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Found 71 results

  1. Raymdbrown

    Stephensons rocket 1829

    Hi guys Have finally joined you group please see my latest model below working on another 2 at the moment Thanks ray
  2. lazylegoist

    Land Rover and Chaparral 2J on Cuusoo

    Hello everybody, my good friend Captain Furo published two very cool cars on Cuusoo − have a look at them if you're interested, and please support him if you like what you see. They're really good IMO. Land Rover Trophy: http://lego.cuusoo.c...deas/view/52964 Chaparral 2J: http://lego.cuusoo.c...deas/view/53643 All the best, LL.
  3. Not sure if it's should be in general discussion, so please inform me if needed. Once upon a time, there was a sad news for AFOLs before the heartbreaking Christmas. So as concluded, there was going to be an official Modular Western Town from a project/theme that TLC would make to replace this project ---- and after more than a year passed, I think I'm sure there is no such kind of product in catalogue. So what actually happended in TLC's so-called "ongoing project"? Possible project 1: The Lone Ranger Another big summer hit of Disney films, which is a common license company appears in Lego lines. Though not being a big theme, there were still many remarkable choices of sets such as a mine mountain and a west train. However, the only set doing with "town" is the 79109 Colby City Showdown. The sets consisted of two small models of a bank and an office. But generally, the two are not very close to the previous Modular project which consisted of buildings with two storeys. So, it's not doing with the reason. Possible project 2: The Lego Movie As an official Lego original film, it provided a very complete view of a classic western town, and have many nice building ideas. When it comes to the physical sets featuring Western themes, there are 70800 Getaway Glider, a western style hang gliding, and 70812 Creative Ambush, a plane that was originally a saloon. The movie sets feature some vehicles that can be converted from buildings or cars, however, the Saloon Plane itself is one of those which can't convert into its original building, that means there is no Western building in this theme. Still,the Sea Cow represents the Pirate theme. Though maybe not all AFOLs, but I believe some Pirate fans are very excited about this. Generally Lego products need one year to design and produce, not to mention the time when the Cuusoo project actually achieved. Therefore, it's been more than one year and we can't see a Western Town, what should it mean? Another unknown or postponed project? Or even easier----- it was a lie? If not giving any reasons just like the recent reviews, I personally think the Modular Western Town couldn't pass because it consists of multiple buildings and looks very like a theme project since each building fit in an independent set box, which clearly violated Cuusoo's guideline. But now I'm alittle confused since we were given a very different and unproved answer. Ironically, there was another project from the same creator, mb_bricks's UCS Sandcrawler. It wasn't clearly rejected for another possible set, but now it's confirmed to appear this year.
  4. 2,000 True Fans: Making Chess cool for kids using Star Wars LEGO
  5. Hey there we have decided to make some CUUSOO projects. Just startet a few days ago. One and the biggest is the meridian galley. Merida is a fantasy (fictionary) southern continent, located in the world of Norcan. It is like an ancient realm in history but with some fantasy aspects. Here it is the meridian galley. Over 80 Studs long and with a 20 men strong crew. There is a high priest of meridian realm as the commander of this galley. The crew mostly consist of sailors and guards men. Have a look and if you want the meridian galley as a ship in your fleet - Support on CUUSOO! Thanks to all who already supported us. Here we go: Side view Front view Side view Rear view Have fun with watching Regards from germany BoB
  6. Karimix


