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Found 177 results

  1. 2015 LEGO CREATOR Houses Sets Click for more high-resolution images on flickr. 31035 Beach Hut 31036 Toy & Grocery Shop
  2. A wise man once said: "The future is what you make it." And what better way to create the future than to build it out of Lego! Since TLG always strives to inspire the builders of tomorrow, it is only fitting to make one of their Creator sets centered around futuristic vehicles. This 3-in-1 set gives us a glimpse into a possible future with three different kinds of vehicles: a mech, a jet, and a car. But does this future look bright or is it a dystopian nightmare? Let's find out! Set Number: 31034 Name: Future Flyers Theme: Creator Year of Release: 2013 Pieces: 237 Minifigs: 0 Price: $24.99 / €19.99 / £17.99 S@H description: S@H Bricklink Brickset The Box The box art is the same as all the other recent Creator sets featuring a yellow sidebar with the 3-in-1 logo in the upper right corner and the two alternative models displayed in boxes below it. Since this copy of the set came straight from Lego's headquarters in Billund, this is the European version of the box as you can tell by the lack of a set name and part count. The main image depicts the giant robot landing in a desert setting. The sky looks very interesting as it transitions from day to night from the left side of the image to the right and there are some meteors flying overhead. Maybe this is supposed to be some kind of alien planet where such a thing as a half-day-half-night sky can exist. Or maybe it is supposed to indicate the passage of time, symbolizing the movement towards the future... or maybe I'm just reading too much into the background image. The top of the box features the inventory and a 1:1 scale picture using the robot's "eye" for reference. There isn't much on the back of the box. It only shows the 3 different models and a small picture that tells you that the robot's jetpack is detachable. On the right side you can see that this is the type of box that has two tabs which make it easier to open it. I miss these tabs. Why don't American boxes have these tabs anymore? I bet it's because of people ripping them open in stores and stealing their contents. You disappoint me, 'murica! Inside the box there are three instruction booklets, one for each alternate model, and two bags, one smaller than the other. There aren't really any rare parts parts included, however many of them are quite useful, such as the white curved slopes, trans. light blue parts, and big and small ball joints. Here is a random instructions page. The part call-outs and building steps are pretty clear and the light blue background provides a nice contrast to the illustrations. To build up suspense, I will be reviewing the models in order from smallest to largest, building up to the main model. So let's start with the Future Flyers model that is not a flyer at all: The Car The build of the car is pretty straight forward, but somewhat unconventional. The chassis is made up of some parts that would usually not be used for the base of a car, such as wedge plates, curved slopes, and that white boat hull piece. Next, the aforementioned seemingly random parts are covered up by various plates. I like the cylinders in the back here because they give the impression that they could be part of the engine. After about 40 steps, the car is finished. It looks quite nice and does have a somewhat futuristic feel, especially thanks to the trans-light-blue bits. It doesn't resemble any particular existing car, so I'm guessing it's supposed to be a concept car. This is especially evident by the double canopies which are reminiscent of concept cars like the Ford Futura (which later got turned into the 1966 Batmobile). However, I feel like it doesn't really fit into the theme of Future Flyers. I think it would have fit the theme much better if the designers would have made the wheels like the ones of the DeLorean or Nick Fury's car and thereby turned it into flying car. Of course that would have required hinges or other parts that this set doesn't include and I realize that this is just an alternate model, but I'm just nitpicking here. Hey, I think I just figured out what makes this car so futuristic! Look, it has no steering wheel! This here must be one o' them fancy new self-drivin' cars. Unlike the DeLorean, this car fits two minifigs comfortably. However, since the inside of the car is filled with those random pieces, they sit a bit a high. Thanks to all the curvy white slopes, the car