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Found 71 results

  1. Yeah, this one came out of nowhere! Congrats to 'SaMe'! I don't care too much for these science projects. What do y'all think about this one?
  2. I’ve been making an effort to look at more of the different sites FOLs can post their MOCs on lately. And one that caught my eye on ReBrick was a medium-sized bust of Darth Maul with his probe droids. And I thought, “Wow, that’s really nice shaping.” So I clicked on the link back to the builder’s photostream and saw… 4-LOM! Bossk! Dengar! Zuckuss! IG-88! White Boba Fett! Some Clone Wars bounty hunters I don’t care about! ( ) All beautifully sculpted and detailed. Excellent work using a variety of shapes to sculpt instantly-recognizable characters at this scale. Look at the bandages on Dengar. Look at the expression of Bossk. But he’s also made two other characters in addition to the nine bounty hunters and the pilot Luke Skywalker at the beginning of this post, and one of those really caught my eye. The head, especially the mouth, on this Greedo: Incredible. The models are also on CUUSOO.
  3. The Female Minifigure Set on Cuusoo reaches 10K! Congrats 'Alatariel'! I like the project. The structures are cool (loving the dino one) and the idea is understandable. But, I think it's time we need a racial diversity minifigure set. I can't really judge if this will pass review, but I would definitely pick it up if it does. What do y'all think? Will this pass the review stage?
  4. hjmediastudios


    So I've got my new Cuusoo project up. It's a mix of dieselpunk (think Jon Hall's stuff), steampunk, and classic Adventurers themes. I've made sure to include characters that are fairly interesting (with lots of parts that customizers should like)... And if you're the type to be more inclined to create vehicles, you're well covered thus far: That's for sky-fi fans... And this bad boy is for the mecha-lovers out there. If you're interested in supporting, do it now! If not (or even if you're already a rabid fan), comments, criticism, and helpful pointers would be greatly appreciated.
  5. The League of Legends Cuusoo project has finally reached 10,000 supporters! Congrats 'Addam'! What do you think about this project? Will it pass? I really love this project, even though I don't care for LoL. It looks lovely, and I love the purple. The Summer 2013 review may be the best lineup of Cuusoo projects to get 10K!
  6. Hello there ! I'm a french AFOL since december 2012, living in Belgium. I'm 29 and never played LEGO before because my parents never wanted to buy me sets so I have to make up for lost time. At the beginning I was only interested in the licenced themes like LOTR, The Hobbit, Marvel/DC, Star Wars (only the movies), Sponge Bob, TMNT... but I've been quickly attracted by other themes like Monster Fighter or Modular. I'm my personnal life I'm an IT. I like football (soccer), computing, vidéo games, photography (even if I sucks at it for 4 years) and travels. See ya !
  7. The minifigure-scale Batman Tumbler has reached 10,000 supporters on LEGO Cuusoo! Congrats to 'BrentWaller'! I'm so conflicted on the idea of this becoming a Cuusoo set. Cuusoo is so backed up that if it does become a set, we wont see it until the end of 2015. LEGO can just do what they did with the Western Town project and say that it conflicts with a set in production. I really hope they do make this, as it is just2awesome! Do y'all think this will become a set?
  8. This is my second Cuusoo project. The first one is also a hot rod, which you can see here. That one is a large scale classic American hot rod. My latest design here is a much smaller pickup truck, which I think will appeal to a wider market. My goal was to come up with something that hasn't been done yet and would fit well in the Creator theme. There are, and have been, many vehicles, but no Creator hot rods (to the best of my knowledge). You can see a full description on the Cuusoo website and a detailed gallery of pictures on my flickr page.
  9. Waiting for the needed parts to arrive. LDD render made with LDD2PovRay. You can support the Project at Cuusoo:
  10. car_mp

