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Found 199 results

  1. Posted to, so also details here Final model Details in 4th reply Finally decided what to build for lego official contest. It will be distance counter - automatic, as it is about some automation. Started with 3 level counter - cm, dm and m. First level is continious, other to discret with 10 steps.
  2. Hello, This is my first MOC post here on Eurobricks so forgive me if I make newbee mistakes. Here's my fancy little diagram that's shows you how it works!! This is a an idea I am hoping to expand in the future to do some actually cool stuff ( : Firstly you need to enter the infomation you want to move the motor on the Raspberry Pi (the direction and the amount of degrees). Here is a little 3d render of it. The motor rotates the amount you specify and the color sensor on the right side senses if the Rasberry Pi's LED. For the instructions, more infomation and all of the things you need to set this up and build it for yourself come to my website: Video: [media][/media] Not sure why the vid does not work ) : Links for the images: (for Creative Commons) Top.jpg
  3. I'm programming my EV3 vehicle to be operated by an IR beacon remote. I've successfully got the car to be able to move, but I'm stuck on something else. My vehicle has a 4-speed transmission, and a medium motor shifts the gears. I used the remote's topmost button (the one that turns on the green light on the remote) for shifting the gearbox. But when I press it, something goes off. It's really hard to say, but what I know is that the topmost button isn't acting like a normal button. So the motor keeps on moving until the IR sensor realizes the green light is off. I really need help with the program because I just want the topmost button to act like a normal button so I can press it to make the medium motor shift one gear with a one second wait before shifting to the next one. I would love a very helpful response from someone that knows how to program the IR remote and if there is no way to get the topmost button to get the result I want, an alternative would be nice so I can be able to shift gears with the push of a button on the remote.
  4. I wanted to tell you about this new (and cool if I may say) program that is being developed by a company with more than 30 years of experience in robotics for education called Intelitek. This program, called CoderZ, is all about teaching kids STEM through robotics and programming. This program enables an entire team to have a robot for each participant/member. How? Well, CoderZ is a fully operational robot simulator. Right now, Intelitek is giving FLL teams a free trial that lasts until the end of June, this is a great opportunity for all teams to hone their developing skills for next year’s challenge. You can easily register and start using CoderZ by clicking here: Feel free to share your thoughts with the CoderZ team after registering and trying it out at
  5. I said before in my previous post that I had some problems with my GX EV3 4x4 chassis that I needed to fix. Once again, it's more gear grinding/clicking, but this time it's only in the front and rear differential gears. The grinding occurs whenever the chassis tries to drive into a wall or when it tries to drive in different conditions (because as an SUV it should drive smoothly in dirt or uneven terrain). What also annoys me is that when I push the car, instead of letting the motors move, the differentials make clicking noises that, like I said before, sound like a machine gun. I really need help so I can stop the differentials from clicking so when the car tries to drive into the walls, the motors won't still move while the differentials click, and so the car can be a lot more versatile on uneven terrain (such as what I used for testing, blankets) without the differentials causing a problem when the car moves. Here's some pictures of the bottom of the chassis.
  6. I created this modified Bucket Wheel Excavator some time ago, and I thought I would like to share it on this forum. After building the original BWE, I wanted to try to incorporate some Mindstorms functions into it. I managed to motorise all the active functions, using both an EV3 brick and motors, as well as some PF motors. Functions can be preprogrammed, or can be remotely controlled using an EV3 IR remote. Here is a list of the functions: Bucket wheel rotation and main conveyor belt - PF XL motor Lower conveyor belt - PF medium motor Boom arm elevation - EV3 large motor Lower conveyor swivel - EV3 large motor Superstructure rotation - EV3 medium motor Driving - EV3 medium motor Since I owned an NXT as well, I used it to motorise the small mining truck that was included in the set. There are also some LEDs that illuminate the 'work area', but they don't really do a good job, its just a nice thing to include. Here is a video of the excavator in action, as well as the mining truck (sorry about the poor resolution and bit rate): More info about the machine can be found here: Let me know what you think of it in the comments!