has a nice aerodynamic profile. Looking at it from the front, you can see that a ball joint was used to add detail to the grill of the car which is an interesting choice. The back is fairly plain, but it looks quite good. I especially like the use of the light blue dishes as headlights. The only thing that bugs me a bit is the small gaps between the upper corners of the bumper and the fenders, but it's hardly noticeable. Thankfully this is a Creator set; otherwise there would have surely been a license plate sticker covering the 2x4 tile. The Jet Let us now move on to the second alternate model, the jet. Its construction is fairly normal, except that the wings are only attached by one stud. Also, note the Mixels ball joint at the front. I will be talking about it later. The build lasts about as long as that of the car and there are approximately the same amount of parts left over. The finished jet looks very nice and slick. It looks like a high-end jet, and it's a vehicle that is designed to fly, so unlike the car, it fits the Future Flyers theme very well. Here is a look at it from the front. I really like the design of the nose as it cleverly uses the Mixels joint that I pointed out earlier to attach the second sloped wedge part upside down to the bottom of the jet's hull. It looks very good from the side as well. The only things that look a bit off are the gap between the wings and the top part of the plane and the holes in the fins of the jet that are created by the arches, but I don't mind them too much. It has two engines in the back which are constructed using the wheels of the car. I am very happy with how this model came out and I would really like it if it weren't for the play feature. The designers of this set decided to make this a variable wing jet which is not a bad idea as it adds playability. Usually, variable wing jets sweep their wings backwards to increase their speed. But for some reason they chose to base this model on the rare type of jets that sweep their wings forward instead of backwards. I had not even heard of this forward design before and I am not a fan of it. I would have much preferred it if they would have used the swept-backwards wing design which could have easily been done by attaching the wings from the back instead of the front. The wings in the back and the fins can be tilted up and down as well. Here is a comparison of the two flight modes of the jet. To me, the one with the wings folded forward just looks weird, so I'll keep them in their default state. The Robot Now it's time for the main attraction! This is the model I was looking forward to the most, so I saved it for last. You start the build by constructing the robot's torso. Next, you build the arms and legs which can get a bit repetitive because each pair is almost the same. Lastly, you add the jetpack, the head, and the shoulder pads. The finished robot looks quite impressive. He has the same color scheme as the Mindstorms NXT robots which suits him nicely. His design kind of reminds me of a Transformer, like a mixture of Starscream and Soundwave from Transformers Prime. Kinda makes me wish it could transform into a jet without rebuilding it, but Lego probably wont make Transformers anytime soon. That translucent blue dish in his chest is reminiscent of Iron Man's arc reactor. The figure has some interesting proportions with its large hands and feet and it short torso. The wings can be folded up so that they are level. I personally prefer them angled like on the box art though. They can also be folded all the way down for when the robot isn't flying. The jetpack is only attached by a Technic axle to make it easy to remove it if you so wish, however it is stuck in the robot's back so firmly that it is hard to remove it without breaking off a few pieces. Also, as you can see here, the two rockets are only attached by a clip hinge which allows them to be tilted a bit. Not sure what the point of this is, but maybe it's to make them easily removable as well. In addition to the jetpack, the robot also has jet engines built into his feet to help him fly even faster. You can see them in the following picture where he is enjoying a break. What? Even giant crime-fighting robots need to relax every once in a while. The sides of the robot's feet are open so that you can see the jet engines inside which adds some nice detail. Also, there is a red plate with a rail on each foot to keep the knees from bending too far forward. As you can probably tell, the figure is a bit back-heavy, so you may need to lean him forward a bit. This