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Found 219 results

  1. Mechbuilds

    Two mechs [MOC]

    And so mechbuilds begin. This first one is a more mobile suit with twin napalm throwers. Secondary weapons are anti tank missiles on the shoulders.. The second one is a medium class mech with a much more heavier arsenal. Equipped with long range missiles at the chest and short range missiles at the hip. Hip cannon that has heavy armor piercing rounds. Arm mounted medium lasers.
  2. I'm trying to make an improvement to my Macross SDF-1 shoulder mounts. While they need to be really sturdy to be able to keep in place the Armd carriers, they should also be able to rotate, have the particle cannons on the front/back and the link should be made so it can hold the Armd in the 2 different positions while in battle mode or in ship mode. Here you can find the pictures of the current built model, and here you can see the replacement I'm working on. The problem are: only 1 stud connection for the shoulder pivot is really weak the link with hinges are right only in ship mode, but not in battle mode, as I can't rotate the Armd any more towards front The requirements are: the parts must exist (in the colour provided and not custom/modified/glued) as it is a real model the size should not be too much different than the one I used OPTIONAL: the external visible parts should exist in white, while the hinge and modified bricks/plates should exist in light bluish grey, as I'm planning a Robotech version of the SDF-1 too Thanks in advance :)
  3. I recently found two relatively nice mechas where the creators were nice enough to share the instructions. They were both older creations and I'd like to see what they made after ball joints became more readily available. Who are the top MOC creators to pay attention to, especially when newer parts are available? The finest minifigure scale Gundam RX-78-2 I've seen was GYUTA's.
  4. QQS

    Optimus Prime

    Hello! I'm not sure if this is the right subforum, because "Lego Action Figures" fits here quite well too. The main reason, why I've chosen "Lego Sci-Fi" is because the Universum of Transformers fits - in my opinion - much better here... and I like this subforum, don't know why :) I watched some TV shows about transformers and decided to make some of transformers I like - so I decided to start with Optimus Prime. But no, It's not the G1. That's some sort of mix: Prime from Transformers Prime + Animated Prime + WoC Prime + some details from Armada Prime + some my accents. I think that's ok, because Hasbro made many versions of Optimus too (20?). Autobots, transform and Roll out! BRICKSHELF DEVIANTART FLICKR version 1.0 (older) ROBOT-MODE Head was the hardest thing to do - in version 1.0 it was bigger and during Optimus transformation it had to be taken out. In this version, this problem doesn't exist. Front bumper transforms into some sort of machete. I think that the idea is ok, but execution could be better... And that's not Star Saber sword ... TRUCK-MODE ... and for ending: ~ QQS
  5. The Mugbearer

    [Render] Devastator Bot (Exo-Force)

    [Render] Exo-Force Devastator Figurine by Artemiy Karpinskiy, on Flickr Devastators were elite warriors of Meca One in his war against humans of the Mount Sentai. Possessing limited sentience unlike their Drone brethren, Devastators were assigned to pilot the most advanced and dangerous mechs and vehicles at Robot Army's disposal. * * * If you like what I do and you want to see me create your OC, a favorite Bionicle Character, or something else, feel free to look up my Commission Info! I also now have a Patreon page, so please consider supporting!
  6. Sunder

    [MOC] PzInf - III "Flamberg"

    PzInf - III "Flamberg" by Sunder_59, on Flickr
  7. Professor Thaum

    [O-E11] Garden Roxxor

    LOCATION : E11 - Fascini cluster Tags : Land vehicle, sand building, roxxor Nowaday, on a big asteroide of the Fascini Cluster... Pr Thaum : Greetings to you happy customers, this is Pr Thaum, home automation scientist from Octan first branch, I'm very glad to introduce yourselves... ... The Octan HM Garden roxxor, the ultimate solution for all garden task. the arms are totally exchangeable between all garden tools. From the simple shovel to the most intricate ionic comb heat styling grass drier. The model I'm riding features two directional spotlights, two robotic arms with a shovel and a claw and the famous ionic grass drier just in front of me. With this load of options, I was able to made : This lovely sand castle !!! And you see every grain of sand stands... it is as smooth as a Japanese Garden... and we are on an asteroid, with no gravity, thanks to the ionic drier... Pr Thaum : This garden roxxor features gyroscopic grab in the feet for walking everywhere it is needed and it is easily maneuvrable And the Roxxor is only 45 899 creds !! The must have for your husband birthday !!! What did you say ??? Hadvice : Thank you Octan !!! Pr Thaum : Ok BC 122 ! Cut ! I love this mecha ! Look at me Hadvice, I'm dancing in deep space ! I'm singing in the spaaaace ! ♫ Juuuust siiingin the space ♪ ! C&C welcome as usual
  8. The Mugbearer

