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Found 194 results

  1. Full Plate

    Avalonian Countryside

    Avalonian Countryside The beauty of rural Avalonia have few peers. From ripening fields to towering forests, the countryside is the heart and soul of the land. Local farmers have been tilling the earth for generations, and would like nothing more than to live out their lives in peace. However, the ambitions of greater men regularly disrupt these desires, and the young men sent to battle seldom return; some caught by the stray arrow or a sharp spear, while others are drawn in by buzz and adventure promised by the capitol. But for the people who get to live here in peace, there is no place greater. It's home. Have been wanting to build a more sizable representation of the Avalonian landscape for a while now. Tried to include different aspects of Avalonia, like fields, grasslands, moors and a few different types of forests. Hopefully it is an accurate visualisation of rural Avalonia This is my first time dabbling in microscale, and I found it both more fun and more challenging than I thought it would be. The main thing is that it allows for representing a large area with few pieces, which, with my current lego budget, is pretty critical. I definitely see myself building more in this type of scale. Thanks for watching, hope you enjoyed it! C & C always welcome
  2. John (LittleJohn) and I decided to do a collab series based around re-imagining old set themes. Adventurers is a theme we’ve liked for years, though we never had any of the sets. After getting some of the original figs at Brickfair, Virginia, we wanted to put them to good use. The landscape and temple were inspired by Grant Davis and Mark of Falworth. Johnny Thunder and his team of Adventurers have discovered an uncharted jungle island. Within the dense vegetation they find the entrance to a ruined temple! After leaping from pillar to pillar, over the crocodile swamp, Johnny reaches the gateway. They’re not the first ones there though, as the treasure-seeking gang boss, G.R. Edy is there with some henchmen. Will Johnny be able to prevail, and will Dr. Kilroy fall to the alligators? We hope you enjoy, and you can see plenty more pictures on our website
  3. Hi everyone, I have created a small landscape based on the first novel of the Harry Potter series. The scene is the first time that Harry is in Gringotts with Hagrid by his side and they are escorted by Griphook through the caves. I wanted a few tracks in the built and one of the tracks needed a drop. I was glad that I had the right tubes to create the track. Here is a picture of the built. Here is the link to my Flickr album. The photo's are also on my brickshelf account. Questions and feedback are welcome. Sander
  4. soccerkid6

    Leanan Manor

    This was built as part of the InnovaLUG collab, Ye Old Merry Battleground, for Brickfair Virginia.Check out the full collab here. Given the colorscheme and landscape, I thought this would fit well in Avalonia. I enjoyed getting to use some of our new sand green parts, and small castles/manors are always fun to build. There is no interior as when building this, Nordheim was still altogether and I was short on parts and time. Sir Ruari Leanin leads some of his soldiers out on a tax collecting tour. Meanwhile, some Forestmen take advantage of his leave-taking... There are a few more pictures on brickbuilt. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome
  5. LittleJohn

    Alqalea Manor

    This was a collab build with Isaac, again made for the Ye Old Merry Battleground display at BrickFair Virginia. We took a lot of inspiration from Mark of Falworth’s castles, particularly Falworth Castle. The castle split in half for transport, and the portcullis actually works via the crank at the top. I would like to claim UoP credit for the following: Architecture: SNOTted tile stonework Alqalea Manor is a lovely castle that serves as the home of Lord Alnabil. More pictures on Brickbuilt Thanks for looking, all C&C welcome
  6. LittleJohn

    Nordheim Harbormaster

    The third module of a large collab build that Isaac and I are building for Brickfair, Virginia. First module, second module. We’ll be posting one new module a week. The harbor-master’s house and tower both have full interiors. The tower is only one half of the gatehouse, which is why the arch has nothing on top of it. The harbor-master’s house sits in the corner of the Nordheim Docks, and all incoming traffic is registered there. The winter lull gives the harbor-master plenty of time to catch up on his records, inside his cozy home. I would like to claim UoP credits for: General Building: Interior Design Lots more pictures on Brickbuilt All C&C much appreciated
  7. soccerkid6

