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  1. Where would the MCTC be without Uncle? You all know (well, maybe you don't) that last time Guy's Uncle went off on vacation, Guy ended up throwing a mayor's application into the fire by mistake. Sir E.T.W. de Chauncourtois shrewdly suspects that was the least of the mishaps, but the others were probably hushed up for the good of the Company. Be that as it may, Uncle is always active in MCTC's service. This time he is in Bardo for a tour of inspection of the MCTC's latest investment: a Royal Cotton Plantation! Pigs have a distinct tendency to escape at the most awkward of times. One of the workers is doing his best to catch this renegade before Uncle catches sight of him. All the workers, of course, are trying hard to look appropriately busy as Guy's Uncle approaches the first segment of the plantation - or the last segment, depending on how you look at it. Guy spent quite a while at the breakfast table that morning trying hard to convince his Uncle that the plot with the aqueduct was the last plot, but Uncle insisted that since it was first on the road coming out of Bardo, it was the first plot. Uncle was glad to discover that this is only the guardhouse; no one lives here. And even he would have to admit that it's built in the most approved Eslandian style, with dark red bricks, whitewash, and green shutters. A+ here. More workers pretending to be busy. The other parts of this collab will be coming soon, so stay tuned! C&C welcome! Thanks for looking!
  2. When the MCTC claimed the island of Ferro Azure for Eslandola, the plentiful fields of indigo plants were a prime reason. With a royal cotton plantation (and several privately owned cotton plantations) and a royal textile factory, the production of textiles is the MCTC’s (and perhaps Eslandola’s) biggest enterprise. But the dyes used in the textile factory have to come from somewhere, and for indigo, that somewhere is Ferro Azure -- specifically the new indigo dye factory on the outskirts of Salida Este. First the indigo plants are harvested and brought to the factory. Here a worker is coming to unload a wagon just in from the fields. The workers then fill one of the processing pits with indigo leaves and water. Water for this process is drawn from the river and stored in a cistern next to the processing pits. When the processing pit is full, a wooden frame is laid on top of the leaves and weighted down with stones. Over time, the leaves ferment into a stinky blue muck. When fermenting is complete, the muck is drained into another pit. Here workers stir and agitate the muck to a regular consistency, and then load it bucket by bucket into barrels. The barrels are then rolled over to the processing house. Inside, the indigo is poured into molds and baked into small bricks. These bricks can then be easily transported in crates, and once at their destination can be boiled into a liquid form. With the opening of this new indigo dye factory, the MCTC adds another component to its textile business. * * * * * I had to rush to get this in by the end of July to license it as a large factory. I would have liked to detail an interior for the building, but I didn’t think it was interesting enough to warrant the extra work, which kind of took on a life of its own in recent weeks. And I couldn’t find my notes on the full manufacturing process, so I had to write it up from memory; I’m sure there are some details I’ve left out. But, I still found it interesting researching this build, and I hope you like it. All C&C welcome
  3. A (large) factory in Nova Terreli (Nellisa), producing barrels, chests, crates boxes and other means of transporting goods: 1 year earlier: "We all know trading is important", Román said. "But is it the most reliable source of income? No, sure it isn't." "You are quite right, nephew", replied his uncle Raphael Fontonajo. "But what do you plan to do about that?" "You know, uncle. I plan on making profit with those that trade. Like... a hotel for them to live in. Or building a bridge and asking for toll when the traders want to pass. Or sell them horses and ships. Or even go down to the most basic things." "What do you mean?", Raphael asked. "Like... saddles for the horses. Or sails or ropes for the ships. Or even barrels or chests to produce their wares." "Barrels? Like Barrels for Berreli? That sounds like quite a slogan." "Uncle... I think I should do that...", Román replied. Only a few weeks later the Barrel Factory of the Fontonajo family had opened. Román had bought the ground of the old quarry of Nova Terreli, just a at the rim of the city which had grown so immensely over the last years. The quarry had long been deserted, because stone was now imported, while the people in the city focussed on trade and other more financially lucrative work. But Román knew that place fitted his needs perfectly. The pit was a small cellar for his factory, and the house that they had to build now wasn't even a large one, which reduced construction costs even further. The business was running perfectly. Román bought wood and nails and some other things, and his workers manufactured chests and barrels and boxes. Some of them were brought to the Fontonajo Cotton Plantations, or to the family's trading ships, while others were sold on the markets of the city, and even others were just shipped to other islands like Berreli. Barrels for Berreli had really become a thing, after all.
