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Found 5279 results

  1. Built for the Heroes Guild of LCC, Level: Journeyman(2) "Your hero slaying a monster." Mark of Falworth won a major victory in the Siege of Lost Souls, The Outlaws were thrown from the massive walls and the fierce Dragon was finally forced to flee before the swarms of knights. The casualties were numerous on both sides. And the Castle was soon abandoned by the crusaders as they didn't want to leave a garrison behind in enemy territory. A fortnight later, Mark of Falworth and his companions Vaasco Suariz and Gonsaluus Petri (both valiant knights of the realm) were on a simple reconnaissance mission, when they spotted a huge object in the sky. They quickly realized it must be a Dragon, indeed it was the very one they had faced only a little while ago. It was careening right towards them! Vaasco shouted, "Forsooth, my liege! Let us with due expedience make our way towards yonder thicket that we mayest avoid the fierce Dragon, which would seek to do us grievous ill!" "Nay," replied Mark, "For yonder dragon did accept battle on my terms, so will I accept battle on his terms..." Gonsaluus interrupted, "But sir, verily even the bravest of knights would not dare to battle a dragon single-handedly, especially considering every knight's life is needed for the cause." “Thou speakest wisely Gonsaluus, but this dragon, surnamed ‘the cunning’ for his shrewdness of brain, can still be defeated by clever stratagem.” Mark winked at his companions, then dismounted from his horse in one fluid motion and marched alone towards the beast. The dragon, with a great flurry of its wings, landed a few yards away and breathed a blast of flame at the knight. But Mindarus the dragon was too far away for the fire to have any effect. Especially since Mark of Falworth was clad head-to-foot in steel plate armor... Mark jeeringly called out to the monster, "I bid thee good day, fine fellow. But, sink me, I cannot feel the heat of your fire! are thou still out of breath from the beating I gave you two weeks ago?" Hearing this rebuff, The Dragon lunged forward with a furious snarl, And inhaled deeply so as to scorch Mark to a crisp! Mark leaned back as if about to be struck... And at that instant, just before the Dragon breathed forth the flame, he hurled his sword straight into the throat of the vile creature! The monster reared back in shock and pain. Then, turning its head to the heavens, let loose a roar which shook the earth for miles around as blood and fire shot towards the sky. With a low moan and a deep shudder, the beast slammed into the earth, its head at the feet of the triumphant knight. As the brightness faded from the dragon's eyes, Mark said "Take no offence, sir dragon, But thine head will make a most worthy present to the King." And so the evil dragon, Mindarus the Cunning, was defeated by the equally cunning Mark of Falworth For the Glory of Loreos! Thanks for viewing and have a great day!
  2. Disco86

    Nazgul Collection

    Hi there, I want to show my recent MOCs about the Nazgul, maybe there will be some more in the future. First we got a Nazgul riding on a Fell Beast: The Nazgul try to catch Frodo at the Loudwater river: And finally a Nazgul searching the ring in the dead marshes: If you like my creations there will be other Nazgul-scenes in the future like Weathertop or Minias Tirith ! You can see pictures in high resolution at my Photostream
  3. Masked Builder

    MOC: Mayan Temple

    Well, this was going to be my entry for my MOCoff with Flare. But he backed out two or three days before the deadline, so I won by default. I'm quite happy with how the MOC came out, and yes it is supposed to only be viewed from the one side. Flickr Set Facebook
  4. This little spot just at the edge of the park in Fabuville is a popular alternative activity on rainy days. Up on the roof terrace Greta, owner and chief GM is painting up a new miniature for playing with. Harry Hound (Hurunk The Orc Knight), Stan Stallion (Shergare the Barbarian) and Percy Pig (Pellinor the Mage) are midgame. I wonder who will earn the most exp. this round? Rhys Raccoon and Kari Kitty are playing a popular card game. Lani Lamb is acting as the adjuticator for this match. She gets to play the winner! Like many citizens of Fabuville, Greta lives above her shop in this cosy bedroom. Pay no regard to the loft space... After a win on ebay netted me a variety of figures and parts this month was the perfect excuse to get building! Hope you enjoy this, I am not really a building MOCer...
  5. MR. DAVE CHICKEN OF THE TEXTURED SOYLENT PROTEIN FOOD GROUP INC. T.S.P. Food Group Inc. - Proud providers of supplies to the Galaxy Squad, Galactic Patrol and Space Police forces. Mr. Dave Chicken recently travelled to Galaxy Squad base ‘Sigma-19710’ to check out how those guys are enjoying T.S.P. food packs. Here we see Corporal Lou Simons about to tuck into yummy ‘T.S.P. JEL-OMG!’ “It’s nutritious and delicious!” Lou said, with a smile. “It’s just like Mom’s home cooking.” T.S.P. Food Group inc. secured sole provider rights to all deep space missions thanks to a pan global deal with all space faring nations. The contract is good for the next hundred years, so those guys out there protecting the galaxy can be sure of a hearty meal when they need it most. Safe in the knowledge that T.S.P. Food packs will give them all the muscle they need to fight the good fight. Source: THE TEXTURED SOYLENT PROTEIN FOOD GROUP INC. Press office. Flickr set
  6. Dubbadgrim