    Benoic Watchtower

    Thanks to de Gothia for letting me place this watchtower in Benoic. Having recently acquired quite a few dark green plates, I wanted to try a landscape in that color and chose to put a small tower/cottage combo on it. There is a full interior, though because of the small size the furnishings are fairly frugal. Both doors are functional as well. The corner stonework was inspired by Dwalin Forkbeard, the cottage was inspired by Legopard, the ‘gear’ mushrooms were borrowed from Captain Flint, and the tower windows were inspired by Gideon. Benoic has many stone watchtowers within its lands to provide warning in case of attack, and also as bastions of defense. This particular tower also has a small cottage to serve as living quarters for the soldiers stationed there. More pictures can be seen on brickbuilt. Thanks for looking, your comments and suggestions are always appreciated
  8. Here is my build for Barracks Phase 2. It's a bit of an unorthodox training ground, but I thought it would make sense for Mitgardian warriors to be well trained in how to survive Mitgardia's icy climate. Also, this is my unofficial entry to the Natural Beauty category of the Summer Joust. The smaller pine tree is based off of mrcp6d’s design. Part of any Mitgardian warrior’s training is to learn how to survive for days outside in the frigid cold with minimal supplies. Snow shelters offer relative warmth during the night if well constructed. More pictures: link Your comments and suggestions are always appreciated
  9. Here is chapter 2 of my story about Aymeri and the fight to reclaim Katoren. I’ve wanted to try a desert ruins scene for a while now, so this was a rather fun build. Inspired by Markus’ amazing build. I would like to claim the following UoP credits: History Military Science: battle scene After the council meeting, Aymeri and Tierri set to work gathering a few of their most experienced soldiers, and some supplies to set up the initial camp at the ruins of Kharab fortress, just outside of Katoren. Once they had all snuck out of the city bringing their supplies and some weapons, they travelled to the ruins, as discreetly as possible. What they found inside Kharab, however, was not what they expected. "Hey-ho, look'e what I got 'ere! One 'o them merchants in town gave me all this gold for them blankets we pinched off the last caravan," Rognir declared as he proudly displayed a bag of gold coins. "Ooh! Gimme the shinies!" Ahriss immediately replied, quickly getting to his feet and rushing toward the inviting bag of loot. "Get back, you, aye got this meself!" Rognir brandished his axe and Ahriss quickly stopped, though his eyes remained greedily fastened on the bag. At this, Khatir, who had been seated on a crude bench finally spoke up:"Shut up, both of ya! We'll divvy the gold evenly and if either of you tries to cheat, I'll slit your throat. So sit down, Ahriss, and let Rognir show us the gold." Seeing Khatir's drawn dagger, and his apparent readiness to carry out his threat, the other two quickly complied. Meanwhile, the bandit leader returned from his scouting of the nearby trade route. "No new caravans going by today, the road was pretty much empty, 'cept a few peasants... What are you doing with that scorpion, Karih?" asked Zaeim suspiciously. "Why, slicin' him up fer dinner 'o course! You 'ant me to save ya the tail?" the grubby cook responded. Zaeim's countenance quickly darkened, "I don't want any part of a scorpion you fool! Make something edible for once!" "There's no 'eason for you to get yerself upset, all yer shouting will scare Fa'ar, e's still learning to trust us!" exclaimed Karih, as he quickly stooped to reassure his pet rat. Zaeim's response was cut off by a cry from Qatie, the look out:"To arms! Soldiers outside!" Aymeri's group had made it to the ruins undetected, but were surprised to hear the sounds of voices from within. Aymeri and Tierri discussed what they should do while one of the soldiers cautiously peeked around the rotting door to see who was inside. "Looks like bandits," he reported, "I see 5 men." Tierri spoke up, "With the 4 of us, we should be able to take them by surprise and capture them quickly." "I agree, let's rush them together," Aymeri said, readying his bow. But just before they started their ambush, their plan was ruined by Qatie's cry of alarm. Realizing that a fight was now inevitable, the small group rushed ahead. When the first soldier burst in, Zaeim was already facing the doors , and so he quickly attacked with his huge scimitar. With a cry of alarm, Karih promptly hurled the dead scorpion directly at Tierri. The other bandits rushed for their weapons, their gold momentarily forgotten. The scorpion caught Tierri squarely in the face, momentarily stunning him. Karih didn't try to follow up the attack, but instead stooped to pick up his beloved pet rat, as Khatir, Rognir, and Ahriss rushed towards the fight. After recovering from the unexpected blow, Tierri hastily moved to battle Khatir, while Aymeri quickly directed an arrow towards another onrushing bandit. Zaeim brought a crushing blow down on his foe, who was barely able to block in time. Aymeri's shot smashed into Rognir's shoulder, knocking him backward and out of the fight. After recovering Fa'ar, Karih's only thought was to flee. Unfortunately, his flight sent him crashing into Ahriss. Zaeim's powerful blow had hammered the solider to the ground, and the bandit chief prepared his finishing stroke as Aymeri knocked another arrow and Tierri continued to struggle with Khatir. Qatie had been waiting for the attackers to move out from the archway enough for her to have a clear shot, and now she readied her crossbow and fired. The downed warrior tried to scramble backwards away from Zaeim's stroke, but Aymeri's final soldier leaped to his comrade's aid, plunging his spear into the threatening figure. In that instant, the crossbow bolt buried itself into the ground, barely missing the soldiers Aymeri released another arrow at the fleeing cook, and hit the man's calf, immediatlely halting the escape. Tierri had finally gotten the better of his opponent with a parry from his shield and quick counterattack, while the soldiers made sure Zaeim was vanquished. Aymeri however had a new foe. Ahriss had finally recovered from his run in with Karih, and whipped his spiked chain towards Tierri, forcing the warrior to block with his shield. One of Aymeri's men started towards the orc to start a flank attack, not noticing the downed bandit in his path. As he stumbled and fell, his spear battered into the orc's armor. Despite Qatie's ferorcious attack, Aymeri parried confidently with his dagger, then followed with a left handed uppercut. The punch sent the bandit reeling up against the wall. Thus the ruins of Kharab fortress were seized by Aymeri and his men after an unexpected dispute. Build pictures: There are some more pictures on brickbuilt. C&C appreciated, on both the build and story
  10. My brother John and I were inspired by Mark and Steven’s fig brawls to have one of our own. The theme was medieval bandits, and these figs will be used in John’s next build. My 2 bandits: John's 2 bandits: Which pair of bandits is your favorite?
  11. Location: F04, Illustria Tags: Exploration, Land Vehicle, Vehicle Job: Explorer Explorer LittleJohn and special ops agent Massi Editoro scout out the rocky terrain of Illustria. More pictures can be found on brickbuilt. Comments always welcome
  12. This is one of 4 micros I built as prizes for the Guild Creation category of the Summer Joust. This particular model was focused on the landscape of Rauor. Rauor is just a fictional land I made up, and tried to develop the culture and setting of with these 4 micro builds, the rest of which will be posted soon. If you'd like to see more details about the Summer Joust, check that out here: link. Thanks for looking, C&C appreciated
  13. Bricksnaps

