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Found 109 results

  1. Update: Now the HMS Kite of the Corrington Royal Navy Try at least once finishing a single ship in a single day, it is fun (besides the rigging:P). The War Dwarf is a rather old war brig, brought here by the family of Monezterell brought it over from the old world as she was one of their best ships back then. Since then she had a general overhaul, as she was a bit outdated in comparision to many of the new ships that are and were being built. She may not be the fastest ship on the ocean, but she can keep pace with the majority of modern ships again. It is commanded by Captain Damian Chetham. Instead of writing more I would rather let pictures speak for me. War Dwarf, starboard side, also a general overview. starboard again, but this time a bit more close up, here you can see her broadside - 3 18 pound guns, 2 9 pound guns, as well as a swivel gun. This is mirrored on the other side. As well as that she has 2 permanent chase guns. Thats a total of 6 18 pound guns, 6 9 pound guns (the chase guns are 9 pounders too) and 2 swivel guns, a total of 14 guns. You should be able to see that there is a lot going on on board. Next we have a picture of her stern, as well as her portside. And lastly we have a picture straight at her bow, including the chase guns. Well, not exactly the last picture - there is also one together with the Wringe I and the unfished Green Winds. I'm unsure if I want to license her, I might put her up for sale - I could definetly use some more DBs:P Special thanks to Captain Green Hair for the hull building technique, it really helped. The rigging was painful (and is still far from perfect) though. Total of 12 hours spent building her. 4 of those on rigging and sails.
  2. This is my third freebuild this month, so if you're not Eslandolan and like it, please approve. Department of Science, Elysabethtown -------------------------------------- Robert McEvan is head clerk of the brand-new library of Elysabethtown. As such, he is a member of the MAESTRO trading company, altough not in the economic branch. While it for some might just look like extra unpaid work, Robert knew with all his heart that it might be his way into natural philospohy. He had a dream to become an assistant to one of these scientists, and joining an expedition to see things never beheld before. And while he dared barely form the thought himself, somewhere in his mind he hoped one day himself to lead an expedition. ---------------------------------------- So, Bregir had the excellent idea of having new members of the society build a small vignette for their scientist. Well, here you are! Altough it is a small build, CC is very welcome.
  3. I need a bigger ship, the Wringe II just doesn't cut it. Due to this, I've decided that I'll get my shipbuilders to build a bigger ship for me. And they've succeded again! This ship is a class 3T2, a large sloop which will be a ship shared with MAESTRO and members. Her captain is Captian Nard Klein Veegevuur. So, lets see how she looks like: Lets also see her stern: And also sailing with the wind; the mast is not tipping over, thats just the perspective:P Lastly we have a size comparision with the Wringe II, as I feel like thats necessery. If you want more size comparision shots with different ships just ask;) 10 Shares:
  4. Captain Log, Day 59 : We start our run with an overload of apples and cider from our first production in Berelli and, in order to maintain our good relationships with Corrington, we joined one of their run. This Coyle Shipping Company seems to be a reliable and trustful partner, so I totally agreed to follow their lead. Day 60 : We were strongly hit by a hurricane ! The winds are terrible ! Hopefully, I saw it come in time and my crew managed to stabilize the ship in this storm. We have lost our road and no sign of our escort nor the Mercator, the Corry ship that was with us. I am afraid that the corries didn't passed the hurricane... Day 63 : We recovered our escort warship but still no sign of the Mercator. I am afraid they are lost... Day 65 : At last ! We made land in Belson. My concerns about the Mercator are proved to be true. The place reserved for this ship sharing our quay stayed desesperately empty. We started to unload our cargo in the Corrington Capital when a man head towards me and asked me to help him. He was the client the Mercator should have delivered but the ship did not reach port in Belson. He asked if he could buy us our surplus ! Of course I agreed to sell him in a totally "honest" price. It seems that Belson will not lack of Apples and Cider this month... La Raenette at quay, unloading cargo. A "honest" price... While he was in Belson, Felipe took the occasion to send a letter to his corlander friend and MAESTRO member, Sir Thomas Smaugton : "My dear friend, As you probably know, MAESTRO encountered a native tribe named the Ténotclaxcans. They are friendly but have strange habits and myths they are not ready to share with us easily. I am sending this letter to ask you some help. I know your interest in science, and specially in anthropology. So, I am asking you if you could recommend me some scientific experts in order to meet with me and my first officer the natives in order to learn their secrets. It is possible we have a hint concerning a mythical fruit I am trying to find. I learned you were founding a settlement in the new Cocovia. Is it possible for me to go there and meet the scientists in Quinnsville ? (I have a friend fisherman of MAESTRO that is interested in your fishy bays, I will lead him to your colony in the same occasion.) Friendly yours, Felipe de la Manzana."
