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Found 194 results

  1. Activity- Exploration. Location- Mynderis - A04. Previously, Mark of Orion saved Captan Brutus from the Malicious Munchmoid on Jurin II. In reward for his brave service and quick thinking, Mark was promoted from the exploration dropship team to a new solo mission. Mark was sad to leave his comrades but the new pay grade was definitely a must. Not eating at the maggot-infested cafeteria was pricey at best! Mark's next mission, to try out a new MANTIS™ prototype vehicle. Arachtis Strider M2 The Arachtis Strider M2© has just come out of the diabolical labs of MANTIS™ HQ. Unlike most conventional vehicles, the Strider has six independently-powered limbs that propel the saucer--style body. Made from a mix of Durithium composites, the strong but flexible exoskeleton provides a durable frame for the softer bioengineered core. The "feet" are based on the same cell structure of the tentacles of the Garctaloid of Yallorn II, which can send sensory information to the control panels while providing excellent support and superior grip. But this unique transportation mode is not just for show. The Arachtis Strider can traverse even rough terrain at 85 MPH. And the 9 Awesomnium-powered thrusters means that this craft is capable of effectively flying in upper level atmospheres and beyond. The designers believed interplanetary travel in the current Strider model is possible, though dangerous due to the vehicle's small size and weak debris shields. Understandably, Mark was very excited to man the first expedition in the Arachtis Strider M2©! His first mission was on the currently uncontested planet of Mynderis A04. neither Octan nor Kawashita were believed to have any operatives on the surface. As Mark touched down on the crusty plain, he felt for the first time what is must be like to be a 20-foot tall alien bug! "Ohohoho! This thing is FUN!" The location Mark had been posted was on the northern tip of the volcanic planet, here the temperature was well below freezing and the lava flows and eruptions were less frequent. The advanced computers immediately began to direct Mark to curious object on a rocky slope. On closer inspection, the purple edifice gave off large amounts of energy and radiation. Probably Awesomnium! "Time to try out the feet." Arachtis Strider M2 on Mynderis A04 Mark directed one of the limbs to rest on the larger crystal in the center of the mound. The computer immediately read out, "Content: Crystallized Awesomnium 98%, Basalt ash 2%" Mark smiled. This tech was useful. "Nice! I wonder how deep this crystal thing goes..." "Approximately 1300 feet." "Haha! This is awesome!" "Incorrect: The content is 98% Awesomnium." "Yes, yes! I know! Hmm... Where are those humor settings..." To Be Continued! (Begin commentary) Well, I didn't have much time this week, but I did have a friend over on friday and while we were building and tinkering with the LEGO I managed to come up with this bug saucer thingy! Reminds me of War of the Worlds, even though I've never seen the movie or read the books! Hopefully next week I'll be able to DESTROY reply to all the MANTIS™ Haters!
  2. soccerkid6

    [M-F02] Underwater Plunder

    Location: Lesser Drigo, F02 Tags: Vehicle, Piracy Job: Driver Start Log: For once I had two missions in a row on the same planet, though this time I got to use the MW-4 Mech to do some underwater pilfering. The MTD's that Double D had snuck into Octan's water purification plant had given us the location of several other Octan water filtering devices. It was an easy matter to access some of the shallower locations, and then use my mech's powerful arm to grab some Octan machinery. I'm sure our scientists will enjoy tinkering with it, and when they're done, MANTIS will have a pre built water purifying system. The MW-4 mech features moving legs, a working claw and missile launcher. It was fun using a bunch of assorted parts in 4 different blues for the landscape. C&C welcome
  3. David FNJ

