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Found 71 results

  1. With the demise of the class 2WR sloop Lady of Madrice in Hurricane Stepho (or was it at the hands of L’Olius in combat? Reports differ), the MCTC called up her sister ship, the class 2A Lady’s Revenge, commanded by Captain John “Jack” Merker, to active duty. Sporting six cannon and two swivel guns, she is well armed for escort duty or privateering. Unlike her sister ship, Lady's Revenge sports two cannon on the fore deck. Here Captain Merker takes the helm while his crew work the guns in anticipation of future action. What action will Captain Merker and the Lady's Revenge find this month as they sail the Sea of Storms?
  2. Thanks for looking - here is my fourth FB of the month, please feel free to approve if you aren't Eslandolan. I will be licensing as a small commercial in Nova Terelli Alejandro's Office Settled into his new office Alejandro has begun to think of extending the reach of his burgeoning empire, as tales of exploration and adventure fill the taverns of Nova Terelli Alejandro begins to imagine himself carving out a slice of the action on undiscovered shores. Maybe if the Fénix's next trading run proves profitable he might be able to afford another ship to quest for new lands to claim in the name of the MCTC, Eslandola and Alejandro de la Calle, although not necessarily in that order............ Alejandro's Office, Nova Terelli (i) by Phadeout, on Flickr Alejandro's Office, Nova Terelli (ii) by Phadeout, on Flickr Alejandro's Office, Nova Terelli (iii) by Phadeout, on Flickr Alejandro's Office, Nova Terelli (iv) by Phadeout, on Flickr Alejandro's Office, Nova Terelli (v) by Phadeout, on Flickr Alejandro's Office, Nova Terelli (vi) by Phadeout, on Flickr
  3. Here is the church: And here is the steeple: I got a little busy, so I don't have the inside and the people ready yet. But I have some of the furniture ready.
  4. To the outsiders, the Merchant’s Colonial Trading Company may look like a profit grubbing organization, but in reality, we’re interested in a lot more than just money. And Eslandian culture is one of those things that is high up on our priority list. That’s why, every year, we sponsor a recurring Musician’s Talent Fair. Come on over to Bardo and join in the fun! Rules: Your entry must showcase a musician performing for the Musician’s Talent Fair. Your entry must be located in Bardo (post in the Bardo settlement thread). You must provide a link to your entry below. You must submit your entry by the 25th of March, 12:00 PM, your time zone. Your entry must measure 8 studs in width and length. There is no height restriction. Your entry may only have a minimal (2 stud) overhang. Only one prize maximum will be awarded per entrant. Prizes will be paid in April, not March. We’re looking for quality, not quantity, so you may only submit a maximum of two entries. You must be a BoBS member to participate, but you can belong to any faction. Prizes: A panel of judges, including the leader of MCTC and the mayor of Bardo, will judge all entries and choose a select number of favorites to be exhibited on the front of this year’s Musician’s Talent Fair Paper. One winning entry with be awarded 20 DBs. The best MCTC entry will be awarded 20 DBs as well. Every entry chosen for the newspaper will be awarded 2 DBs.
  5. The City Gate of Bardo is fitted with a tower where the guard greet visitors. And a bell, in case of raiders.
  6. Capitan Alonzo, late of the Royal Army of Eslandola, now found himself in the employ of the Merchant’s Colonial Trading Company. When agents of the MCTC discovered the island of Ferro Azure in February of 616, the MCTC quickly established the settlement of Salida Este to secure their claim. Capitan Alonzo was tasked with fortifying Salida Este and protecting its anchorage. Protecting the settlement itself should be a simple matter of building a palisade, and so he assigned several men to this task and then turned his attention to the trickier task: finding a suitable location for his artillery battery to command the harbor. Alas, at this early stage, he had only one cannon for such a battery, but such were the conditions so far from home at the far end of the world. Scouting locations on the heights above the harbor, Capitan Alonzo and his men found a spot that offered a clear view of the harbor while maintaining excellent defensive cover. After a few weeks of hard work, they had cleared the trees, leveled out a gun platform, and built defensive earthworks. Powder and shells were in place. Capitan Alonzo was pleased with the progress of his men. More guns would be needed in the future, but this was a good start. *** About the uniforms: Capitan Alonzo still wears the golden armor and morion of his Royal command. His MCTC militiamen wear sleeveless buffcoats over green shirts, and their morions are of blackened steel.
