, 4 Finally, into the meat of the build. I definitely like the brown flower parts used in the door to give it some interest. And we obviously have a play feature there in the ground - pressing on the smooth section of the tan tile makes the grey tiles flip up. I'm betting the tan blocks fill that grey area and get launched out. That's a wooden door, not as good as an iron door. Zombies can break the wooden doors. Lego did a good job matching the game doors. The Build, 5 The build moves on to another platform. This will be the main part of the outpost, so it's a large baseplate with some feet under it to raise it. And yes, I counted studs carefully to put that brown brick right where it's supposed to be, even though it doesn't really matter. The Build, 6 After flipping the base over, we get to start building some walls and water. The Build, 7 It takes a LOT of jumper plates to get that offset row of dark grey "brick bricks" in the right place. And that basket thing and grey thing that we build earlier now get a home. Still have no idea what they are... We answered about the crafting table and furnace earlier dad, we're NOT going over it again. Remember, I wrote this ALL before talking to you. Oh yeah. Ok, well, we're not sure why they did the two stud lower walls and 1 stud darker wall sections. That doesn't look like Minecraft to us. The Build, 8 The door is attached here, and they made a pretty ingenious and discreet doorstop out of a couple headlight bricks with a dark grey tile across them. The Build, 9 We turn it around and build more of the tower. There's also a bunch of those 2x2 bricks with jumper plates on top piled up here. That looks like when my chest gets full and I have extra blocks and pile them outside my house since I don't have room. The Build, 10 After another spin around we get to add the base with the flipper that we built earlier. I'm sure my boys with drive us all insane using it to launch those tan blocks all over the house. We also add the green thing - in context, I'm assuming it's a cactus - and the TNT dropper. The Build, 11 Let's make a couple more small bases, hinge them together, and give one a splash of blue. And with all those jumper plates, I'm sure there's walls coming. The Build, 12 I've opened it up here to show what's going on. The bed is in the room, and the weird walls were built as pre-fab sections and put into place. These walls look better than the other walls. Although the bricks in the windows look more like fences than windows from the game. And the bed is actually too big, but it had to be to look right and fit a minifig. The Build, 13 Now I've closed it back up, added more walls, and started on the roof. Still weird, and sorta boring. Grey walls get old after a while... We love the water slopes. It could be bigger, but even like this the boat will slide down and across the blue plate. The Build, 14 This secondary building gets joined to the main base and a few more accessories are added, like the plants. The Build, The End So... the bedroom gets a roof, the tower still looks incomplete, and there's a bunch of creatures around that I don't understand. The tower gets a big door, but the bedroom has just a little swinging panel? You can't really see it in this photo, but there's some water in the back corner. But it's not connected to the water up front! The TNT dropper and the block launcher both work great though, so the playability is nice. Big fail Lego - Steve has a sword AND a cookie, but you can only hold one thing at a time in the game. There's probably mods that change that, but you can't do this in the official game. And if this is daytime, then the skeleton with no armor would be dead or on fire from the sunlight. Having the redstone torch up with the TNT dispenser is right though, since you need a redstone circuit to make the dispenser work. The Leftovers Here's the leftover parts, all from bags 1 and 3. Bag 2 had no little parts, so no extras. Nothing surprising either, but these little 1 stud parts are always nice to have more of. The Playset The bases have hinges between sections, so it can open up like this. There's also a seam with a hinge under the bedroom, but the roof holds it together. If you remove the brown roof then that building can split open. We like the set opening, since it's easier to reach places and play. The Boat No idea why in the desert there's a guy in a tiny boat holding a cookie. Because that's all part of Minecraft, dad. Duh. Why does it have to make sense? The Alternate Build Remember how the box talked about "building your own creations" with "inspiration included?" Instead of the alternate models that we see in Creator or Technic lines, this set includes a modified version. First, you remove walls and other parts to get down to this. Then you rebuild with those pieces (and it does use just about all of them) into... The Alternate Outpost A much taller tower. But now the TNT doesn't fall onto the launcher, and the bedroom building is looking very incomplete. Neither is a big issue - just turn the top of the tower and use some other Legos to finish the building - but it just feels like a weak effort here to me. On the other hand, it's pretty much what my boys would have done anyway! The tower is awesome! The TNT flies further from higher up, and it's like a lookout tower to see if bad guys are coming. See, I was right... My wife thinks the regular model looks better though, and I agree. The Conclusion So, what's my conclusion on this model? It's definitely aimed at a specific fanbase, as opposed to things like City. And even Chima or Super Heroes have their source material, but this just seems more specific to me. Those other licenced themes are easier to play with without knowing the source. The price is ok, since you do get several figs and larger parts instead of tons of 1x1 bricks like many sets do. We think it's great, maybe even better than the other Minecraft sets we have. The TNT dispenser and boat are great, plus the wolf... and you get Alex! The Ratings Value: 7/10 - Close to 10 cents a piece, and you get 5 figs and a good size tan baseplate plus other largish plates. Design: 8/10 - Looks very Minecrafty, but a little plain. Minifigs: 10/10 - Good assortment, new Alex and wolf, and the boys liked that her hair was printed down onto her torse. Playability: 8/10 - Pretty good on its own, and easy to blend with other Minecraft sets or expand with other Legos. Parts: 6/10 - Appreciate the flexibility of these pieces for Minecraft use, but it'd be much more limited if you wanted to use them for other purposes. The unique parts are very specific to Minecraft. Overall: 6/10 or 10/10 - My score is low. I'm not the target market for this, since I've never played Minecraft. My boys on the other hand give it a 10 and are SO glad to have this set.
  9. Bob De Quatre

