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Found 194 results

  1. Snarling, exhaling putrid hot air, the stone dragon approaches. Its footsteps shake the ground as I cower in fear, unable to move. It reaches me. As the dragon opens its mouth, preparing to attack, a strange thought enters my mind. The dragon, in a way, seems almost familiar, as though it were an old friend. But it does not regard me as a friend; the friend - the dragon - engulfs me with flame. I come back to consciousness in the graveyard, still half-able to feel the heat of the dragon's fire. I've had the same dream, every day, for weeks. For weeks I've been trying to interpret it, to make some sort of sense of it, but all my efforts have been a failure. This time, though, it was more vivid than before. I shake my head; it's useless to dwell on such thoughts. Trying my hardest to forget the dream, I walk solemnly to my parents' graves. A couple of old builds from the summer that I never got around to posting here. Some additional photos of the builds: Thanks for viewing!
  2. My entry to Category C of the Frozen Beyond. While unused to the sudden winter brought on by the Algus, the soldiers of Kaliphlin quickly realized how effective one of their fire wagons powered by the famous kaliphlin oil, was to drive the icy threat back. C&C much appreciated
  3. With bands of Algus roaming Kaliphlin, there have been an increasing number of reports of strange weather. From some of the caravan routes, reports have even spoken of fairly deep snow! Many animals are perishing due to the hard conditions, so the Kaliphlin vultures are thriving. I would like to claim the following UoP credits for this build: Brickbuilt animal #2 [Agriculture and Zoology] Brickbuilt animal #3 [Agriculture and Zoology] To be continued... ...with the burning of the tar pits to repel the Algus. Unedited image, if needed for the judging:
  4. The dream was back. A stone dragon, advancing on me, as I stand, unable to run away, cowering in fear. I've seen it so many times that I know it by heart. I'll wake up as soon as it closes in on me. I am about to look away, bored of having the same experience every day for weeks, when I realize that something is different this time. The dragon's eyes are closed. The eyes have always been open before. Bright red eyes, piercing into me, bringing me fear at first before I began to grow used to the dream. Is that why it's different? Do I only keep seeing this because I need to feel fear, because I cannot allow myself to grow comfortable? Is the dream merely a product of my subconscious trying to scare itself, or is it something else? As I try to figure out what the meaning of this new image could be, its eyes open. And that's when I realize why the dragon had felt so familiar before. The eyes belong to someone I know. * * * The misty air cools my skin as I walk briskly over the bridge at Hagron Swamp. The swamp is a place of mystery; I have never been here before, and my parents had never told me about it. Yet, ironically, it is the home of the person who everyone in Morkerna know about: Gremlon. For months, after our adventures in Nocturnus, he has been more reclusive. In the past, he had clung to me constantly, like a shadow, watching my every move like an overprotective parent. Now, this change is almost frightening. For months, I had wondered why he had drawn away from me; now, I believe, I know why. * * * The flimsy porch creaks loudly as I step onto it. Gremlon is not in the treehouse, yet he has claimed that this is where he goes when he is away from me. Lies. It is these lies that have aroused my suspicions of him, these lies that have brought me to loath him. As I begin to curse the lying wizard, I hear footsteps from behind me. It is Gremlon, strolling across the bridge, looking shocked to see me here. He starts to speak, but I cut him off, grabbing him and slamming him against the wall. "What the hell is going on, Gremlon!?" He stares at me, feigning perplexity, so I continue. "Why have you been leaving me? What aren't you telling me!?" He still maintains the same blank stare. Finally, I snap. "My parents weren't killed by supporters of the Desert King, were they? You killed them!" It is the only reasonable conclusion I could reach after seeing his eyes in the nightmare. It must be true, it must be because I need it to be true, because I need to have someone who I can punish for my parents' deaths, and I want to hate Gremlon, and so I tell myself that he is guilty. He must be. "Come on, Elisa, you know I didn't kill them!" And I do know, and what he says is true, but I cannot allow myself to believe him; I must hang onto my illusion of his guilt in order to satisfy myself; I must attack Gremlon, hurt him. Or I can do what is right. Because even as I want to blame Gremlon for my parents' death, I also want him to be innocent, for our old relationship to be restored. I let go of him and walk away, mumbling an apology. Another pair of builds from last summer that I had intended to post here earlier but neglected to. Hagron Swamp (the base of the tree) was a fun experiment in mood and colors. My favorite part might be the lever plants (or perhaps the colors), and overall I think it turned out pretty well for a one-day build. The treehouse was definitely the more difficult of the two, but I'm also really satisfied with this scene. The hardest part was probably the trunk texturing, but I think that it looks a bit better here than in the swamp. Also, I quite like the architecture of the whitewash section on the left, with the arches on the bottom and the angled beams on top. Thanks for viewing!
  5. Since oil has proven to be an effective weapon against the Algus, the Council of Barqa has decided to set fire to a number of tar pits despite the economic implications. The black oily smoke has proven to be effective in deterring the Algus and reverse the effects of their weather manipulation, of which one effects are that it has been snowing in Kaliphlin. Together with the other measures used throughout Historica to fight the Algus, the hopes and prayers of the people of Kaliphlin is that these frosty invaders will retreat to their frozen hell in the north once again. I would like to claim the following UoP credit for this build: Forced perspective [General Building (Other Techniques)] Photo spoilers: The lighting of the fires was accomplished by using a blacklight and a long exposure time, as you can see in the photo below. Since using only the blacklight makes all the other colors strange, I also mixed it with a bit of flash illuminating the other parts. The hard part was to find a suitable mix between enough blacklight to light the fires and enough flash to not make all the other bricks too purple or blue.
  6. LittleJohn