    MOC: Hedgehog

    A little hedgehog to add to my collection of minianimals. You can support it here: http://lego.cuusoo.c...deas/view/16971
  11. Congrats Sheepo on reaching 10,000 supporters on Cuusoo! Let's hope this awesome project becomes an official set! Here's the official page.
  12. The 'Andy/Bugdroid the Android by Google' project on Cuusoo has just reached 10,000 supporters! I personally think the project is okay, and it has a huge possibility of passing the review phase. But, I probably will not get it. What do y'all think? Will this pass the review phase? And, will you get this set?
  13. Hi, I just like to share my Cuusoo projects will all of y'all, since you're all SW-fans. Of course i'm aware that those projects are not likely to get made at all. But for me, it was kinda nice to develop some Lego-designs and I finally understood how to work with LDD. I drew myself some mini-figures (the accent on all these sets are the mini-figures by the way) and connected them with my LDD-designs. My main reason for these designs is that sometimes when you have an idea stuck in your mind, you want to execute that idea in the hope TLG will see it and gets inspired and uses some of those ideas :-) Anyhow, my first Cuusoo-project was called Star Wars Universe Packs and contained six boxes with five mini-figures in it, a stand and a mini-building. A little like the Planet-series. Biggest reason for those packs is of course the need of more typical SW universe people (the kind that won't show up in other Lego SW boxes, because they're not main characters) for us to make our Lego SW world more complete and detailed. The second project is all about the Mos Eisley Cantina. The thing is, we need a new cantina. A proper one. The set 4501 isn't sufficient in any ways (ok, except for bringing us Greedo). In trying to inspire TLG i designed a Mos Eisley Cantina in packs. So in order to complete your Cantina you'll need all the packs. The reason for this is of course the number of mini-figures. If you want a real SW Mos Eisley cantina you need a cantina-band, you'll need some space weirdo's, a bartender, some good folk, and a snitch with some bad folk. I thought this was a clever idea for TLG to avoid one big set with too many mini-figures and not being super expensive. I'm not the greatest Lego-designer so the designs may be pretty rough. I hope you'll like them, i just wanted to share with y'all! Oh, if you like to see them on Cuusoo: SW Universe Packs Mos Eisley Main Cantina Cantina Band Pack Cantina Benches Pack Cantina Entrance Pack
  14. Hey guys, Just wanted to share my latest LDD MOC: Superman's Fortress of Solitude. I tried to combine elements of the Fortress of Solitude as seen in the movies and "Smallville," so it has a crystalline exterior--but also put in features seen in the cartoons and comic books. So there are things like a shrine to Krypton, Kal-El's "Baby Rocket," a trophy room, and a Kryptonite vault. I added some minifigs and a villain attack vehicle to make it more like a "real LEGO set," and after getting encouragement from some friends, decided to put it up on CUUSOO. If you're interested you can check it out--link is in my signature. Anyway, here are some pics:
  15. The Mugbearer

