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Found 168 results

  1. Article revision: 2018 May Before the main topic, here is a simple showcase of how the issue looks like: This thought was hidden in my mind when The LEGO Movie was announced early in 2013. As a person who grew up ith Belville after by dark age, I was very glad that LEGO shed more light and eventually reintroduce a minifigure-scale theme for girls. However, everything begins to turn out and show that LEGO's plan might not be what we really expected. Introduction to the "Minidolls" So before the discussion, I'd like to go back to the origin of Friends and their minidolls. Sorry to quote Pandora's comments about the interview with the LEGO Friends designers. Most of the controversies pointed their fingers at how TLC tried to differentiate girls from boys in their toys because some of the AFOLs believe that Lego is still acceptable to girls. But Lego is somewhat correct in their viewpoint of market---- the current Lego products have a limited effect of appealing younger girls, so they must do something to make up. The ultimate result is the birth of minidolls. So, if minidolls didn't appear alnog with Friends, what would have happened? The answer is the difference between Friends and our traditional City/Town sets, which are both based on our daily modern life. Many elements from Friends are actually what City sets seem to lack of: distinctive and colorful female citizens, indispensable buildings (school, family house). However, due to the fact that both themes don't share the same figures, it results in difficulty of visually mixing the two themes together due to police officers mainly being minifigures and teenagers mainly being minidolls. We regard the rise of Friends and minidolls as "inevitable" in order to give younger girls a choice . But is this the end of story? Perhaps no, because what the controversies worry about still continue: a market segmentation by gender. Friends have brought about some potential side effects of thoughts: Friends are for girls only, so traditional consumers, AFOLs and boys can't touch them. On the other hand, since girls have their Friends sets, they don't have to be interested in traditional Lego sets that include minifigures. Oh, TLC didn't say anything direclty, but so far many commercials and shows still often hint that traditional Lego sets and minifigures are the truth to Lego, while Friends and minidolls are just some marginal products that were "particularly" made in order to meet those critical needs from girls. Now the contradiction between minifigures and minidolls is, the former is a historical, iconic figure of Lego franchise, while the latter is a successful pioneer to the market where TLC had been never actually made it to. Minidolls and minifigures seem to become "competitors" even though their creators want both of them to cover the whole toy market peacefully. It becomes more tragic when TLC just tend to keep the light on only one of them. The cover catalogues seem to be one of the rare peaceful zones that can put friends and other themes together (unless TLC plan to publish an independent catalogue that only include Friends). There is no standard answer, obviously, but it should be an issue that TLC consider. I like Friends and minidolls as independent products, but they would create a problem if TLC want to have longterm plan with them along with traditional sets (and especially licensed themes). The best result should be a win-win: let girls love what TLC had brought, and let old consumers love what TLC will bring. Don't just think about how to draw attention from a limited range of customers. Look into other LEGO media advertisings: The other main topic we focus is, do minidolls successfully strike into public's eyes? And, do LEGO actively bring minidolls into public's eyes? Here are some of the LEGO media tools we've seen so far and let's see how they work this thing The LEGO Movie The very first LEGO theatrical film features an original story with all LEGO themes making guest appearances...... well, only some of them. Friends is one of the obviously missing member, which is a difficult guess cause it could be a huge letdown to girls who enter the theater and want to give cheers to the Friends girls. Anyway, I don't really think it bothers to give a Master Builder seat to Olivia. Some of the discussion suggest that if Finn's sister appears in the future sequel TLM2, could she bring the girls' theme topic into the movie as well? It's a possibility, but the worst chance could be that LEGO just introduce more girly / pink character like Uni-Kitty to "represent" girls' voice. LEGO Dimensions The new crossover game title between multple LEGO franchises is currently the number one topic among LEGO fans this year. Although there are some other iconic LEGO themes absent so far, Friends' absense could also mean that LEGO Dimensions loses a huge advantage ---- introducing their original female cast in order to balance the gender ration of current Fun Pack characters lineup. Some discussions indicate that this game would cater more to videogamer market or licensed fans, but somehow, I think LEGO Dimensions fail to label itself as "best family game" since they're unable to include any license or character that represents major girls. (Disney Princess is unfortunately one of the conflcit license, though) Would future expansions do a better job? I'm not sure about it. How LEGO view the figure systems, officially? The LEGO Movie did trigger a series of discussion about minidolls and their characters--- how would they really look like if they officially appear in The LEGO Movie world? THEORY 1: Minifigures co-exist with Minidolls and other