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Found 78 results

  1. Dragrace scene made with just the pieces from Lego City 6044 Mobile police unit set LDD file with instructions available @ REBRICKABLE http://rebrickable.c.../60044-dragrace more pictures with the moc @ BRICKSAFE dragrace
  2. dignow

    MOC - Godwins Hollow City Hall

    This is another of the main buildings in our city - Godwins Hollow. We really liked the official city hall but needed something bigger so we expanded it. The inside of the building has lots of details - a DMV, jury deliberation room, court room, judge's office, mayor's office, city council room, and press briefing room. Hope you enjoy. You can see more of the building here and here and the park around the building here and here.
  3. The Laundry Mat is the second business on the same plot as the The Red Brick Pizza Oven. After the move we decided to remove Bill's Bike Repair Shop and insert in a new business that wasn't previously represented in the city - and Sydney thought we needed a laundromat. So here it is, hope you enjoy it... As usual there are more pics here and here.
  4. The Red Brick Pizza Oven was the first modular MOC that we built for our city. It was originally an amalgamation of three City Corner (7641) sets. Following the City Corner template there was a pizzeria and a bike repair shop on the same plot. At the time parts were scarce so the interiors were a bit sparse - even lacking tiled floors. So, after the move we had a great opportunity to give the old girl a bit of a face lift. The new building has a laundromat (to be posted shortly) instead of the bike repair shop and some minor upgrades to the internal facilities. Hope you enjoy. The old exterior... A quick look at the old interiors... And now on to the new shots! As always there are tons more pictures here and here.
  5. We just posted up the farm house and thought that it is best seen in it's natural setting. We've still got to complete a proper barn and silo and will put in some proper fields soon too. Short of those items most of the farm is in place. Enjoy. If you'd like to see more feel free to click here or here.
  6. The Lego Farm set (7637) was literally the first 'official' set my daughter and I started with. What started as a fun little set in the middle of the dinning room table has grown into what is Godwins Hollow today - in just a few years - so Lockridge Farms quite literally is the cornerstone of our city. This is the farm house in the center of the farm. As always, if you'd like to see more feel free to click here or here.
  7. This is the last interior redesign of the Main Strip Strip Mall collection. Our veterinary clinic has a small waiting area where you pick up pet supplies, the clinic area, and a small boarding area connected to a small outdoor dog run. Hope you enjoy. A quick shot of the old interior by the Brick City Depot folks. Our new interiors... As usual if you'd like to see more click here and here.
  8. During the move we've had a lot of opportunity to move things around, think about additions to the city, and of course update older buildings. Years ago we asked the great folks over at Brick City Depot to put together a strip mall for our layout. Originally located opposite our row of modulars the strip mall has floated around the layout a few different times. Most recently we broke it up a bit and the five original buildings (and one new one soon to be posted) are now flanking the soon to be built Main Street Plaza Hotel. The flagship store of the mall used to be a clothing store. Having several others in the city we decided to rebrand and repurpose the store into a photo studio and SAS Photo Studios was born. Below are a few photos of the build - hope you enjoy. As usual, you can see more here and here.
  9. After highlighting several of the buildings in the strip mall we thought we should post up a few shots of the whole strip mall together. The mall is situated around what will be the Main Street Plaza Hotel and since the hotel is obviously not done the mall as a whole has a few more pieces that need to be put into place but only after the hotel is up. Just making excuses for the unfinished nature of the layout area. For more feel free to check out our Flickr feed.
  10. The End Zone is the second (of four) building that is part of the Main Street Strip Mall that's getting an interior update. Unlike the SAS Photo Studio which was re-purposed the End Zone was simply re-branded and the interior beefed up a bit. Hope you enjoy. The exterior of the shop is the work of the fine folks over at Brick City Depot. The shop's old interior... The shop's new interior... The display in the front window... The store clerk and a happy customer... As always for more you can click here and here.
  11. Fancy That is actually a new addition to the Main Street Strip Mall. After the move we had a hole in the lineup around the new hotel's location and the costume shop plugged that hole right up. The exterior is meant to blend in seamlessly with the rest of the strip mall as designed by Brick City Depot and we went with yellow to keep the whole - every building looks the same but has a different color - theme. The interior of the shop is fairly simple and is being used primarily to display some of the collectible minifigs but we think it does the trick for the type of shop that it's supposed to be.By keeping it as simple as it is we've been able to really squeeze in as many 'costumes' as possible. Hope you enjoy. If you'd like to see more please click here or here.
  12. After the move the Flat Rate Courier Shop has been rebranded into DupliBrix Copy & Courier. The building is on the northeast corner of the Main Street Strip Mall so we knocked out a wall and added in some windows while also significantly beefing up the interior. As with the rest of the strip mall buildings the exterior is the design work of the folks at Brick City Depot. The art work is all original but was certainly inspired by the work of BrickBuildersPro. Hope you enjoy. Here's the whole shop from the top down... This is the old interior from Brick City Depot... If you'd like to see more feel free to stop by here and here.
  13. Since my LEGOing partner is also my 11yo daughter when the Friends line hit a few years back it was immediately decided that we'd have to work the theme into our city and the Bubble Gum Beauty Salon was born. Hope you enjoy. You can see more here and here. Thanks for checking it out.
  14. All cities need a creative outlet and a bit of culture. Godwins Hollow gets both at the L Art Studios & Gallery. The gallery is downstairs and the studio is up. You can see more here and here.
  15. Once we started joining online LEGO communities we found several really amazing hardware stores. Having the proverbial plethora of tools and other hardware store staples we decided to throw our hat in the ring too. Stewart's Hardware store is just about the only place in Godwins Hollow where the DIY Minifig can purchase these sorts of materials. Formally part of the East End Shopping District it's now located near City Hall. Here's a few shots of our store, hope you enjoy. You can see more here and here.
  16. This is actually the culmination of several builds as they came together to form a whole scene. Unfortunately, we've not decided where this will all live in the new layout so for the moment Godwins Hollow is without a beach party. You can see more here, here, and here.
  17. dignow

