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Found 226 results

  1. I'm soo happy to present my Classic Space Robotech Valkyrie VF-1 CS I love this creation because it combines two genres unique for me, Lego Classic Space and Robotech/Macross Link: I hope you like it!
  2. This is my creation for the contest "Home Sweet Home" Category A I hope you like it ^__^ Link on MOCpages Link on Flickr Mini Space Cruiser CS "One Man Space Ship" Landing Trasformable VF-1 CS Valkyrie Ladder Trasformable VF-1 CS Valkyrie and Classic Mechanic Suit Empty base
  3. Hi, this is my latest moc, it's build using only parts taken from the six legend beasts. I hope you like it! bye
  4. wallacechow2005

    MOC - CHIMA Mecha

    Hello, This is my creation by just using the parts from 70123, 70124, 70125, 70126 & 70127 ONLY Hope you all love it. Thank you very much!
  5. matt_one

    [ LDD MOC ] Gundam I-Wave

    My latest LDD creation, more pictures here :
  6. feeld

    MOC: Red Blizzard

    Red Blizzard is one of the new type mechs. In contrast to the classical model, agility has been replaced by strength and vitality, with only a small loss of maneuverability. This frame was my biggest one, and it took a lot time to finish it, but the process of creating it was really exciting) Well, do you like it?
  7. Leewan

    [MOC] Darvensker

    Hi guys ! Here's my first mecha MOC. I took inspiration from several MOCs I saw on flickr (mainly the SAFSes and this MOC), and here's the result : MOCPage I'd like to know your opinion on this MOC, so C&C are, of course, welcome. :)
  8. Devid

    Classic Spacekoma CS2

    My new Classic Spacekoma "CS2" for the the challenge called Marchikoma. This Tachikoma is only the second in my new personal project with Classic Space style,stay tuned! ^__^ Link:
  9. Jackal76

    MOC: Brute Heavy Lifter Mech

    Hello all, I just finished overhauling an older design and thought I would share the result. Enjoy! Jon-
  10. The Mugbearer

    [LDD MOC/Wallpaper] The Jackal

    Warframe Lego Jackal Wallpaper 1366x768 by The Mugbearer, on Flickr In attempt to exert power and authority The Corpus recently introduced the most the most dangerous security proxy yet. Nicknamed the 'Jackal', this is the same deadly quadro-bot which has become extremely problematic for Tenno in the field. Jackal is the final boss of the Venus system. It can be found on the mission Fossa. The Jackal is a massive four-legged mechanical beast with yellow-green armor plating (in my version it's yellow). Jackal armed with two heavy machine guns and grenade launchers capable of taking off a squad of Tenno in one blow.
  11. Devid

    MOC - Gundam Seraphine III

    My new Gundam,this only a part of my new personal project... Link with more photos
  12. Gundam Seraphine III with small base Link


    (Click for Flickr set) So this guy was built for a contest over at Piece Out and I just really like how it turned out. The plates on the chest fold up to reveal a barrage of missiles, as you can see in the pics in the Flickr gallery. The colorscheme is unusual but I've grown to really like it. Anyway, yeah I was never good at describing the stuff I make. Your comments and criticism would be very appreciated.
  14. The Mugbearer

