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Found 8 results

  1. While his soldiers were rebuilding Malto, Lakor and Mehit, Lord Maximilian Damaximus was busy with organising the "Lakor Soccer Tournament". He also ordered the constructing of a Royal Palace, a residence that would fit his new royal title of "Prince of Garvey". Now he wasn't only a prince by marriage (as husband of Princess Margot of Eslandola), but also a prince by title. There are rooms for both the king of Eslandola and the king of Garvey. A not rendered painting: top view from far above the sky, it looks small, doesn't it? --- Thanks for watching! It was fun and frustrating to build I wanted to develop the gardens and road more and I wanted to make an interior, but LDD had another opinion and crashed more than 20 times. In the end it crashed everytime I added a stupid plate... The dimensions are 160x192 studs and the palace will be licenced as a royal palace.
  2. King Fernando Augusto VIII was restless, and pacing his bedroom would not do, as it held such bad memories for him now. He had signed the Magna Charta that De Chauncortois and the trade companies had forced on him, but they knew not what they had done. Fernando thought a late autumn stroll through his garden quite appropriate, with the summer flowers just withered stems now, and the trees soon to lose all their leaves. This was what the trade companies had brought on Eslandola: the cold death of winter's breeze nearer now than ever. They didn't know how lucky they had it, with a King to lead them. Fernando was sure that the new colonial government would descend Eslandola into chaos, and thus stagnation. "The trade companies will never be able to agree on anything! And I'll still be here. When they finally see the error of their ways, they'll come crawling back to me, looking to me to pull them out of the winter they've brought upon themselves. I will be the one to bring them spring again."
  3. "Ach! What has he done?!" Governor Guilder was in shock when he read the dispatch from the King. "Withdraw all troops from the colonies? ... Prepare for an assault on Granoleon? Fernando has lost his mind! He'll sink us!" Governor Guilder had worked too hard to build up Eslandola's strength in New Terra. He had built Weelond into a large town, and he had been instrumental in planning Operation KMA. The king had done nothing about Mardier's continued assaults at sea, and now he wants to abandon everything, for what? A madman's dream? The trade companies would be ruined. Eslandola would be ruined. Governor Guilder thought about the dispatch from the king. Guilder did not want to disobey a direct order. But he would not abandon the colonies. After a few minutes, he called to his secretary. "Send word to muster the 1st company of the town militia. I want them ready for travel in one hour. I will inspect them prior to departure on the parade grounds." "Governor, what is happening?" "The king has gone mad. That's what's happening. Also send word for my personal guard to prepare for sea as well. And send word to the captain of the Sleeping Siren. She is to be our transport." And before his secretary could ask anything else, Guilder was out the door. The Governor made a beeline for the office of Aaron van der Meede. Now that Weelond was a large town, van der Meede was the logical choice for civil servant, and it was time for his civil service career to start; he would be acting mayor while Guilder was gone. Then Guilder went to the MCTC offices to look for Guy Wyndzon or Guy's uncle, but they were nowhere to be found. Guilder left word for Guy to meet him at the parade grounds. Guilder wondered if Guy hadn't heard the news yet. If he was out, he may not have seen the dispatch. Soon the hour had passed, and the militia company was formed up for review in front of Fort Weelond. "Captain." "Governor, what is happening? The street is abuzz with rumors of war ... with Oleon!" "I will fill you in once we're at sea, but I can tell you we are headed for Terelli, for a most dangerous mission." "The men will do whatever you command, sir." "I know, captain. That's why I requested the 1st militia company. This mission will need absolute loyalty. We must confront King Fernando before he ruins us all." Just then the Governor's personal guard unit arrived: The Governor's Musketeers, a platoon of the finest riders and marksmen on the island. Guilder thought about what lay ahead as his musketeers paraded by. King Fernando wanted troops recalled to Terelli, and so the Governor would abide. But he was not headed to Terelli to join an assault on Granoleon; Guilder was headed to Terelli to talk some sense into the king, by whatever means necessary. Guilder was loyal to the crown, but only as it served Eslandola. The king action's had broken the unwritten natural laws that make him a king. If Fernando could not see this, Eslandola would be lost, not on the battlefield, but in the hearts and minds of all her loyal citizens.
