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Found 6 results

  1. Just playing around with a few ideas for a Treebeard moc. Thinking if I can get him done I might put it on Lego Ideas as a "UCS" version. He's not really based on the movies, more my interpretation of him from the books. Except for his moustache, he's surprisingly sturdy, clips and bars hold everything in place pretty well. At the moment I'm not sure about his eyes - they're pearl gold but I think they need to be brighter... or maybe I've overdone his eyebrows. Here's a slightly earlier version... Part of me prefers them slightly simpler. Thoughts and suggestions welcome!
  2. ~ MEC Category B: Fimbrethil's Return ~ "When Winter comes, and singing ends; when darkness falls at last; When broken is the barren bough, and light and labour past; I'll look for thee, and wait for thee, until we meet again: Together we will take the road beneath the bitter rain! Together we will take the road that leads into the West, And far away will find a land where both our hearts may rest." ~ J.R.R. Tolkien, The Two Towers I've always thought that the story of the lost Entwives was a sad tale... ... and I'd like to think that at some point Treebeard and Fimbrethil find each other and live happily ever after. Here's the whole build: Thanks for looking! C&C always appreciated. And there's a few more pictures over on flickr,
  3. Bugbot2008

    MOC Treebeard

    Hi everyone, I would like to share with you my latest creation: Treebeard the ent in the style of an official lego set. I took inspiration from the videogame when i started the face and beard but quickly found out that the design would have been too fragile in real life, so after completing the face I built him using a mixture of LDD and playing with my own bricks I had to hand. It was extremely satisfying to experiment the design using in-hand bricks rather than just using the software as I normally do, a process which has lead me to one of my all time favorite creations of one of my favorite characters in fiction. One thing I discovered while sourcing parts is that element 6091 in brown is very rare which is why I didn't use it for his horn for example. "Little orcs...*grumble* " See more pictures and my other creations here:
  4. So what do you guys think? At first I didn't think he was supposed to be, but after taking a close look at both the Lego model and Treebeard I started to have my doubts. Now I am now fairly certain the Ent in Orthanc is in fact Treebeard. He has too many similarities to Treebeard in the film, and too few to hardly any of the other Ents I have found. He has the big nose Treebeard has, the branches coming off one side of his head, the amber/oranigsh colored eyes, and of course the mossy beard. Here are some other Ents for comparison: Ash Ent Beech Ent Birch Ent Linden Ent Oak Ent Rowan Ent Willow Ent Sure some have similarities to the Orthanc Ent. Most have the same color eyes. A few have beards, like the Ash and Willow Ent, though they appear to be different shape and size. None of these Ents seem to have all the characteristics of the Ent found in Orthanc though, except Treebeard. Of course there might be other Ents the Orthanc Ent was based off, but I find it hard to believe he would look so close to Treebeard. So the big question is, why then did Lego not just come out and label the Ent as Treebeard? This seems to be the biggest reason people think the Ent in Orthanc is NOT Treebeard. With Lego though, who knows what their reasoning is? Sometimes they do some pretty strange things that don't really make sense to us. Why was the eagle in Orthanc not labeled Gwahir when it clearly is? I have theorized why not before, mainly because Gwaihir is never specifically named (except whispered) so people might not know the difference (or care). Treebeard on the other hand is named at least a few times though so he would be familiar to even casual fans. Maybe they wanted the Tower of Orthanc to have more multi purchase appeal'? I also find this hard to believe due to the price and extremely low minifigure count for the price. So why then, would Lego NOT just label the Orthanc Ent as Treebeard?
  5. NiceMarmot

    Nocturnus Tribes: Blents

    The Nocturnus Black Ent, aka Blent, is a rare derivative of the common Ent. Once widespread, they are currently found mostly in Nocturnian forests, although a small tribe lives deep in the coastal forests of northeast Kaliphlin. The Blent is rarely seen, although it is extremely difficult to tell a sleeping Blent from a common Nocturnian evil tree, and Blents can sleep for years. Nocturnus Black Ent (Blent), by nice.marmot, on Flickr Blents have sparse foliage, and supplement photosynthesis with animals that they catch as they wander through the forest. They spend their lives (which can be thousands of years) tending to their patches of evil Nocturnian forest, which are shepherded to provide a supply of food in the form of forest animals. Thus woe to the ignorant Nocturnian who unknowingly cuts down trees in a forest with a Blent. Very few have survived an encounter with a hungry Blent bent on revenge. With amazingly strong limbs, extremely thick, tough bark, and an ironwood like interior, very little can harm a Blent, except a serious, large forest fire. For this reason, fire dragons are the Blents' worst enemy, and they have been known to gang up and hunt down dragons that move into their area. In general though, they tend to stay out of the affairs of other species, caring only about the health of their forest. Blents have an ancient culture, mostly made up of long, florid, epic poetry, which can take decades to recite. Although capable of modern speech, they usually communicate in their own tongue, which mostly consists of slow, deep subsonic rumblings that can propagate through the earth for miles.
  6. Yay! I reached Round 3 of the MELO on Mocpages. Here's my next entry for the category "Last march of the Ents". Enjoy! And Treebeard himself: Thanks for looking!