  7. In Central Bardo Instruments have been hard to come by around Bardo since the Musician's Talent Fair was announced. So one member of the local militia built a frame and borrowed a Sea Rat from the Jail. The sound isn't the best, but's it's fun to play! My entry for the MTF! The road was inspired by one of Kai's recent builds. C&C welcome!
  8. Captain Log: February 1 616 We weighed anchor and moved out of Terelli's grand harbour as dawn rose. The Queen of Terelli, our warship escort, had already pulled out ahead and heavily laden for goods we headed east under favourable winds to make our fortunes in Nova Terelli. The three ships, the Cotton Lady, the Golden Snake and the Fénix are shown below. Check out further installments to see how the voyage progressed. Leaving Terelli 3 by Phadeout, on Flickr MCRA Results Feb16 by Phadeout, on Flickr Leaving Terelli 2 by Phadeout, on Flickr
  9. Willem Guilder was pleased with how his cotton plantation was progressing. With some early returns in hand, he could afford to open up additional acres for planting. So he set a team of men to clearing and plowing the land. *** This build expands on the earlier medium plantation found here, increasing it in size to a large plantation. Here is the new build by itself: And here it is combined with the previous build: In addition to the new sections, I added some stones to the road along the fence in the old build, as you can see better here: A close-up of the plow: And a resting worker with his scythe: I think the plowed rows in the field worked out ok (although I did get some glare off the slope pieces I used in one of the photos). All feedback welcome!
  10. Aaron van der Meede is a young lawyer, recently graduated from the University of Terreli. Working for an established attorney, Aaron was tasked with finding a suitable plot of land in the islands for a plantation for a wealthy client. Aaron did some research and then sailed to An Holli. There the young lawyer fell in love with a world he had never imagined. The lush countryside intoxicated him with an enthusiasm for life. Aaron quickly completed his task, finding a suitable plot for the client’s future plantation and sent word back on a fast ship. But Aaron did not return to Terreli to deliver his findings in person. Aaron could not imagine ever going back. The islands were where he belonged. He scouted the town of Weelond for a suitable place to set up shop. In the warehouse district he found what he was looking for. He found a small private warehouse with available space on the second floor. The building was a bit older than others around -- the stone walls were no longer whitewashed, and the roof was made of wooden planks, not the red tiles seen almost everywhere – but the building was sound, and the location was good. The second-floor space was really nothing more than a small apartment, but he could make it into an office. Aaron quickly found the proprietor and they came to an agreement for the young lawyer to rent the space. Aaron borrowed a ladder and literally put out his shingle. And the fates clearly approved of the young lawyer’s decision. Before Aaron even had a chance to furnish his office or send for his books, a prospective client saw his sign and came up the stairs. Aaron had his first client, surely the first of many. *** One of the things I wanted to do with this build was play with the roof technique. I think I'd adjust how I did it next time; feedback on it is appreciated. I planned on doing an interior, but I wasn't particularly happy with how the wall panels looked from the inside, and I wound up stealing the tiles I used on the floors for another build.
  11. For your viewing pleasure a stripped down entry. Showcasing the outstanding vocal talents of Esmeralda Escobar and the heart-wrenchingly beautiful piping of Tomasito. As with all their performances it has all gotten a bit much for one of the audience who is proposing marriage through his tears. But Esmeralda sings for a man who went seeking his fortune out beyond the discovered islands and cares not for the attentions of "tired and emotional" sailors. Musician's Build by Phadeout, on Flickr The full build with the place looking a bit livelier is going to be a freebuild I'll put up later. I had so much fun building this I decided to expand the idea into a small tavern.
  12. By limiting the number of entries, you leave me no choice. I present for the Musician’s Talent Fair… The Amazing Amadeus and his One-Man Band When the Amazing Amadeus heard of the MCTC music festival, he knew he must be there for his many fans. He and his partner, Ludwig, packed their gear and caught the first ship for Bardo. Once there, they were barely onto the street beneath the festival banners before they were mobbed by their adoring fans. Mrs. Hendriksen is here. It’s one of the highlights of the year for her! Another fan waves as the band marches by. As Ludwig marches down the street playing the bagpipes, bugle, drums, and cymbals simultaneously, Amadeus works the crowd. Here one of their young fans shows his appreciation. Amadeus figures this gig will pay well. It should keep him in bananas for quite some time.
