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Found 10 results

  1. The Trifork has not been unaffected by the recent conflicts. Civil war in Nocturnus has brought strange fugitives to its borders; Drow incursions and rumours of plague in Avalonia has led to local unrest; Troubles in Mitgardia has disturbed trade and mythical incursions from the far north has brought fear to those lands; Lastly, the bloody struggle for control over Kaliphlin has demanded lives of sons, fathers and brothers, and disturbed basicly all daily tasks and routines of the border town. During these times, everyone must take their part in feeding their families and keeping the economy going. One such person is young Peter, who has taken up tending to his family's sheep with his trusty dalmatian, while his father serves with the Trifork city guard. In the highlands north of the Trifork, the lands are perfect for grazing. However, as the highlands are a good two days out, the shepherds maintain a number of small huts for all of the community to use. Here they rest for the night, and store supplies to make their lives more comfortable. It is customary for shepherds to leave something for the next inhabitant, be it cheese, wine, bread, or similar. Sheep is a popular livestock, as it can produce both meats, dairy products and wool, ensuring a steady income for the shepherds, regardless of price developments in any single commodity. Therefore, Peter's work is enough to keep his family well fed and to supply them with surplus products to take to the market. Thanks for looking - my second build for the husbandry minichallenge. The shepherd is from my minifig-series and I had the sheep lying around since forever. (They are not my own design, but I can't remember where I saw it.) C&C welcome - again thanks for a nice minichallenge!
  2. All men must eat - especially during times of crisis, where large parts of the workforce is diverted to war time production or the military forces. And while bread, potatoes and dairy form the basis of nutrition, a happy and healthy populace (and army) requires more diversified diets. Located in the far south of Avalonia, with hot winds blowing in from the Kaliphlinite plains, the Trifork has perfect conditions for growing many different types of produce. These crafty farmers have abondoned the hard labour of growing grains and turned to the more delicate business of oranges and other lemonfruits. While adult trees adapt well to the climate, saplings have to be groomed and require additional incubation. This is done in greenhouses, simulating the climate of more tropical regions, to allow the young trees to establish roots and resilience for the slightly harsher local weather conditions. With a high yield production the orchards of the Trifork normally delivers more than enough lemonfruits for the local populace. Recently, however, prices have been driven up and the produce reserved to a more elitist market. Hopefully the markets will normalise, so all again can enjoy the sweet and sour sensation of the fruits. For now, the farmers enjoy a premium on their prices... __________________________________ An entry for the Husbandry challenge - C&C welcome. I know this isn't anything special, but I wanted to try out my new fences (PAB) and try building a greenhouse. In fact, that part was more complex than I had anticipated. Thanks for a nice minichallenge!
  3. Graham Gidman

