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Found 83 results

  1. IenjoyLego89

    Ranger in a Forest

    Not much to say just a ranger in a forest Without the minifigure, The grey round 1x1 are there because when the minifigure is included it almost looks like a shadow...almost Any comments or criticisms welcome Moc on!
  2. Hey all! This is my first Castle - themed MOC. I have always enjoyed this theme, as some of my first sets as a kid were Castle sets. After seeing many great MOCs and scenes from builders here, I thought I'd have a go at one. I decided to do a forestmen type creation, as they have always been a favorite LEGO faction to me. Anyway, here it is. This is the overall scene, built on a 32 x 32 base. And that's it . Thanks for viewing, and as always, C&C welcome. EDIT: More photos and full set on Flickr
  3. Mark of Falworth

    Everard Lodge ~Revisited~

    Everard Lodge Revisited by Mark of Falworth, on Flickr Everard Lodge Revisited by Mark of Falworth, on Flickr A collaborative build from Mark of Falworth and Brother Steven. Based on Mark's previous creation Everard Lodge. This is one of many MOCs we will be bringing to Brickfair Virginia this August. So be sure to come on by and see it live! :) Thanks for viewing and have a great day! ~Mark of Falworth and Brother Steven
  4. Henchmen4Hire

    S&S Wildland Ultra XT 6x6

    ***Updated pictures ***Added .LXF file - http://www.mediafire...15pccqmlrfh27uw ***Updated .LXF file (changed non-existant pieces, replaced rear "storage boxes" with safes, strengthened some areas) Behold the second ever LEGO Ultra XT 6x6 built to date haha You've seen it in 6-wide, now let's see how it looks in the mighty 8-wide! Features: -Opening doors -Rolling wheels -Colors -Made of plastic lol -There's a hidden floor compartment to stash dirty underwear: -Just to add a play feature, I made the top hinged so it can easily be filled with "water". -Ideally I'd use a 2x2 manget plate with magnet for the rear dump valve, but I can't find the magnet plate in LDD. -There's a 10-stud long, 2-stud wide, 4-plate tall compartment running down the middle of the chassis, great for storing shovels, pulaskis, fishing rods, hot mermaids, etc. -Not exactly sure what's supposed to go in that empty section visible from the top -Could easily make it modular, it would just take some strategic placing of tiles on the chassis. You might also like: Type-2 Ambulance http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=77140 Vactor 2100 http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=66784 I got certified as a Wildland Firefighter last year, passed with flying colors, but couldn't keep going because my stupid deviated septum makes it impossible to breathe when doing heavy labor. Oh well, another crushed dream for the bucket. :(
  5. Legonardo

    !n the dark of Augmar

    The dark of Augmar is stuff out of childrens ghost stories, the places that kids get dared to go and are threatened with as punishments for wrongs. Liliandra has found it the best place to settle, very quiet and away from everything apart from the nature. different nature to what most would fancy. the old druid is about to get a visitor. Gladia, asking for her daughter, Brianas hand... well here I am, haven't been building much, haven't had the time and ive had my lego packed up anyway but heres something :) enjoy!
  6. soccerkid6

    On the way to Valholl (15)

    Glorfindel sent some soldiers to Valholl to warn Elon of the coming attack, but will they make it? Previous build: All C&C appreciated
  7. soccerkid6

    Forest in Mitgardia

    Just a peaceful scene of life in a Mitgardian forest. ----------------------------------------------------- I bought my little brother some leaves for his birthday (about a week before Christmas) and he got me some and some forestmen for Christmas, also I received a PAB cup with the red flowers and some grass. So we did this together to use the new pieces. Hope you enjoy :) All C&C welcome
  8. Kai NRG

    The Hut in the Forest

    After his capture, Raz soon noticed that the man who seemed to be technically the leader was little more than a prisoner like himself. His companion, Tardiff, watched everything he did as closely as possible. After walking for miles on end, they finally reached a small hut located in a clearing pleasantly situated by a beautiful lake. Presently the woodcutter came out of his house and saluted the two, raising his eyebrows at the sight of a prisoner. "Come in, come in!" "No, but rather you come out," objected Kaflar, the leader. "I want none of your cramped houses. Give me the open air, and I'll be content." The woodcutter obligingly fetched a few cups and the trio sat down at the table to talk, or perhaps merely to have a good time. They seemed not to care for Raz one way or another. It was true that he was chained up securely, besides the fact that his wound still gave him pain, but he still wondered at their utter lack of consideration of the possibility of his escaping. For a while he tried to think of other things, without paying attention to the noisy group beside him. But gradually the sun sank lower and lower in the sky; apparently they had no intention of leaving today. At last the only light to be had was from the stars and the moon, and so Tardiff dragged Raz inside, where they both lay down. But Kaflar pulled the woodchopper back quickly, out of earshot. "Listen," he began, "you know I don't half like this; you know no one will suspect you, just give me provisions and let me go." The woodcutter looked somewhat surprised. "Alone?" "No; I wish to take the prisoner with me." He shook his head decisively. "The man is wounded. He could be of no help to you. Tardiff is fast; he will notice your absence at once." Kaflar tossed his head impatiently. "What are you saying?" "Better to wait. Have patience. You know the system; follow it. Come here to me. Try to arrange a time when Tardiff has other things to concern himself with. For now, we must go in. Your time will come." Kaflar frowned. "I do not wish to wait. But listen; you will speak of this to no one, for anything." A few gold coins added effectiveness to the command. The woodcutter bowed his head in acquiescence as they entered the hut; then the darkness held possession of the scene. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I think this was pretty much my first tree (there was one in the Botanical Gardens, but my brother did that one). I hope you enjoyed the story! Feedback is appreciated!