  5. Everyone in Eslandola has been wondering for a long long time if gold could be used as an instrument. But now, finally, my engineers have come up with a way to get it to work! Hereby I present the... GOLD ORGAN It magnifies the sound of the gold and silver keys through its pipes. I hope you like how it sounds. Here it is again without me. Once I have a flagship for myself I'll for sure get it on board. But until then it'll have to stay here at the Musicians Talent Fair here in Bardo. GOLD GOLD GOLD GOLD GOLD (etc)
  6. Gods! Leon hated this place. And his luck. First that ambassady, now this... A tanner! Typically his luck. Would the Lady even know what tanners used on their skins? He was probably even lucky the streets were paved in this quarter. Elysabeth: "Leon. I know it stinks here. But were you going to knock on that door, or are we going to stand here all day? The tanner opened the door. It was the same man. Elysabeth recognized him as the person who as willing to aid a hand when that thing with her legs happened. "Greetings, tanner. My name is Elysabeth. We have to talk." -"My... My... M'lady... I'm honoured! But where are my manners? Come in, please. There is tough a small problem: the ground floor is all working area, not something I'd call cosy. Will you manage to get upstaiars, to the living quarters?" "Sure I will. Leon, please?" With a gently hand, Leon took up his mistress from her chair. He placed one hand in her neck, while one hand gently supported the weight of the casted legs. In her turn, Elysabeth put her hands around the muscled sailor. ----------------------------- When they arrived upstairs, Leon looked around where to put Elysabeth. It was clear the man was not rich: the small space was crowded with a storage room, a bed, a small table with some stools he wouldn't trust and a cabinet. The tanner seemed to sense their being at a loss, and asked pollitely wether Elysabeth would mind sitting on the bed. When she answered: "Not at all, sir." Leon put her gently in the corner. The faded blue of the bedclothes contrasted sharply with the clean white of the bandages around her legs. Elysabeth: "So. Here we are. First of all, I need to thank you. Your suggestion of a healer has proven critical in the saving of my legs. I, and with me MAESTRO, will never forget that. If there is any we might do for you, just say..." The tanner: "Ah, were that you, m'lady? I was wondering what followed of that girl after she left the healer..." His eyes flickered to the special method of healing the casts represented. "But I'm glad you're doing well, m'lady, and it was but my duty. I only wish you, and so MAESTRO, the best of luck, and would not dare ask you anything but..." Elysabeth raised her eyebrows: "But...?" "It's... Well, the... Look, m'lady. I like my job, so when being a tanner in the Old World didn't bring up enough anymore, I moved here. But life is hard for someone not belonging to a company, m'lady. The MCTC has a monopoly on cotton, and with that on clothing... So..." She nodded her head in thought. "I see... Well, I think we might be able to help you with that. What would you think of a contract between you and MAESTRO? You have your protection and a safe income, while we have a reliable source of worked skins and leather." When the tanner's eyes cleared, Elysabeth spoke again: "Do you have anything to write the contract on? Leon, would you bring me to the table please?" ------------------------------- After she had put her signil under the now official document, Elysabeth sighted of satisfaction. "So, it was me a pleasure, and the soldiers will you be gratefull for their new clothing!" Leon sighted, but not of satisfaction. Now they would have to wear things that smelled like this too! ---------------------------------------------------- I had this lying around for way too long, it was past time to have this posted. With this build, I hoped to represent the poorer people and quarters of Elysabethtown, and how these too are engaged in MAESTRO. The tannery itself can be found on the ground floor, and in the courtyard. Anyway, I hope you liked it! CC very appreciated! Additional images
  7. This is my third freebuild this month, so if you like the ship don't hesitate to approve, thank you ! "La Raenette" Felipe de la Manzana, after his wreckage, had to join Terelli where he could bought a new ship. Once in the Capital port, he managed to hire some new crewmen and found an ancient Oleon designed fast cutter for sell. He bought her and after few repairs and new sails, the ship was ready ! She was renamed "La Raenette", in homage to her Oleander origins. Felipe set rapidly sails to Berelli to join his friend Basil and to know if his diplomatic efforts had been succeed. She is a fast cutter, rapid and easily manned, but she is not very well armed. Just an old 12pounder gun is light for self defense, but with an escort, it will not be a problem. Here are the official soldiers on board making some training : Here is a seagul view : So Felipe is back for new adventures (the continuing of the one he already began...) Hope you like it. The ship is licensed as my new free license ship. It is a 1 gun cutter, it is a Class 2 F vessel. I tryed a totally new approach for this build as I go for a brickbuilt hull and a more advanced rigging than for the appleseed. I know it's not perfect but I am quite happy how it turned out. Btw, I've re-made the rigging of the poor appleseed when I built her sunk. You can see her new aspect on my flickr. Comment and criticism are welcome. Thank you !
