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Found 109 results

  1. The Discovery of the Fountain of Youth : Through the dense jungle of a lost island and through the dangerous rock formations of this land, Felipe de la Manzana reached an unknown place where the rocks are literally floating in the air, just sustained by tree roots and thin rock lines that have not broken yet. It is here, in this hellish place, where Father Tholeau is situating the Fountain of Youth. Felipe's exploration team was fighting the jungle from days by now and no sign of this damned fountain... Suddenly, the Ténotclaxcan scout yelled to the group to come closer ! He had found a more strange rock formation, all black with dark bluish reflections runing on it and it seemed this mineral formation was probably the center point of a floating rock ! Felipe, intrigued by the idea, tryed to climb on the floating rocks jumping from a root to a liana and reached the top of the formation. What was his surprise when he finally saw the fountain at the top of the highest floating rock ! Rapidly, the team deployed a security perimeter and Basil managed to join Felipe to the fountain. Felipe drank the blessed water but he did not became younger ! No, the fountain is not so strong ! The water just healed him from all these hard days of exploration ! He also noticed that all the scratches and little bruises he had gathered through the jungle were gone... Thank you for reading. It was a hard Challenge, but I tryed all my best to better my skills on this build. I hope you'll enjoy it ! C&C are welcome !
  2. My shipbuilders requested some palmwood, and I heard the best palmtrees grow on Cocovia, and it just so happened that I know some people around there. So I decided to to ask them if I could start a small plantation to get my needed supply of palmwood. Luckily it all worked out well; I sent one of my assistants out to set up the plantation in the near vicinity of Quinnsville. So, lets see how it goes around there: While some of the horses, which are pulling the wood from the plantation to the harbour aren't behaving as well as they should, they still get the job done. You can see one of my men is tying the newly cut down palmtree to the harness the horse is wearing. And here we can see our other two friends working, Joe is happily cutting down another tree while Kayne has just finished removing all the leaves from the latest palmtree so it is ready to be moved to the harbour of Quinnsville. And, as usual, we have out bird flying over it showing what it sees. __________________________ This small plantation will be licensed as my free property in Quinnsville
  3. The MAESTRO Quest Hall ! or The MAESTRO Adventure Parties (MAP) Hello to everyone ! Felipe de la Manzana and MAESTRO are proud to launch this new idea : The MAESTRO Adventure Parties ! or MAP if you prefer. This idea is the way the MAESTRO trade Company will explore the New World ! Our scientists, helped by The Doctor, from Corrington, and with the assistance of the Ténotclaxcans, developed a way to chartered new areas uknown until now ! With those new maps, MAESTRO is opening to all the players of any Faction a new in-Land action. This action will be known as the MAESTRO Adventure Party (MAP). One Party will be launch for a time determined by the Party leader (by now, just MAESTRO members) and be parted in 3 Acts (like in theater plays). Every player who wants to try the adventure has to conform to some rules : - A Party is something near a build-off or a mini challenge. The players will have to build a MOC for each Act. Each Act is scenarised by the Party Leader, for now, only MAESTRO members can be Party Leaders (Please, PM me if you want to try) - Every participant has to suscribe to a determined Party. He can do this by PM me or just suscribe in this thread. - A Party is a competitive action and each contestant needs to suscribe to a specific Party before participating. There are no possibility for team action for now. - Suscribing to a Party engage to spend Dbs to win a clue to solve the story. The amount and the clues are Party leader decision. Players should be awared that Parties can be lost and will lead to a loss of Dbs ! - Once you suscribed to a Party you're suppose to go to the end. - MAP is only engaging MAESTRO and is not a new official action. It's not a MRCA action. The first party will be open in the 15th of July. It will be lead by myself and be about the Ténotclaxcans pearl divers. So every player who want to try the adventure is free to PM me or suscribe in this thread. Thank you !