    [M - A06] Battle on Guinevere

    Location: A06 - Guinevere Tags: A06, MANTIS, Military, land vehicle AG: Battle on Guinevere by David FNJ, on Flickr Dave Daring------Starstriker---------Ninja Nin------Mark of Orion----Paul Bricktron--Scorpio Starstriker--Isaac Redsyn-----Little John-------Ace Jagjit LET'S DO THIS THING! Watch out for that dropship! It's got missiles! Wow...uh, why don't our robots target it? much for the robot upgrades.... That blasted robot is in my way from firing at the dropship! Yeah...and now it's headed towards us.... Maybe if the robot would only aim its weapon TOWARDS THE SKY!! I think I got a shot at this! Turning death ray to medium power.... It's too late! Here it comes! I knew I should have picked the death ray...wait... BOOM! OH YEAH! That's what I'm talkin' about! That was just AWESOME! Way to go guys, that was close. Double D! A Kawawiwhatever is coming up on your right! Thanks LJ! The air is now clear! I've been able to pick off a bunch of troops and blow up some of those drones from back here. Let's finish this! Man...didn't get to use my death ray mode... Oh look, NOW our robot is starting to work. I guess it only does well when there are no airships? That's kinda lame. ............that was easy enough. I guess that's what happens when MANTIS is on the battlefield - TOTAL DOMINATION! And...uh, is anyone else's stomach feeling a little icky today? Anyway, Ace, I need you to help blow up a bunch of these Kawashita drones things. I'll be sending you the coordinates once I get back to the dropship. I'm on it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Note, this story takes place right before Ace Jagjit's build: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=110912 The spoiler has some black light shots, close-ups on the machines, and minifigure-free landscape shots. AG: Battle on Guinevere by David FNJ, on Flickr
  4. Today on Galactic Geographic, Episode 1 On Hunston life begins to awaken in Spring. Winter has been harsh and the warm air and water beckon all kinds of life to begin again. The water full of rich nutrients sprounts a bright green algae like substance that enriches all plants and animals that feed on it. The Water Blossom Tree blooms bright pink flowers on large soft lavendar leaves while the Neo Jellies glide peacefully in the water below. On the steep sharp sides of the mountain peaks, made of nutrient rich lava soil from the volcanoes that formed this beautiful landscape many an eon ago, bloom the fragrant Teeney Flowers and Wandering vines. High above on a plateau blooms the beautiful but deadly HarvestMe Plant. If one were to attempt to actually harvest this rare bush like plant to eat the unfortunate would find himself the meal instead. This wondrous place seems so peaceful and would be if not for the bright yellow tusks emerging from deep inside on of the old lava tubes. As the beast beneath awakens with the spring also, so begins the harsher side of or be eaten...that is the way of life here. Hope you enjoyed your visit to Hunston. Top photo is correct size and the bottom photo is 28x28. C&C always welcome.
  5. Spencer's Diary, 21 Junali, 3815 Midsummer's Day on old Terra. Funny, really, it's a fairly meaningless concept when you find yourself on a new planet every week, each with its own unique year and idiosyncratic seasons. But somehow this date always seems like a marker to me, a time to reflect on what has gone before and whether our path is taking us where we set out to be, or has somehow strayed into stranger regions than we thought possible. Some years this date was found me in harsh, hostile places - that lava moon back in the outer rim, or taking cover from solar flares on New Mercury. On days like that, you do wonder how you ended up there! But other times, just sometimes, you find yourself in a place of breathtaking beauty. This year's like that; at least from my initial approach, Arium Major seems like an unspoilt paradise. The cliffs that ring the globe where the ocean meets the polar continents almost looks like somethıng from Old Terra, before the wars and the environmental reconditioning. All in all, perhaps I am in the right place...
  6. Target, A-06 Guinevere Mission 3-A The land of Guinevere transitions from dry desert land to rocky, lava filled streams. One thing the two climates share is pure heat, and gold. Finding that gold will push Kawashita to the top of the corporate ladder. My first micro-scale moc, interesting to do
  7. soccerkid6

    [Challenge 1] Asteroid Belt

    Location: D02, Barker's Folly Tags: Exploration It's hard not to be impressed by the natural beauty of this asteroid belt, all the awesomnium ripe for the picking doesn't hurt either... I don't do many all LEGO scenes, usually opting for a complete 'model' rather than an immersive picture, so this was rather fun
  8. Location: A06-Guinevere Tags: Exploration My first sight of Guinevere was of its rolling sand dunes. There appears to be rock formations protruding out of the sand, I'll have to take a closer look at them. This was a fun build, getting the rocks to stick out of the sand at an angle was a bit of a challenge, but I think it turned out pretty well. C&C very welcome
  9. soccerkid6

    [M-A06] Truckloads of Gold

    Location: A06-Guinevere Tags: Vehicle, Building Job: Driver Start Log: I wasn't surprised to be stationed on A06, after MANTIS' successful infiltration of the planet, I knew that drivers would be needed to help gather gold. Some MANTIS engineers had quickly erected processing plants to separate the gold from rock. My task was to use the T-7 dumptruck to haul loads of gold to transport ships that then delivered it back to MANTIS headquarters. This mission I even had a co-pilot, Massi Editoro, who would man the truck's cannon in case of attack. MANTIS didn't take any chances when hauling gold, even dumptrucks received serious firepower. All in all, a pretty fun job, but the desert heat seemed to mess with my stomach... T-7 Dumptruck: Maintenance rover: The processing plant and dump truck actually work!
  10. LittleJohn