    My very first Lego Cuusoo project got just published! Ed Roth´s Mysterion Show Rod http://lego.cuusoo.c...deas/view/58699 Please give me some feedback and comments. I will tell you more. And please go to see and click the "Support"! :) ************************************************** Here's some details about making of the "Mysterion". I have tried to learn new techniques. The frame with holes is 3-wide while the front section is 5-wide. The body is 7-wide but the interior is 4-wide and the bubble is 6-wide. There's also some SNOT design, for example the mismatching headlights, V8-engines, side panels, rear lights and top hinges. And as in the many recent creations there's no visible studs. It is also kind of "modular" as seen in the picture. This was fun to build and The Mysterion is also so far my most advanced creation. Hope you like it! :) *********************************************** Additional pictures of the real car.
  7. The Antarctic Snow Cruiser was a vehicle designed late 1930's, intended to facilitate transport in Antarctica. It has a very interesting and adventurous history. Cruiser (known as Turtle), a very innovative vehicle, designed to operate at extreme conditions. Plane (known as Eagle), a Beechcraft D17 Staggerwing type airplane mounted on the roof of the cruiser. (To get the airplane on or off the Cruiser, a ramp of snow was to be built-up to meet the sloping aft deck of the "Turtle".) This set presents the Arctic Snow Cruiser with a correct minifig scale. All the parts connects fine, the whole vehicle is very stable to grant great playability. With tons of features the set offer a very good playing for everyone. You can find it at: If you like it, please support it. Thank you. More to read about: or at the project's page:
  8. pldeutelephonz

    [MOC] Lego Battle of Felucia project

    Hi guys, I just posted my first Lego project on CUUSOO and its a set based on the battle of felucia and the execution of order 66 where Aayla Secura's clone troops turned on her. The set is designed to inspire more sets based on the order 66 scenes and more sets with landscape and unique biomes included in Lego form.
  9. I see that CuuSoo has updated its rules, etc... see they are now weeding out the projects that don't fit. While I don't think this will impact Sheepo's Land Rover Defender, it may impact other projects of interest to this forum, especially Micro Power functions, as these are new parts, no longer allowed. Are there other worthy projects that might get axed? (But I am mildly amused that the Apple store project should get deep-sixed)
  10. Greetings! Thought of sharing my latest MOC. Some people might already know about this, as it's on CUUSOO and also on my Flickr page. A Douglas DC-3 airplane in Buffalo Airways colors: Some of you might remember my first DC-3 MOC, also on CUUSOO: http://lego.cuusoo.c...deas/view/17534 Well it happened that Mikey McBryan ( of the Buffalo Airways, a company operating an entire fleet of real DC-3s and other classic planes, found that project and then contacted me with his idea that we could make a Buffalo Airways DC-3 project on CUUSOO, me taking care of the model and he focusing on the promotion business. The Buffalo aviation family and their planes star in this TV show Ice Pilots NWT as well. I confess, I have never watched it myself - I don't watch anything on TV, since I don't have a TV. This DC-3 design is smaller than my first one, that is, more affordable and easier to handle, in order to have better chances in the CUUSOO Review - if this project gets that far. Maybe FOLs here on Eurobricks like to help? We've seen how IP-connected licence-requiring ideas tend to succeed at getting 10k supports on CUUSOO far more easily than all-original ideas. So I was thinking, if they gotta be licenced stuff, at least be something that makes sense as a Lego set idea, and can appeal to others too (regular kids & dedicated FOLs) and not just the particular special interest group. So I'm thinking, a cool airplane with both display & play value, can't go wrong, right? A few more pics: Some pieces are not yet available in colors used (especially green) so I had to PAINT them! Like my bigger DC-3, this too has retractable landing gears, operated from the knob: And of course some essentials for playability, like the luxury of interior accessible via detachable top sections (a pilot can sit in the cockpit, passengers and/or cargo space in the back): If you liked this project to have its chance in the final CUUSOO Review, please support - or just check out for more information like piece count and measures: http://lego.cuusoo.c...deas/view/51472 Anyway, my MOC ain't mine no more. As a part of our deal, Mikey paid for the model and I shipped it to Canada. Bye bye baby! But I'm sure she'll be loved there at her new home. And just a little note if there are some new folks here who don't know about my other projects on CUUSOO and might be interested. http://lego.cuusoo.c.../Ssorg#projects
  11. Sorry if i have posted this in the wrong category, but I wanted to share my first moc creation published to Lego Cuusoo entitled Modern Modular Furnished Beach Front House. It is a displayable and playable piece meant for adults and children alike, both boys and girls. Please do not let the pink colour put you off; I have proposed this in many different colours including neutrals like grey and white. I designed it with the intention of making this house as flexibly integrative as possible with all types of Lego scenarios. This house is bifold; it can open in the middle on hinges like the Monster Fighter's haunted house, and the roof is removable in 3 parts. It also has originally designed furniture and assessories. I am currently working on the landscaping. A complete set of updated photos are available at the following links: thank you for your interest and your vote!
  12. Woo, 10k! Though I still want Poptropica to win... and this too. Hopefully Portal turns out successful and the same thing can happen with this and Poptropica. Exciting! -Sci
  13. PV-Productions