  4. I've lately been thinking about how we, as MAESTRO, should expand our fleet - many more small ships just take up so much space! So I decided to let our best shipbuilders help design a ship which can help us to deal with that problem. They have come up with one of the biggest ships I've ever seen, it is just about the same size as the Margot, but this is not a Warship! It is a ship meant for carrying a lot of cargo while still being able to defend itself against most enemies. At least I hope so, considering she is armed with 24 guns! She'll be commanded by Captain Lamar Evercrees`. Now we just have to wait for our order of sails to arrive to send THE PRIDE OF ELYSABETHTOWN off to her first journey! So, time for pictures - just 5 of them for now, as it got knocked over by the wind while I was taking these and I have to fix some stuff (and the wind got even worse, so...): (Maxim, please use this picture for the index) So, now its time to wait for the new classes as this ships doesn't fit into the current ones. I guess it could be something along the lines of 8T or similar as the current tradeships tend to have a gunrating 2 levels lower than their class. With the bowsprit she"s roughly a meter long, just barely fits in my window where she'll be sitting. I haven't decided if I want to make sails for it, I feel like my typical sails would just downgrade this ship. I'll see about that. The rigging will stay as it is as it already kinda survived falling over and being covered by a blanket (which it was standing on). Rigging is a pain as some of you should know ;) Credit goes to many people: Captain Green Hair for his tutorials and encouraging me to go with red gunports and many more hints he gave me Maxim I for building the Margot and inspiring me to build a double decker with CGHs technique Bregir for encouraging me to not go with a partially disarmed ship of the line and instead build an Indiaman (and some more shiptalk) MAESTRO for support Sebeus I for his amazing stern designs which I used to build mine Many more shipbuilders who's builds I used for inspiration
  5. My shipyards have been busy - Green Winds a week ago wasn't the last ship they would build either way. While I was glad how fast Green Winds was, the beauty of Schooners never really hit me, and many others have suggested me to give my shipyards the order to build a Xebec - they are supposedly great ships, both for trade and for travel; for war and defence we have other ships. As I suspected that a Xebec should be able to keep up with Green Winds, I ordered my shipbuilders to paint her in the same colours. They succeeded in both ways - she seems to fit well with the colours of Green Winds; and considering how well she plays with the wind I have decided to name her Colour of the Wind. Lets go around her in our small boat and look: We start on the Port side: Go to the Stern: Around to the Starboard side: And finish our tour around looking at the bow: So, after we checked her out while she's still standing here, lets look at her next to Green Winds - well, lets say let a bird look at them next to each other: As you can see she's only a little bit shorter than Green Winds; as well as that she is a lot sleeker, so she should be more than equal in speed. ______ So, a quick overview over the facts: time spent building - no stopwatch running, started 1 1/2 days ago 4 longguns Captain Lum Liddle Owner Jerome Monezterrell(me) Build by Monezterrell' Shipyards (might be at some point in the future) Tradecompany MAESTRO crew: 10 men Rating: class 5F ______ sorry about the picture quality, the weather is bad and they just didn't come out any better. I might take new ones next weekend! Same goes for the typical pictures with my entire fleet - not the right weather for that today sadly. Next week! Nobody tell me that Stern is overhanging to far!
  6. The MAESTRO Apple cider brewery Felipe de la Manzana opened his first factory in Elysabethtown, Berelli. The factory is mainly based on an Hacienda but deserved a noble purpose... Brewing apples in order to transform them into a delicious Apple Cider ! During the big opening Felipe wrote a letter to the crown of Eslandola with a bottle of his famoust cider : "To our Noble King, I am presenting you the results of the first trade we, in MAESTRO, are proud to lead in New Terra : Apples and Cider. I would be honoured if His Majesty, if He likes the products we made, could grant MAESTRO trade company with the benefic advantage of being leader in Apples with a Monopoly in apples. I am sure you will do in Eslandola best interest. Long Live the King. For Eslandola, for Doubloons, and for Apples. Felipe de la Manzana, MAESTRO member." This was the first move of Felipe in order to obtain an apple monopoly. He hoped the King will love his cider and his apples. Of course, a monopoly is not easily granted, so Felipe returned to work immediately and signed a big contract with a rich merchant from Garvey. He made him taste some samples to him and his wife when they visited the Brewery. Felipe explained to the Garveyans the principles of brewing cider. First apples need to be crushed. Here Felipe chose a Horse tracted grinder he placed on the courtyard of the Hacienda. Then, the crushed apples need to be contained few hours in a barrel. After that, the crushed apples are prepared and sent into the press. "The engineer is working on it, now and will better the juice production." Precised Felipe to the Merchant. So after being pressed, the pure juice of apple is barreled and put in fermentation. Once the fermentation is ready, the upper part (the brown one, on top of the barrel) is destroyed, the future cider is filtered and sent on a barrel to be bottled, and the third part (the one remaining down on the fermentation barrel) is thrown out. This is the major part of cider brewing.The chemists have to work with care here ! They have to filter and obtain the final product at its best ! Once bottled, the cider is drinkable but can be stored some years ! The Garveyan trader and his wife enjoyed the tour and bought Felipe's cider with enthousiasm. Thank you for watching. This is the first factory in Elysabethtown. I tryed to keep an Hacienda form, but I had to change many little things in my initial plans to respect the brewing proceeds. I know it's not perfect but I try to show the Cider brewing correctly. Of course, C&Cs are welcome.