    [MOC] Checking In

    Reyelan fared surprising well during the Kaliphlin Civil War. So well, the government began buying a portion of the food from farmers and millers to sell to surrounding areas. Graham rides out to one of the mills to check in on the process.
  4. The following information comes from Wikipedia, page winemaking After the harvest, the grapes are taken into a winery and prepared for primary ferment. At this stage red wine making diverges from white wine making. Red wineis made from the must (pulp) of red or black grapes and fermentation occurs together with the grape skins, which give the wine its color.To start primary fermentation yeast may be added to the must for red wine or may occur naturally as ambient yeast on the grapes or in the air. Yeast may be added to the juice for white wine. During this fermentation, which often takes between one and two weeks, the yeast converts most of the sugars in the grape juice into ethanol (alcohol) and carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide is lost to the atmosphere. After the primary fermentation of red grapes the free run wine is pumped off into tanks and the skins are pressed to extract the remaining juice and wine. The press wine is blended with the free run wine at the winemaker's discretion. Red wine is sometimes transferred to oak barrels to mature for a period of weeks or months; this practice imparts oakaromas and some tannin to the wine. The wine must be settled or clarified and adjustments made prior to bottling. The time from harvest to drinking can vary from a few months for Beaujolais nouveau wines to over twenty years for wine of good structure with high levels of acid, tannin or sugar. However, only about 10% of all red and 5% of white wine will taste better after five years than it will after just one year.[1] Depending on the quality of grape and the target wine style, some of these steps may be combined or omitted to achieve the particular goals of the winemaker. Many wines of comparable quality are produced using similar but distinctly different approaches to their production; quality is dictated by the attributes of the starting material and not necessarily the steps taken during vinification. --------------------------------------- Additional pictures
  5. Hello everyone, this is my entry to the Historica Husbandry mini-challenge, for Nocturnus! I will also register this as a Nocty freebuild. Some weeks earlier... "Exetrius, I assign you an important task. As you know, the people in the Darklands are suffering from food shortages. In addition, many of them are still recovering form the civil war in Khaliplin. The leaders of the organisation have decided that the black task force will distribute food among our fellow Nocturnians, you will be in charge, ... "Why me? I mean, they usually give me tough tasks. I am a one of their strongest mages after all." "Well, you need to defeat the food first. It is.. , I bet your father was the one to come up with this outrageous plan.. , the insane man, dammit! ... Sorry, what I was saying... you will be slaying a dragon, in the mountains up north from here. You need to kill it, in one piece, and thereafter it will be (...)" Exetrius did as he was ordered. After an intense battle with the dragon, he was able to take and secure the dragon's soul. The beast was laid onto a huge parade wagon that was built especially for this task. Two days later, a caravan of strong men, some cooks and multiple supply vehicles rolled out. It made it's tour through various villages and cities in the western region of Nocturnus. Dragon meat is known to be of exquisite taste, very nutritious and most of all: a delicacy of kings. Yet, the masses were free to take their piece of the dragon. As a consequence, everywhere the Touring Dragon Buffet went, people were feasting. Touring Dragon Buffet Two weeks of touring and many meals later, the skeleton and inner organs were already exposed on one side. The head was especially popular, so what remains is mostly it's bare skull. touring dragon buffet 3 touring dragon buffet 2 touring dragon buffet 4 Bonus pics: I did not have enough parts to make a proper baseplate, unfortunately. It has many exposed studs too, but I wasn't able to to SNOT the whole thing. Anyway, I really enjoyed building this, I want to thank soccerkid6 and LittleJohn for this great mini-challenge and, of course, I hope that you like my entry! Thanks for viewing, C&C always appreciated!
  6. Food is in shortage as the effects of the Civil Wars take their toll. In northern Mitgardia, hunting is a necessary part of life to provide food. The pine forests are full of different types of wildlife, but a deer is a special prize, due to its size. Two Mountaineers are out hunting one evening when they find a trail by a stream that is well-passed by deer. Able to camouflage themselves completely, the Mountaineers hide in the trees and wait. Before long, they have a chance that cannot be passed up: a buck and a doe come to the stream to drink. Using a birdcall, the Mountaineers signal the shots and wait for the perfect chance. Just as both deer stoop to drink, perceiving no danger, each Mountaineer rapidly draws his bow and sends an arrow into the heart of his deer. With a start, the deer leap up, but the shots are true. The Mountaineers each track their quarry and find the deer when they finally fall. Slinging the deer over their shoulders, the Mountaineers head for home with a sufficient supply of meat. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thanks for viewing! Constructive criticism is much appreciated! More detail pictures are on Flickr. Sorry to not include story pictures, but every time I moved my hands near the stream I knocked off a grass stem, which cascaded into more grass stems getting knocked over when I tried to set up the first... This build was inspired by two ideas I have had for a while: using droid torsos for deer heads and bodies, and using droid arms and the curving spiked foliage piece for a pine tree. I am satisfied with both of the results, though I wish I had some other way to fill the holes in the deer other than using arrows... -Slegengr
  7. MiloNelsiano

