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Found 65 results

  1. In the Rakath Moutanins, the Steel Meridian have restored a lost underground city called Vern Badur. The city was fairly small and was seized by Osric Isentooth and his rats many years ago, when he was in power. Those forces have left that area a while ago to fight for the Desert King. Since the Steel Meridian mercenaries have been hired to fight for the First Centurion, they've been saving their coin for a rather peculiar project. Their inventors have been researching ways to build strong mechanized men. Some old Dwarven scrolls speak of a way to bring life into the non-living. since this project has been financed greatly, one of the leading inventors, Nothek Ironjaw, has forged a 6-foot tall steel man that has interchangeable parts so it can shoot a crossbow bolt in the left arm and wield a sword in the other. The man has cogs on the inside but is powered by a gem that has trapped souls from fallen allies. If they were to use the souls from fallen enemies, that would just defeat the purpose of these fighting on there side. With the war sending the price of Steel up the wall, forging these aren't that easy, especially with having everything so precise and with this being their first build and prototype, it has yet to see it's effectiveness in combat before any streamline production can begin. C&C Welcome and appreciated! Here are some extra pictures:
  2. Just before actually entering the lush area of the Nestlands, the Dwarves and the settlers there are having a small conflict. Who knows what the case may be. It could be the fact there are Dwarves trespassing or it's because of the newly built Dwarven Oil Extractor there. Either way, the settlers aren't going to give up without a fight but the Dwarves are trained for war and so they'll give these degenerates a war. The armed settlers are outnumbered in this small skirmish and seem to be less trained for a situation like this. Under the command of General Comstock, the Dwarves put up a rather impressive fight. Ulandus by The Goliath, on Flickr Some additional pictures at different viewpoints. Ulandus by The Goliath, on Flickr Ulandus by The Goliath, on Flickr Sorry for the potato-quality on these, especially the last one. I was experimenting with the zoom on my iPod's camera.
  3. Guerilla attack on C9 Somewhere in the desert, a group of dwarves, supporting the High Council, have excavated an old shrine to the Desert King and his forefathers. Cutaway by Beorthan, on Flickr They are now distributing the wealth uncovered to the local populace, while asking the rhetorical question: "Would you rather have the toils of your hard labour hid away in shrines and temples to a self-styled god-king, demanding worship, or put into the betterment of your lives and welfare?" Close-up by Beorthan, on Flickr And an overview pic: Overview by Beorthan, on Flickr For the Republic!
  4. Counter to Robuko's Guerilla against Everlast Besieged, surrounded, and blockaded by Desert King forces, the people of Everlast have been offered supplies and protection to give up control to the Desert King. However, on the town square, a group of strangers have drawn a crowd, handing out food and supplies to the people of Everlast... The Saviour by Beorthan, on Flickr On the podium, a noble-looking, charismatic gentleman is speaking in a booming, deep voice: "The socalled Desert King holds your town in an iron grip, cutting your supplies and starving your families. He claims to mean you no harm, and offers to feed and protect you for your allegiance. But from whom do you need protection? And why are you in need of food? This town has ever been able to support itself, and where it not for the troops of the false god-king, you would be in no need for his socalled gifts!" In the crowd, a low murmur of support is rising, people looking at each other, nodding in agreement, as the elderly gentleman proceeds, raising his voice: "It is said that you should not bite the hand that is feeding you, but are you to rely on this very hand for food, when it is the same hand that holds you in a stranglehold? Who is to say what the price of the next meal will be, should you give up your freedom for this? Will he, who styles himself a god, allow you to live as equals in his realm?" The People by Beorthan, on Flickr The orator looks around, meeting the gaze of many of the on-lookers, as his followers hand out large amounts of fish, meats, bread and other foods. A silence falls over the crowd under the man's serious gaze. Loudly, he continues: "The Desert King promises peace, security and an end to starvation, but at what cost? What sacrifice will this "God" require of you next? Will you give in to his demands for the scraps from his own table, or will you stand against him to preserve your freedom? The Republic of Kaliphlin stands with you, and thus, the people of all of Historica! We offer you supplies at no cost but our own peril. We require naught of you, but that you respect YOUR rights as FREE PEOPLE of these lands!" The murmur in the crowds resumes, slowly rising to a cheer... The Town by Beorthan, on Flickr "We have made it our undertaking to supply you with all you need. We have established secret, hidden routes of supply through the lines of the Foul Besieger. We have done so, not to ask for your support, but to show you that you have ours. The High Council stands as protector of the Republic, and as protector of its people. It stands as YOUR protector!" Silence falls over the plaza, as the orator pauses for a second. "So what will it be? Surrender or Stand Fast? Submission or Freedom?!? I shall leave it up to you and yours, but know that we will do our part in allowing you a free choice in this matter!" A loud cheer of support rises, and out of the noise a chanting emerges, increasing in volume, echoing throughout the valleys of Everlast: "Stand fast.... Stand Fast.... STAND FAST, STAND FAST, STAND FAST!" ____________________________________________________________________________________ That's my counter to Robuko's attempt to take over Everlast. I hope you like it :) I am quite happy with the idea, satisfied with the build and story, but somewhat dissapointed about the pics, though.
