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Found 43 results

  1. CM4Sci

    2013 Galaxy Squad

    All of the 2013 Galaxy Squad sets! Warning all pictures link to HR versions which can be up to +6000.pxl all pictures posted from GRogall Spring Wave 70700 Space Swarmer The evil alien buggoid is buzzing around in his Space Swarmer. Don't let him capture the Galaxy Squad robot sidekick with the ship’s grabber mouth! Help him to blast away from the buggoid's sonic gun with his jet pack! Get to safety, then aim and fire the blasters to stop that swarming space critter! Includes 2 minifigures with weapons: alien buggoid and robot sidekick with a jet pack. 70701 Swarm Interceptor An armed and dangerous alien mosquitoid is speeding this way on a space flyer! Stop that creepy crawler with blue team leader Solomon Blaze and the split function Swarm Interceptor! When the action gets too hot for one Galaxy Squad ship, split the Swarm Interceptor into 2 fierce fighting machines: an agile flyer with detachable guns and a powerful turret with hidden flick missiles! That pest doesn't stand a chance against the split-function Swarm Interceptor with Solomon Blaze at the wheel! Includes 2 minifigures with assorted weapons: Solomon Blaze and alien mosquitoid. 70702 Warp Stinger Stop the angry alien mosquitoid behind the wheel of the fearsome Warp Stinger! It's using the Warp Stinger's shooting function to attack the Galaxy Squad heroes. Go after it with red team leader Billy Starbeam and his speederbike! Watch out for the Warp Stinger's sticky cocoon trap! Fire the detachable blasters and team up with his robot sidekick to save the world from those overgrown bugs! Be ready for a serious bug battle against the Warp Stinger's cocoon, moving wings, detachable gun and shooter function. Includes 3 minifigures with assorted weapons: Billy Starbeam, robot sidekick with jet pack and winged alien mosquitoid. 70703 Star Slicer The Star Slicer is creeping along on its locust legs out to capture the blue Galaxy Squad team. Stop the alien's Star Slicer before he gets Solomon Blaze’s sidekick with his stinging claws! Split the Galaxy Squad vehicle into an armored car and agile flyer to take the fight to the aliens! Stay away from the Star Slicer's shooting function and its sticky cocoon! Includes 3 minifigures: Solomon Blaze, robot sidekick and an exclusive red alien buggoid. 70704 Vermin Vaporizer The alien scorpion is on the rampage with a cocoon to capture the green Galaxy Squad heroes! Help green team leader Chuck Stonebreaker and his robot sidekick to bust the buggoid in the awesome Vermin Vaporizer! Tag team the alien invader when you activate the split function to turn the Vermin Vaporizer into a mighty mech and a battle buggy! Fire the mech's dual flick missiles and powerful cannons with Chuck Stonebreaker in the opening cockpit! Then attack the aliens in the battle buggy to save the day – the Galaxy Squad way! Includes 3 minifigures: Chuck Stonebreaker, robot sidekick and alien buggoid, all with assorted weapons. 70705 Bug Obliterator The deadly alien dragonfly is trying to capture the Galaxy Squad orange team heroes in a cocoon prison. Soar into battle with orange team heroes Jack Fireblade and Ashlee Starstrider in the Bug Obliterator! Hit the button to transform the Bug Obliterator into a rugged armored rover and a swift attack ship that can battle those bugs from the sky! Launch the hidden flick missiles and fire the laser guns to send those alien bugs crawling back to where they came from! Includes 4 minifigures: Jack Fireblade, Ashlee Starstrider, Robot Sidekick and winged alien mosquitoid with weapons and a cocoon. Summer Wave 70706 Crater Creeper Take Galaxy Squad green team leader Chuck Stonebreaker on a mission to exterminate the alien’s Crater Creeper! Jump into the hero hovercraft and chase after the bug-eyed buggoid in the Crater Creeper with insect legs, chomping jaws and flick missiles. Fire the hovercraft’s flick missiles, bring the Crater Creeper crashing to a halt and win the battle with the Galaxy Squad! Includes 2 minifigures with weapons: green team leader Chuck Stonebreaker and an alien buggoid. 70707 CLS-89 Eradicator Mech Get back into battle with the bugs with the split-function CLS-89 Eradicator Mech with rapid-fire missiles! Help orange team leader Jack Fireblade and his robot sidekick raise the mech’s powerful arms, load the rapid-fire flick missiles and aim the laser cannon to stop the alien abductoids! When the battle heats up, activate the Eradicator Mech’s split function, lower the wings and take flight in the super-agile galaxy jet with hidden bay door and deployable bomb. Stop the bugs from trapping the Galaxy Squad in cocoon prisons! Includes 2 minifigures with weapons: orange team leader Jack Fireblade and his robot sidekick. 70708 Hive Crawler The alien mantizoid is on a mission across the galaxy in the creepy Hive Crawler with moving legs. Stop it from laying insectoid eggs and spreading the alien threat! Deploy Galaxy Squad red team leader Billy Starbeam and his robot sidekick in the split-function hero speedster! Dodge the double-rotating venom guns, razor-sharp legs and pinching mouth! Then launch a deadly double attack by splitting the hero speedster into a sky speeder for air assaults and a planet speeder for ground combat. Don’t let the insectoid eggs hatch! Includes 2 insectoids and 3 minifigures with weapons and accessories: red team leader Billy Starbeam, robot sidekick and an alien mantizoid. 70709 Galactic Titan Send in blue team leader Solomon Blaze to exterminate the creepy alien caterpillar and hive tower. Only the split-function Galactic Titan can stop the alien army from hatching more eggs. Rescue blue team pilot Max Solarflar e from his cocoon prison. Move the Galactic Titan into position with its rubber quad tracks, rotate the double shooter into position and fire at the creepy caterpillar. First, disable its moving joints and dangerous pinching jaws. Then initiate the Galactic Titan's split function to deploy the deep space destroyer with removable cockpit, rotating wings and flick missiles. Use it to destroy the hive tower's insectoid egg shooter and cocoon prison. Defeat the alien bugs once and for all in this fierce final battle. Includes a flying insectoid and 5 minifigures with weapons: blue team leader Solomon Blaze, robot sidekick, Max Solarflare, an alien mosquitoid and a mantizoid. All pictures are © 2013 The Lego Group Toy fair coverage by:
  2. Austin1800

