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Found 225 results

  1. The Mugbearer

    [LDD/Render] Titanfall-Inspired Mech

    Got inspired by Miracle of Sound's song "Man and Machine". * * * Now folks remember, if you like what I do and you want to see me create your OC, a favorite Bionicle Character, or something else, feel free to look up my Commission Info! I also now have a Patreon page, so please consider supporting!
  2. sparkart

    [MOC] Jester from Titanfall 2

    Here a model of Jester from Titanfall 2. Jester is a simulacrum, an AI robot imitation of a person, but doesn't realize or accept that. The model is about 1/10 scale, 7 inches or 18 cm tall. He's packing a couple of weapons that are actually throwbacks to the first Titanfall game, a white, black, and orange CAR SMG (Combat Advanced Round Submachine Gun) and a RE-45 large caliber handgun on his right thigh. Red grenades hang from the green tactical vest he wears. The Wampa/Taun-taun horn hanging from the back of his head is supposed to be a raccoon tail. I haven't seen any art that suggests there is a red rising sun motif on the back of Jester's vest, but I like the red design on that dark green, and the boat-stud keeps those plates together and helps hide their unsightly undersides. The fanny pack is a rocket pack that grants players enhanced jumping and parkour mobility in the game. The model has 14 points of articulation: neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, abdomen, hips, knees, & ankles. The base holds a polycarbonate bar (light saber) that inserts into the bottom of a ski that forms his feet. I had to shorten that bar by about a millimeter to get the foot to be flat and flush against the tile flooring of the base. The abdomen has a couple of 1x2 grille tiles that aren't attached to anything, but trapped by the geometry of the surrounding parts. These move up and down as the chest and hips are posed to simulate pivoting pistons. Thanks for stopping by and having a look!
  3. demon14082001

    Guess the M.O.C #2

    Lets guess the name of this MOC ! ZGMF-X09A by demon demon demon, trên Flickr hint : Built to fight side by side with this guy :
  4. After Defeating the Metal Gear Rex, Snake was finally able to relax for a while, and help out his Diamond Dog partners. Little did he Know, Ocelot was working on a smaller but more powerful Metal Gear, named after the small particle, that could be formed to make anything you could imagine; the BRICK. Luckily, Snake had the Diamond Dog's helicopter to help him out. The fight wouldn't be easy, though, because the Metal Gear Brick could pack a whole lot of fire power. Hear are some other scale comparisons and minifig lineups. The metal gear itself, though not based off of any from the games, largely takes inspiration from the Zeke. The helicopter is based of the ones from Metal Gear Solid 5, but uses a dome element so I could include the transit screen Easter egg from an Ultra Agents set. Snake fits inside very well. But it's hard getting him in. And hear you can see the control panel of the Metal Gear. Hope you enjoyed this build! Stay safe, Th3_Br1ck_Kid
  5. CaptainZebra

    The Realm Of The Wind

    Hello. I would like to post my series of creations in a world called "The Realm Of The Wind" I hope you guys like them :) I'll start with the red tanks Type 1 light tank: Suchīmutanku by Zebra The Annoyed, on Flickr Cruiser Tank Type 6: Dakkusufunto by Zebra The Annoyed, on Flickr
  6. I wanted to build a better suit of armor for Macy than the ultimate version, kind of just snowballed from there. Features include an opening cockpit, full articulation, rotating dual mace, dual blasters (can be activated via gears) and a brickbuilt shield that can hold a minifig shield. I also replicated her ponytail. When I initially built this and took pictures of it, I slightly underestimated the size of this piece (used in the shield), which LDD doesn't have and I, as such, represented with a Nexo Knights cockpit piece. It's an easy fix, though, requiring simply that I replace the 2x4 slopes with 2x3 ones. Gallery Comments and criticism appreciated!
  7. I thought she deserved a vehicle of her own, but I couldn't really think of many vehicles that'd be useful for a spy, so I decided to go for the classics and build a mini-mecha. To access the mecha's interior, the hood folds up and the chest folds down. Since her Ultimate's main power is beetle bomb, I gave her a little pet beetle. It could be a plushie, but that'd make the launcher completely inexplicable, rather than merely mostly inexplicable. Sadly, I couldn't figure out a way to give it three pairs of legs rather than two. Thoughts? The red light inside the hood is supposed to represent some kind of heat ray device. The tr. red tiles are a stand-in for a Nexo Power shield inlay. When I build it in real life, I'm planning to replace the assembly connecting that little grappling hook to the rest of the mech with a stud launcher. Gallery. Comments and criticism appreciated!
  8. LucByard

