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Found 340 results

  1. MrLegoCollector

    MOC: Super Sandman

    I was glad Sandman wasn't a big fig since I always knew if they made him I'd want to make something like this, so I did. [/img]
  2. Instructions I've been busy as of late and any time I have to build I've been working on a project for Brickworld 2017. I put this little thing together yesterday after I built, looked over, then parted the set.Hope you like it!
  3. Unfortunately nobody has responded to my original German-speaking question in another (German) Lego forum. I try it here: Hello Although I myself have quite a lot of nerdiness to me, technical interests and hobbies, a certain film genre and hobbies that a "serious" adult should not have (?), I can start with the whole superhelden area, the starwarsfilms and also similar series little. Somehow I find the stories boring, very simplistic, humorless, politically far too correct and often too simple knit. Therefore, my question to the older fans (older in the sense of: Having a family of their own, have already participated in the professional life for a long time, the first destiny and crises have brought about, interested in "real" social / political issues - not only image newspaper and Facebook ...): What fascinates you at the superheldenstory, whether film, serial or comic? What is so special for you on Star Wars and similar film series? (No, I'm not interested in why Star Wars is better than Enterprise Enterprise, Battlestar Galactica, or is not). Signature: My nickname which I use in that forum. This text I have automatically translated with the Google translator. Lapidem
  4. Alright, guys, I'm in the US, but I bought a Ms. Marvel figure on Bricklink before modifying it. Because it's a new part, I figured I'd tell people just in case they were curious. I commented about it in the Lego Licensed Marvel Superheroes topic, but figured it belonged here as well. Here's the modified figure; I know the color choice on the arms is very wrong, but I'm away from my full collection, so I just chose a pair from my selection with me at school. Here are my observations and thoughts about the part as it came from Lego: The torso comes in an unusually large plastic bag with perforations. If the bag is unfolded, it's about the area of the front face of a $13 set. The hands (not the bracelets, the actual minifigure hands) are removable from the arms and can be replaced as well, but they require more force than when removing or replacing hands from regular arms. Once removed, they appear to be standard hands. The arm piece feels less like rubber Friends hair and more like Lego's typical soft plastic tubes. There's no metal wire, it's just molded into the curved shape, so it can't be posed well, and the shape just snaps back to default as soon as pressure stops. However, the plastic does feel like if you left it in one position for a while, it might tend towards that position. The printing quality on the torso looks fantastic. The torso piece doesn't have the customary white/black square on the neck peg. I assume that's because the arms are back-front symmetric, so it didn't matter which way the torso was facing when they were inserted. I then used scissors to cut the arm tube. The tube is very soft, and is very easy to cut. The tube is solid; there's no hole through the center, nor is there a core made of a different material Standard minifigure arms definitively DO pop in, with no further modification needed. The balls are not compressed once inside the socket, so the figure shouldn't be damaged, nor should the arm pieces. The arms can be rotated without popping out or breaking. However, the interior socket is uneven; it's rectangular, so the ball joint on the arm experiences uneven friction as the arm is rotated; in some positions it has more friction than others. Because the sockets aren't designed to hold minifigure arms, there's a tiny bit of give: in some positions, the arm comes a millimeter out of joint. However, in most positions it looks completely normal. Arms come out easier than from normal torsos, but they should stay in fine, even during posing or play.
  5. As the team head to the vampire city of St. Sebastian, Iron Fist starts to wonder if there's more to Doctor Strange's motivations than meets the eye. -Cast- Doctor Strange - Jack Rizzo Valkyrie - Caitlin Buckley Iron Fist - Josh Danque Xarus Dracul - Rob O’Dwyer Daimon Hellstrom - Isaac Smith Satana Hellstrom - Natasha Mclellan Blade - Courtney Leacock Raizo Kodo - Hubert McCarthy Happy Halloween everyone! More Vampire Town coming soon... Original score by Guy Commanderson. Check out the rest of the Marvel Brickfilm Universe: Consider supporting me on Patreon? Want to see more from Jam Pot Studios? YouTube: Facebook: Blog: Instagram: Flickr: Twitter:
  6. benderisgreat

    Custom GOTG 2 Gamora minifigur.

