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Found 78 results

  1. A quick unboxing and review of an unsealed 2008 LEGO City "Mail Van" - set #7731. The set comes with a postal van, mail box, and one minifigure.
  2. toycraft

    banners and display items!

    hello! i work at a small independent toy shop and while clearing out our old stock room we found a load of shop display items! we have various banners and a few giant mini figures bags (filled with foam i think?) is there much demand for this sort of thing or is trying to sell it a waste of time?
  3. badchriss

    Lego City Future - Surfin Beetle

    Well,technically this isn`t a MOC but rather a Mod....well,heavily modded if i may say so.The lovely little VW Beetle you currently can get in Lego Stores was sitting on my Desk for a few Days now and i really like it. The bright Blue is really an Eyecatcher.I thought about modifying it so a Minifig can sit in it,but this prooved to be quite hard,all i could fit in was an armless Torso with a Head. Well,while the Beetle was already into Pieces,i decided to spice Things a bit up (also,i needed those Wheels) and turned it into one of my "Lego City Future" themed Builds. 20170408_154745 20170408_154758 20170408_154806 20170408_154828 20170408_154848 20170408_154901 As you can see,i added the usual Hovercar Stuff to the Fenders. I also wanted to make the Beetle look old and rugged so i put in some mismatched Parts.The rear End got a classic "Stinger" Exhaust with a Pedestal on it so you can either sit on it while hovering over a Lake or the calm Sea and so you can also reach the Junk on the Roof. But don`t worry,all original Parts from this Set are safely packed away in a little Ziplock Baggie. So,what do you think of my newest Creation?
  4. KrazeMagazine

    Lego City Police Station Unbox and Review

    Hi LEGO fans, I'm from Kraze Magazine! We've recently recorded a fun un box and review video of the awesome new LEGO City Police station set! Check it out on the Kraze YouTube page by clicking HERE - it would be great to hear what you think! We're also giving away three LEGO City Police Stations! So make sure you go and buy Kraze Magazine Issue 65 which is in shops in the UK on 29th March 2017!
  5. A quick look at the new LEGO City Fishing Boat. Same hull as the 2011 model, but a much different design.
  6. I make LEGO reviews in 3 minutes or less. Here's a quick review of the 2017 LEGO City set 60148 "ATV Race Team". This set features a LEGO City pickup truck, two ATVs, a trailer and two minifigures.
  7. 2016 LEGO City Sets Check our more high-resolution images on our flickr photostream. 60105 60106 60113 60114 60115 60116 60118 60126 60127 60128 Check our more high-resolution images on our flickr photostream.
  8. The Future might be a shiny modern Place with flying Cars,Robots walking your Dogs and Trashcans bringing out themselfes for emptying. But we still have a sprawling Society in Lego City and the City still has all the Problems from the ancient Past.A high Crime Rate lead to Police State like Tendencies and Pollution and Trash is still a big Problem. Minifigkind still produces a lot of Waste and some of it might even be of toxic Nature. This is where the Toxic Waste Transporter comes in handy. The Containment Unit holds back pretty much everything and you can transport the Toxic Waste safely to the next Recycling Factory....well,unless you are a carefree highschool Dropout with a Drivers License and bump into everything. Those Valves are almost indestructible...almost.So better be concerned about the green Goo coming out of the Containment Tank. Well,this looks like a responsible Guy Ah Bricks!!!Spilling some toxic Goo isn`t that good. The "Belly of the Beast",funtional but not spectacular...
  9. Hello all, My name is Jacek and I am co-creator (with my friend) of custom Lego City Trains tracks, crossings and crossovers. Some time ago I purchased a 3d printer and shortly after it sparked an idea. Would it be possible to print some custom tracks that are not available from Lego or the production stopped some time ago (like the famous 7996 double crossover)? It turned out that it's possible, although requires some considerable amount of work and developing new skills. The results seem very promising - to the point that other AFOLs started asking me to print the parts for them. If you are curious, here's a short video showcasing some of the pars: I'm very interested in hearing your thoughts - is this something you would use in your layout? And more generally - do you think that custom designed parts are a good addition in the Lego builds and layouts? Perhaps in Technic builds? I know that some fans of Lego don't tolerate parts that don't have the Lego trademark on them - I'm ok with that of course. I hope that I'm not breaking the rules of this forum regarding self-promotion. I'm mainly interested in discussing the ideas, the needs that can't be satisfied by the original Lego parts and that could use some 3d printing help :) With regards, Jacek
  10. As a teacher and mom of two children (now 11 and nearly 14) I started Building Lego again (a little bit) when the Kids were smaller. But when I discovered the Modular Buildings at the Lego Store I really fell into Lego-Maniac. First I did not want to buy the houses but I looked at them for months and suddely...the town Hall was sold out! :-( Thas was a bit more than one year ago. Now I have got all recent modular Houses (Pet Shop, Palace Cinema, Parisian Restaurant, Detektive Office, Brick bank), the older ones (Town Hall, Grand Emporium, Fire Brigade) and bricklinked versions of Green Grocer, Cafe Corner and Market Street. I built a few MOCs (a church and a school- of course a school- I am a teacher) and MODs. We do not have much space in our rooms and we have got a very friendly dog who is like a hurricane to the Legos, so most of the houses have to be hdden in boxes and just my favorites sre displayed on shelfs. In Summer we built a large Lego town called "Steinhausen" and next Summer we will do the same. I hope one day I will get a room for displaying the town all time... I know I am not the best builder, but my Kids and I did our very best and so I want to show you our Lego Town "Steinhausen". I hope wou will enjoy our Summer Layout!
  11. I`ve been very busy the last few Dayws and yesterday i planned a new MOC. It still only exists in virtual Form but i`m collecting Parts to build this Bus in real Bricks. You can clearly see i used the classic red Doubledecker Busses from London as an Inspiration,removed the Wheels and added a whole lot of scifi-ish Stuff to make it float. I worked around 5 Hours on this LDD Model and the Rendering for all Pictures (exept the one with the Lift) also took about 15 Minutes each Pic. As usual i took a regular old Car and upgraded it with modern Hover Engines to make it fly.Since the Double Decker Bus is a big and very heavy Vehicle,the Hover Engines needed to be a bit bigger.They can swivel up and down to keep the Bus stable and are very safe.Maybe your Hair gets messed up if you go too close to the Engines but otherwise it`s fine. The futuristic Routemaster Bus also lost the narrow Stairs to the upper Area and replaced it with a small Elevator,now older or handicapped People can go up there too The Undercarriage also holds a few Details and some simple Greebling I wouldn`t mind getting some Comments,Critics and maybe some Ideas or Advices what i can do better. And before you ask:Yes,a matching London Cab might be in the works :D
  12. tweetsie12