  8. This is my third freebuild this month. If you're not Eslandolan and like it, please approve. Leon sighed. Why was it always him? First he had discovered that tribe (true, that had also awarded him some praise from the Lady, and a lot of soldiers were jealous for that), but he'd prefer no praise over praise and being hung by his toes from a palm tree. By natives! But it seemed like his bad luck had not yet deserted him: today, Lady Elysabeth had an official meeting with a Corringtonlander Ambassador from the town at the other side of the island. And of course, she wanted to impress that scienceman. Typically for him he was elected for such a boring duty! Of course, in such a shape, the Lady needed protection. But why on earth had that to be in official uniform? It was f#cking more then 25 degrees outside, with a tropical climate... He heart a cough. When he lookep up, he saw Elysabeth's eyes fixed upon his face. That d#mned Lady could read thoughts! Then he saw her gesturing the Ambassador was incoming. ------------------------------ "A warm welcome to our humble settlement, My Lord Ambassador. Please excuse me for not standing up and having a somewhat more comfortable chiar, but I hope you see that my... Condition does not allow me more. But enough about me. How do make it? I hope the voyage wasn't too exciting tiring. As you know, Lord Da Manzana has already negotiated all terms of the treaty..." ----------------------------- Elysabeth was glad the Ambassador finally put his sign under the document. Altough the major work was done by Felipe, she still had to dispute a thousand little remarks. She wasn't made for this work! She was a soldier, and her place was at the frontier! Instead of that, she had to be carried around in a litter, like some silly lady at the Oleander court and be polite to all these important persons, while doing paperwork! Now she had to go drink something with the Ambassador... That improved her state-of-mind: she had still some of Manzana's apple cider left... -------------------------------------------------------------------- Just a quick built, hope you like it! This was based ion the Norse sery Occupied (Okkupert), wich I really love! With a bit of imagination, one can see the Russian Ambassy in it... I hope! And Elysabeth is for a part based on the Russian Ambassadrice. Anyway, CC very welcome! Additional images:
  9. Looking out his window, Lord Maximilian Damaximus saw the "Margot" in front of the bay of Stedor. Fully equiped with 55 guns. Although they still are working on the rigging, he couldn't wait until she was seaworthy. He sighed, last month trade run was terrible. The "Knight of Stedor" had to return to it's first port, the "Appleseed" sunk and the "Sulky Harlequin" made only 98 db's profit (divided by 10 shareholders, that was almost nothing). If he ever wanted to get a licence for "Margot", it would take ages at the current revenues. Although the "Sulky Harlequin" made a terrible run, the way CSC licenced her was an example of innovation. And Maximilian was sure the odds will change the upcomming trade run! Time to do some business with the Corringtonlalanders. At the Stedorian Quays, the "Purple Rain" was packing some tradegoods. A decent fast and well-armed ship, ready to rock'n roll! -------------------------------- Captain Matt Lenoir was looking over the stern to Stedor. His new ship the "Purple Rain" just set sail to Terelli. He loved Stedor, the white harbor, the vibrant atmosphere, the dangerously looking fortress and especially the Governal Palace on the mountain, watching over the Bay. He looked to the Licence in his hands and smiled. Finally he had a decent ship under his command! Lord Maximilian Damaximus gave him even 2 Elite Guards to protect the ship. And as it is a joint-venture with some Corrington investors, two Corrington soldiers are on board as well. Even an important Corrington scientist has aboarded to join the journey! => the Corrington Scientist => Some of the cargo (there are some of the finest Felipe de la Manzana's apples in the cargo as well, but they can't be seen in this picture) => Captian Matt Lenoir ---------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for watching!!! the "Purple rain" is a 8-gun Xebec, which will be licenced as a Class 4 T2. C&C ofcourse welcome!! Here is the list of shareholders: The terms of the shareholders (Thanks to Bregir!) Can the shareholders please confirm they transferred the 45 db's to my account? (transaction form)
  10. First part of the story ... Captain Ben D'Anvers was relieved when he saw a little settlement. They survived the unknown jungle they had to go through. But once arrived in the hamlet, he saw he took too few soldiers with him. He never imagined he would run into such a big community. Those vikings must breed kids like rabbits!! Somewhere in the middle of the hamlet, the longest (erm...) longhouse stood next to a campfire. It was very nice detailed with even golden accents. Based on the quality of their weaponry and those gold touches, there should be some mines around the hamlet... Very interesting... Luckily for Ben, the Vikings were very friendly and even really gratefull they saw for the first time in ages some people from a world that became a fantasy for them. A man with red horns on his helmet came outside the longhouse and started talking blablabla as Ben didn't understand a word. With hands and feet and a small chicken, they managed to greet eachother. After a few hours of making strange moves and sounds, Captain Ben understood he wouldn't come anyfurther. Time to go back home and return with a translator from Corrington! To be continued? Depends on your votes hahaha :D C&C welcome!
  11. Please check out this first! ---------------- Mary had been busy examing. She was studying a extinct species called dragons. Well, it was called extinct by some, but she herself believed it had never existed! As such where here thoughts when someone entered her room. She glanced up. It was a muscled men, but if you looked at his coat of arms he was a Corringtonlander. Good! Maybe they could talk about wether dragons had ever... Wait! That Corringtonlander was not alone! Behind him came one of the localsn she thought it was a tanner... Anyway, that man she recognized. But in between them, the two men were porting someone she had never seen before! It was a young girl, and pretty one too. She had magnificent, shining, dark brown hair, in a long braid almost touching the ground. Her face was not particularly beautiful or remarkable, but quite pretty and the skin was tanned, showing that the girl was not afraid of working or being in the sun. Mary's glance glided down, to the women breasts. These were, altough not big, nice and round. She sighted. How far were the times when her breasts were round and soft! The girl's arms where covered by a light armour, she tought it to be fencing-clothing. She looked even more downwards, and saw that the girl was, surprisingly, wearing breeches! But then she looked again, and saw that the dark leather was dotted with a rapidly widening bloodstain! She sighedd again: this meant work to do! She cleaned the table - carefully storing the books about dragons away, you don't know how expensive these are! - and waved the Corringtonlander to put the remarkable girl on the tabletop. In the mean time, she started giving orders: "You, with you red coat!" -"Who, me?" "Yes, you! I want you to heat up the fire! You can find wood aside the fireplace!" "You, tanner!" -"Who, me?" "Yes, you! Go take some plaster out of the cupboard!" -"Plaster? Why would you need plaster? She has broken her legs, probably more then once, and you want pla..." "Don't complain, and get that plaster! She has indeed broken both her legs, her right one once and her left one thrice, but next time I'll do the diagnosis!" In the mean time, she prepared something against the pain. When that girl would wake up again, she would need it! Both her legs broken, and the left in no