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Found 340 results

  1. Wolverine based on his X-Force attire. Reference Enjoy! -Omi
  2. Rogue as she appears in the X-Men animated series. Kinda borrowed the idea from someone else, but I improved on it by giving her accurate legs, coloring in the torso and adding the belt. While I'm at it, here are some other custom X-Men: - Cyclops, Storm, and Xavier are by eclipsegrafx - Wolverine is mine -Omi
  3. The Juggernaut from the X-Men series. I wanted to make him with the dome helmet like he is in the comics and cartoon. Enjoy! -Omi
  4. This isn't the most useful topic, but I think it will be a fun discussion. I was thinking today, if we were not going to get set(s) based off of an upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, which one would it be? Because, in reality, I do not think LEGO will make a set based off of ALL of the new Marvel Cinematic Universe films... It has to be one of these five films, which are the ones confirmed: - Thor: The Dark World (2013) - Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) - Gaurdians of the Galaxy (2014) - Avengers 2 (2015) - Ant Man (2015) If I had to guess, it would be Ant Man. I really can't see sets based off of the film due to size limitations for the ant man. Unless he was a trophy piece. And, which one would y'all not want sets based off of? I really would not care too much if we didn't get Thor: The Dark World sets, to be honest. I don't think the movie will be too exciting... Oh, and can a mod change the title from "If we weren't to get sets based off a new Marvel movie, which woul" to "If we weren't to get sets based off a new Marvel movie..."?
  5. hjmediastudios

    Rise of the Iron Men

    Another charming digital creation- this time high-res renders of all the current and upcoming Iron Men from TLG, based off official figures. For fans, the shot on Flickr is suitable for an HD desktop, and an Iron Patriot one is forthcoming. As always, comments and criticism are more than welcome!
  6. Colossus from X-men. My own interpretation using my particular skillset - Improvising and brassoing. Modified the torso to resemble the uniform Colossus wears and also modded the head. I'm eventually going to replace the grey with chrome. Enjoy! -Omi
  7. Hi all, I've got a few collectibles that I'm willing to sell. I'm located in the United States, but I will ship internationally! All come from a smoke free home and are in MINT condition. 1. NYCC Superman. 1/200. 2. NYTF Ironman. 1/125. 3. Smooth Haired Leia. Very limited, only misprinted in the very few first production runs of #10198. Contact me if you are interested and hopefully we can work out a price. Pictures can be e-mailed upon request or you can just go to my flickr account :) Regards, Samuel
  8. My next entry in the theme that Lego is being lackluster with. Gambit as he appears in the X-Men animated series. *Torso printed by poppunkmunky *Coat is MMCB Enjoy! Also check out some more X-Men here. -Omi
  9. Swifty118247

    MOC: Marvel SHIELD Boat

    I loved the film Avengers (I mean who doesn't!!) and was so exited to find out they were making lego sets of them that I bought them the day they came out!! I loved the sets but I really wanted to build some extra vehicles and building as well as characters (which I will post on another topic) to play with and put on display with my other sets. This is the first MOC that I have made that (I think counts as most of the other ones were a bit... well... rubbish) and I hope that you enjoy my work. It didn't take that long (20 mins + time to sort out decals) as most of the pieces that I used can from LEGO Agents so most of the Dark Blue pieces were there for me. I was originally making a submarine but I ran out of time. So here it is (I understand the decals aren't that fantastic but the printer that I use isn't that good!!) Side View: This is the best view (in my opinion!) as it shows of the whole of the boat and the shield logos on the side. Top View: I tried to show all of the interier. This is still a WIP (work in progress) so the interier will be improved!! I decided to write a little story to go along with the set (like the description in the lego catalog): The evil members of H.Y.D.R.A have stolen the secret information about the Avengers! Chase them down with the high speed S.H.I.E.L.D boat. Use the jet at the back to propell your self into the enemys base or chase them down on the waves. Who will win? You decide.
  10. This topic is for people to discuss what people would like to see in the avengers 2 sets (I mean why wouldn't they?) What figures will finally be made into the official category? Will we see LEGO Wasp, Ant-Man, Black Panther or Ms Marvel? Obviously we can't know for certain but we can always guess!! Also this is also a place for people to display some of the avengers mocs they have made of scenes and figures both from comic, the first movie or even made up scenarios!
  11. Angel as he appears in the X-Men series. Based on his red suit. He was one of the founding members of X-Men, and became the Horseman of Death for Apocalypse and later became Archangel. Enjoy. -Omi
  12. niteangel