    After seeing review on 76081 Milano vs Abelisk I noticed that battle suit Gamora minifigure is exactly the same as Starlord! No traditional curves that are usually present on female minifigures are present on that torso. So I'm dissapointed with official minifigure and want to make custom Gamora. Any suggestions on which existing female torso to use?
  7. hello everyone, I decide to make this thread to show decals I have made/am going to make in the future. if you have any suggestions, comments, or any other feedback don't be afraid to reply
  8. Adeel Zubair

    MOC: Dancing Groot (BrickHeadz)

    Presenting my LEGO BrickHeadz interpretation of the Dancing Groot from Guardians Of The Galaxy (2014) Dancing Groot by Adeel Zubair, on Flickr ________________________________________________ Follow Me On... Facebook - Flickr - Instagram - Deviantart - Twitter - Youtube - LinkedIn - Behance - Feedback and criticism is much appreciated. Adeel
  9. VaderFan2187

    Marvel Superhero Mechs!

    Inspired by the very good Hulkbuster LEGO set I present to you my Superhero mechs! The Iron Man one is a very slightly altered Hulkbuster. The others are original designs off the rough skeleton of the Hulkbuster. Let me know your thoughts and which is your favorite!
  10. dulsi


    My youngest loves building minifigures in the Lego video games. Many of those parts are not available and even if they were it would be expensive to build all his designs. However in the Lego Marvel Super-Heroes, you can recolor some big guys like the Hulk. I decided to try building a brick built figure to match their style. I tried to avoid stickers as much as possible but do use them for the eyes. The arms aren't as strong as I would like. My son now has probably 8 different colored versions on his computer. (Some with modifications like two heads or head with three eyes.) I plan to try some different head designs for Venom but figured I'd post what I have now. I have another made for Orca (Batman villain in the Lego Batman minifigure series) with a different arm design that holds better. Rebrickable website for parts list and mine for instructions
  11. Hello today I'm on to a bigger set, the giant man set! I forgot the box as I built this last year without taking any pictures.. Lets start with the instruction booklet. Its a thick one plus a comic book (to lure you to buying other sets). I don't really like this kind of thick booklet, quite hard to make it stay without damaging the side. This set is mainly focused on the minifigures. The build, not so. Small quinjet, small airport building. So lets start with the characters. Firstly, ironman and war machine. Rhodes! The front. I like their torso print. Colourful on Tony's suit and cool black on Rhodey's. You can compare with the old Mark 7 (I think). Standard Tony's face and Rhodey's smiling face. Alternate faces and back prints. All geared up. The beam does looks like a light saber without the hilt. War machine is taller due to the back attachments. The back of the war machine doesn't look that cool. Lets go to the girls. Scarlet witch and Agent 13. And I thought she was the black widow.. Alternate faces and back. Wanda's skirt looks kind of cool. And now the brothers. Cap does have a more detailed print. Suit up. Comparison of new and old cap. Lastly the antman. Giant and tiny tic tac. And LEGO gave you 2 of them! Under his mask. Someone please give him some orange slices. His hand can hold on minifigures. Now lets play with them Get off me! Alright, lets go to the build. These are stickers, but they are quite detailed if you asked me. What? Hammer tech? The airport transport. The rear side of the tower. The tiny tic tac can enter the mouse hole. But quite hard to pull him out after that. My favourite part, no entry! And lastly, the Quinjet. Bucky can fit in quite well but he has to lean backward. Spiderman: Hey! Thats my stunt! And lastly, a group photo. The epic fight. The saddest moment. The shield was made by my father. Give it back. Pros: The minifigures are nice. You get 6 minifigures, one nanofigure and a giant man. Cons: The tower too small, Quinjet too. And LEGO should have printed on giant man's suits instead of stickers. Thanks for viewing,
  12. A stop-motion video I have spent month on making. I has been a great deal of fun and I hope that you will like it. It is a version of the comic book Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe, witch I wasn't fully satisfied with. Please share your thoughts. Anyway, Deadpool wakes up after a beat down and realises that he has to kill every other superbeing in order to become the one.
  13. Do you ever use parts from the Collectable Minifigures (CMFs) to mod your DC and Marvel superheroes? I used the CMF Series 3 elf's head and Series 16 dog show winner's hair for Aquaman. Spider-Man benefited from the Series 16 wildlife photographer's arms. Are there any dual-moulded blue legs with red boots that match Spidey's colours?
  14. Marvel_Geek8

    Thanos Chair [MOC]