    70701 Swarm Interceptor

    I'd thought of doing a video review for 70701. Click on
  3. Lord LOLrus

    Review: 70701 Swarm Interceptor

    All right, so this is my first review here on Eurobricks; I've been lurking for awhile and decided it's time for me to actually contribute. Anyways, I was at the LEGO Store in Santa Clara (California) looking for some Hobbit sets, when I saw this lovely set. I snagged it and 70700 Space Swarmer, which I might review if someone else doesn't beat me to it. Here we go... Set Number: 70701 Name: Swarm Interceptor Piece Count: 218 Minifigures: 2 (1 Blue Galaxy Squad ("Solomon Blaze"), 1 Alien ("Mosquitoid") Price: $19.99 USD Photoset on Flickr (which has more photos than are posted here) I'll start with the box: Front: Here we can see the rotating cockpit (my personal favorite feature) and the obligatory Flick-fire Missiles, as well as the Minifig featured in this set: the blue human. Back: This shows off the rest of the features - the cockpit separates from the wings (legs? The box calls it a "Missile turret," but it looks like a pair of legs to me...), the wings fold down, and a hatch near the back opens to reveal the FF missiles - which is fine by me, I'm glad the things are concealed . Top: Here we can see the Figs, and the 1:1 scale image of... a raygun. Huh? Why a raygun? Contents: Inside the box are two bags, and a horribly folded instruction booklet and a Dreaded Sticker Sheet. The DSS: The instruction booklet looks is nothing special: It has a new image showing how to empty the numbered bags, though (you can see it in my flickr photostream, I’m trying to keep images to a minimum). Here’s the parts list: …and a random step: (One problem with the instructions: the colors are often way off - dark blue looks like dark purple, normal blue looks like a bright purple, and the bright blue dark azure (like in Alien Conquest) looks like sand blue. Luckily there aren’t any pieces in the wrong colors, so there’s a minimum of confusion) Now for the set itself: Bag #1: Inside the first bag are the pieces for the little alien scooter and the cockpit, as well as the minifies. New and/or interesting pieces We get a new windshield in clear, one of the Exo-Force robot arms in dark red, a “4x4 Wedge Plate” in Trans Neon Green, and the Alien’s wings. (The Alien’s head is bagged separately). Note: the windshield is different than the one found in SP3 (and other places, I’m sure) - it has a bar to attach clips to, instead of the protrusions in the front for studs. Bag #2: New and/or interesting pieces: In the second bag there are some very useful new pieces, mainly the inverted 1x2 - 2x2 Bracket, but also the 2x4 hinge plates. I’m not sure if the large wing pieces are new, or if I just haven’t seen them before (they look like they probably debuted in a Town Jumbo Jet or something). The Figs - Front: The Galaxy Squad (From here on known as GS) has a nice torso print, and his leg printing looks like it could be useful in many different settings (except, y’know, for it’s color ). His helmet is identical to the ones in Alien Conquest, including color. The Alien (Do they have a faction name?) appears to be some sort of mosquito, and he’s the really interesting one - his antennae are removable (they attach like plumes), and both the antennae and most of his head are the rubbery plastic LEGO uses for many non-standard heads (note: his nose (proboscis, maybe?)) is harder plastic). The wings are textured in a way that makes them feel different than LEGO’s normal ABS plastic, but I’m not sure if they are. EDIT: Apparently the human is named "Solomon Blaze" and the alien is referred to as a "Mosquitoid." Back: Both figs have back printing, and the GS has some sort of a breathing apparatus in addition to the targeting system over his right eye (on our left). The back of the Mosquito’s head is ridged, like plating. The Build: Bag #1 Alien Scooter: The first third of Bag #1 is the Scooter, a simple build with a jackhammer for handlebars. If the Mosquito stands any farther forward his nose gets bent by the handle. The Cockpit: By the end of Bag #1 you have a finished cockpit, which is (supposedly) a small spacecraft in it’s own right - it has “wings” that fold out: Bag #2 The (mostly) finished first part of Bag #2 (I forgot to put on the last few pieces - mostly the FF missiles); this is what the cockpit and wings attach to. The completed wings (minus stickers) - the large “wing” pieces attach to the hinge bricks using a combo of the older 1x2 - 2x2 brackets and the new inverted ones. The result is very sturdy. I waited until the very end to put the stickers on, and found that the wings must be partially disassembled in order to get the wing stickers on. This is what the completed product of Bag #2 looks like. Finished Product: Here’s the whole thing (without stickers). It’s very swooshable. From the top. From the rear. The cockpit is self-stabilizing (it rotates freely) - this is my favorite feature. Here we see the thing on it’s “legs” - I honestly don’t know what else to call them. …and the must-have exiting feature of the FF missiles. Cause those just totally make the entire set worth it. With Stickers: I feel that the stickers do add something to the model. They’re by no means necessary, but they liven up the wings a bit. I do wish the wings were just printed. Extra Parts: A clear visor, two technic friction pegs, various 1x1 studs, a light grey 1x1 round tile, a black viking horn/tooth, and a black lightsaber handle. Not bad at all, IMO. Everything together: Scoring: Design: 8.5/10 A solid model. Not jaw-dropping, but I couldn’t find any problems with the design, and the features don’t take anything away from the aesthetic - and there are plenty of… Features: 10/10 With adjustable wings, detachable cockpit, and well-executed FF-missiles (AKA, they’re hidden), as well as the excellent rotating cockpit, there’s plenty of playability and no real flaws. Parts: 8/10 The four inverted 1x2 - 2x2 brackets are a big plus, and the new windshield design is (in my opinion) a big improvement. The dark azure color kind of limits the re-usability of many of the pieces, however. Minifigures: 8.5/10 Two figs for $20 isn’t bad, and the mosquito is excellent. I wish they’d put in a robot instead of a human GS, but there have to be humans somewhere, I suppose… Price: 9/10 218 pieces for $20 is very good, IMO, but maybe my standards are just a bit low. Still, 9.2 cents per piece is better than average. Total: 44/50 88%, or a solid B+. I personally like the set quite a bit more than that, but I’m not going to re-do the numbers. Nevertheless, I highly recommend this set to anyone interested in Space themes (and even for those who aren’t). EDIT: Credit to Aanchir for correcting me about the color names - what I'd been calling "bright blue" is actually (on Bricklink) referred to as "Dark Azure." I had worried I was getting them wrong, and I agree that it could be confusing to use non-standard names. Thank you for the help, I've now fixed that.
  4. More fire power for the Galaxy squad orange team. Splits into jet. Galaxy Gunship by NunoRast, on Flickr Galaxy Gunship by NunoRast, on Flickr Galaxy Gunship by NunoRast, on Flickr Galaxy Gunship by NunoRast, on Flickr Galaxy Gunship by NunoRast, on Flickr Galaxy Gunship by NunoRast, on Flickr Thanks for looking.
  5. Having fun with the Galaxy Squad theme. Lovin' this series of sets (and pieces!) Back at the nest bug neophytes build a new egg with crystals from the planet while more mature bugs patrol the area. Young bug posing with his new viper. "How you doin' ?" (said with thick New York accent) Bug patrol ship The landing mechanism for the bug patrol unit. Lower wings tuck back and the third leg swings down. Surprisingly stable. The angles coming off the bar frame for the wings. I've got an 2L axil going through the back of the bar frame to the plate (with holes) on the front to add some strength. In 1979 Denmark quietly launched the Earth's first deep space exploration ship. Little did they know that their first encounter would be with the bugs Yeah the hood is hard to see over but that's the price you pay when you wanna look good in your viper. Full sized photos here:
  6. rongYIREN

    Dragonfly Helo

    Hey Everyone, It's still a WIP but at least I've got it brick built. Originally I thought that I'd have this one knocked off my 'to do' list with just a couple quick Bricklink orders. However, 4 Bricklink orders later as well as two local orders made here in Taiwan and still I'm lacking parts. I might just give up brick building for the much easier digital building... yeah, right. The final color should be a Neon-Green and Dark Purple scheme. Not the Red that you see here. I think one of the ideas I wanted to explore with this model and which would explain the inclusion of the Galaxy Squad member in the cockpit is that it is a craft designed to mimic the Insectoid vehicles which would allow GS to covertly infiltrate Insectoid base camps... or something like that. Or... maybe not. Anyway, critiques are very welcome. I'm looking forward to finalizing this guy. (UPDATE!) Now in Purple... [short-Tailed Version] [below] - New Longer Tail [Previous Posts] The LDD version of the purple Helo Thanks, rongYIREN
  7. TimH

