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Found 141 results

  1. Warning: This thread might cause discomfort with your current dragon situation. Viewer discretion is advised. The Dragonification of Smaug the Wyvern Ever since the discussion whether Smaug was a wyvern or a dragon came up, I felt the need to give arms to the ultimate LEGO creature. According to some, dragons without arms are merely wyverns and therefore sad creatures. Would I dare to lay hands (pun intended) on such a marvellous creature? Would I dare drilling holes in it? Modified Smaug side by MWardancer, auf Flickr Modified Smaug total by MWardancer, auf Flickr Modified Smaug - The Last Thing You Ever Shall See by MWardancer, auf Flickr Modified Smaug showing his new claws by MWardancer, auf Flickr Modified Smaug from above by MWardancer, auf Flickr Customization notes: Buying two dark red arms is cheap and easy, so I decided to use techniques which would mess up the arms and not Smaug's body if things go wrong. When customizing a minifigure, you have to throw away parts sometimes because you destroyed them with paint, glue or drills. You cannot do that with an expensive dragon torso. Unlike the green fantasy dragon or similar molds, Smaug's front is much slimmer and curved. There is no flat straight surface where you could simply attach dragon arms. They would have big gaps and wrong angles. So I needed to carve and sand the arms to fit a threedimensional plain. This was easier than I thought. Also at this point there is no risk damaging the body yet. Then I drilled the holes to attach the arms. This fortunately worked well. Attaching the arms afterwards took over an hour because the pins I attached would not stick. The arms cannot move. It is impossible to achieve that because of the uneven shape of the torso.
  2. Hello! I already happened to get first of new elves sets - it appeared in some shops in Russia. So I can't wait to share my impressions with you :) Hope you'll like it too! In my opinion this year designesrs really succeed to make a bit more gender-neutral buildings in this series - as I began to unpack the box, my husband grabbed bags and started to build, he said this will be his dragon :D (to mention, he is not intresed much in other dragons) So, here's what is inside the box: And what it become: It's look really dangerous because it's horns, claws and thorns, and I liked curved design and how posable it is. Leg joints is solid and move only in one dimension, it is made as Draqon Queen legs with "+" holes in it. Earlier I worried that new color combination is not very harmonic, but in real it looks better than on photos, so as most of Lego sets. Also bionicle ball joints and details makes it different from good dragons, and this is fresh but still keeps familiar style. View from the top: There are whole 5 horns on it's head! Also nice printed symbol of Goblin King. Comparision to Zonya, the fire dragon, thay are the same size. Wyvern may fold it's wings and stand on them like on front limbs. That's epic! Some intresting steps from instructions: And new illustration in the end of book: There is some images from new app, and characters are depicted in the old realistic style :) And this surprised me a lot! A piece of rocky enviroment has simple and elegant mechanism that tosses up the crystal plate. 1x1 crystals is nice new feature. And there's new little blue piece with rounded corner: All characters: Goblin hair and shirt are not printed, it's moulded from different colours of plastic like baby dragons. Also, King's crown made with same method. I liked textile used for coat, it's dense and hanging under its own weight. I just a little worried why King and wyvern don't have names :( Little bear and her baby will complement the zoo of cute animals! By the way, squirrel, fox, pigeon and others are favorite charachers of my young sister :) And at last, I have such diorama of dark elves! I rebuilded green pool to make it look as it is in movie. By the way, ninjago ghosts became castle guards :) And so, I glad that new set gives feeling of new turn of elves' story and adds depth to it - that is most important :)
  3. For the last KockeFest exhibition, I really wanted to try something new and not just bring along modulars buildings. I had fun building this diorama, although I admit the initial plan was much bigger than this. But then I ran out of bricks and space, and left it like this at 48x96 studs size. However, there's still a chance of continueing this MOC further as planned. I got the two Elves' sets with the dragons mostly for the parts, but then I really enjoyed playing with the dragons (thanks to my 2-year old son), that I saw a bigger potential. That's when the idea started forming, and the MOC was slowly shaping. In addition, I wanted to try different approaches building the vegetation and water features. This was my first attempt at building a waterfall, and I'm ok with this version, although it was challenging mostly because a lot of my bricks is currently unsorted, and finding the right parts (knowing I have them) was taking a lot of extra time. I recently got some trans-clear Technic bricks, and I thought of using them as support for a flying dragon, that's why I set the green dragon up in the air flying above the forrest. Another challenge of this MOC was taking pictures. Since it takes up the width of my kitchen table, it was not easy to set up a white background (the wall) and get the right light from the window on one side. I want to expand this to include also an Elven village, and perhaps add more dragons, and improve the display further, so any comments are welcome.
  4. I really like the new ninjago dragons, the one with brick-built heads, and try to collect them all. But there wasn't any cool dragon for Cole (the tiny one doesn't count ). So I decided to update the old set from 2011. Here is a link to the mod page, with instructions. Anyway LMK what you think, I built the thing in real bricks and then made the design in LDD. Do you also want to see pictures of the real thing? I don't have all the right colors, so it won't look quite as nice...
  5. makushima