    After the announcement of the big fig Thanos being in a set I decided to create a chair/area resembling his apperence in Guardians of the Galaxy. The design is not overly complicated and took me no more than an hour to make with some tweaking here and there after it was finished. Please enjoy, and any advice for improvements is greatly appreciated
  15. This is the real Warbird, which I took me quite some effort. I spent quite some time researching on the net, and found quite some photos of the spaceship Rocket rode on, but most of them were concept art, not the final version. I also bought the book "GOTG: Art of the Movie", and it did have some useful images and sketches, but still the older version, which has two pairs of wings. I finally looked at the movie and got some shots of the final Warbird... And here it is, the final Warbird, which is part of the Ravager fleet. The wings are the hardest part since I really want to get the profile as close as the real thing possible. I am glad that it turns out great in the end. The back is also beautiful, with the twin engine jets. I also control its size by comparing its size to the Milano, taking the same ratio of the planes from the book and applying them to the Lego version. And you can also see I used some of the sticks from the Raccoon polybag. Perhaps to make it even closer to the real thing, the windshield will need some more special stickers, but I won't do that now, haha! Hope you all like it! :D
  16. Hey everyone! Pretty new here, but just finished building out a giant expansion of 76038. Took me a few months and did it in three steps--for the first, I just bought a second set and added another floor with more Iron Legion launchers. Then, after discovering BrickLink, I sat down and with the POWER OF MY MIND and an excel spreadsheet, I attempted to add four more floors and widen the whole thing by 6 studs. And uh... that was somewhat successful? Ended up with a bunch of extra pieces and a few sections where I was short pieces and was basically very confused during the build what the hell I had planned during the planning stages. Which lead to phase three, me learning to use LDD, and building a finished model (...well... technically there was phase 3.5 when I realized I had exposed studs where I wanted tiles, whoops). Anyway! After a whole lot of work, it's finally done, and I'm pretty happy with it. Apologies in advance for the photo quality--got a tiny New York apartment, so no room to build a real photo set up. Anyway, here we go! OVERVIEW Side views of the full tower, closed. 8 floors, 2 balconies. Aunt May, in her natural habitat--stuck to a wall with webbing, in mortal danger. Also visible: Quicksilver running fast enough to scale a wall, and Spider-Woman (custom). The exposed brick is reserved for one of the Spider-People from the Bridge Battle to stand on, using the new web piece to be saving Aunt May. On the other side, Black Suit Spidey (custom), and some visitors from another world, hanging out and battlin' on the side of the tower. BALCONIES Top balcony, with an attack by Ultron, against the MCU Avengers team. I try to keep only one of each character on display (duplicates and variants are stored on the first two floors), but I made an exception for Ant Man, since I want to have micro, mini, and Giant sized versions all out, and for Spider-Man (who I justify through handwaving that Spider-Verse is happening sooooo sure, buncha Spider-people are out.) So, you can see the microfig Ant Man on the roof taking part in the main defense, and mini-fig Ant Man being overwhelmed by Yellow Jacket behind the drone tower thing. Also back there, but not super visible--Loki, Dr. Doom, and MODOK. An alliance that manipulated Ultron and Hydra into doing the main brunt of the attack? Sure! That's definitely what's going on, and not that I wanted those guys out and didn't have another place to put them really. Lower balcony, with Hydra agents (led by Taskmaster and Crossbones) scaling the walls and overwhelming the SHIELD agents there. Iron Man, War Machine and Nova are providing air support, with Miles swinging down to assist. INTERIORS - FRONT Full tower, open. In addition to hinging open like the original set does, I added the ability to pull out the front section of each floor for floors 1-4. Like a series of drawers, making getting into each floor way easier. Floors 1 & 2 are storage for minifig variants. Each floor can store two trays of sitting / small leg figures, with the top tray storing 25 minifgs, and the bottom fitting 26. So, room for 102 minifigs total. Still have plenty of room for more minifigs, so... eventually will have to add another floor for storage as we get more variants. But hopefully not for a few more years... Floor 3 - Science Labs! Doing Science! are Tony Stark, examining Loki's Staff, Hank Pym working on some micro-scale suits (a display case holding all the micro-figs), two generic scientists doing Flasks near some microscopes and computers, and Pepper trying to figure out what's wrong with this Iron Man (is it that it's a custom, because an authentic SDCC figure is way