    Fairytale MOC

    This weekend we displayed a few MOCS as a family at Brickfair Alabama. We started building lego about 18 months ago and this was our third event. Primarily we have exhibited Star Wars Mocs that my young son and I worked on. As my daughter, who is now 6 has got more interested it has led me to build things that she enjoys both playing with and showing at events. So here we have our first effort at a fairytale world, I was inspired by some images that I have seen on here of a Rapunzel tower and Mermaid scene that were great. I knew I wanted a tower that looked like the images of Rapunzels tower online and I also knew that I wanted my ocean to be under the world we built. We custom painted our own Alice and Snow White and Dopey figiures and some of the dwarf's hats which was a fun experience. I hope that you enjoyed, we plan on a very large expansion on this in the months to come. Thanks for looking. Fairytale world for my daughter by Martin Harris, on Flickr Fairytale world for my daughter by Martin Harris, on Flickr Fairytale world for my daughter by Martin Harris, on Flickr Fairytale world for my daughter by Martin Harris, on Flickr Fairytale world for my daughter by Martin Harris, on Flickr Fairytale world for my daughter by Martin Harris, on Flickr Fairytale world for my daughter by Martin Harris, on Flickr Fairytale world for my daughter by Martin Harris, on Flickr Fairytale world for my daughter by Martin Harris, on Flickr Fairytale world for my daughter by Martin Harris, on Flickr
  14. LittleJohn