  5. Dwarf Faction by The Goliath, on Flickr The Dwarves of Ulandus have since been recently called upon by the First Centurion to help fight against the Desert King and the High Council forces. These Dwarves are loyal to the First Centurion and will do whatever it takes to win. They are fierce warriors who forge their own weapons and armor. They fight to uphold Dwarven equality and unite their kin from across the lands but also in the name of the First Centurion who has actually given the Dwarves the respect they've never really received. They demand justice to their kin and for Ulandus to become recognized after all the years of neglect and punishment the Desert King gave them... when he was actually a "Human". There are many Dwarves who fight in this legion, all from different regions of Historica. So far, little is known about them other than they are the newly established army. It is also worth mentioning that not all of them are warriors. Well, yes, they are but there are also field engineers who can fix things and build things. They are typically known for their craftsmanship you see that are typically referred to as aqueducts and oil rigs and refineries. Here are some additional pictures. Dwarf Faction by The Goliath, on Flickr Dwarf Faction by The Goliath, on Flickr Dwarf Faction by The Goliath, on Flickr Dwarf Faction by The Goliath, on Flickr Dwarf Faction by The Goliath, on Flickr
  6. Hello, some time ago dwarven attack boats had been sighted in Tradewind Bay. Noone but the dwarves knew where they were heading. Their destination was a secret dwarf mine on a smaller island in Tradewind Bay. The mine was founded by Gangrosh (The Hammer). A statue of Gangrosh can be found near the entrance. A mechanism to open a secret door is included: What makes this mine special are the long railway paths leading into the mountain. This allows easy transport of mithril. ... and gold. Builder's notes: Building was fun, but photo-editing was an hour-eating nightmare. This is the largest display I have tried to capture. Was not so easy. So this is what has finally become of MOD: 7036 Dwarves Mine. C&C welcome!
  7. My entry into the Guilds of Historica Book II Challenge III Category B - Deceiving Elves For the Dwarves! The elves worked diligently and efficiently to help stop a dwarven invasion on Avalonia and the Drow, to prevent war and promote peace. They sent out scouts on their newly tamed wargs and built towers to detect any sign of dwarves, and to stop them. Unfortunately, despite their efforts, it all came to nothing. The dwarves secretly mined underneath their very nose, and gained entry into Avalonia, ready to take war on the Drow..." Overview: Phew! I can't believe I finished it in time! Thanks to the extension of the deadline and a canceled family gathering, I had enough time to finish my second entry into the GoH Challenge. Once again I experimented in one of Grant Davis's techniques that he created in his creation "Undermining." (If you have not checked out Grant's creation yet, what are you waiting for!? Go give it a look! ;) ) Tons of fun to build, making all the little sections of rock pieces fit together was so much fun (although very delicate)! The details on the top were also fun to add, I finally got to use my wargs! :D Even though wars in LOTR are evil, I always though they were kinda cool, so if you could tame them...they could be quite lethal and well worth the effort. ;) All in all, a decent build, there are a few more things I would have liked to try if I had more time, but deadlines are deadlines. ;) Thanks for viewing, and enjoy! Soli Deo Gloria! ~Matthew~
  8. The great clan Silver-helm was on the move, off to be a part of an invasion of unrivaled size since they seized their mountainous home from the goblins during the first age. While they were eager to claim the glory they knew they would earn, there were certain steps crucial to Amy battle that had to be respected. The ruined and ancient statue of Lokthar Silver-helm was the last part of the prepping that the army would do, and as they filed into the earth, they silently beseeched their great fore-father for guidance, protection and strenght. The current leader, the descendant of the long dead Lokthar, watched his troops pass beneath him from his vantage point on the pedestal. As the end of the column drew near, the scribe finished up his count from his perch on the cliff. By his reckoning, the Drow stood no chance against their army. And at last, they were gone, the invasion was begun, and there was nothing to be done to stop it.