    Review: 21119 The Dungeon

    Introduction In this review I'll present you the Lego set #211119 The Dungeon, from the Minecraft line. I'm not a Minecraft expert, but I know how to put colored bricks together to create a world. Including this wave, Lego have produced 14 set based on the famous game, which shows how Lego believes in this partnership. I would not be surprised for this theme to continue for a few years. This set represent a Dungeon, which is supposed to be a small room, with a mob spawner and up to two chests. From that description it seems that Lego designed that set quite well, but let's see that in detail. Whitefang's review of 21120 The Snow Hideout mostlytechnic's review of 21121 Desert outpost Hinckley's review of 21122 Nether Fortress Also, I'd like to thanks Eurobricks and The Lego Group for the opportunity to review this set. Set information Set Name: Minecraft The Dungeon Set Number: 21119 Number of Pieces: 219 Theme: Minecraft Year Release: 2015 Prices: £17.99 / $19.99 / €19.99 #21119 on Brickset Packaging The front of the box follows the Lego Minecraft design, a the green square patterned area on the top with Lego Minecraft logo and a creeper face, an indication of the set number and recommanded age, the minifigs included with their name, and a picture of the set itself. There is also a "Build your own creations" add which promise us that inspiration is included. Seems sweet... The rear of the box shows the "alternate build" of the set, which consist of shifting one block of bricks from one place to another. The play features and the blocks included are also shown. Again the "build your own creations" is highlighted. It must be something really important in this set. On the usual green Minecraft background, a side of the box shows us the 1:1 picture. In this case it's a zombie mob. There is also a picture of the set, the same as the box front, Lego Minecraft logo and the set number. Content of the box The box contains an instruction booklet, three parts bags numbered from 1 to 2, and 2 8x8 dark bluish plates. The bag labeled 1 looks pretty empty, and I couldn't find the inspiration that should be included as indicated on the box. Bad sign... Instruction The instructions booklet's front sports the same picture as the front of the box, minus the minifigures highlight and the "Build your own creations" that said inspiration was included in the box. A page mentions in universal language that we should build the set following the bags numbers. And that's what we'll do, starting with the bag 1 as shown on the next page. The building instructions are easy to read on a light green background. Behold the "Build your own creations" pages, where inspiration flows like a rushing stream... Ok, the "inspiration" is just making a wall with five bricks... I was really hoping for some more creative ideas. We then have a page with a nice Lego Minecraft display, and a picture of the set with the play features highlighted. A double page shows us the sets from this wave and from the last, with all the minifigures and creatures included. We also got an ad page for, where we can find more informations on the Lego Minecraft products. As usual there is an ad fore the Lego club (I encourage you to suscribe if you have children, the free magazine is really nice and free). And of course the "win guy" page where a coffeeholic says we can win things by providing feedback about the set. Minifigures There are three minifigures in this set, two zombies and a Steve with an iron (or stone) pickaxe. Dark purple legs and dark azure torso, the three minifigs are identical, at least on what they wear. Steve is a fleshy, with the iconic square head, and so have a Light flesh printing on his torso. The zombies have green skin, so bright green hands and torso print. The torsos don't have any backprinting. Interesting parts The carrot top in bright light orange is exclusive to the Lego Minecraft theme, as is the treasure chest in medium dark flesh. The printed 1x1 plates only appeared in one other set. Build The bag labeled 1 gives us the minifigures and some of the set accesories: three torches, a chest with 2 wheat and a redstone dust, a lava patch with a cactus on it, the mob spawner cage, a tan/dark tan assembly, a mossy coblestone block, a sandstone block and a gold ore block. Moving on to bags 2, we start by building a strong base. We can see where the mechanism to rotate the mob spawner will take place. The base almost finished, with the rotating mechanism in place. The build is simple as it is just composed of bricks and plates, except for the technic mechanism. Dungeon are supposed to be in mossy cobblestone, and some dark green 1x1 tiles are randomly placed to simulate moss. The second play feature mechanism is put in place as we start to build up. The finished build, with all the minifigures and accessories in place. It seems like a great representation of an in-game dungeon. The materials have been respected (coblestone and mossy coblestone) as well as the mob spawner, the chest and the chest loot. The usual leftover parts are rather various and nice. We could even build a second cute mob spawner! Play features The set have two play features: a knob to rotate the mob spawner in its cage, and a trap wall. The trap wall is a simple but well designed feature, but I couldn't find an equivalent in-game. But the jewel of the set is the mob spawner. It seems really accurate to the game, with its rotating movement, the cage of course, and the four spot arround him to put torches as it is a way to defeat him. Sadly for Steve, Lego only gave him three torches... I must say I really like that mob spawner, it looks kinda cute. The tan assembly that we built with bag 1 can also be switched from place to place, and can be disassembled to build, if you have the required inspiration, what looks like a sand fall. Conclusion Design: 8/10 - A Minecraft design, true to the reference material. Parts: 6/10 - Some basic parts, nothing more. Build: 7/10 - Easy and straightforward builds. Playability: 8/10 - The play features are nice and work well. Minifigs: 7/10 - A Steve and two Zombies, that's not bad. Price: 8/10 - A little less than 10 cents per piece, with no rare parts and 3 minifigs, that's ok. Overall: 46/60 (77%) - A nice set for Minecraft fans, but I think not much to offer to the non-fans.
  10. Very nice new early access game, did anyone got it already?! is it nice?! cu, quad..
  11. legojeroen

