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Found 160 results

  1. With the new Harry Potter sets I wondered what a new Chamber of Secrets would look like. I would like the Basilisk to be moulded so I focused on the environment itself. Including the snake entrance and the tunnels Harry escaped through in the films before confronting the Basilisk again.
  2. Here is my review on 75965 The Rise of Voldemort: THE GOOD: Great minifigures. Great simple cemetery build. I love the statue and overall vibe of it. Baby Voldemore piece =P THE NOT SO GOOD: The action feature to represent The Rise of Voldemort isn't that convincing given there isn't any depth so you cannot hide Voldemore completely underground. Overall, I think this set is great with excellent minifigures. I love the cemetery build just because I'm a fan of this type of them even though I'm not a Harry Potter die hard fans. You can easily modify it to be a part of a bigger Lego cemetery. The price isn't that bad either. So I recommend this to any Lego fans! And wow at the baby voldemort, it's cute yet creepy =)
  3. Here is my video review for 75958 Beauxbatons' Carriage: THE GOOD: Nice looking carriage with some surprising techniques! TWO Pegasus included!!!! Awesome minifigures. (I believe they are all exclusive to this set) Love the hat piece for Fleur and Gabrielle. THE NOT SO GOOD: Price is a bit high! Would love it to be $60 NZD range. Overall another MAXIMUM EFFORT set from LEGO. Great addition to the theme and actually would also well fitted in non-harry potter settings too. I'm particularly impressed with one of the technique they use to build the interior of the carriage! And the most exciting thing for me is this set includes not just one but TWO Pegasus! I actually bought this set for them =D . I would totally recommend this set to everyone even if you are not a Harry Potter fan, if you can try get it from a retailer that gives you discount!
  4. Oh dear! I can't believe I am reviewing a set with a new creature mould again. Quick disclaimer: this is my very first Harry Potter set, excluding the CMF series. Therefore, I can't make a direct comparison with the older minifigures as I don't have any. Now that it's out of the way, think of your happiest memory. With all your might, focus on a single, very happy memory. Ready? This is my 24th Eurobricks RA review, set number 75945 - Expectoooo... Patronum!!! Overview Name: 75945 Expecto Patronum Theme: LEGO System / Harry Potter Year: 2019 (2H) Pieces: 80 Minifigures: 4 Price: USD 19.99 / EUR 19.99 / GBP 19.99 Introduction This set is based on a very iconic scene in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban when Harry saved his future self and godfather from Dementors using a defensive charm called Expecto Patronum. The back-end time travel that took place towards the end of the movie is one of my favourite sequence in the entire HP series, save the final battle of Harry and Voldemort. I rewatched the movie late last year and it only cemented my opinion that Prisoner of Azkaban is one of the best directed movie in the franchise. Enough about the movie. Let's talk about the LEGO set. Front panel The front panel shows the roster of minifigures at the left corner. Something that sticks out immediately is the abundant glow effect especially on the stag. Back Panel At the back, the usual action features are illustrated. There is nothing much happening there except the radar dish being shot at the Dementor. More about the play features later. Content of the box These are the immediate contents from unboxing. There is 1 small instruction booklet, 3 plastic bags containing bricks, 1 plastic bag containing the stag and 1 paper box with the capes. And here are all the parts unpacked. I am happy to report there is no stickers! Minifigures Just like what I did with my previous review, I will focus on the minifigures (and creature) first because this is the most important aspect of the set, at least for me. The stag is included in the line up for scale comparison purpose only. Front view with hairpiece/headgear and armours Everything is new to me in LEGO Harry Potter theme so I have no preconceived notion what has changed or what has improved. All the direct comparison that I can make is between this set and the HP movies. However, looking at the pictures of previous Sirius Black, all I can say is that it is a huge improvement over the old one. The re-coloured Luke Skywalker hair looks good in dark brown and it fits the gritty character design very well. Harry