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Found 107 results

  1. Hi all crawler pros, one question: could you recommend a crawler with really good playablitly - regardless if an official set (9398 or 41999) or a MOC? if latter one then a MOC with available BI would be prefered... Which one would you recommend concerning crawling performance? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello Eurobricks members! Today I would like to show you a truck together with my previous MOC a crawler forklift. Specifications: Length: 48 cm Width: 17 cm Height: 17 cm Weight: 1894 gr. Power Functions: 2 x PF M motor 1 x PF XL motor 2 x PF IR receiver 2 x PF IR remote control 1 x PF battery box BS Gallery
  3. Hello Eurobricks members! Today I would like to show you a crawler forklift. As a cargo, I used two small cars from 6753 set Specifications: Length: 38 cm Width: 21 cm Height: 21 cm / max cargo height 30 cm Weight: 1364 gr. Power Functions: 4 x PF M motor 2 x PF IR receiver 2 x PF IR remote control 2 x PF extension wire (20 cm) 1 x PF battery box BS Gallery I splited a video for 2 parts: loading and unloading
  4. Hi, few months ago I've submitted here GEN1 offroader, and I promised the second generation with many improvements - so, here it is ;) (GEN1 topic: http://www.eurobrick...52#entry1806014) 1+1XL (independent propulsion for each axle, 2*M, 1*V1 reciever, 1*V2 reciever, 1*Li-Po Battery. Youtube: Flickr (model): Flickr (disassembling): LDD of chassis is also availible.
  5. Hello! I present my latest crawler: http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=538333 I wanted to make something totally new crawler construction. During the last months, some variation was made (little upgrades), this wast he first: My goal was to made a very simple and reliable crawler, which is able to take apart in competitions. It was succesful in Malug crawler races. Crawlers are relatively free-made, so the bodywork isn't made after a picture from reality. One important thing: you may noticed, it has a relatively large wheel base. To have the good wheelbase/ground clearance ratio, I also increased ground clearance. All depends on the terrain, it can be as good as short wheelbase. With a long one, it's more stable against falling backwards. It has "no" suspension, the chassis is strong enough but felxible to give articulation for the axles: (this makes it simplier) The next varation (V2) was made with longitudinal strenghtening to prevent the decreasing of ground clearance in the middle: The non Lego tyres: RC4WD 1,9" rock crusher XT. The chassis shows the innovation: It's driven with two XL motors (in the axles), on M motor steers. The additional M motor and ship weight in the front axle is only for weight, they have no functions. More weight on the front axle helps a lot in terrain. The bodywork in not too strong, but who cares with that in a crawler. Lightweight construction was important. In the video below, you can see some high-speed recording about a falling of a piece from the body. More pictures: In competition: http://www.brickshel...ler-No2/019.jpg http://www.brickshel...ler-No2/020.jpg http://www.brickshel...ler-No2/021.jpg Video: This is totally different than my previous videos. Was made with 30 fps (instead of 10) and 1080p HD resolution. I don't say, I will make every video in this way (requires a lot HDD space, sometimes unnecessary), but the more important or bigger mocs will be recorded similar. So the video: Hope you like it.
  6. Hello, I present my latest creations. Both are simple and have no special features. I intended to make good performance using basic PF elements. Building instructions and more pictures: Hope you like them!
  7. Hi everybody, Here is my review of 41999 4x4 Crawler Exclusive Edition "BOSS Crawler". Set that was coCreated by me and TLG. Hope you like the review. My reviews Full review Comparison review of 9398 and 41999 (use translate button at the right side of page under LEGO Technic logo). Comparison with 9398 Review from Masked Builder ( http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=84293 Review from Anio ( Review from Conchas ( Part I Part II Official Building Instructions:
  8. hi all, here is my new "Super mini crawler turbo", let's checkout the features: -with 2-speed linear transmission,all remote control. The high gear makes it fast and nimble as sports car, while the low gear makes its crawling performance and obstacle clearing capability shining, you can switch the speed transmission whenever you needed -4wd & pendular suspension -most of important: only 11 studs(between wheels)x23 studs(between axles) mini size with all these feature. for more, checkout the LDD http://www.brickshel...stever_v0_8.lxf here is the video: :tongue:
  9. Recently I was thinking about BrickLinking all of the parts to build my own 8275 set, but instead decide to just build the B model, and also take the opportunity to change the color to all black, grey tracks, and some red bushings, which I thought would be more interesting. Also made some modifications to improve functionality and also some small additions as well. The model The biggest modification was to the supports for the tread - the original specified shorter, axle 4 supports with gears, not free to rotate, and the treads kept getting hung up on the gears. I changed this to axle 8 with two pin connectors to allow free movement of the treads over the supports. Design flaw probably due to the limited part availability on B-models. You can see the wear on the pin connector due to chain links rubbing over the parts bottom view, one roller built according to instructions, the other my mod Added some lights and glow-in-the dark tiles to enhance playability image recorded with the lights dimmed Also had to add some parts to the undercarriage to strengthen the structure - the new parts are the grey beam and the two black beam 3L, for cross bracing. Of course, not everyone was happy with the new color scheme disclosure - some images PS'd to adjust contrast and saturation, color balance, and clean-up the background BTW, this is my first posting of an actual build on EB, so any feedback / comments welcome!
