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Found 84 results

  1. captainmib

    9396 C-model

    I had two weeks of holiday and took set 9396 with me to have some relaxing lego building. I wanted to build a C-model for 9396 and I think it worked out quite nice for the idea that I had. It features: - Cyclic control with one direction for each joystick and seat. These pilots need to cooperate! Frontseat controls forward/backward movement. Backseat controls left/right movement - Working landing gear, controlled by the black 20 tooth gear and one sLA. - Fuel probe in front for aerial refueling - One part that isn't actually from set 9396. I think it's a pitty this set doesn't come with one or two universal joints. Pictures: Building a C-model is interesting and difficult at the same time. As you can see I tried to use some parts in different ways than on the A and B models. The main rotor is quite a heavy part, and the control needed to be sturdy, so that it wouldn't fall over or something. For this I used as much blue friction pins, and an extra link as support. To stop it's movement and hitting the helicopter I used some towballs with pin. (see picture below) Attaching the front wheel was a puzzle as well, there wasnt much room with the link to the front joystick. With all the moving beams underneath it is quite packed, but movement is smooth. Thanks for reading, comments are welcome. All pictures on my brickshelf. (once moderated)
  2. Dammtuss

    Pegasus UAV

    Hi, Lately I haven't come around posting any of my MOCs, however I felt that this had to change. So, to start of with, here's my latest creation: the Pegasus UAV. It's an unmanned remotely operated helicopter featuring the latest within surveillance and weapons technology. It was developed to operate from the new corvette (HMS Svea) that I'm currently working on (there's a sneak preview on it on one of the pictures). More information, specifications and pictures can be found over at Mocpages (pictures can also be found at Brickshelf when it goes public). Thanks for viewing. Regards, Wombat
  3. rongYIREN

    Dragonfly Helo

    Hey Everyone, It's still a WIP but at least I've got it brick built. Originally I thought that I'd have this one knocked off my 'to do' list with just a couple quick Bricklink orders. However, 4 Bricklink orders later as well as two local orders made here in Taiwan and still I'm lacking parts. I might just give up brick building for the much easier digital building... yeah, right. The final color should be a Neon-Green and Dark Purple scheme. Not the Red that you see here. I think one of the ideas I wanted to explore with this model and which would explain the inclusion of the Galaxy Squad member in the cockpit is that it is a craft designed to mimic the Insectoid vehicles which would allow GS to covertly infiltrate Insectoid base camps... or something like that. Or... maybe not. Anyway, critiques are very welcome. I'm looking forward to finalizing this guy. (UPDATE!) Now in Purple... [short-Tailed Version] [below] - New Longer Tail [Previous Posts] The LDD version of the purple Helo Thanks, rongYIREN
  4. Shawna Sheepkorsky needed a way to deliver flowers to and from her shops all over FABULAND. Now, with this helicopter, nothing will stand in her way. Inspired to some extent by the Bell 47, but that didn't make such a good pun. More pictures over on Flickr. Thanks for looking!
  5. It took a while but I'm excited to share my entry for the expand the Winter Village contest! The story: A couple years ago this quiet mountain community became popular as word of mouth began to spread about this charming village. First came the log cabins, ski chalets, candy stores, and coffee shops. Last year my Winter Sports Store opened up. This resulted in many citizens and tourists getting lost, stranded, and injured as they went skiiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, hiking, skating, ice fishing sledding, etc. Thus the need for a first aid station and search & rescue headquarters for the village. So an abandoned army radar station was put to good use and a refurbished MASH helicopter was donated to assist with transporting the injured and stranded back to safety. ^^entry overview with Helicopter, crashed skiier, snowboarder kids, injured guy on crutches, snowmobile, ice fisherman ^ interior view. consisting of emergency clinic, weather/dispatch station, and workshop ^ As with the other WV sets, this one also has a light brick used in a unique way ^ Time to tune up the Skidoo! ^ rough day on the slopes! More pictures are here : Builder notes: - I intentionally left out some Christmas decorations as it felt wrong to add them in late January. - Thanks to the CMF boxer's, I now have mittens in 2 colors for my kids to keep their hands warm! -The Helicopter is modelled after a BELL 47 aka H-13 Sioux made famous in the old TV show MASH -All decals are from older Lego sets Thanks for looking!
  6. Mining Expedition on Terranium! The mass production Suverium mines on the mysterious planet Terranium are at full production! To provide Earth with it's main source of Sentrolite, what powers the newest form of transportation, The Expansulansulatororor.. Note the light up Suverium in the deep caves!
  7. Hannguard

    FAPC: Dine-O Copter

    Here is a little vehicle I made for a dinosaur. Hope you like it The Dine-O Copter by TikiMaster21, on Flickr Dine-O Copter by TikiMaster21, on Flickr Dinner is Served by TikiMaster21, on Flickr
  8. Hi Eurobrickers. So Here's a reason why all the Eurobrickers down under need to come to Brickvention next weekend. Here is "Elvis" my 100,000 brick Erickson Air-Crane in fire tanker mode. 4m long and over 1m high. It took me just over a month to make, and given his odd shape and very tiny ground touch points made him quite the challenge to build. More pics next week :) Cheers and see you at Brickvention! Ryan
  9. Sicil


    Hello. I want to continue the theme of flying vechiles in my homemade. After a bit of thought, I decided to build the helicopter. After studying many different designs, I decided to put together rescue helicopter with several features: rotating screws, rescue rope, two different types of chassis. A closer look at two different landing gear. 1) Skid landing gear. 2) Wheeled chassis. Video showing features of the model. That's all. Thank you for your attention. Your Sicil. Sorry for my bad english.