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Found 178 results

  1. CM4Sci

    Creator 2016

    Updated by WhiteFang on 16 Dec 15, with images for 2016, 30471: Helicopter 30472: Parrot 30474: Reindeer 31040: Desert Racers 31041: Construction Vehicles 31042: Super Soarer 31043: Chopper Transporter 31044: Park Animals 31045: Ocean Explorer 31046: Fast Car 31047: Propeller Plane 31048: Lakeside Lodge 31050: Corner Deli ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ LEGO Creator Desert Racers 31040 LEGO Creator Const Vehicles LEGO Creator Desert Racer LEGO Creator Chopper Trans LEGO Creator Park Animals LEGO Creator Ocean Explorer LEGO Creator Fast Car LEGO Creator Propel Plane LEGO Creator Lakeside Lodge LEGO Creator Corner Deli Source
  2. Captain Britain

    Lego Fountain 40221

    ***SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD*** Hi all, I've got a spare Lego Fountain 40221 for sale if anybody in the UK is interested? Would also be interested in trades for Star Wars figs maybe depending who! Cheers, Cap. B EDIT - also interested in Carnage/Venom/Miles Morales/Loki/Super Hero figs I can create unmasked versions of!
  3. Hi everybody, I'm thinking in purchase the 10214 Tower Bridge and turn it into a modular building MOC. It would be my first attempt to build my own MOC. I'm not interested on the set itself, but I feel that has a lot of possibilities to switch it into a nice building. My question are: has anybody attempted this? Any examples? Do you think it's a good choice to start with? Thanks in advance!
  4. jus1973

    Modular Expert B models.

    Hi all Just got into the whole modular building idea after purchasing a couple of the predesigned models, Cinema, and Detectives office. I've had a bash a MOCing using the very limited parts I have to join them. I was just wondering if there has been much interest in creating B models and instructions, from the parts in the modular sets, which retain the modular rules?
  5. I took my oldest set out of closet week ago. It's Designer set 4884 - Wild Hunters. ...and started building something cute out of it. I began with boobs, continued with body, arms, head and finally legs. I wanted her to be totally naked but I had to dress her little bit as I was lacking in tan bricks. Even she is not as curvy as I would like her to be she looks good and features good posability. So let me introduce you Woman in Bikini and High Boots. Do you like her?
  6. Using creator set 3012: Blue Racer, I created four of my own alternate models. It was a lot of fun! x24Hrs is made to look like a number of the road hugging racing car styles. Sport* is made to look like a sporty two-seater to take out for a drive on a nice day or a track day. . Boost was just for a little fun. Make something that looks like it can go fast. Photos are a bit poor, but as they were essentially table-scrap builds I just snapped pics with my phone before taking them apart and trying again. I must have built about 12 different things and these three were my favourite successful builds. A "fail" was something I did not like the final look of, couldn't get to "work" with what I was aiming for in building, or something just too fragile to stay together. So there we go.
  7. I was amazed as much by grohl’s creations from mini Creator set 4916 as I bought this set too and began building. It was great challenge to build something what wasn’t already built by grohl. Soon I found few favourite animals of mine which were not built yet and here they are: Rabbit with carrot was the first – I love rabbits! Frog on water lily was the second. The third animal was another cute pet – dachshund. The fourth animal was camel (dromedary). The fifth creation was couple of animals – cat and mouse (almost like Tom & Jerry :) Soon beaver came as the sixth creation. After modifying beaver I’ve got squirrel which has already been the seventh creation. I’d like to show you last animal for this time - mountain goat. It's my number 8. If you like my little animals you can find building instructions for all of them at my website buildinst and few more pictures in my brickshelf gallery
  8. finnbricker

