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Found 194 results

  1. Built by my 11 year old brother. Kendrick, Basil, and his companions are traveling on a remote and rather narrow path. Little do they realize the danger around them: Suddenly they are ambushed by bandits: Kendrick tries to defend himself, but Basil runs off: Meanwhile one of the bandits grabs the horses reins and another holds Kendrick's friends at bow point: Kendrick is quickly overpowered by the villian: Almost before they realized what had happened, Kendrick and his companions were being marched off by the bandits: One of the scoundrels drove off with the wagon and horses: to be continued... He would greatly appreciate any C&C, thanks for looking
  2. Built by my 11 year old brother. Kendrick set up camp after catching a fish and is now cooking it over a fire. Basil is nibbling on some brush: He would appreciate any C&C
  3. Mark of Falworth

    (LCC)[Moc] Restoring Justice

    This is my entry to the 4th Global Challenge of the Lands of Classic Castle Roleplay. Mark of Falworth and his mighty host laid siege to the equally mighty Lenfel fortress that barred the way to Stonewald. After five days of constant artillery bombardment, the walls were breached only slightly. Just enough for two men to pass through at a time. The Loreesi had a severe time pressure, for to delay even for a week would give the armies of Lenfald time to gather in such force that there would be no chance of escape. So, Mark of Falworth hatched a bold plan. As there was no time to build a battering ram or siege tower, Mark equipped his War Elephants with short ladders so that they became living armored siege towers! And dismounting his Heavy Knights and re-mounting them on the elephants placed his finest fighters within easy reach of the fifteen-foot high wall. The infantry charged towards the tiny hole in the wall, which was thickly filled with furious Lenfels. To clear this obstacle they shot Loreesi fire from a portable tube-pump. The surviving Lenfels hastily withdrew into the courtyard. And on top of all this, five Areani Knights suddenly appeared out of nowhere behind the walls and began cutting down the astonished Lenfels still trying to defend the breach. All these factors combined led to the remarkably speedy overthrow of a castle that was once deemed impenetrable. And Mark of Falworth continued on his quest... ...For the Glory of Loreos! Also check it out on Flickr! And be sure to check out the Video! Thanks for viewing and have a great day! :)
  4. Sir Edwyn

    Elvyrston Castle

    Here is My first ever freebuild for GoH, and The start of a collaborative series with soccerkid. Now I know this does not seem very winter-esque, but please keep in mind that this is southern Mitgardia in the summer time. Enjoy! Sir Edwyn, Captain of the Royal Guard of the was dispatched to oversea the final stages of the construction of the new Elvyrston Castle of Southern Mitgardia, and to leave behind the first troops who would garrison it. Three days before he was scheduled to leave, he received a mysterious message instructing him to return to Valholl immediately. Perplexed, but loyal to his king, he packed his possessions and set out from the Castle, leaving his second in command in charge.... The series is being housed in this Flickr group. We may add more members to the project, but for now it is us to alternating installments. Stay tuned for soccerkid's build! C&C welcome!
  5. Mark of Falworth

    [MOC]The Battle of Drearcliff Pass

    Built for the "Epic Contest!" over on Flickr. The empire of Brigadar, with their usual ferocity and cruelty, took by storm the smaller nation of Lietemi. Few escaped the occupation, but a very few did. Including the crown prince Connura, who fled to the kingdom of Anselm for safety. The Brigadarians demanded that Anselm return the prince or suffer the consequences! Anselm refused to send the noble prince to his certain doom, the Brigadarians promptly declared war and attacked the knights of Anselm at Drearcliff pass! Can the heroic knights of Anselm defend themselves from the awful onslaught..... .....Or will they to succumb to the terrible knights of Brigadar!? See all the pictures in the Flickr set, or on Mocpages! Thanks for viewing and have a great day!
  6. Here's my two part entry to the 9th Local challenge of Loreos. Part 1 Part 2 More pictures on Flickr. It's also really easy to follow on Mocpages. Thanks for viewing and have a great day!
  7. Mark of Falworth

    A Humble Crossing.

    Mark of Falworth returned from the Magic Isles with the infuriated Desert Prince, who promptly ordered his lords and vassals to fortify the province from any outside attack. Like many other Loreesi nobles, Mark traveled north to the border of Lenfald. Moving along the river that served as the dividing line between the nations, Mark and his companions found a small and overlooked bridge. One of the knights remarked, "We could destroy this bridge, but then our cavalry would have even fewer places to cross over. Yet if we leave it be, the Lenfels or Garhims could have a whole army over this bridge and into Loreos in a day. What shall we do?" Mark replied with a broad smile. "Change the bridge so that we may cross at any time yet prevent our neighbors from doing the same. " "But how shall we do that?" "I will show you, step by step." A freebuild intro to my LC IX entry. Thanks for viewing and have as great day!
  8. I gave a presentation on how to build lego landscape at my local lug today. I'd like to share it and maybe get some feedback as well. Thanks.
  9. Mark of Falworth

    (LCC) The Purge Conclusion.

