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Found 191 results

  1. This is my first entry for the Colossal Castle Contest under the Medieval Dungeon category.
  2. Hi all, This is my first moc in this theme after i going through so many great medieval or historic related moc here. I'm glad that i able to complete this moc and merge up with the LEGO castle theme display which currently displaying in my own country, Malaysia. All the comments are welcome. Yorkenshire Medieval Village Medieval Village 2015_0002 by WingYew, on Flickr Medieval Village 2015_0001 by WingYew, on Flickr Medieval Village 2015_0003 by WingYew, on Flickr Medieval Village 2015_0004 by WingYew, on Flickr Medieval Village 2015_0006 by WingYew, on Flickr Medieval Village 2015_0007 by WingYew, on Flickr Medieval Village 2015_0008 by WingYew, on Flickr Medieval Village 2015_0009 by WingYew, on Flickr Medieval Village 2015_0010 by WingYew, on Flickr Medieval Village 2015_0011 by WingYew, on Flickr Medieval Village 2015_0012 by WingYew, on Flickr Medieval Village 2015_0013 by WingYew, on Flickr Medieval Village 2015_0014 by WingYew, on Flickr Medieval Village 2015_0015 by WingYew, on Flickr
  3. This modular castle system is based on 4x8 and 8x8 modules. They are designed to connect in all 3 dimensions so you can build walls, towers, keeps and fortresses. Below is an example of a smaller castle that you can build the interchangeable modules in about a Minute (minus the time for the decorations). Modular Castle Two Towers by Michael Kalkwarf, on Flickr Pictured below are the room modules. They connect to each other by using the pair of Lego Technic pins on the side near the top or by stacking them. They can be placed directly on top of each other or offset by half a module (4x8) [Herurl=]Lego Modular Castle room modules[/url] by Michael Kalkwarf, on Flickr Here are various versions of the half or 4x8 battlement modules. They clip into the top of any room, balcony or bridge module. Lego Modular Castle Half Battlement modules by Michael Kalkwarf, on Flickr The modules below are the bridge and balcony modules. They each come in half, 4x8 and whole 8x8. These connect to the room modules using the pair of Lego Technic Pins. Once connected they extend the top surface area and allow you to place any room or battlement module on top. Lego Modular Castle balconies and bridges by Michael Kalkwarf, on Flickr To see a video demonstration of this system go to Below are a front and back view of a hybrid of the balcony and bridge modules. They use the pair of Lego Technic pins to clip into the corresponding pair of pin holes on any room or bridge module. These match the floor level of the module above to allow a decorative balcony or curved battlement. Lego Modular Castle curved battlement and balcony by Michael Kalkwarf, on Flickr If you want to top off a tower with a decorative roof instead of a battlement, the roof and height extender module go together well. Lego Modular Castle roof and extender by Michael Kalkwarf, on Flickr Next is a view of the bottom room modules. Here is a front and back look at 3 different versions. The one in the center is a corner piece. Typically these bottom room modules are used to form the bottom level of your castle. These modules also have the Lego Technic Pin holes that allow you to connect any two modules together. Lego Modular Castle bottom Modules by Michael Kalkwarf, on Flickr Below are 2 different whole or 8x8 battlement modules. These can be placed on top of any room module, bridge or balcony. Lego Modular Castle whle Battlement Modules by Michael Kalkwarf, on Flickr Here is an example of a larger castle that you could build using this modular system. Lego modular castle 16 by Michael Kalkwarf, on Flickr Here are a couple of smaller ones. The possibilities are endless. Modular Lego Castle two watchtowers by Michael Kalkwarf, on Flickr Modular Castle Central Tower by Michael Kalkwarf, on Flickr If you are interested in seeing more castles built from this system as well as how the modules connect to each other. There are more pictures on MocPages. I have submitted this modular Lego castle system to Lego Ideas as the Kingdoms Modular Castle. If you like this system, please vote for it.
  4. blackie