figure has quite a lot of poseability, especially in the arms. The wrists can turn, and the upper legs, shoulders, elbows, and even the head are on ball joints, so you can make a wide variety of poses. And thanks to the shoulder pads being on clip hinges, they are never in the way of posing the arms. Here is the robot taking a fighting stance. Unfortunately, like most Lego mechs, he is missing some articulation in his feet, so you need to balance him on the tips of his toes when spreading his legs. Despite the lack of a hip joint, you can also achieve the overused Iron Man pose: Or if you're more into DC, you can have him do the Superman pose when he's flying. Here is a comparison with Build-A-Buzz, another buildable figure with a jetpack. The robot is about the same size as Buzz (if you don't count the helmet), but while he doesn't have turning hips like Buzz, he has a lot more articulation in his arms and head. Honestly, I wish the Mixels would have come out before the Toy Story sets because Buzz's poseability would have benefited greatly from those small ball joints. Ratings Design: 4/5 - The designs of all three models are pretty good. The robot looks cool and stylish, the jet is sleek, and the car looks sporty. I do have some nitpicks about each of them, like the non-articulated feet of the robot or the reversed variable wings of the jet, and I still don't feel like the car fits the theme of the set, but I get why it's included. Build: 4/5 - The builds are satisfying. It's not too challenging and doesn't take very long, but there are some interesting techniques and the dismantling and rebuilding of the set into the different alternate models will keep you busy for a little while. Playability: 5/5 - I'd say this set is quite playable. The robot has some of the best articulation I have seen in a Creator robot and all three of the models are very swooshable. Parts: 3/5 - Like in most Creator sets, there aren't many rare pieces here, but they are all quite useful, especially for the type of futuristic MOCs that this set is meant for. Price: 2/5 - This is the weakest aspect of the set. $25 for 237 pieces is pretty high, especially for a Creator set. Overall: 4/5 - This set is pretty good as far as 3-in-1 Creator sets go. The main model is great and the alternate models are pretty good too, albeit nothing really special. And it comes with some nice useful parts to boot. The only downside is the price, but I hear that Target has it for $20 which is much more fair, so if you can get it there or at a sale, I'd say pick one up, especially if you're a fan of robots/mechs. I hope you enjoyed this EB Reviewers Academy review. By the way, does anyone else feel like this set was inspired by a certain Collectable Minifigure?
  3. A little urban renewal to transition the Detective Office part of town with the more classy modulars... my latest modular is "Chop", a small Asian fusion bistro in an Art Deco storefront. Oddly enough, I've wanted to use fish as an architectural element for a long time. 1st floor interior: Decorative wall panels. 2nd and 3rd floor feature a nice but somewhat cramped 2 bedroom aparment. Next to a couple of my other mocs. Thanks for looking! (Sorry the photography isn't great.)
  4. Hi all, I had an idea to build this artwork for my wife as a present since she & her siblings traveled around in a T1 as a family, anyways my wife did not want it however I finished it all the same. Contains several rare parts, especially green, has been professionally framed using museum quality glass. I exhibited it at the recent Sydney Brick Show (Australia) with a great response, thousands of photos taken of it with most comments saying it is 'Cool'. The number plates are engraved along with the VW emblems (chrome plated then engraved) plus chrome plated tiles under the headlights & indicators - thanks to Auri @ Chrome Block City. Thanks to Andy Warhol for the inspiration. Thanks for looking - OMR PS - this is my first (and possibly only) artwork - I'm an Engineer who builds in Technic. :-) VW.artwork.5 by OneMoreRobot_NZ, on Flickr VW.artwork.2 by OneMoreRobot_NZ, on Flickr VW.artwork.3 by OneMoreRobot_NZ, on Flickr VW.artwork.4 by OneMoreRobot_NZ, on Flickr
  5. Hi everyone. This is my conversion of the Lego Creator Palace Cinema into a gig venue for rock bands. The video details the current changes and future plans for the MOC. I hope you like the plan. I'll post updates as the internal features develop. Let me know if you have any ideas or comments. I'd love to hear from you. Thanks, Mike
  6. skcheung