    [M - A06] Lavafall on Guinevere

    Location: A06-Guinevere Tags: Exploration Job: Explorer My next mission for M.A.N.T.I.S. was to scout out Guinevere. I was told I would love it there, that it would be like a vacation... Suffice it to say, it's not my definition of a good spot to vacation, unless you like boiling lava and rock. Needless to say, I wasn't impressed, besides, the smell of sulfur did nothing to help my feelings of nausea. I grabbed a few samples of rock, (I'm sure the scientists back at HQ would have liked some of the black stuff, but I was going anywhere near that lava) and set off to try and find a part of Guinevere that wasn't 1000 degrees... More pics can be seen here: Link As always, C&C very welcome
  11. Location: A05-Yallorn II Tags: Vehicle, Exploration Job: Driver Log Update: After operating the TR-2 Mining Rig, it was a welcome change to use the T-4 Buggy to scout ahead on planet A05. The individual front and rear suspension soak up even Yallorn II's mountainous terrain, and it's one of the fastest vehicles I've driven. The scouting expedition itself was mostly uneventful, I ran across a few small aliens, but they scampered off quickly. I made sure to keep an eye on them though, as harmless looking creatures often turn out to be anything but that. The T-4 Buggy features working suspension, and the ability to swap out modules for different missions. Weapons module for scouting missions: Cargo module: Secondary cockpit module: I tried to capture a rocky moss covered look to represent Yallorn II's mountainous landscape. C&C welcome
  12. soccerkid6

    Katoren Gatehouse

    This is my first module for my collab with LittleJohn. It was an interesting change to try a middle eastern style gatehouse, and I'm quite pleased with the result. The gates actually work and there's a full interior. Katoren's main gatehouse receives much traffic from vendors, nobles, and visitors heading into the city. Gates closed: There are more pictures here: link C&C welcome, and there's more of Katoren to come
  13. Hi everyone! Just thought i'd share my latest Architecture build, in case anyone in here would find it interesting. It's a scale model on Richard Neutras Lovell Health House, a modernist piece from the late 20's, based in California. A house which was also featured in the movie L.A Confidential best wishes -Mat
  14. This is a counter to Kai NRG's build: link LittleJohn countered Garmadon's build here: link The design was based off of JKBrickwork's ballista and medieval ballista images. The ballista uses only official LEGO parts. Two twisted 'fishing pole' strings are what gives the ballista its shooting capability. The Ulander's fiery darts were proving rather devastating, punching a hole in the outer wall of Ras-el-akhen. But with each shot their ballista grew drier and more flammable, until as one of them lit the bolt for the next shot, the ballista burst into flame: Video: It shoots 18 inches, not counting the distance the bolt slides after it hits the ground . Otherwise, about 2 feet. I put K12 as the location in the title, to mirror Kai's post. I'm not sure if the attack was moved to a different location, as Ska has it listed for H5 in the guerrilla thread. If you see something out of order per the challenge rules, please let me know. C&C welcome
  15. soccerkid6

    Darraor Castle

    Credit for the tree design goes to Brother Steven. This is my second largest build ever at 64x48 (plus the border), and weighing over 21 pounds. It was built over a period of 8 days. There's a full interior, and the castle doors work. Sir Glorfindel attends a feast held at Darraor Castle, a Mitgardian fortress located near the Avalonian border, the feast was supposed to promote diplomatic relations between the two guilds, but not all of the guests seem pleased about this: View from a tower window: Check out all the details here: http://brickbuilt.or...raor-Castle.php Your comments and constructive criticisms are always appreciated
  16. sander1992

    [MOC] Kashyyyk

    Hi everyone, This is the first Star Wars MOC I post on Eurobricks. It is almost four and a half years ago I made a Star Wars MOC. I was an exhibitor at an event in the south of the Netherlands. The MOC is inspired from the scenes of Revenge of the Sith and the landscapes from Legoland Germany and Denmark. The landscape is 2 by 6 XL plates big and it has a lot of details. When I see landscapes of Star Wars, I see mostly Endor, Hoth or Christophsis. That is the reason why I wanted Kashyyyk. Here is the link to the pictures. Comments and/or feedback are welcome. It is the first Star Wars MOC in years. Sander
  17. LittleJohn