  7. I'm back again with another gear grinding issue but this one is a bit less critical. The grinding only occurs when my 4x4 SUV chassis (with Sariel's 4-Speed Sequential Transmission) is in a certain gear. Here's some photos of the chassis. The transmission is shifted to the speed where the nonstop grinding occurs. When in this gear (I believe it may be 3rd) The car is supposed to move, but it does very slowly while clicking noises fire like a machine gun. This is the only time when the gears grind other than, say, if the chassis hits a wall. When the clicking begins, I hear the driving rings shake (which awfully reminds me of the somewhat gear clicking in the Mercedes-Benz Arocs set). I would love a response a soon as possible to address the clicking problem so I can finish the chassis once and for all.
  8. This is my second post on the EuroBricks community and another question asking for as much help as I can get to master the art of the technic gearbox. Like I said in my previous post, for my Lexus GX EV3 4x4 SUV, I tried my best to use Sariel's 4-speed sequential and it ultimately failed on me. Quoting one of my replies... I would be relieved if I could finally finish this creation after five months of difficulty. Here are some pictures of the entire chassis. I said before that the issues with this was that the gears clicked a ridiculous amount at the highest gears which stopped the car from moving. (Hence the reason why the transmission I want needs to have a clutch gear to absorb the large amount of torque)
  9. So, I came across some news articles talking about some new 'moto-mods'. For the people not in the phone-world, Motorola is selling some phones which have special connections for so called 'moto-mods'. The mods can be used to enhance your phone with whatever functionality the mod-maker comes up with. Apparently, Motorola showed off some new mods. One of them caught my eye: a Lego Mindstorms mod. Take a look: | Image from here. It's maybe not clear from an image, so here's a video too. Really recommend watching it, because it makes it much clearer how it works. You can clearly see the EV3 module at the 15 second mark, and it clearly shows how it works and also in combination with other mindstorms and Technic parts. I'm not sure if it is just a concept or if it will be an actual product. Nevertheless, it looks really cool and think of the possibilities! I mean, a phone has a lot more power than the ev3 brick while also being significantly smaller. It has a much better screen. And, depending on how they implement it, maybe you could even use the phone as a sensor too, or the camera capabilties. The only 'downside' I can think of is that a 'moto-mod' like this would (obviously) only work on compatible phones from Motorola and isn't a more general device that works with e.g. all android devices. Nevertheless, I think it's quite cool and I'm wondering how much Lego is involved in this. Maybe, they are working on a new version of Mindstorms where you can use any phone as the 'intelligent brick'? What do you guys think about this moto-mod?
  10. Hi all I was struggling with this build for a while, mostly on the software part. But here it is. Buggy is carrying Ev3 brick and Android phone paired via Bluetooth. Phone is sending video feed from camera to another device via WiFi and receives motor control commands from it. This second device can be Android or PC. In theory this would allow exploring surroundings without eye contact with vehicle but in practice navigating is hard due to lack of ability to tun in place. Next version will have tank drive instead. In the end I'm still happy with the results, I've made several attempts on the video streaming software and in the end done it from scratch by sending raw data via UDP packets. Video stream is pretty lagged on the presentation but it depends on the streaming device performance, used one is from 2012 and pretty obsolete. I get almost real time stream when using my other phone (used to film this). I've done it in Unity game engine and whole project is available on github:
  11. SecondHandLego

    6x6x4 Robot vehicle

    My first technic MOC after rebooting my Lego hobby. It's not finished - it has no program - but I am declaring it finished anyway. It was a nice project to get acquainted with the 2000s technic Lego. The robot is made of a Mindstorms NXT 2.0, a Mobile Crane Mk II and some additional parts. More pictures, description, and LDD file for download at
  12. For our Sioux.NET on Track project (see, we not only write a PC application in Microsoft.NET (C#). But we also write quite some code that runs on the EV3 bricks. In this article, you'll find programming tips & tricks for the Lego Mindstorms EV3 programming environment. Is it possible to have two or more EV3’s in Daisy Chain mode and use WiFi to connect to the PC application? Yes, you can. Read the full article how you can achieve this at the blog: You can use two or more threads in parallel to run on an EV3. But how do you synchonize them? Read the article how to do this at the blog: More to come later. Enjoy, Hans (moderator of our Wordpress blog Sioux.NET on Track)
