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Found 30 results

  1. nine09nueve

    Ugglug is HERE!

    Lets get a great new range of Historial based themes/sets/builds back in TLG's conciousness! "The future is bright... The future is green... The future is armoured... And it sits on 2000 pounds of evil smelling tusked terror! This rider was one of the strongest and meanest in his tribe and has spent its entire life fighting whilst riding the fierce War Boar, which naturally brought the attention of Ugglug the Orc, scourge of Middle Zealand. Having been hand-picked personally by Ugglug himself, and kitted out in the finest armour scavenged from a hundred different battlefields, this Orc is now one of Ugglug's closest lieutenants, a trusted member of the warband known as Ugglug's Armoured Orcs. If you see it on the battlefield, beware! Ugglug and the rest of his band are sure to be close at hand!" But my desire is still the same - build MoC's / themes / sets in order to inspire and stimulate the lego community to get TLG building more pure medieval / fantasy / castle themes... as opposed to mech/medieval fusion.
  2. GhostBusters, Dana Barretts Apartment This is my Lego Ideas model of Dana Barrett's apartment from the eighties classic movie Ghostbusters I Have made the model as near to movie accurate as I could get, I spent a lot of time viewing the film footage and cross referencing from screen grabs, The apartment features several times throughout the movie and the set dressing changes on each occasion, so I have combined all occasions into the model. The features of the set are as follows three mini figures Dana Barrett, Pete Vekman,Terror Dog Terror Dog arms to attach to the arm chair Additional 1X1 Triangle pieces to create the carpet ripple effect Additional pieces to create the apparition in the fridge All the furnishings of the apartment, Piano, Tables, Books (etc) This is one of my favorite scenes in the film I believe this Lego Idea would really compliment the ghost busters Lego sets that are already available.
  3. Buddy010702

    [MOC] Case Steiger

    This is a MOC I have made based off of the steiger line of tractors. I have decided to put this project on Lego Ideas, and was hoping many you could support it. I am striving for this to become a Lego set. I do understand that there is less of a chance for this to become a Lego set because it is Technic. I would appreciate no negative comments about this Technic creation being on Lego ideas. Only constructive criticism please. If you could share this around, or just support it. Every supporter counts! Here are a few pictures of the model: Link: This MOC functions include: Lights All wheel drive Articulated steering Working steering wheel Openable hood to reveal a in-line 6 engine Working PTO A VIdeo of the Tractor: Thanks for the comments and support!
  4. Chilis

    Retro Arcade & Games

    Hi everyone! I`ve just put my Retro Arcade & Games MOC out at Lego Ideas. This is a design I´ve made by my own and I wanted to catch a kinda middle-1990`s-feeling of games and LAN. My brother founded a Internet Cafe back in 1995 and it was the first place in our town to offer LAN gaming/LAN parties and easy internet access for everyone. PacMan was a 80`s thing and I don`t know about you but I sure played the game a lot into the 90` as well. That is the reason for a potential mismatch. There`s three coin-op machines in the 2nd floor. It`s easy to add more by removing the LANcomputers. I`m born in 1979 so I remember both decades very well and have a lot of good childhood memories. The pictures speak for themselves but I`ve used a 16 x 32 baseplate and the building consist of approx 850 pieces. I think this would be a fun and great addition to any Lego City! Thank you
  5. Hey Guys! I found this cool MOC of a Lighted train signal by "camlegofun"! I couldn't get the picture as it is on Lego ideas (link removed) As a Train Fan this is a Great Idea for a product! Come Check it out! Thanks for reading, RailCo