    Polar Express Made!

    Hey Guys! So, I have made a Lego ideas Project based off of the Polar Express. The Polar I made and takes a lot of inspiration from the Lego city trains. Here's the link to the project page: Fun Fact: Locomotive is Tender Driven, and houses 2 power functions train motors for extra power.
  13. ST3AG

    [MOC] The Suburb

    Hello everyone! It's my new MOC - The Suburb There are the little diner, parking place for a car, the trash container. The police car. The civilian car. Thanks for your attention!
  14. Hey Guys,i made a new futuristic Vehicle to fit my Lego City Future Theme. This Time it is a not so ordinary Police Cruiser. The Design was heavily inspired by pretty much every Movie that has flying or hovering Cars. I`m very satisfied with my Build,the Car can be swooshed around easily,is very sturdy and has a nice Weight.All i have to do now is to add a red Hovercar so the Cop inside the Policecar (yes,a Minifig with Police Hat fits easily in there) has something to chase around. As you will see in the Pictures,i also made a good Use of those pesky Super Jumper Thingies.They might be bad for your Minifigures,but they are perfect Stands for a Hovercar.... So,what do you think of my newest Build?
  15. Hello, with the Lego City design team I talked about police stations, the new ferry, (missing) baseplates - and the future. Best wishes Andres
  16. My video review : Lego city Work Station time-lapse really want to know you guys's opinion Support me, subcribe the channel if you guys like it :D I will review more about lego :D
  17. Hi all, Yes, I am a 'new' member here, kind of. A few years ago, I lurked and dabbled with emerging from the dark ages. However, I never fully escaped its clutches. Now, I am back and raring to go. Motivated by two kids who love Lego, I am really interested in having a city layout in our hobby room. For those interested, my name is Ian and although I was born and raised near Manchester, England I now live just outside Stockholm, Sweden. Jag kan pratar lite svenska men inte så mycket! Im much better in English, especially when it is typed as you don't have to tolerate my accent! The lego room was looking great until last week, with some tables laid out and a train track in operation, but alas, last week returning home with the temperature around -20 I found a leak, so currently have to redecorate the whole of the basement floor after it dries out. Interested in chatting with anyone, and especially keen to nosey at peoples city layouts. Live the dream, Ian
  18. tommi5

    Hospital in Lego City

    I built this creation, because I think there isn't enough lego sets like this. You can only find fire and police stations among the lego sets. So please support my Lego Ideas project: There you can find more pictures.
  19. This is our mod of the Palace Cinema. Before the PC was released we had The Main Street Cinema but were so taken with the facade of the Palace that we decided to try and make our interior fit the new exterior. Our old theater wasn't a corner building so that took a little working out but in the end we only expanded the given Palace structure a few studs to make everything fit. We were very pleased with how well we were able to meld the two buildings. Hope you enjoy. You can see more of the theater here and here. Thanks.
  20. Hectorin

    MOC lego fire truck

    Hi this is my new vehicle for the fire department its an small fire truck that is for 2 minifigs in the interior and 2 more at the exterior I really love the detail becouse its inspired on a lego pick up i made and i just use as mold to add the back part that has all the fire men equipment I wish you like my truck and this is the first one for my fire deparment the idea is that this one was fast and compact for a fast operation here is my flickr :)
  21. In order to make room for the future home of the Godwins Hollow Regional Airport we had to get most of our planes in the air. Since tossing them back and forth didn't turn put to be a long term solution we decided it was better to try and hang them up. We still have a three man flight of the Agents' jets to hang but everything else that is going up is in the air. Pics are below or you check them all out here.
  22. So its been about a year since the last time we took stock of Godwins Hollow's growth and all in all it's been a pretty good year. We've renovated several areas - the Red Brick Pizza Oven, the costume shop, courier, and sporting goods store. We've added a travel agency and post office. Lockridge Estates and Lockridge Farms both got a makeover and we're sure there's a few other things here and there. Anyways, this is where are little city stands today. For all of the pics please feel free to stop by our Flickr page.
  23. Peteris_Sprogis

    [ MOC ] Lego City #60069 Forest Office

    alternate from the Lego City #60069 set all pictures at Thanks for watching! Peteris
  24. erlogerik

    Side Tipper Road Train

    Hello all, I want to share with all of you this MOC that I designed in LDD and posted in the Lego Ideas page. If you like it please support me here!
  25. BaratiProductions

    Brickflick LEGO Music Video

    This is the first of 8 brickfilms I will be releasing over the the next 8 days. LEGO Let's Go is a music video I produced for LEGO with LEGO. Enjoy! If you have any questions I will be glad to answer them.