figures Some of the official videos show such examples: Coincidentally this series of fun video also use the stop-motion technique similiar with LEGO's theatrical film series. And also regarding to the story setting of The LEGO Movie where the LEGO toy collection exist as realworld materials, as there's no restriction to include any specific figure type such as Duplo bricks, this could be what reall happens in the The LEGO Movie canon. Some of the suspection tell that perhaps Finn's father or sister might already owns the minidolls, so if LEGO wants to stick to the real thing setting, that means, it's very possible for the co-existence of minidoll-minifigure to become the real canon. The major defect is, just as stated above, there's still very little official souce encouraging FOLs to play and mix minidoll themes with minifigures. And if TLM2 wouldn't focus on this point as well, then this theory still doesn't help too much for the minidoll-minifigure issue. THEORY 2: Based on user's viewpoint: This theory is simply derived from the real figures we have on hand, since Disney and DC comics both happen to have minidoll and minifigure toys lineup: As we can see, a character can simlutaneously show his/her minidoll and minifigure form. We can enlarge this to actually assume that every LEGO character is supposed to have both minifigure and minidoll form, even if the phsyical toy lineup doesn't show that. This theory can of course apply to other known figure types such as Duplo figures and BrickHeadz. And actually, this is also an officially-proven theory comes from LEGO News Show which really shows the "transformation" between minifigures and minidolls: This may have a very good explanation about why certain characters, like The Flash and Wonder Woman, only show up as minifigures in crossover media but not minidolls---- because the media has set the viewpoint in a minifigure-only world. This theory would help decreasing confusion between themes and figure types, especially to those FOLs who don't adore minidolls that much.. But regarding to The LEGO Movie again---- as it strictly based on the real-world viewpoint where only physically made and existed LEGO toys can be represnted, not quite sure if the current minidoll-only characters can show up as minifigures. Conclusion There some plans I can come up with, which can be achieved together: Solution 1: Keep Friends and minidolls, but add more elements that girls like to regular sets and City theme. Girls can have more choices just like most boys can choose between Ninjago and Chima. We see that many girls are also obsessed with collectible minifigures, Ninjago and maybe the upcoming Lego Movie, which proves that there are still some potential to please girls in traditional regular sets. Don't make them think "girls should just go play Friends and leave the others alone". Solution 2: Let minifigures share spotlights with Friends and minidolls, at least some appearances in some advertising, TV shows or films. When minifigures and minidolls are able to stand together, there is no need to attack each other. Solution 2.2: Or physically include both minidolls and minifigures in the same set? Uh, it could be an uncceptably terrible, and more controversial idea, I can imagine. Maybe they can consider it if there are some licensed characters fit in that idea. Solution 3: Endow the "characters" from minidolls with alternate minifigures: we might be unhappy with the minidolls, but not actually with the original / licensed characters which the minidolls represent, because they're not born to be blamed. If we produce minifigures and minidolls together, this could allow consumers to exchange between them or combine City and Friends sets, and the themes can compensate each other. Regarding to the upcoming The LEGO Movie 2: the second part We know it's close, and as long as Friends has actually become one of the most popular LEGO theme as well as the second long-running franchise, also LEGO Elves, the second original minidoll theme is also doing a good job, would The LEGO Movie 2 eventually cast a positive light and bring these girls-targeted themes into the theater? What do you think?
  2. Alright, where should I start? I've been leaving this place for quite a time, so I lost track with some of the old posts. But anyway, I think it might rather be simpler to put all things together in one thread. So I choose to slowly restart in this post from now on. Thanks to the help with a new local print provider, the newer redesigns has a better chance to improve (my decal skill is still awful ). As a new start, I begin with the original franchise with the minidoll lineup Friends, which just began a series of reboot design in this year. LEGO Friends minifigures, Part 1 In group: LEGO Friends minifigures ver.2018 by Dorayakic-han Emma Minifigure Emma ver.2018 by Dorayakic-han Olivia Minifigure Olivia ver.2018 by Dorayakic-han Mia Minifigure Mia ver.2018 by Dorayakic-han Stephanie Minifigure Stephanie ver.2018 by Dorayakic-han Andrea Minifigure Andrea ver.2018 by Dorayakic-han We've got heart! We've Got Heart by Dorayakic-han Oh and a bonus Livi, as I didn't plan to make her at first: Minifigure Livi ver.2016 by Dorayakic-han Updated Olivia Olivia update by Dorayakic-han, 於 Flickr LEGO Elves minifigures, Part 1 Ragana Minifigure Ragana by Dorayakic-han, 於 Flickr Cronan Minifigure Cronan by Dorayakic-han, 於 Flickr Rosalyn Minifigure Rosalyn by Dorayakic-han, 於 Flickr Noctura Minifigure Noctura by Dorayakic-han, 於 Flickr Minifigures Elves pt2 by Dorayakic-han, 於 Flickr LEGO Disney minifigures, Part 1 God Mother Minifigure Godmother by Dorayakic-han, 於 Flickr Snow White Minifigure Snow White by Dorayakic-han, 於 Flickr
  3. dr_spock