  10. Hi Everyone! Here's the outdoor test I "finally" recorded today after a long wait. Very happy with the results, performance was amazing especially on slippery rocks at 6.30am! Enjoy the action! ( Kookaburra sings during one run, and I pause for it, if you have never heard one before listen out for it) :D Based on Tim Cameron's Showtime
  11. I just wanted to compare the price in for different regions. Poland: 799 PLN ~= 250 USD ~= 188.45 EUR
  12. Hi Eurobrick, My NickName is SanLouis and i love LEGO. This And my other sites are still under construction, if you like what you see leave a comment and please visit my Youtube cannel. In next time i will upload more. Thank you This is my new custom crawler 1.0 Big Bear from LEGO Technic set 9398. The crawler has 2 Xl Motor and LED lights, chassi, body and engine is not the same as the Original. And the driver train is very solid. Diff are normal no Lock. I dont like the knob gears. The weight is 2 kg Power Puller Wheels on the Back and on the front from 4×4 Offroad set. More videos on my You Tube cannel. Please vote and subscribe. Sorry the video is not so Good but the other ones are in HQ My Sites
  13. Here is my video review for the 41999 Technic Crawler. This is only my second video review so it probably isn't the best. Enjoy!
  14. I was going to post this in the third party wheels thread but then realized that it would end up on page 12 and could get lost so here goes. I found these links when searching for info about beadlock wheels. That link goes to wikipedia which provides some nice info, but i wanted more but didn't find anything better than that. What i did find was some interesting links from Non of this is about Lego vehicles but that doesn't really matter. It is still true for other kinds of RC-cars. What is a wheel and how is it different from a rim or the tire. For what the words mean look here. I sure have messed this up more than once. What is the difference between on-road and off-road wheels. Useful even for those using original Lego tires. So just what is that rock crawling thing and what do i need to know to build and drive such a vehicle. And lastly info about beadlocks and whether they are better than glued tires. Useless for Lego but could be fun to know.
  15. You may have seen the detailed reviews of the upcoming 41999 4x4 Crawler Exclusive Edition Set. Written by rm8, Masked Builder, and Conchas), these reviews may have convinced you whether or not to buy one or more 41999s when available on in August 2013. Only 20,000 have been made. This is a private poll -- your answers cannot be identified as being from you. Please reply in an honest, truthful manner; you can come back later and change your answers if you wish. Thank you.
  16. As I am running out of money (bought 8110 and 9396 already in the past 3 months) I am trying to find any drawbacks of 41999 that will discourage me from getting one. I have found few: 1. Not so technically complex 2. Expensive (in Poland it will be ~$245 - S@H delivers it "for free" but shipping cost is already there, included in the price) 3. Parts in unique colors that will not easily blend with standard colors in order to build MOCs Anything else?
