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Found 71 results

  1. LittleJohn

    Badshahi Mosque

    Another free-build for Kaliphlin. I quite like how this turned out, though getting all the patterns to look right was a bit tricky. I would like to claim UoP credits for: Wall techniques -- Demonstrate mastery of three advanced wall techniques. Standard, studs-up walls of bricks are not included. Round walls and towers The Badshahi Mosque is a very prominent mosque in Kaliphlin, known for it's ornate architecture and massive gateway. Lots more pictures on Brickbuilt Thanks for looking, C&C appreciated
  2. So I don't know what buttons I pressed but I can't get a good set of pictures of this using BlueRender, so he's the one good render. and some screenshots from the LDD that for some reason have no background. That was a surprise when I went to resize the image. The Night's Gold's sinister colours are a frequent site around Bastion and Haven. No one is quite sure how her Captain, Montgomery DuLac, manages to earn enough money to keep her afloat. It may relate to his good humour, easy going nature, ability to work with anyone and willingness to take any paying job. He even, occasionally, resorts to piracy - though he tends away from violence towards the prey's crew. After all, no point in needlessly raising a bounty on his head. Captain DuLac himself, making sure his ship is in good shape. He is not above hiring a few "less civilised sorts" as marines. Though some of them do not do much the rest of the time. I'm using my free license for the Night's Gold, classing her as a Class 2 Well Rounded.
  3. Free build #2 April 616 The Sea Rats have a small weed plantation in the Bastion. The land is fertile in many ways. They have some huge weeds growing up high in the rows of grass. That Sea Rats fellow is going to need to get an appropriate weeder. A cutlass is not going to cut it. Weed Plantation by dr_spock_888, on Flickr
  4. Freebuild #3 April 616 In the previous episode, Captain Brickbeard with his remaining crew were casted adrift to be sharkbait after Eslandola's Blessed Angel seized their ship, the Great Scott. They drifted for days and nights until they landed on an island. There they were stranded until Susieh found them. Letter from Eslandola by dr_spock_888, on Flickr Captain Brickbeard doesn't get his day in kangaroo court as the incident was settled out of court.
  5. Grayther Drave pays many people to bring him exotic goods for his emporium in Bastion, but the Spiders may be his favourites. A team of expert treasure hunters, the Spiders take their name from the unusual little boat the sail around in; the Wight Spider. Some people claim the boat is not white enough for it's name. Drave tells them they misunderstand it. The Spiders - Talia, Gascoigne and Klaus - treat their vessel better than they treat anyone else, except, perhaps, Grayther Drave. The Wight Spider is a Class 1 Well Rounded vessel.
  6. Freebuild #1 April 2016 We saw earlier that some of vile pirates were also into whaling, athough they were not very good whalers. http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=124733 When they did catch one, the whale was rendered into oil at the Sea Rats' on-shore whale oil factory. Whale oil uses included oil lamps and soap making, It was an important product before the discovery of petroleum oil. To make whale oil, the whale was cutted into strips of blubber. The strips of blubber were boiled, a process called "trying out" to extract the oil. After the oil has cooled, it was put into barrels and transported to market. It should be noted that the stench of smoked blubber was impossible to eradicate, you could smell the processing crew approaching down wind from a nautical mile away. Whale Oil Factory by dr_spock_888, on Flickr
  7. This is my third freebuild of the month. If you're not one of the Sea Rats and you like the build please (And don't forget to state your allegiance). Previously... Breaking Out Complications Next... A Planning Session Finally back aboard the Bleak Angel, Captain Dracken calls his first mate, Alastair Jakes, and helmswoman Liliana Vespwood to his cabin to discuss the next move. And, of course, where Liliana goes, Althea goes too. Inside, Althea picks up a small native idol and sits on the Captain's bed while the others gather around a table full of charts. “It's all very impressive,” Jakes says, “but where is it leading?” “Have you heard of Oedon Black?” Dracken asks. “Can't say I have, Cap'n.” “Well,” Dracken begins, “some time ago Oedon Black was a rather well known trader in certain circles...” “And,” Liliana interrupts, “by trader you mean