Potter sports a new torso and he uses the dark tan medium legs that is first paired on Justin minifigure in set 75810 The Upside Down (Stranger Things). Harry Potter in this set is a decent minifigure. I can't complain about this protagonist. Moving on, there are 2 Dementors included in this set. It is exactly the same one in set # 75955 Hogwarts Express that was released last year. Interesting enough, if you look at the average selling price of these blind dark hooded creatures in Bricklink, 2-3 of these is already worth this new Expecto Patronus set. Crazy, right? How could 2 of these minifigures be worth the entire set? One could hope that as more set 75945 is parted out that the average price of these minifigures would go down. But that's not my point. My point is, if you have been wanting to get the new Dementors, this set will give you so much more value than buying the minifigures in the secondary market. Think about that again. Back view with hairpiece/headgear and armours The back printing for the human characters are very minimal but this is not problem for me. The Dementors use the tried and tested cape with tattered edges. For someone who didn't own the older Dementor minifigures, I think they are just fine. Do I like a better cape like previous Dementors? Yes, but I will not trade the marbled black ghost lower body part because they look terrific on these ghostly minifigures. Front view without hairpieces/headgears and cape Without the cloak and cape, we can see more details of the Dementor. One could say that the Dementor's face is nothing but a ... hole... A black face with a hole. A hole? They don't have eyes because they're blind. So that's just their mouth sucking all the happiness of their target. Whatever. That's the new Dementor minifigure for you. Back view without hairpieces/headgears and cape Sirius and Harry has dual face print. I always expect major characters to have dual face print so I am very glad that TLG didn't cheap out on these two. There is no alternate face for the Dementor because it will be covered by the cloak, always. It has no back printing also because the capes will cover the back anyway. Totally fine. Corporeal Patronus As the only defence against Dementors, Expecto Patronus has to be one of the most famous spell in Harry Potter. It has 2 forms: non-corporeal and corporeal. The set is all about Harry's Corporeal Patronus which takes form of a stag. In the books, Corporeal Patronus is supposed to be silvery in colour. In the movie and games adaptations, the Corporeal Patronus appears to be predominantly bluish so when I saw the first picture of the stag in glittery transparent light blue, I am not surprised at all. I think people remember what they see in the movie so I am not going to complain or argue that it should have been just transparent with glitters. I almost forget -- the stag's horns are made of softer material, likely done to prevent injuries. It does not have glitters unlike the rest of the stag's body. Comparing the stag with other 4-legged animals Next to the City feline mould and NINJAGO wolf, the stag is taller. There is no leg or hind legs articulation likely because it makes the production of these special moulds cheaper and easier. Unlike the recent animal moulds though, the deer/stag mould follows the same design approach of LEGO cows as it has a space for bricks and a plate in the middle of its body so that you can fit a saddle or a yoke for a cart. I can see this mould being re-used for Santa's reindeer but that's purely my speculation. Stag top view Build All parts laid down before building There are lots of good parts included in this set and the build is not shabby, too. Forbidden Forest Trees The trees are not identical but it is using the same trunk and base. They are not as big as I wanted but knowing this is a relatively cheap set, I cannot complain. I am even thankful that we get 2 trees instead of 1. At the back, all you see are anti-studs so it is not pleasant to look at. I think the intention of the designer is to always face the beautiful side of the trees to make the build simple and less bulky. If you put the trees back to back, it could make a good stubby medium-sized tree. It's possible -- but I don't want to go in details because you need to do some modifications. Sexy back... NOT! These side of the tree is not camera friendly... but it's okay for the price. Tree deconstructed The build of this tree is simple and efficient because it is using the relatively new part (#41682) Tile Special 2x2 