    Ur-Quan Masters project

    Attention citizen of Eurobricks! Heed the voice of the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za! We have occupied this sector of space and command you to surrender. Those who will do so voluntarily will remain as our Battle Thralls. The rest of will be placed under the Slave Shield until the end on the days. While you are making your decisions, we, the Ur-Quan, want to share with you something special, made by two Earthlings: Crash Sanders, mostly known as -N13OS- in this sector of space, and Glen Bricker, who known by his interstellar observatory. Those two humans decided to immortalize our deeds by making a collaborative project named Ur-Quan Masters on the CUUSOO site. We will now display chronicle and broadcast the message from Glen Bricker to the fellow citizen of the galaxy. 01/01/2013 --- Thread recieved second update! 19/11/2012 --- Thread received first update! 01/11/2012 --- CrashSanders opened a thread on EuroBricks 02/03/2011 - GlenBricker has started Ur-Quan Masters project on CUUSOO ------ IMAGE TRANSFER INITIATED ------ ::CONNECTION STABLE ::DOWNLOADING DATA ::FILE 1: READY ::DESCRIPTION: "The Captain" and his modular Flagship -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ::FILE 2: READY ::DESCRIPTION: The Ur-Quan Kzer-Za clan representative and Dreadnaught with its autonomous fighters. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ::FILE 3: READY ::DESCRIPTION: Androsynth, Mycon, the Androsynth Guardian and the Mycon Podship. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ::FILE 4: READY ::DESCRIPTION: Utwig Jugger, Yehat Terminator and the two forms of the Mmrn-hrmm Transformer. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FILE 5: READY ::DESCRIPTION: the/an Orz, a Spathi, Illwrathi Avenger, Thraddash Torch and Chenjesu Broodhome with D.O.G.I. swarm. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ::DATA TRANSFER COMPLETE ::CLOSING CONNECTION ------ END OF SESSION ------ Star Control II, the Ur-Quan and all the titles © Toys for Bob The models of Androsynth Guardian, Mycon Podship, Utwig Jugger, Yehat Terminator, Thraddash Torch, also Spathi, Orz and Mycon minies and The Captain and Androsynth pilot's renders © Glen Bricker The models of Chenjesu Broodhome, Ur-Quan Dreadnought, Mmrn-hrmm X-Former, Illwrath Avenger and The Flagship, also The Ur-Quan Kzer-Za model © Crash Sanders Thank you for your attention, end of transmission............... ..............................................
  16. This is a LDD model rendered using LDD2PovRay and PovRay. This is the last of my CUUSOO project animals for a long time. Maybe it is time for a change. Hope you like it. You can support it here:
  17. Okay. Before anyone starts hating because "Oh that's too much like Kenner and Hasbro, oh no!" that's not what this is. Each box/kit/whatever will include a building component. Although some elements may resemble each other, don't tell me I copied or anything. So what this is is boxes with individual figures AND BUILDING ELEMENTS (along with buildable display stands) from all six movies (e.g. Luke Skywalker), major video games (e.g. Revan) and comics (e.g. K'Kruhk), both Clone Wars series (Otua Blank), and any other major characters (Jaxxon, T'ra Saa). Minifigures released together in a wave can be grouped together to make groups that may be expanded on later in the series (e.g. Obi-Wan and Commander Cody are released in one wave, and the next wave has a 212th clone trooper). The minifigures will be made as effeciently as possible so that LEGO won't have to waste money on new molds. NOTE: I'M AWARE THAT THIS CUUSOO PROBABLY WON'T BE CHOSEN, BUT IT MAY GIVE LEGO AN IDEA FOR THE FUTURE I'll update with images, and additional info
  18. Woah, that Brickset push really helped! The Space Marines project just reached 10K supporters around an hour ago. Congrats 'NickRoyer'!
  19. adventuresinlego

    (MOC) Abandoned Mansion

    This is an Abandoned Mansion I made for Halloween which I have posted on Cuusoo as a Modular design. http://lego.cuusoo.c...deas/view/29482
  20. With 1/2 this set comprising of Technic pieces I figure this was the best place to post. This build has stayed much the same as when I created it a few years back on a rainy Sunday afternoon. The good news is it's up on Cuusoo now. If you like the design then why not give it a vote. Working Dodgem Cars - Cuusoo
  21. The Mugbearer

    All Hail The Hierarchy!

    This model is a part of Ur-Quan Masters CUUSOO project lead by Glen Bricker. link I think that for many people across the world such a words like 'Star Control' and 'Ur-Quan Masters' are iconic. For sure, the games of Star Control universe are unique and awesome, and I rank myself among the fans of this universe. And I made an LDD MOC dedicated to Star Control - the Ur-Quan Dreadnaught. What's about specifications? Full article: click Basic stats: Crew: 42 Value: 30 pts Battery: 42 Batt. Regeneration: 0.14 units/frame Armament: Primary: Fusion Blaster Refire delay: 6 frames Energy use: 6 units Secondary: Autonomous Fighters Refire delay: 9 frames Energy use: 8 units Propulsion: Max speed: 30 world units/frame Turn rate: 0.2 facings/frame Acceleration: 0.86 units/frame Mass: 10