    [MOC] Happy Dragon

    Happy Dragon Lego Bionicle Chima MOC - Happy Dragon Lego Bionicle Chima MOC - Happy Dragon Lego Bionicle Chima MOC - Happy Dragon
  6. Hi, this is a moc we (me and my girlfriend, eb user vecchiasignoraceppo) have build for a local lego contest. Hope you like it!
  7. makushima

    [MOC] Night Furry ;-)

    Night Furry Lego Bionicle Chima MOC - Night Furry ;) Lego Bionicle Chima MOC - Night Furry ;) Lego Bionicle Chima MOC - Night Furry ;) Lego Bionicle Chima MOC - Night Furry ;) The head inspired by
  8. soccerkid6

    Skogrbani's Lair

    This is an entry into the Woodland Hideaway category of the Colossal Castle Contest, and the dragon is also an entry into the second Dragon Building Contest. The landscape design was inspired by Brother Steven’s Friosaelt Falls build. The dragon Skogrbani’s lair is hidden deep in the forest. Two unfortunately ignorant thieves thought it was a good idea to hide their loot by burying it in the woods just outside Skogrbani’s home… See more pictures on brickbuilt. Thanks for looking, comments and suggestions are welcome
  9. Nuju Metru

    [MOC] Skrulk the Unkind

    I build so many dragons-- so I decided it might be fun to try building one at a different scale! Meet Skrulk, an imposing fire dragon. (All pictures link to their larger versions) From the start, I decided that I'd only be able to make a bust of a dragon. This was because of two factors: one, my limited parts, and two, stability/structual integrity concerns... It would have been a very different engineering challenge to build a full-size dragon at this scale. It's something I might do in future, but it'll certainly take more planning! Having a poseable dragon was important to me, because it's a more fun display piece. I consistently played with balancing flexibility in Skrulk's neck with bulk and covering over vertebral joints. I'm happy with how this bust came out; I think it looks solid from all angles. A simple grey base seemed the best choice to display this bust without upstaging the dragon head, but I also considered a wooden shield and even a mound of treasure as other base options. Thanks for looking. If you've got any feedback, I'd love to hear it! Also, if you want to see more pictures, just check out my Flickr.
  10. Gamma-Ray

    Gamma Dragon

    The Gamma Dragon flys high into the sky to absorb gamma rays usually shielded by the atmosphere. Theses rays allow for tremendous power and give it a glowing appearance. -------------------- I finally got a chance to put the head used for my profile picture into a moc! Thanks for checking it out! Let me know what you think.
  11. Cyricus the Kingbreaker by Mark E., on Flickr Cyricus the Kingbreaker by Mark E., on Flickr Cyricus the Kingbreaker by Mark E., on Flickr Cyricus the Kingbreaker by Mark E., on Flickr This is the 3rd version I've made of this guy. Built for the Dragon Building Contest 2 and the CCC14.More photos in this album
  12. Dragon Lego MOC Dragon Lego MOC Dragon Lego MOC Dragon I will probably rebuild wings when get more bionicle weapons, like those axes. :-)
  13. Hello everyone! I recently got the charming little set Cole's Dragon (70599). While I am really taken by the many ways to articulate the dragon, I was never quite happy with the way they did the neck and the jaw of it. So I fiddled a bit and came up with a fix: Recap: that's how the original (vanilla) version looks like: Instead of a jaw you can open and close, it is clipped on something which looks like a pretty blocky blaster, which makes it not only stay open but also get knocked off pretty easily. This really had to change, so I removed these parts: and replaced them with: As a handy side-effect, I wasn't only able to make the jaw nicely close, but also gave the head/neck joint a much more realistic way of articulation too. The final result looks like: The "kinda-blaster-piece" got replaced by a very similar piece we all know and love from classic space times, the first bar piece with clip gets into the bottom side, the second one goes into the tube at the end of the dragon's neck. Surprisingly simple, but pretty effective! Anyway, the dragon seems to like it! Rawr! Having the jaw as one piece might at first thought appear as a step back, but it does work well with the overall look of the dragon. Also it is a very sturdy construction and the studs give the nice hint of teeth. Hearing these news, my Dragon Queen found it was really getting time that her pet gets some proper training: The Queen's Right Hand was more than happy to oblige and soon was able to show off his success in hand-feeding the beast: Too bad for him, it decided to take the bigger snack. Why taking just a chicken leg if you can have a whole meal? Luckily, the only thing that really got hurt was the dragon tamer's pride. And the Queen was pretty amused. After all the beast showed cunning initiative!
  14. Lego 75112-1: General Grievous - Model B - The Dragon Lego 75112-1: General Grievous - Model B - The Dragon Lego 75112-1: General Grievous - Model B - The Dragon Lego 75112-1: General Grievous - Model B - The Dragon
  15. [MOC] Lego 71302 Akida - Creature of Water - Dragon Lego 71302 Akida - Creature of Water - Dragon Zane couldn't manage to escape Lego 71302 Akida - Creature of Water - Dragon Lego 71302 Akida - Creature of Water - Dragon
  16. Nuju Metru