  4. It's harvesting season in Bardo on An Toli. Eager workers are doing their business and collect the cotton. Which is then transported to the manufacturing facilities. Especially to those of MCTC itself, like the huge one in Weelond. Will this ball of cotton become a shirt? Or a pair of trousers? Who knows, who knows... Lady Estrella and her niece Clara enjoy the flowers in the garden. Estrella once demanded that small garden, to have some deviation from the ever-white cotton fields. Clara however is always keen on learning new details. "How is that flower called?", "Why does cotton not grow on trees like apples?", "How did MCTC become so rich", "Why don't we build ships that can fly like birds?". Lady Estrella smiled and just thought to herself "you silly little girl". This poor guy is running away in pure horror. He must have seen something incredibly terrifying. Or from someone... Does he have an upaid debt? Or has committed some minor crime? Or maybe he has done nothing wrong at all, like others before him? Who knows, but fleeing seems an appropriate response anyway. The fields are in full growth, the cotton is ready. Believe it or not, Bardo is not only known for its Musicians, but also for its huge cotton plantations.
  5. Here we are at the end of the tour - after everything else you have seen we come to the farm, where the family and the workers get some of their food from. IMAG4060 by Phadeout, on Flickr As you can see the cotton isn't being harvested here although that will surely be rectified soon. IMAG4065 by Phadeout, on Flickr Many of the workers are out on the farm at the moment, the carrots and apples are ready for harvesting. IMAG4075 by Phadeout, on Flickr Apparently a Very Important Person is over at the main house and is asking for some Bardo bacon, it seems it is becoming very well known, sensing the end is nigh Gustav the porker has made a break for it and is dashing off down the road as fast as his little piggy legs can carry him - the cook is furious, the VIP isn't known for his tolerance and the cook is well aware he could soon be looking for another job... IMAG4074 by Phadeout, on Flickr One final look at the farm, hope you enjoyed your tour of the MCTC's Royal Plantation in Bardo, remember the MCTC when you need large quantities of cotton and cotton goods which are available from our factory in Weelond. IMAG4067 (1) by Phadeout, on Flickr
  6. Guy’s uncle’s inspection of the new MCTC royal cotton plantation on the outskirts of Bardo continues as he reaches the barn. Although most of the workers are on other parts of the plantation right now, the barn is where many workers begin and end their day. Various equipment including baskets, crates, wagons, plows, beasts of burden, and the picked cotton itself are stored at the barn. Guy’s uncle talks to a worker who has just brought in a wagon load of cotton from one of the fields. Not all workers are quite so industrious. This worker has decided it’s time for a drink in the shade. He’ll be hanging by his toes if Guy’s uncle sees him! Some overview shots: Thanks for looking, and check out the other sections of this collaborative build!
  7. As you are probably aware by now, MCTC has gotten together five builders to collaborate on a Royal Cotton Plantation! Here is a picture of each of the five builds. Each one is at least 96x32 studs, with several being larger. The Farm Or "Bacon Escaping" - Phadeout Inspection Continues At The Barn - Capt Wolf Late Dinner At The Royal Plantation Mansion - Sir Stig Horror, Flowers And Cotton - Elostirion Inspection! - Kai NRG Hope you enjoyed the chance to see this develop, and look out for more MCTC ventures down the road!
  8. Location: Salida Este The Children of the Salida Este School were putting on a play about a great hero of Eslandola's fight to rid the Island of Ferro Azure of pirates once and for all. It may have been slightly fictitious, since no Pirates have ever been reported on the Island, regardless everyone was having a great time. And Thunder-Rod had come to town to sell fish today, so he was narrating. "The Young Captain Wyndzon forced the dread pirate No-Beard up the steep hill. There would be no escape for the Slippery fox this time." The story in this build is about the esteemed uncle of our leader Guy K Wyndzon. As far as we know he has never actually been to Salida Este. C&C Welcome! To be licensed as a small Arts and Culture.