    The backstory. The three "good" factions in Roawia, (Garheim, Lenfald, and Loreos) decided to join forces and "purge" the magic islands of their evil inhabitants, but things do not always go as planned... Prince Jarius of Loreos stormed into the agreed-upon meeting place, fuming at the lack of support in the latest battle. The Loreesi had gone forward with the attack, expecting reinforcements from their Lenfald and Garheim allies, but had been mowed down and slaughtered when none came to their aid against the heathen foe. He strode up to Lord Triphian and Jhirian Eindrik. He pierced their eyes with his flaming gaze. "How is it that the Loreesi must fight alone, while their allies bask in the shade?! I lost 300 of my best knights, while you all relax!" The Lenfel Lord, replied hotly "I remember nothing about being asked to help thee fight this battle! And If you had brought more soldiers, you wouldn’t have to beg for our help so often!" The now-infuriated prince unsheathed his sword in a flash, and it would have come to blows but for Jhirian Eindrik. Silent until this moment, he boomed "Now this is insupportable! Stay thine arm, desert prince, for you are among equals!" Piqued, Lord Triphian yelped "I can defend mine own self, thou over-bearded Garhim!" Jhirian Eindrik did not reply, but turned a deep shade of purple and sent the Lenfel leader a smoldering glare. Enraged, Jarius charged from camp and ordered all the remaining Loreesi troops to immediately depart from the magic isles... The attempted purge was over as soon as it had begun. Now more serious problems have arisen... war looms once again on the horizon of Roawia. ________________________________ I was also experimenting with taking a picture of a LEGO MOC with a real life background. That's right. No editing. Thanks for viewing and have a great day!
  10. Blake Baer

    [MOC] WarScape Volume 4

    Hey all, Some of you may remember my previous WarScape creation ( In case you missed it, WarScape is a microscale castle adventure that is built in a modular form, and each module has a little substory attached to it that connects to an overall story. Its incredible fun. WarScape Series: Volume 1 by Sean and Steph Mayo Volume 2 by Blake Baer Volume 3 by LukeClarenceVan Anyhow, here is volume 4 (for the other volumes, look above)! Please enjoy. Thanks for all the support and encouragement over the years. God bless, -Blake WarScape Vol4; Chapter 1 of 5 by Blake's Baericks, on Flickr WarScape Vol4; Chapter 2 of 5 by Blake's Baericks, on Flickr WarScape Vol4; Chapter 3 of 5 by Blake's Baericks, on Flickr WarScape Vol4; Chapter 4 of 5 by Blake's Baericks, on Flickr WarScape Vol4; Chapter 5 of 5 by Blake's Baericks, on Flickr
  11. Mark of Falworth

    High Tide Vengeance...

    A continuation of my pirate story. Previously. After Mark of Tortuga and his crew escaped the clutches of the Spanish soldiers, the Spanish Captain addressed his first officer thus, "Tal suerte horrible! The laggards have escaped us this time!-" The first officer interrupted "But not for long Signor! We can row ashore and finish the dogs off, yez?" "An excellent idea, Fernando! Have the men get the boats ready at once!" And so the majority of the Spanish troops rowed to the island. Meanwhile, the pirates saw what the Spanish were up to. Captain Mark called a 'war council'. "The Spanish will be comin' after us soon after that warm reception they gave us! But we'll chastise them for their churlish actions! Soon as they be enterin' this here clearing, we'll surround them from all sides at my signal." "What be the signal, Cap'n?" "A bullet to the first enemy head sighted!" Captain Mark snarled. To be continued. Arrr.. Thanks for viewing and have a great day!
  12. Here is My entry to The LCC Global Challenge three Part 2. Please excuse the bad pics.
  13. Sir Edwyn