    Obashi Mist Dragon

    Hey all! Here's a dragon I designed recently as a prize in my Second Dragon-Building Contest. He's my first Asian-style dragon, and I'm pretty happy with how he turned out! Meet Obashi the mist dragon. All the above images link to their larger versions on my Flickr. You can also check out a few more pictures over there. Thanks for looking!
  17. Greetings! I usually build military or sci-fi models, but I thought that my old Viking minifigs could do with a proper ship. Hence I built "Dreki". "Dreki" is Old Norse for Dragon. Dreki by Tyler, on Flickr Viking Ship - Dreki by Tyler, on Flickr Dreki by Tyler, on Flickr There are a few more photos on my Flickr. Thank you for looking.
  18. Pate-keetongu

    [MOC] Gale Serpent Arises

    Was he greedy for power, or guided by higher though, or simply out of his mind? What made the old man, elder of the village, to leave behind the warmth of his house and climb up the mountains, to the moor cold and bare, which the cults of old had inhabited with ancient shrines, causes long forgotten? But there he went, and at the springs of the black stream he awoke what should not been disturbed. His fate remains forgotten; but since then has rain not ceased, nor have we had peace from the thunder and the lightning. The crops rot; The fields are flooded. Nothing will save us from the wrath of the Gale Serpent. Built for Palikkatakomo Ry's Monster contest. More on Cyclopic Bricks.
  19. A dark figure strides through the halls of Eschaton. His cane echoed in the silence with every tap - he didn't need it for walking, but it concealed something else he needed - and his wings bounced up and down with every step. The figure stares out through the stained glass windows, his shadow washed out in their projected light, and smiles momentarily. He finds himself in front of a pair of ivory doors, and with a slight nudge, steps into his master's chamber. "Today is the day." The dragon seemed distant. "Yes. It is." "...Why do we do this anymore, boss? You probably knew what these representatives were going to say before you even sent out for them - I know your visions have only gotten better over time. So why bother risking Eschaton's secrets with this song and dance? I like these people well enough, but we also must understand that the knowledge in Eschaton..." "...Is some of the very same knowledge we had to erase cities for knowing. I'm aware. And you're not entirely correct - I know a myriad paths these people may take. But when it comes to judgment, sometimes the path someone thinks they're walking is the most important of all." "I see. And I trust your judgment. I certainly hope Eubric will, also... No matter what the verdict may be." Back in Eubric... Five heroes assemble in Heroica Hall, as the morning sun lifts itself over the horizon. The Party: Thormanil Nihai, Dragonslayer, Orc-kin (swils) 24 years old male vertically challenged giant Dragoon Siercon (Siercon and Coral) Male, Age and species unknown (Visual appearance of hollow black smoke in human form.) Karie Alderflask-Cour, A True Hero (Kintobor) 24? Year Old Human Female Minstrel Jinnipher Buchaire (JimBee) 76-year-old female Moon Elven Knight Lind Whisperer *Encouraged at half health* * *Immune to Dark* *Double damage to humanoids* *Halved damage from Holy/Light enemies* *1/3 chance of dealing Fragile* *STEALS on rolls of Hide* 22-year-old Human The Dragonlord beckons the party over. He seems tense. "I hope you understand what Eubric is up against, should Immortalis choose to turn against us." QM Note: Welcome to Judgment Day! You have 24 hours to confirm. Right now, I'm leaving your stats out until you all do any marketplace trips.
  20. Captain Nemo

    [MOC] And All the Powers of Hell!