  4. Reference MOC To King Fernando - Augusto VII of Eslandola Your grace, since the viceroy has left both the city of Nova Terreli and the island of Nellisa on his quest for the fountain of youth, I could observe certain tendencies of unrest within the people of the island. As mayor of our greatest city in the new world I feel obliged to fulfill my duty towards my beloved country and uphold the order in the city. Today I have reinforced the troops of the Castillo de Nova Terreli. The garrison has given us a warm welcome and was more than happy to have us alongside them. My own son Juan Alfonso is now commander in chief of the Castillo. Please be reassured that I will always do my very best to uphold the Eslandolan values in the new world, and remind the people who they owe allegiance to. Eslandola's most loyal servant Román Esteban Fontonajo, interim-governor of Nellisa Mayor Román Fontonajo, his son Juan and their soldiers enter the Castillo The garrison opens the doors and warmly welcomes the mayor of Nova Terreli Juan Alfonso Fontonajo, new commander of the Castillo, on top of its watchtower The Golden Nellisei, a private army of the Fontonajo family (will license a platoon)
  5. While in the New World all was hurry and commotion, it was in the Old, that plans were now being decided which would guide the fate of nations - and that of a great deal of treasure, which, naturally, was more important. In the East Trade-Wind Company's headquarters in Terreli "Excellent, de Chauncourtois, excellent. If we cannot with that outmaneuver and outwit any pirates daring or foolish enough, it will be a wonder indeed." "I'll say, Sire," replied Wilkinson with a mischievous smile, "if anything goes wrong it shall undoubtedly be only the fault of that cousin of yours in Granoleon." King Fernando looked around for a nightcap to throw - he still hadn't gotten over that whole thing - but finding nothing, he only responded with a half-amused grimace, and looked back at the map. Guy K. Wyndzon had been rather quiet up until this point (the idea of treasure had clearly suggested its opposite of debt, which naturally brought his uncle to mind, which obviously made him half wonder who was hanging from a palm tree now and made him hope that worthy wasn't planning on dropping in until this talk was over, at least). "We ought to loop over here though on the way back though," he interjected, pointing at the map, "as the MCTC has a thriving business going on there as well." de Chauncourtois and the King leaned over the map. "True, true," remarked the latter, with a laugh, "but I hope you see to it that we don't pick up your uncle there as well, or every man of the crew will be hanging by their toes from the yard-arms by the time they drop anchor in Terreli!" Guy looked up at the swinging chandelier with a little silent whistle. "I'm afraid that if you want to be certain of that the only way is to make sure he's busy hanging somebody else in some other place," he rejoined. "Well, then, he may be busy hanging you for your pains!" returned Fernando with another laugh. "But as to the route, that will do very well. And in anything to do with treasure, you know," he winked, "Eslandolans may be sure to get it all right!" The Room: And a closeup with E. T. Wilkinson de Chauncourtois: More to come soon! I've went with kabel's cutaway style for his build in Terreli as this is situated in the same place, and am quite happy with how it turned out. Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  6. Another morning in Terreli, Royal Palacae, East Wing - Balcony of the Non Public Royal Bed Room: King Fernando Augusto VII was in a foul mood this morning. Once again the trade run had turned out devestating, this time making even less profit than Oleon. Eslandola only ranking third, what a desaster to the proud nation that so far had valued trade over war so much! But that was not the only source of comtempt for the King. Despite their losses, the trade companies were getting more and more powerful making him feel like the sidekick in a game whose rules were getting out of his control. Not a very pleasent feeling to an absolute monarch! And what about Renato Filamento? Hadn't he promised to keep control over at least the royal colony on Nelissa? So why install a mayor in Nova Terreli where the crown ought to rule instead? The King wondered, maybe he should have given his only daughter to Filamento who now, after having been told the latest news, had gone out exploring those new islands instead of ruling over Nelissa in his stead. Things could definetely not continue like this and it was time to bring the crown back into the game! And what a game had been presented to him by the gods: the game of Thrones! His mother had actually been the older sister of King Stephane's father! And despite her being a female and therefore excluded from the line of succesion, this gave him the opportunity to claim the Oleander throne for himself! He would have to think of a story why all of the sudden he, King Fernando Augusto VII, should inherit the Oleander throne. Not that he believed in all the Oleander religious nonsense himself, but this was the opportunity to weaken Corrington at a moment at which they were starting to tip over this carefully crafted balance between the nations! To openly challenge Corrington would of course be completey out of the question, but uniting Oleon and Eslandola under his leadership would actually give him the edge over Corrington that was nessecary in order to keep those arrogant newcomers in in their designated place! The time for action had come!!!
