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Found 5 results

  1. Lord Vladivus

    The Gates of Hades

    A weary traveller returns home, to the Gates of Hades, guarded by fell demons. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C+C welcome!
  2. Lord Vladivus

    Burning Tranquility

    The remote Rakath village known as the Gardens of Tranquility was certainly less than tranquil. Smoke drifted lazily into the sky, fire burning in the trees and buildings. The Spire pyromancer had struck suddenly, his host of orcs springing from the bamboo. Shadowmere's eminent necromancer-mage, Krell had managed to rally the local samurai and ninjas in defense of the village, but he knew that it was simply a delaying tactic. The Spire's forces numbered in the hundreds, whilst Krell had only a handful of, admittedly skilled, warriors at his disposal. With a shout, Krell charged into the fray, wielding dread magic. The Spire would not walk away from this unwounded. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Another freebuild from myself. With all the happenings in Shadowmere, it's easy to forget that the Spire poses a very real threat to the everyday Nocturnian! Originally I'd hoped to use the new ghost ninjas from Ninjago as the ancestors of the ninjas, but it was too many trans colours! C+C welcome!
  3. In his chambers in the Nocturnian citadel of Shadowmere, Krell discusses business with the head of his personal bodyguard. The business discussed ranges from patrol routes to resolving confrontations with the general citizens of Shadowmere. Krell's personal bodyguard are Shadows, fearsome warriors from beyond the mortal realm. Footsteps echo down the corridor outside, as a figure wrapped in black cloth strides purposefully towards Krell's chambers. The shade guard posted outside challenges the figure; Shade: "Who goessssss ssthereee?" The figure flicks aside some cloth to reveal a terrifying arachnoid face- Draxx, a member of the Scorpionmen race. Draxx: "I come to give important news to Krell, from Vladivus." The Shade stands aside, and opens the door-grate. As Draxx goes to enter, the Head of Krell's bodyguard exits, and though he has no face, his gaze fixes Draxx, who feels his soul bared to this etherbeast. Draxx enters the chambers. Krell looks up impatiently at the interuption. Krell: "Well, what is it?" Draxx: "I have travelled swiftly from Southern Nocturnus with great news- Vladivus has captured Sir Natas and is bringing him here for you to interrogate." Krell: "Perhaps we shall get the information that will lead us to Zurias. At least Vladivus will get some closure." Draxx leaves, and Krell calls in a Shade Guard. Krell: "Awaken the Servants of Torture. We have work to begin." Shade: "Assssss you wisssshhhhh my lord." C+C welcome. A build inside Shadowmere! It shows the build up to the torture of Sir Natas! Also a chance to show off some new fig combinations! In hindsight, I wish I hadn't picked black for Shadowmere, I hate photographing it!
  4. Lord Vladivus

    Krell Interrogates Sir Natas.

    When Lord Vladivus returned to Shadowmere, he handed Sir Natas over to Krell, his Necromancer. In the dungeons of Shadwomere, screams echo throughout the halls. These dungeons are a horrifying place, and one that few return from- those that do are usually the dungeon keepers, but even they do not always return. In one of the cells, Krell and one of his Servants of Torture see to Sir Natas. Krell: "Welcome Sir Natas. I assume you are aware of we are about to do- not that you have any choice mind. You're not in Avalonia or Kaliphlin, here in Nocturnus, we are cruel rather than kind!" He motioned to the Servant of Torture, who stepped forward, bearing vicious looking tools. Sir Natas: "No. You cannot. This is heresy. Ravaage is the true lea..." His voice was cut off by a sharp blow to the face. Krell:"Ravaage is dead, his body merely isn't aware of it yet. Now, about Zurias..." Krell's eyes glowed a fierce red, and with the Servant of Torture, set to work. Several hours later, Krell emerged, now armed with a host of information. C+C welcome, yet another freebuild! What has Krell discovered? I apologise for the lack of focus on the second picture, the camera refused to focus on the faces.
  5. Krell visits the Grand Griffon tavern and Inn: And as a bonus: I hope this is ok! I got quite taken with the idea of the tavern, but only just got around to photographing it.