    LEGO peacocks

    Hey bro! Time to build birds! I prefer peacocks. ^^ Now, three boys are struggling to take this girl home. And here comes a winner. They since then live very happily~~~ ... until finally they are disassembled by me. LOL
  7. 3BrickFriends

    [MOC] Bike Shop, Cafe & Apartments

    At the moment I'm collecting a number of buildings together for a possible Lego City and these 2 are my latest buildings. They are expanded versions of the 2 buildings in the Lego Creator Bike Shop & Cafe set. .
  8. eliza

    MOC: Candy Store

    Happy Valentine's Day! Here is my latest modular MOC - a Candy Store with an upstairs party room. The design is done in the style of an 1890s iron facade. It's only two stories, but not as small as my Florist and Lawyer's Office MOCs. The first floor Candy Store interior: 2nd Floor Party Room Interior: Next to Palace Cinema for comparison: Thanks for looking!
  9. A stop motion video i made a little over a year ago while building all three variants provided in the instructions for the Lego Creator Log Cabin set #5766. The lumberjack does have a tough decision to make.
  10. 2014 LEGO CREATOR Houses Sets Click for more high-resolution images on flickr. 31025 Mountain Hut 31026 Bike Shop & Café
  11. TheLegGodt

    Mini Modulars wave 2

    Just wondering, has anyone heard whether TLG will release a second wave of 5 Mini Modulars just as they did for the first 5 modulars a number of years ago? I really enjoyed that set, almost as much as building their bigger brothers. Since we are now counting 10 modulars I can imagine the next 5 mini modulars are due...
  12. It's here! Or, rather, over there, at LEGO® IDEAS. Thanks for checking this train project out. If you like it, I'd appreciate your support vote at the IDEAS project page. If you don't like it, or might like it, let me know in the comments what you would have modified or added. with gratitude, James Custom Winter Village™ LEGO® train project, arriving soon on track LEGO IDEAS™. Can you smell the coal, oil, steam, and pine? Can you feel the crisp chill in the air against the warm aroma of spiced cider and nutmeg atop a mug of nog? This project awaits approval, after which your support would be greatly appreciated to enable potential production and begin revenue service. Check back in about one week for additional "Winter Village Express" train project details and get your ticket to travel back in time on a winter holiday as this project goes "live" on LEGO IDEAS. "Tickets, please." ;-) Thanks for checking it out. sincerely, James Mathis
  13. Hey, I'am working on a Lego train and my layout is fine. It's now time to add houses and so on. I already have Creator house 4956 and 4886. They look fine and size looks good. I plan to buy modular to create a small city. I would like to know how modular will looks side Creator house. I also see some modular-like : 31026 Bike Shop & Cafe. I'am searching for pictures with Creator houses, modular and those modular-like. I would like to know if size match and if they can be mixed. Perhaps I don't use the good words to google for picts but I did not found such pictures. I found a picture form this topic but the viewing angle did not help to compare. PS : Sorry for my poor English. It doesn't help to search...
  14. Hi everybody! I'm new to this forum and I want to show you my first Lego Idea: the Brandenburg Gate!! It comes with over 9000 pieces and it' really really detailed!! Here's a render of my project I need your support to transform this in a real Lego set!! Support me at Thank you!!
  15. It's a train, for a village, in the winter, or other scenic season. In case you don't visit the Train Tech forum, I'd like to announce this complementary themed train set for which I'd greatly appreciate your support vote over at LEGO IDEAS. Direct link to the Winter Village Express Train LEGO IDEAS project: link removed Cross-forum discussion link in Train Tech: Looking forward to your likes and dislikes, suggestions, and opinions. Thanks for checking this out. James Mathis
  16. Peteris_Sprogis

    MOC: Lego Creator 31007 RacingCar

    Lego Creator 31007 alternate- RacingCar Thanks for watching! Peteris
  17. Ok, so I finally have some more photos to upload, so here are my latest (and first) moc modular buildings. IMG_0158 by nmendat, on Flickr the Yellow store. I was thinking maybe a music store could go into the bottom, but I'd need some instruments first :/ Also some lettering would make it much better, but I'm not sure what word could fit into the space directly above the door. IMG_0208 by nmendat, on Flickr the Blue Townhouse. I saw some other great modulars with bay windows posted on this forum, and I love the elegant look it gives. Blue is my favorite color, but alas, I don't have nearly enough of it, so I made do with the stripes. The red roof also gives the building a patriotic feel. Neither building has that great of an interior as I have depleted my resources just building the exterior. Please forgive the mess in the background as I currently don't have room for my legos at my own place and as of now they are sitting in my parent's house on the floor (Hopefully by Christmas I will have them moved back to my place).
  18. BirdOPrey5

    The little Creator train 31015

    This little train #31015 (MSRP $4.99) was something I bought just to get my order over the threshhold for free shipping but it's a lot more fun than I imagined. I bought two so I could make a car for the engine to pull... Now I'm going to order a few more so I have pieces to make some custom cars. Anyway I know officially these don't fit on LEGO tracks but wondering if anyone had any success making some kind of custom track that does work?
  19. frebbyl

