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Found 141 results

  1. Pate-keetongu

    [MOC] Dragon Dance

    Parade of Chinese New Year celebrators with their fiery paper dragon. This was my entry on happening category in collaborative town display contest on our LUG Palikkatakomo Ry's exhibit on Model Expo 2016 last weekend. I won the category. As a (partially) Bionicle builder, I wanted to use some Bionicle pieces on my minifig-scale SYSTEM displays in this exhibit, and thus the dragon was born. More on Cyclopic Bricks.
  2. Hi all, I've not been posting since a while and this is because I was working on a big project. I had all these castle parts laying around and never found the opportunity to work on a real medieval build. So this is my fist castle theme MOC.I made it in peace and in War version. Hope you guys like it. Thanks! In Peace version Album: In War version Album: --------------- In Peace----------- IMG_0443 by Bruno Figueira, on Flickr IMG_0471 by Bruno Figueira, on Flickr IMG_0325 by Bruno Figueira, on Flickr IMG_0342 by Bruno Figueira, on Flickr ----------------- In War ------------------ IMG_0561 by Bruno Figueira, on Flickr IMG_0594 by Bruno Figueira, on Flickr IMG_0584 by Bruno Figueira, on Flickr IMG_0619 by Bruno Figueira, on Flickr
  3. Combiner models need more love and the transparent blue elements from Kopaka and Gali plus Kopaka's ice sword elements cried out for an ice dragon rahi. I also experimented with the new gearbox and leftover parts and ended up with a golden ice scarab with nice gear-powered movement. What do you think? More photos here.
  4. Hello, this is my review of the new LEGO Elves set "Dragon's Lava Cave". (41175) This is a cool little play set, and: We have another dragon, now. Have a nice weekend Andres
  5. Infernum