smuggler.” “Only some of the time,” Dracken explains, “but yes, Mister Black did quite a bit of smuggling. Made a fair amount on trading outlawed texts, tomes and artefacts in Oleon.” “Sounds like Mister Drave,” Liliana states, “but since you're using the past tense am I correct to presume Black is no longer with us?” “Correct,” Dracken says flatly, “the authorities caught up with him and, for his crimes, executed him. Sky burial, or so I heard. Wouldn't even let his soul rest in Hades. However, Oedon Black knew better than to store his wares somewhere the Faith could find them.” A voice rose from behind the trio. “You mean the Heretic's Hoard, don't you?” Althea asked. “I do indeed,” Dracken responds, “I already had the key before our misadventure on LeBellan. Now I have the last map we need to find it.” “Let's get to work, then.” Jakes says.
  8. Previously: Part 3 Turning The Mark Now that they believed they had conclusive proof of Malek's treason, the Desert King authorized his execution. Since Malek was still abroad in Kaliphlin, an assassin was hired to finish him as quickly and quietly as possible. The assassin found Malek collecting taxes from vendors in a market, and positioned himself on the roof of a nearby house, tying up the lady who was sitting there. Gideon was walking along the bustling Market street, when he noticed a crossbow pointing out from behind one of the poles that held the flags. It was pointing right at the official just in front of him. With lightning reflexes, he dove at the official, knocking him to the side and out of danger for the moment. The ruckus drew Erudhalion's attention, and he quickly spotted the assassin. It appeared he wasn't the only one, as a formidable lady was already at the top of the stairs, and had her sword half-drawn. Realizing he had been spotted, the assassin turned and drew his sword, ready to fight. By now, the Captain of the guard had also spotted him, and was about to strike him down, but was too slow, as the woman had already disarmed the man. The guards quickly came, tied him up, and escorted him to the city jail. The official thanked Gideon, the Lady, and Erudhalion profusely for saving his life. The lady then offered to accompany him to a safe location in case any more attempts were made on his life. To be continued... Some more pics of the build: Lots more pictures can be seen here: Link C&C appreciated
  9. I don't know how long I have been here! I can't remember what I did so many years ago do deserve this! All I can remember is my name - Sparhawk... I do know they want something from me, they think I know something and keeping me here will gain them some leverage - but with who and why, I just don't remember. Years of torture have robbed me of my memory, but not my wits. I will leave this place, I will remember my past, but for now I bide my time - looking for the right moment... image by Sparhawk-1, on Flickr Oh great, I guess it time for another session in the courtyard of pain... I don't know why they keep bothering, I DON'T REMEMBER... I have been leaving some smeared food grease around my wrists, hoping that the rats might just take me out of my misery... image by Sparhawk-1, on Flickr Hmm, I guess today I just hang, but that poor soul... I don't remember when all three of them were here at once, it must be pretty important... and they already have the cauldron under him, I guess all that is left is for me to watch what happens... "You better talk Louis, this is you last chance. Either you tell us where you hid it or in the cauldron you go... " - "I will not submit to you buffoons and you will never find any of... you will never!!" - "ok, Louis, have it your way" image by Sparhawk-1, on Flickr "light 'em up, let's see if you will be a bit more talkative after a warm bath... ha ha ha!!" - What the devil, what is that behind me... it's nibbling at my wrists... oh, maybe I will finally be free of this world and won't have to watch that poor man get cooked alive... image by Sparhawk-1, on Flickr Whaat just happened, oh my... the rat must have eaten through the bindings, am I finally free!? "AAAAaaaaa... AAAaaa...." I can't let that man suffer, maybe he has a way off this place... image by Sparhawk-1, on Flickr Let me get you out of there... image by Sparhawk-1, on Flickr "Oh... thank you, I am Lois de Bastion, I was on a very important mission when I was captured. I don't think I am going to make it, I feel the life seeping out of me. Please, I implore you to help me fulfill my mission. I have a ship waiting for me, the Crabby Cyclopse, I purchased it before I set out to get the final piece of the puzzle. Its is crewed by a reputable band of mercenaries - the best part is, they have never met me directly, just tell them you are me and show them the token I hid in my helmet... and now to the mission - listen very carefully..." image by Sparhawk-1, on Flickr The dying Spaniard's story was hard to believe, but why lie on one's death bed... I guess I will see about it's merits when I get out of here... I don his clothes and cutlass ---- and now to find that ship - Crabby Cyclopse, what a name... This is literally my first MOC, I have never done one... I will take all constructive criticism, though a lot of the issues are probably because I lack the parts (plus that part about never doing it before :) )