    Billys got a new Mech

    I made a few mod's to set 70500.
  8. Hello and happy monday to all... I was on the road late last week for a few days so I picked up the 70701 "Swarm Interceptor" set. I really like it, great little fighter for the money. I wanted to take the fight to the ground so I built this small mech... It's not very detailed, but I wanted to use only the parts that came with the set. I hope you like it, and have a great day/week!!! "Uhhhhh.... I surrender?"
  9. Discussion on the latest addition to the LEGO Space universe, Galaxy Squad, started somewhere in the summer of 2012. Since then, we've gathered more and more information as time passed, from set names and numbers to photos and official release, to the LEGO Club Magazine comic (Nov-Dec 2012) that tied this theme to the Monster Fighters' one (pic from LEGO Wikia) in some strange and yet not fully explainable way (as they seem to be placed in different universes). But, as we know well, this led to the first 6 sets only; the next 4, scheduled to be released next June, where unveiled at the many Toy Fairs earlier this year. Among them are 2 Alien Bug and 2 Galaxy Squad itself sets. It would seem the GS boys and girl, together with their robot companions finally got to the Bugs' home-world, or at least their stronghold in this sector of the galaxy, and are now ready to take the battle to the fabled and dreaded Hive. So, if you got this far in my rambling introduction, without further ado, let's go on with the alien capital ship bug of the Galaxy Squad line: the 70708 Hive Crawler, brought to you in another Eurobricks Exclusive review, with thanks again to The LEGO Group! Theme: Galaxy Squad Set name: Hive Crawler Set Number: 70708 Price: 59.99 $, 49.99 £, 59.99 Euro, 69.99 CAD Pieces: 560 (+ 21 extras & 1 brick separator) Minifigures: 3 (+ 2 animals) Year of release: 2013 Note: no official description of the set seems to be available at the time of writing. Links: Peeron, Bricklink and Brickset The Box Front The box is pretty big (48 x 28 x 6 centimetres; 18.91 x 11.03 x 2.63 inches), as it's to be expected by a top-of-the-line 560-pieces set. It really makes you feel like you're getting something big and proportioned to the price. The box art is wonderful, with the blue-ish/grey background, slightly resembling a moon landscape, upon which we can spot a human colony (GS HQ, maybe?) in the far left corner, and alien looking fluo-green crystals on the right side. It would seem these crystals are connected with the Bugs in some way, as they appear to be the source of the mist crawling through the landscape and from which the Bugs spring from. In the sky at the far back, we see another couple of planets or moons infected by the alien menacing misty 'atmosphere'. Now to the starts of the set: the Hive Crawler and the diminutive (but not as diminutive as the current wave's one) Red Team vehicle/s confront each other/s while Bug Pods spew alien larvae on the battlefield. LEGO and Galaxy Squad logos, together with the set information complete the top left side, while the bottom right corner shows the action-pose shot of Billy Stabeam and his 'robot sidekick'. I'd like to spend a couple more lines on the GS logo and set info. First, I love the logo, as it hints at the ability of most human vehicles to split in two and, just like in the official game, go on two different paths to complete the common mission. Next, as you can see, this is the European version of the box, and as such it has just a minimum of set info to display; the North American version (again, the pic is from LEGO Wikia), on the contrary, sports a lot more data, including piece count and set name. Back The back shows the set on a clean and quite futuristic looking grilled starscape. I must say it is very relaxing to look at after the action-packed front. All around the Hive Crawler, small boxes show the play features, including rotating cannons, Bug Pods-shooting rear catapult, crawling action and the split option of the human vehicle. Quite strangely, only the humans get a caption explaining the details. Maybe the alien mech ones are clear enough, or maybe it's all part of the anti-Bug conspiracy! Again, LEGO logo and few set info complete the upper left corner, while a reminder of the site address is menacingly brought to you by Billy in the lower right corner. Moreover, for those interested, a cube code in the lower left corner allows you to see the Hive Crawler in action (note: at the time of writing, I have not check to see if the video is available yet). Sides The sides of the box sport the usual miniature of the front's scene and LEGO logos and legal/safety stuff. Few details look interesting enough: the upper side shows a side-by-side 1:1 size mug-shot of all three minifigures included in the set, instead of the usual one (probably because the space was huge and LEGO box artists had to fill it up somehow); next is the left side, which sports some nice speudo-greeble printing and a line-up of the Galaxy Squad teams' badges, with the Red/Fast Team one highlighted, obviously in red. Contents Inside Inside the box, we find 4 numbered bags, two instruction booklets and a stickers' sheet. The last three were a bit bent when I took them off, but nothing tragic. New pieces New pieces are quite interesting, though most of them are strongly connected with this particular theme: Trans Red Windscreen Decorated, 6 x 6 x 3 Canopy Half Sphere with Dual 2 Fingers and composed eye, Trans Dark Pink Container, alien pod half 4x4x2, Olive Green Animal Body Part, Alien Bug Larva main body, Olive Green Slope, Curved 2 x 1 No Studs. Please notice that since most of these are not listed anywhere else at the moment, I made up their names, trying to follow the widespread Bricklink style; I hope they are clear enough, though the pic should solve any lingering doubt at what's what. For the same reason, links are not available for these parts at the time of writing. Re-coloured parts We have quite a number of re-coloured parts in this set: Tan Brick, Modified 1 x 2 with Studs on 1 Side, Lime Brick, Round Corner 3 x 3 x 2 Dome Top, Lime Brick, Round Corner 6 x 6 with Slope 33 Edge, Facet Cutout, Lime Dish 6 x 6 Inverted (Radar) - Solid Studs, Lime Cylinder Hemisphere 2 x 2 Ball Turret Socket Base, Dark Red Cylinder Hemisphere 3 x 3 Ball Turret, Dark Red Minifig, Utensil Saw with Handle and Tooth, Dark Tan Slope 30 1 x 1 x 2/3, Trans Neon Yellow Minifig, Plume Feathers with Pin, and Dark Red Bar 1L with Clip Mechanical Claw, Cut Edges and Hole on One Side. Rare parts The many rare parts in this set include: Lime Technic, Axle and Pin Connector Angled #4 - 135 degrees, Dark Red Brick, Modified 1 x 4 with 4 Studs on 1 Side, Dark Red Cylinder 3 x 6 x 2 2/3 Horizontal, Dark Red Wedge 8 x 3 x 2 Open Left, Dark Red Wedge 8 x 3 x 2 Open Right, Trans-Clear Windscreen 6 x 2 x 2 with Handle, Lime Brick, Modified 2 x 2 x 2/3 Two Studs, Curved Slope End, Olive Green Brick 2 x 4, Lime Slope 30 1 x 2 x 2/3, Lime Slope 45 2 x 2, Dark Red Plate, Round Corner 4 x 4, Olive Green Wheel 18mm D. x 14mm with Pin Hole, Fake Bolts and Shallow Spokes, Dark Red Hinge Plate 1 x 4 Locking Dual 1 Finger, Pearl Dark Gray Hero Factory Weapon - Half Claw (seen in a non-HF set for the first time), Black Technic, Link 1 x 6 without Stoppers, Trans Light Blue Minifig, Utensil Saw with Handle and Tooth, Olive Green Plate 1 x 2, Dark Bluish Gray Tile 2 x 2 with 3 Hexagons, Spaceship and Alien Characters Pattern, and Lime Tile, Round 2 x 2 with Open Insect Mouth Pattern. Spares We get quite a lot of spares in this set (21 pieces), plus the brick separator. The parts include the usual technic bits: pins, half pins, a bush, a half bush and a straight connector; then we have some round 1x1 plates, a gear lever, horns and claws, a couple of tiles (both round and square varieties), a robot hand and a nice cheese slope in the new Dark Tan version. Minifigures Of the three minifigures in this set, only one is new: the Mosquitoid Elite. I must say I really like this alien, whereas, I did not appreciate much the lesser breeds in the winter wave sets. The rubbery head is better refined and more proportioned, in my opinion, and I love how LEGO designers rendered the multiple eyes (though they are not really bug multifaceted eyes) and the mandibles. Contrary to what happens with the flying musquitoids, this ones' antennae are part of the head mould and cannot be separated from it. The human and robot minifigures, as said, are not new and fans already know them pretty well. I like the details in the human's armour, as well as the robot's one. Moreover, the spreading use of printed legs in standard themes (as opposed to the Licensed dominance in past years) is a nice touch and adds to the overall detail level. As many have noticed already, i cannot help but think the robot's head is very reminiscent of the SW Mon Calamary species. So, since I'm tired of calling him/it 'robot' or 'robot sidekick', I'll use Squiddy for him/it from now on. All three figs have nice back printing as well. I especially like the fact that Billy and Squiddy's body armours look so much alike, except for the details in the lower section and the really nice addition of a cooling vent and access port on Squiddy's one. A better rear look at Billy and the bug without headgear, and a chance to have a look at Billy's lovely double face with facemask Same with the front view. Billy must have some very bad days out there saving the Galaxy! A side view of the three figs, for those interested. notice how nicely the bug's carapaces covers the standard minifig torso, giving this fig a more organic look, preventing the head from looking too big on the body. Where would Squiddy go without his trusted backpack? I mean, Billy often uses the vehicle in the 'complete' configuration, and Squiddy can't go around fighting hordes of invading flying bugs on foot. The design is far from innovative, but works pretty well, and nicely fills the 'gap' under the robot's elongated skull. This picture also shows one of my favourite new items from this line: the light, or plasma maybe, blades. I think any Halo fan around will easily recognise the source these must be based on (though we may never get a confirmation from LEGO designers?). Nonetheless, LEGO changed the design to make it their own, and I really like what they came up with. The jagged look and nasty points mark this as a deadly weapon, yet it must be "not as clumsy or random as a blaster; an elegant weapon for a more civilized age". I decided to include the small bug larvae in the minifig category, though they are more on the animal side of the spectrum, really. My only justification is these will one day grow into humanoid shapes (or so I gather), so... The body, made of rubbery material, is very scorpion like, with a poised tail, while the head sports two pair of eyes, both above and below the mandibles. The lower part of the head also has a small hole to fit the wings' pin. Quite curiously, it is a passing hole, extending through the whole length of this part of the piece and opening between the little eyes on the front. The four legs are indeed Viking horn pieces attached into bigger holes or sockets on the sides. The overall look, except for the wings, is a bit reminiscent of the Face-huggers from the Alien films series, but with a more (if I may say so) children-friendly tone. Instructions The two instruction booklets show a more compact version of the front of the box art on their square covers. The illustration on the first page teach us how to handle properly the contents of the box, using all the bricks in bag one before opening the second one and so on. As this bigger set includes a brick separator, the lower half of the page is devoted to instructing the viewer on how to use it, plus giving a cube code and an internet address to learn more about it. The odd pages sport a nice buddies shot of Billy and his 'robot sidekick' in action poses, probably taken at one of the GS parties. The background is a plain light blue hue with a superimposed white grill evoking a sense