less then three places! It was a miracle the fractions were so clean and she was specialised in this, but still... While she let the girl drink, she explained to the two men what she was going to do: "So, as you all may know, she broke her legs" a lightning glare struck the tanner "and I don't know how she did it, but she's lucky: I'm specialised in broken bones, and have just invented a new way of dealing with them. It's called a cast, plaster we heat a bit so it becomes almost liquid, and we then cast it around her legs. For her left leg, we'll also include the hip, as to be sure. I'll do the plaster, you two just make sure she doesn't move." "So, let things cool down and stiffen up,and then you can take her with you. In a month or so, the cast can be removed and she'll be able to move freely again. With the old methods, this fractions would have take almost three months to heal and she would have limped for the rest of her live. No such things now though, she'll fully recover. Thanks to me!" "And I'll sent a bill later!" The new generations, hmmmm... Mary sighed. ------------------------------------------------- A really funny interior, hope you like it! CC is very aprreciated, and thanks for that on the previous MOCs too! Additional images:
  12. After the Impartial Judge had explained the rules, the two duelists put themselves into "En-Garde". And when the Judge raised his hands and brought them close to each other, the duel started... ------------------------- Elysabeth felt her breath rasping through her row throath. The duel had been going on for almost a quarter of an hour, and noone of the two was any better. They hadn't even touched each other! Altough she was quicker and more flexible then Hugo, he possesed more force, really good reflexes and - most important - a better endurance. She had to win this duel quickly, or she would have to give up. She already felt the rapier becoming heavier and her reflexes slower. ------------------------ "There! A gap!" Not only Elysabeth was tired, or so it seemed: Hugo had, warding of one of her thrusts, managed to put a little too much weight on his fore feet. If now she managed to let him put only a little bit more on it, he would be of balance and as easy a target as the wooden dolls she trained on. But how to do that? She saw only one ay, and that was backing down a bit, to let him think she was so tired she couldn't defend anymore, and so seduce him into attacking her... She took a step back... ----------------------- Hugo was tired! He had never fought against such a worthy opponent... And he had to win quickly, otherwise his endurance would leave him... And with the depart of his endurance would come his loss, since that young girl didn't seem tired at all! Or wait! She stopped defending herself, all of a sudden she seemed to tired to lift her weapon. She had to back down! If he attacked now, he would have great chance of winning! Elysabeth took a step back... ---------------------- Noone ever saw the poo Elysabeth steppen in, but everyone could hear the breaking of bones when she did... A moment of silence hung over the street. Then she screamed... Noone would ever forget how she screamed. -------------------- Don Isaac Montoya was tired. Yes, he liked duels, and yes, he liked that girl. Bur they shouldn't keep fighting the whole day! He had a ship leaving soon! But enough of that, he was a judge, and as such, he pointed his attention back to the fight. With his trained eye, he saw that Hugo was making a fault: too much weight on his front feet. This was the moment for Elysabeth to win. He looked to her, and saw that she had seen the same. To put Hugo even more out of balance, she stepped back... When the sound of breaking bones reached his ears, Isaac flinched. But when he saw Elysabeth collapsing, face distorted from pain, he was the first to reach her. As a former ship-doctor, Isaac immediatly saw that things were grave. The bones were broken, and if he was right, more then once. "Is there a specialist in the neighbourhood? Quickly!" ---------------------- Afterwards, the two remaining judges decided to give the victory to Elysabeth. Both participants had fought well, but they had seen the fault Hugo had made in the end. As such, she had won a victory. But how a victory... ---------------------------------------------------------- Finally another build from me, hope you like it! I loved my duel entry so much, I decided to expand. Oh, and I'm quit proud of the story, so any thoughts on that... Additional images:
  13. Felipe sent a letter to Lord Flynn before his departure to his dreadly trade run : Letter to Lord Erie Flynn, Lord of Port Raleigh, Governor of the Corrington territories of Annetta (a.k.a. Berelli) from El Senor Felipe de la Manzana, citizen of Eslandola, member of MAESTRO, Ambassador for the eslandian affairs in Berelli, and from Lady Zumo de Kapayas, High priestess of the Ténotclaxcans, representant of the chief Azuma. Copy for the archives for Eslandola High Archives and for Her Majesty of Corrington's Archives. Mylord, It appeared you have founded a new settlement you named Port Raleigh along the River Queens in Berelli/Annetta. Our two great Nations are in peace and are even more linked with the help of some trading agreements we signed from both sides. Your position in Berelli is welcome if it is made in peace. The natives of Berelli, the Ténotclaxcans are peaceful people, our Nation is linked to them by the MAESTRO company. Although some Ténotclaxcans attacked Corlanders who were bringing weapons in foraging party, our will, for both Eslandola and the Natives, is to bring you a message of peace. We are asking you to join in a Diplomatic Meeting Lady Zumo de Kapayas and Lord Basil de Eslandola, representant of El Senor Felipe de la Manzana. We hope the Meeting will be the first step in a fruitfull cooperation between Corrington, Eslandola and the Ténotclaxacans. Yours, Lord Felipe de la Manzana. And so, Lord Erie Flynn sent a Corlander official representant at the meeting : - Welcome Mylord, Said Basil and Zumo de Kapayas. - We are here in the village of Zum'heria in order to clarify the situation that is threatening peace in Berelli, or Annetta if you prefer. Continued Basil. - The situation is against MAESTRO's interests, and it's against our Nations interests. We do not want to fight against the natives here since they are peaceful peasants and fishermen. We, MAESTRO, have made an agreement with the Ténotclaxcan tribe, main tribe of the island, that all MAESTRO member and all Eslandian citizen will not bring fire weapons in the territories ruled by the tribe. We are just asking to you, from your side, to do the same : to make that every Corrington citizen will not bring fire weapons in the territories the tribe of the Ténotclaxcans is ruling. Finally, Basil read the text prepared by Felipe : - In order to seal such an agreement, Eslandola Trade Company MAESTRO, by the way of Senor Felipe de la Manzana and the Ténotclaxcans, by the way of Lady Pinya, daughter of Lady Zumo de Kapayas, are offering to Port Raleigh to build a Banana plantation for the Queen who is said pregnant and in great need of this golden fruit. In exchange of what Corrington is agreed to not armed Port Raleigh and to join MAESTRO in a global Privateering force of defense of Berelli/Annetta made of volonteers and made of Native warriors. Made the 7th of February, 616 Hope you like ! I tryed a forced perspective build in order to render the meeting less borring... By this build I am also asking to Ska if : - First : is it OK for you if I build a Banana Plantation for your settlement ? - Secondly :Is it possible to put the Ténotclaxcans officially in the map ? - Third : are you ok to build in partnership with MAESTRO some military/privateer builds ruled by the 2 factions here ? - Finally : is there a way to share between nations the fees of the common builds or the cost of the privateers ? Don't hesitate to PM me if this leading to a problem.