    Benoic Farm

    Thanks to de Gothia for letting me put this build in Benoic! As usual on the farm, there’s much to be done: feeding, watering, and milking the goats, feeding the chickens, and most importantly: heading back to the house for some breakfast. Lots more pictures here: Link C&C very much appreciated
  7. Hullo, all! Welcome to my first post of 2016 (woot woot!) Here follows commentary. The funnest part of this was trying out a border with one stud's width on the sides. It's kinda hard to put in words. Thus, the entire bottom is SNOTed. There is nothing new with the tree, but I was able to use Ninjago/Chima (?) blades for icicles which convey a nice fantasy look. One of them is not really visible in the pic though. That's about the sum of it! Thanks for viewing :) The pooling of money had still not covered the cost of lodging, and thus, Knorle was sent forth to find food for the landlady. A particular delicacy for Knorle was mushrooms, and as everyone from rural areas know, they are best picked at midnight. That night, he found himself outside the city walls at ten-thirty. After half an hour’s hard searching, he found them, cradled beside a small rock face. They were huge, and Knorle could hardly contain his excitement. Setting down his two bags (one with a rabbit inside), he quickly knelt down, and with the utmost care, sliced their stems. As he trudged back to the relative safety of the walls, he hoped that this would be sufficient for a day or two.
  8. sander1992


    Hello all, I have built a small creation based on the Aquazone series from 1995-1996. The landscape is 48x48 tall and it contains several sets from the series. I tried to create the landscape according to the pictures from the catalogs from that time. I used a lot of blue slopes and modified bricks to create the rocks. The landscape was also shown at a small event Megabricks in the Netherlands. A few pictures of the landscape. Here a picture from another angle. Next pictures gives a better look of the base and the surroundings. I also used a few lights in the caves. The next picture shows the light in one cave. More pictures are on my Flickr account. The pictures are also on my Brickshelf account. Questions and comments are welcome. Sander
  9. Here's my entry to Category B of the Frozen Beyond contest: The Wild Yxen is typically only found in the northernmost parts of Mitgardia, but the unusual cold of the current winter, has seen many migrating well south of their general habitat.They're known for their bulky, furry build, and while not usually an aggressive animal, their brute strength and sharp tusks can be quite dangerous: C&C welcome, I do have more GoH builds coming within the next month, including one that may be my best build yet
  10. LBaixinho