  9. After investigating rumours of a Dwarven invasion of Avalonia, the Leanders of Historica has decided to do their part in avoiding war between Mitgardian Dwarves and Avalonian Elves. Thus, a Leander Duke has been given the task of bringing together dilpomats from both sides to discuss the situation. Perhaps reason and common understanding will still prevail? In the great hall of an Elven king, a number of Elven diplomats and nobles are gathered, as the Duke enters and bows deeply before the assembly. Leander Duke: "I am most honoured that you have graciously decided to heed my call for this meeting. A dwarven delegation is waiting for an audience, ready to discuss a solution to this... challenge. I trust you are as interested in discretion as they are?.." Elven Lord: "Were it not for friendship with your people and the trust I hold in you, I should not have allowed these dwarves within my halls... What these dwarves conspire to do is outragious! Encroaching upon our lands with weapons drawn..." Elven Diplomat: "You may rely on the discretion of anyone here... As opposed to the Dwarves, we take no part in warmongering!" Leander Duke: "Your sceptisism is understandable, but you must understand this: To the Dwarves your armistice with the Drow looks like an unholy alliance with all they despice. Like giving in to the whims of the enemy. They believe the Drow must be struck down at every single opportunity..." Elven Lord: "As should be evident to any sane mind, our armistice is nothing but a ruse to allow us to strike at a more opportune moment! We wish nothing more than to strike them back into the foul tunnels from whence they came!" Elven Lady: "Mylords, mayhaps we should hear the Dwarves out? Could not a sudden Dwarven assault upon the Drow prove a long awaited possibility to achieve our common goal and rid our lands of the Plague of our dark cousins? Elven Diplomat: "I concur..." Elven Lord: "As you wish... Let them in..." The guards open the doors, and the Dwarven delegation enters, respectfully bowing and presenting themselves in the characteristic, formal manner of their people. The elves take on their most diplomatic expressions and return the greetings respectfully. The Leander Duke steps into the background, following the conversation in silence. Elven Lord: "Welcome and well met to these halls of peace and reason... I have accepted the invitation extended by my friend the Duke, as I believe you have. In respect of him, eachother, and peace of the lands, we shall listen to what you have to say and seek a solution that will not require us to react upon your planned attack on our realms..." Dwarven Delegation Leader: "Mylord, we are honoured to be welcomed within these grand halls, and bring no desire to fight your people. Further, I must correct you - there will be no attack on your realms and I bring no declaration of war." Dwarven Elder: "Instead, we bring a declaration of peace, stating that no casualties or damage is to be caused on Elven people nor property, unless in the strictest sense of self-defense. Or in case the Elves actively sides with the Drow..." Elven Diplomat: "A most honourable thing to do. If we are to assume all Dwarven forces will adhere to this, I believe todays chances of success are reasonable..." Dwarven Leader: "We are an honourable people, and these instructions can be distributed to all forces within days, reaching them in due time for the assault on the Drow. You will find we are perfectly capable of living up to our part of the bargain... But can you live up to yours?.." Elven Lord: "I trust you are not questioning the honour of my people in our very own halls, sir!" Elven Diplomat: "I heard no such thing spoken, my lord. And you, my fine dwarves, have yet to share what our part in this plan would be..." Behind closed doors, the negotiations continue... Will these Dwarves and Elves come to an understanding, and will that agreement be accepted by their brethren? Will an invasion become reality? Will the Elves of Avalonia side with the Dwarves or rally to keep them from their lands? Are Avalonia and Mitgardia on the brink of a long and bloody war against one another, or will the Drow presence in Avalonia be stunted? And more importantly, what actions will Ravage and his minions in Nocturnus take in reaction. Evil still lures in the darkness of Nocturnus, no matter what outcome will come of the present conflict... ______________________________ C&C welcome. Hope the pictures came out ok - that will forever be my curse... And more importantly, I hope the story makes a minimum of sense! //Bregir out
  10. My Category A entry for the Men's side! Unfortunately, this will be my only entry to Challenge 3. During the Drow incursion in Avalonia, western Mitgardian army officials ordered hundreds of shafts dug to the bedrock for the early warning devices perfected by the Kaliphlinites (sand worms are a major problem in sections of the Siccus Badlands). These devices were drums placed at the bottom of each shaft that, when the ground vibrated, beat seemingly of their own accord. If one was near enough to hear, the alarm could be raised and a Drow sneak attack from underground would be far less sneaky. Although no Drow tunneled to Mitgardia during the crisis, the drums were manned again on Elon Chorian’s command to listen for Amortug dwarves tunneling in the opposite direction. This MOC was inspired by the Mythbusters episode where they test the rather dubious myth that in the middle ages Chinese military engineers used drums to sense vibrations in the ground caused by enemy tunneling. Apparently, it's plausible... Link Kaliphlinites, I'd like to claim UoP credit for: Landscape Design--trees (#3 for me) Flickr C&C appreciated as always!