    LEGO City Problems/Rant

    I have a problem with LEGO City sets. There aren't many buildings, and what are cities made of?? Well this one must be made of trucks, cars, cops, and robbers. WE NEED MORE BUILDINGS! The Creator line has more than City! If you have any comments or ideas or any other problems similar to this, be sure to reply!
  20. For several years now, CREATOR has carried the flag for LEGO housing; CITY dwellers are presumably meant to sleep in their caravans or fire engines unless they are lucky enough to have a Modular Building for a domicile, or only sleep in buildings that have snow on them. I suspect this is a deliberate move by The LEGO Group; the CREATOR 3-in-1 mantra provides versatility in design, and might perhaps provoke multiple purchases to enable a bit of variety in one's Town layout, or at least an affordable source of house parts. The last bona fide CITY residence was 8403 City House in 2010; this year's CREATOR range will boast no less than three minifigure-scaled dwellings, if you include the rather offbeat 31010 Treehouse; let's take a look at the first to be released, the modestly-named Small Cottage. Review: 31009 Small Cottage Set Information Name: Small Cottage Number: 31009 Theme: CREATOR Release: 2013 Parts: 271 Figures: 1 Price: GB £19.99 | US $24.99 | EUR 24.99 - 27.99 | AU $39.99 | CA $29.99 | DKK 299.95 Links ... Shop@Home ... Brickset ... Bricklink ... Peeron (not yet listed) The Box Click for a larger full-frontal image The CREATOR logo shamelessly obscures part of the model on this square box; the set itself is captured from its best angle. The usual blue CREATOR background is enhanced by faint bushes and trees, framing the cottage and setting the 'countryside' scene indicated by the official set description; it wouldn't otherwise be obvious. Two insets in the CREATOR yellow don't even try to frame the two alternative models. The box 'feels' like good value; it is larger than similarly-priced sets from many other themes, and weightier, though the latter may be due to the instruction manuals. More bushes flank the alternatives, which are showcased with their features on the box rear: Click for a larger image The box artist has done well to show all three distinctly without overlap; the space has been used very well. You'll notice that Thumbs are required to open this box. I used a knife; but, to be fair, this still required thumbs. Despite the inclusion of a minifigure, it's a three-part lantern that decides the scale on the box top: The troublesome gradient behind the inventory persists: why do they put the light-coloured parts in the light corner, and the dark ones in the dark corner? Of the other sides, the left-hand is the most interesting: The two lesser models feature here, with a multi-lingual explanation of '3 in 1' if it weren't already clear. Unusually, the 'Small Parts' warning features on the right-hand side rather than the bottom. Out of the box fall four polybags, three instruction manuals ... and a 16x16 full-thickness plate in Bright Green. It's shown here because I forgot to include it in the Parts section. The Instructions Three smart manuals each have shiny, quality covers; no indication is given as to build difficulty or order, either on the covers or inside. The only information inside the front cover is the new 'sort your bricks!' cartoon. I've assumed that the model order is the primary build, the Small Cottage on the cover; then the Windmill; then the other house, which is called a 'Skater's House' in the official blurb which also uses this order. There's no other indication that this is the 'correct' order; in fact the box art might suggest the smaller models should be reversed; but for clarity and consistency I will refer to the models and their respective manuals as 1, 2, and 3 in this order. The other two manuals are similar: Click the thumbs for larger images More monochrome bushes feature on the covers; different in each case reflecting the change in perspective. The steps are clear and simple. Piece call-outs ask for an average of three to four parts per step: I only encountered one point where the placement of a brick wasn't clear, which will be indicated later; it was of no consequence in any case. Advertisements for other CREATOR sets feature prominently; book one promotes the excellent 7346 Seaside House and 31004 Eagle on their own pages, akong with a composite of several sets on the back cover; I was a little surprised at the choice of 31008 Thunder Wings for the full-page treatment at the back of book three, considering it has what I would consider a rather different market than the houses might attract. Manual one also contains the inventory; see page 1 and page 2. The Parts Hope you weren't expecting Technic. Actually, there are two Technic plates, but otherwise the inclusion is mostly basic bricks and plates. There is great selection of dark blue roof slopes: not quite as good as 5891 Apple Tree House (which, incredibly, is still available, in the UK at least) but still most welcome. Door and window parts are always useful. The bright green 6x6 plate hasn't been seen since early noughties Belville. The smaller part collection is dominated by basic red bricks. We used most of ours building a Toadstool, so I'm not complaining. I got very excited by the inverted bracket when I reviewed the new UCS X-Wing, not knowing I had one in this set which I've owned, unopened, for at least two months. Otherwise, the tiles will always be useful, and I appreciate the inclusion of earth blue cheese slopes. The Minifigure CREATOR houses have included figures since Log Cabin in 2011; they are rarely anything to write home about, and this one is no exception: I'd sooner have had a classic smiley, but I expect TLG have done their market research and presumably kids want more expression. Rather surprisingly, the face isn't that common: appearing only in a couple of basic brick sets, a seasonal CREATOR, and the Winter Village Cottage, along with a few promotional minifigure collections. The entire figure, replete with skateboard, is found the Watford UK store opening set. I'm going to call him Chet. He has an American Preppy look. Not sure if Chet is an appropriate name for a skateboarding, sausage-sucking, drink-spilling