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Found 197 results

  1. Hello world! I would like to continue (and close) my MOC series "Updating the Classics". (part 1: MOC: Updating the Classics (1) - 6018 Battle Dragon Revisited part 2: MOC: Updating the Classics (2) - 6049 Viking Voyager part 3:MOC: Updating the Classics (3) - 6057 Sea Serpent Revisited part 4:MOC: Updating the Classics (4) - 1752 Crossbow Boat Revisited part 5:MOC: Updating the Classics (5) - 1547 Black Knights Boat (Revisited) ) I think I have "updated" most of what could be found in 1980s and 1990s. So (drumroll) here it is, the final chapter: 6017 King's Oarsmen (Revisited) 6017 King's Oarsmen: This is a charming little boat, with two dragon heads. And with two brave knights. Sadly, I did not have any more of the originals. So I have chosen some of my oldest knights. The boat had a sail - so I could (once more) use my brickbuilt-sail-approach! 6017 King's Oarsmen (Revisited): This time I wanted to create something special... .... with a monkey in it... Monkey is sailing away happily... As you can see I have found a counterpart for the original two dragonheads. I am very happy to be able to close this with something funny. Thanks for watching!
  2. Hello world! I would like to continue my MOC series "Updating the Classics". (part 1: MOC: Updating the Classics (1) - 6018 Battle Dragon Revisited part 2: MOC: Updating the Classics (2) - 6049 Viking Voyager part 3:MOC: Updating the Classics (3) - 6057 Sea Serpent Revisited part 4:MOC: Updating the Classics (4) - 1752 Crossbow Boat Revisited) I am running out of original castle ships - but here is one more and one more will follow and close this series. 1547 Black Knights Boat (Original & Revisited): 1547 Black Knights Boat (Original): As you can see I do not have the original knights. What is best about this boat is the dragon head as a gallion. That TLG designer at that time was really good. 1547 Black Knights Boat (Revisited): So, it was key to keep the dragon head - I have only modified it slightly and changed the colours to have less contrasting colours. The new boat seems to come from Mitgardia. One more to come! I hope you enjoyed it. C&C welcome!
  3. Hi there! I would like to continue my MOC series "Updating the Classics". (part 1: MOC: Updating the Classics (1) - 6018 Battle Dragon Revisited part 3: MOC: Updating the Classics (3) - 6057 Sea Serpent Revisited) This time I will try to do the "6049 Viking Voyager" some justice. The set goes back until 1987 (and I did not have it). 6049 Viking Voyager (Revisited & Original): 6049 Viking Voyager: I have added Midgardian colours to distract from the key point that I do not have the original shield Also the "cover" for the treasure had been designed in white - I only have similar bricks in black. There they are, rowing away happily... 6049 Viking Voyager (Revisited): A new model required the usage of the "real" vikings. The treasure "cover" was enhanced - and created in white. Overall colour scheme is meant to be close to the original. And then I thought that I need to do something special for the gallion (the original gallion is - frankly speaking - quite poor): .... and I think I was very successful! That was fun! I have used oars - they were not available when the original set came out (we are talking about pre-pirate times!). So, after this overhaul, the new vikings may row away in peace into the sunset! More to come - C&C welcome!
  4. Hi there! I would like to continue my MOC series "Updating the Classics". (part 1: MOC: Updating the Classics (1) - 6018 Battle Dragon Revisited part 2: MOC: Updating the Classics (2) - 6049 Viking Voyager part 3:MOC: Updating the Classics (3) - 6057 Sea Serpent Revisited) Dubbadgrim has thankfully pointed me to 1752 Crossbow Boat (1996), a really small boat with one knight and two crossbows. I thought that the crossbow would have to be bigger for the new version. The set was also released as 1804 Crossbow Boat and and 2892 Thunder Boat. 1752 Crossbow Boat (Original & Revisited): 1752 Crossbow Boat: The original is one of the smallest boats put out by TLG. As I have run out of the correct black bricks I have rebuild the model using (old) dark grey. It possesses a certain charme: 1752 Crossbow Boat Revisited: For the new version, a good crossbow was available I also thought it would be better to differentiate between the oarsmen and the crossbow men. So it got a bit bigger than the original. I could not stick to the colour scheme as I wanted to use some spare boat bricks. Then I was satisfied with the new edition. (No brick-built sail this time.) But still I think that TLG might have seen this as the "modern" version of the set: The series will continue! C&C welcome!