  9. Welcome to the Merchant’s Colonial Trading Company Discussion Topic! Here’s where members sign up, organize transactions, vote on expenditures, and more. Of course certain strategic discussions are kept private, but if you have any questions about the MCTC or the relative parts of the EGS, feel free to ask below! What is the MCTC? The Merchant’s Colonial Trading Company – often abbreviated MCTC – is a chartered and recognized Eslandian Trading Company. Founded by Captain Wynd of Eslandola, the company started out as a small alternative to the East Trade-Wind Company’s red tape. After Captain Wynd’s death, his son Guy K. Wyndzon inherited the position of leadership. With the help of his wealthy Uncle, Guy has led the MCTC from a small no-name band of merchants and explorers into a booming trade company. Mostly, the MCTC has focused on colonization. Recently, Guy has stepped down in favor of Governor Guilder, who has big plans to continue expansion and to extend MCTC influence into the Colonial Council. Why should I join the MCTC? Join the MCTC because we're awesome. Because although we’re the underdog, we're rising. Because we're going to rule the Eslandian Seas... and all the other seas, for that matter. And don’t forget that the MCTC colors – black and green – are ever so much cooler than, well, any other colors except purple. Or, if you’re just looking for practical reasons – the MCTC holds monopolies on cotton plantations, textile factories, and iron mines. These monopolies translate into in-game economic benefits. The MCTC can provide protection to your property and pull strings if you want to land a position as mayor or civil servant, or even a member of Eslandola’s High Council, if you show that kind of commitment! Plus, the MCTC provides a great setting for you to engage in the Monthly Commerce and Raiding Action along with like-minded Eslandian traders. MCTC Role Call: @Capt Wolf - Philip "Pip" Janszen - MCTC Leader @Aventador - Kenway Cuervo@Elostirion - Román Esteban Fontonajo@Kai NRG - Guy Wyndzon - Former MCTC Leader@Phadeout - Alejandro de la Calle@Sir Iron - Francisco Iron of Ironia@Sir Stig - Victor Servadac@Stash2Sixx - Atticus Cuervo@Tiddlymouthwash - Jim Cuervo@Tuben - Ulrich von Koehler@Umbra-Manis - Revon de Crocodil MCTC Settlements: Name: Bardo Ownership: MCTC Location: An Toli Mayor: Colonel Oystrigde - @Sir Stig Who can own property in Bardo: Any MCTC member. Who can freebuild in Bardo: Anyone. Bardo Thread Settlement Name: Salida Este Ownership: MCTC Location: Ferro Azure Mayor: @Umbra-Manis Who can own property in Salida Este: Anyone, from any faction. Who can freebuild in Salida Este: Anyone, from any faction. Salida Este Thread Name: Weelond Ownership: MCTC Location: An Holli Mayor: Willem Guilder - @Capt Wolf Who can own property in Weelond: Any MCTC member. Who can freebuild in Weelond: Anyone. Weelond Thread MCTC Monopolies: Cotton Plantations – If a MCTC member licenses a cotton plantation, he/she will receive a 150% return. Textile Factories – If a MCTC member licenses a textile factory, he/she will receive a 150% return. Iron Mines – If a MCTC member discovers and licenses an iron mine, he/she will receive a 175% return. MCTC Assets: Heart of Eslandia, Ship, Captured, (Terms) Prince Fernando, Ship, Sunk, (Terms) Prince Fernando II, Ship Shares: MCTC________50% Capt Wolf_____50% Jon El Flurry, Ship Shares: Cotton Lady, Ship Holder's Secret, Ship Augustinian Colonial Textile (ACT), Factory, (Terms) Shares:______________________Monthly Garmadon (ETWC)____1________20 DBs Sir Stig______________5_______100 DBs Phadeout____________3________60 DBs Capt Wolf____________4________80 DBs Umbra-Manis_________1________20 DBs Kai NRG_____________5_______100 DBs Elostirion____________10_______200 DBs____Note: One of these is "builder's share." Stash2Sixx___________1________20 DBs Royal Cotton Plantation (RCP), (Terms) Shares:______________________Monthly Sir Stig______________5_______100 DBs Phadeout____________5_______100 DBs Capt Wolf____________5_______100 DBs Umbra-Manis________22________40 DBs Kai NRG_____________6_______120 DBs Elostirion________`____6_______120 DBs Stash2Sixx___________1________20 DBs MCTC Finances: Monthly Income_______Qty_____________________$$ Settlements___________3______________________40 Licenses____________Varies__________________Varies Share in PF__________40%___________________Varies ACT_______________________________________150 RCP_______________________________________150 Expenses______________Frequency______________$$ Mayor Salaries___________Monthly_______________31 Charter Fee_____________Monthly_______________50 Bank Account Balance = see current account sheet Current MCTC Activities: Take advantage of the rebate MCTC is offering on licensed buildings in Salida Este!