    [MOC] Gata's Hideout

    O Esconderijo da Gata (1) by Luis Baixinho, on Flickr I built this MOC for my daughter and is inspired in a story created by her. Gata is an heroic warrior that helps the people from a small town. She lives in a cave in a mountain near the town. O Esconderijo da Gata (3) by Luis Baixinho, on Flickr The construction opens so it's possible to see and play in the interiors. There are a sleeping room, a training room and a small kitchen. O Esconderijo da Gata (4) by Luis Baixinho, on Flickr O Esconderijo da Gata (7) by Luis Baixinho, on Flickr At the top is a tree that serves as a lookout post. In the roots is a small cache with a treasure. Esconderijo da Gata (8) by Luis Baixinho, on Flickr More pics here.
  11. An entry into the Forbidden Fortress category of the Colossal Castle Contest. A collab between John (LittleJohn) and I: John built the landscape, while I built the fortress. The build is based off of the story of Beren and Luthien from the Silmarillion. There's a full interior inside, and the drawbridge is functional. Sauron's werewolf form, and Huan were both inspired by Dunedain and Blake Baer. Luthien and Huan, the Hound of Valinar, rescue Beren from Sauron's fortress of Tol-in-Gaurhoth. Sauron takes the form of a werewolf to battle Huan. "Therefore he (Sauron) took upon himself the form of a werewolf, and made himself the mightiest that had yet walked the world; and he came forth to win the passage of the bridge... But no wizardry nor spell, neither fang nor venom, nor devil's art nor beast-strength, could overthrow Huan of Valinor; and he took his foe by the throat and pinned him down" (Tolkien 175). Gates and drawbridge closed: There's a lot to see, so check out additional pictures here: C&C welcome
  12. soccerkid6

    [M-H03] Dune Buggy Racing

    Location: H03, Kaalin Tags: Land Vehicle, Vehicle, Exploration Job: Driver Start Log: Little John joined me on this week's expedition to H03, Kaalin, we both were using MANTIS dune buggies, which covered ground very quickly: See more pictures here: link These buggies were really fun to build, and look pretty realistic, I think
  13. Sci-FiFleetAdmiral

    Burlington Northern EMD SD40-2

    Hey fellow EBers, I'd like to present my second-ever train MOC, and the one I'm most proud of; a Burlington Northern EMD SD40-2 Burlington Northern EMD SD40-2 by Joshua, on Flickr Here's the engine without the base: EMD SD40-2 without base by Joshua, on Flickr The SD40-2 was introduced in January 1972 as part of EMD's Dash 2 series, competing against the GE U30C and the ALCO Century 630. Although higher-horsepower locomotives were available, including EMD's own SD45-2, the reliability and versatility of the 3,000-horsepower (2,200 kW) SD40-2 made it the best-selling model in EMD's history and the standard of the industry for several decades after its introduction. The SD40-2 was an improvement over the SD40, with modular electronic control systems similar to those of the experimental DDA40X. Peak production of the SD40-2 was in the mid-1970s. Sales of the SD40-2 began to diminish after 1981 due to the oil crisis, increased competition from GE's Dash-7 series and the introduction of the EMD SD50, which was available concurrently to late SD40-2 production. The last SD40-2 delivered to a United States railroad was built in July 1984, with production continuing for railroads in Canada until 1988, Mexico until February 1986, and Brazil until October 1989. As of 2013, nearly all still remain in service. The SD40-2 has seen service in Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Guinea. To suit export country specifications, General Motors designed the JT26CW-SS (British Rail Class 59) for Great Britain, the GT26CW-2 for Yugoslavia, South Korea, Iran, Morocco, Peru and Pakistan, while the GT26CU-2 went to Zimbabwe and Brazil. Various customizations led Algeria to receive their version of a SD40-2, known as GT26HCW-2. SD40-2s are still quite usable nearly fifty years after the first SD40 was made, and many SD40s and locomotives from the pre-Dash-2 series (GP/SD 40s, 39s and 38s, and even some SD45s) have been updated to Dash-2 specifications, possibly including downgrading from 20-645E to 16-645E engines, including, certainly, Dash-2 electrical controls, although the pre-Dash-2 frames cannot accommodate the somewhat similar HTC truck in the space allocated to the Flexicoil C truck (the frame is not long enough). Most SD40-2s which remain in service have by now been rebuilt "in-kind" for another 30 to 40 years of service, although a few (under 30) have been rebuilt to incorporate a 12-cylinder EFI-equipped 710G engine. Source, Wikipedia --------------------------------------------------------- This model has been in existence for several years, but just now reached the stage where I'm comfortable posting it, as all the previous versions were, quite frankly, abysmal. worth noting is that this model was blogged on The Brother's Brick: http://www.brothers-...0-2-locomotive/ Although you can't see it in these photos, the model features working front lights. Hope you all like it! C&C welcome! Cheers, Joshua
  14. It took almost exactly two years from the first idea to completion of this diorama of a railway station. There is less emphasis on the station itself, as my main goal was to present it in the natural environment and have a try at building a landscape. A railway line running at the foot of the hills, with railway station and adjacent bus stop, bridge and tunnel. Station building in masonry style. Bus stop with shelter Covered bike racks Some maintenance work on underground wiring needs to be done. Functioning railway signal. The photo was deliberately taken with incorrect settings so that the light from signal could better be seen. Bridge Tunnel entrance Detail of landscape The river offers plenty of chances for recreation. Aerial view. The entire thing measures 127x77 centimeters, while the estimated brick count is at least 10.000. A few more pictures can be found here.
  15. Kerntechniker