    [MOC] Dragon Black Market

    Hey Eurobrick'ers Just thought I would share my most recent MOC on here. I had an urge to incorporate both those old red chainmail minifigs and my old green dragon I had lying around into a scene. Not much of a storyline behind it, but I came up with the idea of a group of bandits having captured the dragon in the wild and selling it off to the Dragon Knights in exchange for cold, hard cash. Also, make sure to look out for: • A working drawbridge • A old, drunken guard • A fallen warrior from many centuries ago • Four animals not including the dragon or the fish in the barrel (one is pretty hard to spot!) • "The wrong arm" Gallery: http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=503652
  7. [pid][/pid]229D Eklund posted this beautiful scene on Flickr. This is first venture into the Pirate theme. The Escape at Shark Cove "Run!!!"
  8. I was inspired by DaveBey Buildable in the following colours. (BL Name) Black Blue Brown Dark Bluish Gray Dark Gray Dark Orange Dark Purple Dark Red Dark Tan Green Light Bluish Gray Light Gray Lime Maersk Blue Medium Blue Orange Pink Reddish Brown Sand Blue Sand Green Tan Trans-Clear White Yellow dowload This is the Lime version.
  9. Mark of Falworth

    MSFC A Journey to the Center of the Earth.

    Based on the book, "A Journey to the Center of the Earth" by Jules Verne. Built for Simon's MSFC. "http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=77701" I was originally going to enter the FAPC too, but BFAL took more time then I thought it would. Thanks for viewing have a great day!
  10. Mark of Falworth