  5. Early in the morning, while he was still sleeping , Adam left Terryn on the camp they arranged for the night and went to the mysterious house he saw on a nearby hill when they stopped. They are getting out of food and are, still, a long way from their destination in Mitgardia, so he decided to approach whoever lives there in hopes to get supplies and perhaps a hint on the safest path to their destination. Lord Carnwalis is the one who leaves in that house. He is a peaceful man and living so close to the Mitgardian border, he sure will help Adam and Terryn on deciding the safest rout. Hey everybody. It´s been a while since I build something, but I’ve been sick and with loads of work so I did not have much time. Anyways, this is my latest build, and the first of 2015. I tried to do some things a bit different this time, like the walls and some colors on the landscaping. Also, this MOC is going to be inserted in a display that I’m working on to be displayed on my LUG's expositions, 0937 and so its viewable from 4 sides. Sorry, once again, for the poor storyline, but definitely this is my weakest point and I cant do much better… CC is welcome of course. Hope you like it The Wedgwood House The Wedgwood House The Wedgwood House The Wedgwood House
  6. Hey guys! This is my first entry to this year’s CCC, to the Fairy Tale Castle Category. It’s Rapunzel’s Tower. According to the original story written by the Brother’s Grimm, Rapunzel was a beautiful girl, locked up by an evil witch on a tower with no doors or stairs located deep in the forest. After a year or two, it came to pass that the Prince rode through the forest and went by the tower. He heard a song which was so lovely that he stood still and listened. This was Rapunzel who in her loneliness passed her time singing. The Prince wanted to climb up to her, and looked for the door of the tower, but none was to be found… The rest, you all know… :p It was a HUGE pain to photograph a MOC this size. The lighting never seemed right and in honesty I don´t think the photos do justice to this build, but I di9d the best I could :/ Some photos: Rapunzel's Tower Rapunzel's Tower Rapunzel's Tower
  7. Not much is known about Malcumus Erlond. People know he is a druid and a mysterious man, that lives in the old cottage on Death Cliff Island. People often say too, that is has a magic potion that turns anyone into a very smart person! Marcus and Gairbert are not smart… At all… And they decided to try and reach the cottage on top of the cliff and steal the potion from Malcumus and become the 2 smartest persons of the country… Would they be successful? :b Hey guys, this is my 6th and final entry to the CCC, to The Merry Band category. Hope you like it. Ho and I would totally live there :b Malcumus Erlond Cottage Malcumus Erlond Cottage Malcumus Erlond Cottage
  8. Deep in the forest, Vyell Henion stumbles across a very strange house. A house built in a very big and ancient tree… She heard about this ancient tree and the old lady that leaves there many times... The urge to knock is big… So guys, this is my 5th entry to the CCC,to the small miscellaneous category. It didn’t turned out quite well as I wanted but this was a rush build as I wanted to make one more. I love this concept and I will build more like this for sure when I have more time. Enjoy! Barrenroot Tree Barrenroot Tree Barrenroot Tree
  9. Hi guys This is the “Etheldreed Windmill” my 3rd entry for the CCC, Medieval Husbandry category, and also a freebuild to GoH. The mighty lands of Avalonia are home to many water and windmills, and perhaps the most known is the “Etheldreed Windmill”, where all kinds of cereals are milled to feed the nearby small villages. Being away from the forests, so it can catch strong winds, this windmill is an iconic landmark of Vanhorn Region. CC is welcome. I had to photograph this one with only artificial lighting so the pics came out a little dark. Enjoy
  10. Hi again guys. So, this is my 2nd entry for the CCC, more specifically for the Large Miscellaneous Category. I’ve been wanting to build a medieval village for quite a while and finally I was able to do it. I had a lot of trouble because I ran out of bricks in sooo many spots that I had to improvise a lot. Also, I don’t really like square bases, but, again, I was out of wedge plates so this was the best solution that I could find :/ CC is welcome as always. Enjoy!
  11. greatold1s

    'Ello to all!