    [WIP] Landscape (Part II)

    Dear fellow Brick Builders, long time no see. Due to some serious real life trouble my progress in rebuilding the northen part of the river has been slow. But finally the problems got fixed and I was able to continue with the important staff. My idea was to redesign the montains in a more natural looking way and to use a higher quantity of slope bricks. In addition to those new criterias a have decided to use only one colour. the first result has already presented here in the first topic. Today I proudly present the progress. This picture shows how I wish to continue. Here the elfen "village & forest" shall be build. More pictures are avaible at my Brickshelf folder.
  16. David FNJ

    [M - C10] More Zooming

    Location: C10 Marden Tags: Land Vehicle Double D's Log 16: Well, the Kawashitan Commander got away because I didn't realize we were so close to a Kawashitan military base. I narrowly escaped on the X-P1 speeder. In fact, the entire last week was a close one as MANTIS barely got the upper hand. The good news though is that A08 was in MANTIS hands. I guess I'll have to find that commander some other time, though we did find out why Kawashita was trying to go through D04. Anyway, I am now on Marden - a cold, snowy, rocky planet. It's just me and a prototype speeder that's supposed to be able to hover very close to the ground when needed and skip across the ice and snow. It even has a transformation function if I ever feel like going really fast...which is most of the time for me. Though while recording this log I'm in the default mode. My mission this week is pretty much cover as much ground as I can. MANTIS installed some M.A.P. device that basically draws a map on where I've been and does a rough scan for non-natural materials within 100 meters. Basically, I drive and it creates a map and locates things like Kawashita bases, drones, and the like. Since I can go so fast, even if Kawashita spots me, they won't be able to catch me (or track me). It is quite the fun ride. Even though the speeder reaches high speeds, it is equipped with a auto-stabilizer system that keeps the driver balanced even if doing a steep banking turn. It's awesome! I'm also supposed to be reading this domination for dummies book. I don't get how it is supposed to help me, because the first chapter is all about taking vacations, drinking milkshakes, and having supposedly reliable robots do all the work! How could any corporation gain an advantage by doing that! Perhaps driving around counts as a "vacation?" I guess I'll see. ~ DD out ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I'm really pleased with how the speeder turned out! I think it's neat that it slightly resembles a dogsled in its second mode since it's designed for snow. It is fun to swoosh too!
  17. LittleJohn

    [M-C10] Fun Explore

    Location: C10, Marden Tags: Vehicle, Land Vehicle, Exploration Job: Explorer Start Log: Fun exploring the wintry wonderland of Marden this week, using one of MANTIS' sweet trikes: C&C appreciated
  18. 3BrickFriends