  7. The Troups of the Apple Felipe de la Manzana received a letter from Captain Santiago asking him help in Duke Prio's name. It was about helping the Duke in his fight for independance against Mardier. Felipe being no good friend of Mardier, as a proud Eslandian, decided to recruit some men to send to Prio. Here is the first troups he hired : the 4th MAESTRO platoon of infantry also known as the troups of the Apple. Thank you for reading.
  8. After Jan Zwartbaard set-up a miningspot on Isla Philip, he travelled back to Prio. This time with 2 platoons of MAESTRO Elite Soldiers with him. And also MAESTRO General Samu, aka "The Dragon" came along. They did not went to Prio to start a campfire and sing some happy hippie peacefull songs, but to prepare for the upcomming war against Mardier. This was the first batch of hundreds of soldiers MAESTRO will send in order to help the cause of the Duke of Prio. Their camp will be the beautifful white mansion Jan Zwartbaard received as a gift from the Duke. It was not located in the city of Alexport, but somewhere strategically outside the capital. Hereby I present to you, General "The Dragon" Samu. A military genius, ready to lead the MAESTRO troops and its mercenaries to a gloryfull victory. For MAESTRO, For the Duchy of Prio!
  9. The Jungle (is) Mine : After being a while in Berelli, Felipe de la Manzana and his first officer Basil noticed that the jungle was very hard to replace by Apple Orchards. It is during one of this attempt to cut down some palm trees, the Eslandian team noticed some shiny metal reflections in the rock formations that forming the bed of the Dragon River. So Felipe sent out there a prospecting team to analyse the minerals. "So, What do you think of this minerals Professor ?" Asked the young Geologist Assistant. "Mmmmh... It could be some gold, or perhaps a sort of copper, or even maybe some ferrous mineral... I am not sure yet. We will need more analysis." Mysteriously answered the Geologist hired by Felipe. Nothing very special in this build, but I tryed to MOC a prospecting action in the wild to settle a mine near Elysabethtown in Berelli. Hoping to find Gold ! C&Cs are welcome.
  10. According the King'sport advertiser the Raenette II participated in a big action against the Mardieran privateer L'Olius and succeeded in the capture of the Spotted Sparrow, a war brigantine. Here is what happened (according Felipe de la Manzana) : Captain's log entry, 29th of April 616 : "We started our route with a good escort lead by our friends of Corrington. The Company is in good term with Corries and we managed to open a MAESTRO branch in the Red country, so the escort is more than welcome, even if my new Ténotclaxcan crew member doesn't seem enchanted to encounter Corleanders." The situation became a bit strange when the escort had been separated from the merchants. Captain's log entry, 30th of April 616 : "I lost see on the escort, and we are some trading ships lost at the mercy of the simplest pirate ship that could attack us. I didn't understand what happened to the escort..." "Ah! I said we were lost, and it will probably... A Mardier fleet is in sight... They showed their colours ! it's a black and red flag ! Privateers ! A full fleet of Mardieran privateers... Probably L'Olius, the dreadful privateer that already attacked Eslandola ! Now I can guess what happened to our escort..." And the battle began. With an excellent anticipation, Felipe used the speed of the fast Raenette to pass behind the Spotted Sparrow, a full armed Brigantine, while the boardside fired but the Privateer vessel missed Felipe's. Then, using the Ténotclaxcans method of boarding, Felipe's crew engaged the Mardierans directly at the navigation deck and tryed to kill the captain and the navigator to stop the ship. And Felipe's crewmen finally killed the privateer captain and begin to become masters of the War Brigantine. The rest of the Mardieran crew surrendered or flew at sea. This is how Felipe de la Manzana won a War vessel. This ship, as a revenge on L'Olius Mardier Privateer fleet, had been re-named the Pinapple Revenge by Felipe and is joining MAESTRO's fleet as a class 3A war brigantine. More pictures with the new flags on her (Please Maxim, use this picture for the ship index) : Thank you for reading. The ship is totally built on a custom hull based on CMF's baseplates I placed to give the curve aspect of the hull. I took some time to have a better rigging than my last ships and even made some ratlines ! The sails are just paper sails as I will not be able to have better sails before the end of the month, but one should know I have a project to create quality custom cloth sails. So I will probably post some new pictures when I'll have them. As always, C&Cs are welcome !