    [Challenge 5][Cat A] Tiptoe

    ... IN THE GREEN CORNER! While 'some' corporations feel that top-heavy, spindly-legged mechs somehow gives then an unfair advantage ; ), others believe that those legs are going to get kicked out from under them when they face the brute-force, mecha-muscle approach of new M.A.N.T.I.S. entry... TIPTOE! Special move: Bunneeeeee! Tiptoe undergoes pre-match scrutineering:
  9. My almost finish moc Name : Freedom Gundam Series : Mobile Suit Gundam Seed / Seed Destiny Fulll Video : LEGO Freedom Gundam ZGMF-X10A [Demo] by demon demon demon, trên Flickr LEGO Freedom Gundam ZGMF-X10A [Demo] by demon demon demon, trên Flickr LEGO Freedom Gundam ZGMF-X10A [Demo] by demon demon demon, trên Flickr LEGO Freedom Gundam ZGMF-X10A [Demo] by demon demon demon, trên Flickr The wing can open like this .... LEGO Freedom Gundam ZGMF-X10A [Demo] by demon demon demon, trên Flickr and Full Burst Mode like this .... LEGO Freedom Gundam ZGMF-X10A [Demo] by demon demon demon, trên Flickr I will soon finish the weapon and pose more action picture . Thanks for visiting !
  10. Gamabomb

    AI Bot Cailín

    Hiho, here is my frindly AI Bot Cailin. It took some time until I came up with the idea with the head. If you want to see how I built the head, take a look at my flickr side. have fun kind regards Gama AI Bot Cailín by Gama Bomb, auf Flickr
  11. Gamabomb

    C.A.R.L. 800

    Hi guys, hope you like mechs. The C.A.R.L. 800 is a heavy melee mech with a big club and a heavily armored shield. Inspired by the game Front Mission and the Frame Arms Model Kits. Enjoy C.A.R.L. 800 by Gama Bomb, auf Flickr C.A.R.L. 800 by Gama Bomb, auf Flickr
  12. davidroberts01341

    [MOC] The Bug Runner

    NEW from Llwyngwril Systems: an innovative high speed solution to all of your rough terrain personal transport problems! Bug Runner by David Roberts, on Flickr Bug Runner Film by David Roberts, on Flickr I hope that this little MOC contains enough Technic and isn't too silly for this forum. On a vaguely serious engineering note; I'd be very interested in any suggestions that experienced Technic builders might have for replacing the cams that I've used. They're 1x2 45deg slope bricks. After long-term use, they detach from the Technic connectors with studs that attach them to the big gear. I'd like to build a motorised model using this technique but the current cams won't sustain it. Any ideas please?
  13. Need I say more......? If you like classic space please consider voting for my Lego Ideas set: Apparently size does matter by billyburg, on Flickr
  14. demon14082001

    Guess M.O.C

    Lets guess what i am building Its about 80% complete (I didnt attach all of its item on itself in the picture) ZGMF-X10A by demon demon demon, trên Flickr I'll try to complete as soon as possible . Thanks for visiting !
  15. Bored_PhD_Student

    Lego Medieval Themed Mecha

    Hello all There are already many great MOCs on the internet for Gundams/Mecha. I wanted to organize a thread here and collect some of the Medieval Themed (or at least styled) Mechas. I will start by sharing my own MOC, a Knight Templar Mecha (just built it this weekend). One overview photo is attached. More detailed photos can be found on my mocpages account. Here is the link to some basic photos: http://www.moc-pages.../moc.php/426034 and some better quality ones: http://www.moc-pages.../moc.php/426044 (thanks to my wife who is much better at photography) This is the first one of about three I have planned. The Templar is mainly red and black (should be red and white, but.........), I will build a Knight Hospitaller counterpart that's mainly black and white and a Teutonic Knight that's mainly white yellow (gold) and black. I wanted to stick with medieval designs initially but didn't have enough pieces for matching left and right pauldrons. Ended up borrowing some ideas/designs from the gundam MOCs. Some works that I should give credit to are in the following links (may not be original sources): - Zaku MOC that inspired left pauldron: - Another ZAKU MOC that is great: http://gundamfamily....og-post_56.html - I quite liked the bust design. It was learned from another MOC but I can't find the source right now. Will add it in a later post. Please leave your comment or share your favorite Medieval themed (related) mecha. It can be what-ever scale. Also, if you come across any medieval style action figures that can be adapted into a LEGO mecha, please feel free to share it here. Thanks all
  16. wallacechow2005

    [MOC] Alternate MOC 41560-62 Yellow Mecha

    This time I used the parts from MIXLES 41560-62 to build this yellow mecha. Hope you all like it!
  17. whitswj