    [LDD MOC] ChiMechs

    This is a small project of mine that is now complete because of limited number of Speedorz frames available in LDD (a least for now). I am a big fan of Mecha. And I like Chima pretty much alot, that's why I even had this idea in the first place. So I was thinking 'what if I will take a Speedor frame and make with it a Gunmen-ish Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann-style Mecha? I think that would be awesome!' How awesome it is you can judge for yourself. =) Let us pretend that In the magical world of Chima where animal tribes struggle for possession of a precious Chi orbs, the great Mount Cavora suddenly shuddered. And as it did so, it threw out a number of enormous, never seen before Chi orbs, that were scattered across all the Chima, too powerful to use them on their own, too dangerous to be left alone. And King of Croc Tribe, Cragger, was the first to find a use to them by building a first ChiMech: a towering, brutal machine of destruction, that could compete even with Gorillas' Mechs. After defeat against Cragges's ChiMech, Gorzan, the mightiest of Gorilla tribe's warriors, has met with his friend Laval, a prince of Lions, and brought the grim news. ChiMech - Croc by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Laval decided to make a stealth sally in the territory of Crocs to find out what gave Cragger such power. Together with Gorzan and Eris they snuck into Crocs' fortess and found the ChiMech. While passing by throne chamber, Eris overheard Cragger bragging to Razar and Worriz about his discovery of Chi Core, the biggest Chi orb ever emerged from Mount Cavora. She also discovered that Crocs already sent out the scouts to find other locations where Chi Cores landed, and hurried to tell Laval and Gorzan who were sniffing around the hanger, but Worriz has scented her presence and caught her. But he never told Cragger and ordered his wolves to deliver the eagle to their camp. Laval and Gorzan never discovered her disappearance until they've been spotted by croc guards and was forced to leave. ChiMech - Croc Cockpit by The Mugbearer, on Flickr In the Wolves camp Eris discovered that Worriz secretly envied Cragger's success and sent out his own scouts to find at least one ChiCore, while his best mechanics were reverse-engineering Cragger's ChiMech by blueprints that they managed to copy while Cragger was so busy bragging. Eris decided that as much as she'd hate to steal, she must take those prints and deliver them to Lagravis. Razar has happened to visit Worriz's camp after visiting the Cragger's fortress and made a deal that she'd give away a first Chi Core they will find to Ravens if Razar will help her to escape and steal the blueprints. The two made a cunning and daring escape from Wolfs' camp but not before Worriz's mechanics finished to build their own ChiMech. ChiMech - Wolf by The Mugbearer, on Flickr While it was not as intimidating as Cragger's, it possessed outstanding agility. After parting with Razar, Eris made her way to Lion Temple and gave the blueprints to Lagravis. She discovered that after their escape from Croc Fortress, Laval and Gorzan wandered to the Temple and warned Lagravis about Craggers ominous invention. Lagravis ordered Longtooth and Leonidas to find the closest Chi Core and bring it back asap. Meanwhile, Laval let Gorzan go back to the forest to protect his tribe. Left alone, young lion spent alot of time planning how to find Eris and worrying about her safety. To his relief, Eris appeared at the Temple's gate at dawn, tired but happy. She gave the blueprint to Lagravis personally and went to have some sleep. ChiMech - Wolf Cockpit by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Back after Eris's escape, Worriz, while being angered by this event, has his Chi Core installed and so departed from the camp to meet with Cragger and tell him that he now has a ChiMech too. Cragger was furious and at first even engaged in a fight to destroy Worriz's Mech but suddenly changed his mind. He decided that he will just let Worriz to go first and 'accidentally' will shoot at his back where Chi Core was installed under an armor plate. Worriz told nothing about Eris's escape to not cause further anger from Cragger. They rallied their warriors and marched out on the Lion Temple. Combined forces of Wolves and Crocs has arrived by the noon... and was really surprised to discover that Lion Gates were now guarded by a ChiMech designed by the Lions! ChiMech - Lion by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Laval was piloting the Mech and he proclaimed that Cragger will never reach the Chi Cores anymore and that he will protect it even with his own life. Since Cragger still was pretty sure about who sent his parents to that Gorge, he was okay if Laval - or any number of Lions - will fall on his, Craggers, way to rule all the Chima. He ordered his forces to attack the Temple. ChiMech - Lion Cockpit by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Since Laval was equipped with a spear and an impenetrable shield, he could repel any ranged attack, even from Cragger's ChiMech deadly cannons. But once Worriz has reached him, Laval felt all the sharpness of Wolf ChiMech's claws. Furious strikes made Laval to back off, step by step, until he has reached the closed gates. And that's when Cragger decided that it's a good opportunity to kill two rabbits with one stone and opened fire at Worriz's ChiMech back. However, armor was strong enough to endure all the shots, although sudden back-stabbing attack allowed Laval to kick Worriz off the Temple's stairs. Worriz, though infuriated, decided to retreat, but suddently a volley of rockets has covered the battlefield, leaving havoc among Crocs' and Wolves' lines. ChiMech - Eagle Diving by The Mugbearer, on Flickr A majestic shadow has screened the sun, and a white and blue lightning swooped across the battlefield. Lions rejoiced, for Eris, who managed to reach her people and give them the blueprint, piloted the brand-new Eagle ChiMech that brought the balance and tilted the scales in their favor. Eris changed her flight mode on the fly, hovering near the Laval's ChiMech, ready to unleash another salvo at the Crocs heads. Feeling that this is good time to disappear, Worriz commanded retreat and Wolves left Cragger and his goons alone on the smoking field. The battle was won. ChiMech - Eagle Hovering Mode by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Lagravis ordered everybody to immediately extract the ChiCores from their Mechs and never ever use them again. He found a place at the Temple where Cores could be kept in safety and in a few days every Chi Core that Mount Cavora produced have been found and brought to the Lion Temple. But Laval still felt uneasy: something told him that this isn't the last time he's seen Chi Cores, and the day will come when ChiMechs will be needed again. And he swore to be prepared and asked his father's permission to keep Lion and Eagle ChiMechs intact. Worriz and Cragger did the same without anyone's permission, but since the blueprint was destroyed - by Lagravis's orders, of course, nobody could make any more of those powerful and dangerous machines of war. ChiMech - Eagle Cockpit by The Mugbearer, on Flickr One day Lion guards discovered that one of Chi Cores has disappeared, and found a black feather lying under empty pedestal... To be continued?..
  15. Jackal76