    Hi everyone, Of all the things made with Lego, my favorites are inevitably the Great Ball Contraptions. GBCs, as they are known for short, are Rube Goldberg-style machines designed with the sole purpose of moving tiny balls through a circuit. The GBC is an elegant ballet of Lego, and the ultimate contruction feat of these balls as well as their robotic NXT counterparts. The mechanisms that move the balls through the loop are generally as complex as possible, using clever actions that are reminiscent of the workings of a factory right out of How It’s Made. I think, the Great Ball Contraption is just about the greatest feat of Lego engineering that there is. So I mostly make LEGO GBCs with in particular GBC-plans with more modules mixed in one big great ball contraption. I only publish the final videos on youtube. So subscribe if you don't want to miss anything. For interim updates you must visit my facebookpage or my website. So make sure to check them out as well! If you like what you seeing, please support the CUUSOO-projects (links are below), like my facebookpage and subscribe to my channel. My latest projects: LEGO GBC 5: LEGO GBC 6: LEGO GBC 7: Contact: Website: Facebook: https://www.facebook...206638589482664 Youtube: Support site: http://lego.cuusoo.c...deas/view/43300 NOTE: I usually publish a video once a months or even longer. Keep in mind: quality costs time and I do not have always time;)
  14. I recently built this MOC of Winterfell courtyard from the Game of Thrones TV series. It's part of a CUUSOO idea for Modular Castle sets, which features well known castles, both fictional and non-fictional. This is the first proper moc I've built. The model comes in easy-to-assemble sections, which can also be moved around. The first section I built was the ravenry. The walls are removable, and the plan is to fit hinges on to the roof later on for full accessability. The ravnery also has cages to store the messenger birds. Please support on cuusoo here: http://lego.cuusoo.c...deas/view/36041 :classic: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ned Stark entering the castle: The castle entrance: Full view: Here are some images of the actual thing: Thanks for looking! Please leave some feedback and constructive criticism in the comments! Also, please support the project at: http://lego.cuusoo.c...deas/view/36041
  15. EDIT: Accidentally uploaded this too early. I'm excited about this one. Lots of good projects this quarter. I wish they'd all become sets! -Sci
  16. It's hit 10K! yay! (pic is link) Frankly, I like these figures better. Can't wait to see the results! -Sci
  17. lightningtiger

    My Cuusoo Landmark Store redesign

    Like much of New Mannum has been posted on Cuusoo including my Landmark Store.....titled "Farmers Hardware Store". But since I have a new Landmark building for New Mannum, my old Landmark store was a bit of a redesign and simplification along the way.....i.e. less stickers....just five and here we redesign.......(okay, mostly on the interior ) I actually glue the 1x2 and 1x4 panels in the front of the bottom shelf......I wish I had some white 2x2 corner panels. I made my ballcock float valves again, tossed in some floats and shovels.....and my original water pump from a few years back. Now for the support link......'s only scored 36 supports since the original design was posted there almost a year and a half I hope the redo might help.
  18. tjspencer1