    My name is Ahmet & I'm from Istanbul, Turkey. 29 years old and unfortunately I've been introduced to the creative side of lego very recently.. I'm watching lots of forums about MOCs and admiring the processes of building those sets. Now looking for a brick set (guess that's what it's called) to start building my dreams via colorful bricks. I'm mesmerized by every other detail I see in those creations, truly mind-blowing. I'm also into photography & having lots of fun just by thinking how much joy I'll get taking snaps of my sets (if I could ever succeed in building one).. lovely to be here
  12. Not sure if I'm posting this in the right section... Although I signed up to Eurobricks ages ago, I never really posted anything up here. it's quite historical (although parts of it are still medieval, it is set in the 18th century). It doesn't really fit in the "LEGO historic themes" section in my opinion. It's not a pirate mod either, since it's based on a real building and I'm pretty sure Dordt never had a pirate harbor :-) So I put this into town, but if I'm wrong, please put it on the right spot :-) Groothoofdspoort, Dordrecht Some time ago my colleagues in Dordrecht asked me if I could build something from their city. They offered me a challenge to recreate one of Dordt's landmarks: the Groothoofdspoort (one of the two remaining city gates). It is located at the river Beneden Merwede, at the point where it continues as river Noord and river Oude Maas. It was built in the late medievals, but altered in 1618 (facades), 1692 (dome) and 18th century (rococo ornate gate at the river side). The house between the harbor entrance and the gate were built in the early 17th century after narrowing the harbor entrance. The house at the other side of the gate was built with it's back leaning against the city wall. Since the current setting (2014) isn't my favorite one with a big grey hotel at one side of the gate, I started searching for historic pictures in the city's archives and found several ones from the 18th century showing some Dutch renaissance facades and a nice kitchen annex with columns instead of the hotel. The street plan was taken from the first proper cadastral map from 1830, still showing the 18th century situation. Most fun was recreating the diagonal parts in the building lines. Only three buildings have square floor plans. One of the houses got only one 90 degree angle. pj_bosman 2014-05-11 Groothoofdspoort reference pictures 7662 by patrick_bosman, on Flickr pj_bosman 2014-05-11 Groothoofdspoort 7551 by patrick_bosman, on Flickr More pictures here Thanks for reading :-)
  13. Hi everybody. This is my entry to the MEC. I only had enough time to build in one category, so I choose B. After Sauron was defeated and the ruling ring has been destroyed, the age of men, an age of peace and harmony, began. Gandalf took a break from is great adventures and quests and now lives peacefully in a small cottage in the middle of the woods. Frodo, Bilbo and other friends continue to visit him, and when they do, they seat by the fire, talking about how they manage to get thru all the dangers and slippery roads. It’s a time of peace, it’s a time of friendship… The idea was to recreate a circular cottage with a roof in a shape of a wizard’s hat, taking some inspiration on the latest DC build, Caer Caradoc . The roof didn’t worked out as I wanted, mainly because of lack of time and specific parts, but I think the idea is there. I now this roof is not going to please to everybody, but hopefully the idea gets thru. :) Some photos. Hope you like it and CC is welcome! PS: Good luck to everyone!
  14. Hello everyone! I just found out about this group via the Facebook page. When I came over I saw the 5th LDD RCB and that it was a Western town theme. I was immediately interested in knowing what else this group did. I am following now following that thread and looking forward to seeing the final product. I started playing with LEGOs when I was about 5. I have always loved horses so my earliest sets all contained at least one horse. I had used the LDD 4-6 times over the past 8 years, but this site has inspired me to get back into using it. My favorite themes are Western, Medieval (particularly Robin Hood era), and Imperials (particularly modified to the American Revolution.) Last year, I also started building a Christmas village using a combination of the winter village sets and my own creations. I am presently going to college for my Master's and working full time so I stay too busy. However, I do enjoy playing PC games or building LEGOs when I have time. Most of my creations are MODs or small MOCs that are added to existing sets to fill them out. I will work on getting some pictures up of things I have done. I look forward to learning new techniques and getting new ideas from this group.
  15. Often it can be difficult to decide what I want to build. The Collectible Minifigures theme has brought many interesting historical minifigures. Last year I have built a large Greek layout for the Spartan from series 2: http://www.eurobrick...89#entry1533491 After I had finished the Greek layout I thought a lot about what I should build next. Should I build a Roman layout for the Roman minifigures? Or should build an Egyptian layout for the pharaoh? Or a 1700's layout with a lot of minifigures with white wigs? I would like to build it all. That's how I got the idea to build this MOC: Ancient Egypt: Ancient Greece: Ancient Rome: In the background: Colosseum The Viking Age The Middle Ages: The Renaissance In the background: St. Peter's Basilica in Rome: The Late Renaissance: In the background: Rosenborg Castle: The Age of Enlightenment In the background: Fredensborg Palace: The Industrial Revolution In the background: Westminster Palace: Modern Time: The back of the MOC is a world map:
  16. DwalinF

