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Found 74 results

  1. Hi everyone! After some very kind words from users here in regards to my large black (but a bit boring) CMF Display Stand (HERE), I wanted to share with you the display stand I made for the LEGO Movie CMF figures. There was no question for me that the Movie minifigures should get their own stand, since they are not part of the main CMF lineup (remember when these were rumoured to be Series 12?). So with that in mind, I had decide on how to display them. Using the amazing LEGO Movie logo was a no-brainer! The 'THE' is my favourite part of the logo! The logo is a separate unit to the minifigure stands and looks really effective as a MOC when displayed on its own. The yellow and black tiles that you can see at the front and back of the logo are part of a support plate structure that prevents the logo from overbalancing and tipping forward or backwards. The logo was the easy bit compared to the rest of this MOC. I had a lot of trouble thinking of a way to display the Minifigures around the logo and what I kept coming back to was the 'construction' theme of the movie and of the posters in particular. So with that in mind, I went with the idea of scaffolding and made a kind of scaffolding framework that would stand underneath the logo and curl around it. The scaffolding uses 304 of the 'Light Sword / Wand' parts in light bluish gray. Getting each of the eight stands to be identical in size and shape required very careful and precise use of a pair of pliers (suitably padded) to insert each wand to the correct depth. Pushing one wand in too deep or not enough would alter the shape of the individual stand. I learnt this early on when my second stand was a different size to my first. I had to scrap them both and start again, using a larger frame made of plates that fit around the stand, making sure the insertion depth was consistent between stands. As I did on my previous CMF stand, I printed out custom stickers with the character's name and applied them to 1x4 white tiles to act as nameplates. Thanks for looking! You can view the full album on Flickr HERE.
  2. Anyone seen this yet? I think if he's an important enough character to have his own poster and his own ride, it should be a set. Anyone else hopeful we'll get something like this?
  3. I am fixated on the Super cycle, so here is another version of one. I wanted it to have a crazy amount of lights and be blacked out for the most part. I also made the custom "Police" decals on the white pieces. Comments and criticisms are welcome, thanks for looking.
  4. Here is a Moc of the SSP Swat team truck stretched with crazy lights. Comments and criticisms are welcome, thanks for looking.
  5. Here is my first MOC. Just got back into Lego’s after 30yrs thanks to the Lego Movie. Comment and criticism’s are welcome, thanks for looking.
  6. Panda Guy doesn't knock. Looks like Panda Guy brought a friend and a... ...wait. Uh-oh.
  7. It's a colorful explosion, the likes of which are rarely seen in a LEGO set. I'm talking about… Set Title: Cloud Cuckoo Palace Set #: 70803 Theme: The LEGO Movie Pieces: 197 Minifigures: 3 + two creatures Year of Release: 2014 Price at Release: USD 20 Just browse the pictures? Flickr set INTRODUCTION This set always looked like a must-buy. Crazy bright colors, crazy cute colors, and the main characters (with Wyldstyle's hair, unlike the Melting Room) in a cheap set? I'm sold. So how does it stack up in person? Let's find out! BOX Not even Friends sets have this many colors. This box is a burst of bright, cheerfulness. It might hurt some people's eyes, but it makes mine very happy. The back of the box doesn't show much of anything different from the front. You either want the pretty colors or you don't. If you couldn't tell, the set comes with Unikitty, Emmet, Wyldstyle, and a suave-looking robot named Executron. His name sounds like an old Space theme. CONTENTS Oh my, the colors! Already this looks like a lot of fun. The front of the instructions show more of the beautiful bright art for this set. My instructions had a printing error in them - bunch of parts on top of the pink arch disappear for a while, and then come back. Not a huge issue, but it doesn't happen that often that instructions have errors so it's always interesting to note. MINIFIGURES To some the minifigures in this set might not seem all that exciting, since it's just Emmet and Wyldstyle again and they come in other sets. This is the cheapest set in which to get Wyldstyle's hair (not counting the collectible series), so that's cool, and Emmet has an exclusive head that I'll discuss more below. The Executron looks pretty cool and snappy too. This Emmet has his own scared expression, and Wyldstyle has her reverse angry face. I really wish Wyldstyle had also gotten a different pair of expressions in at least one set, but oh well. Hers are good as they are anyway. In this set Emmet has some type of tracking device on his leg symbolized by a red stud. Wyldstyle's hood is nice as always. Exectron sadly has no back printing, but he's in a simple suit and doesn't really need any. Here's this Emmet on the left compared with the Emmet that comes in all the other sets. The happy expression in this set is so much better. I really don't like the eyebrows on the other happy face, and this one just seems so much more pleasant. I much prefer the scared Cloud Cuckoo variant as well. The more common one is silly and all, but the Cloud Cuckoo one feels much less annoying and seems reasonable. I could see using it in a variety of MOCs, whereas the regular one will almost always make a MOC funny. Unikitty and the snail are excellent, cute creatures. Unikitty gives off very whacky vibes, and the snail is just plain cute. Unikitty is basically a 2D creature so she looks the same from the other side just without a face. The snail gets some green stripes on his back, making his look more interesting. EXTRA PARTS The extra parts are great in this set, since there are a bunch of small bits in unusual colors, and having more of those never hurts! You even get an extra printed eye-piece. SET First up is this little catapult to launch pretty transluscent flowers. It makes use of a yellow life preserve (actually with the same construction as the "scope" on the Flying Flusher plane), and fires pretty well. Here's the palace! Sure it's really just a wall, but what a wonderful wall it is. It kind of looks like if LEGO made a CandyLand theme, this would be a set from it. The "cloud" base looks convincing as clouds, and even though there are a lot of different colors mashed together, it seems to work. Often I might critisize a set for using too many little bits, but I love the use of 1x1 round tiles here. The plethora of colors makes it look like beautifully colored stone-work. The big sun looks nice too, as do the printed dishes and flowers. Really, everything is quite on-point to create a beautiful model. The one "play feature" is that you can turn the gears to make two things spin at once. How much fun is that? Not really all that much I'd say, but it doesn't intrude on the look of the model so why not have it. COMPLETE SET and CONCLUSION The Cloud Cuckoo Palace is an unusual and striking set. The model is really quite lovely, and the parts selection is tremendous for anybody that likes fun colors. The minifigures included are nice too, especially the Emmet with better Emmet face and complete Wyldstyle with hair and hoodie neck-piece in a cheap set. I'd recommend you pick this one up. It's worth it!
  8. In Russian we call LEGO as "ЛЕГО"! Lost in Translation (LEGO Movie Parody) by vir-a-cocha, on Flickr
  9. Hello there everyone! After watching The Lego movie on the 9th, I noticed that in the movie, Metalbeard has some differences to the Metalbeard in the set: 70802- Metalbeard's Duel. I decided to change it to be more "Movie-accurate" (I apologise for the bad quality photos) Front: Back: I noticed there was a 2x4 dark grey plate on his back in the movie: Source image: Hope you like my 'mod'
  10. Do you need some minifigs? And grey parts, ya. Set number: 70801 Theme: The LEGO Movie Theme group: Licensed Pieces: 122 Minifigs: 3 RRP: £ 11.99 / US $ 12.99 / € 14.99 Price per piece: 9.828 p. / 10.648 c. / 12.287 c. Introduction Hello everybody! I enjoyed the LEGO movie a lot and that`s why i bought new set about this film. It`s my first review on Eurobricks and i hope you will like it :) Let`s begin.. So, the name of the set is "Melting Room". All pictures are clickable! Box The box is square and compact. Unfortunately, picture of the minifigs is not visible :( But i have another photo: Back side show us capabilities of the set. Instruction is very small: New piece: Content - Minifigures My favorite movie character - Lucy :) Emmet: Robo-SWAT: Quick attack! "Follow me" The box was completely filled by three bags, instruction and grey plate. Extras Conclusion Design: 8/10. Simple but recognizable design. Parts: 9/10. Useful good parts all around - if you need a lot of grey parts. Build: 9/10. Interesting build, so much cool details! Minifigs: 10/10. Awesome minifigs, especially Wyldstyle :) Playability: 8/10. There is many ways to play in this set! Price: 9/10. The price-per-piece is good for the set with size like that. Total: 53/60. Small but great set with awesome minifigs - what else do we need :) Thanks for watching!
  11. The Lego Movie Build Event returning to TRU 4/12! By popular demand the 'Build Emmet's Car' event has returned. I attended the first and it was a riot. Not enough supply to meet demand. Apparently this time they're more than prepared. I heard the manager at my local store say they had 'hundreds' and my TRU is pretty rural. I missed out last time, but since the people at my local TRU are awesome, I got mine this evening. But if you want to get some free bricks, or do something fun with the kids, it's free, and takes place at your local TRU from 12-2 tomorrow. Be aware, the model does NOT include a minifigure.
  12. camberry234