of virtual reality/cyber space from 1990s' TV shows. As you can see (and were expecting, undoubtedly), the steps are complimented by pieces call-outs and sub-steps for an easier building experience. When you finish building the human vehicle, a page is dedicated to make you separate the two sub models you just put together! No flick-fire missiles in this set, but don't loose hope, for we have giant Alien Bug eggs to shoot around with the built-in catapult. Beware - a giant Alien Bug egg in the eye may sting a bit! The final pages illustrate the play features of the set, like the crawl-when-moved-on-the-floor one and the battle-with-the-opposing-factions one. As this is a big set, the parts' summary coversthreepages thick with pieces' pics and numbers. Moving toward the end of booklet two, we find a Galaxy Squad line ad, showing both current year's waves: above is the summer wave, consisting of 4 sets, and below is the winter one. We have a total of 9 sets to collect, plus some polybags not depicted here. Then we have two pages of other themes' ads, namely Ninjago 2014, with a menacing "We'll be back" aimed to fans and enemies alike, and the Lord of the Rings lines. Finally, a page is dedicated to the LEGO Galaxy Squad site. Building Start The build starts with bag one, which includes all the minifigs, the bag larvae and pods and the parts needed for the human vehicle/s. Here we have the chassis, to which we'll add... ... the wings/cannons and have the... ... complete speeder. I like the sleek look, and the fact this is a quite fresh new take on the speeder design, not too reminiscent of the various Star Wars version we saw over the years. I'm not sure how Billy is supposed to pilot that thing (acceleration and steering plus pitch) and fire the cannons all by using the one control lever at his disposal, but oh well... You can find more angles following these links: left side and rear. Next up is the smaller flying platform (which reminds me of a personal underwater propulsion device of some sort). The first steps build the base, using an inverted tile to grant stability and good looks. As Squiddy will not be holding his/its energy blades while driving (clever 'bot), they are attached to a couple of clips and will be part of the offensive system/wings surfaces of the diminutive craft. The completed model is not impressive for its size, but sports a pair of frontal cannons that look almost as big as the speeder's ones. Where they will get the power to feed them is beyond me; probably some sort of hyper-miniaturized power generator or storing unit. Front, side and rear views for those interested. Squiddy takes the flyer for a spin before connecting it to the speeder to form the... ... complete vehicle. I must say I prefer this configuration to the speeder alone, as the latter looks a bit incomplete in my eyes, but it is just a question of personal taste. All in all, this is a nice little combiner model, and it could even have used a small set of its own. I'm not completely sold on the fact it can successfully contrast the Hive Crawler on its own, though. So, let's see how the alien model is built and then pitch them together! The belly of the Beast Bag two allows us to build the first portion of the gigantic Hive Crawler. I'm not sure if the alien vehicles are supposed to be just mechanical crafts, mecha-like artefacts or simply autonomous bio/mechanical units much like Japanese Zoids. Anyway, these models too have an inner core around which the rest of the structure is built, so here we go with the 'belly' of the Hive Crawler. Nothing too fancy for now, just a squared technic rim with some lateral protrusions, supposedly destined to hold the insect-like legs. Just a few more steps and we see what goes in the central hole (you did not expect that to be left empty just to spare parts, did you?): by using some cleverly assembled wheels, beams and connectors, we build the mechanism for the main play feature of this model. As we'll see in just a few more minutes, the wheels, by bearing the weight of the Crawler, gain enough traction on most surfaces, and will transmit the motion to the legs, allowing the model to perform his name-sake function: crawling. Next up is the second play feature: the egg throwing catapult. It's an easy build, with just a few technic beams and some cosmetic details. The first instruction booklet and bag 2 end with the addition of some plates to gain a new building surface on top of the chassis. Not much of an insect-like appearance to it for now, right? Is it cuticle or shell? Here we go with bag 1, building the main chassis... Oh, wait, this is bag 3! Again, we start with a clump of technic bricks and few system ones for detail, but soon enough... ... we assemble evidence of a new stage in our build: the power turbines that feed the Crawlers engines take position and the back of the model starts shaping. Granted the additional sturdiness and support this new portion adds to the structure, we can now connect the catapult arm to the main body via a couple of rubber bands and get what looks like a scorpion tail to rise menacingly, ready to strike. Since we do not want our enemies to see through our intension too easily, and we need an enclosed storage space for the munitions/eggs, we add this thick shell to the middle section of the vehicle. Of course, it is not just by chance that its shape is reminiscent of a couple of elytra; good job, LEGO designers. Now, by adding a pair of big round, lateral shields, we complete the storage and armoured area at the rear. Right now, the overall shape of the Crawler looks quite evocative of a grasshopper, more than anything else. Will this impression last? What is this big lump of bricks, and what does it have to do with the model? This is the back of the cockpit, and quite possibly the central control and processing tower of the Hive Crawler, its brain, if you will. As you can see, it covers almost two thirds of the forward deck, and its heavy shielding blends in with the overall organic and rounded shape of the carapace. We're almost there: by adding the cannons, mouth/eyes complex and legs, we get to the finished set. I must say LEGO designers did a fantastic job in building the head: the big round composed eyes and the multi-fanged mouth look terrifying, yet splendid. Moreover, the legs, extending to the sides and almost doubling the model's width, really capture the dynamic look of a crawling insect. Finished set Notice how the middle legs rest on a framework of technic beams and connectors: by pushing the Crawler on a flat surface, the wheels (you remember them, don't you?) will transmit their momentum to a series of pulleys which in turn will make the legs go up and down and simulate an insect crawling motion. Front I don't know what you'll say, but I think that, from this angle, the cannons look like a second pair of smaller eyes on the Crawler's shell. Side The heavy armour of this guy sure makes it a though customer to deal with, don't you agree? Back As it often happens with LEGO models, the rear portion is the weak point. I do think this one looks way better than may others, but it looks pretty defenceless. I'm pretty sure it will be swarmed by the catapult's servants and foot (winged?) troops to guard it and the eggs when in battle. Bird-eye The bird-eye view allows us a better look at the overall shape of the model. Where it looked quite grasshopper-like midway through the building, now it looks all the way like a big wing-less fly about to deliver destruction on the battlefield. Ready to shoot The catapult's motion is smooth, as the small stops prevent one egg to get in the way while you shoot the other. The range is not huge, but it can quite easily reach 30-40 centimetres, or 12-16 inches. The pod opens upon impact and spews its halves and the larva on the battlefield, ready to add to the mess of the scene. Bonus images Visiting the grandparents #1 - So you did manage to break out of this transparent chrysalis, in the end! Visiting the grandparents #2 Everybody agreed, Squiddy's great-grand-dad was a very clear-headed robot. Laundry day - I told you to be careful with the bleach! Talk about... ... shopping at the same store! And now, a little something for the Star Wars fans among you: - And then everybody will think you died. Instead, you'll be turned into a cyborg, and will travel to a galaxy far far away to battle humanoid bugs. - You mean I'll be fighting Geonosians again? - Well, not really... Final comments Overall, the Hive Crawler is a fantastic set, both for the small human vehicle/s and the titular alien one. As a flag-ship (or flag-bug), it really compliments the line, and adds a lot to the Galaxy Squad universe, introducing Elite warriors and larvae, as well as confirming the idea of a central hive guarded by new levels of the bug's cast system.. Design & Colour scheme – 10/10 (Very well proportioned and efficient. Both the human Red Team and the bug colour schemes are consistent with previous waves and the line's overall look. No complaints whatsoever.) Minifig – 10/10 (A couple of trusted human fighters, a great new Elite warrior and two small animals/larvae to throw in the mix make this a nice addition to anybody's LEGO space collection.) Parts – 10/10 (Great variety of useful parts, a reasonable amount of new pieces, especially the smaller curved slopes, and even a cool printed one! This set is also a treasure for rare parts and the re-coloured ones, too.) Playability – 9/10 (The movements of the crawling mechanism and the catapult are smooth and funny to play with, and the GS trademark human vehicles' separation/connection system is a good pros, too. Maybe, just maybe, the Red Team could have used something bigger against this gargantuan bug, but as they focus on speed, their craft look quite up to the task, all in all.) Build – 8/10 (Nothing too complex, but some efficient solutions are used, especially in the building of the crawling function's mechanism and the various sections of the Crawler's armour.) Price – 10/10 (60 $/€ for 560 pieces are quite good, especially considering that there are many big parts in this set. Adding to the count the new pieces, Elite warrior and bug larvae brings this up to an almost ideal price point.) Overall: 9.5/10 Excellent As always, questions, comments, and pic requests welcome! Many thanks to Kim Thomsen of The LEGO Group for providing this set for the early review. If you like my reviews, and would like to learn how it's done, please consider joining the Reviewers Academy:
  10. Number: 70707 Theme: Galaxy Squad Year: 2013 Parts:440 Figs: 2 Set Index: CLS-89 Eradicator Mech The bugs are pushing humanity back, it's time for Rico to get on the bounce... oh, wrong story. Very nice boxshot. I love the poses on the bottom corner that each set has. The rear of the box gives a good overview of the set, but does (deliberately?) omit shots of the rear when the mech is together. This left me a bit unsure how it all went together. So what do you get? Instructions with parts listing... ...three bags, another instruction booklet and a sticker sheet. The bags have a hidden bonus; they open! Let's do that... Bag one is pretty much the bugs and the figs, which is a nice way to have it "playable" from the start. The sorta-segmented pods are one of the highlights of this line. But now they're more egg-like... ...or you can mix and match and go for balls or classic! I do love the faceting... Interestingly TLG chose to keep both parts as anti-studs, I'm hoping that we see more of these in other sets! I also love this new-ish part. Oh the possibilities.... While still nice, the figs, Jack Fireblade and Robot Sidekick (robots don't deserve names it seems), aren't new. Even so it's really appreciated the subtle differences front... ...and back. The robot head looks so anime-ish to me. "Turn-A Gundam"? Haw, haw, haw. I'm a bit undecided on the backpacks though... ...especially how the wings attach. Even so, it's a good part for fig customising. Likewise the wings to me seem a bit odd. Why does the robot need wings anyway? Engines for hovering sure, but wings? Gliding? Why? Am I annoying? Yes? Move on? OK.... I think we'll be seeing this in Post Apoc MOCs for years! Shame the other side is so generic. Ready to stomp! This is the dregs from bag one. Not much you may think... ...but it's enough to get these guys fighting again. Honesty.... Onto bag 2! While nice part there's nothing really special there. I will however take the chance to say that I love these parts. They are so similar in concept to the classic hinge joints and, as this set highlights, they have other uses. (More on this later.)Bag two pretty much builds makes the main body... and these are the spares Bag three! IMHO nothing highly exciting, but good parts just the same. Bag 3 spares All spares ....and we're done! While they are just stickers, the bug splats are a "nice" touch. From the front I think it looks pretty good, in what I'd call the Mechwarrior style; weapon arms and no head. From the rear it looks a bit odd, with the cockpit on the side and all. So what can it do? Well for one the main cockpit is a flier... ...with classic light engine, underwing flick fires... ...and a nuke disc. Wow. These humans sure know the meaning of escalate. From what I'm heard though the only way to be sure is to do it from orbit. With the flier removed you get this, which folds down to make the secondary mech. But before you go there please note what I think is interesting; the hinge piece is actually used no as a hinge, but as a technic-to-plate adapter. A very interesting idea... With the auxiliary cockpit in place (plus the leg and arms re-aligned) you get the special feature of this set. The last thing many-a-bug sees I think. Speaking of the bugs here's the flying one... ..and the creeping one. While I do like both they do look like spare parts to me. A family gathering. Conclusions "Evergreen theme" is what TLG like to call Space and the other themes that aren't as cool. Sometimes I think "mech" should be a sub theme as they seem to turn up a lot; Life on Mars, Exo-Force, Power Miners (Life on Mars) even Ninjago (Fangpyre Mech)! Obviously they play test well. Jack tries to impress Ashlee... so was I impressed? Functions: The multi-mode gimmicks in this mech are a bit too gimmicky for me sorry to say. To me they are there for consistency with the rest of the theme and would be better off without them. But I don't really care; the mech is the real function and he is posable enough. Knee joints would have been nice though. 7/10 Parts: A few special parts and a good amount of useful parts for similar building, especially SNOT related. 8/10 Price: I'm not sure of the AUD price, but going by previous sets they have been very good value 10/10 Looks: I do think this suffers a bit due to the desire for a mode conversion (pointy cockpit, odd rear end) but I think it still looks good, 8/10 Fudge: Two bugs, one that can fly, one that can't, and a mech that has a ground mode as well as an air. Extra points for symmetry! 9/10 Overall: Buy! 9/10 Ready for anything! Higher res copies of all photos and more are on Flickr.
  11. Number – 70706 Name – Crater Creeper Theme – Galaxy Squad Year – 2013 Minifigs – 2 Pieces – 171 Price – $19.99/ €15.99?/ 12.99? Exact price not yet known. Links: Brickset, Bricklink not yet listed, Peeron not yet listed, LEGO Shop@Home not yet listed. Galaxy Squad (and I really keep wanting to say Galaxy Quest) is the brand new Space theme from TLG, which has been launched in many places to general approval. Unfortunately this is the first Galaxy Squad set I've been able to see up close, as TLG has decided to launch the Winter and Summer waves together in Summer in the UK, but the general feedback from those who got their hands on the Winter wave is that they are enjoying this new theme and liking a lot of the features of the sets. If, like me, you wish to know a little more about Galaxy Squad, then here's a little bit of the story: The Galaxy Squad consists of four colour coded sections: Red (led by Billy Starbeam), Blue (led by Solomon Blaze), Green (led by Chuck Stonebreaker) and Orange (with Jack Fireblade and Ashlee Starstrider - a girl!) and each team also have their own colour coded robot side-kick too. The Galaxy Squad fight the Alien Buggoids and Mosquitoids to stop them from doing... whatever it is they're doing or trying to do, which must be bad because they're bugs, right? So far in the theme the sets have been a mixture of monochrome with single-colour accent futuristic space vehicles, and exotically coloured insect shaped vehicles - a really intriguing combination of builds within one theme. The Green team (and so far as I can tell the teams are only called by their colours) had a large vehicle in the first wave 70704: Vermin Vaporizer, and this set has Chuck striking out in a smaller vehicle against a reasonable large Alien Insectoid vehicle. So, I'm excited for my first opportunity to build one of these sets - let's have a look at it! The Box The colour base for the box is white, reflecting the Galaxy Squad's mostly-white vehicles, but there's a lot of artwork to depict the alien world and its landscape. The Crater Creeper is crawling over the alien rockface, while Chuck zooms in to attack with his missiles. In the top right the alien Buggoid is amusingly 'bursting' out of the box and it's a great touch to bring the alien to life. In the bottom right Chuck looks cool, and confident with his gun. No Buggoids are getting away from him. The back of the box has a 'Tron' style grid overlaid on a background of stars and galaxies in space. There's a great view of the Crater Creeper itself, including lots of insets showing all the playfeatures, including the fact that the Crater Creeper can grip Chuck's pod in its pincers. There's a lot more information here, including a QR code (that I admit I haven't scanned) and in the bottom right a cheery picture of Chuck with a website that doesn't currently work for me (perhaps because I'm in the UK where Galaxy Squad hasn't been released). On the top and bottom of the box you can see better the continuing minimalist white. I think this is a great choice for a colour; it's really clean and fresh. It's unusual to have such an empty colour on such action packed sets, but it allows the actual LEGO to stand out more, and it ties in so well to the white basis of the Galaxy Squad's vehicles. Unusually, instead of using a minifigure, they've chose a raygun to denote scale. I'm not sure how much that helps, but it looks quite stylish. The sides of the box show more clean and contemporary white space. You can just make out four symbols, denoting the four different Galaxy Squad teams, and each team's set has its logo filled out in its team's colour, which is a nice design. The design of the sides are kept sleek, with just a smaller picture of the set from the front of the box. It's a shame they had to include the LEGO club promotional stuff, as it does spoil the aesthetic, but I understand that it's necessary. The Box Contents There are four polybags inside the box, two large and two small, and this is where you first get the sense of the colour scheme for the set. There is also a small sticker sheet, with four stickers, which was in remarkably good condition when I fished it out of the box. You'll see how these are applied later, but they are printed on a transparent base, which makes them slightly less obvious as stickers. The printing itself is fine and clear, so they are the next best thing to actual printed parts. The Instructions Just one instruction booklet; hardly surprising, as it isn't a very big set. The artwork here is the same as for the front of the box, but you can see a bit more of the landscape. It's been mentioned by a few that there's more than a passing "Starship Troopers" vibe to this theme, and it looks like the lime green construction in the background is actually the Buggoid city, not least because you can see the pincers of another Crater Creeper on the horizon. So that sort of implies that the Galaxy Squad have travelled to the Insectoids' world to take them on. Very Starship Troopers... So here's a random(ish) page from the instructions. Firstly, the Tron-like grid background is back, which is kinda retro in a cool way plus there are faint impressions of nebulae too. Secondly, there's a nice cheery picture of Chuck to encourage you while you build. He's also got his green team logo next to him too. Thirdly, at this stage in the build, you can see there's quite a bit of SNOT work and Technic, which we'll see a bit more of later. This isn't just a brick-on-brick build. It could be argued that one of the most useful pages in the instructions is the inventory, so here it is, and if you'd like to see it better then please click on the pic for a link to a larger version. I have spared you the torture of seeing the ignominious "Gagne" child that graces the back cover, and instead I offer you this: the page that shows the complete view of all the upcoming Galaxy Squad sets. If it looks a little pink, that's because it is. It seems that, in Galaxy Squad, pink is the colour of the laser fire from the Insectoids, so there's quite a bit of pink here, as the Galaxy Squad hide behind their set boxes to take cover from the fire. I like the little 'holes' in the scenery from the laser fire too; the artwork as a whole is fun and action-packed. The Parts There are a few parts here that are new to me. It's easy to spot the Hero Factory angled blades in black, and they have only appeared in one Hero Factory set 6228 Thornraxx, before cropping up in Galaxy Squad's 70703 Star Slicer. The light bluish grey 6x6 round plate has only appeared in a few sets before, so it's also not easy to get hold of, as is the trans red windscreen which hasn't been seen since 2003. It's unlikely you'll have many of the dark red curved 2x2 slopes, unless you own a lot of Maersk sets, specifically all four versions of the Container Ship, as those are the only sets it's ever been seen in before. The dark red 4x1 curved slope is a relatively new piece, having debuted in dark red in 2012 in the Ninjago set 9448 Samurai Mech and then appeared in only 3 other sets so far this year. Just next to them, the 2x2 air scoop tops are brand new in dark red for this set. In these bags my eye was certainly drawn to the olive green 1x2 plates. This colour version of this piece is pretty new; it's only been around since 2012, and has only appeared in this colour in 4 sets, 3 of which were pretty large. You can't ignore the only printed piece in the set; the lime green printed 2x2 round tile that's supposed to represent an open insect mouth in the Galaxy Squad sets. It's only appeared in 70700 Space Swarmer, in the sets that have been released so far, and the 1x2 lime green cheese wedge has only ever been seen in 31007 Power Mech before. The dark bluish grey 1x2 modified plate with pin hole is a brand new piece for 2013, however TLG have already made good use of the part, as it's far from rare already, and the two barrel pistol is also reasonably new (2011) but featured in a myriad of sets. Minifigures Here they are, side by side, Buggoid of unknown name, and Chuck Stonebreaker, leader of the Galaxy Squad Green Team! Mr Buggoid manages to look both serious and slightly smiley at the same time, which is really quite a feat. He's looking at you, with his four eyes, from under his heavily fortified forehead. As with any insect-like creature, he seems to have a segmented abdomen, although he also seems to be wearing a very small pair of underpants. Chuck, on the other hand, is wearing his Galaxy Squad standard issue space armour (in green, naturally) which comes with artificially enhanced pectoral and abdominal muscles, decorated with Galaxy Squad logos. Chuck's grin indicates a man used to space-swashbuckling and derring-do, and his scars mark him out as a battle hardened hero. He has a lovely matching helmet, too. The printing here is really very detailed and precise, with good colour choices too and I'm really impressed with these figures. As mentioned, Unnamed Buggoid has four eyes, but all four of these