  14. This is my attempt at building the end of the Appleseed, LAS during the January MRCA. I don't know how the rule is for this kind of build. Is it also a Freebuild ? And do I have to fill a WebForm ? The end of the Appleseed : Captain Log entry, Day 29 : This was a lovely day at Terreli when we began to load new young appletrees and some good iron weapons from our Capital in order to help to develop the colonies in Nellisa and Berelli. The loading was very effective and we were ready before our escort, the Queen of Terreli, arrived at the bay. Day 30 : The start of our run has been delayed because some of the vessels supposed to join us during the run were not registered ! Ah ! Bl...y administration ! Day 31 : We are well escorted ! The Queen of Terreli fought dangerous smugglers this morning. For what I saw with my spyglass it was a hard fight ! Hopefully the eslandolan warship is not too badly injured. In the afternoon, Juan de Hespérida asked me to make a little detour from our escorted run because he is saying we are near a possible position of the Island of the No-one Orchard, where we could find the Golden Apple ! Since I don't really understand the thing why an island have différent positions or how an island could be here and there I agreed to search a bit around the area Juan had indicated. This is possibly the last line I will write in ths book ! We have been hit by below along the starboard lowdeck ! There is an enormous leak ! I don't know if we can reach the coast... I was sure it wasn't a reef ! There are no reefs around ! Some of the crewmen thought have seen an enormous shadow passed underneath the keel ! ... And so the Appleseed went to the depth of the Ocean ! No one heard about the crew or the captain until now ! Felipe de la Manzana was found harrassed but alive in the coastal beaches of Terreli ! Felipe explained that all the crew is lost, and of course all the cargo ! He managed to survive the shark attacks by throwing them apples just before being eaten ! He said that one shark was nearly to choke after eating an apple ! This is what saved him ! Felipe conclued with this sentence full of wisdom : - This would never happened in an appletree orchard ! And finally here lies the Appleseed : Hope you liked it ! I have to make some precisions : - First : no ships were harmed during this scene. In fact the Appleseed is still built, I just made the rigging better ! - Secondly : this ship did not deserve to sunk ! I am saying that because when I built this MOC, the ship did really escaped my hands and fell but did not broke ! I made it pretty much sturdy ! - Third and last : I will not license her anymore and nobody will be able to ! This is my personal rule when I entered in BoBS : I will not license any Lost At See ship I will loose ! (it's stimulating me to build better vessels !) Thank you for reading.
  15. This is my Third Freebuild this month, so if you like it, don't forget to approve it, thank you ! According to the King, MAESTRO will be given a Charter ! So, Felipe de la Manzana prepared his ship in order to prepare the Push to Exploration the Crown requires. But He didn't know where to begin... In order to do so, he re-armed the family's sloop, The "Appleseed" and went through the sea, trying a way indicated by the strange map Juan Ponce de Hespérida showed him before ! The Appleseed is a Well Rounded Sloop capable of any duty. She is able to defend herself with 4 Lowdeck cannons of 20, 1 cannon of 20 on top of the Aftcastle, and 2 little cannons of 10 in the Forewardcastle. She is also capable of some cargo, with a Lowdeck Cargo zone. Of course the main products here are the famous weapons of Stedor, and some Apples and the Cider of Felipe ! Suddenly, The sentinel in the Crownest yelled : - There is some floating woods there, Captain ! Felipe put a canoe on sea and went out to see this strange drifting wood with one crewmember. He jumped onto the drifting wood and opened the chest. It seemed to be some tribal stuff with an awful little statue of probably a "terrible god" and a note with it... Looking further the note, Felipe read that there is the proof here that there are inhabitants and other cultures in the outer islands more through the East ! - Great news ! I will keep this stuff for my own collection and bring the news to the King and to my fellows partners of MAESTRO ! Thought Felipe. Said that, Felipe de la Manzana turned back to East for great adventures and for the King, the Gold, and for Apples ! ... Thank you for reading. This is my first ship ever... I had to rebuild most of the Foreward and some part of the Aft in order to make a correct sailing and to put correctly the masts ! I really wanted it to look like a nice little sloop. I made some custom sails, hope you like it. I'm not a good painter, so the apple of the front sail is a bit strange, sorry for that. She is entirely playable : - The Foreward castle is removeable in order to access to a moving cabestan that is holding the anchor. - The Deck is openable in order to move the Guns and put a crewman to operate them. - The Captain Cabin has an access through the window that is openable. - All the cabin is removeable in order to access to the Cargo zone. To see more pictures : My Flickr account Any advice or commentary is welcome. I tryed a new set up for photos, don't hesitate to comment on it. ! Don't forget to approve the MOC if you like it, thank you ! As this is my first ship in BoBS, I would like to claim the free licence for it as a Well Rouded Class 2 ship. And I also would like to license it as a trading ship for MAESTRO. If I read it well, to do so, I need also approvals from the players (and leaders) of Eslandola, or am I wrong ?