    Mech facility update.

    Hello all, Work continues on the Mech Facility my brother-in- law and I have been working on. In addition to the Mech bay , we now have a warehouse: a holding cradle for a cargo container: and a spare parts yard: Enjoy! -Jon
  16. totohs

    [MOC] Crossfire

    Crossfire by Toto Hermanto, on Flickr
  17. The Mugbearer

    [LDD MOC/Wallpaper] The Hyena

    The Hyena Wallpaper by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Recent innovations in Corpus robotics has led to surge in productions. The newest breed consists of small unrelenting animal-like proxies that stalk their prey in packs. Code-name: 'Hyena'. Hyena is the final boss of the Neptune system. It can be found on the mission Psamathe. The Hyena resembles a smaller light blue Jackal. Armed with the same twin machine guns and a shockwave emitter, also able to shoot homing missiles which can cause a formidable amount of damage. The Hyena.lxf
  18. A friend of mine, Ben Jarvis has just launched a Kickstarter project that you might be interested in. It's based around a new set of parts that can convert any minifig legs and torso into a fully-articulated, 3"-tall mecha. The parts will be injection-moulded in the UK, and will be 100% LEGO-compatible. You can pledge as little or as much as you want to fund the project, and at different pledge levels you will get rewards ranging from limited-edition mecha kits to full war-game sets. If the target funding is not reached by the end of the pledge period (one month) you will lose nothing, but if all goes well, you will not only receive your reward next year, but will have helped to launch this exciting new project. Apart from having pledged £12 (for which I hope to receive two mecha kits), I am in no way associated with the Mechabrick project - I just think you might be interested in it. http://www.kickstart...els?ref=kickspy
  19. Devid

    Police "Rabbit"

    As a child I always played with the “Lego city”, but to the Lego Police has always been missing something... here what was missing!!! Police “Rabbit” a vehicle to move easily in traffic, fast, light, but very angry when you need it, the definitive Mecha for the police in the city. This is the link with all photo also of the internal part with a Legoman inside Link:
  20. Devid


    nothing fantastic... but I liked it like that! Link
  21. totohs

    [MOC] The Ostrich

    Unlike walkers, 'The Ostrich' accelerates into battle almost running. The All-Terrain Runner 'The Ostrich' is made by resembling biostructure of the infamous fastest flightless bird. Used mainly in fast-paced ground infiltration ops, The Ostrich is stomping and trampling at 2 steps per second with the advanced-pneumatic legs, boosting its speed up to 87 mph in all-terrain conditions. This 26 feet mecha is also equipped with two ultrasonic sensors rapid lasers that can penetrate almost anything that comes in its way by 40 feet radius. Without further ado, humbly introduced to you: The Ostrich.
  22. Devid

    E-Mote Destroyer

    My E-mote is not very happy to see you... is very angry and dangerous and probably he likes to destroy everything, I would not want to see him more angry than that!!! Put “I Like” on MOCpages or becomes angry !!hahahahh Link to other photo Original "E-mote" is an a idea of Tyler,this is the Link to his page
  23. totohs

    [MOC] The Abyss

    A manned 4-legs walker from the deep-sea base of human resistance, The Abyss.
  24. ACPin

    [MOC] Golden Samurai Mecha

    The Golden Samurai mecha MOC built from the Izzo frame a few months ago. AC