    [MOC] Hero's Room

    Here is a simple and small MOC in a medieval fantasy world (actually inspired by games like Skyrim). The idea is that the heroes return to their home after a long and hard looting :) The build is part of a series of sets I currently plan all related to this medieval fantasy world and with these kind of role playing backgrounds. There is the bed and a small table as well as a fire place on the floor where fish can be cooked. In the chest, there is some of the stuff taken by our heroes.
  5. ootkaman

    MOC: Round Table Hall

    After 3 years of design in LDD, and 1 year of accumulating parts, I have finished my Round Table Hall. It is based on the ordering of the Round Table at Winchester Castle, as shown here: https://childrenofar.../roundtable.jpg These are a few general photos, and I will take some more with detail later. If you like these, be sure to check out my Robin Hood MOCs as well: My Flickr account also has these photos in higher res (although I am a busy person, and the photos aren't too great)
  6. St. Bendt's Church is a church in Ringsted, Denmark. Red brick is one of the most common building materials in Denmark. The technique to produce red bricks arrived in Denmark around year 1160. St. Bendt's Church in Ringsted was one of the first red brick churches in Scandinavia. In year 1170 the church was dedicated with great ceremony to Saint Bendt (Benedict of Nursia). The church is built in Romanesque style and houses the tombs of Saint Knud Lavard and many of Denmark´s earlier kings, queens and noblemen. This layout shows the dedication of the church in year 1170. Saint Knud Lavard was canonized during the dedication of the church in year 1170. Saint Knud Lavard (1096-1131) was a very successful and popular Duke of Schleswig. He was the son of King Erik I of Denmark and a an obvious successor to the Danish throne. But he never became king because he was killed by his cousin Magnus. His death provoked a long and bloody civil war. A week after his death his son Valdemar the Great (1131-1182) was born. In year 1157 Valdemar won the civil war and became king of Denmark. The fate of Knud Lavard and his son’s victory formed the background for his canonisation in 1170. During the dedication of the church Valdemar the Great's oldest son Knud VI (1163-1202) was proclaimed co-regent together with his father. Therefore the 7-year-old boy is sitting on a throne with a crown on his head next to his father. The real church can be seen here: More photos of my MOC can be seen here: .
  7. This was one of those builds, that I started just because I wanted to build something, but somehow I managed to work it into a RPG challenge in the Lands of Mythron on MOCpages. I also added some pink because I'm a bit short on bley… (SHIP pictures coming soon hopefully). The tree is one of my favorite parts, and I tried to make the house different than my last one ( by adding simple things like the protruding door and the window. Please tell me what you think! Criticism is always appreciated.
  8. Hello everyone, about a year ago I finally got my hands on my favourite childhoods castle, the King's Mountain Fortress (set no. 6081). If I remember correctly it was the 1990 Lego catalouge, and I remember drooling over it and trying to rebuild my sister's Rock Island Refuge 6273 into it. That ugly raised plate actually made the castle look that much more fun in my childs eyes than other castles that were available at the time. So as I was saying about a year ago I begoten the set 6081, the King's Mountain Fortress but in the same time I got my hands on a great deal for the Black Falcons castle the 6074 set. After all those childhood's hours and days daydreaming of it and finally building it, I was actually a bit dissapointed with it. The Black Falcon's castle was far prettier to me now. So decided to uncostruct both and try to make my vision of the classic King's mountain fortress. All the parts used are those two sets and the big ugly raised plate (added the iron railing gates and some minor pieces later), plus I partially used for inspiration one poster I admired when I was a kid.. a huge scene of "what you can do with castle lego", so this is what it turned into. Nothing special, just a classic rework of a classic lego castle. (btw, I really hate the raised plate, but it's good for something when you don't have enough legos to build the "mountain" yourself) That's it folks :)
  9. In times of famine and food shortages, most Avalonians stayed in Avalonia, peacefully tilling their fields, harvesting crops, or hunting animals. Gremlon and Elisa, however, decided to deal with the food shortages in a different way. As such, they went to a small isle in Nocturnus... raid the homes of the evil Nocturnians to get food for the more-deserving Avalonians! I decided to take a bit of a different approach to the challenge, as you can see . Note that though I'm an Avalonian, this MOC is set in Nocturnus - hence the colors and fairly dark overall look. Thanks for viewing! You can see more pics in the flickr album.