eyes are printed with detailing that really adds another level to this figure. It's only a few dark red spots, but it's such a great detail to really give the figure something extra. At the back, Buggoid has more great printing to show his segmented Insectoid body, and you can see the moulding of the back of the head, designed to fit with this segmentation. The shape of this moulded head carapace fits really well with the design of the Buggoid, and the fact that the hands match some of the printing detail is another great design feature. Chuck also has a detailed back print, that looks very Sci-Fi with an almost mechanical representation of his spine. There's another Galaxy Squad logo here, and you can also just make out the number 30; I confess, I don't know what that means. I assume Chuck's wearing a sort of spacey respirator type thing, which is nicely printed with shiney silver, but does look a bit like Hannibal Lecter's gimp mask. Chuck doesn't look too happy about it. Here you can better see the shape of the Buggoid's head. It's all one mould, not a head with a mask or helmet over it, but here you gain a better sense of the curvature of the carapace and can see the probosces at the front. The Build Having assembled the minifigures, the first thing to build is Chuck's pod. It doesn't look like your usual "spaceship", it's not enclosed (ensuring easy access for fingers) and it's not all sleek and streamlined. It looks a little like an armoured armchair on a circular rug. With guns and missiles. And I rather like that idea, and I also like that it isn't just another pointy little ship. The green team's coloured stripe is effected by an expertly () placed sticker on the front, and the basic colour here is white, with a hint of trans for that clean, futuristic Sci-Fi feel. A view from the back shows that the colour scheme also includes dark green; the curves of which add further to the armchair aesthetic. It's an eye-pleasing colour combination, and it also makes sense from a story perspective too. The control panel of the armchair is effected by another expertly applied sticker, and is also mostly in the green of the green team, and looks suitably impressive as to transform the otherwise boring 1x2 white cheese wedge. Chuck looks both excited and menacing as he chases you down in his floating armchair, and that's really quite an arsenal he's got pointed at you there, too. In fact, from the front, this looks a bit more like a souped-up mobility scooter for people who get annoyed at pedestrians walking too slowly in front of them. The glow of the trans light blue lateral thrusters work nicely with the green-and-monochrome colour scheme. Round the back you can see more of that lovely dark green, and also a flash of blue. Id' love to say this was the impulse core or something, but actually the SNOTage of the lateral thrusters is created by the use of Technic pins (in fact there's quite a bit of Technicy stuff in this set) and that's what's causing the blue. Chuck can't actually lean back in his armchair, as the angle's a little wrong, but then if you're going off to blast Insectoids to oblivion, you probably shouldn't be too relaxed about it. Either that or he needs a space-cushion. As Chuck wobbles and upends his craft, we get an opportunity to see that it does indeed hover, no doubt due to the transperambulation of pseudocosmic antimatter (with apologies to Robert Rankin). This is, however, delightfully represented by four trans blue 2x2 boat studs, and very pretty they look too. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Having happily sorted Chuck's conveyance out (and happily indeed one does), it's time to move onto the main build: the Crater Creeper itself. Earlier on, in the instructions part of this review, I showed you a mid-build picture where I mentioned that there was quite a bit of SNOT work and Technic involved here. You can see that there's a few SNOT brackets already applied to the main build, and there are a lot of Technic bricks, and axles and pins and other Technicyness involved. You can understand how this goes from a bare skeleton to being a large insect-like vehicle, even at this point, thanks to the appearance of some of the Technic angle connectors. A reasonable number of interestingly coloured and shaped parts are actually lost underneath further layers of bricks, plates Technic and SNOT, and the build really does feel like a layering process. So here is our Crater Creeper, in all its red and lime green glory. It really does manage to look like part vehicle and part bug; both mechanical and organic. It looks venomous and sinister and "Creeper" really is the right name for it. The curved lime green piece at the front looks like an insect's carapace, and in armouring an insect it is armouring also an alien vehicle. The pincers at the front are snapped shut thanks to the tension of the colour-coordinated red rubber band, which is the only thing that really looks out of place. If you take the red rubber band off, though, then you can see more of the front of the vehicle. As the pincers open, they reveal the placement of that singular printed round tile, which is nicely positioned on top of four pink 1x1 round plates. The pincers in the open position looks more organic and menacing, but removing the rubber band removes a play feature. By pressing on the Technic axles that are exposed on either side of the front of the model, the pincers will open and close at will and are even able to grab things, including Chuck's pod. Round the back you can see another expertly applied sticker, and that it's been applied to a trans part. The lime green and trans red is an unusual colour combination, but for colouring an alien insect vehicle it's a combination that works well. The curved lime green pieces on the top of the body smooth nicely down onto the trans red shell, and the model looks segmented, just like an insect. Underneath the rear exoskeleton, there's a nasty surprise, though. This is where the Buggoid keeps his blaster, yet it also seems to be integrated into the vehicle as a sting in its tail. You can't even sneak up on it from behind. With Buggoid in the driving seat, the controls (thanks to the last expertly applied sticker) are at his fingertips. From this angle you can see that the model is almost exclusively black, grey, lime green and dark red. There's some nice switching between the colours, and the studs from the front lime green curved 6x2 wedges are nicely balanced by the pattern of the sticker on the rear trans red piece, effectively making the studs themselves part of the design. It would be great to be able to say that the Creeper can walk, or even creep, but unfortunately four of the six legs don't articulate at all. The middle legs are the only ones that do, and you can clearly see the joint here, but unfortunately they only move up and down, not forwards and backwards. This is a bit of a shame, as with all the Technic involved I was hoping for a more dynamic model, but it is not to be. You'll just have to raise the Creeper's middle legs in a menacing way instead. So here we have Chuck and Buggy, reunited again. Really this picture is to show the scale; Chuck looks pretty much outclassed in this encounter, and he seems quite exposed in his little flying pod. I guess, though, that what he lacks in armour is significantly made up for with manoeuvrability, especially considering he can fly and the Creeper can't even walk. At the end of building, as ever there are parts left over, but the leftovers here are quite frugal unless you like Technic pins. Really, though, these represent easily lost parts, but it's always nice to know that there are some things that are supposed to be left over. And a little look at flick-fire missiles. Love 'em or hate 'em, you get two pairs of them in this set, and this picture is to serve as a reminder for those of you who got excited and fired off your missiles never to be found again. This is what they looked like. Conclusion Design: 9/10 The whole style of Galaxy Squad has me absolutely intrigued. I really love the clean white base for the theme, with the single colour accents for the teams, but I also love the exotic colour combinations and use of trans parts for the Insectoid vehicles. There's such great contrast, and I saw that in this set. The little pod is great, and it's not a pointy starship. The larger Creeper looks just like a mechanised insect. I think the design for this theme and this set is pretty much spot-on. Parts: 8/10 There are some newly coloured parts here, and a good amount of parts I wouldn't normally have. Most of them have been used in Action and Sci-Fi sets quite a bit, though, so they may not be all that exciting to the theme's target audience. I suspect that the only printed part will be commonplace within Galaxy Squad sets, so that too is unlikely to be a great draw. There's a good collection of Technic bits and bobs though, especially if that's an area of LEGO you don't usually go for. Minifigs: 9/10 It's not a huge set, and the two minifigs are completely appropriate. They are both brand new to me, and I am very impressed with the level of detail and quality of the printing. Chuck makes a great character, and his face is a great addition to our minifig collection. The Buggoid looks very alien-insecty; who could ask for more? In this size set you only need one of each side, and that's just what you get. Build: 10/10 I had tons of fun with this build. There's very little repetition, and the few steps that are repeated are quite complicated, so they certainly aren't boring. It won't have escaped your attention that there's a load of Technic in this build, and that really isn't something I do much of, usually by choice. I've seen it crop up in some CREATOR and Friends sets before, so it doesn't bother me at all, but I was surprised to actually find it fun. Additionally there's quite a bit of SNOT building here, and layering up the SNOT, too. I enjoyed that part of the build immensely too. There was certainly no brick-on-brick element to this, and that was a pleasant change. Playability: 8/10 With one of each faction (Galaxy Squad and Insectoid) it's easy to create scenarios of fight and escape and peril. The biggest play feature is obviously the gripping pincers, which is fun, but the elastic band required for it does spoil the look of the model a little. Obviously there are flick fire missiles, which will be fun until you lose them, but there could have been an even better playfeature if the Creeper's legs had been articulated. I am aware that that would make this a far more complicated model, though, and this wouldn't be the smallish-sized set that it is. Overall 88% I'm actually surprised at how much I like this set; there's really a lot to enjoy here. The printing on the minifigs is really lovely, and Chuck is a worthy leader of the green team with his debonair smirk and battle-hardened features. The parts selection is pretty good, especially if you're drawn into this theme from others, and the build is superbly enjoyable. Both contraptions can be swooshed to great effect and having two opposing vehicles in one set allows for instant scenario play. It's clear they've thought about the play features, and they haven't just used a few flick fire missiles (although they're still there for the die hard fans), but it would have been even better still if the legs had been better articulated. The whole theme and style of Galaxy Quest is hugely appealing. The clean and modern take on the futuristic nature of the Galaxy squad compared with the bright and vibrant organic aesthetic of the Insectoids is a fabulous contrast. Judging by this set, I'll be acquiring several more of the Galaxy Squad sets when they are eventually released in the UK. Thank you for reading, comments are always very welcome. High-Res pictures can be found on my flickr account. The green team call in reinforcements from the newly-formed pink team to finish off the last Crater Creeper.... ...and with the behemoth slain, they decide to hit the space-pub together...
  12. Lord LOLrus