  16. It is my 4th Free build this month, so don't hesitate to approve it if you like it. Thank you ! Apple Trees Orchard near Elysabethtown, Berelli Once they reached Berelli and met the tribe of the Ténotclaxcans, Felipe and Basil headed through the jungle to the main village of the natives : Zum'heria. But what was their surprise when they discovered that Lady Elysabeth of Drondil and her husband, Lord Matteus Tomvaximus, leaders and friends of the MAESTRO Company, were already at work near that village by building a new Colony for Eslandola and for the King ! The occasion was too great for Felipe ! He must have changed the jungle around by planting Apples ! So he ordered to transplant some apple trees and replace the costal forest near Elysabethtown by them ! His men worked hard to cut the jungle, dig the holes and plant the young trees Basil and Felipe managed to bring from Nelissa to Berelli ! Once the orchard ready, Pinya, the young daughter of the high priestess of the Ténotclaxcans, came with an escort to see what those men from the west were doing. Basil explained to her how they managed to bring young apple trees in some barrels in order to transplant them, and how soon there will be grown and ready to produce delicious apples for everyone ! - That is great job, man of the west. Said Pinya, but be careful with the jungle ! The trees of the forest don't really like to be cut and be replaced by other trees... There are some terrible things that could happen here ! - Ahah ! What ?! What can a tree could do against me ! Laughed Basil. - I don't know. Answered Pinya. But be careful... So, here is the First attempt to develop Berelli ! I tryed to show the very first plantation being settled, as Berelli is a totally new and free territory ! So I had to show how the men are cuting the jungle, first, and after that, I managed to show the orchard with young trees. I know it could be non-sense to bring apple trees in the rain forest, but... It's the madness of my 2 characters that leading them to such an absurd idea ! I am claiming this small orchard as my free license property for MAESTRO, for Eslandola and for the King ! Ah... and for Apples ! Hoping you like this. C&C are always welcome.
  17. I mean this to be my challenge II A entry, but I'm not sure if that is allowed yet. If it isn't allowed, I would license this as my sixth freebuild this month, so if you are not Eslandian and like it, your approval is very welcome! After discovering a new sery of Isles, wich she called the Margot-Isles, Elysabeth knew that she wouldn't be the only one there for long, and Leon had proven that by encountering some natives. As such, she decided to what she was good at: building a fort to defend their position. She stood on top of a rocky cliff, surveying the labourers: These men were doing the most important job: building the pallisade. After the wooden logs were erected, a mason-man topped things of with a stone wall. Of course, for such a fort, they needed a lot of wood. Luckily, the isles she had discovered were totally overgrown, and there were more trees then needed. They only had to sent someone out with an ax. All this was regulated by an officer of the Eslandian army, who knew exactly her orders. In preparation of the completing of the fort, the Royal Army had already started with bringing men and troops ashore. The common soldiers were ordered to keep an eye out for the natives. Because the natives Leon had found, altough friendly and willing to trade, still had buried a conquistador for unknown reasons. That brought her to the civilians: the traders, after hearing the news about the friendly natives, seemed really quick to "happen to pass by and think that these brave explorers might need this or that", as they said theirselves. It was more probably because the natives hadn't heard about alcohol before, and were all to happy to know it now... The farmers had also started to build up a live for themselves, and the land was rich here! They just needed to sow, and three moths later they could harvest! Suddenly, a messenger popped up beside her: "Mylady, I've word for you!" -"Speak, mister" "Some filthy bluecoat has deeply insulted you, Mylady! He called you a mere merchant!" The messenger spat on the ground in disgust. -"What? A mere merchant? Altough he is Oleander and may not know it, I can't let it pass. Sent a letter to him saying I challenge him, and will see him on the field of honor." "Sure, Mylady!" -"Oh, and prepare my ship. We're leaving this evening!" With that, Elysabeth parted of her Isles to go battle the Oleander. ------------------ It was a really cool build, and I hope you guys like this too! Thanks all for the nice comments on previous builds (especially the photography tips!), and sorry for my bad English. @Ska: is this allowed as challenge entry or not? In every case, thanks for watching, CC very welcome and see you next time!