  10. It is my 4th Free build this month, so don't hesitate to approve it if you like it. Thank you ! Apple Trees Orchard near Elysabethtown, Berelli Once they reached Berelli and met the tribe of the Ténotclaxcans, Felipe and Basil headed through the jungle to the main village of the natives : Zum'heria. But what was their surprise when they discovered that Lady Elysabeth of Drondil and her husband, Lord Matteus Tomvaximus, leaders and friends of the MAESTRO Company, were already at work near that village by building a new Colony for Eslandola and for the King ! The occasion was too great for Felipe ! He must have changed the jungle around by planting Apples ! So he ordered to transplant some apple trees and replace the costal forest near Elysabethtown by them ! His men worked hard to cut the jungle, dig the holes and plant the young trees Basil and Felipe managed to bring from Nelissa to Berelli ! Once the orchard ready, Pinya, the young daughter of the high priestess of the Ténotclaxcans, came with an escort to see what those men from the west were doing. Basil explained to her how they managed to bring young apple trees in some barrels in order to transplant them, and how soon there will be grown and ready to produce delicious apples for everyone ! - That is great job, man of the west. Said Pinya, but be careful with the jungle ! The trees of the forest don't really like to be cut and be replaced by other trees... There are some terrible things that could happen here ! - Ahah ! What ?! What can a tree could do against me ! Laughed Basil. - I don't know. Answered Pinya. But be careful... So, here is the First attempt to develop Berelli ! I tryed to show the very first plantation being settled, as Berelli is a totally new and free territory ! So I had to show how the men are cuting the jungle, first, and after that, I managed to show the orchard with young trees. I know it could be non-sense to bring apple trees in the rain forest, but... It's the madness of my 2 characters that leading them to such an absurd idea ! I am claiming this small orchard as my free license property for MAESTRO, for Eslandola and for the King ! Ah... and for Apples ! Hoping you like this. C&C are always welcome.
  11. Previously: Part 5 - The Last Place You'd Look "Malek, you traitorous viper! Siding with the resistance! I thought you had more loyalty the rightful ruler of Kaliphlin than this." "On the contrary, my loyalty is to the rightful rulers of Kaliphlin!" "Malek, what is going on here? Who is this?" "I'm a former friend and colleague of Malek here, but He has changed that. There seems to be nothing left to say, I'm afraid I have no choice but to carry out my duty to the King." He then charged at Malek, sword drawn, but the peasants, quickly countered his attack and disarmed the mummy officer. Some more shots of the build: More pictures here: Link C&C much appreciated, thanks for looking
  12. The Corrington Naval Ship Swift I made this vessel for the Corrington Intro thread. Guns: 6 6-pounders Crew: 13 total crew, 6 able seamen, 4 marines, 2 officers, captain The Corrington shipwrights have designed a new type of vessel to handle escorts and patrols, the CNS Swift. This cutter is able to out maneuver and outrun any vessel it chooses. Only a couple able seamen are needed to run the sails with its smart rigging. This allows more crew to fight and for the cutter to maintain its maneuverability while in action. The streamlined hull means that there is little room for cargo, especially after provisions and munitions are considered.