  10. Do you wear a shirt? Or pants? Or underwear? I am sure you do. And I am also sure that some of the cloth you are wearing was manufactured in Weelond. Weelond?, you ask? That's right, Weelond, on the island of An Holli. You don't believe me? Come along, young lad, and let me show you. A while ago the largest facility in the new world has commenced its business. In the Augustinian Colonial Textiles (named in the honour of our beloved king), the MCTC fabricates cotton, making some of the finest cloth in all of Terra Nova. From here, the cloth is brought to cities both in the new and in the old world. Come and join me for a small tour through our Royal Cotton Factory, or look around yourself. Augustinian Colonial Textiles The workers are working quite hard right now. Take a look from the top, right through the roof, and see the inside unfold. Isn't it colourful inside? Spinning cotton is no easy task. We have quite some machinery, here in Weelond. Those men are really doing their best to keep the spinning machines running all the time, and running and running. Whenever a piece of cotton is all rolled up to a thread, a new one is put on the machine, and a new one, and so on... Believe it or not, your shirt did not grow on a field like that. Someone has added that precious green colour to it, at some point. Last but surely not least, we are weaving. It's funny, actually, that four women operate the machines while more than 10 people are constantly carrying around fibres and cloth to keep the machines running. Storage racks are important. Because believe it or not, not everything we produce is transported away immediately. This does not only go for white or coloured fibres, but also for fine cloth. We always try to be ahead of ourselves, here at the MCTC. This is why we installed a small wagon to ease our work. Because we care about logistics. And we care about our workers. Take a break and eat some of that tasty "chocolate" thing we have imported from Cocovia. Anyone still want some carrots? Noone? Really? And look outside. Isn't she a beauty, our factory? It's quite funny that the backdoor is the place where we do most of our business. Having a river nearby always helps. Look at those two, bringing in some new cotton for us to make cloth from. Will it be green or purple, what do you think? Yellow you say? I'm not so sure, I think we have produced enough yellow cloth for today. But who am I to tell? Did you know August? That's how we call that small pig. Noone has a clue how August got here, or how he has any right to be here. But we all think he's quite cute, doing what he does, so we let him do his thing. Now imagine you were an eagle, my little friend. Just think about how much good we are doing to the world, running this factory. Noone has to freeze in cold winters once there is enough cloth in the world. Yeah, just look around a bit more and memorize what you see here. Because what you see here, young lad, is the future of the world. It's not ships, nor gold nor treasures, it's factories, it's industry. The real revolutions of the next years won't be against kings. The real revolutions will be against our untechnologised past and for the machinery of the future. I'm a weirdo, you say? Well, just look around and embrace the future, my dear. Believe it or not, accept it or don't - you won't change it. Neither will I. But I will be part of it. Why won't you? see a full album on Flickr for more pictures This is by far the hugest build I have done till now, and by far the best (in my personal opinion). Thank you BoBS for inspiring me to go for something like this. And thank you also to all those people who gave me inspiration with all their wonderful builds here at BoBS. And of course a great thank you to my fellow MCTC members for sticking with me for the Royal Textile Factory, from the initial idea (let's rather call it a vision), through financing and the realisation, and for providing feedback and suggestions during the building phase. You are great. Alright. Time to clean up my Lego over the... next few weeks I am afraid.
  11. After setting up a mine on Ferro Azure the geologists of the Fontonajo family quickly realised that they had found what they were looking for: Iron!. Román Esteban Fontonajo then decided to immediately send Patrica da Mierda. Patrica was born as the third daughter of a nobleman in Namere, but decided at the age of 15 that her fortune should be in the new world. She got into the mining industry quite quickly, and due to her origin she was a talented leader. When Román got to know her he knew that she was the best person to help him get his mining ventures running. In Ferro Azure she took command of the first Fontonajo Iron Mine on the island, and leads with rigid regiment. She also hired some MCTC mercenaries to guard the mines and protect the workers. The mine is located in the hinterland of Salida Este! I liked the idea of just expanding my prospecting scene, so that's what I did. I really like the result, and think I will go that way for some of my prospecting and mining MOCs in the future as well.
  12. The "Strada Iniesta", named after Román Esteban Fontonajo's father, is one of the older areas of the city. It comprises many living houses, but also some taverns and smaller shops or workshops. Taberna Caldo is the original home of the Fontonajo family in Nova Terreli, and thus one of the oldest buildings in town. Originally the ground floor was used to welcome business partners and also to serve meals for the important people in the new world. In the many bedrooms of the upper floor Román and his family had lived for the first four years of their time in Nova Terreli. Until they had moved to their new residence. Nowadays the big house is the home of one of the better taverns in town, known for the great wine and also good and decent meals like they are cooked on the Eslandolan mainland, enriched by some spices from the new world. The rooms in the upper floor are now used as a small hotel to give home to merchants and other guests from afar. It is rumored that for an additional fee some ladies provide some extra services. And of course, most revenues of the tavern still go to the pockets of Román Esteban Fontonajo.