preppy, but Chet it is. Model 1 - Small Cottage The primary build is quite a beauty! A surprising amount of detail has been crammed into this cute little cottage. The colour scheme is pretty, with stripes of white and light bluish-grey adding texture and the appearance of height to the red walls; the dark blue roof is smart and features an attractive gable. The yellow door provides a further splash of colour, and is set off nicely by the dark blue cheesy awning. A SNOT-mounted lantern, tiled step and flowerpot - the last typically formed from colourful 1x1 rounds in CREATOR style - add a welcoming aura to the entrance. Note the dark tan plate with rail forming a neat sill under the gable window. I'd like to have seen the roof apex 'finished' with double-slopes - like on the venerable Apple Tree House - but the studded top does help to round it off in a more 'cottagey' style, I suppose. Another window sill sits under the double-height window on the right-hand side; this wall is otherwise featureless ... ... except for the plate-hinges which suggest an opening section for access to the inside. Click the picture for a straight view. The opposite face is far more interesting. Big full-length French windows are the main source of light into the modest internal space, and one slides open - in one of the rare instances of the 1x8 plates with wide rail being used for their intended purpose. We'll see the barbecue in more detail later, but this is a good moment to point out the chimney. Dark bluish-grey and tan are used to add texture to the stone, and slopes gradually angle the flue; the stack sits just off the centre of the roof, but the slopes imply that the chimney is continuous. It's rather pretty; sure, it doesn't use headlight bricks and tiles to add depth like we see on the Winter Village sets, but for a little CREATOR set, I think it's been done quite tastefully. The back of the chimney is squared off nicely, and forms the boundary to the opening rear wall: The dark grey plate with vertical pole forms a little handle, which allows the whole - and otherwise plain - wall to open. You can also see that there's another gable window - replete with sill - on this side. The wall swings back, allowing Chet to sit in his swivelly chair ... ... and preventing adult hands from having to squeeze through the narrow space afforded by the sliding window. In the opening corner is a little table - rather optimistically called 'drawers' in the promotional text - with a lamp of unusual design. It's basic, but at least there's furniture! Though I hope the chair is comfortable, as Chet doesn't appear to have a bed. If the opening wall isn't enough, the whole roof comes off easily: This is great for play access to the interior, even if there isn't that much to do in there. I'd quite like to have seen a bunk bed, or something. Sadly, there is too little space in the roof structure to add any features up there; this is partly because larger bricks have been used than is strictly necessary, in order to allow for the alternative builds. Maybe Chet sleeps in the garden; certainly the little pond obviates the need for a bathroom. The pond is incredibly simple, but still rather effective; the slopes and green plates are somewhat successful in providing an illusion that the pond surface is lower than that of the lawn. I do like the fence. Barbecues seem to be an essential feature of CREATOR houses: Seaside House, Hillside House, Log Cabin, Beach House, and Lighthouse Island have all featured outdoor cookery in various guises. The tradition continues: Chet enjoys his sausage with a cup of something. I'd have appreciated a little clip to attach sausage or 'fork'; you can clip the fork to the plate with bar under the grille, but then there's nowhere to put the sausage. I guess Chet can just hold it while he goes 'boarding. Cottage Verdict: This is a remarkably pretty little cottage, designed to look very smart despite a limited part selection. The opening door, window, and wall section; swivel chair, barbecue and skateboard provide minor play features, but it is in the creation of a beautiful house and garden scene from very simple parts and techniques that this model excels. Model 2 - Diminutive Windmill Hats off to the designer's imagination for including a windmill among the alternatives, even if the execution is a little too simplistic. To be fair, this isn't its best angle; the mismatched colours of the opening side look a little jarring here. I do like the design of the chimney flue, though. Not so on the opposite side with the door; the double white stripe continues above the door here. I'm not so keen on the use of red 1x1 round plates in the central stripe, but at least they are used symmetrically; I'd rather see normal 1x1 plates even is it would result in square flowers in the other builds! The big windows aren't used in this build; instead, four small windows let in some light. A 1x2 brick with frictionless pin - not used in the other builds - allows the windmill to spin ... ... which it manages to do for less than the eight second exposure of this shot. It might have helped a little if I'd built it correctly - the white tiles and red plates should have rotational symmetry. Of course, an effecive windmill would have sails that capture the wind; these barely extend beyond the face of the mill. I do like the minor landscaping detail which, coupled with regularly spaced tiles, makes an attractive path up to the door ... ... beyond which we see a hint of some inside detail. From the front, note again the dark bluish-grey brick which looks a little out of place, and the rather-too-short sails: The back is more interesting than you might imagine: here, the dark tan rail-plates make a little ladder - spaced a brick apart using a technique which might be instructive to less experienced builders - even if it doesn't really lead anywhere. Again a red round plate looks a little incongruous, but not nearly so as the trans-orange one at the bottom of the ladder. Again, the back opens, revealing the inside detail and a eyebrow-raising blue floor: If you don't like the floor, there's a bright green plate you can use instead; maybe blue is better. The white cones are, I presume, bags of