outside what I can afford? It's probably that). Also present are DUM-E with the suitcase armor at the ready, and a deactivated Dalek ('cause uh... I guess you should study some other killer robots if you want to figure out what's up with Ultron, maybe?). Tools are mounted on the walls and in a stand in the middle of the room. But not on Tony Stark's side of the wall, which is displays and some controls, and oh yeah, a big 'ol sound system. Floor 4 - Item storage. Center table has the Infinity Gems / Stones in display cases (plus the Eye of Sauron and One Ring because ehhh why not), plus helmets. Mounted on the walls are a whole bunch of guns, and the Avengers weapons--Cap's Shield, Thor's Hammer, Hawkeye's Bow, Star Lord's Elemental Pistols, and Rocket Raccoon's big eff-off gun. Also, deactivated Chitauri, Han Solo in Carbonite, The Collector (custom, because again, can't afford the real thing), and Portal 2 items--a modified Turret, Companion Cube and Chell. Shelving unit is two stories, although I don't have anything (except Aladdin's Genie Lamp) to put on the second level. Yet. Floor 5 is the Iron Legion Launchers. Has room for 12 Iron Men. Floor 6 is War Machine Launchers. Room for 9 War Machines. Includes a custom War Machine made out of the Cyberman body since I wanted to have all the windows filled out while still being able to have a War Machine out and about doing stuff in the main display. Don't have a good image of Floor 7 (you can kind of make it out in the image of the lower balcony), but it's Maria Hill and Dum Dum Duggan at some controls INTERIORS - BACK Back rooms of floors 1 & 2 are storage for Big Figs (plus Dr. Octopuses with tentacles). If you ever wonder why I don't want many more Big Fig variants to be released... well, hey, I only have room to store one more. Back Floor 3 is the medical bay, with three of the medical beds from the original set, occupied by The Mandarin, Aldrich Killian, and the Extremis Solider. Tony's just trying to help them get better. Also, the MCU Hydra soldiers I have because I need to hide them somewhere, and sticking them behind the paramedic fig works? Anyway, the medical bay is paired with the science lab in the front. Back Floor 4 is intentionally left blank for now. I'm planning to try to fit the Dr. Strange set into this space, which just counting studs in the released images... I think will work? If I can't get the portal beast in there, all the mystic junk in that set should fill this space out. Either way, Dr. Strange Mystic Junk Storage will pair with the more science-y Storage Room in the front. Also, you can see what it looks like when the floors are pulled out of the main building. Also, you can see the cut out I made for the 2x16 plates that support the floors of each floor. This is where I intially messed up in stage three of building, having these studs exposed without realizing that would mean I'd only be able to pull out EVERY floor all at once, instead of having the ability to pull out each floor individually. Floors 5 & 6 are Armour repair / construction. Floor 5 has the Space / Scuba Iron Man variants in the front, and the Iron Spider in the back, Floor 6 has the Iron Legion drones in the front and Ultron Prime in the back. They're paired with the Iron Legion launchers in the front. Floor 7 is the SHIELD command floor--Nick Fury is at the center command, flanked by SHIELD agents definitely doing important SHIELD things and not playing Galaga. Pairs with Maria Hill and Dum Dum Dugan at their control in the front. Floor 8 is a bar, staffed by Mary Jane Watson. Leads out onto the balcony, where the Avenger's party was interrupted by Ultron (that dink). FULL COLLECTION Moved the rest of my collection over to get a group shot. I've got a complete collection of everything released in the US so far, with customs of the Comic Con exclusives and Dark Phoenix and Misty Knight (because I don't have super high hopes of getting official releases of them too, and they're AWESOME.) The rest of my Marvel collection, in their natural habitat on my Comic's bookshelf. Avenger's Tower, in it's natural habitat behind my workstation. Giant Man and Hulkbuster at the base. And a final easter egg: A minifig version of my fiance, as a SHIELD agent, having a great time and ignoring all that attackin' happening just outside the protective glass... Thanks for looking!
  17. I can`t imagine that i`m the only one who is wondering about this. I know that some of the newer Lego Games have quite a nice Array of brickbuild Ingame Objects and Vehicles and i`ve always wondered if there is someone or a Group that collects Infos about them and try to build them in LDD or physical Bricks. So,anyone can lead me to some Infos?
  18. In contrast to my last topic, this one is about your LEAST favourite Super Heroes set and why. Mine would probably be the Spider-Copter, since apart from Power Man and MJ, there isn't a whole lot of appeal (unless you like the Ultimate GG). As usual, this does not include the old Batman or Spiderman themes, but only the Super Heroes theme from 2012 onwards (or 2011, speaking technically.)
  19. badchriss