    Godwins Hollow - Moving In

    We recently had to move - we live in Kuwait and since we're not locals we can't own property so when the landlord says go you go. Anyways, it has afforded us the opportunity to setup a new layout in Godwins Hollow. We've got everything planned out and most of the existing buildings are where they should be but there is still lots of room for new! You can see more here and here.
  18. The good people of Godwins Hollow had to have a house of worship so St. Thomas Church came to be. Some folks don't take to the non-purist stained glass windows but when lit from the inside we think they're pretty neat. Hope you enjoy. You can see more here and here.
  19. The law offices of Pearcy, Luney, and Stewart are strategically located immediately behind the GHPD building in Godwins Hollow. Originally the building was located outside City Hall and only shared a wall with one building - hence the greenery on the other side. Since we've moved it has a new home but we liked the little planter box enough to keep it. We'll get some pix of it's new home up soon. You can see more here and here.
  20. This is the home of the Godwins Hollow Police Department. This MOC isn't exactly a modular as it was built to be a stand alone facility but it is modular in so much as the floors are all removable so the interiors can be viewed. You can see more here and here.
  21. This is a little dance studio for our city, Godwins Hollow. There are two studios, one for group performances and another for more advanced students requiring one on one instruction. Enjoy. You can see more here and here.
  22. This is the fire department in our city - Godwins Hollow. This MOC is basically alteration/extension of the Fire Brigade but it works well in our layout. You can see more here and here.
  23. Following the rest of or recent postings here's the Expanded Grand Emporium from our city Godwins Hollow. In our old layout the GE was in a spot that required an inside corner so we expanded it to complete that inside corner. We've got a bakery, groceries, clothing, electronics, furniture, toys, candy, and an arcade inside. Hope ya enjoy. You can see more here and here.
  24. 3BrickFriends

    Horse Show Layout MOC

    My daughter and I are building a Horse Show layout, featuring many of the Lego Friends horse-related sets from the last few years. We've been documenting it on our YouTube channel. I thought you might like to see the main house from our latest video update. Full details of both the inside and outside are in the video. Thanks for reading the post. We are very keen to get people's opinion and comments on the building and layout. So any comments on this forum or on YouTube would be welcomed. Thanks, Mike
  25. DesignerJSL

    Greetings from Grey UK

    Hi all Eurobrickers! I'm a great fan of Lego (or is it lego or LEGO?), ever since me and my brother were given a twin set of very large boxes of pieces from a relative. They have been our number one past-time ever since I was about five. I recently discovered LDD too, and now I have an ambitious project on to build a complete Lego City, using the official models and some of my own. Here is my best model, created with real pieces first, and then modelled into LDD: Red Dragon XRJ Blockade Runner LXF file BTW, if you're wondering about the title, it's a reference to the fact that in the UK we sometimes forget there is a sun... Thanks for reading! Des