    [A - G04] A Diminutive City

    Location: G04 - Fractor V Tags: Building, Vehicle While scouting out Fractor V, an Octan explorer came upon a tiny, yet highly advanced, alien civilization. He was going to get a closer look at some of the buildings when he noticed several hostile looking spaceships coming right towards him! Deciding a closer look could wait, he turned heel and ran. Lots more pictures on Brickbuilt: Link Thanks for looking, C&C appreciated
  15. soccerkid6

    Arangr Castle: Winter

    The fourth and final phase of my project to show Arangr Castle through all 4 seasons. See spring, summer , and fall. What was your favorite season? Arangr castle is located near the Avalonian border, in Mitgardia. Winter brings snow and ice to the countryside, and an unusual quiet, as most animals are in hibernation of have migrated to warmer climates. Fortunately a good harvest has provided plenty of food for the castle’s residents. Inside a feast is begun, and the minstrels are just arriving. See a large res picture of all 4 seasons together, here. And see more pictures of 'winter' here: link Thanks for looking, hope you enjoyed this series
  16. Here's my build for the second Gatehouse phase. I used a similar ground texture to what I did in my previous build, “Start of a Journey,” and tried a different stone wall design for the gatehouse. The warrior returns to Nordheim’s welcoming gate after a long journey through the clan lands of Mitgardia. More pictures are available on my website: link Thanks for looking!
  17. Here's my build for the 1st gatehouse phase in Age of Mitgardia. I wanted to experiment with ground texture, and was inspired by K.Kreations, and Brick Vader. A warrior sets out from one of Nordheim’s outer gates, headed into the tundra of Mitgardia. Gates closed: Thanks for looking, more pictures can be found on my website, link. As always, your comments and suggestions are quite welcome
  18. soccerkid6

    Arangr Castle: Fall

    The third phase of my project to show Arangr Castle through all 4 seasons. This was a fun season to build, as it being the time of harvest, I was able to have lots of fun minifig details. As well as some fall foliage, which is always neat. Arangr castle is located near the Avalonian border, in Mitgardia. Fall sees the harvest of crops, and storage of provisions for winter. The leaves fall, as the weather gets colder, and animals also make preparation to hibernate or migrate south. As usual, there are more pictures on my website: link Thanks for looking, one season left
  19. soccerkid6

    Arangr Castle: Summer

    The second phase of my project to show Arangr Castle through all 4 seasons. See spring here. The landscape changed most, though there are some changes to be found inside the castle as well. Arangr castle is located near the Avalonian border, in Mitgardia. Summer sees the continuing growth of plant and animal life. The warmer weather dries up the spring rains and encourages outdoor activities. More pictures can be found on my website. Thanks for looking
  20. Expedition into the Mangrove This is my Challenge I category B entry. Gideon de Bothnia is leading an Oleander expedition to a newly discovered island, with a small detachment of marines sent by his brother Alexandre who is a high ranking officer in the Oleander fleet. In the great push for exploration, most people don't seem to mind if the national resources of the navy are "borrowed" by entrepreneurs who are trying to make personal gains from the exploration. After all, it's all for the glory of Oleon! Much of the shores of the new island is covered with thick mangrove, but finally they have found a gap in the mangrove where during the low tide they are able to land with one of the smaller ship’s boats. Now they can make their first footsteps on this virgin soil, but now the members of the expedition anxiously wonder if they are the first to land on this island or if someone has come here before them? More pictures: For those of you interested in how I shot this, here is another "behind the scenes" shot. This time I tried to play a bit with off camera lighting with my old Olympus FL-50R and a cheap umbrella setup I bought a while ago.
  21. My entry to Category C of the Frozen Beyond Contest Before the Algus arrived, Morkerna was a bright isle, warm and peaceful. But then the Algus came. Morkerna has been reduced to a frozen wasteland. And it is to this scene that I come, returning from my adventures in Mitgardia. The land is desolate, cold, destroyed. Anger brews within me as I turn and see a pair of Algus walking toward me. I look for anything I could use as a weapon, but there is nothing. Frustrated, I grab the first thing I find - a flower - and throw it at them. The two stop. A horrified expression comes to their face. Could it be? I grab another blossom and throw it. And, to my utter surprise, it happens again: the algus seem stunned. Grinning, I begin bombarding them with flowers, watching as they fall to the ground, moaning. It seems that the way to defeat death is through life. This was a fun pair of builds! Showing both how the Algus are changing the weather and how to stop them is a challenging task to combine together, so I decided that the former half would be most effectively captured with a before and after. I was originally going to try to do a minifigure scale version of the watermill for the "after" scene, but I couldn't come up with a waterwheel design that I liked (and it ended up that I wouldn't have had time for that idea anyway), so I decided to replicate part of the landscape in the back corner instead. The second build (snowy scene) was quite rushed, but I'm still quite pleased with how the snow and rocks turned out, and I learned from last time to use a blue background The snow and rocks are both surprisingly complex, with tons of SNOT and offsetting. At one point while building the rocks, half of it exploded, and the complexity was so great that I actually had to look at a WIP photo to see how it all went together (and even with the photo, it was still tough to figure out how to put it all back together) The other MOC was designed around that house design, which I came up with during the summer but never actually tested until last month. This build is much more complex than it looks, which is partially why it ended up taking almost 2 months to build... The micro watermill is based on the use of a bar as a corner beam. After that, the rest comes together with some SNOTted tiles and fiddly techniques. The roof, connected with a few clips, was one of the hardest parts. I also really like the look of the river next to it; the SNOT allows for some smooth shaping, and the slope looks pretty nice too. The windmill is a bit simpler, but it was still pretty hard to get a nice tapered shape with a variety of tiny round structure techniques. (this moc is also on Lego Ideas; support it here!) Overall I'm pretty pleased with how these mocs turned out. Hope you like them
  22. soccerkid6