    [Render] Ice Planet Exploration Mech

    [Render] Ice Planet Mech by Artemiy Karpinskiy, on Flickr An Ice Planet exploration mech based off the concept art from this page. Took me about 18 hours to render this monster. :D Back view | Cockpit * * * If you like what I do and you want to see me create your OC, a favorite Bionicle Character, or something else, feel free to look up my Commission Info! I also now have a Patreon page, so please consider supporting!
  9. VaderFan2187

    Marvel Superhero Mechs!

    Inspired by the very good Hulkbuster LEGO set I present to you my Superhero mechs! The Iron Man one is a very slightly altered Hulkbuster. The others are original designs off the rough skeleton of the Hulkbuster. Let me know your thoughts and which is your favorite!
  10. These are some mods to Exoforce set 7721-1, Combat crawler x2. This was a set almost no one bought, It was gappy, weird, hard to find, and expensive. I managed to get a sealed one for less than 30 dollars after the series was cancelled in 2009, and rather liked the idea of the model. All legs are now jointed, canopy added to the front for the main pilot. the cannon at the top has been adjusted to fit the gunner better, The middle pair of legs has been connected differently both to accomodate the joint an so they line up with the front and back pairs of legs. Extra armor has been added to the chasis as well, though its not too noticeable, this set was actually pretty beefy for an exoforce model Combat crawler now has a retractable frame on the front that covers the secondary cockpit. the connection between the 2 models has also been fixed so it doesn't fall apart from use. I love that it has stabilizers for its giant artillery piece. Added a roof to the prison so the pilot couldn't easily climb out The drone has a reasonably well defended seat up here. the controls were on the original set, but it only came with the 2 robots. Also, the original gun hinge caused it to smack the robot in the head if you decided to pivot it, and had an ugly connection with a bionicle piston The Viper x2 (as I so named it) recieved a lot of attention. It had a neat leg design, but the execution was really sloppy, Gaps have been filled in everywhere, and I added an actual cockpit. Feet were shortened I removed the technic plates on its legs to get rid of the holes, The connection on its back was heavily reinforced and can no longer slide off. All parts on the back have been swapped out for black, including the technic bushing. The Combat crawler showing off its rudimentary leg joints. Thanks for looking! any comments or feedback welcome.
  11. My most extensive Set modification ever, Mobile Devastator was modified over the course of about 3 years. The main goal was to fix the colors and add armor, the set was a good design to start with, despite the skeletal look. The review for the original set can be found here, By ReZourceman The most noticeable change is the armor, The blasters on the back have been repositioned to clear the doors, the troop compartment doors have been raised and have the rubber bands removed. Much of the frame has been recolored to eliminate red, dark grey and yellow. Command Tower extends like before, Mecha One's cockpit has been filled in to eliminate gaps. The side armor can be seen clearly here, its connected with balljoint bricks and click hinges. The gun turrets are mounted on hinges on the sides so they can aim at something other than the wheels. The armor wraps around the front too. I was extremely thorough. Cockpits have been redone to support the pilots, and add armor. Controls were added to the front cockpit, along with a view screen The Detachable Venom Gliders have new designs that look the same but fit the whole robot instead of needing to detach the legs There is a hatch at the top, and a ladder that goes all the way down. The roof and floor are filled in as much as possible, it's pitch black inside The side doors open, allowing the troops inside to disembark. 3 extra Iron Drones have been added to the crew, The rack for the inactive drones has been redesigned with sturdy technic parts. Rockets flip up while the troops are deploying, providing cover fire while the interior is vulnerable. Gun rack was also redesigned, and the interior is wide open instead of a cluttered disaster The back armor plates flip open (for access). There is a single prison pod with 2 torture devices. the interior is decorated with vents and slopes carefully placed to eliminate gaps from the outside when its closed. This picture is fuzzy, sorry. It just shows the ladder leading up to the hatch at the top. And that is my second biggest Lego project! (first is Eclipse Blazing Falcon was also modified, will post it later... Thank you for looking, any feedback is welcome!
  12. Sunder