  7. King Fernando-Augusto VII was furious. He was pacing down his study, while thinking about the person who made him furious. King Fernando's study by kabel The reason he was so angry, was Elysabeth of Drondil. He tought he had made a fine deal with MAESTRO, that everything would come right and that he could play them out against the other Trade Companies. He even promised them a colony, on his own island. And now it turned out that he had estimated wrong. She had just dissapeared!!! Then someone knocked on the door. "Enter!" -"My King, a letter for you..." "From who?" -"Elysabeth of Drondil, my King..." --------------- Elysabeth took a deep breath. The salty air made her calm down. The King had asked her to show him her fealty. The problem was, that she had already done so once, with words. And she knew that saying the words again would not change anything. So she needed an action to prove it. That was exactly what she had done. After leaving the study, she was gone to the captain of her ship. They left the day after, and 17 days later they found what she was looking for. A new island, not claimed by anyone. She had left her crew to built up a settlement, and gone to the highest point in the surroundings. She took another deep breath. Then she screamed: "Hereby I, Elysabeth of Drondil, claim this Island in name of the King, Fernando-Augusto the seventh, and call these archipel the Margot-Isles!!! Let everyone doubting my fealty look to these isles, given by me to the King himself, not to MAESTRO, to do with as he sees fit. Let everyone saying we're not woth his trust look to this isles, named after what us binds, namely his daughter, and doubt no more. FOR KING AND COUNTRY!!!" And with a great swing, she planted the Eslandolan flag in the soil of the King's new island. -------------- Back in Terelli, King Fernando-Augusto VII, King of Eslandola, Pin Holli, Berelli and the Margot-Isles, laid down the letter, took a sip from his apple-cider and smiled... -------------- My answer on kabel's build, hope you guys like it! In this build, I used all 4 rock-techniques I know, and it went fairly well I think! Thanks to Adair and SK for their techniques! Additional images:
  8. For a long time King Fernando had been weighing his options. Should he really grant a charter to yet another trade company? Wheren't the ones existing not out of control already, constantly eager to undermine his power? Wouldn't another trade company counter the plans he had with his Viceroy Renato Filamento? But then again, by allowing Maximus of Stedor marry his daughter he would have a trade company that could operate in his own interest and counter the efforts of those other two. And as far as he was concerned, regaining momenton through several ways wouldn't be too bad a move after all. So Fernando came to a conclusion. He would grant a charter to MAESTRO, but all it's members would have to swear their alligience to the throne and any measures undertaken to diminish his control over the new colonies would be met with fierce resistance by Renato Filamento who the king new had a broad support of the colonists on Nelissa! "Enter Elysabeth of Dondril" shouted the king. A humble countess entered the King's Study, a room where he would only welcome his closest friends. "Do rise young Countess of Dondril" "Yes my King" the young lady answered. "Countess of Dondril, if she still prefers to be called that, we have thouroughly considered her application and have come to the conclusion that we will grant a trading charter to MAESTRO." The king paused. "Thank you very much my King" replied a happy Lady of Dondril, but the king wasn't done. "Will you swear alligience to our throne and grant that MAESTRO will act in behalf of it? And will you also tell your friend Lord Maximus of Stedor that we will grant him his wish?" King Fernando waited for an answer ...