    LEGO Boost Train

    A fellow LUG member loaned me a LEGO Boost motor hub, motor and color sensor to play around for a few days. I thought I do something silly and make a train with it. I programmed it to play train pong. I prefer my Arduino Power Function version. Unlike the Boost App, it doesn't need location services turned on or else it won't work. Why is that?
  4. notSaransh

    Friends TV Show Lego

    Hey guys. I have been working on a Lego set based off the TV Show Friends. If you want to support the project and get this set on shelfs, please check it out and support it here:
  5. Here is my first lego ideas project, i have created a new band of fruits characters. Hope you like it ! you can see the project here : friendly & fruity :D
  6. This was a fun little build. Even though it was not totally custom as I used much of the architectural details of the Friends set, I still think it turned out nice. I always thought the orginal set was boring, but it still has some nice details that should be used in a set. So when the set went on sale, I bought two of them (it took quite a few additional bricks as well) and put this together. If I aqure some more windows, I make try to expand it, but for now, I like the size. It will fit into my city nice. So if you are interested here is a video and some pics. Any feedback is appreciated!
  7. LegoMyMamma

    [ReBuild] Hot Chocolate Stand

    An Alternate/ReBuild of 41319 Snow Resort Hot Chocolate Van. Amanda is deciding what to order while standing under the canopy, safe from sun and snowflakes. The cuppa hot cocoa sign is still on top and still rotates, because it's such a fun concept! Mia works at this cuppery too -- to raise money for a new Heartlake City animal shelter (because the Vet clinic is over-capacity with animals, and in violation of city code ... if I recall correctly from that episode). When I first saw images of set 41319, I immediately envisioned a canopy for that 'big' Azure piece! I made a point of *not* looking at the instructions when I opened the box; so I'm not even sure how similar my machines are to it. One aspect I wanted to do was get those new lovely magenta curved tiles out from under other bricks! They are the half-skid cart's back seat cushion top. Even though she didn't come in this set, Stephanie has come along and chats with Amanda at the table. There's a map printed on the center of the table, so it's always there for new customers. Both Stephanie and Amanda are placing an order. The table has a boot shelf with warmer under it, so they'll be warm while sitting. Amanda is thinking about another cookie ... while you can see inside the stand -- Mia is hard at work on the Hot Chocolate machine. Hot Chocolate machine -- view of it from inside and from front counter. Amanda decides on another cup and a cookie. Mia adds more chocolate to the machine and rings up the cash register. [the 1x1 brown tile is the chocolate, as the set didn't come with a printed chocolate bar :-( ] Amanda goes for the whipped cream dispenser ~ Mmmmm! Mia gets ready for the next customer by checking the machine, plus restocking cookies and donuts. While Stephanie asks Mia about after the stand closes, Amanda enjoys the view from the bench. My version of a half-skid cart, from the parts available in this set. Basically the other windscreen was way too big, and there wasn't a piece to tilt the smaller window -- so it's formed like a resort golf cart. It just has ski-skids up front for snow. While the set does have that silly small steering wheel (that no fig can grab) I finally removed it to move the windscreen back a row and down. Let's pretend it's a self-driving cart, Tesla knock-off ;-) I love that curved tile piece! Here is the core build of the stand with only the awning, without the canopy; the furniture and equipment: Table, Chair(s), Counter, Hot Chocolate Machine, and Bench. Not being a fan of stickers myself, the "banner" is attached with only a mere slice of backing cut off; this way I can remove it and save my green flag piece. Mia and Stephanie ride back to the Snow Resort together ... "Wait, is that the same sweater I'm wearing?" !! LOL Thanks for viewing!
  8. PriorMarcus