  13. The "Strada Iniesta", named after Román Esteban Fontonajo's father, is one of the older areas of the city. It comprises many living houses, but also some taverns and smaller shops or workshops. The picture below presents one of the residences owned by the Fontonajo family. It's a smaller house, currently rented by a middle aged man called "Santiago the Magician", who minds his own business, whichever this may be.
  14. After losing his first command in a hurricane, Captain Philip Janszen did not expect that an assignment to a larger ship was in his immediate future. But Anthony Crol, his first mate, apparently had friends in high places (did he know someone in the Fontonajo family?) and secured them command of the Class 4 Far Horizon. Janszen was still in Port Raleigh after their rescue, but Crol and the rest of the crew of the Lady of Madrice were now in Nova Terreli to prepare the Far Horizon to sail at the end of the month. Anchored in the harbor, the Far Horizon was quite a sight for Crol. Four cannons per broadside, with two sizable swivel guns on the bow. She was said to be a fast ship, and Crol looked forward to seeing her at sail. But for now he must make do with making sure the ship is properly provisioned and that all cargo is stored properly below deck. * * * * * I built this ship at the same time as I built the Heart of Eslandia, so it does not feature any of the lessons learned from that build. Furthermore, it was designed to be a bit sturdier and more “playable.” The head rails are less realistic and more like some of the early official Lego ships. A ship of this era would not have a wheel on the quarterdeck, but rather a whipstaff or tiller below deck, but a wheel above deck is the better play option. The stern does hinge down for access to the captain’s cabin, but it is not detailed.
  15. It’s market day in Weelond! Residents have come to the market house on the village green to sell their wares. The ground floor of the market house is used to store goods, and the archways also serve as vendor stalls on market days. The 2nd floor of the market house is used as a meeting place for town elders and for community events. Some days there might be people selling animal skins and furs, leather goods, iron cooking pots, and other artisan goods, but today it looks like it’s farm produce day. As we walk along the street, Mrs. Pifano is selling bananas and apples. In addition to the man she’s talking to, the militiaman on horseback appears interested. Set up on the cobblestones in front of the market house we find “Old Man” Claesen, a local fisherman, and his young assistant with two barrels of fresh fish. Aaron van der Meede is talking to Mrs. Lockerman, who is selling carrots from her garden. At the far end of the building, Samuel Amwell is unloading kegs from his brewery. Moving to the other side of the market house, we see Sam’s assistant tending to the ox that pulls the cart. Up the street on the far side of the green, we are greeted by the smell of fresh baked bread and pastries. Let’s stop and buy some treats! The next smell is not as pleasant! A pig farmer has set up a temporary pen and brought his pigs to market. They are fat and ready for slaughter. Who wants bacon? But bacon would take time. The poultry farmer has cooked turkey legs ready now! He also has chickens for sale. That’s a visit to the Weelond market!
  16. Somewhere in the hinterland of Salida Este on the island of Ferro Azure, the Fontonajo family has recently started a mining venture. The workers are still trying to figure out which minerals can be found here. Maybe gold? Or maybe even iron?
  17. Weelond, like Bardo, is a company town, and the company keeps it busy! At the MCTC warehouse, cargo handlers are busy sorting crates and barrels of the latest trade goods. Trade is the lifeblood of this settlement on An Holli. Corn, cotton, and textiles are the primary exports currently (although there are rumors that rum and ale may soon be produced locally), and various exotic foodstuffs and equipment are imported. Local MCTC officials are anxious to see more properties go up in Weelond. * * * * * A couple of new pictures have surfaced of this warehouse. Apparently there's more to it than initially illustrated. The warehouse extends well back from the street front. A side alley allows the workers to move goods out of the main street while they work. But they better watch what they're doing. Two pigs have escaped!
  18. With Alejandro currently incarcerated and charged with murder Ignacio "Nacho" Quintero, his former valet and now junior partner, has the reins. Nacho has assembled a team of men to help him explore the waterways and surrounding rock formations up the Terreli River after reports of precious metals found in the river come back to him. A bit of prospecting (i) by Phadeout, on Flickr A bit of prospecting (ii) by Phadeout, on Flickr This team seem to have been the luckiest so far - the men attribute it to Rasher, their good luck pig who seems to be able to sniff out valuable things. A bit of prospecting (iii) by Phadeout, on Flickr Further analysis will need to be done but it looks like Rasher has triumphed.