    Fdrjornol the Dragon

    Fdrjornol is a legendary dragon to the Mitgardian clansfolk. They believe this dragon was responsible for clearing snow for the first clanspeople to build a settlement. It is believed that the dragon watched over them for centuries until returning to the mountain caves he calls home. The Elders of several clans prophesize that one day, when the clans are in grave danger, the dragon will return and save them, and scorch the lands of their enemies. I hadn't built a creature in a while, so I built this massive guy for the Tourney, a castle contest on Mocpages. Hope you like this little guy!
  6. So, for a long time, there had been discussion about making a dragon for Macy here on the Eurobricks forums. I decided to see what I could do. Once I had figured out how to make the mace tail, it started to progress rather quickly, with the head and the main body being finished at the same time, after which it stalled while I tried to figure out the wings. Finally, though, it's done. This beast has 1400+ pieces, and is fully buildable. I expect the real life version to be done sometime in the summer. So here it is, Sir Chompsalot: Side view and size comparison: As you can see here, the legs have a great range of motion (using an internal gearing mechanism for friction), and the tail can be swung using the gear on the back. The little chest holds ammo for the two turrets. The mace tail tip is built around a LEGO Games die piece. The wing-rotors are built in more or less the same manner as the wheels of Jestro's Evil Mobile, and have a good range of motion. Two little blasters on the sides provide covering fire, and aerial assaults are handled by the dual six-stud shooters, which are mounted on turntables on castle turret pieces and can be manned by squirebots. As you can see here, Macy can sit either in the cockpit or stand on the dragon's head. Either place has storage for her mace and shield. Both the upper and the lower jaws of the dragon can move, and in general are supposed to resemble some kind of trash compactor. The forehead can hold a nexo power and the throat has a space to attach 2x2 round bricks for a flame/heat ray effect. The eyes are supposed to resemble giant versions of those the squirebots have. Back view Gallery LXF File (once public) Comments and criticism appreciated!
  7. I have finally completed it! Only issue is that eyes looks a little cross-eyed, but hey different posture from red and green. Picture is at bricklink forum (100k limit here is too small) Bricklink post also has details on parts changes if you wanted dragon in same design.
  8. Hi everyone! I'm super excited for Nexo Knights, it's probably one of my favorite themes already. While we were discussing the theme in the Nexo Knights thread, someone suggested Macy (the red knight) could have a mace-tailed dragon. So I made my own version of it! As usual, I try to make my MOCs look like real LEGO sets. I apologize in advance for the photos, Bluerender's lighting can be a tiny bit shoddy and the bright blue was probably a bad choice. The minifigures I decided to include are Macy, a Flame Thrower, two Globlins, and a Scurrier. The entire set is 376 bricks, probably less if I were to build this physically due to the shield and Scurrier pieces not exisiting in LDD. Also, some of the leg joints would be built differently with new pieces. I believe they work for now. Macy's shield and mace are both "temporary" builds. The dragon has rotating stud shooters on each wing. The build is replaced because, again, no pieces in LDD. I'm sure if I were to build this physically I'd have to alter the end a bit, somehow add a knob that can be turned to shoot the studs. I tried making the dragon look as robotic as I could, so there's silver and all sorts of trans-neon reddish-orange bits. Macy's shield can be fit on the back with the two studs on the back of the shield. Her mace can be placed next to the beginning of the tail. Which, is the main reason I built this, the mace tail! It's hard to build a good enough looking tail that isn't too big and can be swung around to knock the enemy monsters off their feet! The monsters get a small Globlin catapult that can move around on its 3 legs. That's it for now, thanks for viewing! If you have any suggestions for some more Nexo Knights MOCs I could make, feel free to suggest them! Comments are greatly appreciated too.
  9. Snarling, exhaling putrid hot air, the stone dragon approaches. Its footsteps shake the ground as I cower in fear, unable to move. It reaches me. As the dragon opens its mouth, preparing to attack, a strange thought enters my mind. The dragon, in a way, seems almost familiar, as though it were an old friend. But it does not regard me as a friend; the friend - the dragon - engulfs me with flame. I come back to consciousness in the graveyard, still half-able to feel the heat of the dragon's fire. I've had the same dream, every day, for weeks. For weeks I've been trying to interpret it, to make some sort of sense of it, but all my efforts have been a failure. This time, though, it was more vivid than before. I shake my head; it's useless to dwell on such thoughts. Trying my hardest to forget the dream, I walk solemnly to my parents' graves. A couple of old builds from the summer that I never got around to posting here. Some additional photos of the builds: Thanks for viewing!
  10. Hey all, long-ime lurker, firs time poster! I wanted to make the Red Dragons’ castle more robust. Using two of the sets and some additional bricks, I added doors, an additional turret, an additional tower, and a wall. I also flipped the staircases around so they go to the inside of the castle. Modifying an existing set was helpful because it gave me some style guidelines under which to make my additions. Happy for any comments or feedback! Thanks for looking! EDIT: Sorry still figuring out how to embed images!
  11. Here is my Second part of the story and my second entry for the Frozen Beyond Contest : Mom is really Angry ! the first part of the story can be found in my first entry : Snow in the Enchanted Forest ?! GRRRRROWRH ! Noihe could not finish her sentence as a terrible beast made it heard. - AAAAH ! Screamed Faladrin, escaping with the egg. It is really a Frostbite Dragon egg ! And Mom is really Angry ! RUN AWAY ! - Run Away ! Yelled Noihe, dropping her weapons and running out of range of the frosty breath of the Mother Dragon. But only Walaheria stood up, facing the beast and using her magical sword she cut the deadly breath in two parts as simple as she would of an apple... - Run my Love ! I can manage her a short time... but, just enough to allow us to escape and be secure. Walaheria said to Faladrin. - We will need to reinforce our troups and be prepare for a bigger attack next. Said Faladrin, once out of range of the beast. - Yes, there is an abandoned outpost not far from here when we should hold position until the next Algus attack. Answered Walaheria. The beast continues roaming in the wild though... Beware if you are passing by her way ! Thank you for reading me and see you for the next part (and the end) of this story from The Frozen Beyond...
  12. Staslegomaster