  10. Hey, all. It's been a while. I moved during the summer and my Lego collection sat in a cupboard for a while, so I only just got the bug again. After a Technic scale futuristic jet plane last year, I decided on a more 'traditional' architecture-related project this time around. It's early days but I'm doing a minifig scale medieval cathedral in the European gothic style. My main source of inspiration is the Kolner Dom in Cologne but for obvious reasons I'm having to make a few compromises - even at minifig scale, it would be physically too large to fit in my living room! I hit on the idea of doing it in a 'modular' fashion: minifig scale, with more detail than the commercially-produced Castle-era Lego sets but still smaller and made in sections. I reckon it'll be around a third of the size of, say, Notre Dame or Cologne from a minifig's point of view. Photos so far are on Google Plus...I'll add them to Flickr or something when each phase is completed. So far I've worked out the general floor plan, the cross-section shape of the nave and side aisles and the general shape of the buttresses outside. Apologies if any of the technical terms go over you head - I've had to give myself a crash course in architecture and engineering! The question I have right now is about the side-aisles (Re: the cross-section pic below). Church buildings of that era have a big span across the tall central area, but in the larger ones the lower side aisles are each divided into pairs of arches like this. I'm currently working to a simpler design with the side aisles made up of just one arch each, so I'm torn between a more conventional 'three arches' layout that's easier to build, or a more complicated arrangement of five, as in Cologne or Notre Dame. It's something I need to decide before going any further. Thoughts? Advice? Is this thread even in the right forum?? Anyhow, it's good to be back and feeling inspired to build something again!
  11. The Story The Storm Riders once lived in one of the two moons of the Phantasy Realms world. But such a moon was consumed by a lightning storm destroying it. This is how the first drakes came to the world of Phantasy - they fled from their once peaceful home to reach to a land of turmoil and war. They first met the storm riders and shared their lightning knowledge with them and for a while they found a new home - a new place to live. Such knowledge gave the storm riders some leverage fighting the lava wizards whose quest for more land seemed insatiable. And peace settled in... Centuries later, some drakes decide to leave and explore the world, thus giving origin to the great Drake diaspora. In this path, drakes began breathing fire as a result of sometimes eating gold and drinking from lava pits. However, many drakes remained faithful to the riders. As time went by, the Storm Riders Dwarven neighbours, tired of being the only ones in Phantasy that held no special power apart from digging deep and trading expertise, decided to invest in a University to research archane powers to increase their influence. Needess to say they found no help either from the elves nor the mystical wizards - their magical secrets were not to be shared with the Iron Dwarven. So their investigation began exploring nature and if there was power to retrieve from it... and recently, they discovered the power of the spark. This began the Dwarven Industrial era. They built many machines and contraptions to help in their daily needs. But once the Iron Dwarven began applying their newfound technology on weapons and vehicles, the Storm Riders knew war was coming and they should act fast. Only one faction should control the power of the spark. Who will it be? You choose :D The set This set would portray a skirmish in the great battle for the spark. It includes two Storm Riders and a buildable dragon with wings that flap up and down and front to back, moveable tail and neck. It also includes two Dwarven Science Guild members in their steampunk tesla tank with moveable driving crank. 360º rotating cannon tower, two spring missiles and a crystal accessible from the back to power up the engine. And soon to be on ideas per friend's request :D
  12. Hello All! Been a while since I posted here, I have been very busy as of late. But I am back to MOCing again, and can't wait to get back to into GoH and regular MOCing. :) Here is my latest build, built for a collaboration for BrickWorld 2015. Enjoy! Robin Hood - The Merry Hunter My contribution to the Brick-Time Stories Collaborative at BW 2015. One of two Robin Hood creations for the collaboration. Eight builders, including Max Pointner, Ian Spacek, Matthew Oh, Lee Muzzy, Daniel Church, Ben Merrill, and Casey McCoy each built a scene from a children's picture book or novel. The scenes were constructed on bases made to look like books, and were arranged into a veritable library of illustrations at the expo. This creation portrays the classic Robin Hood robbery in the forest. I had tons of fun building this creation, I experimented with a very Mark Erickson style landscaping, and Erickson brothers' trees. :) Gotta love the Ericksons! :D To make it more artistic, I shaped the landscape that is popping out of the book in the shape of a bow. Thanks for viewing, and don't forget to check out the other creations of the collaborative! l Display OverviewSoli Deo Gloria! ~Matthew~
  13. soccerkid6

