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Found 65 results

  1. Pate-keetongu

    MOC: Thráin

    It's the time of the year when the bearded fellow in red clothes travels around the lands... But this time he has a warhammer instead of sack of presents and he shouts "Baruk Khazad! Khazad-Ai-Menu" instead of "ho ho ho"... This is based on the armor Thráin, father of Thorin Oakenshield, wears in the Battle of Azanulbizar near the gates of Moria. It is slightly seen in the extended cut of Desolation of Smaug. I'm very happy with the shaping of the armor - Had to buy a bunch of odd-shaped dark red parts on Bricklink before building... There are more photos on Cyclopic Bricks; Enjoy! And merry Christmas to everyone, and lots of rattling presents!
  2. Getting into Avalonia was not going to be easy, but dwarves are resourceful....and a brainstorm session can yield some great ideas! Raven Darksight was contemplating how to lead a group of his Dwarven Army into Avalonia, but those elves seem to notice everything. There has to be a way in to get past those elves! Ibun, son Mim spoke up, "I got it! We all know how Elves love the forest and the trees right?" "Aye!" "Well, all we need to do is have Rowyn and Bowyn dress up like a tree. They wander over near those Elves and start yelling 'Oi, Me leaves hurt, me branches hurt! Please help!' We know that those Elves won't be able to resist helping out a tree." "Stupid Elves, they'll probably still be munching on their croissants and sniffing their flowers while rush over to help the tree too!" "Yeah, then we sneak by and we can hold some leaves to hide us!" "Yeah, stupid elves!" They all laughed as they pictured those stupid elves sniffing flowers and helping out the tree in distress. If this doesn't work, nothing will!
  3. See the previous tales: Wyndor's Saga: Chapter 1 -What Has Past- Chapter 2 Part 10: A New Home Part 10.1:Blunted Edges Part 10.2: Cramped Spaces Part 10.3: Enthusiastic Worker Part 11.0 Part 11: Mysterious Death Part 12: Dark Meetings Part 13: Warm Yourself Part 14.1: Sisterly Visit Part 14.2: Proud Farmer Part 14.3: Mitgardian Household Part 15: Another Mysterious Death Part 16.1: The Council Meeting Part 16.2: Meeting with Wyndor (made by Glorfindel) Part 16.3: Feud in Teridyan Part 16.4: Great Elk Longhouse (made by Glorfindel) Part 16.5: Traveling Partners Part 16.6: Mitgardian Throne Room (made by Glorfindel) Part 17: The Cemetery Part 18: Home Part 19: Crowded Market Mayhem Part 20: Shooting Straight It had been a long trip from the capitol to Dalig Ulv, but Wyndor was finally coming home. He was just entering the city limits when he heard the sound of swords clashing coming from across the river. He rushed over the bridge towards the lumber mill run by one of the local dwarves. What he came upon was not the sound of battle but two men training with Liam. “You couldn’t hit a cow with a swing like that!” he was shouting that the two men crossing blades. Wyndor stopped running and grinned to himself. He knew what it was like to be on the receiving end of Liam’s training. He also knew there was no better weapon’s trainer in Mitgardia. “Ho there, Liam!” he called out. “Ah, Wyndor, you’re back. It’s about time too. We need someone more skilled with a sword around to help protect us from attack” he replied. “Have there been problems still?” Wyndor asked. “Is Valanice okay?” “Ah, everyone is okay, Valanice included. It was a close one though, which is why I’m here training with these nincompoops!” answered Liam. “But I’ll let Pjeter fill you in on the details. Come, tell me how you are my friend.” “I am well and have many stories to share, but first and foremost I need to get to my home to see my wife” said Wyndor. “But before I go, I have a gift for you from my travels.” Wyndor pulls out a set of shoulder pads and hands them to Liam. “I was given these by a fellow cyclops I helped on my travels. I thought it fitting that you should have them.” “Thank you Wyndor. This is a mighty gift indeed” replied Liam as he took the shoulder pads. “I can see that they were made by a skilled cyclops craftsman. Our technique is recognizable to those who know what to look for, and these look like they were made by the master craftsman Oblique.” “After all you’ve done for me, it is a small token of my gratitude” answered Wyndor. He turned to leave when a dwarf approached him. “Good day Wyndor” the dwarf said. “Hello Rothgar, how goes the machinery today?” answered Wyndor. “Ever temperamental. Machines and water do not work well together. But it is worth the effort to be able to harvest the power of the river” replied Rothgar, one of the council members. “But my work woes are not what I stopped you for. I have already told Pjeter and Lief this, but since you are on the council also I thought you should know that the dwarves of Dalig Ulv will be marching soon against one of our greatest enemies. There is an unseen enemy here in the city that has been feasting on the lives of my people. We are powerless to stop it. But, we received word from the dwarf elders that we have a chance to strike a blow against the drow that could cripple them forever. I will not give you more details for I do not wish for you to get in trouble with Valholl. Our actions may not be sanctioned by Sir Chorian. We cannot take the time to convince them that our actions are right, we must act.” “I have known you for some time now Rothgar,” responded Wyndor. “I trust your judgment. If you say it is right for you to do this. Then I stand with you. I also pledge that by the time you return to Dalig Ulv, I will have stopped the terror that has been killing your people, or will have the answer to how to stop it. Farewell my friend, and may the ground be ever strong beneath your feet.” Here are some other pictures showing off the mill:
  4. Here's my first entry for this great contest. I was on a LUG exhibit (great) and ill (not so) and didn't have that much time to build, but managed to throw a bit of Bag End's hall and pantry together. This is obviously insipired by the book chapter An Unexpected Party as well as the movie. More photos can be found on my blog Cyclopic Bricks.
  5. Hello everyone. This set is from the movie "The hobbit - an unexpected journey" into the scene where Bilbo tries to take time with the trolls who are roasting the dwarves until Gandalf arrives and breaks the rock by becoming stone trolls. Unfortunately I have no real mountain trolls and I had to content myself with this but I hope they are nice too. Thank you in advance for all the views and comments and I wish you all good luck and fun for the contest. ROASTED DWARVES main image The Rock can be opened easily I smell something burning.... Bilbo Minifigs Thanks a lot...
  6. Admiral Khan