    MOD: Modular Toy &Grocery Shop 31036

    Okay, so this is what I started with. One set was well enough for the 2-storey version, but I ended up getting an extra set and building a third floor. It's still a WIP, though. The window decorations are not completed; I'm waiting for a PAB order and after that, I still need some tan cheeses. The ground floor storefront is empty (or nearly empty, I've temporarily put the 31036 minibuilds there). It will ultimately be a bags & accesories store. The chewing gum machine will remain, though. From the side, you can see that the sand green facade is sort of a charade, all the other walls are white on the ground floor as well. I'm quite satisfied with the backside. The ground floor is a little plain since I want to use the back wall of the store for shelves. The second floow interior is borrowed from Olivia's house 3315. There's room for the huge TV, the sofa and some lamps on the wall. The small stand by the stairs is a 31036 original design. Sadly no room for a refigerator in the open kitchen. The bedroom is on the third floor. All the furniture is from Olivia's house 3315 except for the lamp, which is from 3136, where it featured as a (very small) street lamp. The two grey flat 1x1 round tiles will be removed after I receive one more tan grille 1x2.
  9. Robenanne

    Boat Repair Shop

    My story For this modular (creator) building was that the Boat Repair Shop is based for a creation to fit in the Sea front Village. I built this one on Lego Digital Designer (LDD). I really believe that this model could have a lot of genuine interest for fans of my Sea front Village sets. This is the second of a series of modular (creator} buildings that I will be submitting. Summary If you're looking for trusted boat repair in Sea Front Village you've found the right place. With a full team of highly-trained technicians, Our Service Department has become one of the most trusted boat repair shops in Sea Front Village. From plastic boat repair to marine engine repair. our state-of-the-art equipment will get you back on the water as quickly as possible. The following is a list of the boat repair shop items: Minifig: Technicians (Carpenters), Captain, Fishing man. Boat: 2 type models, Tools: Drill, Screwdriver, Saw and more. The building consists of roughly 2460 parts and a boat ramp with a crane, work floor, and storage- attic. I used the colors sand yellow and olive green for the building that gives it a realistic feeling. And Siding technique for the clapboards. The roof just sits on the recess so it’s easy to take of and put on. If you like this design or the idea of the Boat Repair Shop – Modular (Creator) Building please support and follow (LEGO IDEAS) thanks for reading and Brick On everyone
  10. Here's my entry for the Winter Village contest this year.. a christmas party at the stately winter village pavilion. Thanks for looking!
  11. I'm most excited for the new star wars sets and nexo knights.
  12. Lego 31036 Creator Toy and Grocery Shop Thanks to EuroBricks for making this review possible! For years, Lego has offered a house of some sort in the Creator line each year - with the standard Creator 3-in-1 instructions, that's given us a very wide variety of housing. In 2014, they added a business option with their 31026 Bike Shop and Cafe set. This continues into this year's Toy and Grocery Shop set. These shops are smaller than the very detailed modular buildings, but that should help them fit in better with the other City sets, and this also lets them get into more kids' cities with their lower pricetag. Name: Toy and Grocery Shop Set Number: 31036 Pieces: 466 Price: $39.99 Minifigs: 2 Theme: Creator Year of Release: 2015 Links: Bricklink Peeron Brickset The Box The front of the box shows the "A" version model out of the three, plus insets of the B and C versions. I like the sorta-European looking backdrop; it goes well with the styling of the buildings. Interestingly, the main model is shown opened up for play, while the two insets show those versions folded. The Box Top On the top of the box, Lego helpfully shows that with 3 of these sets, you can make a whole street. The Box Back On the back, you get to again see all three versions together, but this time, folded. It's a little creepy though with those clones running around :) The Manuals Yep, three actual, printed manuals. There's nothing indicating them as being A, B, and C models, but it's pretty obvious looking at the designs which is the "main" model and which are the alternates. The Contents Bags of parts and two plates. Nothing terribly exciting to see here.... The Minifigs Nothing new here, but two nice figs none-the-less. Well, Bricklink does say that both figs are unique to this set, but there's not any new parts to them. The closest thing to rare is the female head - it's only in this set, 2013's Dragon