    The City of Katoren

    My finished collab with LittleJohn. This is our largest build to date, with a base size of 66x98, and weighing in at 30.2 pounds. There are 70 minifigures in the city, including quite a few familiar sigfigs, see how many you can spot We constructed it over a 6 week period. Every building has a full interior, and every floor is accesible via stairs or ladder. There are four moving features: the windmill, the potter's wheel, the hidden trapdoor in the city hall, and the bell; see them in action here: The city buildings include: windmill, tower, gatehouse, potter's shop, tailor's shop, city hall, noble's house, palace guesthouse, and palace. Windmill module: link Gatehouse module: link Market module: link City hall module: link Gardens module: link Palace module: link The city of Katoren is growing quickly and has already become a prominent city in Kaliphlin. It is well known for it's thriving marketplace, and elegant palace. See lots more pictures here: link Well we hope you've enjoyed our efforts, we certainly had fun creating this slice of Katoren
  14. Hey Guys I've been wanting to do a ruins build for quite some time and thought that the mighty forest of Avalonia would be the perfect for it. Continuing his long journey trough Vanhorn enchanted forests, Adam manage to get a small boat to go up Green Lake river and get to the next village so he can get some supplies. Passing trough the lake he stumbles across an old watchtower, so old and decayed that a magnificent tree was able to grow from inside and the branches and leaves sprouts from every cranny and hole! He realizes then, that he must close to a village... Finally he will be able to get some rest and a proper meal. His task is daunting and it's finally close to an end... The size is 2x2 BP (48x48) and I used 3000 tiles 1x1 in trans-green! :/ Hope you like it! Green Lake Tower Ruins Green Lake Tower Ruins Green Lake Tower Ruins
  15. My ensemble Grey Havens - Hope you like it. Cheers. Farewell Middle Earth :D
  16. Christian Tony

    [MOC] Blacksmith's Shop

    Hello everyone ! This is the first creation I upload on this forum. A blacksmith opens a workshop in front of his house and now he forges weapons and armor for the soilders and tools for the villagers. C & C are wellcomed !
  17. A nice Sunday to everyone! I am starting a new MOC series under the title "Updating the Classics". Having been inspired by a similar post in the "town" forum, I thought it would be interesting to apply modern bricks and building techniques to a few classic castle ships that we have seen in the 90s. The challenge for me in there is twofold: First I have to try to rebuild the original (which is not so easy due to lack of "historic" bricks), second part is to come up with a new version. 6018 Battle Dragon (Revisited & Original): 6018 Battle Dragon: The Battle Dragon is not one of the biggest ships for our knights... I was lucky - I (almost) had all the necessary bricks. In an updated version it might look like this: 6018 Battle Dragon (Revisited): The sail has the "dragon" on it. The dragon gallion is actually a very fine creation, so I kept it, just changing the colour and a few smaller parts. I thought that a sail and a rudder were useful additions. And that the crew could grow by 50%. More to come - C&C welcome! Edit: Part 2 can be found here: MOC: Updating the Classics (2) - 6049 Viking Voyager Part 3: MOC: Updating the Classics (3) - 6057 Sea Serpent Revisited
  18. Hi there! I would like to continue my MOC series "Updating the Classics". (part 1: MOC: Updating the Classics (1) - 6018 Battle Dragon Revisited) part 2: MOC: Updating the Classics (2) - 6049 Viking Voyager) Some of you may know the great "Sea Serpent". The set came out in 1992 and for some strange reasons, which I cannot reproduce, I happen to have bought the set (although that was the time of my dark ages). Therefore I was lucky to still find much of the original parts, including the sail. Some, of course, have disappeared over time. 6057 Sea Serpent (Revisited & Original): 6057 Sea Serpent: Once again, I have added Mitgardian colours. The gallion had to change from yellow to blue due to absence of the two smaller bricks. It is still a very charming ship. Small but efficient. 6057 Sea Serpent Revisited: My new version applies some of the new techniquesin hull design and my brick-sail-approach. Colour-wise I have tried to stick to the original. So far, this is the "revisited" version which I like the best. C&C welcome!
  19. Sir Gillian