    [MOC] Hexham ACV

    [2019. British Greece. Thessaloniki.] Two men in a small cozy pub in the corner were talking about something. One of them, middle-aged dark haired man in the business suit, took a huge folder with papers and put it on table. The second one, who looked tired a bit, put on his glasses and began to read documents. He looked surprised and a strange smile appeared on his wrinkled fase. –Sir Stevenson, I don’t understand. This case… It’s not my profile, – elderly man talked indignantly. – You could find more competent specialist in this area. There are many psychiatrists, who studied effect of ACV** neurointerface on a pilot. –That’s why I’ve chosen you, doctor Lambert, – businessman fetched a sigh. – They see nothing but influence of the machine. They even don’t try to find if the patient was ill before the incident or not. –So, You’re trying to avoid your responsibility for this destructive tragedy. I see something is hidden here, – Lambert said this in such intonation, that he wasn’t glad to have any relation to this deal. – At first, can you explain me, why this mechanic with dark past took part in testing this prototype? –You should understand, MechInd has some difficulties now, – Stevenson started to excuse away, it seemed he hided something. – Some generals support MechInd, but that’s not enough. We are out of money. The idea of making fourth generation ACV wasn’t supported by parliament, so none of big corporations wants to invest in this project. That’s why we haven’t got enough people to work and provide security. Our only pilot was slightly injured in a car accident. Several simple checkouts at the testing field were planed that day. Just walking from one marked point to another. And then one mechanic offered his help. He could drive mech enough to do tests. Yes, that was Paul Lebel, who made all this mess. –But how could he drive this vehicle? Does it require huge training? Some people say that’s as easy as computer game, but I don’t believe that. Or am I wrong? And was it so difficult to find a better certified person? – Doctor continued asking. –That’s half-true. Interface of modern ACV is simple and obvious, computer can correct even rude mistakes and there are build-in training programs and hints. So if you just want to have a walk at your backyard in ACV, it will take couple of hours or even less to study this. As for our problem, there are so many insane rumors about development of neurointerface. As you know, first generation had serious problems at the beginning. Pilots had hallucinations, delirium after long-time using ACV. It was some kind of addiction to neurointerface. Some of them became mad. It took much time to fix this problem. But it defiantly was fixed. And some time ago new rumors appeared that new ones have the same issue. So, there were not many people who wanted to be test pilot. –Just rumors?!! – Lambert shouted as loud as he could, so his potential employer flinched. – I don’t see rumors. I see facts. Lebel became insane when he was driving ACV. It wasn’t in the middle of battle. It was calm sunny day. Nothing should worry him. It could be only fault of machine. And you call that rumor? –Doctor, it seems you didn’t read all the materials, – Stevenson said it calmly and pointed one more folder. – Here is Lebel’s dossier. We haven’t got much information. Paul Lebel. Name could be false. Age about 20. Born in France. In 2007 he and 11 more children were kidnapped by Islamic terrorists and transported to Afghanistan. He spent there about a mount, after that camp was attacked by another radical group and he could run away. Certain Farid Ursa sheltered him. Two years later Farid was killed by robbers and Lebel joined local guerrillas. He took part in civil war when he was 12 (may be 10). In 2017 he was found injured in the cockpit of destroyed ACV by peacemaker forces. Then he was sent back to France to children’s community. In 2018 Lebel went to British Greece and started to work for MechInd. –Well, interesting story. So you are looking for connection between his hard childhood and this incident? And new neurointerface isn’t a reason? – Looks like new information made Lambert calm. –Indeed. –That’s possible, but I need to talk with Paul to be sure. –I’m afraid it’s impossible, – Stevenson objected. – Journalists somehow find out some information about his location and a huge crowd appeared near hospital. They wanted revenge. Now Lebel is missing. He escaped from hospital. Or he was kidnapped. We are trying to find him, but there are still no results. –That’s strange. Something isn’t clear here. Prototype also disappeared, am I right? – doctor was suspicious. –It’s debris. But sometimes just human mistakes, laziness and stupidity are better explanation than conspiracy. However, Colonel McMillan doesn’t think so. You can talk about this with him if you want. It was a total bedlam just after the incident, nobody knew what to do. We know our competitors spied on our developments. Looks like, they stole debris of Hexham. –And what’s special in this ACV? –Everything! Quasi-organic muscles, which can self-repair. Ordinary electro-muscles degrade after some time. Their fibers tear due to stress. Plus combat damage. So muscles should be replaced from time to time. And they’re expensive. New ones can “heal” themselves. Bio computer based AI. Just prototype, but it’s a huge step forward, – there was pride in Stevenson’s words. – Specialist say that one such ACV can fight against 3-5 previous generation vehicles. –Looks like it’s very, very expensive. So, why you didn’t kept this in secret? –As I said, it’s matter of finances. Also most people think this project has no future. It can be closed at any moment. –This incident is very usable for your competitors, don’t you think? [From the mass media] […] That’s an example of criminal negligence. Nobody should give access for such dangerous vehicle without any education. Moreover, the pilot could have psychical illness. And company could find this if they check their stuff better. […] Pilot’s behavior changed, he started responding not clearly. Dispatcher had to notice it. Then the pilot said about hallucinations. But the tests were not interrupted. […] The pilot became insane; he didn’t understand what he was doing. He started to crush everything he saw. An attempt to stop this made him even angrier. […] At the train station he attacked British military forces. 