    Lego Movie Inspired Build

    This is a mech built only with the pieces from the forklift from Cargo Truck 60020
  13. JopieK

    Overpriced Coffee Van

    Since I don't think I have the time to make an April fools day joke set so that is why I share it now :) The Overpriced Coffee / Coffee Chain delivery van! Awesome! Cups, beans, cookies, all supplies for the CC store. Driver Leo shows some cookies and doughnuts, where else did you think Homer would get his from?! The hand trucks are a bit hard to get (but... at this moment some are available at Bricklink ;)). Ready for another delivery!
  14. This topic is for you to post which your favourite Minifigure from the Lego Movie Collectable Minifigure series is, and any reasons why. I don't know how to add a poll, so just leave your opinions below
  15. Hello everyone Instead of making different threads for each item i sell, i will put everything in here and will update it each time i add something. I will be selling items across all themes and with new 2014 sets approaching, ill be adding items from them soon with the best prices around(i always check to make sure my fellow Eurobrick'ers get the best price ) I only have a few items to sell right now but will be adding more soon so make sure to follow this thread. Please feel free to PM me about any questions you might have. thanks Lego Movie Cloud Cuckoo Palace 70803(no Emmet or Wyldstyle) my son got this set as a gift and like most 6 year old boys would think, there's too much girl colors $10 212th BATTALION UTAPAU CLONE TROOPER LOT 8X $22. That's only 2.75 a figure!(best price online) On request I will even replace 4 of the new blasters with 4 regular blasters for people who don't like the new ones. More Items Coming Soon
  16. JopieK