flour, although you'd be forgiven for thinking they are milk bottles. It isn't clear from the instructions how exactly to place the SNOT 2x2 round brick onto the wall; I've chosen to use its centre anti-stud as it is a better connection, even though it's now off-centre to the other 2x2 round brick. Like the primary build, the windmill's roof is detachable: The roof section is a very uncomplicated stack of bricks. I'd have thought the black plate with bar at the top of the opening wall section would have been better facing out, at the top of the ladder. Windmill Verdict: A novel idea, though a little disappointing in the flesh. This is by far the weakest of the builds, though its spinning sails might appeal to younger builders. Model 3 - Modest House The final build is another cottage, but this one is long and thin, and there's a good reason for this: it folds! TLG calls this a 'skater's house' - that well-known phenomenon. We'll see why it's call that in due course (and not just because of the skateboard. ) With the house folded out like this, the chimney forms an attractive buttress adding to the 'cottagey' feel. In this and the first view, you can see that the large windows form the end walls; they are topped by the 1x4 arches, which I guess form an architectural feature, but it isn't entirely successful. I'm not sure why the arches were included in the set; apart from introducing a little variety to the red bricks, they don't really add anything to the designs at any point. From the front, you can see how again the wall-mounted lantern welcomes you, and this time there is a little garden tap, though it's a little close to the ground. I'm not sure why the doorknob is a dark blue cheese slope; there are plenty of black 1x1 rounds to do the job a little better, but maybe this is due to show that other parts can be used for this in your MOCs in the unlikely event you've run out of rounds plates. Now for the money shot: Closing the house brings the two large windows together; they look great, but this emphasises the oddity of the arches. I wonder if the blue 'pond' plate might have been better placed in front of the further window. The plain wall formed by closing the model again suffers from an incongruous round plate in its construction. The light bley bottom layer is nicely continuous; the chimney bley intrudes a little far into the wall, but I can live with this: it looks suitably rustic. Chet retains his swivel chair to warm his feet by the lounge fire, but he still doesn't have a bed. This time he does have somewhere to keep his fork (if that's what it is there), but it's all for nothing, because he doesn't have anything to cook. Not a sausage. And that's because his sausage has been employed elsewhere: Nice part usage!! the sausage forms the stem of an angled desk lamp. Super! Shame it's a red light. What do you get up to in the evenings, Skater Boi? Anyhoo, in daylight, he likes to practice his skateboarding tricks, and the house has a means to help him: The plate with rail is a ledge for him to do that thing that I've seen skateboarders do on MTV. Apparently, according to TLG, this is called 'grinding'. Who knew? Skater's House Verdict: There's something refreshing about this little house, which achieves far more than just the folding mechanism would imply. It's cute, it's quaint; it's ... somehow familiar, reminding me quite strongly of some old classics: Here we have the Skater House next to veteran sets 6370 Weekend Home, from 1985, and 376 Town House, from as early as 1978. They're really not too different. Stick a moulded tree and some flowers onto 31009, and you've got a Classic Town set in all but name. Conclusion You know, I really like this cute little set. It's simple, unpretentious; it looks great, with a pretty colour scheme, and there's a bundle of useful house parts for creating your own little town buildings, from homes for your myriad CITY workers to trackside structures for Train fans (I can see an opportunity for a signal box, though you might not want a blue roof). There may not be much in the way of technicality in the build, and play functions are little lacking; the skateboard probably appeals to the kids in this respect, but I'd rather have had a bicycle. As a standalone, it might not compete so well with the slightly cheaper 'action' CREATOR sets; however, it fills a niche that's been lacking now for years: an affordable home that will fit into any Town layout. Design & Build 8 A pretty though simple set, it lacks a little in the build compared to other CREATOR sets, but it's great to look at. Not so much the windmill, perhaps. I'm impressed with the effect of the simple landscaping to create garden features and gradients, and the smart use of colours in the two house builds. Parts 9 Dark blue roof pieces, including corner slopes; large and small windows; and a variety of basic bricks and plates in useful colours make this a great parts pack. I'd consider buying mutliples of this to make a big house. Figures 6 Chet isn't the most exciting dude to be included in a LEGO set. He has a rare-ish face, but I doubt you'd be buying this set for the figure alone! Playability 7 There are a number of good play features; I suspect this set might appeal more to girls than boys, unless they are all entranced by Friends; the somewhat anathematic skateboard might have been included to swing this appeal the other way. Couple the set with some CITY and the playability multiples. Value 10 Part for penny, the CREATOR range is always good value; at £20 for 271 useful pieces, this is a bargain. Couple it with two attractive houses, and ooooh so much potential, and it's a no-brainer. Overall 80% My Score 9/10 Classic Town lives on, in a modern CREATOR-fied form. Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed the review. Please take the time to comment! Rufus My flickr Set Other CREATOR House Reviews 4954 Town House by Siegfried 4956 House by alex54 4996 Beach House by def 6754 Family Home by Matn 5891 Apple Tree House by def 5766 Log Cabin by The Brickster 5770 Lighthouse Islandby Pandora 5771 Hillside House by Rufus 7346 Seaside House by Pandora I you like my reviews, and would like to learn how it's done, please consider joining the Reviewers Academy:
  21. nezz