  11. Here's my Category A entry for the Men's side. Glorfindel needed definite proof that the dwarves were planning to march into Avalonia, and he needed details about their plans. Already he had been brought messages confirming that the dwarves were readying for war, but he still needed specific information about when, where, and which of the dwarven clans would move out. To gain this information he turned to Jonathan, a trustworthy boy who served as a page under Glorfindel's command. Jonathan disguised himself as a dwarve and then infiltrated some of their meetings: Then he reported back to Glorfindel: C&C welcome
  12. I meant to do all three categories of the Dwarven challenge, but of course ran out of time. So I have an extra long intro story for a rather small build. Front View Southern dwarf Abdullir Lapiscarver and his compatriots pay their respects to the ancient statue of Wandrir Southseeker, deep in the mine tunnels under Mt Erezhi in Kaliphlin. Back Left Side: Back left side Back Side: Back side Right Side: Right Side The Rickety Bridge: The Rickety Bridge Thalir loses his footing Thalir loses his footing The statue of Wandrir Southseeker statue Bridge again: Bridge Closeup Look who's here! And he's lost a ring in the lava... Look who's here! Fire demon in the lava cave below Fire Demon in Lava Pit And here's the big story: Old mother Lapiscarver was giving her son, Abdullir, a beardful. "You're not joining those old fools in Mitgardia!" she demanded. "They're being led down the proverbial mineshaft by the beard! We Kaliphlin dwarves have no quarrel with the Avalonian elves, and even the Drow are decent trading partners, as long as you watch your back. Why go up there and get yourself killed?" "We dwarves must stick together, and drive out the heathen scum!" the youth retorted. “Solidarity with our oppressed brothers from the north! The dwarven peoples rise up as one! Even though we southern dwarves were accidentally shipwrecked in Kaliphlin centuries ago, we should still support our Mitgardian brothers!" “What are you talking about?” his mother scolded. “Wandrir Southseeker wasn’t on a pleasure cruise when he was shipwrecked. He and his clan were forcibly exiled from Mitgardia at spearpoint. They were lucky to escape with their lives." “Kids these days; they don’t know anything.” sighed the old crone. “Our ancestors didn’t want to go back, and didn’t feel very brotherly towards to Mitgardian dwarves. When Thonur Granitefist came to power in the North, and invited the southern dwarves back, Wandrir sent his emissary back north packed in barrel of black oil, with a lapis lazuli stuck in his mouth. That’s how the southern dwarves felt about going back north." “Well,” Abdullir hesitated for a second before recovering his fervor. “High Priest Grart Forgesplitter says that now is the time for dwarves to stand together, to protect ourselves from the tree-hugging infidels. If we don’t fight the elves now, pretty soon they'll be overrunning Kaliphlin itself!" His mother didn’t say what she really thought about the self-appointed “High Priest” Grart. That would only make her son defend him adamantly. “The best way to protect Kaliphlin dwarves is to stay home and build up our armories. The Revolword war seriously depleted our weapon-stock, and we need good armorers and weaponsmiths to replenish. Even though you're just a young dwarf, you’re one of the best in the region. You’re the Lord’s Armorer in Sandstuck. What about your responsibilities?" Abdullir felt a tug on his conscious, but refused to let it gain ground. “Mother, I’m 97 years old now. I know you think that’s young for a dwarf to be out on his own, but I’ll be with others, good strong young dwarves like Cragin Foebasher, Barek Graniteleg, and Kirthen Stonethrower. Grart says I’m to be the leader of the group. I can’t let them down." “Phah!” snorted his mother. “Altogether that lot is about twenty karats short of pure gold! Cragin only knows five words, and four of them are kinds of rock. Barek keeps losing his tools and weapons everywhere. And Kirthen was banned from the mines after the third time they found him whimpering lost in the under-tunnels. Why do you want to fall in with those losers?" The young dwarf did not react well to this criticism of his compatriots. “They are true dwarves of the pure golden way, sworn to brotherhood on the holy anvil of Southseeker himself! You shall not dissuade me! We go to purify the north of its elven infestation!" "Well, I see that you're as stubborn and firm as obsidian. Promise me two things though," she conceded wearily. "Maybe. What?" asked Abdullir carefully. "First, if anything bad happens, you go straight to Lady Sharitah's cousins in Valholl and get them to help you. Don't trust the dwarves to help you. Regardless of what you think, you're not one of them; you're an outsider, and they won't hesitate to throw you to the wolves. Be careful of any special tasks they give you; they're probably setting you up because you're dispensable." He nodded slowly. "OK. The Lady gave me a letter to give to her cousins, so I have to stop in Valholl and see them first anyway." His mother looked him in the eyes and added, "And secondly, you must visit the statue of Wandrir Southseeker in the mines at Erezhi, and pray for your safe return." Abdullir stroked his beard as he thought it over, and then assented. "It's on the way. The boys won't mind; I'm sure. If it will make you feel better." So our youthful dwarf and his compatriots soon found themselves winding through the caverns deep under Mt Erezhi, far below the fabled mines still being worked by their relatives. The negotiated rotting, ancient wooden bridges across lava pools, taking care not to provoke the man-bats, gollums, and fire demons that live nearby. Finally they came upon a spire of rock in a large cavern, topped by a huge, old grey statue of a strange, beardless dwarf, the ancestral leader of the southern dwarves, Wandrir Southseeker. I'd like to a get two subjects approved for the UoP DoH program: Landscape Design - extreme environments (lava), and Landscape Design - studs up rocks and cliffs Thanks for looking (and reading)!