  13. I'm building a SUV drivetrain for my Lexus GX EV3 project that has independent suspension, four-wheel-drive, and a four-speed gearbox with a medium EV3 motor that shifts the gears. Unfortunately, after testing the drivetrain, I found that when in 3rd or 4th gear, the gears make a clicking noise when moving forward and then straight to backward. However, this clicking somewhat occurs less when going from reverse to forward. This clicking really "grinds my gears" and I don't know what to do to stop the gears from clicking. My gearbox is a custom version of Sariel's four-speed sequential that is fit for the vehicle I am building. The input in the transmission is switched to provide more speed. Two large EV3 motors drive the input. I've noticed that when the vehicle stops, it goes the opposite direction for a little bit. Also, like I already said, this clicking only happens in 3rd or 4th gear, but mostly the 4th gear since it brings the most speed. I tried to solve this clicking with different gears and whatnot, but no matter what they still clicked when the vehicle moved forward to backward. The motors and the gearing also bring a lot of torque as much as it brings speed, and this might be one of the problems. Is there any way I can solve this issue so the gear clicking will stop in this situation (moving foward and then straight to backward) for now on? Here's a photo of the bottom of the drivetrain. Thank you in advance for any assistance that you may be able to provide!
  14. Hello everyone, This is an old topic but I need your help. I acquired the set 9731 LM Vision Command without the original software but I have already found the version for Windows 98. Now i'm searching for the English version for WinXP and I can't found nowhere. At BrickLink, only other languages are on sale for WinXP :( Can someone share the installation CD in English of LEGO Mindstorms Vision Command for WinXP or where can I download the software in English?? Any help appreciated...
  15. Hello World! Though I am a New User of Eurobricks Forums and a Newcomer to LEGO®, I am still wishing for LEGO® MINDSTORM despite it will never happen during my lifetime. Starting off, I do not want to sound like a beggar (or some other negative adjective), so I have updated my Eurobricks Profile with additional details about my LEGO® avocation. To summarize matters, I am an old (almost 47 years old) disabled person with ailing health and receiving tiny disability income. My avocations, with some professional experiences, in the fields of computers and electronics, originally started in 1983 (in the USA) when I was 13 years old. That includes my computer programming experiences, which is why I have painful arthritis in my hands today. My wish for LEGO® MINDSTORMS began in January 2013 during my visit to LEGOLAND Malaysia.(along with my wife and nephew). Due to bad legs and feet, I could not enjoy the themepark. When I saw the MINDSTORMS exhibit, I went to the employee and asked if I can "check it out" as I never experienced MINDSTORMS before. Sadly, the employee refused to allow me to go near it because I am not a teenager! That was the exact moment when my interest in LEGO® vanished! Since January 2013, my hobby work with digital electronics increased! Using my long-term experience with the C Programming Language, I had learned how to program a variety of microcontrollers, such as Microchip PIC, Atmel AVR (a.k.a. "Arduiino") and TI MSP430. A Good Samaritan in the USA had donated the BeagleBone Black to me and my hobby work in embedded systems deverlopment exploded! I had experienced new skill that I never thought I would ever experience in my lifetime; from blinking LEDs to customizing LCDs to foreign language speech synthesis. Sadly, from 2014 to 2016, my life had crashed! To make a long story, short, I experienced severe depression from my Filipino dad become a stroke patient and my relatives backstabbing/betraying me, forcing me to purge my technical hobbies off the Internet for good. And then, unfortunately, I have experienced my worst nightmare! (Long Story!) As a result, I was forced to launch my contingency plan which designated LEGO® as an official avocation for me. The LEGO® MINDSTORMS box cover is the closest I got! In January 2017, when I was visiting in Singapore, I was able to hold the box for the EV3, however the pricetag forced me to put the box to where I picked it up from. In early February 2017, while visiting a LCS in Philippines, I saw an assembled MINDSTORMS product through a glass display case and was able to touch the empty MINDSTORMS box; yes, only the box! So far, as of this writing, I have never experienced what a MINDSTORMS product feels like! In my experiences, money is required before I can even touch a MINDSTORMS product. Will My LEGO® MINDSTORMS Fading Wish be Granted? I have not yet written to LEGO® HQ in Denmark nor in the USA, asking for a sponsorship; the fact is, I do not know how to ask! I don't know how to look for a Good Samaritan, either. It seems I require money I don't have before someone would consider sending me a MINDSTORMS product. I don't require a brand new product; I would even accept an old, obsolete model. I have no interest in profiteering! I just want to experience programming a MINDSTORMS product and witness the outcome of my created program. As of this writing, my wish for MINDSTORMS is fading away! Thanks for Reading! Though I probably will never receive a MINDSTORMS product in my lifetime. Thank you for reading my post. Have a Great Day, Everybody!