    MOC - Avengers Commander Truck

    Some of you may have seen my Avengers Truck, and so I will make a little post about this MOC which was made quite some time ago :) Seeing the whole set of Avengers vehicles from Lego having only a plane (Quinjet) and a jeep (and now Nick Fury's car which I turned it into dark blue color to join the original color scheme), I feel it needs something a little more solid to complete the line. So I had the idea of a mobile command center, a truck. And it is coming! The truck built is actually quite easy, borrowing all the techniques you may have seen in different "great vehicles" from Lego City line. The back is built like in 7733 set. You may notice that the built of the truck head is different because of the height of the doors. I took them from the original Avengers jeep, and so the doors cannot be fitted in under the windshield normally. I therefore reverse the construction to make it work. The tail is a little different. I feel that the back bumper area of many Lego trucks are not well done. After many experiments I came with this 7-stud wide approach, giving it more solid protection and a more sturdy feel to the truck. Inside we have a a little command center with computers, and a gun rack at the back. No idea why Tony Stark always occupies that space for his suit transfer, but that can be the second use of the truck. (note the foot stand for Iron Man, the pointed piece indicates Mark VI suit which has triangle core at the chest; the other one is for Mark VII) The gun rack can actually be taken out (a little different you see here from above because recently I modified it :) the picture above is more recent). One can change the rack for different arrangements and types of guns as long as the width and height is maintained to be kept in the truck. I also modified the jeep as you see, because the original is just harmless! Now, the firepower is back for the Avengers! Hope you guys like my set!
  13. It is Chinese New Year here and so I have a little holiday. With the free time I finally have the chance to clean up my Lego shelves and the superhero sets. After that, I think maybe it is a good time to take a record photo for them :) It is just my humble share, and I believe some of you may probably have a bigger setup! Have you guys read the comics from Marvel and DC? How many of them do you recognize in these photos? Full image: Full image: Full image: Actually I think the villains in Marvel sets are overlooked. Dr. Doom is a huge villain who is just impossible to die, and so is the upcoming Mandarin. Therefore, I am MOC-ing something for the armored Dr. Doom, a Viper or something, after completing a Freeze Boat for Mr. Freeze. How about your setup? Let's share it!
  14. Beast from X-men. *Hair by Arealight *Head by eclipseGrafx *Torso modded by me Enjoy! -Omi
  15. I have noticed that people have often wanted to alter their minifigures but have had no clue as to how ( me included ). You may have seen my Red Skull thread which I eventually got a resolution from the kindness of Hammerstein NWC's heart. So, I thought to myself, why start a new thread every time someone needs help with one minifigure hence my thread. Now, I'm kind of in Superhero-frenzy mode at the mo what with my B-Day and Xmas just past in which I received many of the new Superhero sets and I'm desperate to add to my collection so to start off this thread, I will make some suggestions which my help my, and hopefully others, superhero collection. NOTE: Before I begin, I want to assure people that this thread is not for my personal gain or so that I can nick everyone's superhero ideas. It is designed so that if ANYONE is stuck with a fig, they can ask for a solution and hopefully someone will give them an answer. I would be happy to help anyone who I can but in no way feel obliged to let others 'steal' your ideas, I just thought it would be a nice thing to do. NOTE 2: If this thread gets decent critical response, I may start up other themed threads but this is just a prototype, as such. On with the ideas: The Riddler's Cane: Now when the Funhouse set was released, I recall many were disappointed that LEGO could go so cheapskate with us and not supply Riddler with a good cane and instead, give us the common red crowbar relating to nothing and almost spoiling the figure. I am in aid of the classic gold cane the Riddler should carry and already have the start of something (possibly) brilliant, which involves a gold hook. The Penguin: Unfortunately (for me), the old penguin is too expensive for anyone me and the new one is somewhat j u n i o r i s e d so I am looking for an alternative. I think I'll use the Magician's suit along with short purple legs and hands and a top hat but the head is a real problem and that's where the help comes in... So again, my suggestions were just to get the ball rolling so if anybody else needs help with a figure, don't hesitate to whack it on here. Thanks a lot, TT