    [MOC] Fight Over Lava River

    Hi all, I normally work on Town based MOCs but recently I've been building a few more 'historical' themed MOCs. This is my first: 'Fight Over Lava River'. The video below describes it and explains a few of the building techniques. Hope you like the video. I'd love to hear your comments. Mike
  19. Location: Lesser Drigo F02 Tags: Vehicle, Landscape, Piracy Job: Driver Start Log: After MANTIS' domination of A06, I was given a new highly classified mission along with Scorpio Starstriker, and Double D. Our job was to infiltrate F02, and deal as much damage as possible to Octan operations, whether that be through sabotage, piracy, or spying. We were dropped off on the planet with the new MT-X all terrain truck. After dropping the other two operatives off, I headed towards a canyon that Octan had built a base in. A few Octan robots seemed busy taking inventory of some supplies, I was a little surprised to see that the rumors of Octan robots doing all the work, were actually correct: Seeing as they were unarmed, I decided I could use a diplomatic approach: : You are not authorized to be in this space Hard at work, I see. Don't you guys ever get to do anything fun? I do not understand. Well all you guys get to do is move supplies, mine, and do physical labor. Haven't you ever wanted to drive a vehicle? Or actually get to carry a weapon? With MANTIS, I get to drive things like that sweet truck... We are not authorized to drive vehicles. Join MANTIS and you could be, we get to do all the fun stuff. You could even go into special ops if you wanted. That does sound more important than moving crates. We're in! Alright! We might as well take some of these supplies with us though, I'll back the truck up: Now hop in, and I'll show you what this truck can do! After convincing the bots to join MANTIS, I headed for the rendezvous point to pick up Double D and Scorpio. ... More pictures of the build: And the blast doors actually work! See them in action on (embedding it wasn't working properly for some reason )And just for fun, a group picture of my MANTIS vehicles thus far:
  20. Graham Gidman

    Walking through Reyelan

    Graham walks through the fields of Reyelan after returning from the Kaliphlin Civil War.
  21. Countless citizens of Kaliphlin lost their homes, belongings, and even loved ones during the drawn out war between the High Council, Desert King, and Ulandus. Many chose to take what little they had left and travel with makeshift caravans, to try and find a haven from the constant strife, whether within Kaliphlin or another guild: C&C welcome
  22. David FNJ