  19. There is much to celebrate in Weelond on the island of An Holli. The new royal textile factory is opening, and several MCTC dignitaries have arrived to see the factory in person. Additionally, the mayor of Weelond, Willem Guilder, has just been appointed governor of the island. Governor Guilder (he likes how that sounds!) hosts his guests at his new residence. The governor’s mansion is a simple 2-story affair with an entrance portico and a kitchen off the southern wing. A statue and fountain grace the front lawn. A stone path around the north wing leads to a garden in the back. Small access hatches in the cupola allow access to the widow’s walk along the top of the roof. Here Governor Guilder greets the mayor of Nova Terreli, Román Esteban Fontonajo, and his lovely wife Marietta. Fontonajo was instrumental in getting the royal factory built in Weelond, and Guilder is quite grateful. Eslandola’s Secretary of State, Guy K. Wyndzon, leader of the Merchant’s Colonial Trading Company, discusses matters with the mayor of Bardo, Colonel Oystridge. Rumor has it that the colonel may soon be named governor of the island of An Toli. Guilder needs to let the colonel know that the position comes with no upgrade in pay beyond the continuing mayoral duties, but the title does look nice on the letterhead. Guy’s uncle has wandered onto the lawn and started yelling at the statue of the Eslandolan explorer who discovered An Holli more than 50 years ago. Perhaps Guy’s uncle knew him before he was a statue? Regardless, the other guests steer clear of him… A view of the house unobstructed by the fountain: Here's how the grounds look to anyone who might fly over in a phlogisphere... Many thanks (and apologies) to Kai NRG, Elostirion, and Sir Stig for use of their characters. I hope my versions of their characters is close enough for government work!
  20. Previous part: A gift from MAESTRO for the new King After gifting the gifts to the officials of Breshaun and providing the Cider Shop with new provision, the "Prince of Stedor" sailed a bit further. After a few hours sailing from Breshaun, the "Prince of Stedor" entered a small bay and joined some other vessels laying for anchor. All of them Eslandolan... Once anchored, some small rowboats were heading of the ship. Lord Maximilian Damaximus was overwatching the arriving rowboats. He clearly heard two voices mocking eachother. Sir Edward Thomas Wilkinson de Chauncourtois was laughing with the new haircut of the young Guy K. Wyndzon. In the third rowboat, Viceroy Renato Filamento was listening to the two others, while his eyes were focused on Lord Maximilian. They will never be best friends since he had a crush on princess Margot for such a long time. But he had to put his pride away, politics was much more important than a lovestory.... Inside the "Prince of Stedor", the guests and Maximilian started drinking applecider. Even they all were rivals, there was a good atmosphere. After some good laughs, Renato bounced his hand on the table. R: "Let's start the discussion" M: "indeed, so we all agree I may assume, as you all made the effort to come to here" All: "aye" G: "Perfect, so how are we doing it? We can't ask if he steps down..." E: "No, indeed, I fear it will be throug military actions" R: "We can't attack those bloody royalists on the old continent, they are too strong there. If we want to make a chance, we will have to take control over the New World settlements." M: "last time I saw the New World capital, it was filled with guards" G: "I can take care of that. Money does a lot... But we still need other soldiers as well..." M: "You see "Margot"? 80 Elite MAESTRO Soldiers are in it, as well with 40 reserve soldiers" R: "120 men? Where in Hades Realm found you them?" M smiled E: "So no actions in the Old World?" M: "Considering your power in the old world, I would propose ot keep you army stand-by. You never know if we need them. Guy, you have to take care of the diplomatic consequences of our actions. If I am right, you are going to Mardier soon. I hope your visit will be fruitfull and you will find allies there..." R: "So then we all know what to do..." All: "Long live Eslandola!" After the two Tradelords and the Viceroy disembarked, Maximilian went to his Cabin and looked to the maps of the New World. Soon he will give orders to his army. If everything goes as planned, Eslandola will become a true powerfull nation again. Provision: Elysabeth and Tomvaximus MAESTRO Explorer Jan Zwartbaard Bow Middle ------------------- C&C welcome! She will be licenced as a Class 5 T2. With some minor modifications, she can easily be a Class 5HA as well. Maybe when the class 5+ classification is known, she will be classified as a class 6... Licence chart: MAESTRO ESL: 0 (2 shares) MAESTRO COR: 50 (1 share) Maxim: 150 (3 shares) Legostone: 100 (2 shares) TitusV: 50 (1 share) Tomsche: 50 (1 share)