  17. Hi, This topic is for posting modifications of 41999. I am planning to do lot of them. 1. The first is pimped with the help of Chrome Block City BL store. You can buy parts used in this modifications here
  18. This is my second entry for Lego Technic Challenge. Foreword After posting first entry I understand that it is too simple for challenge. Theme of "pickup" is not enough attractive, because there many pickup sets from TLG (original 9398 also). After analyzing already posted entries I have made conclusion that most popular creations are based on next body types: pickup offroader, wagon offroader. Both types are usually big and heavy. Since the 9398 chassis has high center of gravity, making high body will decrease stability of final product. Original 9398 set is not based on body of offroader, but on body of light pickup (also called Ute). No matter how cool entry looks, if it is higher than original set body - it will be unstable at obstacles. Almost all entries (that are based on 9398 chassis and satisfies all challenge rules) are heavy and UNSTABLE, thats true (I remember only Efferman`s test videos of challenge entries). Many LDD designed entries never tested. I am really wanted to build big offroader, but it was not easy to make it stable. After analyzing of "what is popular?" I found that Muscle cars are very popular now: many old model names was revived last 10 years (camaro, mustang, challenger, charger). Building modern muscle on crawler chassis meet 2 problems in my mind: 1) modern muscle with lifted suspension and big ballon tires looks ugly 2) building modern muscle needs using of flex axles and other techniques to create rounded shapes. Final product will be not strong enough (body) After that I found many pictures of lifted classic muscle cars of 50-70's. there are many "squared" model of 50-60's that are easy to create strong (no flex axles) In other hand: TLG have never offered us something like this, only modern supercars. Lets move to my entry. The BOSS As I said, this is classic car with squared shapes. It is strong, even while rolling on roof. Roof is powered inside the saloon to be strong. Body is 2 door 4 seater coupe with long bonnet and trunk. Original shape of door was inspired by some real models. Flat lines are boring, i needed some complex lines. In my mind this car is powered by big block v8. So I applied a self-made sticker "v8" to side panels.4 Exhaust pipes are on the side of the car (2 for each side). Side placing of pipes is better for such type of car: crawler can damage front and rear overhangs while driving big-angled obstacles. Pipes are metallic gray. Hope TLG made them chromed:) There is a little spoiler at the back. Such type of spoilers was standard thing on some cars of that time. Doors are opening and locking. There is no way for them to open while driving obstacles and rolling. Trunk door can be opened, but there is no bottom at the trunk (but possible). "Opening trunk" is needed for free body lifting: back is long, and rotating point is in the trunk, so lifting body with closed trunk is impossible. Bumpers of the car are classic style gray. Hope TLG will make them metallic or chromed. Car includes some additional equipment: 1) front bar 2) front winch. Winch is hided under the bonnet after front grille. It is compact and powerful. Winch is motorized by medium PF motor. It is powerful enough to lift car in the air. Motor is powered by additional IR receiver 3) roof bar with 4 additional lights 4) LED lamps at front lights. Powered from second channel of additional IR receiver. Unfortunately I dont have enough other than black details. My entry is black with yellow stripes. But I wish TLG to make BLUE with WHITE stripes or WHITE with BLUE stripes, ORANGE with BLACK stripes. First variant is preferable. So we can receive many blue panels, liftarms and connectors. White is also good, but a) looks GLAMOUR, b) coming in 2013 grand prix racer will give us many white details... My next wish is: bigger and wider balloon tires. Power pullers are the best (they give 9398 chassis phenomenal stability) but we need something with the same size and lighter weight (to prevent transmission from overload) I need 1-2 days for posting video. Wait a little. Hope you like my entry. Please vote here, for the dream to come true:) VOTE HERE
  19. If you follow me on my youtube ( you might have seen my RC crawler project. It used 2 RC motors and was quite fast and well performing. You might have also seen my RC rally car videos, they were fast and nimble. However, I want to combine the best of both worlds in one trial buggy package. So after a lot of trial and error, i was able to incorporate a 2-speed transmission into a crawler with RC motors. The ratios are 15:1 (slow crawler) and 3:1 (fast buggy). It is shifted by a mini linear actuator via an m motor. I'll do some more testing, and as usual this most likely isn't the final version. Pictures:
  20. After my last truck with a two speed transmission and air lockers, I decided to try more gears in my transmission. I searched for transmission ideas and came across the regular four speed transmission. The common wisdom is that driving rings cannot handle any torque. This is accurate. I had to increase the gear reducton in the axles and step up the motor on the transmission input to reduce the torque that the transmission "felt". I also maded the linkage from the servo to the driving ring incapable of being backdriven. It still pops occasionally, but reengaging the driving rings with the servos clears it up. It also has a neutral gear and this allows it to roll after the throttle has been released. Eliminating any extra gear exchanges to improve efficiency, reducing weight, and maintaining a rigid structure for the transmission to operate within became critical. I tried to get rid of the knob gears connected to the rc buggy motors outputs, but was unsuccessful. 12t to 12t ground the gears down 20t to 20t also ground the gears down 24t to 24t crown would not fit. Caster angle on front axle is accomplished by less angle on the lower links. I tried a wider version of the LPE power unimog axle that has kingpin inclination. It worked and did not fall apart, but its turning radius was larger than a traditional steering axle and so it was discarded. It still is assembled, just not mounted on the truck. I made air lockers based off of the new 3 stud wide differential, but ended up discarding them because they added unnecessary complication. I killed several u joints on the driveshaft before I moved up to 9:1 reduction in the axle. The u joints that are installed have wax string wrapped around the ends and a small piece of heat shrink tube over that. This is a repair because all of my joints are now cracked. If a tire becomes blocked in first gear with the steering turned, this design can quickly destroy u joints in the axle. There are a couple of altered pieces. 3l bars have had a couple of mm ground off to secure the towballs on the chassis and there is a 4.5 stud axle going to the knob gear on the transmission input. Both elements could be done without. It would require some redesign though. Moving to a 9398 style suspension and increasing the wheelbase would eliminate both of these issues. I used 4l bars to secure the towballs in the axles. They fit into the back of the towball and prevent it from popping out of the lift arm. Questions, comments, concerns, relevant war stories???? v/r Andy
  21. blaz62

    Mgx4 Crawler

    Winter is over (almost ), so I put away the track and get wheels. This is my fourth and best version of crawler. For drive I'm use 2 L motors (1:3 gear ratio) and one M for steering (1:3).