  13. This is my fifth free build of the month, so approvals and critiques are most welcome. * * * It had been some time since Captain Cornelius Reyngout had spent any time back on the mainland, but he had been summoned to Terreli. After meeting with Guy Wyndzon, he had his orders. Reyngout departed the MCTC headquarters, out into the busy street, and headed for the docks. The MCTC had acquired a ship that had been decommissioned from the Eslandola navy. She was a beautiful ship, but of an earlier generation, and the time for her military service had come and gone. But she was of solid construction and had many years of service left in her, if she could find the right service. And the MCTC thought she was perfect for the merchant service. Now completely refurbished, the Heart of Eslandia would sail again. Cleared of the extra guns and large crew of a warship, she now sported a large cargo hold, 5 guns in each broadside (and could add two chasers to the bow if needed), and was one of the speediest ships around. Reyngout thought her name very appropriate, as trade was the lifeblood of Eslandola, and the ship still sported its blood-red sails from its fighting days. And the name Eslandia referenced the historic tone poem dedicated to the Eslandolan ideal. Capt. Reyngout’s orders were to take her to the Eslandolan colonies, display the pride of the MCTC merchant fleet, and drum up financial support from MCTC members so that she may be licensed and enter revenue service next month. Bow detail: Stern decoration retained from her fighting days: Some detail shots of the cleared decks:
  14. This is my 3rd Free Build. Approvals will be accepted with gratitude, and critique met with an open mind ;) Colonel Oystridge was greeted by Victor Servadac, as soon as he arrived on An Toli. "Colonel, it's an honor to meet you. I have been hard at work, getting others to work, and the surgeons office is ready to move in. Only needs some furniture. And, ah, well... a surgeon." Victor explained to the Colonel. "Good, good. I have contacted my old army surgeon. A most effective man. Soon no one have to fear for their life working in Bardo. The odds for survival will be here. We'll use cloth from the factory, and we need a wagon from Wilfredo's" "This calls for a celebration. Cigar?", offered the colonel. "Yes, please. I've heard it's good for your health.", Victor accepted. The White Glove Order ornament turned out alright, I think. Inside needs a little more work, but the need for a surgeons office was dire, so it will have to do until the surgeon arrives (last day to submit february fb's). What category would this be? Artisan does not feel quite right, but commerce doesn't either. I guess artisan will be the closest?
  15. This is my fourth free build of the month, so approvals and critiques are most welcome. * * * Even though Weelond is still too small of a town to gain any immediate benefit from properties in the hinterlands of An Holli, Weelond’s new mayor knew that that time would come. Additionally, Willem Guilder was a company man for the MCTC through and through. So, to take advantage of the MCTC’s cotton monopoly, Guilder bought some prime land not far from town and set up a medium-sized cotton plantation. The growing season is apparently surprisingly short, as his workers are already busy picking cotton! Once the crop comes in, he plans on expanding the plantation even more. * * * I am ineligible for the rebates offered for building and licensing properties in Weelond this month, so the rebates are still available. The next two properties licensed in Weelond in February by MCTC members who have not previously built in Weelond will get 2db back (from me). Additionally, at the end of the month, I'll award an extra 3db to the best non-residential property licensed in Weelond. The citizens of Weelond are particularly in need of artisan’s shops!
  16. Welcome to Wilfredo's Wagons, the only best wainwright in Bardo! Run by Wilfredo and his son, it's the only finest place to buy a wagon in Bardo! This shop is set up to be modular, so hopefully i can build a whole street of shops! C&C Welcome!