  11. Hello and welcome to the presentation of the latest acquisition of MAESTRO! Due to the increasing size of our fleet we felt like it was time to have some more bigger armed vessels to protect our convoys. So I sent my engineers off to develop a frigate that could carry a decent amount of guns for us! In a very short amount of time they managed to put together this ship, which will sail under the command of Captain Ben Zwitsers, who is under the command of Lady Elysabeth of the House of Drondil(Titus V). Lady Elysabeth has also decided to name our first Frigate Dragon's Revenge, more about that later. ________ ​A few days ago I had given myself the challenge to build a frigate in under 24 hours - and I think I've succeeded in about 19. That's 6 more hours for improvements I might make once I have time to build again:P ​So, here are the pictures: Sailing' with the wind! Ready to fire a broadside? The stern castle closed gunports and a view at the rigging - I think I did pretty well considering I was limited in time and ran out of string:P As I don't own the Transferata I can only picture the Dragon's Revenge with one of Titus V ships, the Arkady. And together with the other of my ships - well, the smallest amount of them are actually in my hands:P Sorry for terrible editing, I just wanted to have them all in one picture. So, a quick overview over the facts: 11 hours building the ship 4 hours rigging 3 hours sails 1 hour crew 20 guns on the gundeck 6 smaller guns on the upper deck 2 bowchasers Captain Ben Zwitsers Owned by Lady Elysabeth(Titus V) Build by the Monezterrell' Shipyards (might be coming at some point in the future :P) Trade company MAESTRO current crew consists of 25 men, but could easily go into the range of 40 For now we'll license it as a class 5HA, but likely upgrade it at a later point to a higher class once those are public; I expect this to be a class 7(L)A, even if I would have to add a few more guns for that :P Some notes: the masts and rigging are not entirely accurate (2 sections instead of 3, rigging going to the sides of the platforms instead of to the masts; also the curve for the gundeck is a bit to strong. Those are the things that I'll definitely not fix in the remaining 5 hours, but if you have any other suggestions I might make use of those once I have time again.
  12. This is Mine! Jan Zwartbaard has seen a lot of places in his life. With the non-stopping growth of MAESTRO and his good friendship with Lord Maximilian Damaximus, he became an explorer for the mighty trade company. After the "Prince of Stedor" picked him up at Breshaun, he boarded the "Golden Star", starting his adventures. The "Golden Star" went first to "Ile de Romantica", where Jan Zwartbaard was received very very well. The governor of that island even offered him his own medium residence. Zwartbaard graciously accepted the offer as it would become helpfull as his headquarter. Once the construction of the residence started, Zwartbaard went to the new Eslandolan island "Isla Philip" as he heard rumours of silver floaking around. With a few miners and a dozen MAESTRO Elite Soldiers, he started searching for the silver source. Following the stream of the river, they saw a isolated small rock where the water came from. If there was a silver resource somewhere, it should be here! And so the digging started... Jan Zwartbaard Meanwhile a few pigs where doing their everyday business as it still is the island of pigs... - Licenced as a mine set-up Thanks for watching!