    Attacking Kahuka's Village

    Hi, LEGo pirates fans. It took me much time to create it. And you can judge if it’s worth it. The size of the village is 48 by 48 studs, but I put the base plates so that you could see the mini figs better. The pirates came to pillage the islanders’ village. It’s so rich that you can see gold, silver and gems anywhere. And the pirates are carrying all that not only in ebony chests but also in baskets, bags etc. Lots of the islanders are weaponless but not defenseless because the sea dragon and the gold and bronze idols, the patrons of the village, won’t let the treasure away so easily. And the majority of the robbers and cutthroats are already being cooked on the rack (which is in the background not to over shock LEGO fans). Another classic horror things are 2 Iron Maidens (a skeleton is falling out of one of them) and The dragon is chewing a greedy pirate who didn’t drop his treasure bag even when the dragon caught him. Achu is sitting on the dragon’s back. Many of the mini figures became grey-haired instantly seeing all that horror. For example the pirate caught by a silver idol who became alive after the pirate tried to steal a huge sapphire from its crown. Some unlucky guys are pierced with the pale. Kahuka wearing his big bloody mask is watching the death feast from his high green throne. Can you see small flames under the rack? I'll try to add a couple of pictures from other angles later. Any C&C is welcome. Please support my 2 LEGO ideas projects if that's interesing for you. Pillage the Village is going on! You can see an idol in front of the first vigvam. It became alive and caught a pirot - no escape! There are some poisonous red snakes in the bushes. Greedy and unlucky pirates don't see them.
  13. TheOneVeyronian

    [MOC] Spyro the Dragon

    Well, turns out I'm back with another MOC, but it's not of any old imaginary creature of the night, nor an alien race of chess pieces. It is, as the title suggests, none other than my favourite video game character ever. Spyro the Dragon! This in particular is based on his original Nineties game appearances (not Skylanders) which holds quite some nostalgia for me. I always wanted to build this little guy with Technic and CCBS bits, but sadly, not enough pieces exist in the right colours so, rather than my original intention to build this in real life, I had to resort to LDD. And here it is: Here's the stuff I wrote for the Flickr description: Having recently rediscovered all the old things I used to love as a child (from the Nineties), I recently had an overwhelming urge to build one of my favourite video game characters ever. Spyro the Dragon. This MOC is based on the appearance of classic Nineties Playstation 1 Spyro (not Skylanders Spyro, I wish classic Spyro would come back! Then I'd have a reason to buy a Playstation 4 ). Built in LDD (was going to be a real-life model until I realised the lack of purple Technic and CCBS meant the end result would look nothing like Spyro) and rendered using Bluerender. The model took about 8 hours to build. And as a little extra, I've also built his faithful companion Sparx the Dragonfly, in his full health colours. And, as with the Chess pieces which some of you may remember, I've also made a GIF spinnie. Click here to view it Anyway... positive comments, constructive criticism and butterflies for Spyro's companion Sparx all appreciated
  14. Stormbringer

    The Hideous Zippleback

    The next dragon is the two-headed Hideous Zippleback. The one head head breathes gas, while the other one lights it, resulting in a fiery explosion! Instead of posting all the new dragons I've made from "How to train your Dragon" into one big topic, I've going to post them individually. The dragons eyes were made from minifig sideburns - The dragon is a remake of my previous model, which was built back in 2010. Thanks for viewing!
  15. Stormbringer

    The Monstrous Nightmare

    The Monstrous Nightmare is the most aggressive and stubborn known dragon in the "How to train your Dragon" universe. It unleashes a streaming blast of fire similar to napalm and lava-like fire. It's eyes were made from using minifig sideburns - http://www.bricklink...p?P=3626cpb0756 An example of the old model Thanks for viewing!
  16. Stormbringer

    Beyond the Clouds

    Hiccup and his best buddy, Toothless, from How to Train your Dragon 2, are high above the clouds in search of new adventures, as they map down the undiscovered "brick" world. This is my 6th version build of Toothless so far. Anyway, has it been almost four years since I've posted anything to this site? Jeez, that will have to change. I've made quite a lot since then, although I don't build much as I used to. Since my work in the past has been popular, I took the time and effort to make instructions to Toothless, for those who are interested. However, I've never made my instructions public before, so some parts could be hard to read. The instructions link to Brickshelf and Imgur .
  17. Trainmaster247

    Dragon Head!