  21. **This is a mostly story based post - there are a lot of pictures and text, it isn't the most Lego-based post ever so I won't hold it against you if you don't read it but hopefully people enjoy.** Two hours ago. Alejandro couldn't open his eyes, how had it come to this, the hard wooden planks kept sleep away and the sounds of the rats scuttling about had the same effect, the rags they had given him were itching and flea-ridden and the sounds from the other cells offered no respite. Although the bottle was still tightly in his hand the effects of the rum seemed to have worn off too. IMAG3911 by Phadeout, on Flickr One week earlier, very late, Nova Terelli, general environs of the Rattled Sabre rum bar. "Nacho, my young friend, there is no need to walk me home, go back and join the others, Alejandro will need someone help him carry Hideo home unless I am much mistaken and I only have a little way to go." "Even more reason to see you to the door Roldolfo, Alejandro can wait for a few more minutes if he wants, these streets aren't the same after dark, no matter how many guards Mayor Fontonajo has enlisted". Walking home (i) by Phadeout, on Flickr "Nacho, seriously, just go will you I c.... wait did you hear that?" Walking home (ii) by Phadeout, on Flickr "Damn, but you have good hearing for an old man, nevermind it can be more fun to watch them squirm, unless they try and run that is, what do you think, Nacho?" "It is you Mia, I thought so, so Don Gonzalo has finally woken up. I suppose it was always going to happen. I only have one question, are we to be the example or will Alejandro's head be joining ours on the de la Calle mantel?" "Shrewd as always Nacho, Alejandro is to live for now, he is to be ruined and robbed of his friends but we will not see him dead yet... unfortunately time waits for no one and yours is ended now, and el viejo too, it is nothing personal you understand, only ever business". "Only ever business Mia" Walking home (iii) by Phadeout, on Flickr "How disappointing, I thought you would have lasted a little longer - I suppose time in these islands has let you go soft. Goodbye Nacho." Walking home (iv) by Phadeout, on Flickr "Wait Mia, you can send a message to my father instead, I would like to speak with him face to face" "Alejandro!, not now." Walking home (v) by Phadeout, on Flickr "Sorry Mia, I can't let you kill them and I don't think you can kill me, so I think your time is up here." "Another time then, you young fool." Walking home (vii) by Phadeout, on Flickr A nearby pier, several minutes later after a chase through the streets IMAG3920 by Phadeout, on Flickr "Looks like you've gone the wrong way Mia, can we stop this now? I need to talk to my father and explain my choices - I don't want to be at war with him." "Thieves often want to make amends once they've been caught - we didn't hear from you for months and yet the second weapons are drawn you want to be friends again." "Be reasonable, what other choice do you have? I know you aren't going to kill me, we can end this feud before it gets going and all do well from the opportunities here." Mia, throws her sword, somewhat theatrically away - the onlookers who are gathering see it hit the water. IMAG3924 by Phadeout, on Flickr The onlookers can't see clearly past Alejandro and the barrels placed along the edges of the pier All of a sudden they hear her scream and fall back into the water - surely the man in black hasn't just stabbed her in cold blood they think, they had all seen the sword go into the water. What they couldn't make out was Mia stepping forward and cutting her side on Alejandro's sword before screaming and falling back into the water. They missed the wink she threw him too.. IMAG3925 by Phadeout, on Flickr IMAG3929 by Phadeout, on Flickr The commotion has drawn one of the watchmen, the onlookers quickly tell him what they have seen as Alejandro stares in disbelief into the water. IMAG3934 by Phadeout, on Flickr "Sir, throw down your weapon and come with me" "She isn't dead, she is tricking you all, she faked the whole thing." "I can see her blood on the pier, you need to throw down the sword and come with me - right now" IMAG3942 by Phadeout, on Flickr Alejandro, too stunned to argue further, moved back down the pier to eventually arrive at the Nova Terelli jail - held on suspicion of murder. IMAG3937 by Phadeout, on Flickr Now, Nova Terelli jail IMAG3916 by Phadeout, on Flickr "Nacho, I told you he would be alright, see he isn't even in the chains, this is easy street..." "Viejo, now isn't the time for your jokes - Alejandro are you ok? We only recived word we could visit you this morning - they wouldn't even admit to holding you here at first." "Don't worry Nacho, I am alright, they feed me and give me rum, the rats aren't too chatty though and I don't think that guard has smiled since I got here." "You don't need to pretend, we know the reputation of this prison, people die here waiting for trial. We aren't going to let this go on." "There is nothing you can do - I will be tried before too long, I'm certain they will find me innocent - they have no real proof". "All the more reason to let you out Alejo!" "Nacho - all I need from you is to take care of the business for me until I return" "Of course we will, but we will also try and find a way to get you out - we have a few ideas, the name of somebody who can maybe help us - or at least we can find Mia, if she isn't dead you can't have murdered her!" "Good luck my friends, but go now, I don't have long before dinner and the staff do insist we dress formally so I'll need to change." "I'm glad you can still joke Alejo, take care and remember you have friends who are trying to free you". They leave, Alejandro feels some hope for the first time in days.