  13. Somewhere, in a dwarven keep in midgardia.... Adummim: Gentlemen, thank you both for coming at such short notice. I have taken the liberty to arrange some refreshments, while we discuss the final plans. Rarroud: Excellent! I have been dying to taste that dwarven ale you talked about! Fimdoum: Some ale and food was an excellent idea sir! Adummim: Well, we should make our stay here as pleasant as possible i guess. But now on to buisness.... Adummim grabs a piece of folded up parchment from under his beard, and unfolds it onto the table... Adummim: This is the final plan for the coming assault on the drow. We will march in three days, under the cover of night. Rarroud and his regiment will pass the border of avalonia trough this mountain pass, and you Fimdoum, will take the path along this river with your troops. I will lead the third regiment trough the forrest into avalonia. There is a possibility the elves will spot our movement, so haste is key. Once the attack has started they will probably declare war on us anyway, but for now we need the element of supprise. Fimdoum: And what if the elves decide to attack us in the rear? Adummim: That is why the first strike has to be a supprise attack. The elves will never engage our troops without the concent of the elven council, that gives us time to hammer those drow, and regroup to counter any elven resistance. Rarroud: Hah, we will kill as many drow as we can, and take as much elven scum with them as well! Adummim puts the map away.... Adummim: Well, now everybody knows what needs to be done, it's time for a refreshment. Eat, drink, feast my friends! We march in 3 days! Upstairs in the attic, there is someone who should not be there.... John: The dwarves are going to war on the drow? I must inform Chorian right away! Once these dwarves are sufficiently drunk, i'll sneak away unnoticed. To be continued.... Well, i hope you like my entry for challenge 3! It was fun building something that wasn't nocturnus themed! C&C welcome! Extra pics: The total build.. Sans figs and furniture... And the rear to show i've stayed within the 16x16 area.
  14. The main forces of the dwarf army prepare to advance into Avalonia. Meanwhile, scouting parties range through the borderlands in search of drow. Occasionally, they encounter remnants of the ancient dwarven civilization that once stretched across all the North and West of Historica. They pause to pay their respects to the dwarven kings of old, buried as they are beneath centuries worth of earth, stone, and memory. Figless:
  15. IenjoyLego89

    Ch. III Cat A. Men: Spying

    Upon finding out the secret location of a cave the dwarves had hidden from the outside world, Edward von Graystar and Sir Gareth sent their best spies to infiltrate the cave and find out as much information as they can. In the darkest depth of the cave one such spy found a stockpile of weapons amassed for the war against the elves. This is the second part of a collab story with Sir Gareth and myself The goal was to show men spying on dwarves on a 16x16 base with minimal overhang. I'm quite proud of this build as this is the first time I've use snot rock work, but seeing as this is for a challenge I've decided to push myself to see what I can achieve All C&C welcome and all the best to everyone participating in the challenge!
  16. Some years ago . . . "I still don't see why you couldn't have apprenticed with one of our own stonemasons. Dwarves are famous for their sculpture! Famous!" grumbled Hafþór Stronghammer as they strode through the Contemplative Gardens. Ráðgeir kept silent. He'd heard this rant before, more than once. Hafþór continued, "I don't like it! I know, you spent your year in the cold, and so I have no say in the matter, but I don't like it! And I won't have you living among these greedy thieving merchants, worshipping no gods but the gold coin, with no thought of the spirits of your ancestors! No son of Stronghammer will be corrupted! No, you must have your own spirits, proper Dwarven heroes, even in this heathen land." "Yes, Da," mumbled Ráðgeir. They reached their goal: a just-completed Dwarven shrine, carved by Ruadh's finest sculptors to Hafþór's exacting specifications: an icon of the All-Fathers, embodiment of all the warriors that came before. Ráðgeir noticed a few small, scrubby-looking flowers planted at the base. "Edelblau, Da? Really? Surely the All-Fathers deserve something more regal! I know it's the desert, but I'll be here to maintain things!" Hafþór stopped and gazed intently at his son. Ráðgeir was confused by the look of sadness that crossed his father's face, before the old man scrubbed his hands against his face and down his beard. Quietly, he said, "Son. The All-Fathers will always be here for you, even when our people are farthest from your thoughts." Hafþór abruptly turned away and stalked back to the inn, leaving his son to scramble behind him. Present Day . . . The clan had issued a call to war, and Ráðgeir knew he must answer it. Just before he began his journey, he paid a visit to the Shrine of the All-Fathers. As Ráðgeir approached the shrine, he noticed the the small edelblau flowers stretching out from the statue, glistening in the sun, and felt guilty. It had been over four years since Ráðgeir came to Ruadh, and over four years since he had visited the shrine. His father had been right to plant the humble, hardy flowers; they'd thrived on their own, without Ráðgeir's attentions. The icon of the Great All-Fathers, with his piercing lapis-lazuli eyes, loomed