  18. I don't know wether I need to ask approvals for this, but if you're not Eslandian and like it, please approve, in case it is needed. After a week of sailing, Elysabeth had finally arrived at her home: Elysabethtown! Now she only needed a judge... But when she looked at the sun, she saw she was alrready too late! No time left to run to the HQ and ask Matteus to be her judge... But she needed one! She decided to ask the first man passing by to be her judge. There, that Corrintonlander seemed a trustworthy person! "Excuse me, good sir, but I have a duel, and I'm already too late. Would you mind to be my judge?" -"Of course not! My name is Isaac Don Montoya, and my ship is in the harbour to resupply. I'll leave this evening, but I still have some time to judge your duel." As such, she arrived only a bit too late and WITH judge at the place of meeting. Everybody was already waiting for her. She greeted everyone, thanked the judges to be there and took here place. The Corringtonlandder Impartial Judge started by explaining the rules, after wich they both agreed to accept the winner of the duel and settle their little dispute. Under them, some daring citizens made a quick beth on the winner of the contest. The Impartial Judge was ready to commence: "En-garde!" "Prêt?" "Allez!!!" ------------------------ This was actually a really nice thing to build, it has been a long time I took so much pleasure from bricking! CC very welcome. Additional images:
  19. The Ship Broker of Elysabethtown (note: 4th freebuild this month, so approvals are welcome!) (for the current list of ship for sale: check the end of this post or check here) Sir Botekoop loves his job. Being a Notary, he received a lot of respect across the globe. He also is the keeper of the "BoBs Ship Index". And now he has a new extra task! Helping people in New Terra finding their next ship! As he became responsible for the Elysabethtown office, he now had to start finding clients who put their ship for sale. But that wouldn't be a problem. Lord Maximilian Damaximus (his boss) is lobbying for a 3 db fee for every transaction. Well, time will tell how it will turn out. Suddenly, he hears someone entering his room: The notorious Sea Rat Captain Goldskull stands in front of him! "I am looking for a new ship!" "Yes ofcourse sir, please take a look at our current offer." "That one on top of the shelves looks fine, tell me more about it" "She is called the Raven of Oleon and belonged to a powerfull family from Granoleon. She has been captured by some Sea Rats after tricking the captain in a narrow delta. Now she is for sale! A fine Class 2 Small Sloop." "Sold! I will call her the Revenge of Bastion! Beware Brickseas!!" ------------------------------------ OOC: Well I really wanted to use those POTC bottles and to MOC the Ship Broker thing (as promised). As Elysabethtown is a newly found settlement, I choosed for a wooden construction with some hay on the roof to isolate. It was very challenging to SNOT the wall both on the inside as the outside :) Also, it will be licenced in February as atm I am out of DB's :D Approvals & C & C more than welcome!!! -------------------------------- Ships For Sale None atm, be sure to check this list next month!
  20. Leon grumbled. He hated scout-missions. These things were boring to death! Right now, his fellow soldiers would be taking a nap, or preparing food... What would they eat this evening? He with his damned luck always!!! But he, if the Lady sent you in a scout-mission, you didn't protest and just went. The soldiers loved - no, worshipped Lady Elysabeth! As such were his thoughts when he suddenly saw something dark brown rise up in front of him. It seemed a pallisade!!! And inside the wall, there were people!!! Altough they didn't look that friendly, Leon was a real Eslandiann with his priorities straight: "Maybe we can trade with'em?" What Leon didn't know though: -------------------------------------------- Just a quick build, hope you guys like it! CC very welcome, and thanks for the nice comments on the previous build!
  21. This is my fifth freebuild this moth. If you're not Eslandolan and consider it worthy, please approve. While his love was out exploring, Lord Matteus Tomvaximus, master of the MAESTRO Trade Company, was very busy with serious things: he had a settlement to establish. And now MAESTRO finally got a charter from the King, blessed is his name, were the traders and adventures streaming in. To protect all this, one needs a mighty fortress. And let building fortresses concidently be the speciality of his wife! Altough she had to leave very quickly, she had still managed to design the first stage of the defenses. That was a small tower at the cities side of the bay. And even though it was small now, Lord Matteus expected it to become the city's maior protection. Of course, every fort needs a name. A name of a female, that is common known. And, as Lord Matteus thought, wich name would be better suited then the name of the architect? Concidentally also the name of his beloved? What he forget for a moment, was that Elysabeth didn't like these things. He should have know, after the 3-day razo she was in when she discovezred he had called a settlement after her. ----------------- Waw, designing a fort on a 16x16 base was a real pain in the megablocks! Thank you all for the kind comments on the previous MOCs! (@Blackdeathgr: thank you for loving my rocks, here you got some more of them!)
  22. Here is my entry for Challenge 1 Category A : A juicy meeting So, Felipe de la Manzana and his first officer and trustfull friend Basil passed the Portal they saw in the jungle when they first touch ground in the island that seemed to be Berelli, the one Ivo Fortesque himself found east to Nelissa. They walked some time in the jungle following a little pass made of paved tiles. Felipe was very enthousiastic with that because it was another proof of a human presence here ! Exactly what he was expecting when he found this tribal stuff with a note at sea few days before. This discovery made him sail east and by now he never had be disappointed ! Perhaps those natives could know some interesting legend and why not some with a golden apple that would worth the effort ! Lost in his dreams, Felipe did not payed attention where he went and after passing a bush, Basil hold his arm saying : - Hey ! Felipe ! Be careful ! Here are the famous natives you expected to see ! Erh... I think we bothered them in the middle of some funerals... Ah ! Hold on ! Felipe ! They saw us ! But it was to late ! Felipe walked through and disturbed the ceremony enough to anger the priestess - Hey ! Que faites-vous ici !? She said surprisingly in Oleander ! - Sorry, we are explorers from the west and we try to find some of the native people of the island. Answered Basil, better in Oleander than Felipe. - Ah ! Again ! Some of the man from the west ! You are not the first ! Are you bringing the Thunder-Fire with you ? Basil and Felipe tryed to find what it was and found it was guns. - No ! Not at all ! we are here to find a rare fruit ! a golden fruit ! said Felipe. - Ah ! let me finish these funerals and we will talk. After a while, once the ceremony finished : - Welcome men of the west ! I am the high priestess Zumo de Kapayas. You are very welcome in the tribe of Ténotclaxca ! We are pleased to see you are not carrying your terrible weapons. Are you coming in peace ? We first met some men dressed with blue and with priest. They teach us their language and then they tryed to hunt us from our land ! so they brought their... what are you calling that... ah ! yes ! Guns ! But they where too few, so we killed them or send the survivors at sea. Unfortunately they killed our chief Saginga, the one we burried today ! - We are not like those Oleanders ! We are here to offer you some products to trade and to gather some informations concerning a golden fruit we are trying to find ! - Ah ! Yes ! Of course ! We've got such a fruit ! - REALLY ! shouted Felipe. - Yes it is that fruit. And a native brought a shiny yellow Banana. - Argh... No ! That is not the fruit I am looking for ! This is this one, but a golden one. Said Felipe showing to the Ténotclaxcans an apple. - No, sorry, we don't have that. Answered the young native. But if you want, we have some legends talking about strange magic and some are about mother earth and a fruit. You are welcome to seat with us and listen to those stories but you will need to learn our traditions. - Of course, of course... Answered Felipe. The hope is not lost to have some informations ! Hold on Felipe !