3 APC, 2 ACV and one tank were destroyed. During battle a shell hit train full of toxic chemicals. Fire was started. Then it exploded. An hour later poisonous cloud covered Thessaloniki. Dozens people died, about 1000 were heavily poisoned. […] Hexham was seriously damaged during the battle. Pilot walked 15 miles before ACV shouted down. That’s amazing, but he wasn’t injured. However, his mind was totally broken. He almost nipped off nose of an officer, when British solders tried to arrest him. […] –Heh, Lebel is a remarkable person, you know, – Doctor was really interested. – I’m not a military expert, but that’s amazing. I know new generation ACV and so on. But he has to be genius to do these things. He had no experience in driving that particular vehicle. Moreover, that was just a prototype without weapon and some systems, am I right? And he alone blew up those tanks and ACVs. It wasn’t just talent. He had to have huge combat experience! Lebel could make fantastic career in British forces. Instead, he is badly paid worker in colony. Maybe he hates all this military stuff because of his childhood. But he works with APCs! I don’t understand! –All employees say that mechs were his passion. However, he didn’t communicate much with other staff. Most information came from certain Mary Leonis, his friend. Or girl-friend. Even she didn’t know Paul well. But there can be some difficulties. She’s underage, so if you want meet her, you must reach an agreement with her parents. And they are… difficult persons. –So, that’s a private investigation. Authorities don’t want to interfere. –Yes. You know the situation. Central government thinks that’s problems of colony. Locals don’t want this headache at all. And even those who support separatists are glad. That’s an occasion to call Britain evil empire one more time. So nobody wants it to be official. –And nobody cares about the victims. That’s sad. I think I will help you. *In 2019 Greece is still divided. After WWII Greece is colony of the Great Britain. At the beginning of XXI century the revolution happened. Half or Greece became independent. British Greece is still colony. It’s capital is Thessaloniki. ** ACV – Anthropomorphic Combat Vehicle. Human-like mech. Uses direct link between pilot and machine, called neurointerface for better synchronization and finer and faster control. Hexham ACV by Sunder_59, on Flickr Check this model in 3D on Mecabricks 360 rotation(traffic!)
  13. Lance's Cobra My 4th alternate of LEGO 70312 Lance´s Mecha Horse. The Cobra spaceship features attacking function, shooting missiles, hidden thrusters and articulated tail section. The head cockpit can fit Lance´s Bot and Lance can sit just behind the head of the snake. Building Tutorial available here
  14. Can't get enough of steampunk so I figured I'd give it a go with a mech this time (my first try at that particular build). Hope you guys like it :) Steampunk Mech (6) by Andreas Lenander, on Flickr Steampunk Mech (5) by Andreas Lenander, on Flickr Steampunk Mech (4) by Andreas Lenander, on Flickr Steampunk Mech (3) by Andreas Lenander, on Flickr Steampunk Mech (2) by Andreas Lenander, on Flickr Steampunk Mech (1) by Andreas Lenander, on Flickr
  15. My new moc... Name : Justice gundam Code : ZGMF-X09A Series : Mobile suit Gundam Seed Pilot : Athrun Zala ***Check this link to see Finished version : Full video : Built to fight side by side with Freedom gundam : Stand alone with Fatum-00 unit and the Fatum and be attached on its back or this style... but need support base I will finished this moc soon, hope you like it ! ***Check this link to see Finished version : My previous moc : Thanks for visiting !
  16. So, some years ago a Russian toy company TEHNOLOG released a tabletop wargame "MechBat" (Mechanical Batallion). It featured two groups of four Mechs battling each other along with squads of tiny soldiers. At the time, I loved the game, especially because it was not restricted to any kind of gaming board so I could come up with all kinds of crazy landscapes, scenarios and special rules. Each of the four Mech figurines had detachable arms and back pieces that symbolized their weaponry and special systems. My two favorites were Barbarian, armed with missile launcher and power fist, and Predator, armed with minigun and a laser cannon. Thanks to my friend @Garry_rocks I was recently reminded of the existence of MechBat and our conversations inspired me to recreate my favorite mechs in LDD. Here is how the original minis looked like: I took the respective color schemes from the picture and applied them to my models: [Render] MechBat - Barbarian and Predator by Artemiy Karpinskiy, on Flickr Here are Barbarian and Predator separately: [Render] MechBat - Barbarian by Artemiy Karpinskiy, on Flickr LDD Screenshot [Render] MechBat - Predator by Artemiy Karpinskiy, on Flickr LDD Screenshot * * *Now folks remember, if you like what I do and you want to see me create your OC, a favorite Bionicle Character, or something else, feel free to look up my Commission Info! I also now have a Patreon page, so please consider supporting!
  17. Antak