    [MOC] Minecraft Layout

    I present to you; my Minecraft layout! Last year when the sets came ou I knew I had to create something around them. I went to several stores to obtain the sets wich were very limited availible. I also bought some basic brick boxes and just started building. I somehow managed to get this out of it. I suprised myself with what I could build, as I normally just follow the instructions and put sets on display. The layout includes 5 of the sets and a mineshaft with minetracks underneath the surface. By suprise, it was shared today bij the Lego Minecraft Facebook page and it now has over 1000 likes! The full set of photo's including some work in progress photo's can be found here:
  12. SomeAssemblyRequired

    [MOC] The End Vignette

    Hey everyone! This is my first MOC post on EB, hope the community likes it! I only have one picture at the moment of it, due to problems taking photos a different part of the vignette. This is meant to be a small little part of the zone in Minecraft, known as "The End". It hosts (as you'd guess) the optional end game. The final battle is an Ender Dragon, who is accompanied by Endermen. But do enjoy! The End Vignette by The Nightingale, on Flickr C&C welcome!
  13. This set, 21102 Minecraft Micro World, has been sold out on LEGO S&H for quite some time. Just today, I noticed that Amazon has it for preorder, at regular LEGO pricing, for the US, for shipping on January 13th, 2015. They actually have it discounted by $0.04 , listed at $34.95. You need to buy $0.05 worth of stuff more to get free shipping. This would be good news if sufficient quantity become available at a the original sales price, for those of us too slow to get it the first time around. Its not the first time that a set listed as "sold out" rises from the dead and makes a comeback.
  14. Follow the adventure of a hero (Steve) who sets out to free the land of the fierce Ender Dragon. My goal with this film was to take on Minecraft with a medieval theme. For the medieval aspect I was inspired by Skyrim and Lord of the Rings. I'm not the best expert there is on Minecraft but I tried to incorporate as many main elements there are from the game that makes it so unique into the story. I completed the film in 10 days. I had to cut out some scenes from the original story due to animation scheduling conflicts. Also if your following the DC/Marvel crossover series be sure to stay for the post credit scene. Things are going to get heated up starting in the next chapter. Directed, Animated, and Music Composed by Tristan Kilmer Written by David Kilmer and Tristan Kilmer Narration preformed by Neon Icy Wings Starring Bret Newton as Captain Marvel Coulter Rail as Plastic Man Connor Sheehy as Spider Man
  15. Hi all here is my latest gbc if has about 12 modules including one that is based of the micro worl minecraft set. So what do u guys think should it be made into a set? 9v system
  16. In a number of reviews I've seen of the 21116 Crafting Box set there seems to be a conversion list of the blocks in the Minecraft game and how they are represented officially in LEGO form, on a poster and also on the back of the set itself. Unfortunately, it has been difficult to see and I would like to use to it to get an idea on the game representation of these new sets, and to make some custom projects. If anyone has found a quality image or has taken an image from the set itself, it would be greatly appreciated. -Green
  17. I started this topic as i recently bought the new Crafting Box set from Minecraft, and I wondered what people had done with it : Built one of the models suggested in the book (If so , which one and why) or If you used the pieces to make something else (If so ,pictures would be great). I personally bought one and built what i wanted and used what i had built to connect my two other sets together (The First Night and The Cave). I will post pictures of it, once i figure out how to post photos on Eurobricks.
  18. TheOneVeyronian

