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Found 226 results


    [MOC] K-18

    Hi, everyone! Although it is not done yet, I still want to show you guy my K-18. . . . The images are big, please wait... I will upload the complete model to Lego Ideas before the end of August, I hope. This is the incomplete gun that will be used by the battle armor. Or I will make another one. Ok! That's all. Please support me later! Thanks!
  2. Tetrianis

    BattleType Heavy Mech

    My first build on this site. Inspired by Mech Warrior.
  3. Space Police XVIII

    Warhound Prototype

    This is a general-purpose all-terrain walker developed for the mighty Blacktron forces. I'm actually kind of proud of the head/cockpit. Here's another look! Now with optional cupholder! It's a work in progress. I've got some ideas on what to put on its back...a cargo platform, artillery rockets, engines and wings... a holding cell for captured Space Police...
  4. Spirit

    [MOC] M:Tron MAGNUD

    M:Tron time! So, I made a mecha freely inspired by GUNDAMs (not rigorously at all, proportions are off) and more specifically the ones designed by Matt 0ne whom I thank for his help and advice with this, as well as for letting me take inspiration from his (awesome) LDD models. This is the MAGNUD : Mechanical Armored Giant with Nuclear Unobtainium Drive. While a defensive unit, like the Asteroid Field Recon Voyager, it's also used for any other task. Recently nicknamed Lucy, apparently something about the picture above. I was particularly curious about the feasability of a mecha at this scale. And more precisely if it would collapse under its weight or not. Well, the answer is: possible, but finding the right balance can take a few seconds. It has a cockpit and a pilot. Nothing complicated to keep it as light as possible. You can have an idea of its scale with this picture (look at the hand). It has retractable missile launchers... And railguns. It can easily be given fairly natural poses thanks to a number of joints. And it has wings and reactors because... because it's easier to make it fly than walk. The bottom of the legs are in two separate parts to increase stability and solidity. And it's really a poser, that's almost annoying sometimes. It'd better stop with that behaviour. Its eyes are phosphorescent, and of course, like any good M:Tron, it glows under the black light. There, hope you liked it.
  5. wallacechow2005

    [MOC] G1 Optimus Prime

    One year before I built a G1 Optimus Prime but it could not be transformed. This time I re-build it again and now it can be fully tranformed with out taking out any parts. Hope you all like my creation. Last Optimus Prime MOC: https://www.facebook...45470942&type=3 Since there are too many photos, you can find more photos in https://www.facebook...45470942&type=3
  6. demon14082001

    Strike Gundam GAT-X105 LEGO-ver

    Name : Strike Gundam Code name : GAT-X105 Series : Mobile Suit Gundam Seed / Seed Destiny Material : LEGO Compare with the mini figure. LEGO Strike Gundam by demon demon demon, trên Flickr The face is hand-made, it's like the mask in Bionicle series. Here is some posing style : My two next MOC : Freedom Gundam : Astray Gundam : Thanks for visiting !
  7. The variant version of my previous Wraithek Beta. The cockpit can host a minifig, You can watch a short animation video here :
  8. Very big-size mecha: 81 studs tall ( 25 inches ), 6000 bricks used. Modelled with Lego Digital Designer, rendered with Simlab Composer.
  9. totohs

    [MOC] Agent Orange

    Agent Orange by Toto Hermanto, on Flickr
  10. Josiah N

    (MOC) Mecha Hangar 5

    A MOC that I made during the past summer. *Sniff* Bye bye warm weather... Anyways though, I just thought that i would like to share this creation with you guys, and I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did making it. Backstory: Britain had been bombed enough to know that regular warehouses couldn't hold their valuable mechs or supplies. So they had to build underground bunkers, or hangers. Mecha Hanger 5 is one of these buildings, and is built 50 meters below the earth. These hangers are safest from some of the the even most powerful of bombs. Mecha Hanger 5 is primarily used to house the Liberator B-15 mechs, and the recently developed "Flying Flapjack" Z-66. Each base has high security, and only authorized personnel are allowed to work in these hangers. More pictures via the link: Thank you for viewing my creation, and have a good day!
  11. FonsoSac

    [MOC] MR1 Walker

    MR1 is a walker specially designed for the world championship of quadrupeds in Orion-3. MR1 Walker by FonsoSac, en Flickr The championship dates back to the early colonies that were established in the system. The lack of roads and the need to travel long distances to attend exomushrooms plantations, popularized the use of quadrupeds walkers vehicles. Soon farmers began making races between them and bet money and land. It was especially important the race at annual mushroom's fair in the city of Novaathens MR1 Walker by FonsoSac, en Flickr MR1 Walker by FonsoSac, en Flickr MR1 Walker by FonsoSac, en Flickr The races take place in rough terrain where walkers can exceed speeds of 130 km/h. These speeds can be achieved thanks to the terrain analysis and stabilization CPUs which avoid obstacles and should try to avoid falling correcting movements of the walker. Although accidents are not as frequent as in the origins of the sport still happens with injuries of all kinds to the pilots. MR1 Walker by FonsoSac, en Flickr C&C is welcome as always.
  12. wallacechow2005

    [MOC] SD Gundam Rx78-2

    Hi All, last time I created SD RX77-2 (see http://www.eurobrick...opic=112496&hl=), this time I create SD GUNDAM RX78-2 with similar scale. Hope you all like my creation.
  13. Pate-keetongu

    MOC: Novo Atlantis

    1924: Scottish Expedition led by adventurer Mr. Roy McBridge, equipped with Clam-type heavy diving suit, discovers the ancient ruins of the legendary New Atlantis at the bottom of the North Sea. This little diorama was built for Finnish LUG Palikkatakomo's summer contest with the theme of "finding, discovering". The idea was simply to build something around the top part of that diving mecha I had tablescrapped last winter. More photos can be found on my blog. Enjoy.
  14. Kalais