    "Now, shall you deal with me, O Prince! And all the powers of Hell!" Herein lies proof that I don't just show up to adjust conversation discussions , but that I do, in fact, build things too! This Sleeping Beauty creation was built for, and displayed at, Brickworld Chicago 2016. At the convention it won the award for Best Vignette.
  21. So, After having done my microfighter Hoth scene which went down quite well, I decided to do an Endor one. In a conversation that followed, I jokingly said I should do one with a Friends twist, and call it 'Friendor'. I wanted to create something that would, when on display, give girls something to enjoy looking at rather than something that could typically be perceived as what a male would normally enjoy. However my job position has taken a turn which means I won't be able to do anything to do with lego (or pretty much anything) for the next year, and so thought I would share this little start of it with you guys as I've no idea if I will manage to get round to it after I come back. So, I had planned to do a microfighter imperial shuttle. When I saw the Elves dragons the idea instantly popped into my head to crossover the dragon and imperial shuttle. This is what I came up with... I think you can probably see the slight nod to the shuttle The dragon could stand on its own 2 feet without the 2x2 boat stud on the bottom, but the 2x2 curved tile kept coming off as it has a weak clutch strength. So figured I would just use the boat stud, and have the tail help with stability while it is standing on its feet. In flight mode, it looks pretty good on a stand. It is generally a pretty sturdy build too. My only real issue i had with this was how to get a minidoll to sit in it infront of the main fin. This was the best solution I could come up with... I'm also not entirely satisfied with how the top of the main fin has turned out, but can't dedicate anymore money into this at the moment (surprising how expensive these colourful parts are!)More pics of it on my flickr. C&C welcome. Microfighter Star Wars/Elves crossover by Sam, on Flickr Microfighter Star Wars/Elves crossover by Sam, on Flickr Microfighter Star Wars/Elves crossover by Sam, on Flickr
  22. Hi. This is only the second time I've posted a MOC on Eurobricks, but I'd like to share a little scene I put together a few weeks back. "Investigate the old castle on your way back, there has been a report of smoke from it. It may be bandits..." An Unexpected Resident 1 by Magma Xenoliths, on Flickr An Unexpected Resident 2 by Magma Xenoliths, on Flickr I started putting together a dragon for our LUGs monthly build theme "mythical creatures", and having built the head realised I didn't have the time or pieces to finish it, so thought of a way to make the most of what I had built. I've wanted to try making a textured wall for awhile too. I have a lot of new-found respect for those builders who do it well, it was harder and more time (and piece) consuming than I thought it would be. Feedback welcome!
  23. As you escape from the dragon's onslaught, you find a mysterious device in the hills. It responds to your commands by moving around with gusto. With it, you hope to defeat the scourge that raised your village. However, to fight this fiend, you must trek across the lands, and the lands are filled with monsters. Monsters: A hydra in the swamp A nuckelavee in the waters. For those who don't know, a nuckelavee is a water spirit in the shape of a horse with a rider that spends most of its time as an intangible presence in the water. A manticore waiting for the right time to strike along the path A swooping cockatrice attacking from the skies A salamander in its slimey den A sphinx guarding the bridge A dragon surrounded by the burning forest Special features include an alternate path with special point spots, monster body parts that can be moved to block off paths (the hydra heads, the nuckelavee's horse head, the manticore's tail and the cockatrice's wings) and a swiping dragon's paw which can knock the ball right into one of the lava pits. Top view. The green spot is the starting point, the dragon's maw is the end and the yellow spots are optional bonus points. Yes, I checked, the dragon's wings fit in the maze. From this view, you can see the difficulties involved in choosing the bonus point route a bit better; amongst other things, you have to get out of the ditch formed by the salamander. I made various digital stickers for this project; the cockatrice's, the manticore, the nuckelavee and the sphinx's heads and the brick path. All in all, it was a lot of fun making this, and I hope you guys like it! Comments and criticism appreciated.
  24. I got Master Wu's Dragon (70734) a while back. It's a cool set but there were a few aspects of the dragon that I felt could do with tweaking so I modded it as follows: reconfigured the neck block to increase the angle of articulation (not easy to see in the picture) removed the clip and flagpole assembly from the dragon's back made the tail more substantial by doubling it and changed the finials to katanas. I also altered the ghosts/spirit warriors: I'm into fantastic, mythological and historical LEGO generally and, as you may have guessed, not a devotee of the Ninjago story-line set out by TLG. Apologies to any Ninjagoers who were expecting canonical representations.
  25. This is a teaser for an upcoming build in a few months. Stay tuned! Check out more on flickr! Also new doctor who creation! Thanks Freemediabank for the sky picture and here for the Harry Potter logo! Harry Potter, Ukrainian Ironbelly and all related names, images, etc. are property of J.K. Rowling and Warner Brothers Studios.