  22. fresko

    Quad Crawler

    Dear Eurobrickmembers, I made a new MOC, the Quad Crawler. It's my first own-made crawler, so I haven't got much building experience with design/building crawlers. I build this MOC because I want to prepare me for the Belgian Outdoor TruckTrail this summer. I wanted to learn some building techniques and receive driving experience. In this moc I use 2XL-motors for propulsion (gear ratio 1:1), and 1 M-motor (gear ratio 1:0.2) for steering. It also has the V2 receiver. The Batterybox lies very low (but the ground clearance is still good), so the model won't capsize fast. The suspension works very well, as you can see on this photo: I was afraid it won't perform good, because I used differentials. Still, it performs much better than I thought (indoor and outdoor) I made a nice video: More photo's (when folder is made public): http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=523374 I'll upload LDD instructions soon! I'd like your opinion and advice. Greets, Fresko
  23. blaz62


    Hey today I will show my new creation, tracked vehicle SV/T3 and modification, which has 4 extra wheels, for better grip. This vehicle have 4 tracks, articulated steering, two L motor for drive and one M steering (mini LA). :) First SV/T3: And SV/T3 "Extreme"
  24. LDD FILE NOW RELEASED WITH PART LIST Hopefully LEGO won't sue me for this, but now if there's a Technic fan crazy enough out there, they can have a shot at building this! LDD couldn't generate a building guide for this on my laptop but anyone is free to try to generate one. This topic is now out of date! For information regarding the all new Enforcer Recharged CUUSOO entry, visit this topic! Originally, this was an entry for the 'You Design It, We Make It' competition but it ended up in second place to the Boss. The design was based on the idea of making a body design for the 9398 chassis that looked fuller and more robust than the original. I therefor chose the legendary Hummer H2 to be my inspiration which is shown in the images below: I could not exactly replicate the Hummer design due to copyright reasons. The design I eventually came up with after weeks of hard work is shown below: The body includes a manually operated winch which could easily be motorized, opening doors and tailgate, and the battery is changed in exactly the same way as the original body design. There is also a rear roof section which can be removed to give the choice between full bodied or pickup style forms. Because the Hummer has such a bulky design, I had to be careful to build lots of the body around the wheels to reduce the height and not just stick the body right on top of the 9398 chassis. Even though this is a virtual model, it is obvious that this will greatly optimize stability, not just by lowering the height, but by having much of the weight (around the doors) far lower than in other designs. I would also like to point out that the main purpose of this model is not to be able to crawl over very steep obstacles, but rather present a great building challenge and an imposing appearence while still being able to drive over everyday mildly rough terrain. Just days before the top 10 finalists were announced, I decided that this design would look brilliant in a police theme as there are many good examples of Hummers that have been adapted into police themed vehicles: The final result of my work was this, the Highway Enforcer: This design has exactly the same functions as the original but has a totally overhauled colour scheme and new accessories such as the police lighting and rear radio antennas. The new version was so successful that it was picked for the top 10 finalists over the original entry. Below are some images showing the LDD model in more detail: The first image shows the ground clearance and height of the body as well as showing the space above the wheels left for suspension travel. The second image shows the space under the beam structure used to maintain rigidity when hinging the bodywork to change the battery. It is also possible to make out some of the gearing for the winch. The third image shows some of the interior. There are only 3 seats because I could not fit 4 in due to the hinge mechanism positioning for the battery changing. I think that actually only 2 are needed as this would reduce weight and parts. The fourth image shows the door lock and hinge. The hinge actually contains 2 smaller hinges so that the door does not get stuck on the frame while opening and closing. The lock consists of the grey rotating part on the end of the door which slots in behind the door pillar when the handle is turned. The reason that this had to be a digital design is because I don't have anywhere near the number of parts to needed to build anything like a 4 x4 crawler real life. I played with LEGO all the time when I was a child but now I am at University and this is the only chance to do something amazing with LEGO that I have had since then.
  25. In my next 8x8 crawler project I have the intention of trying a setup with the two rear axle with 2 L motor each (a motor for each wheel). the two front axles only will steer with a servo, an L motor and a differential on each axle... and all axles will be floating with 4 links and horizontal chock absorber. Did someone know if its a goon idea or if a topic already talk about this setup?