with 1x2 Vertical Plate to erect the trees upright. Glad that this part exists now. It's definitely going to make more interesting stud not on top building techniques. Completed build The completed build is small but effective because the trees add a lot of depth to the scene. My only gripe is that the lake shore is very small, and the "Great Lake" isn't great at all. TLG is really banking on kid's imaginative play to make this work. "I'm so sorry Sirius, there's not enough space for us to re-enact the scene properly" Parts I like the all brown and green parts included. These parts can be easily used for other purposes and if you buy these set in bulk, you can keep all the parts to make a bigger forest. I hope smaller sets can be like this set -- the parts are really useful and the minifigures are very desirable. Not many sets fall in that category. Excluding minifigure parts, the new mould in this set is none other than the stag in transparent light blue with glitters. The other parts that were re-coloured in transparent light blue with glitters are: 1x2 brick and a dish 4 x 4 inverted (radar) with open stud. The tattered cape included in the set comes in just 1 small paper packaging with numbered "6270340" -- don't panic if you see only one of this paper packaging because there 2 capes inside. 2 capes in 1 packaging Extra parts For reference, here are the extra parts. Note that I didn't use the wand from this set because I have a spare dark brown wand lying around somewhere. Conclusion It's not hard to land a good score for this set because a lot of the pros outweighs the cons. See below: Pros: New stag creature mould is exclusive in this set New Sirius Black is also exclusive in this set Two Dementors are included - an excellent way to get more of these ghostly creature easily The parts used on trees are very useful for MOCs Cons: Very little studded area to put the characters on the lake shore which makes the plates almost useless. Beside, there are only 8 studs of "lake" included. The trees are only meant to face forward as all you see at the back are the anti-studs If you bought all the sets in this HP wave, you'll end up having 3 identical Harry Potter minifigs. Great if you like to make an army of Harry Potter.. So, to wrap things up -- Review summary Playability: 7/10 - the stud shooter seems to be forced just to add additional play feature. As advertised, there are endless magical possibilities with 4 minifigures included -- but it's mostly for role-playing the minifigures only. Design / Building Experience: 8/10 - The trees efficiently use the bracket part but the tiny space on the shore is so little that if the designers just get rid of the plates they could have reduced the cost or allocated more parts on the trees. Minifigures: 10/10 - Sirius Black is my favourite minifigure in this set but one cannot deny that the inclusion of 2 Dementors make this line up perfect. Price / Value for money: 10/10 - Excellent minifigures, exclusive creature and very useful parts included in the set give this set tremendous value Overall: 8.75/10 - A little set every Harry Potter fan should get. Excellent value, great parts and excellent minifigures all in one set. EXPECTO PATRONUS!
  5. Here is my review on 75945 Expecto Patronum! THE GOOD: The glittering stag is very nicely done and I hope they use the same mould for Christmas Ring Deers. Great minifigures. THE NOT SO GOOD: Lacking playability considering the intended target audience. I still recommend this to everyone just because it's actually a very good minifigure pack and the glittering stag is useful even outside Harry Potter theme. The build is a bit too simple and lack action features so it may not be the best play set out there but the parts selection and minifigures make this compelling if you can get this with a discount.
  6. For years I’ve always wanted a small scale Quidditch pitch set but never got around to building it with the old set even though I purchased extra players. Well I didn’t want to wait long with the new set. I didn’t use many parts from the second set other than the goal pieces but I wanted those extra players too. Here’s what I ended up with: The full Quidditch Pitch. Ideally the goal areas wouldn’t be raised up so much or I could have built up the field surface more but this will suffice. A Weasley bro taking out a Slytherin while Hermoine casts a spell on Snape in the stands The semi trans long pieces work gray to simulate flight Angelina Johnson takes a shot! Thanks for looking!
  7. Adalsteinn