    Bread Production in Oros

    Upon receiving word from Osric that food shortages had stretched all throughout the guilds, Lord Orys Farwind decreed an order to increase food production. As a farmer himself, he placed himself at the head of the effort, and wasted no time in getting the harvest in. Lord Orys is reaping the wheat with a sickle as another worker rakes the wheat into piles before packing it into sacks. The cut wheat is then brought to the mill where the grain is separated and cleaned. It is then ground in the mill into flour. The local baker goes through barrels of flour very quickly. Here he waves to those passing by as he waits for his last batch of the day to finish baking. His daughter sells his baked goods in a stall next to the bakery. The result is always the same; a happy and smiling customer. One of the mill workers is taking a break and enjoying other food produced from Oros' harvest as another farmer brings his harvest to market. This is the first large MOC I've finished that's viewable at 360 degrees, although the two sides are a little lack-luster. A few bonus pictures! Well, I hope someone enjoys this build as I have. It's certainly one of my favorites that I've built. I forgot to take a figless shot, but if I get another chance to take pictures I'll be sure to do so and include it later. Comments and advice are always welcome! Thanks!
  8. Petric_G

    Wild Horse Herd

    During my wanderings through Avalonia, I saw a herd of wild horses. While I was watching, I saw that the donkey was the lead animal. That was so strange that I decided to catch him, hoping that all others would follow him. It worked. Now I bring them to Kaliphlin. They can certainly use horses for reconstruction after the civil war. But when they are hungry, they will probably not be too tired to make this sausage. What's the name again? Salami, right? Overview shots: ___________________________________________________________________________ This was a quick construction eve with my daughter (3). She built beside me this pretty horse pasture: and also my first entry for the Historica Husbandry By the way: I know that I am not a good photographer
  9. Wedge09


    Fishing... Along with hunting and agriculture, fishing is also important in the people's lives here in the mountains. In the tumultuous rivers flowing down the mountains, there is an abundance of fish and, when creating these artificial barriers to harness the power of the river, you will also create lakes perfect for fishing. Even Alexander Vandangant, although it isn't one of his favorite things to do, sometimes goes fishing, so that in the evening meal there is fish on the table. However, when the fresh breeze is blowing, the sun is warm and all is quiet, Alexander tends to "wander off"... = = = = = = = = = Hello all, finally I'm back building for the Guilds of Historica! Quite a time passed but I'm appy to be here again! This is my first entry for the Historica Husbandry; while following the main scope of the challenge, "show your character procuring, processing, or delivering, food somehow", I tried to add a bit of humor to the situation! Thanks soccerkid6 for putting it up and inspiring me on the spot! Enjoy!
  10. The recent conflicts throughout all of the guilds have thrown much of Historica into chaos. In this uproar many farms and mills have been destroyed or left abandoned. So now food prices soar and people struggle to gather or grow enough food for themselves and their families. Show one of your characters procuring, processing, or delivering, food somehow. Whether that be through farming/gardening, or hunting/trapping. Possible build ideas include: farms, butcher shops, caravans, mills, and fishing ships. Maximum size 48x48 in any configuration), minimum size 8x8 (in any configuration). Deadline: September 15, 2015 (as long as it is still September 15th somewhere in the world, entries will be accepted) Only physical LEGO entries. All entries must be posted as their own topic in the Guilds of Historica forum, and you must post a link to your entry in this thread. Prizes: There will be a winner selected from each guild and they will earn one of these guild specific parts packs: (top left, Nocturnus; top right Avalonia; bottom left, Kaliphlin; bottom right, Mitgardia.) As well as the title: Steward of Historica Builds will be scored in 4 categories 1. Guild style - How well does the build work with the overall styles and theme of the Guild? Are you incorporating your Guild colors? Does this look like it would fit well within some region of your guild? If your build is actually set in the lands of another guild, explain where it is and why you're building it. 2. Technique - Is your build very original? How does your build stand apart? Is your build well detailed? Have you utilized some new techniques that you haven't seen before? Is it easy to see what's going on in your MOC? Did you have a very intriguing storyline or did you show entertaining interactions between the characters in your MOC? Creativity and originality will help boost your score here. 3. Presentation - Does your presentation pop? Are your pictures crisp and clear? Did you provide different views of you build? Did you provide a good description of the build to accompany your pictures? Photo quality is a key aspect. 4. Challenge Appropiate -Does your build fit the challenge well? Judges will be myself and LittleJohn. Time to get building