  13. Previous part: A gift from MAESTRO for the new King After gifting the gifts to the officials of Breshaun and providing the Cider Shop with new provision, the "Prince of Stedor" sailed a bit further. After a few hours sailing from Breshaun, the "Prince of Stedor" entered a small bay and joined some other vessels laying for anchor. All of them Eslandolan... Once anchored, some small rowboats were heading of the ship. Lord Maximilian Damaximus was overwatching the arriving rowboats. He clearly heard two voices mocking eachother. Sir Edward Thomas Wilkinson de Chauncourtois was laughing with the new haircut of the young Guy K. Wyndzon. In the third rowboat, Viceroy Renato Filamento was listening to the two others, while his eyes were focused on Lord Maximilian. They will never be best friends since he had a crush on princess Margot for such a long time. But he had to put his pride away, politics was much more important than a lovestory.... Inside the "Prince of Stedor", the guests and Maximilian started drinking applecider. Even they all were rivals, there was a good atmosphere. After some good laughs, Renato bounced his hand on the table. R: "Let's start the discussion" M: "indeed, so we all agree I may assume, as you all made the effort to come to here" All: "aye" G: "Perfect, so how are we doing it? We can't ask if he steps down..." E: "No, indeed, I fear it will be throug military actions" R: "We can't attack those bloody royalists on the old continent, they are too strong there. If we want to make a chance, we will have to take control over the New World settlements." M: "last time I saw the New World capital, it was filled with guards" G: "I can take care of that. Money does a lot... But we still need other soldiers as well..." M: "You see "Margot"? 80 Elite MAESTRO Soldiers are in it, as well with 40 reserve soldiers" R: "120 men? Where in Hades Realm found you them?" M smiled E: "So no actions in the Old World?" M: "Considering your power in the old world, I would propose ot keep you army stand-by. You never know if we need them. Guy, you have to take care of the diplomatic consequences of our actions. If I am right, you are going to Mardier soon. I hope your visit will be fruitfull and you will find allies there..." R: "So then we all know what to do..." All: "Long live Eslandola!" After the two Tradelords and the Viceroy disembarked, Maximilian went to his Cabin and looked to the maps of the New World. Soon he will give orders to his army. If everything goes as planned, Eslandola will become a true powerfull nation again. Provision: Elysabeth and Tomvaximus MAESTRO Explorer Jan Zwartbaard Bow Middle ------------------- C&C welcome! She will be licenced as a Class 5 T2. With some minor modifications, she can easily be a Class 5HA as well. Maybe when the class 5+ classification is known, she will be classified as a class 6... Licence chart: MAESTRO ESL: 0 (2 shares) MAESTRO COR: 50 (1 share) Maxim: 150 (3 shares) Legostone: 100 (2 shares) TitusV: 50 (1 share) Tomsche: 50 (1 share)
  14. This is the result of the battle Corrington lead towards the forest against the filthy human sacrificiers who rose against King Azuma and the western settlers from Corrington and Eslandola. You can see the excellent begining of this story here. I have to thank SkaForHire to let me conclude on the fate of the Eslandolan trader known as Damion Denela. A "Gift" from Corrington : While the Doctor and his companions were preparing their expedition, Felipe de la Manzana charged Basil and el Colonel Severus to organise the security of Elysabethtown. They caught some dangerous pirates near the port and managed to put them rapidly in a "cosy" cell... When a letter arrived to Basil anouncing the arrival of Lt Tanner with the Eslandolan trader Corries caught at an horrible human sacrifice. Impossible such a tader could be from MAESTRO ! Probably an independant merchant who thought he would make more money being out of morale... After a few days, Lt Sully Tanner arrived with the prisoner solidly chained up. "Right in time ! Thought Basil. We have some pirates who are bored of our new prison..." Basil showed the way to the prison to the Lt Tanner. 'Hang on "Shrimp" encouraged the former pirate captain. You are not going to die !" - Shh. Someone ! The pirates looked at the opening door. "Let me unchained the prisoner and put some handcuffs, it will be better, isn't it ? Said Colonel Severus to Lt Tanner. - Yes of course you're right. Answered the Corleander officer. "I would like to thank MAESTRO and your leaders to have kept an open mind. Of course Corrington is not accusing the Eslandian Company to deal with those filthy barbarians !" Conclude Lt Sully Tanner shaking Basil's hand. - Thank you to trust us. I hope this incident will help our countries to be better allies in the future. Perhaps we will help you to lead some military revenge against those dangerous men !" Answered Basil. And they through the poor merchant at the mercy of the pirates prisoners into the cell... "HELP ! They will kill me !" yelled Damion Denela. The guard did not answer... I hope you'll like this (rude) scene. It is inspired from a book I recently read : Le Déchronologue, a French mix between Sci-fi and Piracy. A good read ! and an horrible prison scene !