    Wilton Castle

    Hey! At a small river lies General "sir" Cedric fortress Wilton Castle, the castle has not been involved in significant contention, but was one of the first fortresses built by the Lion Clan. People also seek out happily to the castle to fish in the river, and maybe even look at the beautiful view from the main tower. This day is Sir Gillian and his sister Darina there to greet General Cedric. Wilton Castle - Main by Sir Gillian, on Flickr Wilton Castle - Front by Sir Gillian, on Flickr Wilton Castle - Left by Sir Gillian, on Flickr Wilton Castle - Back by Sir Gillian, on Flickr Wilton Castle - Bird by Sir Gillian, on Flickr Wilton Castle - Roof by Sir Gillian, on Flickr Wilton Castle - Detail by Sir Gillian, on Flickr Wilton Castle - Sigfig by Sir Gillian, on Flickr Wilton Castle - Blacksmith by Sir Gillian, on Flickr Wilton Castle - Detail by Sir Gillian, on Flickr Wilton Castle - Detail by Sir Gillian, on Flickr Wilton Castle - Fisherman by Sir Gillian, on Flickr Wilton Castle - Playing kids by Sir Gillian, on Flickr /Sir Gillian
  20. Hello world! I would like to continue (and close) my MOC series "Updating the Classics". (part 1: MOC: Updating the Classics (1) - 6018 Battle Dragon Revisited part 2: MOC: Updating the Classics (2) - 6049 Viking Voyager part 3:MOC: Updating the Classics (3) - 6057 Sea Serpent Revisited part 4:MOC: Updating the Classics (4) - 1752 Crossbow Boat Revisited part 5:MOC: Updating the Classics (5) - 1547 Black Knights Boat (Revisited) ) I think I have "updated" most of what could be found in 1980s and 1990s. So (drumroll) here it is, the final chapter: 6017 King's Oarsmen (Revisited) 6017 King's Oarsmen: This is a charming little boat, with two dragon heads. And with two brave knights. Sadly, I did not have any more of the originals. So I have chosen some of my oldest knights. The boat had a sail - so I could (once more) use my brickbuilt-sail-approach! 6017 King's Oarsmen (Revisited): This time I wanted to create something special... .... with a monkey in it... Monkey is sailing away happily... As you can see I have found a counterpart for the original two dragonheads. I am very happy to be able to close this with something funny. Thanks for watching!
  21. Hello world! I would like to continue my MOC series "Updating the Classics". (part 1: MOC: Updating the Classics (1) - 6018 Battle Dragon Revisited part 2: MOC: Updating the Classics (2) - 6049 Viking Voyager part 3:MOC: Updating the Classics (3) - 6057 Sea Serpent Revisited part 4:MOC: Updating the Classics (4) - 1752 Crossbow Boat Revisited) I am running out of original castle ships - but here is one more and one more will follow and close this series. 1547 Black Knights Boat (Original & Revisited): 1547 Black Knights Boat (Original): As you can see I do not have the original knights. What is best about this boat is the dragon head as a gallion. That TLG designer at that time was really good. 1547 Black Knights Boat (Revisited): So, it was key to keep the dragon head - I have only modified it slightly and changed the colours to have less contrasting colours. The new boat seems to come from Mitgardia. One more to come! I hope you enjoyed it. C&C welcome!
  22. Hi there! I would like to continue my MOC series "Updating the Classics". (part 1: MOC: Updating the Classics (1) - 6018 Battle Dragon Revisited part 3: MOC: Updating the Classics (3) - 6057 Sea Serpent Revisited) This time I will try to do the "6049 Viking Voyager" some justice. The set goes back until 1987 (and I did not have it). 6049 Viking Voyager (Revisited & Original): 6049 Viking Voyager: I have added Midgardian colours to distract from the key point that I do not have the original shield Also the "cover" for the treasure had been designed in white - I only have similar bricks in black. There they are, rowing away happily... 6049 Viking Voyager (Revisited): A new model required the usage of the "real" vikings. The treasure "cover" was enhanced - and created in white. Overall colour scheme is meant to be close to the original. And then I thought that I need to do something special for the gallion (the original gallion is - frankly speaking - quite poor): .... and I think I was very successful! That was fun! I have used oars - they were not available when the original set came out (we are talking about pre-pirate times!). So, after this overhaul, the new vikings may row away in peace into the sunset! More to come - C&C welcome!