    My new MOC

    Hello LEGO community. I am an avid LEGO collector as I'm sure all of you are. I wanted to ask opinions on my latest project. It includes 5 minifigures; Archeologist Shop Girl Security Guard Dino Kid Cave Man I've also made a T-rex and Brontosaurus like the real natural history museum in London. Includes 7 functional rooms; Dinosaur Exhibit Aquactic & Mammal Section Precious Stones Room Creep Crawlys Botanic Laboratory Study Room
  19. Hello LEGO community. I am an avid LEGO collector as I'm sure all of you are. I wanted to ask opinions on my latest project that I have listed on Cuusoo. Has anyone got any tips in how to get my idea seen and whether or not you like the set? Please head over to the Cuusoo website and search for natural history museum. I look forward to all your feedback
  20. Hi guys. I know this is a is a little unorthodox for such a new member to post. I did search the forums to make sure no one else has posted this. Please go and support the amazing BrickQueen in her current Cuusoo project. It's an amazing piece of work that should make an amazing set in everyone's collection. *link removed* She also has a second set, Jurassic Park: Triceratops Encounter. *link removed* Please join me in supporting these great sets!
  21. It was a long journey of advertising, but it made it! Congrats to Jeff Kinney! I bet his will pass the review stage. It's fitting as a LEGO set, and the presentation was fantastic! I love the Dr. Hare figure! What do y'all think about it? Will it pass? Do you like it?
  22. Here's a short BTTF animation of Marty and Doc Brown building the Delorean. What do y'all think?
  23. Ragaru's Zelda project has reached 10k votes! Looks like another chance for LEGO to make a Zelda set! Also, congrats to Ragaru! -Sci
  24. The Real Indiana Jones

    Bold predictions on the future of Cuusoo...

    BOLD PREDICTIONS ON THE FUTURE OF CUUSOO... WHAT WILL HAPPEN WHEN THEY FINALLY "GO LIVE"?! As you may know... Cuusoo began the first phase of testing (the Alpha Phase) in late 2008, and that lasted for about three years. It was limited to Japan, with a small number of people, and the number of votes needed to pass was much smaller. All the projects that are older than late 2011 are legacies from the Alpha Phase. The current phase (the Beta Phase) began in late 2011 or so, and will probably go 3 years or so until 2015. Naturally, the goal of the Beta Phase is to test it with the most solid fan-base, get feedback, work out all of the kinks, and to finalize the rules, before they go live and start advertising the site. Wow, so what will happen when Cuusoo finally "goes live"?! 1) First, if GlenBricker's stats are right, then by that time, 15 more projects will have passed 10,000, and then the top projects will be ones that have just about 2500 votes as of right now. 2) Next, once it goes live, they will likely start to advertise it on their main site, bringing many many more visitors, viewers, and voters... At that point, it seems likely that the strategy for winning will start to shift away from relentlessly spamming social networking sites, and more towards attracting votes from casual fans and casual visitors. 3) Most importantly, if there are so many more people visiting and voting, and if all of the good-quality well-designed projects that are posted now will have 1000 or more votes to grow on, doesn't it seem likely to think that ***ALL*** of the good-quality well-designed projects that are posted there now should hit 10,000 surprisingly quickly after that, with all of the new visitors and voters around? So far, there have been about 3 million visitors on Cuusoo... When they go live, that number should jump up to the tens of millions surprisingly quickly... SImply put, if there are 5x as many people on the site after it goes live, then a "five-year slog" suddenly becomes a "one-year victory lap"...! If there are 10x as many people on the site, or more, then things will start to blast forward at warp speed! In fact, I am starting to think that when that day comes, then hundreds of the best-quality projects will rocket to the 10,000 mark within the space of a few months, and LEGO will love it, because it will make a lot of fans happy after years of struggle, and it will give them tons more options when it comes to deciding which set they want to make. Most likely they will also adjust by making more sets per quarter. And so what do you think? What will happen when they finally "go live"?!
  25. Hey all, I would like to share my new LDD MOC with you, a scale model of the entrance to Legoland Germany. I had a lot of fun building it in LDD and would love to see it realised as a real set with CUUSOO. That's why I decided to upload it: The Legoland Germany Entrance on CUUSOO Imagine taking this home as a souvenir from the park. Feedback is more than welcome, thanks for reading!