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Found 177 results

  1. This is my original lego design base on KTM X-Bow. I only use the parts from set 31024. I really like the looks of the KTM X-Bow so I build one. Thanks for watching Watch review video here: Build instruction in LDD : Go to my blog for more high resolution photos. http://yoshinydesign...nate-build.html
  2. Let me know what you think of this short brick-film!
  3. 2016 LEGO City Sets Check our more high-resolution images on our flickr photostream. 60105 60106 60113 60114 60115 60116 60118 60126 60127 60128 Check our more high-resolution images on our flickr photostream.
  4. kanethemasterbuilder

    Creator, Friends, City make a film

    Your thoughts to improve upon this would be appreciated... for the sequel. More traffic, action, etc...
  5. My latest modular is a music store from a city in the American midwest. (Sorry for the poor photos - I took them with my cell phone. My camera battery is dead.) At four stories this is the tallest moc I've done to date. The first floor is an instrumental music shop. Here it is next to Palace Cinema. The alley looks better when it's next to another building: Thanks for looking! More photos (including better images of the fire escape and cornice) can be seen on flickr.
  6. Marco qm

    RC BMW Isetta

    Hello everyone and welcome to my first RC car using "Lego RC Buggy Motors", in this case being of course, the BMW Isetta 3 Wheeler. What is that? The BMW Isetta is a brilliant car made by BMW and designed by the Italians--with more space inside than what it looks like and great-looking from the outside. The Lego: With a lot of bricks, powerful engines, and an IR-Receiver, this Isetta is unique Lego build (at least I haven't seen anything like this, ever.), it is a little heavy but it does the job and look awesome while doing it ;-) ! Components: -White bricks -Blue bricks -Drive: RC Buggy motor -Steering: Servo Motor -Power source: AAA Battery pack -Lego Power Functions IR Speed Control 8879 ____________________________________________ .
  7. You know a building is doomed when you start stealing pieces from it for another project. The interior is in ruins already, but I thought it was worth taking a photo of the facade to share. This was supposed to be a bank or maybe a library or maybe a museum. It's a bit undersized for a modular and that was bothering me. Inspired by this real bank in Staunton, VA.
  8. Hi everybody, I am happy to present my second alternate model of the 5767 Creator set. Nathanael's incredible alternate F1 car built from the parts of the 10248 F40 inspired me to create an alternate model myself. There are not too many features: just opening doors, opening bonnet and replacable engine cover. I hope you like it. As usual: Rates, critiques and comments are highly appreciated. Thanks for watching! 5767 Roadster2 by klingen_guru, auf Flickr 5767 Roadster3 by klingen_guru, auf Flickr 5767 Roadster4 by klingen_guru, auf Flickr 5767 Roadster9 by klingen_guru, auf Flickr 5767 Roadster10 by klingen_guru, auf Flickr 5767 Roadster 13 by klingen_guru, auf Flickr 5767 Roadster12 by klingen_guru, auf Flickr
  9. Hi, I'm looking for the instruction manuals for the following sets: 10214 Tower Bridge 10211 Grand Emporium 10218 Pet Shop I'm hoping one or more of you bought multiples of these sets and have spare manuals to sell. Thanks!
  10. Peteris_Sprogis

    [MOC] Ferrari ENZO

    8wide Ferrari ENZO moc Building tutorial video is at my Youtube channel ( link in profile bio) Thanks for watching!
  11. MojoLego

    31054 Blue Express Train

    Any rumors about the 2017 Creator train?
  12. Hello all, I am one of those crazy fans who loves the Winter Village line all year long. I am constantly looking for sets that can be modifed to fit the vintage feel of the Winter Village. I currently have all the usual suspects in my village including the smaller limited edition sets from each year. I also have a few creator sets including Changing seasons and Mountain Hut. Last year I modified a Medieval Market as well as the small building from London Chase. I have a pretty small but growing collection of parts so I prefer finding official sets that can be modified instead of MOCs. Thanks in advance for any ideas!
  13. Peteris_Sprogis

    [moc] Creator 31046 SUV alternate

    SUV alternate made from Lego Creator #31036 set. Thanks for watching!
  14. Indroducing my new creation: The 1968 HONDA RA302. 1:8 scale, Technic V8, steering, suspensions on four wheels, modular conception. HONDA F1 RA 302 1:8 scale Lego by Greg NineNineHeight, sur Flickr HONDA F1 RA 302 1:8 scale Lego by Greg NineNineHeight, sur Flickr HONDA F1 RA 302 1:8 scale Lego by Greg NineNineHeight, sur Flickr 1968 Honda F1 RA302 Lego 1:8 scale by Greg NineNineHeight, sur Flickr
  15. With the recent concert tour of "A Head Full of Dreams", Coldplay's popularity has risen drastically, therefore why not create a project of a popular group. The set is a concert stage, so the builders will be able to use it for their own customs and other play features. This set will include 4 exclusive minifigures of the group: Chris Martin Jonny Buckland Guy Berryman Will Champion Additional features include: Upright Piano Electronic Keyboard Drum set 2 Guitars Amplifiers 4 Beat boxes (green, red, blue, black) microphone I invite you all to be a part of this project, support and make something incredible become true.
  16. Hey Eurobricks community. Just built a new alternate from the #31046 set and this time it's a Tumbler-ish concept car. I was really surprised that it's possible to create a vehicle with no yellow elements in the body since I thought that the inventory of the set is real tight. I couldn't not recreate every single detail in maximum accuracy because of the limited pallete, for example the rear part is a bit of freestyle but from the front and sideview the car looks really reminiscent with the original Tumbler. a link to video and some pictures with this alternate build. Thanks for watching!
  17. Truck alternate made from Lego Creator set #31046 how to build video Thanks for watching
  18. Hi to everyone, this is my first post in the eurobricks forum and I'd like to share my creation of a sports car with you. My first idea was to build the Bugatti Veyron. The back is similar but I changed the front. There's one place for a minifig. I hope you enjoy it! Michael sports car 1 by Michael, auf Flickr sports car 2 by Michael, auf Flickr sports car 3 by Michael, auf Flickr
  19. Hello, Everyone! Here's another alternate made from the Creator #31046 set- a muscle car. It has a few functional feature like motile front and rear hood, easy to take off cabin roof. Youtube review video >> Thanks for watching!
  20. finnbricker

