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Found 33 results

  1. Rinzler

    Custom Kre-O Decals

    After a discussion with LuxorV and Dr Leg O'Brick, We came to a conclusion that Community was the best place to put this thread. Here Kre-O decals will be produced so that you can customize your Kreons to your heart's content. Kre-O themes are as followed Star Trek Transformers G.I Joe Battleship Dungeons and Dragons Cityville Invasion Decals will be made from that list of themes. Here are some I made earlier General Trelane (Retired) Harry Mudd These decals were inspired by Star Trek: The Original Series Kre-O decals are the same size as Lego decals at width, but are slightly shorter at the length I look forward to seeing what you can come up with, - END OF LINE -
  2. Hi, has anyone taken the time, and patience, to make an LXF file with torsos with all decals available? I'm getting crazy to find and classify all decals usable within different settings (sci-fi, fantasy, modern...). I'm currently working on one, but if anyone has it already...
  3. Captain Settle

    Xenfar Troopers

    These minifigures were made for my space comic. After Blacktron was destroyed many groups tried to raise up and take control of the planet. One of these bands were Xenfar... This is the standard grunt: The decals didn't come out as well as I hoped, but oh well. He has back decals as well. I also made female soldier decals. Notice how the uniforms have different numbers on them. The whole band. As they are but rebels at the moment, with no rich benefactor, they use whatever weapons and helmets they have available. Thanks for looking, C&C appreciated!
  4. Captain Settle

    Inkscape colours

    I'm trying to make decals for the first time using Inkscape, and I need to know what colours on it mostly resemble LEGO tan and light grey. Thanks.
  5. Here you are kindly, it's a show of good faith that I want to be a prosperous part of the community. I spent some time in the isolation chamber where I met OtherRick and he asked some hard questions but all the answers pointed to being a good friend to the Eurobricks community, and this is my first labour of love for their pleasure. I'm doing requests for my best friends at Eurobricks. No request too hard!! No design too complex!!! Thank you, fromWonkyRick P.S. yes I do use Paint to create my decals!!! But I draw them on paper first and then trace the photocopy! Hooray!!!
  6. Hammerstein NWC

    The 'Nam Wreckin Crew

    The Nam Wreckin Crew are the meanest, deadliest, bunch of S.O.B.s ever to pull on a uniform. Pictured here at muster they are selecting their gear for their next mission on Cheeseburger Hill. NWC act as problem solvers for the US army when actions go bad or things just get to hot to handle. Officially these guys don't exist running black Ops for the Administration. The NWC are hand picked and led by the ruthless Sergeant Frank Statton III seen here front and centre. The Team. Darryl "Heavy D" Payton. M60 Support Gunner - Outhouse doors want to be like him when they grow up. Tommy "Thumper" Johnson - Responsible for punching a way into hot zones and droppin' smoke for Copters at the exfil.. Don "Tick Tock" Banner - Demolitions and the teams grease monkey. Bob "Psycho" Busch - Tunnel Rat, No right to be alive but he's still breathing despite being, shot, stabbed and blown up. Seemingly nothing can stop this combat tank. Ralph "Smokey" Polawski - Wants to see the whole world burn and frequently does... Some of the customisation I have done is as follows: Daryl - Painted Boonie Hat The Sarge - Hat String and rank decal Psycho - Bandages wrap round entire body (not really visible) Tommy and Bob added helmet straps Bob custom flamethrower with some painted elements Hope you enjoy them!
  7. Axle

    PIrate Face Decals?

    Forgive me if this is the wrong place for this topic, but I've had a look around on the forum, but i've been unable to find any decals for the faces of the Classic Pirates. More specifically, i'm looking for Governor Broadside, or Admiral Woodhouse, but there doesn't seem to be any faces done for any pirate minifigs. The torso library is great, but I wanna try and make the "original characters" of Classic Era pirates, but I couldn't afford buying the individual minifigs :P EDIT: My mistake... there seems to be some of the pirates, but none of Admiral Woodhouse... It's probably a lot to ask for in the first place, but I was just wondering if there is a decal of him somewhere?
  8. I thought we could use a forum to share decals, since we have people making forums to share MOCs and the like. Feel free to share any decals you made or good decals you found. Here are two of mine: Po Nudo (Separatist Aqualish senator) Guardian of the Inner Sanctum (Voss - TOR species)