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Found 226 results

  1. ACPin

    Black Chess King

    The black chess King mecha MOC built for the PHLUG community build for August 2013. AC
  2. Hello all, I've had this beasty together for a while, but kept it under wraps until Brickworld Chicago, where it was nominated for best mecha! I finally got around to taking pictures of it. The shots were taken with the newly finished heavy mech bay portion of my Mech Facility. Hope you like it! -Jon P.S. NGH = Neon Green Horror
  3. Devid

    Mecha CAT

    One of my mecha for the "City Series", for use within the city to help our beloved lego mens, his name is "MECHA CAT",a multi-purpose vehicle/mecha for any problem in the city.This is a tribute to CATERPILLAR because they are the vehicle that I have loved since childhood, giants, indestructible, fantastic ... Yellow!!! I hope you like it! This is the link to all photo:
  4. SteampunkDoc

    MOC-WIP Pacific Rim Jaeger Cockpit

    'Pacific Rim' Jaeger Cockpit-WIP OK, I haven't seen Pacific Rim, and don't know about any objectionable content. I just know that the Jaeger cockpits look stinkin' amazing and I wanted to build me one...So I did. Well, am. It's still being worked on. This is just Mark I. There's no back yet, I'd like to get smoother joints in the harnesses, and obviously the red pillars will be hidden later, but otherwise I think it's pretty neat. I'm not necessarily going off one Jaeger design over another, but is my main reference.Comments/feedback are always highly desired, and feel free to ask about close-ups/other angles. Not sure when the next update will be, but hopefully things will be more complete at that time. Thanks for looking!
  5. Leewan

    [MOC] Hyperwarp 1.9

    Hello everyone ! Here's my latest MOC, and it's a mecha ! Brickshelf / MOCPage What do you think ?
  6. rongYIREN

    ORCA-II Bio-Mech Submarine

    Hey All, A redesign of an older MOC. Wanted to included a few play features in the new build. (The ORCA-II sports two flick-fire torpedoes and one flick-fire harpoon that can be used to haul in the submersible's catch. The ORCA-II also has at its disposal a scout drone called Remora) (Remora launching for a mission) (ORCA-II hauls in a rather ornery catch for the day) Feedback is, as always, welcome rongYIREN
  7. rongYIREN

    Dragonfly Helo

    Hey Everyone, It's still a WIP but at least I've got it brick built. Originally I thought that I'd have this one knocked off my 'to do' list with just a couple quick Bricklink orders. However, 4 Bricklink orders later as well as two local orders made here in Taiwan and still I'm lacking parts. I might just give up brick building for the much easier digital building... yeah, right. The final color should be a Neon-Green and Dark Purple scheme. Not the Red that you see here. I think one of the ideas I wanted to explore with this model and which would explain the inclusion of the Galaxy Squad member in the cockpit is that it is a craft designed to mimic the Insectoid vehicles which would allow GS to covertly infiltrate Insectoid base camps... or something like that. Or... maybe not. Anyway, critiques are very welcome. I'm looking forward to finalizing this guy. (UPDATE!) Now in Purple... [short-Tailed Version] [below] - New Longer Tail [Previous Posts] The LDD version of the purple Helo Thanks, rongYIREN
  8. So me and my friend Kyle have been doing this for about a year now and we've amassed about 22 Zoid MOCs together. Hope you like what you see! My Zoids: Liger Zero Liger Zero Jager Liger Zero Schneider Liger Zero Panzer Dibison Storm Sworder Gojulas Elaphander War Shark Dark Horn Command Wolf Iron Kong Gun Sniper Naomi Spceial Zoids Logo Kyle's Zoids: Command Wolf Dibison Spinosapper Shield Liger Liger Gun Sniper Also if you're a Mecha builder or even if you just want to try out building a Zoid me and Kyle are holding a contest over at our Flickr group! We'd really appreciate it if you'd check it out and sign up! Click here to check out the contest:
  9. Hi!this my new creation!I hope you like it! This is the link
  10. Devid

    A mecha of "DieBuster"

    A mecha of "DieBuster - Punta al Top 2" Link to MOCpages This is a mecha that appears at the beginning of the series called in Italy DIEBUSTER – PUNTA AL TOP 2, is not very popular because isn’t the top mecha of the series,but I really liked for its simple forms and the strange body/head, I had tried some time ago to recreate it but I couldn’t finding the perfect proportions but a few days ago I came across a fantastic creation of “MacLane” this is his link and I decided to finish my mecha that had been closed for a long time! Thanks MacLane for your creations! This is the photo of the original mecha
  11. Im building a mecha for the first time, and using LDD. I need oppinion about gravity effect or any oppinion on this design, since i dont have bricks to make real model (i have only LDD)
  12. The Mugbearer

    [LDD MOC] Exo-Force Shrinked

    So, I remember that I had posted some of these already, but found nothing in my content tab, so I consider my previous topics to be deleted due to long inactivity. This another little project of mine represents official Lego sets from my beloved Exo-Force theme made in Microfig scale. I hope you'll like them. Grand Titan by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Exo-Force Resized - Stealth Hunter by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Exo-Force Resized - Thunder Fury by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Exo-Force Resized - Fire Vulture by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Exo-Force Resized - Uplink by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Exo-Force Resized - Sentry by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Exo-Force Resized - Sentry Plus by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Exo-Force Resized - Ha-Ya-To's Flyer by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Exo-Force Resized - Sonic Phantom by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Comments and critiques, and maybe even requests are appreciated. =)
  13. rongYIREN