  15. Eslandola galleon in sight! Breshaun life stopped for a second, some heads turning to the port. Indeed a proud galleon entered the harbour. White painted, green flags on top. The ship didn't steal its name, it was surely a prince. 3 rowboats left the "Prince of Stedor" and headed for the quays. Meanwhile, some Oleon officers and royals arrived at the MAESTRO commerce house, as it was here where the rowboats would go to. Lord Damaximus was looking around him. Breshaun is such a nice port, so vibrant ... . But also so full of soldiers. Everywhere he looks, he sees marching guards. Luckily MAESTRO is always welcome in Breshaun since they opened a cider shop on the quays. The best cider in the world, made in Elysabethtown from the apples of Felipe de la Manzana. Giving a gift to an official for the new king Philip of Oleon. Long may he reign! ------------------------- C&C welcome!! I am going to licence this as medium commerce house. Am I right that Oleon pays me back half of the licence cost as it is located in Breshaun?
  16. El Toro Bravo : A class 2A Topsail cutter After being repaired the former Oleon ship known as "La Vaillante" became "El Toro Bravo" and was given to the Eslandian Colonel Ignacio Severus to command. And she began her duty by being sent along the shores of Berelli in order to track down the pirates. I bettered the "Vaillante" I made for Challenge II and I will license her as a Class 2A vessel. I changed the colours, I change the Masts and put more in the middle the main mast. I made the rigging in order to be able to lower the sails. I think my story is well explaining how and why she became an eslandian warship... So I can license her, I never licensed her when she was Oleander. I think I can do that. If not, don't hesitate to tell me. Thank you and enjoy !
  17. A Shipyard and a payment : While the Doctor is preparing his expedition, Felipe de la Manzana received some news from his Ténotclaxcan friend Pinya. She taught Felipe the Ténotclaxcans managed to catch an Oleon ship when they repeled them at sea... The ship was not in good status but was still seaworthy and with some repairs could be a good warship. The ship name was "La Vaillante" So Pinya gave the ship in order to pay Felipe the service he is offering to the tribe by sending them the doctor. Felipe was surprised and managed to build rapidly a shipyard for Elysabethtown to make the repairs on "La Vaillante". Felipe visited the new shipyard at work just when the men, helped by some natives, began to work. So much work to do ! The mast had to be rebuilt; the sails were totally lost, and that awful yellow paint has to go ! thought Felipe when he saw the vessel remnants. Some men were not so found at work than others and prefered to enjoy good apples... The new paint had to be green ! According to Felipe : a bright green ! Once the masts rebuilt and the new rigging and sails are ready, Felipe returned with Pinya admire the work. Once again, it seemed that a man (the same ??) prefered to play with a monkey instead of working... I hope you will like this shipyard. C&C's are always welcome. The ship will be seen in a dedicated topic when ready (soon !)
  18. March 616 "Hoooray!!" Bells are ringing and the citizens of Stedor are running towards the quays. Cheering and chanting for the proof of the power of Stedor. A 55-gun 3rd rate ship of the line. At this moment the most powerfull ship ever seen in Halos and the first ship that will be granted a class 5+ classification! Sure there will follow other ships, probably even bigger, but this vessel is the first and will become legendary for ever. The "Margot", named after the fiancee of Governor Maximilian Damaximus and treasured like the girl herself. Admiral Bostoximus will command the ship. A bright and gloryful future is laying ahead! Side with open gunports: Side with closed gunports: Admiral Bostoximus: General Whisximus: Governor Damaximus & Princess Margot (and also King Fernando Augusto VII) Some stuff can be removed easily to have access to the cabins: Captain's Cabin: Even a whole part of the side can be removed: Looks like someone is already partying too hard ------------------ Aftermath ---------------------------- Yes, I did it!!!! 4 months work in it. The last 2 days were nothing but rigging for me... But I am soooooo happy with the result (my fiancee Margot after whom I named the vessel as well). So proud! Thanks a lot to Captain Green Hair and Sebeus I for the help and feedback! Comments & criticism welcome! Praise is ofcourse welcome! And to all (potential) enemies of Eslandola: why don't you give your ships already now? It would be a shame to see them lost in a battle due the difference in gun strenght (she should have a 13 gun rating based on the 55 guns she actually can carry).