    Review: 70700 Space Swarmer

    My second review here (my first was 70701) is of 70700 Space Swarmer, the smallest (I think) set of this wave. Set Number: 70700 Name: Space Swarmer Piece Count: 86 Minifigures: 2 (1 Galaxy Squad (Blue “Robot Sidekick”), 1 Alien (“Buggoid”) Price: $11.99 USD Starting with the box... Front: In the lower right corner the Blue Robot is shown, and in the upper right the Alien is tearing a hole in the box. Back: The canopy (I’m sure there’s a better word, but I’m too lazy to find it) opens, the wings are fully posable, and the alien spaceship eats robots. Top: Once again, we have a 1:1 pic of a ray gun. Contents: We have two bags, one for large pieces and one for small, and an instruction booklet. The large bag. …and the small bag. The small bag seems to have a lot more pieces than the large one. New and/or interesting parts: I’m pretty sure that the trans-red windshield bubble is new; the trans-neon green wing piece is new (or at least unusual) in that color. We get four more inverted 1x2 - 2x2 brackets, and a neck brace in dark grey. There’re also two 1x2 piece with a stud on one side and a place for a technic peg on the other, four of those Ninjago blades, seven dark red Exo-Force robot arms, and some yummy red cheese slopes. Here we have the instruction booklet. It’s the same size as the one in 70701. A random step. …and the parts list. The Minifigures: The Alien and the Blue Robot (the color is Dark Azure). The Alien (what is it supposed to be? Doesn’t really look like an alien. - Upon checking the LEGO website, I have learned that it is a "Buggoid") has a different torso print than his Mosquito friend, but his legs are identical. The Alien’s head is made entirely out of standard ABS plastic - no rubber here! However, the head reminds me less of a bug and more of Zoidberg from Futurama. The Blue Robot has a unique torso print, and its leg printing is unique as well. The head is also made out of standard ABS. Both figs have unique printing on their backs. Neither has a double-sided head. The Alien’s head has a long spine-like protrusion hanging down its back, and looks sort of like plating. Unfortunately, the Alien’s head is also entirely fixed due to the spine, and can’t turn at all. I believe the color of the "Buggoid" is called Olive Green (like Jabba the Hutt, or the Moria Orcs). The Build: We start out with a simple jetpack, apparently powered by machine guns. The Robot is very close to tipping over at this point, which is why it’s also equipped with… …a huge laser cannon (or something). Now it’s pretty well balanced. Here’s the base of the “Swarmer,” everything attaches to this, using those cool inverted 1x2 - 2x2 brackets. The control panel (which you can barely see - sorry about that) is printed; no stickers here. This is one of the wing assemblies. It’s fairly simple, and the wing can rotate 360° and can be angled any which way. Here’s the Swarmer with wings attached. Next the craft is flipped over to put on some legs - just robot arms with blades, but they look OK. (If you wish to mod your Swarmer to be more like an insect, there are places to attach extra legs.) Note: upon further posing of the Swarmer, I've found that the legs are very floppy, and don't hold their position well. This is the maw assembly. Simple enough. The round tile is printed. Here’s the finished model. From the rear. There appears to be a single, sad little rocket engine. The ray gun can be stored here while your alien spaceship... …munches on some yummy robot! Nom nom nom. Scoring: I really dislike awarding points to things; I always feel like I’m missing something, or getting too subjective. Design: 8.5/10 Pretty good for a small $12 set. Plenty of SNOT, good poseablility, being able to eat minifigs is always a plus. In addition, the ship doesn’t look like anything I’m used, and I am liking the look. However, the legs are very hard to pose and they don’t hold in place well at all. Features: 7.5/10 Not very many, which is to be expected in a small set such as this. Even the back of the box only lists one feature, the “Grabbing function.” The reasons it’s not rated any lower are because I really like the eating function, and I’m glad it had neither a catapult nor a Flick-fire. Parts: 7/10 It has some nice pieces, like the inverted brackets, the windshield, and the pieces the legs attach to. Minifigures: 9/10 2 figs for $12 seems to be standard, and I really like the robot. I’m kinda bummed that it doesn’t have the armor like the robots in the largest two sets have, but it’s still a great figure. Price: 4/10 $12 for 88 pieces?! That’s 13.6¢ per piece! What is LEGO thinking? …Well, I suppose I did buy it, so I guess they’d say things are working fine. Total: 36/50 72%. That’s pretty bad. However, I still like this set quite a bit, mostly because of the figs and unique ship design. I’m not really very happy with this score; the set seems better than this. Nevertheless, I’m not going to further mess with the numbers. Now if you’ll excuse me, my aliens have some minifigs to snack on...
  13. TimH

