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Found 92 results

  1. The evolution of my first LDD creation, Rx-013 Nova. Hope you like it!
  2. The Mugbearer

    [LDD/Render] Oxidized Monk

    Oxidized Monk by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Lore: This granddaddy has seen a lot in it's long life. There are still living witnesses on Fostral who saw it triumph in the big race from Incubator. They mopped the floor with those four boneheaded quizzers Zeexen on their right-on dragsters, and copped guns from them worth wads of beebs. Fortune lives in this machine. Creator's comments: So this is mechos, a fantastic vehicle from an old game Vangers made by Russian studio K-D Lab. So much memories... It's now available on Steam! If you brave enough, go and get it! And good luck on the roads of the Lost Chain. Also, the render took me 30+ hours. Reference image: Click
  3. The Mugbearer

    [LDD/Render] Sledgeshot

    Sledgeshot by yigitkoroglu by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Sledgeshot is an all-terrain scouting vehicle with ability to transform it's front legs into sleds for better speed in snowy regions where this machine is used the most. The original design belongs to yigitkoroglu from DeviantArt and I post this model with his permission and his logo built with bricks. You can find Sledgeshot's concept art here: http://yigitkoroglu....eshot-404878544 Don't forget to pay him a visit and check out his works for if it wasn't him, I wasn't able to construct this model. He gave me a great deal of inspiration.
  4. The Mugbearer

    [LDD/Render] Hard Truck Apocalypse

    Okay, so what the heck exactly the Hard Truck Apocalypse? Well, it's a videogame. A Russian videogame. Brought by Targem Studios, here in my country it was known as Ex Machina, but you guys probably know it as Hard Truck Apocalypse. And honestly, I like that name better. No reason to be mysterious. So HTA is about you being a post-apocalyptic truck driver and gives you a reasonable amount of a pseudo open-world to explore. To do so, you need to have a truck, and that's where HTA shines. It has five classes of trucks with a great amount of cabins and cargo holds to install, plus a wide variety of weapons. I love HTA for it's atmosphere and it's trucks. And I want to share my love with you by presenting to you these MOCs. Van Hard Truck Apocalypse - Van by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Van is a starter truck that is a gift to main protagonist from his father. This default Van configuration contains a simple cargo bay and Hornet-class machine gun mounted on the cabin. Reference Image Lorry Hard Truck Apocalypse - Lorry by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Lorry is a reliable truck that features high suspension and 4x4 drive. Although it's vastly used by traders, Lorry is still not really that well-equipped for lone trips and requires protection. The default Lorry configuration includes a basic cabin and cargo hold with a weapon mount. The weapon equipped is a general-purpose machine gun based on Russian PKT. Reference Image Ural Hard Truck Apocalypse - Ural by The Mugbearer, on Flickr You know that when you sit behind the steering wheel of this monster, things just got far more serious. Those who succeed, choose Ural for balance of it's carrying capacity and weapon customization. Big enough to get off-road if needed, Ural is the best choice for a post-apocalyptic trucker. This is the default and most common configuration of Ural, featuring a standard weapon mount on the hood and a medium weapon mount on the cargo hold. Featured weapons - a general-purpose machine gun based on Russian PKT (hood) and four-barreled heavy machine gun based on KPVT (body). Reference image Comments and critiques are always welcome, safe road to you, and play well!
  5. my last attempt to get some better result:
  6. POVRay was not bad at all, but rendering times are really big. It took more of 6 hours to get this picture :
  7. matt_one

    Gundam Chroma

    New head based on tests with real bricks. Gundam Chroma - model B Gundam Chroma - model B Gundam Chroma - model C Gundam Chroma - model X Gundam Chroma - test with head attached to an older project's body the real thing ( incomplete )
  8. Jason C. Hand

    LDD MOCs - Doctor Who TARDIS Collection

    Here once again to show off what I've been doing recently with LDD: I updated my TARDIS models because they still seemed too big to be truly minifig-scale. This time, I took cues from the models built by Mark Stafford over on MOCPages and this approach works better, even though the models do not have opening doors this go-round. Anyway, I hope you enjoy! Comments/suggestions welcome. LXF coming later this evening ;)
  9. RoxYourBlox

    MedCo Clinic

    flickr I have a hunch I'm pushing the limits on tastefulness of color combinations with this creation, but the intent was to blend alternate hues of Lego's staple hospital colors, red and white. And so without further ado, here's my attempt at a hospital in modular building scale, presented in perhaps not-so-glorious penicillin white, surgeon blue, and blood red: Front: Rear: Interior: Emergency: Recovery: Until next time~
  10. ket

    The Black Hole Cygnus

    Hi, New member here. This is my first LEGO creation made in LDD. In the future I hope to make the "real thing"... Anyway, it's a ship that, as far as I know, nobody has done before and after finish it I can understand why! There are some details like the piping that are not 100% accurate because of the scale and the "disponible LEGO pieces" but I'm happy with overall result. Thanks for watching!
  11. Sir E Fullner