  19. Here is the continuation of the story we started with Tomsche. The previous episodes are : Visiting a friend The house of knowledge Setting out to Elysabethtown Meeting the Doctor and his companions : The Doctor Gellibrand and his two companions Donna and Clara took land on Elysabethtown and tryed to find Felipe's new house. Seeing a guard near a small apparently brand new house, the Doctor asked him : - Tell me my dear, is it the new residence of el senor Felipe de la Manzana ? The guard stood right and answered : - Yes sir ! I am guarding the house. We heard by our Corries neighbours about some troubles from dissident natives so I have to protect el senor de la Manzana now. He is awaiting you inside. You can pass. - Well, well ! Thank you, young lad. Felipe de la Manzana was at his desk preparing his next trade run while Basil was at the kitchen preparing some refreshments for the incomers. Felipe rushed to the door when he heard the conversation outside. - Ah ! welcome to my new residence in Elysabethtown my dear Doctor... erh.. Doctor who ? Felipe missed the name of the leader of the scientist group... - Doctor Gellibrand, senor, and here are my two young companions : miss Donna and miss Clara. They will help us in our endeavor. - Nice to meet you ! - I have a letter from Lord Smaugton for you. He insured us that we have full rights to study the Ténotclaxcans in Berelli but we will need Eslandian agreement too, so if you were pleased to sign it. - Of course I will do that. Said Felipe while taking the letter. Basil passed through the Patio (courtyard) of the property to look at those corleanders scientists. "What strange idea to hire women on such a team" he thought. One of them seemed to be reading in his mind and sent him her best angry face. Basil thought he should stay at good distance from that girl. "She doesn't seem to be so friendly..." he mutered. To be continued... Here are some overviews of the house : The roofs are removeable in order to have access to the inside. A view from behind with the roof : And without the roof : The house is licensed as a small residence in Elysabethtown. Hope you like it, C&C are welcome !
  20. There is a reason why the coat of arms of Elysabethtown is a "Lancer". Elysabethtown is well known for its regiment of dragoons stationed there. As horses are such an important part of life in the Eslandolan colony, the Horse Ranches are of significant importance. Just outside Elysabethtown, the Horse Ranch of Pierre de Fokker is located across a small river. Guarded 24/7 by MAESTRO soldiers against the unknown threats there possibly are. A commercial place selling the finest horses of Terra Versa! --- Note: as I never collected green plates and as I spent a large amount of brown bricks in my latest fort, I decided to build in LDD... Building with real bricks is way more easier! This will be licenced as Large Commerce property. C&C welcome!
  21. After captain Ben D'Anvers sailed a few times back and forwarth to the Viking settlement and right before his ship sunk (that bloody idiot...), he managed to improve the relationship with the Viking Tribe to a level of trust, so an alliance was made. Part of the deal is that MAESTRO teaches the Vikings how to handle guns and rifles. In exchange, MAESTRO has now a compagny of Viking soldiers. Back in Elysabethtown, Lord Tomvaximus decided the best spot for the new fort would be across the entrance of the bay, so the ships in the bay could easily be defended against raiders. I hereby present Fort Viking ----- Pfiew, just in time normally :D Anyway, C&C welcome :)
  22. After some time around these newly explored islands we noticed that some stronger defence on the water would be needed; many Sea Rats and even some unidentified creatures which attacked our man on their small boats were around and causing our man to lose confidence that it would be a good idea to stay around these islands. Some even said they were cursed. This made it clear that we need more to defend our island than just a few man with sticks in rowboats. I decided it would be a good idea to sent a letter to one of the best shipbuilders of Eslandola if he were interested in building some sloops to defend the area. He agreed to the contract and went ahead to build this one; I've named it Arkady for its wild nature and, for its size, good armament. It even has some space to carry along some goods, which I really appreciate. Hereby I present you, Arkady, a class 2WR sloop: I sure hope his aggressive bow keeps those Sea Rats under control! And lastly, a picture of Arkadys starboard side: Not exactly relevant for this challenge, but I still feel like it is relevant, the Arkady with the rest of my fleet (including the HMS Kent/War Dwarf which is now owned by Bregir). Captain Anco Liconardo commands this vessel.
  23. Fort Severus, Fishers'Cove, Berelli After the diplomatic interviews in Berelli between Corrington, the Ténotclaxcans and Eslandola, Felipe de la Manzana agreed with Lord Erie to build a fort that could oversee all the island for both Corrington and Eslandola. So Felipe asked a brilliant eslandian officer, el Colonel Ignacio Severus, a renown fort builder and a great miltary officer, to help him. Severus decided that the center cove of the island known as fishers'cove could be the best place to build a fortification. It has a rocky point at the south of the beach where the natives are regularly harpon fishing, so it is the best position according to Ignacio Severus. Ignacio Severus lead himself the begining of the building. Of course, it is made in wood for now but when Corrington will give hand, they will help to better this structure and enhanced it. The fort position did not seem to disturb the Ténotclaxcans at all. Some are still going to the beach with their harpons.