    Here is a little desktop trophy I created it is a very good model in my opinion but I will leave that up to you.
  18. Many Moons Ago... The creature awakes in pain. He opens his eyes, and sees a foreboding sight... His hand, chained to a pillar. He whips his head around, and sees that his other hand, and indeed all of his limbs, were chained down. He struggles, the chains budging, but not breaking. The ground beneath him rumbles and quakes, the tremors filling the trapped beast with dread. The urgency sets in, and the creature struggles more. It tries to gnaw through its binds, but it was to no avail. It tries to stand up, but feels shooting pain through his back as he draws to full height - a sword was lodged in his back. With the catacombs sinking around him, death looming, a single syllable escapes from the dragon's mouth... "FAUST." Present Day... Five heroes exit the hall, the afternoon sun dangling above the group. As per the instructions of their regal client, they head towards the docks, the smell of brine and fish drifting through the air. Careful to avoid confrontation with some of Eubric's seedier citziens, they make their way through the bustling city, eventually finding their client: Faust, king of Moone. "You're here." says Sandman, checking to make sure his handcannon was loaded. "And not a second too soon. You're all here, yes?" The king casts a discerning glance towards the group of five, waiting for them to confirm they were there. Those five heroes were... The Party: Skrall (Waterbrickdown) 81 year old Male Ogre Hunter Flynn Flisperer, Lind Whisperer, The Grey Foxer (Lind Whisperer) 21-year-old elf Karie Alderflask-Cour, A True Hero (Kintobor) 24? Year Old Human Female Witch Warlen Melimane, Eulalia's Knight (The Chosen Minifigure) 23 year old male half-elf Mystic Knight Jinnipher Buchaire (JimBee) 76-year-old female Moon Elven Knight QM Note: Welcome to Fade To Black! As always, you folks have 24 hours to confirm. I'll post the hero stats when all of you do your shopping at the marketplace.

    The Zmagnirr

    Terrifying thunderlizard. Another one of these big lizard things I've been building a lot lately. I built it to test the scaling technique and try out some weird proportions. Originally it had a thinner less reptilian tail but I decided to go with something a bit more traditional. The black legs and tail section are there because I ran out of blue CCBS shells, but I think it actually works. Like a change in the pigmentation of the skin. The katana on the tail is supposed to be a sort of offensive adaptation, a sharp bone ridge or something. Anyway, thanks for taking a look! Your comments and criticism are very appreciated.
  20. The Story The Storm Riders once lived in one of the two moons of the Phantasy Realms world. But such a moon was consumed by a lightning storm destroying it. This is how the first drakes came to the world of Phantasy - they fled from their once peaceful home to reach to a land of turmoil and war. They first met the storm riders and shared their lightning knowledge with them and for a while they found a new home - a new place to live. Such knowledge gave the storm riders some leverage fighting the lava wizards whose quest for more land seemed insatiable. And peace settled in... Centuries later, some drakes decide to leave and explore the world, thus giving origin to the great Drake diaspora. In this path, drakes began breathing fire as a result of sometimes eating gold and drinking from lava pits. However, many drakes remained faithful to the riders. As time went by, the Storm Riders Dwarven neighbours, tired of being the only ones in Phantasy that held no special power apart from digging deep and trading expertise, decided to invest in a University to research archane powers to increase their influence. Needess to say they found no help either from the elves nor the mystical wizards - their magical secrets were not to be shared with the Iron Dwarven. So their investigation began exploring nature and if there was power to retrieve from it... and recently, they discovered the power of the spark. This began the Dwarven Industrial era. They built many machines and contraptions to help in their daily needs. But once the Iron Dwarven began applying their newfound technology on weapons and vehicles, the Storm Riders knew war was coming and they should act fast. Only one faction should control the power of the spark. Who will it be? You choose :D The set This set would portray a skirmish in the great battle for the spark. It includes two Storm Riders and a buildable dragon with wings that flap up and down and front to back, moveable tail and neck. It also includes two Dwarven Science Guild members in their steampunk tesla tank with moveable driving crank. 360º rotating cannon tower, two spring missiles and a crystal accessible from the back to power up the engine. And soon to be on ideas per friend's request :D
  21. Royal Brick Customs Shop is pleased to announce the release of a new item Dragon Wings: The Dragon Wings fabric accessory is available in three colors, white black (plain, no printing), and dark red. Enjoy, ~RBC
  22. Here is a fun way to make epic scenes using a very few number of pieces! Micro castle is awesome. Wade through danger Side Back That's MY treasure Side Microscale is really fun since you can build huge scenes with only 1/10th of the pieces! Helps on space and budget ;) I submitted this to LEGO Ideas, so it may even be made into a set one day! You can help make it happen if you vote for it here! Thank you for your time!
  23. TheOneVeyronian