Mountain Castle set, a UK store grand opening set, and one of the 2014 Holiday freebie sets. The faces aren't that unique, but I guess this exact combo of two faces on the head is. I love the kid torso with the spaceman on it. The Minifig Backs No back printing on anything here except for an alternate female face. Sorry. I do like that her two faces are so different though. That's much better than when a head has a "scared" and a "more scared" face. The "C" Build Enough with the basics; let's build. I'm going to review them in the same order I built them, backwards. Since you can tell immediately looking at the 3 designs that they're going to use different numbers of pieces and so forth, I figured I'd build the smallest first lest it seem like a letdown. All three have some basic similarities - the two plates are hinged to give a building that opens for play. They also do have interiors, which you can see starting to form here. The "C" Build, Front It's a pretty quick build, so it's done already. Here's the front of the building with it opened up. Like this, it appears to be two separate stores, a newsstand and some sort of shop you can enter. All the printed tiles help give the newsstand a detailed appearance, but I'm not sure why they've got a $100 bill lying on the ledge... The "C" Build, Rear From the back side, the interiors are pretty plain. The shop half has a plant in a jar and a weird chair, and the newsstand just has a register. The "C" Build, Sides Here's the two sides of the folded building. On the hinge side, there's a bunch of windows in a disjointed wall with random colors. On the other, why did they put in a huge window when the set does include a trans-clear door that could have gone there? And you get a small patch of plants, like so many sets seem to have these days. The "C" Build, Extras That's a lot of leftovers there. And not just little stuff - multiple doors, stairs, etc. And unused sand green is always a little sad.... The "B" Build, 1 A pretty similar start, with the hinge and little garden and some tiles along the ground. The "B" Build, 2 Now we see a big windowed wall, some details like lights, and how it has the usual alternate model "weird part usage" - like a 1x4 brick with side studs being used over the doorway, even though those side studs will not get used. The "B" Build, Front The finished building gives us a nice little post office, with a letter-carrying bird on the roof. Hope that's not their normal method of delivery! Something about the colors just doesn't work for me though. The combo of white / light grey / dark grey / black / sand green plus tan is just too much. The tan window and door frames I don't like. The "B" Build, Inside On the inside, things are weird. The counter on the left is ok, but the light above the door (with a yellow clip? ugly!) is too big, and everything else over there by the door doesn't make much sense either. The "B" Build, Sides I like the front side here, except the colors are still too much. The bench, greenery, mailbox on the corner, and streetlight are all nice. The boy is a little creepy though - binoculars in hand PLUS a telescope on the roof of the post office? Why? The hinge side shows more of the weird colors you get in the wall, but that's going to be hidden when the set is open. Plus we even see that on big modulars at times, so it's not SO terrible. The "B" Build, Leftovers Again, a lot of leftover parts. It's obvious this was another alternate, but it'd be nice to see more of them used to make a bigger building. But let's move on to the model that DOES use them all... The "A" Build, 1 The first half starts like this. Maybe it's just my bias, but it already feels like a more detailed build. Bottles on the wall, the yellow and red awning over the window, etc. The "A" Build, 2 The other half starts off with detailed work too. I think that's a red vending machine. The stairs are also VERY solidly built. I also appreciate the effort to get that diagonal base where a door will be - it's such a nice touch to have sections of a building that aren't right angles. The "A" Build, 3 Not too much has been added, but I wanted to showcase the tiny toys before they get hidden by a wall. That robot and train are just fantastic little micro builds. The "A" Build, 4 Things are coming together quickly. The walls, windows, and doors get the first floor nearly done. I'm still not big on the sand green and tan combo, but I do really like the red and yellow awnings. The "A" Build, 5 It appears the shop owner lives upstairs, since we've got a bedroom forming here. The bed is a little plain, but the table and lamp on the other half are great. And my big fingers did not like putting all those railings on the balcony, with the telescope posts and tile tops. Knocked quite a few off before I got them all done. The "A" Build, Front And it's done. All the details