    Gravensteen Castle

    This was my entry to the large miscellaneous category, of the CCCXII, over on Classic-Castle: The keep's interior: Lots more pictures here All C&C appreciated
  18. My Phase 1 build for the Inn category in AoM. I hadn't done a snow scene in a while, so I built this quick build for fun. The icy water technique was inspired by Simon S. Mulled cider is a popular drink in Mitgardia, and it is often delivered in barrels via horse drawn carts or wagons. There are a few more pictures here: link C&C welcome
  19. LUG Brasil was invited to display some Middle Earth LEGO at an Anime convention in Rio de Janeiro. Due to space constraints we had to combine Hobbit and LOTR in a single layout, which proved a bit challenging for the geography/chronology freak in me. Not sure whether to tag this as a MOD or a MOC, because the landscape is a MOC but most of the actual builds are MODs or even original sets. Anyway, here is how it turned out. The left side is intended to represent the Battle of Five Armies from The Hobbit, while the right side is the Battle of Helm's Deep, from The Lord of The Rings. Bag End and the major characters' minifigs were also included upfront, just because people love them so much. This was a last-minute decision, but really helped attract people to our table and was probably the most photographed part of the layout. Hobbit + LOTR @ Anime Wings by preuss, on Flickr For the Hobbit side, I've built a mountain to better display the Dol Guldur sets - there are 2x 79014, 5x 79011, 2x 79001 and 1x 79015 scattered over there. In front of that, there is a Mirkwood Elf outpost made of 5x 79012 and 1x 79004 next to a mixed Lake Town / Dale made of 2x 79017, one 79013, one modded 79016 and the guards from 32x 30216. Some of the polybags' builds were modded into the little catapult boats. There's also a 79002 somewhere to help with the scenery. On the LOTR side, there is a 9474 on steroids (I essentially increased the tower, raised the terrain and did some landscaping around it) 2x 9471 and the mandatory 10237, plus an extra Ent and half of a 9476. The Isengard area ended up looking pretty poor due to bad planning on my part - if only I hadn't left the rest of the 9474s at home, it would have looked much better. Please let me know what you think. This was my first public LEGO display and I'd love to know how it could be improved. I've already learned a lot of DON'Ts while unsuccessfully trying to transport parts of this one to an out-of-state expo, so any tips to help moving big landscapes would be greatly appreciated as well. Best, Julio
  20. Here's an elderly fellow. His life spanned around this washing machine he once came by. He even built a house right next to it. He was a happy man. And a very clean man... Inspired by everyday life, and the Moomin stories.. ! I hope you like Do please swing by my Flickr. I'm rather new there, so i would appreciate it! : )
  21. soccerkid6

    Knor Interstellar Outpost

    This build is for the Interstellar Outpost contest on Flickr. The idea is to build a one-man starfighter, landing pad, ground support vehicle, and comm station that together form a space outpost. I don't build sci-fi a lot, so this was a good challenge. After so many Castle builds, using lots of bright colors was really fun. The starfighter's wings rotate with a twist of the knob on top, to switch between flight and hover/landing mode; it also has a functional landing gear. The tanker truck has working steering (also operated by the knob on top) and 'suspension'. The comm station has a full interior and the landing pad doubles as a storage area. And just for fun, a picture with the colors inverted: See more pictures here: C&C welcome
  22. soccerkid6

    Great Elk Longhouse

    Continuing the collab between myself and MKJoshA. I wanted to try another Norse style wooden building, and decided to do a longhouse with belltower. This was my first time using this wall design (which is SNOT tile paneling in between 2x2 round pillars), and I'm quite happy with the effect. As always there's a full interior. After the rather unsuccessful first attempt to try and convince the Great Elk clan and the people of Teridyan to work together during their recent food shortage, Wyndor and Glorfindel traveled to the Longhouse of the Great Elk Clan for one more try. They were still unable to convince the Clan to try and help, and were just preparing to leave the hall when a clansman rushed in. "Sound the bell! There's a dragon attacking the village," he gasped. The men quickly seized their weapons and rushed outside to find a medium sized Frost Dragon approaching the hall itself. Two Teridyan soldiers who had been passing through the village were trying to hold the beast off, but one had already succumbed to its icy breath: The dragon put up a fierce struggle, but the clansmen, Glorfindel, and Wyndor were able to kill it without losing any men. Though, the soldier who had been struck by the beast's breath lost the arm holding his shield to frostbite. Wyndor was first to speak after the dragon finally collapsed, "Well Dain, what do you think now? These Teridyan soldiers just risked their lives to defend your village and people. Surely the Clan can continue to help supply food for the city." "I suppose we might be able to give them a hand, " Dain replied gruffly. "But how will we get enough food for our own village and Teridyan?" "Perhaps you could train some of the men from Teridyan how to hunt and trap," Glorfindel suggested. "Or organize a trade route with some of the cities or clans less affected by this famine. Between Teridyan and the Clan you have many able bodied men to work with, I'm sure something could be arranged." More pictures of the build: Without figs C&C welcome
  23. soccerkid6

    Daydelon Sheep Farm

    My phase 3 build for the Farm category in AoM. I think this is my best half timbered house yet. As always there's a full interior, and the door works. There are many farms located on the outskirts of Daydelon. Several of which are sheep farms. The loom outside the house so you can see it better: More pictures can be found here: link C&C welcome
  24. Mark of Falworth

    The Battle of St. Lucia.

    [pid][/pid] 256D The Battle of St. Lucia by Mark of Falworth, on Flickr Really enjoyed this one. Landscapes are my favorite. Thanks for viewing and have a great day! More on Flickr.
  25. My Phase 2 build for the Farm category in AoM. This landscape was a nice change from all my recent snowscapes. A sheepfold is a common sight in the southern regions of Mitgardia. They provide protection from the weather, wild animals, and thieves, usually they consist of a palisade with a lean-to shelter: More pictures: link C&C welcome