  24. Felipe de la Manzana is on the trail of the Golden Apple. To find some clue about its location, he thought studying the Ténotclaxcans was the best idea. Here Felipe is searching for a scientific help... Heading Quinnsville, Cocovia, the new settlement of Lord Smaugton, Friend and member of MAESTRO in Corrington, Felipe encoutered a new fisherman ready to work for the Trade Company. So he managed to help him to settle a fishing business in cocovia. As he arrived near the Corleander settlement, Felipe saw the value of this new fisherman (here it is, if you missed it). So he decided to salute him and see how the business is. - Are you sure it's here ? Asked Felipe to his escort. - Yes sure, sir ! answered shortly the guard. - Ah ?! I thought it would be bigger... sadly commented Felipe. The fisher's commerce was just a small shag along the beach with a little wharf already installed. Of course, for such a young colony it was fine, but Felipe forgot what it was to settle a new town. It was his friend, Lady Elysabeth, who took the responsability of the new MAESTRO settlement in Berelli, and Felipe de la Manzana didn't stay too long in the island. So he knew few of what to do to develop a new town. The only thing he was sure of, a new town is needing money, and food ! A businees in which Felipe was master. The fishing boat was just arriving with captain Santiago. Felipe yeld a "Yohoo !" Santiago answered joyfully, the fishing party was, again, a lucky one... - Welcome Sir ! Said Santiago landing the wharf. - How do you do ! Take an apple ! Welcomed Felipe, Santiago declined the apple politely. - I thought your business was more developped here ! continued Felipe. - Ah! No ! of course not ! we are in a very young settlement here in Quinnsville. But what are you doing here ? you are not only here to see me ? Are you ? - No, No I am here to hire some of the best scientists Lord Smaugton could find me to study the Ténotclaxcans. I think they are hiding some secrets about my quest ! - Ah great news ! you are progressing though you lost the Appleseed, I thought you would let it go... - No ! I will never give up this quest ! Interrupted Felipe. - Ok Sir, I did not want to bother you... - No worry... I have to leave... I am going to see those scientists. So good luck with the fishing wharf here, and goodbye. - Thank you Senor Felipe ! Goodbye. Concluded Santiago discargoing his catch. To be continued in Tomsche part... I am continuing the mad quest of Felipe and I found a collaborative work to do with Tomsche, a.k.a. Lord Smaugton. I hope you will enjoy it.
  25. Felipe de la Manzana, after an excellent trade run, (see here for more informations) sent a letter to Lord Smaugton in order to hire scientists to study the Ténotclaxcans myths and legends. He was still hoping to find a clue concerning the Golden Apple with these stories. It was also the occasion to meet and help a new MAESTRO fisherman who wanted to settle his activity in Cocovia, the Quinnsville island, because of the known abundance of Swordfish. Felipe head sail to Quinnsville. Arriving around Cocovia, he saw his new friend, Captain Santiago. His reputation of a lucky man was true as he was already at work to catch a splendid Marlin ! The fish fought well, but the two men in their bright new skiff, La Espada, managed to kill the Marlin. The fish was bound to a hook alongside the boat and brought to the port. Santiago was awared that sharks could be a threat and tryed to eat his catch. He protected his Marlin firing at those predators with his flintlock pistol. A game that he his good at... Seeing that fish party, Felipe was happy to see that MAESTRO's investment in La Espada of Captain Santiago was an excellent idea. He decided to meet the young lucky captain to help him develop his fishing wharf in Quinnsville, Cocovia. “Luck is a thing that comes in many forms and who can recognize her?” Ernest Hemingway, The old man and the sea. This little fishing boat is a Class 0 ship (Skiff) I am licensing with Captain Santiago in command. Of course, the fishing party and the captain name are an Homage to Hemingway text. Though, I decided to choose a younger captain for story purpose. I tryed another hull technique, but the sails are not custom sails, they are old official LEGO sails. I hope you will like this little skiff.