    Mirkwood Entanglement

    My second entry for the MEC contest, this one for Category C. While finishing off the deadly and large Mirkwood spiders, the Dwarven Company is entangled again, this time with the elves.
  7. Pate-keetongu

    MOC: Fili

    Here's the newest - and the second to last - dwarf on my Company of Thorin Oakenshield project (which was formerly called Hobbit Dwarves project, but I am going to build Gandalf and Bilbo too, so...). Fili is brother of Kili (who made it into Eurobricks front page - yeah!) and nephew of Thorin Oakenshield. This young dwarf was a fun build as I had had 1 three-week break from MOCing bacause my summer job in nothern Finland. I's especially pleased with the face, boots and scabbard strap (which uses cord piece from CMF fishing rod). The hair was challenging: The only medium dark flesh pieces used are Persian arches, 1x2 bricks and 1x2 tiles, somehow held together via half-pins and other SNOT magic connections. The heirs of Durin: Thorin, Fili and Kili. There's more photos on Brickshelf, more information on Cyclopic Bricks and an overview of this project on Flickr set. This is also my 500th post on Eurobricks! Who's the knigh now! To the heroic deeds----->! EDIT: The heroic deed was to change my name into Pate-keetongu, the name I use in the most parts of LEGO community, without interrupting admins. But deep inside I'm still a pig. Better be a pig than a fascist pig, as Porco Rosso famously said.
  8. Pate-keetongu

    MOC: Kili

    Here's the newest dwarf on my series. Kili is one of the younger dwarves, brother of Fili and nephew of Thorin. He has only a stubble, which was quite hard to achieve with bricks. Young and handsome face is more challenging to build than caricature-esque heavy-bearded heads of some older dwarves of the gang. Kili has his dwarf sword (not very sharp here though) and a bow and quiver. The quiver's strap is done using TECHNIC chain links. Check Flickr and Cyclopic Bricks for more. You can see the rest of my dwarves here. Enjoy!
  9. Pate-keetongu

    MOC: Nori

    Here's the next dwarf on my project - Nori, the thief. Nori was an average dwarf to build expect for the head and its odd starfish hairdo. I specially like how the eyebrows came out. The beard braids use minifig legs as the array of brown joint pieces is rather limited. More on Cyclopic Bricks, photo on Flickr. Hope you enjoyed! I guess Fili will be next, but it might take while since I'm running out of dark brown pieces!
  10. Pate-keetongu