    [MOD] The Ender Dragon from 21117

    Hello all! First off, I would like to state that I don't play Minecraft, so my reference material was basically poor quality screengrabs of the Ender dragon from a Google image search. But even though I don't play Minecraft, I couldn't help but be attracted to the Ender Dragon from set 21117. But, after reading VBBN's insightful review on the set, I realised it had problems, and it inspired me to chalk up a slightly more accurate and poseable modification of the Ender Dragon in the set in LDD. This is what I've come up with: Minecraft - The Ender Dragon (21117 mod) by TheOneVeyronian, on Flickr Basically, gone are most of the hinge plates and they've been replaced with Mixel balljoints to enable more dynamic poses. The legs especially annoyed me as in the previous model, if you bent the legs outwards, the dragon was basically standing on the edges of it's feet, now at least partially fixed by the use of Mixel balljoints. Until the Mixel balljoints are made in black though, black 1x2, 2x2 inverted brackets had to be used in order to maintain more of it's colour homogenity. But the biggest difference is the fact that I have got rid of the flapping wing function in the model and have given it more realistic brick built wings. If you would like to mod your own Ender Dragon to look like this one or use it as a starting point for your own mods, then here is the LDD file for that purpose. All parts do exist, though please be aware that the old style hinges used in the wings either don't exist or are very rare in light bluish gray (but common in the old light grey), and the model should work in real life. Please ignore the random decorations, they were used for the purposes of giving the Ender Dragon it's proper decals in the render. Comments are welcome!
  19. This brickfilm animation "LEGO Minecraft - Episode 1: The Forest" is based on the hit game Minecraft from Mojang. This was my one of my first animations and was part of my coursework for college. Steve's adventure begins, collect resources and build a shelter before the Creepers come out at night. Please leave your comments and thoughts down below.
  20. Not sure how appropriate this is! Understandable if it gets flagged. First time confused poster : ) This is a mashup using a LEGO EV3 (EDU version, but Retail instructions are included) kit with 3/16" thick foam core, for the purpose of creating a 2 foot tall Minecraft Creeper. Full build instructions: I hope this helps someone in need of a fun weekend project : )
  21. cnet has reported that two new Minecraft sets are to be revealed today at SDCC. High quality pictures: The Nether The Village Not sure if there are going to be more in the future, but this is all I found. -Sci
  22. Perry the Platypus

    Minecraft 2013 Rumors and Discussion

    Felt like this was needed. 21105 The Village 21106 The Nether Discuss!
  23. Fithboy

    Minecraft Iron Sword

    A fun MOC I made with a friend
  24. neon-rc

    Lego Minecraft

    well today i received my first new lego kit in about 12 years! The minecraft micro world set first thought upon unboxing were of the hundreds of tiny little tiles, i had seen pictures online but wasnt expecting it! then i set about counting all my pieces, turns out i have 2-3 missing and 16extras! meaning my kit is a 494pice set and not a 480 piece kit lol got it built within the hour and as i play minecraft myself on both pc and xbox the layout of it seems quite good, but some parts dont quite make sense. The "house" on the lego set is 1 block tall, but in the minecraft game, you are 1.6blocks tall (each block representing 1metre) and the doorways are 2blocks tall which also means that the minifig (which is 2.3 bricks tall) has no chance of fitting inside the house. the gold bars are way too big and they may have been better making Ore blocks such as gold, diamond etc that are built into the walls instead of doing gold bars. another thing although trivial to anybody who doesnt play minecraft, is that when you place a water block, it will travel for 7 blocks, which would be more than the 6block size of 1:4 of the micro world i plan on placing a order of about £60 with lego in a few weeks to purchase enough blocks to expand the standard 12x12 world into a 18x18 world, complete with a couple of new characters, and then once i am happy with a layout and the amount of blocks i need for this, i will place another order with lego and see if anybody would like to purchase an expansion set of between 500 and 1000pieces so i have a couple of questions, for those of you who are interested in minecraft What would you be willing to pay for an expansion pack for the lego minecraft kit, which retails at £34 (and $34) that would more than double its size? How many pieces would you like it to contain? What new characters would you like? Would the kit be for you or a child? would you like Ore blocks (coal,diamond,iron,gold,redstone) blocks to be included? would you like minecart track blocks to be included? Thanks Gav