    [MOC] M:Tron Mecha 3

    Hello, this is MOC I build for the classic space theme - M:Tron. It is mecha :) Made some movie with it, check it at: Cheers!
  15. Let me show you a review of set 40116. Set Name: Invasion from Below polybag Set Number: 40116 Piece count: 22 Figures: 1 Year: 2014 The set is quite rare, but I managed to get one in the one of LEGO brand store. Packaging is a plastic bag. Through the gap on the rear side you can see the contents. Let's look at the details. 22 parts for Mecha & 9 for Breez. Instructions is printed on a double-sided color paper. Assembly is very simple. Three spare parts. One of them - a rare "tablet" with the emblem of Hero Factory. Let's assemble minifigure of Breeze. The Beauty One! Side view. Pay attention to the ledge at the back of armor, and later you will understand what it is for. The backrest. Let's assemble Mecha. First is the chassis. Front view. View from behind. Sideways. The pilot's seat. There is a hole in it for a thorn in the armor. That is how the pilot is fixed in seat. Seat can be assembled to Mecha with the help of a ball socket. Full Mecha complete. Sideways. Behind. Slightly above. Breeze takes its place inside the Mecha! Great view full face. A bit on the side. Complete sideview. Let's test how it works! Swing ... Block! Stand on one leg. Kneel. Levers to the side - it's time to get out. Ooh! It feels so unusual to go on the ground with own feet ;-) With You was a Breez with its new Mini Mecha! Thank you, your Pikachu ... The results of set: Pluses of a set: - Minifigure of Breeze - Not a bad semi-universal Mecha. Minuses of a set: - For polybag - it's just a Fairy Tale !. Summary: Definitely worth to buy for any purpose and age. P.S. And if you get the item 11289 and attach it to the seat - it will be much better! Bonus photos of improved Mecha. Static. Dynamic. And do not forget about the protection of our younger brothers! Bunny approves ;-)
  16. So today at Foyles there was gonna be a Friends building event held by Tim Johnson of New Elementary fame, but at the last minute it was cancelled due to Tim not being able to make it there. Instead of the full event going ahead without Tim, they refunded all the tickets and put up a little pop-up building zone on the ground floor, which me and my mum stumbled across whilst trying to rebook the tickets from todays event to another building event happening on the 23rd. The small area snuggled in the children's section was being run by Mark, who I knew well from Hamleys and had actually told me about the event in the first place (thanks Mark! ). Even though the event was supposed to be generally Friends-themed (they gave us free minidolls), the majority of the pieces were Ninjago-themed, which sorta made sense since there was a ninjago event a week ago. Anyways, I got to work building, and came up with this winged-friends-mech-thing. And because there weren't many people around building and Mark really liked what I did, he let me keep my model. Which was nice. So yeah, I did this. Enjoy? (cat to scale)
  17. Not sure if anyone else has seen this movie, but it is fantastic and I wanted to do a build inspired by it immediately after I watched it. I'm not completely satisfied with the Mimic (pics of them are extraordinarily hard to find online), but I really like how the Newjackets (exoskeletons) turned out. Overview of the MOC. From the rear. Close-up of Rita, the Angel of Verdun (Emily Blunt). Close-up of Cage (Tom Cruise).
  18. wallacechow2005

    [MOC] SD Gun Cannon Rx77-2

    This is my first time to create the themes of Gundam by using Lego Bricks. I am not the fan of Gundam. I created it this time because this is my first model which I bought first time when I was child. Hope you all like it.
  19. Hey all - I just posted my Voltron on Lego Ideas - It fully separates into 5 Lion mechas and joins back into Voltron - the sword clips into the red lion's hand/mouth. Check it out on flickr or Ideas and give me some love if you like it....and share my post :) Thanks Chris Voltron: Defender of the Universe by Chris Wight, on Flickr Voltron: Defender of the Universe by Chris Wight, on Flickr
  20. wallacechow2005

    [MOC] Dancouga – Super Beast Machine God

    This is one of my favourite 80's Japanese classic animation. It is combined from 4 war machines. They are eagle, lion, leopard and elephant. The lion, leopard and elephant can be transformed into tank, animal and robot status repectively. The eagle can also be transformed into robot. When they are combined into Dancouga, the eagle is the head. The elephant becomes the main body. The lion and leopard are the right and left foot respectively. If you haven't ever watched it before, here is the link! I am working on the weapons for it right now. Hope you all like my creation!
  21. wallacechow2005

    [Alternate MOC] MIXELS Mecha

    This time I only take use the parts from the MIXELS 41536-38 to build this Mecha. These 3 packs are good for MOC mecha or robot as many ball joints are provided. Also there are many metallic silver part and technic parts. Hope you all like my creation.
  22. wallacechow2005

    [MOC] Mini Scale Voltron

    This is my first time to build a mini-scale robot. It's Voltron. Hope you all like If you don't know what it is, please click
  23. wallacechow2005


    Hi All, this is my new creation CHIMA-BUSTER. I take use the parts from 2 boxes of CHIMA WOLF LEGEND BEAST 70127 only. I hope that you like my creation.
  24. wallacechow2005

    [MOC] Alternate MOC 31034 Version 2.0

    Hi All, I created another version of robot by just using the parts of 31034 again. Here is my last time creation. http://www.eurobrick...opic=104848&hl= This time there is a cockpit. Hope you all also like my creation this time.
  25. wallacechow2005

    MIXELS 41533-41535 Alternate MOC

    Hi All, I just used 41533-41535 to build this weird mecha. There are less than 200 parts from these 3 bags. It's a bit diffcult to build it but I really enjoy! Hope you all like my creation!