    MOD/MOC: Modular Corner Deli 31050

    I started work as soon as the set was released and now it has been standing idle for months, with some 10 pieces still missing, plus the interior... Who knows if it's ever going to be 100 % complete, so I might as well show you what I've got. This post http://www.eurobrick...5 from mid-January is where I started – Klaus-Dieter's excellent review got me inspired and I spent some hours on LDD to see what I could come up with, staying true to the original but sizing it up to become a full-scale modular at the same time. So may I present to you the Modular Corner Deli, consisting of two 31050 sets plus extra bricks from BrickLink, PAB and my collection: The upper floors are more or less a copy-paste version of the original façade. As long as the building doesn't get any higher or wider than this, I don't think it looks too repetitive or unimaginative. To alter the colours of the flowers gives some small variation to it, too. (Note that on the top floor, some pieces are still missing by the window.) This side includes the entrance to the upper floors on the left. The soda (?) machine comes from Toy & Grocery Shop 31036 (I don't know about you but when I get multiples of some set in order to create something larger, as in this case the modular 31036, I tend to build the minibuilds and use them later for other creations to add details. I still have one ATM from Bike Shop & Café 31026 that waits for its placement...) and the rather generic postal box... wait, I don't even remember where it comes from! The fire hydrants are 31050 originals. The bubble gum machine comes from Toy & Grocery Shop 31036. I wanted to keep both the original hamburger signs, so I simply placed them next to each other. To place them, or one of them, in the corner didn't look as nice to me, but I think they fit in well here. The entrance to the deli is on the right. Clumsy guy stands where the lamppost should be – I've run out of them for now. The ground floor façade strongly derives from the upper floors with lots and lots of cheese bricks and a large amount of leftover dark orange bricks from my Town Hall 10224 enlargement project. The back side is very plain. All those medium blue 1x2s from the PAB walls finally came in handy here! The back door leads to nowhere for now – I haven't finished the staircase and hallway and don't know whether I'll make it a backdoor to the hallway or to the deli. The top floor. No real interior here – apart from the thanksgiving table from 40123 and the recliner from 40125. The middle floor is furnished, though, thanks to the Big Bang Theory set 21302. I'm not a fan of the series, but I liked the minifigs (lots of special torsos) and all the detailed furniture, so this is where it went. It's a strange apartment, really – a study corner, a living room corner but no kitchen and no bedroom. Perhaps on the top floor some day? The Deli isn't ready yet, either. The only part that has been completed, save for the floor tiling, is the kitchen. There will be a seating area for eat-in customers and maybe a toilet – depends on what I do with that backdoor. I'd love to hear what you think. I'm happy with the façade and I hope to get inspired enough to complete the Deli interior. For the top floor, I'm not really that sure. Just another apartment – they're kind of boring in my opinion.
  21. Alternate moc made with pieces from Lego Creator 31046 set Review video >>> Thanks for watching!
  22. I haven't had much time for building this year so I'm going to declare my London-style hat shop done (even though it still needs some work here and there). I'm posting it and adding it to my modular street. The first floor is hat shop. The black tiles on the sides are chalkboards for daily advertisements. I may create stickers for these in the future. Right now there is a sale on pith helmets (which are wonderfully stackable). You can't really see in this photo but the mirror piece from the detective office is built into the dresser with the clock. Upstairs is a small apartment with a bedroom loft reached by ladder. Thanks for looking! More photos can be seen on flickr.
  23. bananaworld

    Creator Aircraft Fleet

    Creator is among my favourite themes, with its no-nonsense, anonymised, 3-in-1, 'pure LEGO' approach, and in this theme, the aircraft are always my first purchases. I recently bodged together a nice light-up display area for models and the first theme to go in was a selection of Creator's aircraft: CIMG0062b by bananaworld, on Flickr The Dilemma: They've been on display for a while now and I'm itching to build up another theme from the stash, BUT I don't want to take them apart! Which ones should I save to display elsewhere? Just the stunning larger ones, or are any of the smaller sets just too brilliant to part-out?
  24. CM4Sci

    Creator 2016

    Updated by WhiteFang on 16 Dec 15, with images for 2016, 30471: Helicopter 30472: Parrot 30474: Reindeer 31040: Desert Racers 31041: Construction Vehicles 31042: Super Soarer 31043: Chopper Transporter 31044: Park Animals 31045: Ocean Explorer 31046: Fast Car 31047: Propeller Plane 31048: Lakeside Lodge 31050: Corner Deli ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ LEGO Creator Desert Racers 31040 LEGO Creator Const Vehicles LEGO Creator Desert Racer LEGO Creator Chopper Trans LEGO Creator Park Animals LEGO Creator Ocean Explorer LEGO Creator Fast Car LEGO Creator Propel Plane LEGO Creator Lakeside Lodge LEGO Creator Corner Deli Source