make this set really feel like a mini-modular. The roofline has great greebling, and the shop contents, and on and on. It's not perfect though. The tiny car above the toy store door isn't nearly as good as the toys inside. And the kid's yellow scooter? The wheels aren't even on the ground, much less able to roll. The scooter looks decent though, so that counts for something. Well, at least as long as you are at this angle, since the boy's only got 1 foot on the 1 stud wide scooter. The "A" Build, Inside Most of the interior has been seen already. The roof though does a nice job of being interesting for a roof. A skylight, the edge rails, etc. And you can see there's not much "wrong color" in the walls. The "A" Model, Sides An interesting building when folded up. Very tall and skinny. You can tell it's not really meant to be displayed this way - it's meant to be open. The good - lots! I like the awning, the diagonal door, the flowerbox under the upper window, the folding gate on the balcony that lets it be used in open or closed mode, and the green / white / blue colors. The bad - well, the stairs end short of the upper door, I still don't really like the tan doorframes (I think black would have been better), and why don't the upper floors match up in size? The "A" Model, Leftovers Ah, that's more like it. Just a few small pieces left as spares. The Errors You might have to click through to the full-size versions, but I did catch a few weird errors in the manuals. First, in the photo of the newsstand, the map in the front corner is on there sideways. The map does have a clear north arrow printed on it. On the second image, the boy's feet are hanging off the edge. Just unusual to see an alignment error in the manual like that. The Comparison Here are this set and the modular Detective Office side by side. There's a huge difference - as you'd expect. But is the difference MORE than you'd expect? This set is 466 parts, $40. The DO is 2262 pieces and $160. 5 times the parts, 4 times the price. Looking at them side by side, I'd expect a bigger difference in both. The Conclusion So, what's my conclusion on this model? I love the main model, but the alternates are meh. It's a nice set for someone looking for a town building other than police and fire stations, but who isn't ready to move to the modular line. Compared to the modulars though, it seems overpriced. Part of that is because the huge modulars are actually a great deal compared to other Lego sets. I'm also a little surprised that it's so small, when you compare it to the City sets like a police station. Those are generally designed with much more open space, letting them be more of a playset. This one is small and cramped, so it'd be tougher to play in. It's not really a City set though. The Ratings Value: 7/10 - It's under the 10 cents a part mark, but that's largely due to having a TON of tiny parts. All those flowers and decorative 1x1 round studs add up quickly! Design: 7/10 - Good and bad on the colors, and there's a big difference between the quality of the main vs alternate models. Having so many leftover pieces is one thing when the Creator set makes 3 very different models (ie a boat, plane, and truck). When it's 3 buildings, it seems wasteful to have so many parts leftover. Minifigs: 6/10 - I'm not sure they both fit the set. I suppose the boy is going to the toy store and the woman is going to the grocery? But there's no storekeeper in either. The woman doesn't look like a storekeeper to me, so that's why I assume she's another shopper. I love the boy, but the woman is just so-so - except that I do appreciate the head having two very different expressions. But again, that doesn't fit the set. I can't see her scared face being used. Playability: 6/10 - The shops are detailed with registers and so forth, but it's all so tiny it'd be hard to play with the figs in it. Parts: 9/10 - Tons of windows and doors, plus nice sand green bricks. But some things (the large blue curves used on the roof for example) are weirdly specialized and would be hard to use in another building design. Overall: 7/10 - I'd recommend doing what I did - build the alternates first, then the main since that's how you'll want to leave it. I'd really like to see the price a little lower compared to other sets (again, the part count is inflated due to SO MANY tiny parts) and the finished building is tiny, but it's loaded with neat details.
  13. Hello Everybody, This time my design is Creator series UCS Style Nostalgic Tram... He is currently held in Istanbul tram is already divided. This nostalgic tram that has become a symbol of Istanbul, especially because I chose the color compatibility with Lego. White, Red, Black and very light Gray tones was really compatible. The total number of Parts; Tram: 4025 Parts Base: 688 Parts Total: 4713 Parts Best regards,
  14. Staslegomaster