  16. Hello, World! Over the past seven (7) years, I had hand-built about four dozen microcontroller development boards (like what is used for the "programmable brick"), like "Arduino", but I have expanded way beyond Arduino. LEGO Classic Large Brick Box (10698) Using my LEGO Classic elements, purchased in January 2017, is it possible to add mechanisms to make my MOCs "animated"? I am still a newbie at LEGO and I don't know where to search for my answer. My previous Google searches gave the outcomes focused on train projects. I did see some stuff at that might work, but I have no real clue if that's what I'm looking for. Because I could not find what I'm looking for, I'm guessing that LEGO is purposely discouraging my MOC idea to promote the EV3. I'm not planning on building complex MOCs, such as a walking robot, however, I would like to build something with 5VDC stepper motors and the needed gears, such as a robotic arm with calipers. I may only need the "accessories" as I can purchase the stepper motors, locally. What I've seen online, are stepper motors already attached to accessories. Though I can build what I want without using any LEGO elements, I just know to know if it is possible to use my LEGO Classic elements in a way to act like a Mindstorms product. Linux Development By the way, I am GNU/Linux developer with almost 20 years of GNU/Linux experiences and almost 28 of programming in C. I am just wondering, if my own technical skills can be used to invent unique LEGO MOCs that are animated under a GNU/Linux environment. I desperate need inspiration to build MOCs, too! Thanks for Reading! By now, after reading my posts, one could probably guess that I want to build my own, specialized MOCs, which is true! I'm one that is not gifted with money and I do know LEGO products are expensive, so in the event I do buy another LEGO product, I want it to be a "main ingredient" to my MOC projects. Thanks for Reading and Have a Nice Day!
  17. Well, I didn't update the WIP, and I ended up nearly two months behind my prediction, but I've finally finished it! And as far as I know, this is the first large-scale TECHNIC model of this car published online! The real Koenigsegg Regera is a groundbreaking "megacar" featuring a 5-litre V8 and three electric motors for a combined 1,479hp (1500PS). But it has no gearbox. Instead, there is one electric motor for each wheel, plus another electric motor coupled to the V8. The electric motors have instant torque and so the car doesn't need a gearbox to reach 250mph in 20 seconds! So, the full list of features: Remote-controlled drive - top speed is around 8mph Model of the real car's drivetrain Full independent suspension Castor angle on front axle (this is really important - you'll see why later) Triplex anti-squat bar on rear axle Adjustable camber angle and suspension stiffness for all four wheels - each wheel can be adjusted independently Synchro-dihedral doors Raisable rear wing Opening rear hatch to reveal "engine" bay Cabin with two seats, floor and steering wheel The drivetrain starts with a Large motor and a Medium motors (using different gearing). They are hard-coupled, but the gear ratios match very well and the EV3 can control the power it sends to each motor to make sure they aren't forcing each other to speed up/slow down. These motors drive a differential, with one Large motor on each side of the diff, just like in the real car. Then each output is geared up 1:9 to give the required speed - it's kind of a reverse portal-axle. Since the car isn't too heavy (it's about 1.4kg), the bevel gears aren't stressed that much, even with all this gearing up. I made a simulated dyno graph showing wheel torque and power with wheel speed in mph. This uses the official LEGO specifications of the motors and assumes no drivetrain losses: The front suspension is rather complex. All the adjustment controls are shown here: Now, you may have noticed there is NO steering rack. This is deliberate because it allows me to have an extra motor for driving. Instead, the motors on either side of the differential run at different speeds to steer, rather like a tank or castorbot. This is why it's so important that the castor angle is high. The top wishbones are able to slide in and out by 1 stud to change the camber angle. Just in case you wanted to put stance on your £1.9m megacar. The suspension uses