    (LCC) The Siege of Lost Souls

    (LCC){GC3} Part 2 Part 1 The Prince of Loreos instructed Mark of Falworth to take a strong body of troops to the south of the terrible Magic Island, and there besiege a certain fortress of great strength and evil reputation... After a brief barrage of artillery both sides quickly realized that the walls and towers were much too strong for the small amount of catapults that the crusaders had brought overseas. So, after a fortnight's labor, the besieging army constructed movable towers and ladders to scale the walls of the castle. The well-trained, iron-clad knights of Loreos fearlessly charged towards the enemy walls! Arrows, war-cries, and screams filled the air as the ladders were thrown in place. Meanwhile, the great siege towers rumbled their way forward. The defenders' arrows and javelins were useless against such machinery. Just as the siege tower bridge slammed onto the parapet, and the victory of the crusaders seemed certain, lo and behold, a mighty dragon swooped in and crashed onto the wall. It spewed a searing hot stream of flame right into the astonished knights! Taken by surprise, the knights nevertheless dauntlessly resumed their charge, straight towards the ferocious beast! In this siege of Lost Souls, who shall prevail? _________________________ This was so fun to make! I haven't built a big siege in a while. See more pictures on Flickr.
  11. Based on a reallife building in my hometown. Actually the outcome has almost no similarity with it.. Made with LDD and LDDtoPOVray.
  12. I want to show you my entry to the first round of the LCC Global Contest III: Paul von Brickenstein is preparing his fleet to beat the wizards living on their islands. The Magic Islands are far away so they probably need a lot of food and rum. And some weapons would be also helpful. But what will happen at the Magic Islands ? Are weapons out of steel and wood powerful enough to beat these mighty wizards ? There will be another MOC about fighting the wizards on their islands in about two weeks to continue the story ! You can see pictures in high resolution at my Photostream
  13. First of all, I'm so sorry for forgetting to name this "Future of SW contest: Revenge of the Ewoks" (small)". Will I have to redo the whole thing? or is there a way to edit it? D: Behold! The Endor Tree, filled with man eating Jedi Ewoks (They only eat Imperials). It just happens to be that Ewoks have a very high midichlorian count, and that all have potential to become Jedi. They have been trained in the Jedi arts by Luke Skywalker. Their first mission is to clean (eat) the remaining Imperial Storm and Scout Troopers off of Endor... (The MOC is 2 studs less than the maximum size limit for the small entry) Luke Skywalker and the Ewoks....hungry of course YUMMAY DINNER!! ^ Front of the tree house :) Right Side of the house, the storm trooper helmet is a BUTTON for something ;) Back side The top balcony with catapults YUMMYYY YUMMYY YUMMY I GOT A RUMBLE IN MY TUMMY!! Inside The helmet button is a light (fireplace) for the Ewok House :D Nom nom nom Ewok: "Hi :3 nom nom " Good Night little Ewoks Guys, the Ewoks are hungry again, especially the one in the back PARTY AT MY HOUSE!! :D
  14. Hello everyone, While we all patiently wait for the next CMF contest on EB*, here is a 16*16 vig that I built for a contest on Brick Fanatics. Before you all start shouting...I know, I know... there is something a little unrealistic about this scene, dogs are usually not allowed to attend lineups. What can I say... my son really wanted to add one. Number three, step forward. by Yatkuu, on Flickr I don't know if I got lucky.. but I bought my first batch of CMF Series 9 and I ended up with 4 cops out of the 10 bags that I (blindly) grabbed. Anyway, this "accident" gave me the idea of this funny little scene... I hope you guys like it! *Hey, White Fang! It's time to wake up mate!
  15. Purging the Magic Isles - Fighting in the War Room Leaders and soldiers of all Provinces of Roawia meet in the old War Room in the ruined city of Elavia in the Mountains of Lenfald to discuss the impending attack on Outlaw territory. -- The following accompanying story requires some knowledge of the geography and history of Roawia Map of Roawia War is upon Roawia, the fight against magic reaches another peak with the campaign to purge the Magic Isles. All of Roawia prepares for war, but Outlaw spies are all over the provinces, gathering information on troop strength and plans. To keep the secret plans of attack from falling into the wrong hands, a meeting is set in the recently reclaimed ancient City of Elavia, high in the western mountain range. Representatives of all the provinces gather in this formerly lost and remote location to discuss and coordinate what is to be the strongest strike against the Outlaws since the last Outlaw Campaign. Tempers run high as this new war requires more coordination than ever - although Loreos has the largest cavalry, only Lenfald has ships large enough in size and numbers to bring them in force to the remote island. Garheim obviously felt left out and Jhirian Eindrik himself came to the meeting to assure the assistance of the his light infantry. Much more has to be discussed, as most of Garheim's army and Lenfald's Navy is stationed on the western shores of the continent, and sailing around Cape Murkwood and through the Sea of Treachery in the south exposes the leads the fleet too close to some of the strongest Outlaw ports. The future of Roawia depends on whether consensus can be achieved and differences between the provinces can be overcome in this secret meeting. It is a proud moment of history that the old Lenfel War Room, used to plan wars against Garheim and Loreos in the past, now becomes a meeting place for to fight a common foe. ----- Flickr Gallery
  16. wwjj3

    Attack of pumpkins

    Hi all. I do not have much time, but I managed to do that .
  17. wwjj3

    MOC: attack of the pumpkins

    Hi all. I do not have much time, but I managed to do that .
  18. Masked Builder

    [MOC] Historica Outpost

    Okay yes, I am about a year late in posting this MOC. Don't ask me why, it just worked out this way. I am very happy with this however, it looks nice and has clean lines at the same time. Also, I didn't feel that it would be right for me to post this in the GoH forum, so I'm posting it here. ---- January/February 2012 Flickr Set Facebook
  19. Joff_Draeven

    MOC: Microscale Mule from Serenity

    As promised, I made this little Mule today from the movie 'Serenity'. It's not exactly what I wanted, but with the parts I had I think it works - I like the little crew! Faster would be better by mjfirefly, on Flickr They want us alive when they eat us. by mjfirefly, on Flickr Boy, it sure would be nice if we had some grenades, don't you think by mjfirefly, on Flickr From left to right in microscale - River, Zoe, Mal and Jayne by mjfirefly, on Flickr For reference is a still from the film showing the mule in action: Mule in action from the film by mjfirefly, on Flickr Full set:
  20. howie28

    Unnamed MOC

    I made this mostly out of Fire Lord, Black Phantom and Stormer XL's parts, with stickers from the polybag I mentioned in the 2013 topic. I don't have any backstory or even a name so if someone could give me ideas that would be most welcome. Constructive criticism and comments are welcome. P.S. Sorry I only have one picture, I can only upload 100k and dont have brickshelf, flickr etc.
  21. Masked Builder