    [M - D04] Lots of new Friends

    Location: D04 - Terrial Minor Tags: MANTIS, spying, exploration AG: Lots of new friends by David FNJ, on Flickr Double D's log 10: After acquiring the ultramafic lava sample for my new weapon - the Flamius™ - (found a name!) on Mynderis, I was sent to Terrial Minor to prepare for the first military wave of Kawashitan forces. Right now most of what is here are small scientific research labs, comminication stations, and Bio-Tar extraction devices (not yet a Kawashitan Trademark yet...they'd better move fast!). Although this part of the planet looks very lush, it is not. The soil is a very dry. However, the air is very humid because of the steam that constantly bubbles out from the tar-like pits (that I will just call tar pits, even though the science guys would correct me that they are not tar pits because the black substance is not actually tar...but I digress). So the soil is very dry, the atmosphere is very hot, and the air is very humid....I guess the humidity explains why plants are able to grow and how the aliens and creatures here can survive. The plants and the inhabitants here must get moisture from the air. All that is needed here now is some air conditioning and dehumidifying technology! Anyway, I was finally able to bring Wheelie (also found a name for the little guy!) with me because the guys at the computer lab finished upgrading him. I didn't like Wheelie in black, so I painted only a small portion lime green. My mission was simple, find out what the Bio-Tar devices do, and to make them . Wheelie proved to be especially useful in this area as he was able to open one up in a way that only a robot with the right tools could. Thus, we were not detected...but Kawashita will soon notice that a bunch of their Bio-Tar devices are starting to breakdown. Just place a small bomb that will damage a small function-critical component inside the Bio-Tar device, and then when we want to, set off the bomb, and then let the tar to its work on the Bio-Tar device (basically clog up the entire device). We found out that the tar contains high-quality biomass molecules that can be extracted if processed right. Small amounts of these biomass molecules perform four times as much as what large containers of more common biomass molecules do. Unfortunately, extraction techniques are still quite primitive, so research here is critical if a more effective way to extract these biomass molecules is to be found. My job - make sure Kawashita doesn't get the breakthrough first. The last but perhaps the most exciting observation from my mission on Terrial Minor were these flying creatures that I call gubbies. They flap their wings really fast, and they are the most curious creatures on this planet. Gubbies are very friendly, and they explore with their mouths, so if exploring, be sure to bring some food with you! It turns out they are easily persuaded with food. I've befriended several gubbies, and I hope to keep one...or two...or....nevermind. Too bad they don't like to chew on those metal Bio-Tar devices...Yes, I tried. You know you want one. ~ DD out --------------------------------------------------------- I had a blast with the colors on this one, and of course the gubbies are just adorable. I was fiddling around with the dinosaur head of the Dilophosaurus and then noticed that from the top it looked like a little flying thing. I stuck an eye on it, and voila - it was instantly adorable. Opening its mouth made it look even cuter. I found it while trying to figure out what to go with the pink areas of the landscape, and the lime green seemed to go well (plus I had gotten a lot of it from the P-A-B wall), so I gave it a go, and was very pleased with the result!
  23. Hi, I have been looking at gameplay of the Lego Worlds game for PC on the web and wondered if it was possible to export vehicles/other models to lxf / lxfml files. I decided to try to build some models, starting with vehicles first, I have also noticed that some models are actually from official sets. So I opned those in LDD and checked the accuracy compared to in lego worlds, and it matched 100% Other (2 or 3) vehicles are partially based on existing sets I then decided it would be cool & useful to actually purchase Lego Worlds. The game is excellant however. you can only export basic bricks to a lxfml file currently (this is also the same story with imprting from LDD to the game). Assumably more brick support will be added in later versions of the game. Never the less, Here is the collection of models in the current progress Heres some examples of cood models: More to come shortly! Regards, Snipe
  24. David FNJ

    [M - F02] Octan Games

    Location: F02 - Lesser Drigo Tags: MANTIS, Spying AG: Octan Games by David FNJ, on Flickr Double D's log 8: Several days after being sent on our next mission from the MANTIS LD HQ[/ul], we emerged from a large crack in the ground much like the one I was in during my Waterbug mission. Of course we had already bypassed any heavy security that patrolled the boarders so all we needed was a way inside the building. We spotted something a few hundred meters East that looked interesting, so we went to go see what it was. "Well that's just cheating! Equipping your bot with a shock-pulse gun!" "Well, no one is here to see it, huh? Too bad. Who needs that hunk of junk rolling bot nowadays anyway!" "Fine, wait till I get my bot and THEN we'll see who's got a good fighter. This was just a test round to make sure I'm not going to waste my time with a fight against something too wipmy." "OH?! Is that a challenge?! Haha, I accept! Let's go get this 'champ' of a bot that you claim to got!" "Did you just make a rhyme?" "I don't care. Let's go, Jerry will recycle the parts from the losing bot - if he can find any! Haha!" When we arrived, we found a lone robot that apparently lost to a duel against another one of Octan's robots. It almost looked it may have had some nice Octan information or key of some sort, so we decided to fix it. Almost immediately, the bot seemed to take a liking to us! It even changed it's camera light to green rather than the hideous red it had before we had fixed it. After playing around with its electronics for a bit, we found that the bot could enter the complex through a door designed for small robots. It was perfect. We had found a way in without being detected! Looks like we had found a new friend. ~DD out
  25. markus1984

    An unexpected visit

    Hello, After an long break from castle i want show you my new creation. When I saw the wall technique from Brick Vader and Mr. Moova i was in love and must also build an MOC with this style. But now the pictures. Watch all photos on Flickr. Hope you like it and wish all an nice Sunday evening. cya markus