  23. Here is my entry for the Challenge 1 Category B : Land Ho ! Ruins in the jungle Sailing East, according to the note Felipe de la Manzana found in a drifting chest with some tribal stuff, was effectively a good idea ! The Appleseed rapidly reached a strange Island covered with dense jungle ! - Nah, we meet again Jungle... Thought Felipe. I really have to deal this dense forest in this island too ! I must claim this land for Eslandola if I want to develop more apple trees orchards here ! He was lost in his thought when the crow nest man on duty shouted : - There is kind' buildin' here Cap' ! There was effectively a strange building, a doorway, a portal or something like that near a rocky formation covered by the jungle. - Let's see that ! I have to land on that island ! I am not sure it is a place our charters have recorded. We must investigate. Declared Felipe. The row boat was put on the sea, and they touch land. Basil updated the map meanwhile the sailors were preparing the claiming ceremony. - No ! No ! Esteban ! I said no weapons ! Leave your gun in the row boat ! I don't want you to afraid any native if they are here ! you should have brought an axe instead... Grumbled Felipe to his man. Felipe Planted the flag and the King's officer on board registered it : - I, Senor Felipe de la Manzana, claim this land in the name of the king of Eslandola, for the country, and for gold ! I am naming this place : Portal Cove and I want it registered as property of Eslandola, of the Crown and of MAESTRO ! After the ceremony was finished, The Crown's officer returned into the rowboat with his "official stuff" (mainly a pupitre with ink and paper) and Felipe took Basil with him in order to look at this strange building and also in order to plan the jungle cutting and the orchards planting... - Be careful Felipe ! I heard something ! Basil said to his friend. - Yes, that's why I will go forward to see... They passed the portal and what they saw is... For the next build ! Thank you for reading. Enjoy ! and see you for the next Challenge 1 MOC for the continuation of the story.
  24. King Fernando-Augusto VII was furious. He was pacing down his study, while thinking about the person who made him furious. King Fernando's study by kabel The reason he was so angry, was Elysabeth of Drondil. He tought he had made a fine deal with MAESTRO, that everything would come right and that he could play them out against the other Trade Companies. He even promised them a colony, on his own island. And now it turned out that he had estimated wrong. She had just dissapeared!!! Then someone knocked on the door. "Enter!" -"My King, a letter for you..." "From who?" -"Elysabeth of Drondil, my King..." --------------- Elysabeth took a deep breath. The salty air made her calm down. The King had asked her to show him her fealty. The problem was, that she had already done so once, with words. And she knew that saying the words again would not change anything. So she needed an action to prove it. That was exactly what she had done. After leaving the study, she was gone to the captain of her ship. They left the day after, and 17 days later they found what she was looking for. A new island, not claimed by anyone. She had left her crew to built up a settlement, and gone to the highest point in the surroundings. She took another deep breath. Then she screamed: "Hereby I, Elysabeth of Drondil, claim this Island in name of the King, Fernando-Augusto the seventh, and call these archipel the Margot-Isles!!! Let everyone doubting my fealty look to these isles, given by me to the King himself, not to MAESTRO, to do with as he sees fit. Let everyone saying we're not woth his trust look to this isles, named after what us binds, namely his daughter, and doubt no more. FOR KING AND COUNTRY!!!" And with a great swing, she planted the Eslandolan flag in the soil of the King's new island. -------------- Back in Terelli, King Fernando-Augusto VII, King of Eslandola, Pin Holli, Berelli and the Margot-Isles, laid down the letter, took a sip from his apple-cider and smiled... -------------- My answer on kabel's build, hope you guys like it! In this build, I used all 4 rock-techniques I know, and it went fairly well I think! Thanks to Adair and SK for their techniques! Additional images:
  25. "What shall we do with the drunken sailor, early in the morning?" Well, setting sail ofcourse! Captain Ben D'Anvers was very happy with the trade he just did. The apples and swords he has in the cargo are very popular in the settlements he is visiting. The cargo is well covered by some soldiers and a 3 guns on both sides. Fresh apples from sir Felipe de la Manzana!! :D So ladies and gentlemen, if the Cutter "Knight of Stedor" is visiting your port, well be sure to welcome her friendly and buy the stuff!!! C&C welcome! Also, this is the third MOC this month, so approvals are very welcome!!! :D