    LEGO Architects

    Hi, LEGO Creator fans This is my 3d favorite LEGO series. Some fans advised me to translate from Russian into English my poem dedicated to the 80th anniversary of LEGO. If I mischose the theme, a regulater will choose where to upload it better. Many thanks. First the text is in Russian and below in English. (Sorry I failed to translate using rhymes). Как-то раз, найдя в пустыне лампу с узником волшебным, Человек спросил у джина: «Что ты можешь, дух Вселенной? Знают все про три желанья. Но скажи, на что способен? Быть ли мне в своих мечтаньях безрассудным, осторожным?» - «Больше узник я не лампы, а хозяйских предпочтений. Для меня оковы – рамки человеческих стремлений. Я способен сделать явью всё, что можешь ты представить. А взамен молю от власти, данной мне, меня избавить. Отпустить на волю джина, пожелать ему свободы. Как не счесть песков в пустыне, так бессчетны рабства годы.» Чем окончилась легенда, то века не сохранили. Только люди мир волшебный в мир игры преобразили. Все когда-то начинали с разных кубиков, мозаик. Что не в силах дать детали, то мечтою дополняли. У детей воображенье заменяет силу джина, Заключая мир волшебный, словно лампа Алладина. И конструктора коробки умещают всё на свете. Всё, чем полон ум ребёнка, чем живут не только дети. Ведь ещё игрушки могут стать коллекции началом, Если с возрастом простого увлеченья станет мало. Много лет в наборах разных сочетания деталей Формы новые давали воплощениям фантазий. И теперь ищу с надеждой где-то что-то понемногу. Знаю точно, есть на свете те, кто в этом мне помогут. Те, кого совсем не знаю, у кого осталось что-то, А теперь лежит в завалах, да заняться неохота. Без разбора, в беспорядке позабытые наборы По углам теперь пылятся месяца и даже годы. Дать вторую жизнь предметам, отслужившим как забава, Я могу, как архитектор, что в руинах видит славу. Чем они когда-то были, подсказать способна память. Только люди не щадили в безрассудстве даже камень. Парфенон, шедевр древний, не стихией был разрушен – Тем, что стал служить военным складом пороха для пушек. Как-то раз ядро шальное крышу крепкую пробило, И строенье вековое взрыв потряс ужасной силы. Реставраторы стремятся много лет в науках разных Отыскать все те богатства, что в веках утратил разум. Где истоки их стремлений, интерес к архитектуре, Красоте былых строений и создавшей их культуре? - Может быть, лишь в давнем хобби, изменившим жизнь с годами. Ведь бесследно что проходит? Всё хранит в глубинах память. А из них порой всплывает что, казалось, позабыто, Словно семя, пробиваясь из земли, куда зарыто. Непредвиденные всходы, незаметные вначале, Дать оно порою может там, где их уже не ждали. Так и детская забава, то, что было лишь игрою, Может в жизни быть началом много большего порою. И пластмасса станет камнем, а инструкции по сборке – Чертежами разных зданий на совсем не детской стройке. 24.01. 2012 To LEGO Architects (1932-2012) Once, having found in a desert a lamp with a magic prisoner The man asked the jinn, “What can you do, the spirit of the Universe? Should I be reckless or cautious in my dreams?” - “I am less the lamp’s prisoner than of my master’s wishes. My bondage are limits of human aspiration. I can make real anything that you can imagine And in exchange I beg you to free me from the power given to me, To let free the jinn, to wish him freedom. As one can’t count sands in a desert, so are my slave years countless”. How did the legend finish that wasn’t preserved by centuries. Only people turned the magic world into a game world. Everyone once started with toy blocks & puzzles. What couldn’t be made with blocks, that was completed by a dream. Children’s imagination is equal to the jinn’s powers, It includes the magic world as Aladdin’s lamp does. And the toy bricks boxes hold anything in the world, Anything that is in a child’s mind, and not only child’s. Because toys can start a collection If later a simple hobby is not enough. During lots of years different blocks Gave new forms to realization of imagination. And I still search for something somewhere, little by little. I know for certain, there are people in the world that’ll help me. Those whom I don’t know at all, but who has something But that is in hips – not needed any more. Promiscuously, indisorder, forgottensets Are in the corners, dusted – for months & even years. To give a second life to things used as pastime – That I can do as an architect who sees glory of ruins. What they used to be, our memory can suggest. But people didn’t spare even stone in their recklessness. Parthenon, the ancient masterpiece, wasn’t destroyed by elements But by being used as a military warehouse of gunpowder. Once a cannon-ball broke the strong roof And a terrible explosionshook the ancient building. Restorers have been trying for a lot of years to find In different branches of science the treasures lost by memory. Where is the source of their aspiration, interest for architecture, For the beauty of gone buildings & the culture which created them? - Maybe it is only in this hobby which gradually changed the life. Nothing passes away without a trace. Everything is kept deep in our minds. Sometimes we recollect long forgotten things. So a seed forces its way through soil. Unforeseen corn shoots, invisible at first, Cansproutsometimesunexpectedly. So a childish pastime, being only a game Sometimes can be a beginning of something more important. Then plastic will become stone and assembling instructions - Draughts of different buildings at a real construction site. 24.01. 2012.
  15. Chilly_Productions