    Off with his head!

    After building set 70704 i took a few photo's.
  14. rongYIREN

    (MOC) Galaxy Squad - Buzz Beast

    Hey All! I've put together a little Insectoid fighter that should help boost their fighting capabilities against the Galaxy Squad. Critiques welcome! (The landing gear fold down) (Wallpaper 1366 x 726) Thanks for taking a look! rongYIREN
  15. Eurobricks member GRogall brings us exclusive pictures of the Summer 2013 LEGO Galaxy Squad sets! Head to the Sci-Fi forum to see the whole set of pictures and comment!
  16. davaoeno

    LEGO 2013

    London Toy Fair 2013 Check this out!!!
  17. Lord LOLrus

    REVIEW: 70702 Warp Stinger

    Hi everyone; this is my third review here on Eurobricks. Today I’ll be reviewing 70702 Warp Stinger. So I’ve been celebrating Christmas with my family, and I bought my much-younger brother this set, which he is being kind enough to allow me to slow down his building and take photographs of the set every so often (he is very happy with this set, and insists it can kick my Swarm Interceptor's butt. I'm not so sure, but whatever...). Set Number: 70702 Name: Warp Stinger Piece Count: 310 Minifigures: 3 (2 Galaxy Squad (Red Human (“Billy Starbeam”), Red “Robot Sidekick”), 1 Alien (“Mosquitoid”) Price: $29.99 USD I'll start with the box: Front: Here we have the front of the box, showing Billy Starbeam and his Robot Sidekick in the bottom right corner, and a Mosquitoid bursting through the packaging in the upper right corner. Back: The back of the box. Fairly standard - shows the cocoon function (i.e., that it exists), the sphere launcher at the tip of the Warp Stinger’s tail, and the fact that the small vehicle’s wings are slightly adjustable. Whoo-hoo, hinges… Top: The top of the box. It appears that all three ‘figs are shown at 1:1 scale, which is nice. Oh, and the red Galaxy Squad seems to have a wing as its emblem. The DSS: My brother says he doesn’t want stickers on his model, so they’re gonna stay on the sticker sheet. The instruction booklet looks is nothing special: Nothing special here. Here’s the parts list: (Sorry about the glare) …and a random step: Unlike the Swarm Interceptor, I didn’t see any misleading coloring in the instructions, so that’s good. Probably because this set has no blues of any sort. The Minifigs: The Figs - Front: The Mosquitoid is the same as other sets. Although it’s hard to tell, Billy Starbeam and the Robot have unique leg printing as well as unique torso prints. The robot doesn’t look quite so dopey in person. Back: All three figs have unique back printing, and Billy Starbeam has some sort of a breathing apparatus on his alternate face print (I forgot to take a picture, sorry). Decked out with gear: The Mosquitoids’s gun is made of a scorpion, a frying pan, and a trans-pink dish. Poor Billy Starbeam is unarmed, and the robot gets a jetpack and two energy weapons that look suspiciously like something you’d find in a Halo™ game... The Robot Sidekick: “It’s a traaaap!” Now for the set itself: The Set: Bag #1 Inside the first bag are the pieces for the little jet bike and the cockpit, as well as the minifigs (‘figs not shown). New and/or interesting pieces Fairly self explanatory. Only the alien’s head (and maybe wings) are anything but standard ABS plastic. Actually, I’m not sure about the energy weapon… The gold stud is included because the color seems to be slightly darker than usual. I’m not sure, however. This is what the completed product of Bag #1 looks like (not including other ‘figs). Bag #2: (^ larger pieces) (^ smaller pieces) This bag contains the pieces for building the “head” of the Warp Stinger. New and/or interesting pieces: Plenty of pieces I don’t often see in Dark Red, as well as the Trans-Red “eye” pieces. Both halves of the cocoon are identical - no studs stick out from it. The basic framework of the cockpit. This becomes the ships “jaw.” Sorry about the blurriness. This is what the completed product of Bag #2 looks like. It’s the “head” of the Warp Stinger... …and the back - the tail and cocoon connect here. The Cocoon: This has a little section of its own. Both halves are the same, and have “studs-in” (what’s the proper term…?) connectors, as well as technic axle holes: If you can’t tell, that’s a robot in that last shot. I really like the extruded hexagonal pattern, personally. Bag #3: (^ larger pieces) (^smaller pieces) Bag #3 has the pieces for building the “body” and/or “tail” of the Warp Stinger. New and/or interesting pieces: There are four of the Trans-Neon-Green wing pieces and four of the Dark Red fins, and LOTS of the 1x2 sideways brackets (both types). The three-way connector is actually Dark Brown, and the black sphere is actually a very dark translucent purple. Some segments of the tail. More segments. …and the “stinger” segment” The tail on its side. A major problem is that the tail is in a fixed position; that is, it doesn’t bend. It seems to me that TLG could easily have put in some hinges. A leg. The bend at the knee is well done, IMO. Not posable, but it works. Finished Product: 3/4 view. Rear view: Rear with cocoon: Front with cocoon: “I’m a-gonna suck ur blood!” Extra Parts: Not bad. Nothing too special, but not bad at all. Everything together: This gives you a sense of scale... …and here’s Billy Starbeam, about to pee his pants. Scoring: Design: 7/10 The finished model looks cool, but the fixed position of the tail is lame; the legs have a similar issue . In addition, how is that bug supposed to walk with only two legs? Features: 6.5/10 Very few. The cocoon is pretty cool though, and this design of sphere launcher is solid. No flick-fires; you can be the judge of whether that’s good or bad. Parts: 9.5/10 310 parts for $30 is great, and there are lots of useful pieces, in Dark Red, Lime Green, and other parts as well. The oodles of 1x2 sideways brackets is great - 12 of the ones that extend down, and 14 of the upwards ones . Minifigures: 9/10 Respectable. I would always like more, but that doesn’t mean I’ll get more. The Mosquitoid is cool, as always, and the robot is okay - his resemblance to a certain admiral makes him hilarious, though. Billy Starbeam is fine, not much to say about him, and the accessories are very good. Those energy swords are really cool, and the alien’s gun is well done. Price: 9.5/10 As I said, 9.7¢ per piece is very good. 3 minifies for $30 seems pretty standard. Total: 41.5/50 83% is pretty good, I’d say. That is, of course, a rough estimate, and is entirely subjective. I really don’t like scoring sets...
  18. Hi, not released in Germany yet. Maybe the community could help. Is there someone willing to send some sets/minifigs to Germany, please? If you got some form ToysRus, local stores or S@H please send an pm.