    Exoforce Sledgehammer

    You can probably guess which side I favored at this point, I generally like bad guys more, plus the robots were so cool. This Mech was designed for Mecha One's second in command, who I never got around to naming. Like just about everything I build, It has lots of armor and lots of guns, but the cockpit on this one is especially cool, plus it has an epic feature built into its feet. I also used carefully trimmed stickers to add detail so it fit the theme better. Meet the sledgehammer; The cockpit is a 2 part design, with the canopy flipping up first, followed by the frame. Th side view shows just how bulky it is, plus a good look at the stickers I put on its arms and wristblades The main feature, of course, is the feet can fold up and it can roll on wheels. The thrusters on the legs are just there for extra speed, not flight. It obviously can't balance on its own in this configuration, but it rolls really well. The trick of course, is that most pilots wouldn't expect such a bulky battle machine to move so fast, causing them to underestimate it. Thanks for looking!
  18. Antak

    Exoforce Shadow Stalker

    The Bridgewalker (7713) is still one of my favorite lego sets ever. I really wanted another mech in that style, and after 3 tries, finally came up with a design that looked good. Amusingly, It uses parts from 3 earlier mocs. The Mech is very streamlined compared to the brigdewalker and only requires a single pilot. Its a little bit bigger than a Golden Guardian. I designed it with the jungle mission in mind, but it doesn't have a minibot (too hard to integrate without looking weird) Its a powerful search and destroy mecha, with advanced scanning equipment and powerful weaponry. The tubes thread through the entire torso, and add to the alien look the mech has. The legs are very sturdy but with extremely limited movement, Chicken legs are really hard on knee joints it turns out, and this thing is heavy. This cockpit (with a few modifications) has been used on 3 different mocs. I like to recycle good designs whenever possible. The head is well armored and covers most of the pilot. The laser cannon was lifted from another mech as well, I used the old chrome light cover as an emitter. The minigun spins, I used a rod instead of an axle to attach it. Here it is facing off with Hitomi's new battle machine, Shadow Hawk.
  19. Antak