    Overpriced Coffee Café

    I have created a concept for a MOC inspired by the LEGO movie. It should be inline with the modular buildings that my wife has :) You can also see the inside here. Since I already designed the stickers (my imagination worked quite well ;)). They will be on the doors, there will be signs on the brown plates 2 x 4 and of course I have a stickered outfit for Larry and even a female version (Lenny). Still working on a Delivery Truck (with Leo). Hope to build it in real life soon :) To give you an idea: I still need to design the face for the large mug on the roof.
  17. Hi all! I wanted to start a thread about TLM. I haven't seen it yet, but I think everyone knows that the main figures are called Master Builders. From White Space guy and Johnny Thunder, to Batman and Green Ninja, the Master Builders are the main figs from our favorite themes. So, which Master Builders do YOU own? I don't have pics, but I'll start us off: White Space Guy Red Space Guy Swamp Creature Ms Scratchin Post Emmet Wyldstyle Batman Superman Wonder Woman I'll upload pics when I can, but for now, which MBs do you own? (Note: If you choose to include unofficial MBs, make sure there are 10 or less, and please provide a reason for considering them as such.)
  18. Endgame


    Lord Business has been busy with a much bigger Micro-Manager... The Macro-Manager, ready to disassemble our heroes and (possibly) rebuild them into less of an eyesore. Heavily armored and quick moving (or perhaps Lord Business's cellphone hand is a bit wobbly), the Macro-Manager is a huge threat. Four sturdy legs allow it to scurry around, crushing two minifigures with a single foot. It's favorite strategy? Using one sharpened arm to pin down its prey, and another to dissassemble it. The Macro Manager rarely has any interest in rebuilding what it takes apart... It leaves that to Business' lesser office grunts. Will Emmet fall prey to Lord Business' finest manager? The Macro-Manager leading two other custom Micro-Managers into the fray, with the Micro-Manager from Metalbeard's duel tagging along for scale.
  19. Between 42000 and 42025, white panels should be getting more common (and hopefully cheaper on BL). To those two sets, add a non-technic one - 70810 "Sea Cow" from the Lego Movie: http://jaysbrickblog...-ahead-to-2014/ I remember seeing someone post a picture of another set with 8 (?) male CV joints in red, but can't find the post anymore. What other sets in non-Technic theme have useful parts?
  20. So I decided to challenge myself: could I take an existing set and, using ONLY the parts from that set, make a Lego Movie-style 2-in-1 vehicle to battle the Micro Managers? I decided to try on the Friends set "Stephanie's Cool Convertible." Here's what I came up with: The Micro Manager is about to get the puppy! Emmet helps Stephanie quickly convert her convertible into something that can defeat the evil robots! Will she make it in time? Front of the vehicle. I wanted to maintain a "car" shape while still giving it a sci-fi hovercar feel. Side view of the vehicle. The hover-mechanisms unfortunately don't hold on very well, so I had to secure a lot of pieces around them to help stabilize them. Unfortunately, they just don't stick to the SNOT pieces very well--they were intended to hold the front and back bumpers rather than something this heavy. It does hold, but it's less "swooshable" than I'd like for the parts in the set. I'm also a little disappointed with the laser-lamp. I definitely wanted the car to have a weapon of some sort, and I was worried that I was out of parts until I remembered the lamppost and the clip brick it came with. The best place to put it seemed to be above the vehicle. (If there were two lampposts, I'd have put them on the sides. With one, it seemed better to get it in the middle.) However, it rides a bit low, so Emmet has to lean WAY back to not get his head blown off. The undercarriage to show how it holds together. I admit that it's a little empty under there, but that's what I have for the parts available. I didn't want to "cheat" by using anything other than what's in the original set. Here's what's left over. Most of this was from the wash station which came with the car. I borrowed a few pieces from them to make the cannon and to secure some weak spots. Since the real 2-in-1 sets seem to all have some leftover pieces between builds, I'm OK with this. Your thoughts are appreciated! I hope you're all inspired to make some 2-in-1 sets out of your existing products. Go for it! That's what Lego is all about.
  21. Eurobricks and Brick Fanatics member Bricksan brings us the first picture of the complete Collectible Minifigures Series 12 line-up! Head to the Special Themes forum to discuss.
  22. Secret agents Ethan Reid and Benji MacWallace plot their perfect plan, but they face perilous pitfalls. Will it work? Thanks for watching!