    Which Modular Buildings Do You Own?

    I own the pet shop and the fire brigade, my sister owns the green grocer, the grand emporium, the palace cinema and the town hall, she isn't into LEGO anymore, but she keeps them as ornaments.
  16. stigge72

    MOC: Monster

    Last night, my girlfriend told me that the fourth graders she teach, had had an exercise where she described a monster, which they then got to draw and paint. Having heard the description, I decided to do my own interpretation, but (of course) in lego.
  17. toorayay

    [MOC] 50's Style American Diner

    I built this little diner to fit into my Modular town. It occupies a single base plate and can serve as an end cap to a row of buildings, but has facades on three sides. To date, this is one of my favorite builds. A little close-up of the marquee: Ground level view of the restaurant: A little profile shot: And then the top came off! Plenty of seating inside: Hamburger, fries, milkshake, or a fresh slice of pie today? The staff is always friendly and helpful. There's always a hoppin' tune playing on the jukebox. Situated in a busy area of town: Thanks for looking! You can see additional pictures (with more details) in my Flickr gallery!
  18. Having recently taken inspiration from SearchFunction's 'Living Small' builds, I have finally gotten around to finishing this MOC. It has been rebuilt a few times, reducing the size to try and get the scale right. I would be more happy with more detail on the interior but I am signing this off as finished, so I can move on to my next project. I present to you a Bungalow with Dormer. Currently resided in by Dave the Flower Cart seller. This building comprises of an enterance hall with stairs to the first floor. On the gorund floor, a spacious and well equipt kitchen leads you to the light and very large 'lounge diner', complete with french doors to the garden, bay window to the front, fireplace and an inviting bay window seat. Upstairs we have the large master suite, which has its own sizeable ensuite bathroom. It took me ages to get the roof to sit correctly. It is largely based on SearchFunctions plate design, however i have added some 2x2 tiles to try and get that slate roof effect. I did have skylights in one version of the second floor but it didnt give me much room to work with so I went with the dormers instead. Planning out the top floor was very tricky due to where the stairs came up and not eating into the bedroom too much with unnessecary walls and corridors. With regards to the large amount of Tan... this is what happens when you buy the Tower Bridge as your first set for building mocs with. Hey ho, it doesnt look too bad, Struggled with detailing the exterior, hopefully the next one will be better right? There are more pictures on my Flickr account. C&C always welcome and thats again to SearchFunction for the inspiration. LEGO Bungalow with Dormer by Chris Brown, on Flickr LEGO Bungalow with Dormer by Chris Brown, on Flickr LEGO Bungalow with Dormer by Chris Brown, on Flickr LEGO Bungalow with Dormer by Chris Brown, on Flickr LEGO Bungalow with Dormer by Chris Brown, on Flickr LEGO Bungalow with Dormer by Chris Brown, on Flickr LEGO Bungalow with Dormer by Chris Brown, on Flickr
  19. Wasn't sure where else to post this, Historic seems like the best idea. Here's an alternate model for the 31032 Red Creatures set: Instructions can be found here:
  20. Ever wonder where the minifigs are buying all those coffee mugs? My newest modular is a kitchen store: The first floor is the kitchen store.... Cooking classes are offered upstairs... Here it is next to the Fire Brigade and my candy store moc: Thanks for looking!