    [MOC] Golden Furious

    Golden Furious by TheOneVeyronian, on Flickr So, this is my second attempt at a CCBS dragon, and this time it is 100% purist everywhere. It is much smaller than the Okoto Dragon, however it gave me the chance to try some more intricate techniques, especially for the head (which I think I tried building at least 5 times before I got it right). It features full articulation, right down to a poseable jaw and folding wings. The torso is actually constructed off a derivative of one of Rayskull's alternate protector builds (which also goes to show how versatile the torso is). Here's some pictures: Golden Furious by TheOneVeyronian, on Flickr Golden Furious by TheOneVeyronian, on Flickr Positive and constructive comments welcome. I hope you enjoyed looking at this MOC
  24. The Stone Protector Leader and the Okoto Dragon by TheOneVeyronian, on Flickr Hello all! May I share with you my latest Bionicle based MOC. I have wanted to build a huge CCBS dragon for a long while, but never really got around to it until recently, when I looked at my large pile of unused craft faux leather and thinking that they'd make good dragon wings on a LEGO model. So this is what resulted! You might notice that I did take Bullion, the steed from my BFTGM entry, and used him as a base for what I am calling "The Okoto Dragon" (yes, very unoriginal name I know!) The Stone Protector Leader by TheOneVeyronian, on Flickr First of all, a look at the Stone Protector Leader, which I built while building the dragon, and acts as a steed to the giant Rahi. Credit to Rayskull for the alternate build used in this little guy's construction. And now for the Okoto Dragon itself: The Okoto Dragon by TheOneVeyronian, on Flickr Front view: The Okoto Dragon by TheOneVeyronian, on Flickr Side view: The Okoto Dragon by TheOneVeyronian, on Flickr Rear view: The Okoto Dragon by TheOneVeyronian, on Flickr Top view, showing the wings fully extended: The Okoto Dragon by TheOneVeyronian, on Flickr The Okoto dragon can rear up on it's hind legs, though it is extremely difficult since it is extremely heavy. The Okoto Dragon by TheOneVeyronian, on Flickr The Stone Protector Leader (and other Protectors of course) can be mounted cofortably on the Okoto Dragon, as shown here: The Stone Protector Leader and the Okoto Dragon by TheOneVeyronian, on Flickr And a bonus "face-off" shot between Protector and Rahi... The Stone Protector Leader and the Okoto Dragon by TheOneVeyronian, on Flickr That's it for now. Positive and constructive comments appreciated, as long as you don't mention the keetorange (I didn't have much choice there, I wanted to use the flame pieces above the eyes, and kind of had to include more elements of the colour in the build, since until Skull Grinder comes along, they only come in keetorange). Also, please ignore the pole reverser handles on the wings, I forgot to replace them with bushings until halfway through the photoshoot. Any other odd colours present is likely because I run out of the colour I wanted to use
  25. SomeAssemblyRequired

    [MOC] The End Vignette

    Hey everyone! This is my first MOC post on EB, hope the community likes it! I only have one picture at the moment of it, due to problems taking photos a different part of the vignette. This is meant to be a small little part of the zone in Minecraft, known as "The End". It hosts (as you'd guess) the optional end game. The final battle is an Ender Dragon, who is accompanied by Endermen. But do enjoy! The End Vignette by The Nightingale, on Flickr C&C welcome!