    Small viking's house

    I've built this house only because of roof. Nothing serious but I wanted to try such technique. Moderator, add pls tag [MOC]. Thx )
  17. martensitic

    [MOC] 79002 Better Tree

    Loved the tree from 79002, with a bit of modding it can be made to look real nice and be pretty big without being overly part intensive
  18. Admiral Khan

    Cross Build

    Does anyone know the technique of building these crosses seen here: I am wanting to add this type of style to my castle I am currently building.
  19. Admiral Khan

    Castle Ideas

    Hello everyone who is seeing this post. I am planning a MOC build of a castle and need some ideas as to what parts of the castle to build. The dimensions are 60x60, but I am wanting to split it up into quadrants of 30x30; building one section, and attaching it to the next and so forth. I don't wnat to build a complete castle with outer walls, but I do want to add a keep. Any ideas on what buildings or structure on this? Thanks
  20. Hello EB :) I've been gone for some time, mainly due to studying. Since my finals are almost over, I decided to try some MOCing again. The following creation started as an afternoon exercise in wall building and finished as a medieval woodworker's workshop. I wanted to build it slightly bigger, but ran into piece count constraints, as I have a limited amount of my collection at my university flat. Still, I'm pretty happy with it. The carpenter is currently engrossed in a procedure of transforming the two raw planks into a new chair. Behind him, there's a barrel with raw wood and a fully carved chair leg on his workbench. Closeup: Comments and critiques welcome!
  21. A simple animation. Some slapstick comedy for you to enjoy :) Constructive Criticism appreciated :) Apparently it didn't work to embed... anyone know how to do this?
  22. Balthazar

    At the sunset

    Hi! I present you my new creation "At the sunset". Soldiers of Green Dragons army decided to have a rest on the road to one of the Red Dragons` village. But at the sunset...villagers attacked first! Wrong place to rest by balthazar_, on Flickr Wrong place to rest by balthazar_, on Flickr They want to fight! Wrong place to rest by balthazar_, on Flickr Green Dragons` camp Wrong place to rest by balthazar_, on Flickr Ancient catacombs: Wrong place to rest by balthazar_, on Flickr Wrong place to rest by balthazar_, on Flickr Wrong place to rest by balthazar_, on Flickr More pictures in spoiler! That`s all You can fave my pictures and start following me here: My Flickr Thanks for watching, C&C are welcome!
  23. Mark of Falworth

    The Grand Joust of Gisellicburg

    This is a collaborative build by myself and my real-life Brother Steven. Twas built as the final scene in our first book in our series, THE ANSELM SAGA, part 1 "The Envoy" Learn more about it here! Well, we were both very happy with how this one turned out! At 128 x 80 studs it the biggest build we've ever made! (In total area.) We hope you guys like it! The Grand Joust of Gisellicburg by Mark of Falworth, on Flickr The Grand Joust of Gisellicburg by Mark of Falworth, on Flickr The Grand Joust of Gisellicburg by Mark of Falworth, on Flickr
  24. Admiral Khan

    How to build a Medieval bridge?

    I am building a Medieval farm MOC for my Historica guild and I am building a stream next to it and building a bridge over the stream. The dimensions for the bridge is roughly a 12x8. My plan is to make it wooden, so brown in color. I have come up with a few ideas, but just wondering if anyone here has any good ones. Thanks