    Friends Hot Dog Van MOD

    Hi guys. I've been meaning to do this for ages. Here's the Friends Hot Dog Van modded to work in a City layout. Pretty self explanatory. Eventually I want to make some furniture that can be stored on the roof and taken down once the van is in location but I'm running low on parts for that. Any feedback or suggestions would be great.
  9. Hello all, I present to you my newest creation : Uni-kitty's Enchanted Castle. Featuring an excellent fruit juice and salad/sandwich bar on the ground floor, with penguin slide and waterfall, pineapples and general craziness. The castle was designed by Uni-kitty one day when he smoked too much of a special plant. He's growing this plan on top of one of his castle turrets. To be a bit more serious, I've combined two of Cloud cuckoos palace, together with the Friends fruit juice bar and also several friends animal packs. What do you think? PS - "too many colours' nu uh it's meant to be crazy :)
  10. Hey all, I was wondering if anyone had any info on the costs of some older Lego Friends sets, or more specifically, why there costs seem to have gone down in price? My daughter is getting a bit older, and she isnt interested as much in her Friends sets, any longer. My initial thought was to "break" them down, and incorporate them into my huge Lego collection. You can never have enough pieces, right. That being said, the colors of most of the sets pieces, and of course the mini-dolls, really wouldn't "fit" into my collection. Even if I parted them out, and sorted them, most of the pieces would be "wasted" in my collection, just sitting in bins. This brought me to my next idea, which was to consider selling them. I am not a big fan of evil-bay, but to unload them quick and easily, it seems to be the best fit for me. My daughter started collecting the Friends sets from the very beginning, and she kept them complete, and in pristine condition. The ONLY things missing, in most cases, will be just some of the boxes, only. She has literally every set, up to about a year ago. This includes the original, retired sets, like Olivias house, and treehouse, the dog show, Butterfly beauty salon, Stephanies car, the Summer camp riding school, horse trailer, and many, many more. About a year, or two ago, I had briefly went on Ebay and saw that most of the original sets, whether opened or. of course MIB, were very high in price. Needless to say, I couldn't believe how much some of those original sets were commanding. The Butterfly beauty shop was especially high in price, the City café, the 3188 Heartlake animal Vet, and many others were really up there in price. This was for MIB, and 100% complete sets in great condition. I even re-call that some of the smaller sets, like Olivias treehouse, and the Heartlake dog show, were pricey too. Now I get that these sets MIB, actually still do, in some cases get a slightly higher price, but back about 2 years ago, the prices were much higher, and even loose, complete sets, were much higher. I looked at the prices now, and was kinda shocked at how cheap they are going for these days. I do not buy and sell Lego sets, or collect in any way to make money, but it is nice to know that most of MY sets, have gone up in value. I keep MY sets 100% complete, and in great condition too. I just assumed that the Friends sets would have been the same, especially since when I checked them awhile back, they WERE up there in price. Now these Friends sets, seemed to have taken a "beating", for some reason. I am really wondering, why these sets are so cheap now. Does anyone know why? Or have any ideas why, or info on the Friends set prices going down? An idea I thought of, was maybe some newer versions, of the older sets, were released, like the Vet, or the newer light purple house, or newer cars, or a new Salon, and that made the older versions of them, not as sought after. However, that's usually NOT the case. Even if a new version of an older set is re-done, it still doesn't drop the value of the older sets. Look at Batman, for example. What I really think it is, though, is the mini-figures/mini-dolls, that are in Friends sets. Idk, but perhaps many of the mini-dolls that were in the older retired sets, are the same ones in the newer sets? This would make it easy to "create" complete sets from parts, AND mini-dolls on hand, and the "exclusivity" that many mini-figures have to a set, simply does not exist in Friends sets. Is that true, though, idk. I know there are definitely some exclusive pieces, and of course, stickers that are exclusive to each Friends sets. Maybe that's not enough, or there isn't enough of that, and then not really having exclusive mini-figures, contributes in the prices for sets staying lower. I just don't get it, and don't get why they WERE more expensive a year or two back. Its almost like the "market" was flooded with sets, or something like that. Does anybody have any thought on this? Its more of a curiosity thing for me, at this point. Is there something I missed about these sets, that for some reason, dropped them in price? Anybody have any info on this? Thanks in advance to any info, its appreciated.
  11. I wanted to create some different areas based on the four elements represented by the four main elves, I've mixed parts from all kinds of different sets to create these places. This one is the earth themed home for Farran the Earth Elf. I wanted it to be part cottage, part treehouse. It's mostly parts from The Elves Treetop Hideaway and the Ewok Village sets. I attached my waterfall cave alongside the treehouse I also made a fire themed volcano cave with a tall treehouse/tower neighbouring it. It's mostly made from a Lego Friends set that has a cabin and a waterfall. I kept the cabin and built the tower above it and changed the waterfall into a volcano. I've created a workshop for the Air Elf Aira in one section of the tower with a bedroom above it, an observing platform with a telescope above that and a turret room on the top. The webisodes show that Azari the fire elf is homeless and just crashes with the other elves, but I've given her a warm place to sleep inside the volcano. I kept the camp beds in the cabin for the humans to sleep in when they visit Elvendale. And here's some random pictures..
  12. Hi, today I will be reviewing something different, a medium or ordinary sized friends set. Friends sets started since 2012. The sets were targeted for girls and the mini-dolls are mainly female characters. The sets include pieces in pink and purple color schemes and depict scenes from suburban life set in the fictional town of Heartlake City. The main characters are Stephanie, Olivia, Emma, Mia and Andrea. But if you are to collect all variants of them, there would be tons to collect. As this is my first few sets of friends, let's start looking at it. Introduction This set was launched in 2015 and it was included in 66256 value pack. It featured Olivia who needs to get ready the studio for Livi the pop star to record her latest album. Overview Name: 41103 Pop Star Recording Studio Theme: Friends Year: 2015 Pieces: 172 Minifigures: 1 minidoll Price: £12.99 / $14.99 / 14.99€ Resources: Brickset The Box As usual, the box has the striking look of purple and pink color scheme which you will know this is a friends set at first glance. At the back of the box you can see Olivia is test running all the musical equipment for the superstar's arrival. At the side you can see Olivia's