    [Moc] hogwart wip

    I just wanted to share my wip moc of the 2018 great hall set. The hall is longer and taller, the staircase tower is taller and now is 3/4 instead of the front 1/2 of the tower in addition to adding extra floors. I just created the next section (to the right of the tower) and will eventually finish that section with tower and the courtyard. Mostly I wanted to make the new Clocktower set fit with the rest of the castle in a canon way. Pics
  8. badchriss

    [MOC] - Grindelwald´s new Ride

    Believe it or not, hotrods based on old wild west stagecoaches or horse drawn hearses were a thing. The Stagefright by Jack Keef is quite famous and even used an original 19th century coach. Hotrods are loved and enjoyed everywhere, even the Wizarding World isn´t save any more. Gellert Grindelwald himself wished for a stunning and wild ride, so here he has it now. His old black stagecoach grew fat tires and a huge V8 with an attitude. IMG_20190414_143446 IMG_20190414_143536 IMG_20190414_143600 IMG_20190414_143618 IMG_20190414_143637 IMG_20190414_143657 IMG_20190414_143812 Hope you guys like this thing. Happy hotrodding everyone :D
  9. Join Harry in his journey in the Wizarding World and: • visit Hogwarts Castle and discover the underground secrets; the snowy Hogsmeade village; the shops of Ollivanders and Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes in Diagon Alley before escaping Gringott's subterranean vaults and the Dragon • meet Hagrid in his Hut and Aragog in the Forbidden Forest • play Quidditch • travel on board the Hogwarts Express with Hedwig from Platform 9¾; the Flying Anglia; The Knight Bus and Hagrid's Sidecar Total parts: 621 Measures: 44 x 12 x 16 studs 35.5 x 9.4 x 13 cm 13.9 x 3.7 x 5.1 inches more images instructions sample of the high quality and detailed 185 pages booklet
  10. Got a discoloured Luna Lovegood from the 2010 Harry Potter Hogwarts Express in a bulk lot. Too much time in the sun!
  11. Lego Harry Potter (2018) ---- August 1st Release: 75954: Hogwarts Great Hall - $99.99 878 pieces Press Statement: 75953: Hogwarts Whomping Willow - $79.99 Press release 75955: The Hogwarts Expresss - $79.99 Press release 75956: Quidditch Match - $39.99 Press release
  12. sorenbruun

    An Interesting Find - HP145

    Hi, Just wanted to share an interesting/curious find :-) I have been parting out 12x 75954 - Harry Potter and the Great Hall. In that set there is a minifig of Nearly Headless Nick (HP145) and one of the minifigs of that character has a different leg than the rest of them. Instead of the original dark bluish grey leg, this one came with a right dark pearl grey leg. So the two legs are not the same color :-) Everything else is the same and the print is also correct. This goes to show that TLC CAN make mistakes - not something that happens very often (in my experience) :-)
  13. Remember, dogs and other sensitive pets hate fireworks :D Just a little "Happy new Year" greeting from me :D
  14. LegoMathijs

    [MOC] Hogwarts secrets

    Last week, I've made a Harry Potter MOC. This MOC isn't based on a scene of the movies, books or videogames. Harry has discovered a secret room in Hogwarts. He have to turn the statue to find a secret book. Some pictures: 01_Hogwarts_secrets by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr 02_Hogwarts_secrets by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr 03_Hogwarts_secrets by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr This picture shows the playable function in this MOC: 04_Hogwarts_secrets by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr I hope you like this Harry Potter MOC :) Pictures also on Flickr:
  15. Like many others, I felt the latest release of the Hogwarts Express was lacking. In turn, I have stuffed an M motor in the boiler, radically altered the rods (based on the Emerald Night), put the PF receiver and battery box in the tender, and added doors to the carriage (Again, a la EM). The overall effect I think is much better visually and because I can run it at events now. I've included an internals picture so anybody wishing to see how it was done and get ideas is more than welcome to. The last one links to a video of the train in action. I can't remember how to link a Flickr video right...
  16. Pate-keetongu

    [MOC] Professor Dumbledore

    Harry Potter seems to be popular as ever, so here's Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, the headmaster of Hogwarts. Mostly based on the description on the beginning of The Philosopher's Stone and with his phoenix Fawkes. More talk about the process can be read on my blog:
  17. Greetings) I decided to make a home in which Harry finally received an invitation letter to study at Hogwarts. That very moment: Sequence from the movie: Inside of the house: A pair of photos of outside the house: That's all. Thanks for your comments!
  18. Ross Fisher