over him. As Ráðgeir approached, he noticed the bare feet. Embarrassment flashed in his mind -- Bare feet! How uncouth! -- and then he was instantly shamed. The traditions of his people were old, and worthy, and not deserving of scorn. One felt the call of the mountains, the stone, the mines, through the feet; it was an experience Ráðgeir hadn't felt in a long time, and suddenly he longed for it. He trudged onward, and then stopped abruptly. Ráðgeir stared at the stone statues clustered at the base of the shrine. In the tradition of his clan, he had carved an orante figure to pray in his stead, while he went back to Mitgardia and battle. He'd always thought of this shrine as his own, patiently and beneficently watching over him from afar. This cluster of stone statues brought the abrupt realization that while he had been carousing with fellow Ruadhi students for the past several years, other dwarves had been properly venerating the ancestors, properly attending the shrine he'd pushed out of his mind. These orante figures were a harsh reminder of his neglect to his faith, his traditions, and his people. Ráðgeir didn't look forward to war, but he had grudgingly answered the call. Now, as he gazed upon the shrine, he realized it was past time to return home to his people, to his clan. Notes: The concept of the orante figures is borrowed from ancient Sumer. A few of my favorite Sumerian orante figures are at the Menil in Houston and the Louvre.
  17. This is my Category C build for the Dwarves. As per the Challenge, this is a series of discrete builds telling one story, all about a special Dwarven siege engine used against the evil Drow. Part 1: Bregir's Workshop Unlike most dwarves, leading engineer Bregir Breakwall appreciates the fresh air. His workshop is carved into a section of mountainside where the rock is thin and a dwarf can get a view. He is working with his new assistant, a Southron dwarf named Tuval. "Tuval, this makes no sense. These catapults are too big!" Bregir complained. "Master, they have to be. The walls of surface castles are many feet thick. I know you underground dwarves are accustomed to shooting at armies, but up above armies tend to hide behind stone walls." "Ridiculous," Bregir spat. "Yes master, but if the Drow insist on adapting to surface conditions in warfare, so must we dwarves!" "What do you have there, lad?" "This scroll is from the University of Petraeus and discusses wind conditions and drag on projectiles," Tuval explained. "And the the other one is your lunch order from two days ago, master... do you want the same thing?" "Yes, yes. I always have an entire roast duck when I'm working on a new project. Don't forget the gravy!" Part 2: Inspiration A short time later, Bregir and Tuval were passing the Berserker Training Pits where the toughest, craziest dwarves fought each other all day long. "I say, Tuval... this gives me an idea!" Bregir exlaimed. "Quick, write this down!" Tuval noted the intricate, brutal looking armor of the Berserkers. "It may not work against stone walls and nonsense of that sort, but I still think it's worth trying..." Bregir mused. Not liking where this was headed at all, Tuval reluctantly drew a parchment and quill. Part 3: Test Run Dwarves typically preferred to test their ideas in the field. With only the time required to build a prototype and assemble a raiding party, Bregir and Tuval made the trip to the front to test out the Dwarfapault. "But we're supposed to come up with something that is useful against stone walls," Tuval said, gesturing to the black palisade protecting the Drow encampment before them. "Pish-posh, Tuval my boy. This is more fun! Now keep that shield up, eh? There's a good lad." The Berserkers were perhaps more enthusiastic than even Bregir. They are, after all, diplomats at heart. Dwarves are fairly widely known as habitual isolationists, after all. The Berserkers agreed with Bregir that it was important to break down barriers and stretch your comfort zone. Tuval just wanted to go home.
  18. Book II Challenge III Category A Dwarves' Quest: Ancestors and Heroes Joining the Dwarves Disheartened by the Avalonians’ lack of response to the drow threat, Nimueh and Dark make their way north. Soon after crossing the border into Mitgardia, they came across a dwarven clan in the throes of battle preparation. Dwarf Chieftain: We march to war to put an end to the drow scum once and for all. Borders do not concern us. Nimueh: Nor should they. The drow are spreading quickly throughout Historica and need to be stopped. All Guilds should be joining the fight against the Spire and its minions. If you will have me, sir, I would join your war party and give what help I can. Dwarf Chieftain: Hmm… As they say, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. We will have what help is offered, you may join us. The march begins on the morrow; but right now we pay our respects. Here, beneath the Great Falls, lie our clan’s greatest heroes - the valiant fighters from battles past, we hope to do them proud in the days to come. The back of the build (where this particular clan buries their fallen heroes): The front: This was a fun one to do - I had planned on doing the water at the top of the falls, and at the back, using a cheese slope mosaic (like I did at the bottom of the falls in the front), but I very quickly ran out and had to switch to using plates instead. It's amazing how fast certain pieces can be used up, lol. Anyways, thanks for having a look . Comments/critiques are always appreciated.