picture in the 1:1 actual size column. In this set you get one instruction booklet, one sticker sheet, and three unnumbered bags. Small, medium and large bags catering for their respective part sizes. I am quite fond of the parts distribution like this which makes it easier to find the parts even though they are unnumbered. There are three stickers in this set but I'm not complaining as the amount of printed parts are way more satisfying than the stickered parts. The instruction manual is a normal booklet and I suppose the one holding the mic at the top right corner is Livi the pop star. The Parts. These are the special and printed parts in this set. I loved them so much! You get a smart phone in azure blue 1x2 tile, a CD, a Cassette, purple Guitar, two keyboards, two glittering golden microphone, Mozart's notes, a newspaper in heartlake city and a normal looking panel. Wow! So much printed fun in such a small set! The Build. You get to build six small 'furniture' sized builds first before building the wall. These are the music note holder with a gold stand, video recorder on an octagonal base, and a mic stand. All of them are held by a pink flower at the base. These three minibuilds are great for modular interiors decorations. Then you get a controller with a keyboard, a pink sofa with a cup and the newspaper and a couch. These furniture are very nice especially if you are taking photos for your LEGO photographs. These are very nice household decorations as well! Let's start building the wall. First we build the CD player at the base of the wall with these grooved bricks. Then the CD ejector with a purplish black colored build. This is the sliding mechanism of the CD player. Its quite an interesting build here and I liked it. When we view from the top, this is how it works. Push the gold button and the CD will be ejected. After a few steps, you get the whole wall of the recording studio. It is quite well equipped with those smart phone controlled console, two speakers and a large music note signboard. There is a poster sticker at the trans clear door but the sticker on the right is actually a cupboard with musical certificate and trophies. The back of the wall is quite dull with a guitar hangar. Note that the cupboard screen is actually pure white instead of trans clear in color. A close up view of the controlling panels. Here you can see the music equalizer in a studio, a CD player, a smart phone and buttons. It does look like a recording studio. Tada! Completed build of the studio. I actually liked it very much after building the set. Now Olivia is ready for anyone to come for a musical recording! The extra parts are quite a number of 1x1 round plates and headphones. The Mini-doll. Olivia is the only Mini-doll in this set with a nicely printer torso and legs. The hairpiece is large compared to normal minifigure hair. Please don't put minifigure hairpiece on minidoll's head or else you will have a very hard time removing it. As with the headphone, its rubbery but it can't really stay on Olivia's hair and keep bouncing off. So I considered that as an 'extra' part. The legs are limited to bend forward, no other movements permitted. Here you can see the comparison between a mini-doll and a minifigure. Olivia is taller than C3PO while standing but the height is quite similar while sitting. The wrist of the mini-dolls are not movable so it makes them can only hold things in one direction but it was brilliantly put at an angle in which the accessories are held quite nicely. *C3PO is not included in this set. And Olivia invited all her friends for a jam in her newly set up studio! *Only Olivia is included in this set. Review summary Playability: 6/10 - The only thing to play is the CD ejector.Design / Building Experience: 9/10 - The design is very close to the real studio and the mini builds are very fun to build.Mini-doll: 9/10 - Olivia is a very nice figure in this set. The only downside is the headphone's weak clutch power to the hair.Price / Value for money: 9/10 - This set is quite worth the price with all those printed parts.Overall: 9/10 - For the first few sets of friends set, this one is quite fun and nice to build with very nice pink and purple color scheme. Conclusion This is my first few friends set and it amazed me of the design and mini builds. I thought I wouldn't like this set that much but it turned out differently. This is a very recommended set to have especially if you are building a modular building with a recording studio in it. I hope you like the review and thoughts and comments are welcome! Some karaoke session?
  13. Why Stephanie? Why is Stephanie the most prolific of Non-licensed* Unique minfig/mindolls, with 32?! I guess it has to do with the popularity of the theme, right? But come on. My kids and I are not big fans of Stephanie, tbh. When there are more unique versions of Stephanie then there are of Han Solo, something is wrong. I'm just saying. The next most popular non-liscended character is Jay from Nijago. Maybe with the new movie coming out, Jay will surpass Stephanie next year? We'll see... Personally, I'd like see Elves go deeper and bigger then Friends. My 6 year old has migrated from friends to Elves, so I'm biased, but.... :) *licensed character leaders include exactly whom you would expect. Batman, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo. "Clone Trooper" wins, hands down, if you want to count him as one character. :)
  14. I was recently thinking about MOCing something in the Lego Friends theme, and realized that in all the sets we've gotten in that theme one thing that's never been included is a train. Unfortunately, I'm far from an expert on trains and thought you good people in the trains subforum might be able to help direct me to some real-world locomotives or passenger cars that might provide inspiration. Here are some of the parameters I'm looking for: A passenger train, not a freight train. The main Lego Friends characters certainly aren't old enough to be driving a train so it has to be something they could ride. Something somewhat luxurious. I'm picturing something you would WANT to ride for the experience of it, not just something that would only take you from point A to point B. However, at the same time I'd like to avoid anything that could only be ridden by the richest of the rich. Mainly I'd like something relatively roomy with plenty of creature comforts. Something relatively modern. I'm willing to waver on this a bit but ideally I'd want it to be a sort of train that would be in regular use in the modern day, not something you'd only find in railroad museums. On the other hand, I don't necessarily want something futuristic, that only exists in concepts. Something that fits the Lego Friends design language. This is a tricky one. Friends vehicles tend to be a bit "bubblier" than City ones, for lack of a better word—they often use more curves, and place more emphasis on interior comfor than on a streamlined or realistically scaled exterior. What I'm not looking for is something overwhelmingly pink—Friends color schemes are often more muted than people give them credit for, and while I wouldn't mind some examples of trains that opt for subtle pastels over bold primary and secondary colors, in general color is not my primary consideration. For bonus points, it'd be fun to use a type of train that hasn't been depicted before in Creator or City. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?
  15. toycraft