  17. The food shortage on Bardo have left the town storage empty. While waiting for shipping bright minds within the WGO had the idea of renting out small spaces to individuals, allowing them to travel to other places in these hard times. Having the opportunity of leaving their belongings behind also gave them a reason to return, when the crisis passes. For a small fee, that in turn gives the town means to import food until their own production is up and running. Marcel Penidãs, a robust man well into his thirties, had worked at docks his whole life. He was to be in charge of handling the daily business. With direct access to the sea and a crane, his workload was less than before and the was pay a little bit better. His first customer was a young man that were going to seek his fortune as a sailor after being dismissed at the textile factory, due to an accident that had ruined his depth perception. To reassure people that their goods was safe, the city watch had dispatched a cannon and assigned guards to watch the entrance day and night. Comments: This build draws heavy inspiration from 6244 Armada Sentry, but I hope I have made enough changes so that is not a problem. The two openings towards the back of the roof is intended for a future city wall extension, and the reason it is offset of the baseplate is that I intend to raise the main level of the city using a 2 cm plate of wood (2 brick height). I took this pictures at the same time as my first free build and the challenge entries, and am aware of the hard shadows. I got some good advice from Dr_Spock (here, and Gideon was kind enough to share his photo setup-up (here, that I will try to replicate as best I can for my next builds (without the tripod unfortunately).
  18. Colonel Oystridge sat in his office in the Officer Quarter on Weelond. He had just finished a map of the island where he found Orbinson and Mercredi, drawn by a local cartographer for his coloring book. "Hmm, I wonder where I put my cigars... Did I bring them from the ship? Let's see, last I had them..." He had not completed his line of though before he heard a familiar knock. The knock of the order. "Come in!" It was Gilroy O’Dougahallahan, the keeper of the books. "Greetings, Colonel. I come with news from the order. Bardo is suffering from food shortage and bad morale. Your countenance are needed there." "Thats a shame. I have begun to like it here in Weelond. But I can't dismiss The Orders orders. Bad morale you say? Bad morale is bad for your health. They couldn't have just sent a letter?". "Sir, with all due respect, everyone knows that no one just writes the Colonel. You have a great deal of respect in the colonies, you know". "Well, I suppose. It would have been nice to get a letter once in a while though. I am going to forget how to read", he laughed merrily. "Not to worry, I am quite sure the people of Bardo won't notice." "That bad, is it? We will have to something about that. Well then, what are we waiting for? Would you mind taking my belongings to the docks and telling my ship not to unload the spices. I have a couple of friends I have to visit before we go", The Colonel asked. "Actually, there is a small house I wanted to do some research...". (Small house in Weelond) Well aware of which house Gilroy was referring to he replied: "That's an order. If you don't mind. We won't set sail until tomorrow morning". The Colonel had a knack for getting his way without making people feel repressed, and still carry his authority well. Often this involved just listening, not stressing and leaving some open time in his plans for people to do their thing. "Oh, well then, Certainly, sir, I'll see to it". Ooc: This build will not be licenced for quite a while, so the Majors bonus is still available. It is actually available if the MCTC or the settlement of Weelond wants to licence it. And there is a job opening for a new officer and gentleman Kai, I hope you don't me referring to your small house.
  19. Got 4 dark red profile bricks and just had to put them to some good use! This, by the way, is Guy's Uncle. Not quite sure what exactly he is doing in Weelond, but... here he is! I decided to do an SK style slide-out interior - pretty fun and remarkably easy! I'm on a roll! This pirate era stuff is fun! C&C welcome! This is my third free-build this month.
  20. This is my fourth and final free build of the month. I tried to add some more texture, details and sombre colors on this build. Approvals and critique most welcome. Word spread quickly that there was something going on in Bardo. Almost every boat brought extra passengers that were seeking opportunities for a good life on this wonderful island. Victor had gotten hold of several houses, which he converted for rental purposes. Most people could not afford their own house yet, so to make them feel welcome he provided a place to call home until they hopefully settled for good. A possible tenant had just inspected one of Victors newest aquisitions. There was already a woman, very fond of flowers and such, renting the upper floor. Victor had not gotten around to talk to her yet. Every time he passed the shutters was closed and no one answered the door, so she must be a busy woman. Round the back, was her entrance. The stairs just behind an old palm tree. At the moment she was changing the earth on one of her plants... Edit: Hmm, I forgot to change the window shutters on the back, and I tried a snot technique on the ground floor that I did not get pictures of. I will add a picture of that after my camera battery is charged, if I still have some light.
  21. The Aurei Lacerta The personal ship of Revon de Crocodil, which he sails on trading missions for the Merchant's Colonial Trading Company. Today he sails for the world with a cargo of Rum and nails. His first mate Vasco keeps an eye out for sea rats from the bow. My first ship, which was a challenge. C&C welcome! LDD doesn't have sails. Should've used Mecabricks for this one.