    Exoforce Dark Sentinal

    I've been meaning to post my old exoforce stuff here literally since the theme was still around in stores. This is my favorite Moc, Dark Sentinal. It borrows Alien avengers Giant laser cannons on its shoulders, and insanely heavy armor. Its literally covered in weapons. The design was inspired by this silly (but awesome) thing; It's basically a practical superweapon for Mecha One. Rather than having a giant battle station with an obvious weakspot, he went for a Supernova-sized design with impenetrable armor and heavy weapons. All made possible from stealing golden city tech. Top view better shows off the awesome shape and style. I disliked that all the robot mechs were basically animals in the last year of exoforce, so I went with something powerful and high tech. My spray painted iron drone Mecha One sits in the cockpit. there are 3 printed control panels inside, its quite roomy I used a castle turret to create the shape of the torso. Did not have enough angled bricks otherwise... The back is also heavily armored, and almost entirely done with regular bricks. The gun's barrel can swing down to reveal a functioning blunt shooter. Thanks for looking! I'll be posting a lot more exoforce stuff soon.
  20. The Mugbearer

    [LDD/Render] Titanfall-Inspired Mech

    Got inspired by Miracle of Sound's song "Man and Machine". * * * Now folks remember, if you like what I do and you want to see me create your OC, a favorite Bionicle Character, or something else, feel free to look up my Commission Info! I also now have a Patreon page, so please consider supporting!
  21. sparkart

    [MOC] Jester from Titanfall 2

    Here a model of Jester from Titanfall 2. Jester is a simulacrum, an AI robot imitation of a person, but doesn't realize or accept that. The model is about 1/10 scale, 7 inches or 18 cm tall. He's packing a couple of weapons that are actually throwbacks to the first Titanfall game, a white, black, and orange CAR SMG (Combat Advanced Round Submachine Gun) and a RE-45 large caliber handgun on his right thigh. Red grenades hang from the green tactical vest he wears. The Wampa/Taun-taun horn hanging from the back of his head is supposed to be a raccoon tail. I haven't seen any art that suggests there is a red rising sun motif on the back of Jester's vest, but I like the red design on that dark green, and the boat-stud keeps those plates together and helps hide their unsightly undersides. The fanny pack is a rocket pack that grants players enhanced jumping and parkour mobility in the game. The model has 14 points of articulation: neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, abdomen, hips, knees, & ankles. The base holds a polycarbonate bar (light saber) that inserts into the bottom of a ski that forms his feet. I had to shorten that bar by about a millimeter to get the foot to be flat and flush against the tile flooring of the base. The abdomen has a couple of 1x2 grille tiles that aren't attached to anything, but trapped by the geometry of the surrounding parts. These move up and down as the chest and hips are posed to simulate pivoting pistons. Thanks for stopping by and having a look!
  22. demon14082001

    Guess the M.O.C #2

    Lets guess the name of this MOC ! ZGMF-X09A by demon demon demon, trên Flickr hint : Built to fight side by side with this guy :
  23. After Defeating the Metal Gear Rex, Snake was finally able to relax for a while, and help out his Diamond Dog partners. Little did he Know, Ocelot was working on a smaller but more powerful Metal Gear, named after the small particle, that could be formed to make anything you could imagine; the BRICK. Luckily, Snake had the Diamond Dog's helicopter to help him out. The fight wouldn't be easy, though, because the Metal Gear Brick could pack a whole lot of fire power. Hear are some other scale comparisons and minifig lineups. The metal gear itself, though not based off of any from the games, largely takes inspiration from the Zeke. The helicopter is based of the ones from Metal Gear Solid 5, but uses a dome element so I could include the transit screen Easter egg from an Ultra Agents set. Snake fits inside very well. But it's hard getting him in. And hear you can see the control panel of the Metal Gear. Hope you enjoyed this build! Stay safe, Th3_Br1ck_Kid
  24. CaptainZebra

    The Realm Of The Wind

    Hello. I would like to post my series of creations in a world called "The Realm Of The Wind" I hope you guys like them :) I'll start with the red tanks Type 1 light tank: Suchīmutanku by Zebra The Annoyed, on Flickr Cruiser Tank Type 6: Dakkusufunto by Zebra The Annoyed, on Flickr
  25. I wanted to build a better suit of armor for Macy than the ultimate version, kind of just snowballed from there. Features include an opening cockpit, full articulation, rotating dual mace, dual blasters (can be activated via gears) and a brickbuilt shield that can hold a minifig shield. I also replicated her ponytail. When I initially built this and took pictures of it, I slightly underestimated the size of this piece (used in the shield), which LDD doesn't have and I, as such, represented with a Nexo Knights cockpit piece. It's an easy fix, though, requiring simply that I replace the 2x4 slopes with 2x3 ones. Gallery Comments and criticism appreciated!