both a torsion bar and a conventional shock absorber. The torsion bar's attachment point can be adjusted with a worm gear, allowing the suspension's stiffness to be changed. The rear suspension uses the same shock/torsion bar setup, but with an extra shock absorber between the wheels. This is what Koenigsegg calls Triplex, and it allows softer anti-roll-bars to be used (on this model there are none). The rear opens up to reveal the rear suspension. You can see the 24-tooth clutch gears here - those are to keep the rear wing in position. The doors are one of the most fun parts of this build. The doors slide forwards, outwards and rotate, all at the same time. They reveal the cabin. Unlike my previous models where the cabin is made a little smaller, the cabin in this model is proper-size. The aesthetics were very difficult. Because the front was so low, I decided to incorporate the suspension wishbones into the bodywork. I decided to exaggerate the front bumper, since to me that part of the real car stands out. I don't have any flexible axles, so I used pneumatic hoses for the windscreen. Since the roof's dome shape is very awkward to build, I decided to build it without a roof (all Regeras have removable roofs)! The side air vents don't widen enough towards the rear wheel - they look more like those on the Agera and CCX. Unfortunately, I don't have the right shapes of panels to make the vents properly, so I had to use a little artistic license. The air intakes on top of the car (behind the seats) stood out to me, so I made those prominent. Some have said it looks a bit like a 918 or Carrera GT. I also decided to exaggerate the rear diffuser - it looks almost Lamborghini-like to me (maybe a Veneno). And for some reason, the whole thing conjures up images of a McLaren F1 Longtail - I'm not sure why. But I guess if you combine the F1's speed, the 918's hybrid innovation and the Lambo's flair and doors, you pretty much have a Regera. Wow, that wasn't intended :P. Finally, here's a video I made. You can see a time-lapse of the building process, the suspension in action and the door mechanism exposed! I compose all my own music for videos - I hope you like it!
  18. Paul Klop

    NXT Axle Sorter

    Hi, my NXT Axle Sorter is finished. This machine works with a Lego Mindstorms NXT 2.0 and an IR Link sensor. The little car that you see puts the axles in the right containers. The large 'building' with AXLE measures the length of an axle with the color sensor as you can see in the video. The little car drives over some gear racks. The ultrasone sensor reads the distance and the IR Link sensor sends the signals to the little car. Here you can see the inside of the machine: The machine sorts normal axles. Also the new colors (example: the red 4) If you want to sort your axles you need to do these five steps 1. Put the axles in the machine 2. Press the button on the NXT 3. Have a drink 4. Take the containers with the sorted axles out of the machine 5. Make your next Lego Creation If you want more pictures about some details, let me know. Here is the video:
  19. Hi all, since I recieved Mindstorms EV3 set 31313 few days ago I've decided to start my first project. I call it CLEV3R CAR and as you can guess it's about car. I've just finished building it and I'm about to start programming it. So let's talk about model first. It looks like Mini Cooper, chassis is inspired by RAC3 TRUCK and I've finished it in just two days. It features two large motors for driving, medium motor for steering, IR sensor instead of radiator and rear bumper with touch sensor. I wanted to build it as small as possible but it became pretty big. I've paid attention to many details so you can easily remove EV3 brick (for example to change batteries) and there is enough space under it so you can use it with original rechargable battery as well. It's also pretty sturdy, I plan to program several modes for it: Automatic - independent driving with avoiding obstacles RC - remotely controlled from IR beacon with driving assistance (for example if you drive it against wall it will stop before it) Search for beacon - independent driving to beacon By the way does anyone have experience with programming searching for beacon? I can imagine how to do it for tank (or other tracked vehicle that can turn on the spot) but car with classic steering is something different...