  13. Hi, Here is the continuation of my "full of apple" story. for the 1st chapter look here. A Story about a Forgotten Fruit... After the recon along the King's coast of Nellisa, Felipe De La Manzana and his crew returned to the little house Felipe and Basil managed to build when they first arrived in Nellisa. The crew was already at work by loading and un-loading cargo (most of it beeing apple seeds...) in order to prepare Felipe's plan : destroying the jungle and plant Apple-orchards and plantations ! With the last canoe arrived Juan Ponce de Hespérida, the former pirate castaway Felipe saved before. Basil welcomed him while Felipe De La Manzana is supervising the unloading cargo from his balcony. - Welcome my dear fellow ! - Hi Senor. I had to refresh me a bit, I know I am late... - Of course, that's fine, you shaved this awful beard ! - Yes. El Senor Felipe is awaiting me ? - Yes, yes... come with me and go tell us what is your "Fabulous Treasure" ! Basil lead Juan to the balcony to join Felipe. - Ha ! At last ! My favorite castaway ! Said Felipe welcoming Juan on his side. - Hi Senor Captain ! I had to shave my beard before seeing you and ... - Yes of course, but tell me, I'd like to know if you worth the apples you cost me... Tell me about your Fabulous Treasure ! Interrupted Felipe. - Yes. This is our deal... So... I have a map that is talking about the positions and strangely the non positions of an isle... - Yes. That is a bit unclear. How an Isle could have a position and not have one ?? Said doubtly Felipe. - Let me show you. Answered Juan de Hespérida while he put on the table the map. - Oh I don't understand anything to that. Said Basil. I leave you with those explanation and I am going to control this gem we found earlier on the beach. Saying that, Basil went upstairs and made check up the gem observer. It is a great tool but a bit fragile with all these lens into it, so it demands some care. Care that Basil is particularly awared of. Downstairs, Juan is explaining Felipe the map : - Senor, this map is more than a map ! It tells how and probably where to find the Fruit of Knowledge ! The Forbidden Fruit ! The Fruit Zeus made to share his power with his wife Hera ! The Fruit Hades cursed ! The Fruit that was Forgotten and lost, the Fruit... - Wait, wait, wait ! interrupt Felipe. What are you talking to me ?! It is a Legend ! Such a fruit doesn't exist ! - Of course it exists ! And I have the information that this Fruit is a Golden Apple ! and I have... - WHAT ! AN APPLE ! AND A GOLDEN ONE ! Yelled Felipe. why are you hiding such an important info ! Of course I want it ! - So we have a deal ? asked Juan Pnce de Hespérida. - Yes we have a deal ! Answered Felipe De La Manzana. And Juan Explained that the Golden Apple is in a lost orchard, the No-one's Orchard, itself hidden on an isle that no-one is capable of reaching because its position is strangely changing. He also tolds the map is the first map of the terrible pirate captain, old beard Caliquot, a dangerous fellow who is trying to find the island for himself. He his still searching it and has an other map of the possible positions of the island. So, it would be good to steal it from him... At last, Juan spoke of the curse of Hades : It is possible, by jealousing his brother marriage, Hades cursed the Fruit in order to prevent Hera to bite it. So it is not sure what it will do to a mortal... And the two men planned how to begin and how to find this Golden Apple. Ok, this is probably a bit long but I wanted to build a great leading quest for Felipe De La Manzana and what's a good quest without apple ? So I made this story... It will be in multiple parts of course, and it will be integrated in all the rest of the game of course. Hopefully, the development of the apple orchards will not be stopped by this quest. So thank you for reading this story and of course C&C is welcome.
  14. The Corrington Naval Ship Swift MCRA Class:Armed Sloop Speed: 2 Guns: 2 (6 6-pounders) Crew: 2 (13 total crew, 6 able seamen, 4 marines, 2 officers, captain) Cargo: 0 Hull: 1 Possible Opponents: 1 The Corrington shipwrights have designed a new type of vessel to handle escorts and patrols, the CNS Swift. This cutter is able to out maneuver and outrun any vessel it chooses. Only a couple able seamen are needed to run the sails with its smart rigging. This allows more crew to fight and for the cutter to maintain its maneuverability while in action. The streamlined hull means that there is little room for cargo, especially after provisions and munitions are considered.
  15. Hi All, After joining Avalonia this is my first GoH build to get me started. Sebastian is a 13 year old farm boy with dreams of a much more exciting life. In this scene he is relaxing in a tree on his parent's farm eating an apple. Keeping a watchful eye under the tree is his dog Hugo. I've tried a fairly basic tree coming into Autumn (although some of the leaves are holding on to their summer colour). Not sure if a simple build like this qualifies for UoP tree building points or not so happy for others to let me know. C&C welcome
  16. Blufiji