    LDD Music Video: Sicillienne

    Hello, it's me. Obviously. Anyways, let's cut to the chase. As a small iota of you know, I do most of my LEGO animations with LEGO Digital Designer, mostly because I don't own a webcam and don't have the money to get one. With LDD, one can make minifigs of any type for the film. However, there are a few drawbacks. Mostly illegal brick movements. However, somehow I manage to make films, however good of quality they are. And here is my newest creation. This is a music video set to some classical music, like Walt Disney's Fantasia. And so, how about a Deems Taylor introduction? Romantic classical composer Gabriel Faure made a number of pieces in his lifetime. One of which was set to a specific dance, called the Sicillienne. Instead of a dance for this segment, the director decided to put it to a stroll through the Italian Riviera. An English squire and his lover are taking a stroll, and on the way they meet some vineyard workers, a fisherman, a pesky seagull, and a crab who looks like he's related to Skalldyr. Here is: "Sicillienne." I hope that you enjoy it! Please leave any questions or comments you have, and I'll see you later. Always entertaining, always inspiring, always:
  12. I want to design a car, but I'm only good at frames, I have no idea how to build a chassis. Does anybody have a .lxf file that I can download containing a non-Technic car chassis? The reason for non-Technic is because I don't know how to use Technic either.
  13. A few years back I designed a whole bunch of Hero Factory characters with LEGO Digital Designer. I haven't built any in quite a while, but I've started again, and I'm using extended mode, so I can use colors I couldn't before! I'm going to organize the heroes through series (1.0, 2.0, 3.0 [breakout], 4.0 [brain Attack]), then in teams as well, since in my older thread the heroes were all over the place. ‚Äč1.0 Zeta 1 Team: Leader: Webs Members: Rex, Webs, Shocker, Ripclaw Webs Gender: Male Weapons: Electroshot Bow, Sniper Rifle with laser sight Designation: Sniper, Leader Shocker Gender: Female Weapons: Electroshock Blasters Designation: Ripclaw Gender: Female Weapons: Reinforced Titanium Claw Designation: Scout Rex Gender: Male Weapons: Flame Welder Designation: Engineer 2.0 Zeta 1 Team 2.0: Leader: Webs Members: Rex, Webs, Shocker, Ripclaw Webs 2.0 Gender: Male Weapons: Enhanced Electroshot Bow, Sniper Rifle with laser sight Designation: Leader, Sniper Shocker 2.0 Gender: Female Weapons: Electroshot Blaster Designation: Ripclaw 2.0 Gender: Female Weapons: Reinforced Titanium Claw Gauntlet Designation: Scout Rex 2.0 Gender: Male Weapons: Flame Welder, Speargun Shield Designation: Engineer 3.0 *COMING SOON!* 4.0 *COMING SOON!* I'll be posting more very soon! Also, I'm not entirely happy with some names (they sound a bit generic), so if anybody has any suggestions they would be welcome!
  14. Attention, fellow LEGO Digital Designer users! Are you annoyed by how long it takes to get past LDD's welcome screen? Do you wish there was an easy way to skip the welcome screen every time you start up LDD? Well, I have a solution for you! First of all, either create a blank LXF file, or download mine. After that, it's as simple as opening that file instead of launching LDD from a normal desktop shortcut! (EDIT: Don't forget to set the "Read-only" attribute in the file's properties to prevent it from being overwritten!) But wait! I even came up with a method to launch LDD like that from the taskbar in Windows 7 and 8 (if you have it pinned there) while keeping the Jump List intact! Starting with an ordinary shortcut to LDD pinned to the taskbar, hold down Shift and right-click the shortcut. Then, left-click on "Properties" in the pop-up menu. Next, clear the "Target:" field on the Shortcut tab, then enter the location of the blank LXF file. Make sure to put double quote marks before and after the location. Example: "C:\Users\[insert your user name here]\Documents\LEGO Creations\Models\blank.lxf" Once you've entered the location of the blank LXF file, click OK. From now on, whenever you launch LDD from the taskbar, you'll go straight to the blank LXF file rather than the welcome screen. What if you're running Windows 8, and want to pin LDD to the Start screen? For that, I recommend Pin to 8, which will allow you to pin any file to the Start screen or taskbar in Windows 8. (Watch out for any fake download advertisements on that page! If you move your mouse cursor over a button and its URL contains "googleads," it's not the link you're looking for!) Happy virtual building! -Toa Of Justice EDIT: Here's yet another way to bypass LDD's welcome screen, courtesy of fgiorgi. With this method, there's no need to mess with shortcuts to LDD or blank files!
  15. I used Lego Digital Designer (LDD) to model a 1990 Jeep Grand Wagoneer. It features an opening hood (bonnet) and rear tailgate, a working V4 engine, and folding front seats. It uses 643 parts and has 216 steps in the LDD Building Guide. The LDD .lxf Building Instruction file is available for download via Rebrickable, or via SkyDrive here. I used the LDD to POV-RayTM Converter (LDD2PovRay) software for these sharp renders: The working V4 engine moves when the rear axle turns. You can see the Lego Technic elements used: The real vehicle looks like this (note that the camera created a slight "fisheye" effect and the proportions are distorted a tad): Here are some LDD screenprints of the 12-studs-wide, 35-studs-long, 9-2/3 bricks high model. One can see the slanted, folding seats and other details:
  16. I have a 1300 piece model of a steam locomotive in LDD (my first attempt at a steam locomotive). I want to order the parts to build it and see if there is anything that needs to be reworked. Is there a way I can repaint the model in LDD easier than going brick by brick? The reason I want to repaint it is so If I need to tweak it I can easily see what parts are new. If not, the alternative would be to use different colored bricks for the new parts. Thanks, Sal WFB, WI