  23. Hi there! I would like to continue my MOC series "Updating the Classics". (part 1: MOC: Updating the Classics (1) - 6018 Battle Dragon Revisited part 2: MOC: Updating the Classics (2) - 6049 Viking Voyager part 3:MOC: Updating the Classics (3) - 6057 Sea Serpent Revisited) Dubbadgrim has thankfully pointed me to 1752 Crossbow Boat (1996), a really small boat with one knight and two crossbows. I thought that the crossbow would have to be bigger for the new version. The set was also released as 1804 Crossbow Boat and and 2892 Thunder Boat. 1752 Crossbow Boat (Original & Revisited): 1752 Crossbow Boat: The original is one of the smallest boats put out by TLG. As I have run out of the correct black bricks I have rebuild the model using (old) dark grey. It possesses a certain charme: 1752 Crossbow Boat Revisited: For the new version, a good crossbow was available I also thought it would be better to differentiate between the oarsmen and the crossbow men. So it got a bit bigger than the original. I could not stick to the colour scheme as I wanted to use some spare boat bricks. Then I was satisfied with the new edition. (No brick-built sail this time.) But still I think that TLG might have seen this as the "modern" version of the set: The series will continue! C&C welcome!
  24. Early in the morning, while he was still sleeping , Adam left Terryn on the camp they arranged for the night and went to the mysterious house he saw on a nearby hill when they stopped. They are getting out of food and are, still, a long way from their destination in Mitgardia, so he decided to approach whoever lives there in hopes to get supplies and perhaps a hint on the safest path to their destination. Lord Carnwalis is the one who leaves in that house. He is a peaceful man and living so close to the Mitgardian border, he sure will help Adam and Terryn on deciding the safest rout. Hey everybody. It´s been a while since I build something, but I’ve been sick and with loads of work so I did not have much time. Anyways, this is my latest build, and the first of 2015. I tried to do some things a bit different this time, like the walls and some colors on the landscaping. Also, this MOC is going to be inserted in a display that I’m working on to be displayed on my LUG's expositions, 0937 and so its viewable from 4 sides. Sorry, once again, for the poor storyline, but definitely this is my weakest point and I cant do much better… CC is welcome of course. Hope you like it The Wedgwood House The Wedgwood House The Wedgwood House The Wedgwood House
  25. Hey guys! This is my first entry to this year’s CCC, to the Fairy Tale Castle Category. It’s Rapunzel’s Tower. According to the original story written by the Brother’s Grimm, Rapunzel was a beautiful girl, locked up by an evil witch on a tower with no doors or stairs located deep in the forest. After a year or two, it came to pass that the Prince rode through the forest and went by the tower. He heard a song which was so lovely that he stood still and listened. This was Rapunzel who in her loneliness passed her time singing. The Prince wanted to climb up to her, and looked for the door of the tower, but none was to be found… The rest, you all know… :p It was a HUGE pain to photograph a MOC this size. The lighting never seemed right and in honesty I don´t think the photos do justice to this build, but I di9d the best I could :/ Some photos: Rapunzel's Tower Rapunzel's Tower Rapunzel's Tower