  19. Dwarves Side. Far beneath the Dwarven realm, a war council has begun. Soon the Dwarves will be leaving their ornate cities, for a time of war is upon them. They must first plan... So the Dwarven generals meet with their supporters... Raagam, who would lead the attack, lead the council. The council seemed to be going nowhere for Sir Infernum, who had been a key supported of the Dwarves. The Drow threat had been treated too lightly by the Guilds, and if the Dwarves wanted to take matters into their own hands, he thought, then good for them! Then an older gentleman, who was wearing ornate green and red armor, stepped forward. In his hand he held a model of a weapon, which he put on the war table. "This weapon will revolutionize attacks everywhere! With this, we can smash straight through the Drow's fortresses!" Two days later the dwarves emerged from their stone halls. Thousands of heavily armored, well trained Dwarves marched toward Avalonia. A Dwarven host like this had not been seen in Mitgardia in an age. And so, two weeks later... The sun rose as the Dwarves climbed over the hill. Their journey was over. With one last push, the ballistae reached the top of the hill. "We made it!" yelled a dwarf. "Our mission is not complete yet... Load and fire the ballistae! Quickly, we have not yet been spotted!" Said Raagam. Suddenly a cry rose out over the hill. It was a shrill shriek, the cry of Drow. "We have little time, hurry!" yelled Raagam to the soldiers, "Prepare to defend the ballistae!" Soon the Drow were upon them... The Ballistae fired, and flew across the battlefield. It hit its target, and produced the crumbling sound of rock against rock as the fortress began to collapse. The Drow scrambled as the fortress began to collapse upon them... But not all were able to escape. As the dust settled, and the Dwarves picked off the last few Drow, the battle was won. The Dwarves were now able to strike into the heart of the Drow threat. With dwarven reinforcements on the way, the war effort was looking bright.`
  20. Wyndor's Saga: See what happened prior to this: You Need Logs? As soon as they had made it down from the pass, and the border dividing the two guilds, Rothgar and the other dwarves made their way through the forests just below the mountain pass. They traveled due west, following the border of the guilds toward Tradewind Bay. They had to travel mostly at night to avoid Avalonian patrols. The dwarves were worried by the frequency of the patrols. No-one should have known that there were dwarves making their way out of Mitgardia. But the amount of armed men and elves seemed to show that someone had found out about the dwarves’ plan to attack the drow. When they were about a mile from the coast, Rothgar stopped his band of warriors to go over the final aspects of their plan. The dwarves of Dalig Ulv had received word that the drow had been shipping troops and supplies up and down the ill defended coastline. They also had information showing the traveling schedule of a certain drow general who would be accompanying one of the shipments. They decided the best course of action would be to attack the boats from land. After all the details were decided on, Rothgar gave some final words. “Men of the earth!” Rothgar began, getting cheers from his fellow dwarves. “Brothers! We are but a stone’s throw from the border of our lands. But simply because we are dwarves, the ruling council of Mitgardia says we can’t be here! Well, I say we are a free people! I don’t care if a bunch of tight-wearing elves are worried about us befouling their land. We have as much right to travel the land as they do! We won’t let them stop us from attacking the bane of our people! We will pursue these drow to the ends of the world!” The dwarves were really in a frenzy now. They quick marched the rest of the way to the cliff and prepared the ballistas they had been building. The drow ship soon came into view. “Steady brothers!” Rothgar shouted. “Wait until they are within range before you attack!” Telchar, a dark haired dwarf who shaved the sides of his head, ran up to Rothgar and said, “The drow have a captive on the boat. Look!” Rothgar peered out and saw that there was indeed a poor elf chained to the mast. “If we fire on the boat, we are sure to kill the elf as well!” exclaimed Telchar. Rothgar squinted his eyes in deep thought. After a few moments he said, “We cannot let that stop us. Elves still frequent these ruins and our presence will soon be known. We must strike the drow now. Fire!” The drow were armed with short bows crafted from the horns of mountain goats. They were powerful bows when used by someone strong enough to pull them, but they were still no match for the dwarves artillery fire. Two drow fell to the first two bolts fired before Rothgar ordered the next bolts to be set on fire before being launched. The boat soon collapsed from the flames and sunk into the shallow waters with all on board. OoC: Time. I wish I had more of it to give to this contest. I would have built 2 or 3 more MOCs for Cat. C depicting more of this story. I also would have made the boat bigger and put it in more water. As it is, it's kind of scrunched together. I hope you like what I had time to build though. Here are a few more pictures:
  21. Here is my entry for Challenge III Category A: Talking at the Inn. You should always be careful about who are close to you when you spoke at the tavern... Enjoy!