    small cottage modified

    hi here is my first post of a modified set just a few changes were made: - a floor was added - small differences in barbeque area - base floor with kitchen utensils - roof tops still have to finish attic and 1st floor. I'm waiting for stairs and 4x2 plates to go on base floor hope you like it
  22. My newest modular is a small hotel with a New Orleans French Quarter look. The first floor: Three rooms on the 2nd floor with a shared bath: The top floor apartment belongs to the owner - Mr. Good & Evil. His secret lab is accessed through the bookcase. And the back... Comments and ideas are welcome! Thanks for looking.
  23. CREATOR 2014 Last update 1 Jan 2014 31013 Red Thunder Parts: 66 Price: $4.99 31014 Power Digger Parts: 64 Price: $4.99 31015 Emerald Express Parts: 56 Price: $4.99 31017 Sunset Speeder Parts: 119 Price: $12.99 31018 Highway Cruiser Parts: 129 Price: $12.99 31019 Forest Animals Parts: 272 Price: $19.99 31020 Twinblade Adventures Parts: 216 Price: $17.99 31021 Furry Creatures Parts: 285 Price: $19.99 31022 Turbo Quad Parts: 186 Price: $24.99 >no image yet< 31023 Yellow Racecar* Parts: 328 Price: $29.99** >no image yet< 31024 Thunder Force* Parts: 374 Price: $29.99** 31025 Mountain Hut Parts: 550 Price: $39.99 >no image yet< 31026 Bicycle Shop and Cafe Parts: 1023 Price: $69.99** Information and pictures via Brickset unless otherwise specified * Information from - thanks just2good for the link ** Very approximate price Original post Brickset has listed two new Creator sets. As 'xtremegoogler' says in the 2013 topic... (Never quote pictures, kids. This was just under special circumstances. ) And, in fact, Brickset does list them as 2014 Creator sets. So, this calls for a 2014 Creator topic. Personally, I'm curios if LEGO is going to stop doing the "3 in 1" models. These two seem to have two separate models, not made from the same pieces as each other. Maybe Creator set "2 pack" builds? Either way, though we don't have pictures for any Creator House set yet, I'm sure we'll be getting some in 2014. Strangely enough, we have not gotten a Creator 2014 rumor list yet. UPDATE: 8/21/2013
  24. So, I was happily building the second of the two secondary builds (the flower shop) in the #31026 Lego Creator Bike Shop and Cafe set when I noticed that not only does that build have an astonishing number of parts left, it also has no form of motorised transport in it's instructions, despite all the parts left spare. I felt this was a crying shame (because it's a very nice build as are the other 2 (3?) builds, and why should it be the only one with no car!?) and seeing as Creator is supposed to be all about encouraging you to get creative, that is exactly what I did: The Driver isn't from the set (I just picked up the first minifig who happened to be close, which happened to be a Star Wars Rebel). Sadly I had to take apart the van (and the shop) to build the main build of the set, but it was a lot of fun coming up with a way to build a decent and consistent looking van using the pieces left from the shop build. I intent to build a larger version of the same basic idea that'll fit in with the modern style of Lego vehicles.
  25. AVCampos

    [MOC] 31008 Stegotrodon

    In the vein of HawkMech, here's another MOC built using parts from 31008 Thunder Wings. I wanted to build a Stegosaurus-like dinosaur, but the parts wouldn't allow it, so I invented one, with a single row of dorsal plates and one pair of spikes in the thagomizer. As the plates are so tall and in a single row, it also reminded me of a Dimetrodon, hence this MOC's name being a mixture of the two. The biggest challenge I faced was the tail: how to make something thin, centred, and able to oscillate side-to-side (for defence against predators), using this limited selection of parts? I managed it with some SNOT, and even so it ended up looking a little weird. "I'm evolving, I'll be a biped!" "When you gotta go, you gotta go!" "Won't somebody pet my belly?"