    FAPC: Scorpion Mech

    My last contest entry for this month. I was having a hard time deciding what animal I wanted to use, so I pulled some out and the Scorpion gave me an idea. This is what came out. I'm really pleased with the scorpion, and some of the shapes I've made in this MOC. The vehicle of the explorers is something I'm really proud of. Flickr Set Facebook
  22. Masked Builder

    MSFC: Power Generator

    This was originally going to be a waterfall, but it evolved into a dam. Which then evolved into a futuristic power station. I'm really pleased with this. I did change the water when I saw some of Ironsniper's Chronicles work. I went and decided that having the buildings built into the side of the cliff would be more interesting than a flat area. The ship is basically a flying battery. As it is now, the MOC is not eligible as there's a bit of overhang. Sci, I assume the border around the MOC is okay? If it's not I have to fix the moc anyways. Flickr Set Facebook
  23. I'm a big Firefly fan and have always wanted to make my own Serenity. I am very limited for parts, but I think this little microscale 'Serenity' is pretty cute 'What was that?' Serenity - in flight port view by mjfirefly, on Flickr Serenity in flight - reverse view, showing Firefly drive in action by mjfirefly, on Flickr For your edification!
  24. Kooberz

    Kooberz from USA!

    Hello fellow AFOL's! My name is Alex Kobbs (aka. Kooberz) and I'm the creator of Kooberz Studios. I have made a career out of brickfilming for a while now, and I usually concentrate on the combination of video games and our favorite bricks. My goal is to entertain with the power of animation, while simultaneously teaching new-comers about what I do and raising the bar of brickfilming to a higher/artistic standard. (that sounds a bit pretentious when I read it back, but I just want to do my best and reach as many people as possible) I was featured in this on Lego Art not too long ago, and it basicly covers everything I do.One of the highlights of my career was opening the 2012 DICE awards with a last Feb...with a custom music track by THE Glen Ballard of musical fame.I hope you enjoy what I do! Please consider subscribing to the Kooberz Studios channel as I put all my work on there. I will humbly try to add more value to the AFOL community and help promote this fantastic hobby of ours. I'm also eager to learn and connect with more fans around the world. Happy Building! -Kooberz-
  25. Tereglith

    MSFC: Fire At AtmoTower 15

    It may be 2597, but the fastest way to change a planet's atmosphere to something more breathable is still using plants. That's not to say that plants can't get a little help though; for nearly two centuries the Federation has been using the venerable AtmoTower, a vertical farm filled with greenery genetically engineered to transform carbon dioxide into fresh, clean oxygen with the utmost efficiency. Carbon-saturated atmosphere flows in through the front of the tower, is cycled down and around, and wafts out the back as a breath of fresh air. Sadly, the tower was so ubiquitous and dependable that after a few generations engineers stopped bothering to check their parameters before plunking a few down on any new world that wasn't quite M-class. Such a mistake was made twenty years ago when setting up the new colony on Aranak VII, a barren world with a nasty oxygen deficit, little indigenous life, and, most importantly, slightly higher gravity than your average colony world. The machinery of the AtmoTowers strained against the slightly heavier air. Nobody noticed the operational shortfalls: the towers were all ensconced in a barren industrial park, surrounded by decaying fences and rusted-out machinery. They still worked dependably, but all the while a pocket of volatile pure oxygen too heavy to be lifted to the top vents was growing in the bowels of the tower machinery. All it took was a single spark to set off the conflagration. Fire vehicles from the nearby town were quickly dispatched, but could do little more than hold back the blaze. The next morning all the HyperPapers on the planet bore the headline: "Fire At AtmoTower 15!" MSFC above by Tereglith, on Flickr (Click on any pic to go to Flickr and see way more details) MSFC Front by Tereglith, on Flickr It was lucky that the nearby fire department had recently received a brand-new Elephant-Class Flying Truck able to combat the blaze from above. Its old fleet, merely a bog-standard Hovertruck retrofitted with a tank and an ancient FireTrike from the 2400s, would have been completely overwhelmed on their own. MSFC Light by Tereglith, on Flickr (That's right - this baby has a LIGHT BRICK!) I built this over about 36 hours in a fit of inspiration, after seeing the clear windshield of my Swarm Interceptor next to the smoky windshield of my new A-Wing. Sadly, my improptu photo studio works way worse in the winter than it does in the summer, so please excuse the obvious shadows. I'll try to take better pics before the contest deadline is up. This is one of those MOCs that works way better in person than in photos, where you can't really appreciate the three-dimensionality of it. I would recommend clicking on any of the photos to see the rest of the pics in my photostream, because there's a lot of details I put in that can't be seen here, especially on the backs of the AtmoTowers. Thanks for reading/looking! Any feedback is appreciated!