    Hogwarts: a History RPG

    Hi everyone! I'd like to introduce my Hogwarts themed Lego roleplay game, Hogwarts A History. The game started one year before Harry's parents attend the school, and will chart the education of a number of bright young witches and wizards through the dark times of the First Wizarding War. If you're interested, read through the pinned topics in the Flickr group, and do a build on the theme of the Tonks-Black Wedding. Tag me, and we'll take it from there. Any questions, let me know in the comments below.
  19. Just finished these new custom minifigures, and to be honest, I think they turned out really nicely. Got a new printer and new sticker material, and the printing looks really crisp! :D Almost done with Delacour and Krum, and I'm exited to finish them too, however these two are certainly my favorites
  20. Here's my "last-minute-ish" entry for the ongoing Harry Potter Microscale Contest at TBB. I tried to challenge the concept of microbuilds, where most people would go for small intriguing details brought to life by creative part usage, I wanted to up the scale so that not only can I end up with something massive, but it also allows me to have a little bit of everything in the build: big movements like the crooked facade, small details like the desks for the goblins, and also an animal build - my favourite Ukrainian Ironbelly.Hope you enjoy it! Gringotts Wizarding Bank (2018) by city son Gringotts Wizarding Bank (2018) by city son Gringotts Wizarding Bank (2018) by city son Gringotts Wizarding Bank (2018) by city son Gringotts Wizarding Bank (2018) by city son Gringotts Wizarding Bank (2018) by city son Gringotts Wizarding Bank (2018) by city son Gringotts Wizarding Bank (2018) by city son
  21. I was inspired by the plane chase mechanism on jk brickworks so I attempted the chase scene in 'Goblet of Fire'. After many attempts, Harry has taken to the skies again with the HH dragon in hot pursuit. This is part of a large collaborative build which will be displayed at the BrisBricks Expo in early October. 32368857_1932006000195537_6762108364655689728_n by Russell Bates, on Flickr
  22. I just did a review of the new LEGO Harry Potter Minifigure Pack for Bricktober 2018. In the video, I just overall talk about my opinions on these new minifigures, and compare them to there predecessors Hope you enjoy it :)
  23. Admit it,we all were filled with joy when the news droped that 2018 will see new "Wizarding World/Harry Potter" sets. One set that caught my attention was that amazing black coach from the second "Fantastic Beasts..." movie with the introduction of a new mold for the Thestral,those creepy and cool horses with bat wings. Lego did a nice job,but i thought the Thestral could need a bit more articulation for the wings.Usually,they only move up and down,which looks okay and fits when dragging a victorian era coach through the air... IMG_20180906_230841 IMG_20180906_230826 But what if you want to have the Thestral in a MOC or just want to depict a wild Thestral?They don´t always run around with heir wings spread out left and right... How about folding them to the back IMG_20180906_231207 Or unfold them at an angle? IMG_20180906_230900 With the use of 5 additional bricks,you can do this as well... IMG_20180906_231011 IMG_20180906_231016 IMG_20180906_231049 I hope you like this neat little modification.
  24. Inspired by those crazy show rods from the 60s and 70s,i decided to give Grindelwald´s coach from this recent set a little makeover. Magic Hotrod-1 As you can see,the base for this wild ride is still pretty much Grindelwald´s old victorian era coach,but with a few more horses and fat tires.... Magic Hotrod What do you think of it so far?
  25. I recently acquired some HP CMFs, and those from Fantastic Beasts (except for Tina, who comes from the Dimensions set) inspired me to try my hand and build Jacob Kowalski's Bakery. As far as I know (via Google search), up to now nobody really tried to re-create the whole thing in LEGO. Please let me know what you think of it, and maybe get inspired to make your own versions. KowalskiBakery_000 by LuxorV, su Flickr KowalskiBakery_004 by LuxorV, su Flickr KowalskiBakery_005 by LuxorV, su Flickr Hope you like it, and thanks for watching.