    Arangr Castle: Spring

    As I was brainstorming ideas for a new build, John suggested a castle with four phases, showing how it, and the landscape, changes through each season. Realizing a good idea when I heard it, I set to work on the castle. Since I will need to modify the landscape for each phase, I planned to have the castle lift off so it’s easy to rework the base. As usual there’s a full interior, this time accessed by both a hinging section, and pull out rooms. The castle itself was inspired mainly by the creations of Eklund, DNL, and Aliencat. Simon S. suggested the addition of a moat. The castle features a working drawbridge, gates, and shutters. This is one of my biggest builds, weighing in at over nineteen and a half pounds; the base is 52×52 studs, including the border. Arangr castle is located near the Avalonian border, in Mitgardia. Spring brings new life to the countryside, as the snow finally melts, and animals awake from hibernation, or migrate back to the area. It’s a busy time of year, as fields need to be plowed and planted, and supplies restocked. Drawbridge closed: As always, you can see more pictures on my website: link I hope you like it, summer will be coming next
  23. Snowy Castle dioramas have long been my favorite subject matter, so this was an extraordinarily fun build. This is my largest irregular base build to date, and features a full interior throughout the whole keep. The rockwork was made using my technic brick design, which you can see a tutorial on, here: Flickr It's my personal favorite of all my builds so far, so I hope you all like it The citizens of Nordheim are quite proud of their large keep, and can often be found feasting inside it's protective walls on cold wintry days. See all the details here: link
  24. soccerkid6

    [M-E02] Jungle Mission

    Location: E02, Jurin II Tags: Land Vehicle, Vehicle, Spying, Job: Driver Start Log: I was sent to the jungles of Jurin II to infiltrate an Octan compound, the jungle environment provided a perfect testing zone for one of the new MANTIS jeeps: The Octan outpost was protected by a laser fence, but some standard issue explosives took care of that quickly: The Jeep was quite fun to build, and the jungle path and landscape were a nice change from my recent snowy MOCs. The vehicle’s roll cage and doors open, and the winch works. See more pictures, here. Good to do another AG build
  25. My entry for Category A of the Frozen Beyond contest. There's a full interior in the manor, via pull out rooms: dining hall, armory, storage room, barracks and bedroom. The doors and trapdoor are functional. Sir Glorfindel and a group of valiant Mitgardian warriors have been serving as a task force to help defeat the Algus from destroying more Mitgardian lands and homes. Lord Thandril had let them use his Manor as one of their bases, but now even that is under attack from the frozen invaders: See more pictures here: link Thanks for looking, I still have another build or two to come this month, including a biggy