    MOC: Glóin

    Hello fellow Eurobrickers! Here's Glóin, son of Gróin, brother of Óin and father of Gilmi, the newest addition to my Hobbit dwarves MOC line! The beard was the first part I built, as usual. I threw it together on the last summer if I remember correctly. Designing the torso invoved both some basic and some more complicated SNOT techniques. Glóin has some packs and bags on his belt as he's the money behind the operation. The arms and hands are posable. The shoulders have ball joints while the elbow joints work with T-bars. The boots are rather simple, but I'm very happy with the round shape. Sons of Gróin. See more on Cyclopic Bricks and photos on Flickr. Feedback would be pleasant.
  11. Str0ngbad

    Dwarves Dropping Eaves

    Guests were traveling from every corner of Historica for Damaxius' grand celebration and the dwarves of Mitgardia's southern mountains were among the throng. As much as they loved to party, they hated big political affairs such as this one far more. In spite of this, the prospect of forging new trade relationships would have been enough to set their caravan on its way to Kaliphlin but for this trip they had far greater motivation. When the rumors spread that some of the most detestable figures in Historica would be smuggled in for the party it sent shockwaves through many political circles. Many of the elf lords of Avalonia were livid and refused to attend in protest but the dwarves saw in this rare gathering an opportunity. Long had they hated the Drow with a passion to rival the elves and many years they spent sealing the gaps between the roots of the mountains to prevent Mitgardia from being defiled with the countless tunnels that lay hidden and twisted beneath the rest of Historica. Lately, the Drow had been ambushing trading caravans; leaving most of its cargo but taking any surviving dwarves to the Underdeep. With whispers of war brewing in Nocturnus, the dwarves hoped to catch a glimpse into what mischief the Drow were planning and what evils might lay in the deep shadow of the east. Khor went to the party and talked to a few of the movers and shakers of Kaliphlin; finding more than a few overeager to agree to new trade relationships thanks to the strong Dwarven ale. A couple of days later when the city reopened for business as usual, he went about delivering some of the ale he had brought in expectation of a buyer and prepared a timely accident. I had a hose sticking through the ground and coming out beneath the table but I lost it outside somewhere when I went to take pictures... The wagon: The minifigs: As always, C&C wanted and thank you for looking.
  12. I noticed a lot of people were listing their favorite dwarves in the main LotR/Hobbit thread. I figured it might be nice to have a separate thread to discuss which is your favorite, as well as have a poll to vote so we can see which is the most popular (could I a mod please add a poll with all 13 dwarves?). Thorin Balin Dwalin Fili Kili Bifur Bofur Bombur Oin Gloin Ori Nori Dori Here is deskp's banner to easily see the names of all the dwarves and their Lego minifigure counterpart: Click the picture below for a larger version!
  13. Jacob Nion

    [MOC] Flies and Spiders

    Hey guys, here's my entry for MELO round 5. Semi finals! Category was "flies and spiders". Thanks for looking!
  14. A while ago I started making unique weapons for Thorin's Company. These then got boxed up when I went to uni, and now I'm back for summer I'm getting round to finishing them off. First up is Orcrist, the Goblin-Cleaver. For this I used a silver ninja sword, blu tack and glue. It was supposed to just be a preliminary version, but I quite liked it. It's a bit untidy and needs work, but I thought it was okay for a mk1 :) And alongside Bilbo and Gandalf. I can't remember what piece i used for Glamdring except it was an unofficial piece I probably bought from firestartoys. Also, a shot of twelve Dwarves feasting in Bag End. And finally, I am looking for someone to share in an adventure.
  15. Infernum

    Dwarven Garden

    Even dwarves love flowers. This powerful Dwarve lord is no exception. Deep in the mountains of Mitgardia lies his private magnificent private garden. Today he goes there to reflection on if he should aid the men of Mitgardia in the upcoming battle against Revolword. So this is my entry to the Garden mini-challenge. I think it came out pretty well. Another picture. I really like the dwarven feel that the big columns give off. The waterfall flows out of a chamber above. I used slopes for the base and I love how it came out! The dwarve lord. He looks a bit like a character in The Hobbit... Hope you enjoyed this MOC!