    Happy Halloween Peter Parker

    It is Halloween Night my dear Friends and even Super Heroes need some Fun Activities once in a while. After Spiderman and Doctor Strange teamed up to defeat an Invasion of Monsters from another Realm, Spiderman decided it`s Time to get into the right Spirit of his second favorite Holiday Season. Some of is Super Hero Friends came over (well,only Kid Spider Miles Moralis,the Sorcerer Supreme and the Allmighty Thor) and they had a Fun Time going around the Neighborhood :D Spidey really likes his Costume,sadly Eyepatches were sold out....and Nick Fury refused to borrow one. Happy Halloween everyone,stay spooky.
  20. Gilberto_Aguilera

    2015 HulkBuster redesign to be in scale.

    Hello gents, in this topic we would discuss modding options to redesign the avengers age of Ultron Hulkbuster, i would advise all those who have the model and have already modded it to thoroughly describe the process. We advide to only use pieces from the set, but if you do have to use another piece, please do specify the piece number and colour so the rest of us can then purchase it if we wish to follow your steps. Furthermore i advise please not to be greedy, this topic is about sharing, so we can all have a good definitive hulkbuster. So please if you have a good design then don't hog the design.
  21. marathon_productions

    [MOC] The Complete Jabiim Collaboration

    The Jabiim Collaboration Hello everyone hope you've all been having a good weekend. For the last 5 weeks 5 builders have been collaborating to try and recreate areas and scenarios depicting the Star Wars Republic comic book series (the Jabiim story arc) here is a list of each episode Episode I: The Battle For Jabiim (by Marathon Productions) Episode II: Cobalt Station (by Innovative Brix) Episode III: The Battle Of Razor Coast (by Packer221) Episode IV: The Battle Of High Rock Canyon (by Alcloneproductions) Episode V: The Battle For Jabiim (Prison Break) (by Krisproductions) Here is a link to the playlist with each MOC: I hope you enjoyed the MOC series. please feel free to leave any criticism and any tips or creations you want to see in the future.
  22. 1980-Something-Space-Guy

    History behind Marvel and DC licenses?

    I remember that glorious day in 2011 when it was announced both Marvel and DC licenses for Lego. It was my greatest Lego dream come true (although still a lot of the minifigs I want to see in Lego form haven't been made, looking at you FF and X-men). However, there were a lot of things I didn't understand about how things went down, and I have never been able to find much by researching into this. My understanding is that, initially, Lego had the license for Spider-man and Spider-man 2. How did they lose the license against the-brand-which-must-not-be-named for Spider-man 3? Was it because they wanted to pick up Batman? Or did they pick up Batman because they lost the Spider-man license? Why was the Batman theme discontinued in 2008? Did they lose the license for that? Then, what was the catalyst for Lego deciding to go for both of the licenses in 2011? How did they steal the Marvel license away from the-brand-which-must-not-be-named? How did they manage to get both Marvel and DC to be OK with Lego making toys for both under the "Super Heroes" theme? Finally, can we expect Lego to keep these licenses for many years to come, and never lose either to the-brand-which-must-not-be-named? It's funny, on the other side of this story, fans from the-brand-which-must-not-be-named regret the day that Lego got the Marvel license back, and dream of Lego losing the license again. My hope is that Lego's superior quality and status as the #1 toy maker in the world will allow them to keep both licenses for many years to come. 2011 was an incredible year for Lego. They managed to get licenses for Marvel, DC, and Lord of the Rings / The Hobbit, which they added to their already existing Star Wars line! Clearly they started being more aggressive in their search for licenses, and luckily to this day it looks like they're succeeding. I'm curious to learn what brought this newfound competitiveness to Lego, especially when a little more than a decade before they made almost no licensed sets.
  23. I`m really torn between two Themes where i could post this little MOC but i decided to give it a Go here in the Licenced Themes Area. Why you ask? Well,i recreated the little Streetsweeper Vehicle from the Lego Game "LEGO Marvel`s Avengers" where you use this Vehicle to clean the Heli Carriers Deck from an Oil Spill. Sure,the Vehicle would also Qualify as a Town/City themed Vehicle but it was never made in a Set in that particular Style. Nothing too exiting but i really liked it being such a small and detailed Vehicle and i had Fun recreating it. Hope you will like it as much as i do.