  20. Sioux.NET on Track presents the Ticket Dispenser Unit (TDU) Two articles about the Lego Dispenser Unit can be found at our blog: In this article you can read how tickets are read using a four-color based number system. This article was written before the dispenser part was created, so it is only about the reader part. In this article you can read about the upgraded version that will be used at Lego World 2017. Click on the following picture to see more pictures: A video of the working TDU 2017 can be found here:
  21. My first NXT creation! A Lego Mindstorms NXT pinball machine featuring 3 interactive servo motors, 2 touch sensors, and a light sensor! Flippers are activated via Touch Sensors on either side of the machine. Features auxiliary high-speed spinner. Makes for hours of fun and awesome gameplay! Programmed in NXT-G. How was the video style? Was it engaging? Did you enjoy the video? I am also extremely busy with virtually no time whatsoever to build, so unless I am extremely motivated, I won't be able to build anymore for a little while. I am open to suggestions of future builds, though!
  22. Hello to everyone. This is my first Topic. I created this page to post optimized versions of the robots from Mindstorms Education and Mindstorms Home. There is a lot of room to improve the robots designed by Lego, especially the ones from the home edition. Basically, most of the improvements can be done by optimizing the software, although I consider that some mechanical advantage can be achieved if we import some of the building technics that fans have developed. Colour Sorter from the Mindstorms Education Core Set. This machine is used to scan objects and the place them in the right place according to their color. When I first built this model I realized that the way it was built was extremely inefficient. The operator has to manually scan every object and then place them in the tray. That was a little disappointing since there is no way to connect this machine to a supply chain. Original model: Then I turned on the machine and things just you kept getting worse. The “sorter” (the part that deal with moving and placing the objects) uses a very obsolete algorithm to know the exact position where a piece should be unload: After unloading a piece, it has to return to the left side so it can star moving to the next unloading position. I ask myself why. Well, because the sorter does not keep track of its movements, so it doesn’t know its location. To correct those problems I rewrote the program aiming for two thing: 1) Making placing and scanning a single movement. 2) Including odometry in the algorithm, so the sorter can know its position by keeping track of its movements. Modified version: I made two changes in the mechanical design: 1) I relocated the sensor so it’s now over the tray 2) I moved the Intelligent Brick 4 studs to the left so I could free the 50cm cable to be use with the now moving sensor. This is the result: Let me know if you want instructions or the ev3 file. Thank You
  23. Dfenz

    [MOC] Davenport Hotel

    Completed just in time for the Brick Live exhibition in Birmingham was my latest MOC based on Dublin's Davenport Hotel. That particular building was chosen because Scooby Doo needed to check out something more than just the haunting ghouls on the roof and scary lanterns awaiting those who entered, namely the 'illegal' gambling on the first floor between the centre columns. This particular feature is a fully functioning Mindstorms powered 'push-button' operated 'slot machine' that releases gold 2x2 coins out the front right door once the three barrels line up with the same colour. Reloading is through the roof. At the weekend the colour sensors worked very well once the rechargeable battery wasn't depleted. The photos below show an overview of the model, its rear (pre-swimming pool), roof swimming pool and close-up of the spinning barrels. Enjoy. A collection of photos from Bricklive at the NEC 2016. by Dfenz, on Flickr A collection of photos from Bricklive at the NEC 2016. by Dfenz, on Flickr A collection of photos from Bricklive at the NEC 2016. by Dfenz, on Flickr A collection of photos from Bricklive at the NEC 2016. by Dfenz, on Flickr A collection of photos from Bricklive at the NEC 2016. by Dfenz, on Flickr
  24. At our Flickr page you can view the photos of our visit at Lego World 2016 in Utrecht: A video is also available: Enjoy, Hans
  25. I have recently become interested in the art and science of GBC and I am looking for the best way to start building. One problem though, I don't like to mix my sets . I have seen some great GBC c-models (such as ) but unfortunately haven't been able to find any instructions. In particular I am looking for simple GBC modules made of single sets to study the entire GBC mechanic and learn from it to make my own modules. It doesn't really need to be fancy or cool, just functional and c-model-ish. Has anyone come across something similar? It seems that in all topics I've found, the possibility of making modules as c-models of existing technics sets isn't really discussed.