    Steam Powered Mech

    This is my first attempt at a steampunk build. It is not very practical in reality but was a fun build! Two of the minifigs have custom parts from BrickWarriors. Steampunk mech by Walter Whiteside Jr., on Flickr Steampunk mech by Walter Whiteside Jr., on Flickr Steampunk mech by Walter Whiteside Jr., on Flickr
  18. So, for a long time, there had been discussion about making a dragon for Macy here on the Eurobricks forums. I decided to see what I could do. Once I had figured out how to make the mace tail, it started to progress rather quickly, with the head and the main body being finished at the same time, after which it stalled while I tried to figure out the wings. Finally, though, it's done. This beast has 1400+ pieces, and is fully buildable. I expect the real life version to be done sometime in the summer. So here it is, Sir Chompsalot: Side view and size comparison: As you can see here, the legs have a great range of motion (using an internal gearing mechanism for friction), and the tail can be swung using the gear on the back. The little chest holds ammo for the two turrets. The mace tail tip is built around a LEGO Games die piece. The wing-rotors are built in more or less the same manner as the wheels of Jestro's Evil Mobile, and have a good range of motion. Two little blasters on the sides provide covering fire, and aerial assaults are handled by the dual six-stud shooters, which are mounted on turntables on castle turret pieces and can be manned by squirebots. As you can see here, Macy can sit either in the cockpit or stand on the dragon's head. Either place has storage for her mace and shield. Both the upper and the lower jaws of the dragon can move, and in general are supposed to resemble some kind of trash compactor. The forehead can hold a nexo power and the throat has a space to attach 2x2 round bricks for a flame/heat ray effect. The eyes are supposed to resemble giant versions of those the squirebots have. Back view Gallery LXF File (once public) Comments and criticism appreciated!
  19. AtomicDave

    [MOC] Explorerbots

    Explorerbots, a team of exploring mecha with pilots. I've started with an Ocean Explorer, Subterranean Explorer, and Space Explorer. Plan to also create a Jungle Explorer, Mountain Explorer, Weather Explorer, and others. Ocean Explorer: Subterranean Explorer: Space Explorer: Minifigs: This is my first MOC project, any comments and feedback are greatly appreciated. You can also comment or support this on Lego Ideas at
  20. The Mugbearer

    [LDD] GN-003 Gundam Kyrios

    GN-003 Gundam Kyrios by Artemiy Karpinskiy, on Flickr This is Gundam Kyrios, from Gundam 00 anime show. In the show, Kyrios is lightning-fast transforming Gundam, his alt form being a fighter jet. The MOC, however, lacks the transformation function.
  21. wallacechow2005

    [MOC] Alternate MOC 31044 Mecha

    This robot is my first MOC in 2016. It's an alternate building from the 2016 newest creator set 31044. Hope you all love it!!
  22. Giovanne

    [MOC] Evangelion Unit-01

    Hello folks! After a long, long time without a post on EB, I guess it's time for a return, and here's my most recent MOC. This MOC is reproduction of the Evangelion Unit-01 mecha from the 1995 anime (which is my favorite) Neon Genesis Evangelion, with the color scheme used on the Rebuild movies (dark purple with more lime green details). The Unit-01 was piloted by the protagonist Shinji Ikari, it is the first non-prototype unit, and is referred as "Test Type". The Unit-01 houses the soul of Shinji's mother, Yui. This MOC has 2012 parts and is, approximately, 70-75 cm tall (I used as reference the airplane from the set 7893 which measures 58 cm). (sorry for the rather bad photos) Hope you like it!
  23. Goldsmartie

    Mini Mech-suit

    The 'Mini' style of Mech suit was deigned to provide a high level of strength and protection at a fraction of the size and cost of larger Mechs and ARMS, making them more efficent for demolitions and salvage than their larger cousins. The greatest downside to this size of Mech-suit is the fact it cannot have an onboard reactor, making it require constant recharges. As such there are specially designed outlet ports for shipboard reactors on any salvage ship with a compliment of these machines. if you really like this model, be sure to leave a comment, or even support it on Lego Ideas: Thanks a bunch for looking!
  24. I picked up a pair of these weird aquazone pieces from bricklink on a whim, and for a long time couldn't figure out what to do with them. Eventually figured out how to give them just-articulated-enough arms, and here we are. Classic Space with guns, lots of guns! I've been building on a CS theme with fleshy heads and lots of yellow, a grimdark alternate universe where evil aliens were met, there's a galactic space war, and nobody got around to inventing blue. Dark blue, medium azure, maersk blue, medium blue, light blue, and Lego's other 25,917,812 shades of blue are allowed however. Here's a starfighter. Did somebody say something about Anakin's interceptor, set 75038? I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF SUCH A THING IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. Moving right along This one actually is original, I liked it so much I built a model stand. I'll keep it around for a while. It's supposed to be some kind of multirole fighter, designed to function in alien atmospheres or vacuum. And I named it the Ash Wasp because ...I have no idea I'm not good with naming things. Those guns are absolutely necessary for proper swooshing balance!

    [MOC] K-18

    Hi, everyone! Although it is not done yet, I still want to show you guy my K-18. . . . The images are big, please wait... I will upload the complete model to Lego Ideas before the end of August, I hope. This is the incomplete gun that will be used by the battle armor. Or I will make another one. Ok! That's all. Please support me later! Thanks!