  21. Hi everybody! :) I'm new to the forum and wanted to share my latest MOC, and in doing so I hope to start a discussion on the set that I've designed and I'm sure that there will be some really interesting dialogue as a result of this. To get something out of the way (and quickly), this set is my very first Lego Idea and as of today it is live - please support it if you think it has merit as a potential Lego set! Monster Miner / Wheel Loader And now, some reflection on the process that led to this model and some thoughts about Lego in general! I'm almost 33 years old and have been mad about Lego for as long as I remember. I love to create things with Lego, and for about 25 years now it's always been Technic-style diggers and cranes, sometimes other construction vehicles, all with functioning gear trains and realistic movements. I'd say that this set I'm sharing here today is the culmination of between 25 and 30 years of Lego experimentation and prototyping. and I just feel that every aspect of this set has "clicked" (pardon the pun) and I'm so happy finally to be able to include a little bit of everything in one big, imposing set. My thinking on Lego today is that there are many sets which don't look very Lego-like (certainly in the MOC realm), and I'm confused by that. Why conceal the medium that makes Lego what it is? With this model I decided to embrace Lego as an educational childs toy (which is what it is, first and foremost), so instead of concealing all the studs and making this more of a replica and less of a toy, I have tried to retain the inherent Lego-ness and sturdy playability of the exterior whilst presenting an equally impressive and more grown-up sort of "model" that would appeal to teenagers and even adults. Basically, it's Lego city, Lego Technic, Lego Model Team etc. rolled into one. Whether that works or not... is up to everybody else! So what do you folks think? Must Lego sets be "niche" products if they are to succeed as merchandise, or is it possible to stretch things a little and cater for more than one market with just one set? To put it another way, I reckon this is the set that I wanted to find in the pages of the 1990s Lego catalogues, especially at the back, in the Model Team section. That's why I built it. Is it just me, or is there intrinsic appeal in this sort of set that straddles the fence delineating different Lego lines? Here are some more pics which may or may not influence your input!
  22. Hi, guys. My name is Wojtek (you spell it 'Voyteck'), I'm from Poland, born in the late '80s. Writer, game designer, text designer, enthusiast of various things like video games, speculative fiction, classic cars, bass guitars, music... I work at a game development company as that guy who creates various text related stuff ('Oh, you make games? So you must be a programmer!' 'No, ma'am, I write story and characters.' 'Oh, ok... Mighty fine weather, now isn't it?'), while at home I create a big S-F project containing novels, stories and a tabletop games. I'm also an AFoL that was rescued from the Dark Age by his girlfriend who started to gift some nice sets to him. My love for Lego was reborn and never was stronger (man, I need to un-dig the old sets!). When it comes to Lego, I won't shy away from neither building nor brooming and swooshing. My thing are mostly Creator and Technic sets and I build mostly vehicles of different kinds. I also like LDD, but I use it mostly to generate building guides for my more successful MOCs and to visualize stuff from my private project since my 3D soft skills are absolute zero, while my Lego-building skills are at least decent (I hope). Cheers!
  23. From David Thomsen: -Sci Updated with pictures on 6 Nov 2014,
  24. Creator is a weird beast of a series: mini-figure scale sets of different sizes, non-min-figure scale vehicles, and basically anything that qualifies as 'miscellaneous.' This year, one of the more colourful sets appearing in the line is Rainforest Animals. Let's take a look! Set#: 31031 Name: Rainforest Animals Theme: Creator Year: 2015 Pieces: 215 Minifigs: None MSP: U.S.