    banners and display items!

    hello! i work at a small independent toy shop and while clearing out our old stock room we found a load of shop display items! we have various banners and a few giant mini figures bags (filled with foam i think?) is there much demand for this sort of thing or is trying to sell it a waste of time?
  16. Kristel

    MOD: Naomi's Place

    The Friends Heartlake Cupcake Cafe (41119) has been out for more than year and I did a review of it some ten months ago. At that time, I had a vision of what the modular version would look like and it had been sitting on a shelf in my lounge room since then, waiting for me to do the conversion. Better late than never, I guess. As with my other Friends conversions, I did this one open-backed and with lots of clear panels to facilitate playability. I loved the entrance for the Heartlake Cupcake Cafe, especially the stained glass window above the front door and the windows framed using the ornamental arches. This section of the building was 16 studs wide and was therefore a natural starting point for the conversion to a modular building. The other part that I really liked was the outdoor seating area, so I incorporated that into the rooftop terrace. C&C welcome, as always! More images on flickr and the instructions for the structure are available to download here.
  17. There was already an american iconic muscle car and a classic roadster, now let me take you to the old continent, to the cradle of sports cars industry :). Here we go in Maranello, Italy, with one of the latest middle-engine cars - Ferrari 458 Italia Spyder. Of course, one look is enough to notice, that it isn't the exact recreation, rather a "heavily inspired" MOC. The original shapes are too tricky, especially at this scale, so I've decided to take different principles - the goal number one was not to make the squary front-end. I've failed to recreate the exact shape of the bonnet and front lights (the huge mudguards didn't help at all ;)), so I've decided to make the car just low-profiled and smooth. The rear part was tricky, too. The car's proportions forced me to make a half-stud offset - I've used over the dozen jumpers to make the rear (engine, axis and bumper) firmly fixed :). As most of my MOCs, it was revised early in 2014, including use of 2x1 curved slopes and new style wheels - the first car I like their look - I've tried it with Cobra too, but it looked just ugly. More photos on my flickr page. My other presentations:
  18. makoy