    [MOC] Battle Beetle Mk.2

    Hello, Here is my latest mecha, a Battle Beetle à la Galaxy Squad. Below is a LEGO "sketch" for a diorama that I'd like to put together using more SNOT... just waiting on the bricks to get started. (with the Beetle Mech damaged the only option left for our Buggoids is escape!) Top ( flight mode) Bottom As usual, feedback is welcome. I still consider this to be somewhat of a WIP. Thanks, rongYIREN
  14. rongYIREN

    MOC: A Few Droids

    Hello All! A few droids that I whipped up the other day. Let me know what you think. Added some wings to one of the droidz Thanks, rongYIREN
  15. Devid

    Galaxy Patrol

    Hi!this is my new creation!!! I hope you like it ! More pics here,link: or here,Link:
  16. rongYIREN

    MOC: Mecha-Rex

    Hello all! The latest MOC is of a mecha T-Rex catching a minifig by surprise. Any critiques are welcome! Thanks for taking a look. rongYIREN
  17. rongYIREN

    Dune Taxi

    Hey All, This build is still a WIP but I like where it is at right now so I thought I'd let everyone take a look. It is a Dune Taxi modeled after a beetle. I was initially inspired by this image. Let me know what you think. Thanks! rongYIREN
  18. On YouTube, CamsPL / Cams posted of his yellow Lego Technic Walking & Turning Biped (W&TB) Mecha model. It uses three Power Functions (PF) Medium motors to walk and turn. More on his Flickr photoset, and on his Brickshelf Gallery (when moderated). He also made the red Walking & Riding Biped (W&RB). which uses four Power Functions M-motors to make it "ride, walk, skate, and turn" : ( ) (Flickr photoset) (Brickshelf Gallery when moderated)
  19. rongYIREN

    Terror Bird Mecha

    Hello All! I put together a little Terror Bird Mecha... Some artistic Illustrations of Terror Birds - Pic One, Pic Two, Pic Three. Thanks for taking a look! And thanks to everyone who offered up their advice when this was a WIP rongYIREN
  20. CheetahBrick

    MSFC: Under new management.

    "When I heard about the war, I thought we were gonna live big, making millions supplying to the government. Little did I stop to consider, we'd also be made a primary target" - Alex Wenér: owner of Wenér Energy inc. :2139 A.D. Well this is my rushed entry into the contest, I'm most likely not gonna win, but who knows, anything is possible. And, another one without mechs; For all other photos check this link:
  21. BelosveT

    Mecha "Centurion"

    Thanks to Nikita (FrostNova | Nirvana) for new design head, interested, Nikita left link for general information:, I have built a new generation of furs, which replaced the already bored all "Arbalestov." The new type is different vysostoy, type of joints, torso, head .. Yes, in general, everything ..I know that the promised "Battle in the Desert 2", but it was sooo lazy to do landscape and tanks .. "Арбалесты" уходят в прошлое: I had to light the best photos for you to see the edge: Подставка:
  22. cmaddison

    FAPC Attack of the Fish

    Puny humans, so safe and happy on your dry land...well no longer. For too long we have watched beneath the waves as you played, swam, fought and stole from our domain. You've brought this fate upon yourselves, for now you will know what it is like to have your domain invaded. We have developed new technologies (which is amazing considering our lack of thumbs, or hands altogether) and now we WALK ON LAND! Run if you must, but you cannot escape The Rise. We will find you. We will kill you. And WE, we will flush YOU down the toilets from now on!
  23. jedi1984

    MSFC Blacktron Mining Plant

    Hi all! Here’s my entry for the Micro Sci-Fi Contest: This is a microscale Blacktron mining plant, situated - obviously - on Planet Blacktron. You say: weren’t Blacktrons a group of raiders? Yes, you're right, but they also needed iron to make starships, so… :-) One thing I noticed during the making of this vignette: I’m really bad at building microscale stuff (this is my first one), so I had to “cheat” with the addition of a flying Blacktron mining droid, just to make everything better eh eh! Anyway everything fits a 16 x 14 studs baseplate, so I'm still legit (or at least I think so). Additional notes & credits: some mecha building techniques are taken from flickr user IronSniper (I think he’s the best at it). The overall idea of the mining plant is taken from classic Lego sets and from The Brothers Brick administrator Nannan Z (see his “Oasis” diorama, it’s one of the best Sci-Fi Lego things I’ve ever seen). Hope you’ll enjoy it and forgive my english…
  24. The Mugbearer

    [LDD] Hawken-like Mech

    Was just tinkering with different cockpits for microfigs. Had a feeling that I need to improve and here it is. Hawken-like Mech by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Microfig Hawken-like Mech.lxf Appreciably smaller than any of my previous models, pretty compact. Based on Hawken, one of the best multiplayer Mecha shooters I know. =D Equipped with auto-gun, rocket launcher (Possibly basic TOW launcher from the game) and repair drone
  25. glenbricker

    Mecha Tank, Korra, and Amon

    This is a Mecha Tank, Korra, and Amon I have designed. Here is a close up of the figs. I am relatively satisfied with Korra. Not sure how I feel about Amon. On the Left you can see that the cockpit opens very much like that in the animation. The canopy raises, the upper plates hinge upward, and the lower plates hinge out. This one also has the "grappling hook" The tank on the right depicts a printed canopy that more accurately depicts the Canopy form the series. I am torn though. Do you guys think this looks better or just the full on clear one? Here are some more Tank weapons, the Bola and the electromagnet. I will soon be finishing my Hiroshi to pilot the Tank. I look forward to hearing any feedback you may have good or bad! If you really like this set then you can support it on Cuusoo here: http://lego.cuusoo.c...deas/view/29158 Cheers, Again, thank you for looking, any feedback, and your support!