  22. Captain Cornelius Reyngout was relieved to get a second chance. Released from Bloody Bill’s capture when the Corries paid Bloody Bill’s price for the Heart of Eslandia, Capt Reyngout feared the MCTC would blame him for the loss of the ship. But the lack of proper escort was deemed the problem, and Capt. Reyngout’s reputation was intact. With the activation of the Heart of Eslandia’s sister ship, the Prince Fernando, Capt. Reyngout was once again in command of an elegant, large trader. The Prince Fernando, built back in the youth of the Eslandola king, honors him with a royal crest on the main foresail and a princely figurehead on the bow. And with normal canvas sails that are not blood-red like on the HoE, the ship looks less Corrie-ish than its now Corrie sister ship.
  23. This is my 3rd FB, so Approvals from Corrington, Oleon and Sea Rats is most welcome. The Musician Fair had been a success in all regards, except for the garden in front of the Town Hall. The Town Hall was situated close to the northeast dock entrance, and was Victor Servadacs most elaborate building so far, closely followed by the restoration work on the church. Colonel Oystridge was looking forward to greeting people here. Lanterns makes it cozy to work long hours. And the flags are finally starting to appear. The 1st floor is packed with influences Victor gathered from Oleon architecture, but not without an Eslandolan twist. The door, made of sturdy wood from Salida Este, gives off a solid and pleasant knocking sound. And a fountain is situated in front of the building. Perfect for cooling down after some hard weeks of binge drinking singing and dancing. The inside is ready to be filled with furniture. There was even some spoils left after the fair.
  24. Captain’s Log, 6 April 616, Bastion: It pains me to report on the events April 2nd. We had completed calls on Bardo and Breshaun, and the run had been a magnificent maiden voyage for the Heart of Eslandia; it was truly a golden run! But before we reached our final port of call, Prinport, we were intercepted by ships under the command of Bloody Bill the Pirate. First, Scavenger attacked La Raenette. Our escort, Travao, interceded, but Scavenger was able to initiate a boarding action and forced Travao’s surrender. Now without escort, I ordered the flotilla to take line formation behind Heart of Eslandia. Unfortunately, Scavenger had the weather gage, and she was able to grapple with us. It was Scavenger’s second boarding action of the encounter, but my crew of merchantmen were no match for Bloody Bill’s hardened gang of sea rats. We fought as best we could, but eventually I had to surrender the vessel to save the remaining crew. La Raenette was eventually taken by Little Scavenger; only one of the ships in our flotilla got away. As I and what is left of my crew sit in a cold, dirty cell on Bastion, I can only hope that Bloody Bill’s ransom demands are met, and that we can soon return to Nova Terelli. I know the ship owners will be disappointed in the loss, but there was nothing we could have done. Perhaps the MCTC leaders will see fit to provide more escorts on future runs. These seas have become overrun with pirates. We must arm ourselves and take back the sea lanes. -Captain Cornelius Reyngout Post Script: April 12th. The ransom has been paid, but by Corrington! I am to sail the Heart of Eslandia one last time to deliver her to her new owner. Then the crew and I will make our way to Nova Terelli, where I will have to hope the MCTC is willing to give me another command.
  25. With the demise of the class 2WR sloop Lady of Madrice in Hurricane Stepho (or was it at the hands of L’Olius in combat? Reports differ), the MCTC called up her sister ship, the class 2A Lady’s Revenge, commanded by Captain John “Jack” Merker, to active duty. Sporting six cannon and two swivel guns, she is well armed for escort duty or privateering. Unlike her sister ship, Lady's Revenge sports two cannon on the fore deck. Here Captain Merker takes the helm while his crew work the guns in anticipation of future action. What action will Captain Merker and the Lady's Revenge find this month as they sail the Sea of Storms?