    Review - 41112 Party Cakes

    Pugs! Aren't they cute? Even if you disagree, the Friends subtheme Party has a lot to offer. In my first EuroBricks review I will cover 41112 Party Cakes so without further ado, let's begin. Overview Name: 41112 Party Cakes Theme: LEGO System / Friends Year: 2016 (1H) Pieces: 50 Minidolls: 0 Price: USD 4.99 / EUR 4.99 / GBP 3.99 / SGD 7.90 / MYR 19.90 Resources: Brickset, Bricklink Introduction This is my very first EuroBricks review and I would like to start with a very small set that caught my attention due to its numerous appealing factors. Apart from cuteness this set offers common elements found in Friends Party subtheme such as gifts, confectionaries, balloons and pets. There are several new prints and mould colours which makes this set very valuable to collectors and MOCers alike. The main attraction here is the new pug but there is more to this set than just the dog. To know more about this set continue reading on. Front view of the box It is a very small set so only the front of the box has something interesting to show. Box content You get an instruction booklet, 2 plastic bags without numbers and 1 plate round corner 6 x 6 which appears in bright yellowish green (BL: lime) for the first time in 2016. Instruction booklet Let's jump immediately at the back to see the parts listing and see other Friends Party subtheme sets. 41112 is the smallest in this wave with only 50 pieces. At the back of the instruction booklet there is a list of other Friends set currently available in the market, too Let's Build The Pug The star of this set is the pug named Toffee. It is a new mould exclusive to this set at the time of this review and it also sports a new party hat colour in medium azure. Its face is not very cartoonish when compared to the other LEGO Friends dogs or puppies that came out previously. It helps that in real life pugs do have large heads so when you put them next to other LEGO system dogs like the German Shepherd and Chihuahua it does not look far from the actual scale. Small build #1 (gift) This tiny gift box has a new colour of wall double corner / panel 1 x 2 x 1 part. Previously it only appeared in medium azure colour but in 2016 it debut in a number of sets, including 41122, in bright reddish violet (BL: magenta). The gift box cover is also a new printed inverted tile 2 x 2 in new colour - flame yellowish orange (BL: bright light orange). One might complain that the inverted tile 2 x 2 is very loose because the panels do not give any clutch power whatsoever to the inverted tile. However, I would think this is intentional because this kind of build is repeated across multiple Friends sets released this year so far. Small build #2 (table) As the subtheme is about party and the name of this set is Party Cakes it is expected that you are immediately presented with a table with a plateful of cake, pastry, strawberry flavour beverage and party invite. The new invitation printed tile in aqua (BL: light aqua) is a welcome addition and I appreciate the fact that it did not specify any event because it makes this part more reusable for other purposes. Small build #3 (baking area) A lot of details are included in this vignette using Plate Round Corner 6 x 6 that appears in bright yellowish green (BL: lime) for the first time. This vignette appears to be a small area with oven for making more party cakes. We get a milk carton 1x1 printed brick and what appears to be a sugar/sweetener in a cone container. There is also a platform where you can put Toffee the pug to guard whatever is currently baking so that no naughty boy or girl can spoil it before the party. Lastly, we also have a balloon in medium azure! To me, the highlight of this small build is the new colour of round 2 x 2 dome bottom. Yes, yet another new coloured part and that's why I am so happy getting this little set. The balloon build is rounder using this bottom piece and I personally prefer this compared with the old construction using 2 dome tops because the older balloons look elongated. New balloon (top and bottom dome) vs old balloon build (2x top domes) Definitely rounder and with less distracting holes at the sides. New parts summary Here is the recap of the new parts / new parts colours. Extra pieces For a small set it has a lot of extra pieces. You can make another cupcake out of these extra pieces if you want to. Conclusion Finally, let's take a look at the final build with all the small builds combined: To conclude, I had fun building this little set because not only you get a new pug mould but also because you get a lot of new parts and extra pieces. Apart from the pug, the medium azure balloon parts also contributed to its appeal because it is not common. I don't mind not having a minidoll in this little set because the pug is the star of this set. However, kids may need a minidoll to enjoy the play features if they want someone operating the oven. Overall, it is a great value and one more reason why you should look at Friends theme even if you don't have interest in minidolls. Summary review Playability: 7/10 - fun little set but kids may want a minidoll to organise the party Design / Building Experience: 8/10 - I appreciate the little details and new parts and new prints Price / Value for money: 9/10 - great deal to get a new dog mould in a cheap set; new parts are just bonus Overall: 8/10 - I would prefer less 'sweets' and 1 more balloon to make this set even better Thank you very much and I hope you like this small set review. :) Note: The original review was written on 14 February 2016 in EB Reviewers Academy. Some of the statements written here could be outdated already.
  19. INTRODUCTION This set is part of a new birthday party sub-theme in the Friends line consisting of 5 individual sets and is the second largest, and only one of two that come with a mini-doll. All five sets include animals, a gift box and a party invitation. Other sets in this theme are: 41110 Birthday Party 41112 Party Cakes 41113 Party Gift Shop 41114 Party Styling TECHNICAL: Set Name: Party Train Set Number: 41111 Number of Pieces: 104 Theme: Friends Designer: unknown Availability: retail Year Released: 2016 Price: $ 9.99 / € 9.99 Stickers: 0 New elements: 2 Exclusive minifigures: 1/1 Brickset entry Bricklink Inventory PARTS SELECTION: The set gives us a lot of recolored pieces and two new elements, the little chipmunks, or hamsters as bricklink refers to them, and some party hats. They are both obviously Friends style items, but I am sure fans of minifigures will find a use for them. The set comes in a box with two unnumbered bags. One of my favorite parts here is the new colored bike element in Bright light orange. We had a yellow bike in one single old set, so this is as close as it gets to that if you missed out on the one from the 90's. That's a new print on that 1x2 tile, and I assume it's an invitation for a birthday (or other) party - useful piece for generic use.The trans-clear round tile with pin isn't new as we got it last year, but if you missed it, you can get two of them here plus one extra. I am not exactly sure what they represent in the set, but they are useful pieces, so I am not complaining. The party hats are completely new elements and are held with pins like all the other Friends hair accessories and you get them in 3 different colors and an extra of each. The bright light orange 2x2 tile with bow print is in fact an inverted tile, it has studs on the bottom to fit snugly between panels of a box - these tiles aren't very common in general, and this might be the first printed one. MINIFIGURES: The little animals have holes in their heads so they can also hold accessories. I am not sure if these hamsters would be of use in a non-Friends environment, but if you find them too "cartoony" you can just pretend they are stuffed toys. Stephanie comes with an exclusive torso print for this set, and her hair is one of my favorite hairpieces for use on minifigures. It's her birthday, but she doesn't look a day older. BUILD: We start off with a gift box containing a bow and a little postbox so Stephanie can mail the invitations to her friends. Mind you she only has one, so I guess she doesn't want to attract a crowd. The next build is what looks like a park slide for kids, not sure exactly what all the pieces represent, there is something that looks like a soap dispenser attached to the slide, but just use your imagination, I suppose it's part of the venue where the party will be held. And then the actual train is powered by a push-bike connected to the carts. This may be the reason Stephanie only invited one friend, she only has room for one other person with all the gifts and pets. The first car has one of those panels to hold a mini-doll, the others are just 2x2 jumper plates. The bike element was designed long before mini-dolls so they aren't really adapted for them. She can loosely be seated on the seat, but her hands can't hold the handlebars which is a bit awkward. Maybe the friend she invited isn't a mini-doll. Leftover parts: CONCLUSION: The set is a great template for your own imaginative play and building. I don't think anything here is set very firmly to any particular story. Most of it doesn't make much sense from a grown-up point of view, but it's a great selection of parts with lots of variety and I think it can go very far for the low size and price. I am not going to estimate brick value here because there is more to it than that, This will be someones first LEGO set, any they'll always remember that funky, hamster-powered bike train. Just to get some AFOL perspective here, This set will probably be appealing to most of us for the bike. This is the 8th re-color of the bike element since 1985. The mold changed once for both the frame and the wheels, but the design remains unchanged. It works a bit better with classic minifigures though. Overall Design: 5/10 - Little brick goes a long way here, and just enough context is given to know what's going on, but I would have liked more accessibility which is partly due to restrictions of the mini-doll design. Parts selection: 8/10 – Considering the size and cost of this set, you get many new, and unique elements and no stickers. Play features: 8/10 – This set is all about play. Challenging build: 5/10 - I should look at this from a child's perspective, and I think it's just the right ratio between interesting and easy. Minifigures: n/a – I am no expert on mini-dolls, and I'm slightly biased when it comes to Stephanie because I like her hair piece. There's one figure, and it has unique printing, so that must be a win. You will have to get at least one other set to have someone to actually join the party though. Overall: 6/10
  20. Hello Everybody! I made this for the winter contest ( Friends bringing "Christmas Greetings" to Ms. Stevens ) - Just Love Lego Friends ( the colours, the nice faces the animals ) Just Great! Hope you like it! Happy Holidays and have a Great New Year! - Singing "Christmas Carols" to Ms. Stevens - the wood keeps dry enough to put in the fireplace - the water-pipe is not frozen yet - as a surprise for the girls, there is a present for everybody ( and donuts!!! ) More pictures here :
  21. Let me know what you think of this short brick-film!
  22. kanethemasterbuilder