$14.99 Peeron Brickset Bricklink The box The box is nothing surprising, the main model, with the two alternates on the side. At a glance, the shades of green used are really attractive. It jumps out off of the shelf, especially compared to a lot of the other Creator sets, which tend to have a lot more sky blue shown. The back of the box shows the 'action' features, such as they are. They will be shown in depth as the review goes on. The booklets The books have images based on the box set. They are cleanly designed with the requisite ads and piece list in the back. The Pieces The set is relatively small, and outside the googly eye printed pieces, nothing was particularly surprising. I love the colours though. The greens are lush. Build One: the piraña The base of the fish is solid, no hollow space in this build. The set(s) uses pieces in an unusual way in places. The bridge of the nose at the front uses two of the pivoting pieces that are normally used for doors and such are stacked and used only to get a nice texture to the front of the fish. Those sorts of irregular piece usage separates professional Lego builds from amateur ones. And a few steps later, it's finished! It's not a complicated build, but it is very, very economical and polished. The fins are solid and don't flop around. The base is stable, it won't fall over. I like the curves on it. It cuts a nice silhouette. And one from behind, for completionists. Build Two: Chameleon The second build is the chameleon. The base of it is solid as the piraña is. It's quite a chunky thing. I think the colours are a little more random than in the piraña, but nature is like that, and the three shades of green play well off of each other. The legs are put on, and I think they work better than they should. The feet are just stacked corner pieces. It works though, and they are very stable. The ability of the head to tilt is smartly restricted. It keeps it from going to unnatural positions. An unused hinge keeps it from flopping down too much. This is my favourite model of the three. It's got a funky quality to it. Build Three: Parrot/frog/fly The fly is a very simple build, and cute too. Next is the frog. Again, not too many steps. The hinged back feet are a clever design. The final frog is pretty nice, and has one action feature: A gaping maw. The shape of the big green slope is very close to an actual frog's shape. Could that be its original purpose? The third build is the parrot. At first I was a little baffled by it. Where is everything going to go? Unlike the other two, this thing is hollow... But there is a purpose for this! Turns out the next step solves a little mystery. The horizontal set is turned up, and feet are put on. The next steps build a very well designed head, that snaps on top. This kind of reminds me of the parrot from those Three Caballeros cartoons. Anyway, he's built, and he's a beaut. Of the three, this definitely uses the colours the best. The wings look surprisingly organic, and can splay out like a real bird's might. And go back. This is the weird thing. The head tilts back so you can feed it, as seen on the box. The set comes with four little beige pellets. So why was the inside hollow? Well, the tail pops up and... The bird poops? I guess that's what they're going for. It's interesting, anyway. So that's the third build. It uses a majority of the pieces, and is the one with the most natural colour scheme. The Final Verdict Design: 10/10 I have to review this on what it is: a set under $15 with multiple builds. It's not mind blowing, but nowhere in the set does anything rub the wrong way. The proportions seem right, except possibly the fly. Build: 7/10 It's not boring, but it's not anything I've never done. The parrots feet are interesting, and I like seeing the snot techniques in the build. Playability: 8/10 The fish isn't playable at all. But the piraña, parrot and frog are posable. And kids love things with pooping action. Price: 10/10 I thought this was $30 at first, but upon checking, no, it's $15. I thought $30 would be reasonable, but at $15, it's a good deal. And I love all the colourful, curved slope pieces in the set. Overall: 9/10 This is a solid set, not a must have, but a set that shows what a creative, smart toy Lego can be, away from licenses and flick fire missiles. I would recommend this as a present for any young person. So, it's good. My personal favourite build was the chameleon, and my daughter liked it too, using it as a dragon to fight with Mario, until she smashed it into oblivion. It unlocked her imagination, and that's what this stuff is all about, right?