    The Long Journey

    As the long shadows of the setting sun creep their way across the jagged outcrops and the trees of the mountain side, Gal-Turok pauses for a second. The air is still, the land quiet save for the water from the small stream making it's way down. Gal-Turok smiles to himself under his heavy helm, reflecting on the the notion that the Rakath, the most dangerous mountain range in all of Historica, still has a beauty of its own. But even with that realization, it IS still the most dangerous mountain range in all of Historica, and he best make haste. Even as strong as he is, he is still one being among many, who loved nothing more to kill the Great Goblin Uniter. Third free build. For those looking for the Nocty Standard, the build has it. Ten points to the person who finds it! For the glory of the Darklands! Would like to make the Following claims for UoP: +1 On Landscape Design-Trees +1 On Geography-Mountains +1 On Hydrology-Running water/streams +1 Minifig posing
  17. mpoh98

    The Lone Shepherd

    Quick free build for Avalonia The Lone Shepherd The lone shepherd herded his goats towards the small stream, content now that the war was over. The terrible war that had ruined the land was finally over, peace had come over the country. The soldier has now become the shepherd, content with the peace he could now enjoy. Soli Deo Gloria! ~Matthew~
  18. Every year in early winter Mitgardians gather to feast, drink, and watch one of their national sports, mountain bobsled racing. For the past 20 years, the Forest Freaks have guided their green machine down the Mitgard Mountain slopes to victory. This year however, the Red Racers have been a bright crimson blur against the snow and may just take down the experienced dynasty. My first build for the CCC this year. This was a lot of fun with the fig posing and the off-the-grid sloping. I'm not sure how that happened so beautifully, there aren't any gaps at the junctions! A couple more shots on Flickr As always, C&C is appreciated.
  19. Scaevola