    Creator, Friends, City make a film

    Your thoughts to improve upon this would be appreciated... for the sequel. More traffic, action, etc...
  23. One of the first Friends buildings I bought for/with my daughter was the Heartlake Food Market, and when she lost interest in it, I started working on a Modular rebuild. I'd seen several 3 story versions that looked kind of generic, but I wanted something that incorporated the "attic loft" feel of the original model, maybe with some dormer windows in the roof line. Switching the entry to 2nd story studio to the back was critical, and I kind of like how that back stairwell/landing turned out, though I still need a couple of finishing details. I also wanted to elevate the height of the store, so adding a line of windows above the canopy, while keeping some of the purple stripe color detail from the original was a goal. I had it sitting around, mostly unfinished because I didn't have the right color bricks, but I finally just demo-ed a finish, mostly in white and whatever I had sitting around. I'm going back and forth on some of the window treatments, and I got rid of the brick top along the top of the second story after originally keeping it. I've got a lot more detailed work to do inside, and I'm not entirely happy with the columns on the back... need some pink trim, so they match the columns on the front balcony maybe, and maybe the shutters AND columns are too much on back, but the attic loft has room for small bedroom, and bathroom, separated by a full sized door/door frame. And I'm not entirely sold on some of the front trim details I've used though i do like my tile and cone railings on the balcony. Any thoughts or ideas for future versions/final colors are welcome. Here's a bunch of shots I couldn't upload. Kind of a mess/work in progress. but its MY mess!
  24. Built for the Rebrick Best Friends contest. Best Friends on Vacation Whether those friends are two-legged or four-legged, everyone is having fun. Go out on the water or enjoy the beach, horseback riding along the sand and shopping on the promenade. A few more on my Flickr Album.
  25. denil85

    [MOC] The Horsemen Townsquare

    Hi there, I would like to share my latest Friends Theme MOC Creation MOC Title : The Horsemen Townsquare (Friends’s Theme) LOM Builder : Denil Oh [Denil-MOC]-The-Horsemen-Townsquare---4 by denil oh, on Flickr (…/denil85/albums/72157672638294213) The Horsemen Townsquare finally completed! This is for the upcoming event in Malaysia, located in One Utama Shopping Mall. The LEGO Event “Build Your LEGO Christmas”. The Horsemen Townsquare will be display in Friends category. The overall built consist of 6 modulars size building, we have Cup Cake Shop Cafe, Supermarket, Fruits Shop, Musical Shop, Party Shop, and the last one is Flowers shop. The Centre of the Townsquare have a gold statue of a horseman with beautiful fountain surrounding to it. The town square connected the Horse Riding Camp, this is the place the historical horseman train up his riding skills, as a memory, the riding camp is well maintain until today :) Hope you enjoy the creation done by our local Malaysian's Builder - Denil Oh from LUG Of Malaysia (LOM) [Denil-MOC]-The-Horsemen-Townsquare---1 by denil oh, on Flickr [Denil-MOC]-The-Horsemen-Townsquare---2 by denil oh, on Flickr [Denil-MOC]-The-Horsemen-Townsquare---3 by denil oh, on Flickr [Denil-MOC]-The-Horsemen-Townsquare---5 by denil oh, on Flickr [Denil-MOC]-The-Horsemen-Townsquare---10 by denil oh, on Flickr [Denil-MOC]-The-Horsemen-Townsquare---7 by denil oh, on Flickr [Denil-MOC]-The-Horsemen-Townsquare---8 by denil oh, on Flickr [Denil-MOC]-The-Horsemen-Townsquare---9 by denil oh, on Flickr [Denil-MOC]-The-Horsemen-Townsquare---11 by denil oh, on Flickr [Denil-MOC]-The-Horsemen-Townsquare---16 by denil oh, on Flickr [Denil-MOC]-The-Horsemen-Townsquare---18 by denil oh, on Flickr [Denil-MOC]-The-Horsemen-Townsquare---19 by denil oh, on Flickr [Denil-MOC]-The-Horsemen-Townsquare---17 by denil oh, on Flickr [Denil-MOC]-The-Horsemen-Townsquare---20 by denil oh, on Flickr