  22. Captain Braunsfeld

    Challenge III Cat C: Inventions

    Callenge III, Category C - Dwarves Side: The dwarf commander looked at the model of a fortress, deep in thoughts. Dwarfardo, the inventor, approached him: "Sir, I can present to you a model of a siege engine. It will bring us victory against the Drow." The commander turned, unconvinced: "You have come only with a model? How long will it take to build the real thing?" Dwarfanardo smiled: "Oh, the real thing was finished before the model. We can move it back in here in no time." This assistants helped to move the large siege engine. Dwarfanardo applied last touches. Then he was satisfied. So was the commander. "How do you call it?" he asked. "Well", said Dwarfanardo, "Wallbreaker came to my mind." "So be it". The next day saw the "Wallbreaker" in action against the Drow: (Ok, a bit of a "rush build" to make the deadline...) edit/addition: But Dwarfanardo had actually created two more deadly machines: The commander was impressed!
  23. Wyndor's Saga: See what happened prior to this: The Laughing Dwarf At one of the passes through the mountains that stretch along the border of Avalonia and Mitgardia, a small band of elvish guards had been alerted by their spies to the fact that reneged dwarves would be trying to enter their green land to wage war and wreck mayhem. These elves were not used to the cold weather that came down from Mitgardia and filled the pass with snow. They often spent the day huddled together waiting for the evening when the next shift would take over for them and they could continue their huddling by a fire. That day had they had seen very little activity on the road. Finally a wagon made it’s way up the trail and past the guards. “Ho there!” shouted one of the elf guards. “What are you bringing into Avalonia?” The oversized man pulled back on the reigns and brought his team of horses to a halt. “Not’in here but beautifool trees from Valholl” the man said through his beard. The elves looked the cart over and under before letting the oversized man pass. “Alright, you may continue you on your journey” they said. “And may we say, these are some most magnificent trees you are transporting. It’s nice to meet someone else with good taste.” The oversized man picked up the reigns and prepared to continue. “By the way” the elf guard asked, stopping the oversized man before he could go. “Did you see anyone else behind you on your way up the pass?” “Uh… no, I was the only trooveler I could see” he answered. “Noo one was behind me.” “Alright boys,” the elf guard turned to say, “Let’s turn in early to the fire. If there was no one behind this gentleman then it will be at least an hour before a traveler would pass by.” The elves turned to head towards the camp and left the pass. The oversized man waited till the elves were far out of sight and then took off his overcoat. “A brilliant plan Rothgar!” said the upper half of the man. Three other dwarves popped their heads out of the logs and one of the asked, “Are we there yet?” “Almost,” answered Rothgar. “We’ve made it past the hardest part. Now we just need to get to the cliff so we can fire on the Drow in time!” OoC: Hopefully you'll caught that the oversized man was really two dwarves standing one on the other's shoulders. But just in case, I'll mention that here And yes, that is a Brian Regan reference in the title.
  24. Captain Braunsfeld

    MOC: Fortress on the Rocks

    Hi, here is some more of my work for our little dwarven friends: The Fortress on the Rocks (I am always bad at titles for my MOCs ) I hope you don't mind the black background, but as some snow has fallen, white wouldn't have worked out (and red would have been strange). This is the "left side" of the rather large MOC. My aim was to create a mountain which is inhabited below and on its top: The guards seem to be happy: There's a traveling salesman approaching: .. and a few guarded stairs lead up to a secret door There is the entrance to the fortress: .. .and the entrance to the mountain: A view from the right: Please don't pay attention to the landscape around the mountain. This was just added for the picture. The MOC is intended to be "just the mountain". And then this is all very modular: The mountain consists of three parts. The upper fortress is made up of four modules + draw bridge tower. I have included the Harry Potter secret door, to allow escape from the fortress' prison, but that is more on the funny side of things. I hope you like this and I am happy to receive your comments!
  25. Hello! This is my first post and my first completed MOC! I have been lurking here for a while now, marveling at everyones amazing work and figured it was time to give it a try. I think I posted the pics at the right size and all that (please let me know if I didn't!) Anyways, I think the MOC speaks for itself but it's just a recreation of the Nativity of Jesus with Tolkien characters (elves, dwarves, hobbits, Earendil playing the role of the Christmas star, etc) Enjoy! 1 by fangorn_treebeard22, on Flickr earendil by fangorn_treebeard22, on Flickr Holy Family by fangorn_treebeard22, on Flickr There are a few more pics on my Flickr. Feedback is greatly appreciated! Merry Christmas!