    A Sanguinary End

    From the journal of Horatius Urga, Knight of the Body The Urgaul Pact descended like a horde of rabid fiends upon Quataria City. With our administration in turmoil, their forces shredded through our vanguard and burst through the gatehouse. Our meager garrison was slaughtered in the street fighting that ensued, and the soldiers indiscriminately torched the metropolis to the ground. The most flourishing port in Quataria was razed thereat, and I fled to the desert, utterly defeated. Their patrols scour the jungles, and I fear my death and the end of the Quatarian commonwealth is nigh. A contingent of bounty hunters advanced on Urga, who had sought shelter from the unforgiving dunes in a derelict watchtower nearly swallowed by the sands. The men wordlessly lunge at Urga, who is quickly grounded by their charge. Desperately brandishing his dagger, Urga is disarmed and beaten to the ground by the flat of their spears. The mercenary punctures Urga's skull, killing him swiftly. An overview of the watchtower. Well, I'm back with another moc. I was fairly satisfied with my desert landscape, but it could use a splash of dark tan. Furthermore, I also tested a different stonework technique, so please give me your advice. I think perhaps some smaller tiles may give it more variance. I intend to post my new sigfig soon, and as always C&C welcome and encouraged
  20. In the great traditions of Kaliphlin, one of the most import is the Innitiation du peupal Kaliphlin. The first part of the initiation is to purify yourself in the waters of the Kaliphlin Spas with the help of the spa maidens. Be careful though, it is the #1 destination of men, but the least favorite of all destinations to the women the men are married to. The Spa itself. Looks like an angry wife made here way through. How does she always know where he is? The face of the married man's wife when he is at the spa. She doesn't look happy. The married man at the spa. An unmarried man at the spa. Hope he doesn't get soap in his eyes! Floor Floor technique. Would your sigfig make a trip to the Kaliphlin spas? Bonus points to whomever gets the reference I used.
  21. Just a little MOC I did. What do you think?
  22. The Murder of Chancellor Ungaran II It was a day of jubilation for the residents of the bustling town of Anemaquar. Ungaran, the Chancellor of the Quatarian Isles had come to meet with the customs collector for the port to discuss further moves in the prosecution of the Isle's civil war. However, Ungaran's lictors were soon required to manage the vast crowds of celebrants (due to the diminutive local garrison) and Ungaran strolled to the grounds of Palatine Hall, the customs office, in solitude. With this opportunity, a local Urgaul Pact radical swiftly lunged at the Chancellor and swiftly burned him to death on the steps of the hall, plunging the town into absolute anarchy, chaos, and confusion. A front and angled view of the Palatine Hall A shot of the assassination Side view A picture of the roof Constructive criticism and tips are appreciated, and there is one more photo on my flickr
  23. The leadership of the Urgaul Pact, the pro slavery faction of the Quatarian Civil War. The Pact is lead by the Yellow Hand, a political alliance led by Baladil, the Prime Minister and chief magistrate of the Pact Baladil, the Prime Minister. (right), Haladin, the Archduke of the Pact heartland (left), an emissary of the Black Spire which looks hungrily to possible land acquisitions in the conflict A shot of the moc without the minifigs. The moc is set in the town hall of Abana, a populous agrarian-based town and the de facto seat of the Urgaul Pact. Constructive criticism and tips are welcome A link for those who need to catch up with the storyline- http://www.eurobrick...ic=86192&st=875 Post 885
  24. Duke Blastus

    Orcish Marshes

    Part 1 'Deep within the Orcish Marshes is the greatest healer I've ever known.' Thorrak continued, 'But the swamp is dangerous. We might not make it.' Thorrak was right. The Orcish Marshes were a treacherous maze of waterways and swamps. It was an area to be avoided where death lurked at every corner. Yet it was here his friend may find his salvation. 'I'm already dying,' Emelio laughed. 'What harm can one more adventure do?'
  25. After several months of construction, and a lot of hard work, the full barracks is finally complete. It comes with a full outfit of 12 soldiers, 2 Non-Coms and 2 Officers. Here it is in all of its glory. Here we see Lord Jakon, freshly arrived to inspect the facility, being greeted by it's commander. Here is a sergeant, surveying the yard. It was at this point that the dwarf realized that clearing snow with an axe would not be as fun as it sounded. The entrance, being guarded by two soldiers. Two mercenaries have decided to join up with a guild, and become legitimate soldiers. A sergeant is making sure that this new recruit is up to snuff. A soldier clears the roof of the armory/storehouse of snow. two logs, stacked, ready to be burnt. The inside of the top story. This is my axe, there are many like it, but this one is mine, my axe is my best friend... The inside of the bottom story, with two dwarves gambling. The bottom story with all furniture removed. The inside of the top story, with all furniture removed. Thats all folks! C&C please! UoP credits claimed: Architecture: Roofing Military Science: Fortification Anthropology: Life in Mitgardia