    Some of Castle MOCs

    Hey all I am new to these forums but am quite active on both Flickr and classic-castle. I just wanted to share some of my latest creations as a way to introduce my self. Illianaro Castle The Stirrings of War Enjoy!
  14. Built for the Heroes Guild of LCC, Level: Journeyman(2) "Your hero slaying a monster." Mark of Falworth won a major victory in the Siege of Lost Souls, The Outlaws were thrown from the massive walls and the fierce Dragon was finally forced to flee before the swarms of knights. The casualties were numerous on both sides. And the Castle was soon abandoned by the crusaders as they didn't want to leave a garrison behind in enemy territory. A fortnight later, Mark of Falworth and his companions Vaasco Suariz and Gonsaluus Petri (both valiant knights of the realm) were on a simple reconnaissance mission, when they spotted a huge object in the sky. They quickly realized it must be a Dragon, indeed it was the very one they had faced only a little while ago. It was careening right towards them! Vaasco shouted, "Forsooth, my liege! Let us with due expedience make our way towards yonder thicket that we mayest avoid the fierce Dragon, which would seek to do us grievous ill!" "Nay," replied Mark, "For yonder dragon did accept battle on my terms, so will I accept battle on his terms..." Gonsaluus interrupted, "But sir, verily even the bravest of knights would not dare to battle a dragon single-handedly, especially considering every knight's life is needed for the cause." “Thou speakest wisely Gonsaluus, but this dragon, surnamed ‘the cunning’ for his shrewdness of brain, can still be defeated by clever stratagem.” Mark winked at his companions, then dismounted from his horse in one fluid motion and marched alone towards the beast. The dragon, with a great flurry of its wings, landed a few yards away and breathed a blast of flame at the knight. But Mindarus the dragon was too far away for the fire to have any effect. Especially since Mark of Falworth was clad head-to-foot in steel plate armor... Mark jeeringly called out to the monster, "I bid thee good day, fine fellow. But, sink me, I cannot feel the heat of your fire! are thou still out of breath from the beating I gave you two weeks ago?" Hearing this rebuff, The Dragon lunged forward with a furious snarl, And inhaled deeply so as to scorch Mark to a crisp! Mark leaned back as if about to be struck... And at that instant, just before the Dragon breathed forth the flame, he hurled his sword straight into the throat of the vile creature! The monster reared back in shock and pain. Then, turning its head to the heavens, let loose a roar which shook the earth for miles around as blood and fire shot towards the sky. With a low moan and a deep shudder, the beast slammed into the earth, its head at the feet of the triumphant knight. As the brightness faded from the dragon's eyes, Mark said "Take no offence, sir dragon, But thine head will make a most worthy present to the King." And so the evil dragon, Mindarus the Cunning, was defeated by the equally cunning Mark of Falworth For the Glory of Loreos! Thanks for viewing and have a great day!
  15. Mark of Falworth

    (LCC) The Siege of Lost Souls

    (LCC){GC3} Part 2 Part 1 The Prince of Loreos instructed Mark of Falworth to take a strong body of troops to the south of the terrible Magic Island, and there besiege a certain fortress of great strength and evil reputation... After a brief barrage of artillery both sides quickly realized that the walls and towers were much too strong for the small amount of catapults that the crusaders had brought overseas. So, after a fortnight's labor, the besieging army constructed movable towers and ladders to scale the walls of the castle. The well-trained, iron-clad knights of Loreos fearlessly charged towards the enemy walls! Arrows, war-cries, and screams filled the air as the ladders were thrown in place. Meanwhile, the great siege towers rumbled their way forward. The defenders' arrows and javelins were useless against such machinery. Just as the siege tower bridge slammed onto the parapet, and the victory of the crusaders seemed certain, lo and behold, a mighty dragon swooped in and crashed onto the wall. It spewed a searing hot stream of flame right into the astonished knights! Taken by surprise, the knights nevertheless dauntlessly resumed their charge, straight towards the ferocious beast! In this siege of Lost Souls, who shall prevail? _________________________ This was so fun to make! I haven't built a big siege in a while. See more pictures on Flickr.
  16. Mark of Falworth

    CCCX Aughnanure Castle

    Standing on a wind-swept peninsula on the western coast of Ireland, Aughnanure Castle is the chief stronghold of the O'Flaherty clan. They are just now receiving an important visitor, Mark O' Tipperary. Aughnanure Castle is based on a real castle of the same name in County Galway Ireland. This is my second entry to the Castle Category of the CCCX. Thanks for viewing have a great day!
  17. Mark of Falworth

    CCCX Pursuit in Blackhand Bay

    This is my first entry to the Miscellaneous category. Be sure to check out the Video! During the first Outlaw Crusade, Loreesi and Lenfel fleets scoured and harassed the coasts and the swamps and marshes of the Outlaws. They attacked any vessels they met. Here we see two Loreesi war galleys chasing down some smaller outlaw craft. This one was so much fun to build! :D I like nothing better than palmtrees and war galleys filled with knights! ;)
  18. Mark of Falworth

    CCCX Avalanche at Deadman's Gorge

    Built for the CCCX. Three merchants by the names of Laurence, Watkins, and Ellerbee, were traveling to the city of Lyme by way of the high road. However, when stopping at a local inn, they were informed that a hostile army had camped on the road ahead. Dismayed by this information they inquired if any other route was to be taken on the way to Lyme. After hearing several different and ridiculous options, and consulting their map, they decided to take the trail through Deadman's Gorge... They later regretted their Ill-Advised Journey. _________________________________________ This is my first entry to the "An Ill Advised Journey" Category. This build is inspired by many great builders around the community. It's been a great first year guys! Thanks so much! Have a great day!
  19. Mark of Falworth

    (LCC) Everard lodge.

    I'd like to present my latest MOC, "Everard lodge". Built for the MocOlympics. I used custom leaves from alt Bricks I would certainly recommend you check them out! More views and descriptions on both Mocpages: ...And Flickr: Thanks for viewing, and have a great day!