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Found 103 results

  1. Hi guys! I'd start saying this thread is more to ask you some suggestions than to show you the model itself :P I think i already told you that the shop wich is sponsoring me asked me to build something that they can sell as a custom model right? At first, they wanted the fiat panda i made last year but i wasn't satisfied by it due to its untidyness... so i made something that i think it's better and wich performs better than every expectations i had As it's made to be sold (hopefully) i couldn't call it with the real counterpart name....but i think it should be quite clear where i took inspiration from :P it's really simple and it's made trying to use the less amount of pieces possible to keep everything clean and tidy performances are really good, even if the most of the weight is in the back of it, it crawls really good having some nice ground clearance and good speed as well! i don't know how many of you could be interested in buying something like this as many of you are great reverse engineers :P but let's say you have the chance to buy a custom model, how would you prefer it? i mean, do you think i should make it with motors or just ready to be motorized? what else could i change to make it more attractive? should i add more functions or just stay on "less is more" concept? ill wait for your suggestions guys! in the meanwhile have a look at some pictures of it! hope you'll like it :)
  2. Hello guys, i'm new to the forum and this is my first post. I suppose this is an unusual thing to post here, but please bear with me.My 4-year old son (big LEGO fan since age of 3, when i started to give him my (by now vintage! :D) childhood LEGO sets) will soon turn 5. He has become good at building and he follows instructions effortlessly, even on a Technic set, which he recently got. I want to make him a very special present and i do not want to just buy yet another LEGO or Technic set - i want it to be one of a kind. Also, at his age an RC car would be a great present and even better if it's LEGO Technic. So the 4x4 crawler would be great, even better would be the 41999 - it's just cooler than the stock model and my son likes it better too. But it would be just another "off the shelf" present. I got inspired by the 41999 set - a different chassis on the 9398 Crawler - and downloaded Lego Digital Designer to experiment around. About me - i'm 30, i have built lots of stuff with LEGO as a child, and now and then i build something together with my son, but i have never owned a Technic set and my only experience with Technic is when i looked how my son assembled a Technic bike set. Also, i have never ever before used LDD. So it's 3 new things for me - eurobricks, Technic and LDD. Anyway, to cut the long story short, i put tons of time into this and i was initially only aiming to see how far i can get on my own in regard to the exterior, the visuals, by doing things that should be possible in real world, but without building the proper structure underneath the exterior. I got surprizingly far, although there are many issues that need to be ironed out on the exterior too (especially the top - i wanted it to be angled, but didn't manage to do it properly. On the other hand, i really like the looks of the model altogether, but i will never be able to design a proper structure that holds the chassis and that holds steering mechanisms, motors, etc. Also, i won't be able to do any design of the mechanics themselves - i've never held a Technic gear in my hand and this structural design is just too advanced for what i can pull off (and i won't have so much time to learn all that stuff til my sons birthday). For someone like me without any experience with this, it is very time consuming to find all the proper parts that might come in handy - that's the biggest handycap as i realised soon - not knowing by heart, what parts could solve a certain problem - that's especially the case with converters, angles, joints and their various types, etc. LEGO has canceled the designed by me service, which might have been another option where to find help. Hence i really hope for your help guys. I was thinking that i could provide the LDD file with the chassis, which i hope can inspire others and, please, feel free to borrow stuff. But i would be really grateful, if someone who is good at building, could come up with the underlying structure that would be needed for this chassis to play nicely with a stock Crawler set. I suppose not all of the exterior design elements will be possible to be implemented the way as it looks now, but i would be glad if the front and back could remain as close to what they look now. If anyone finds the time and interest to help out - you have my gratitude, as i would be stoked, if it would work out and i could give my son such a wonderful and unique present. About the build itself. I think i will call it "69 restomod". I wasn't aiming for a particular muscle car, but i was rather trying to figure out what can be done with the parts that lego offers for this scale, which would be not too big or small for radio control and PF functions. I was mostly inspired by 68 firebird, 68 mustang gt500, 69 dodge challenger - these are elements that hopefully can be recognized in the build. I've attached a couple of pictures and the LDD file in the hope that this might pick up some interest. Any advice or comments would be very welcome. Thank you very much for any help and all the best regards to everyone, Karlis Here are some variations of the most recent iteration of the 69 body design:
  3. Hello! After a while, I'll post mocs again, and for starting, I choosed one of my latest creations, a Gaz 66 trial truck. This is my third Gaz66 Lego trial truck, now with 108 mm RC4WD custom tyres, as many technic vehicle has. Equipped with two RC buggy motors for propulsion and one PF M motor for steerig, built in the front axle. The two RC motors are linked together with a central axle, however, they are located separately near to the front and rear axle. With this technique, they can help each other to move this truck over obstacles. I tried to get close to original Gaz66 with the body, but angles and others, like ground clearance were also important. It can be precisely driven, thanks to the RC throttle with 3 levels and linked pendular suspension. This was made first of all for a Lego truck trial competition, organized by HUNLTC in Hungary: Gaz66-024 Gaz66-023 Gaz66-022 Gaz66-021 Gaz66-020 Gaz66-019 Gaz66-018 The RC unit is also part of the frame: Gaz66-016 Gaz66-015 Details: Gaz66-013 Gaz66-012 Gaz66-010 The power transmitter axle between the two motors: Gaz66-011 Gaz66-009 Gaz66-008 Gaz66-007 Gaz66-006 Yes, some scratches appeared after a long run on rocks and others, but I don't care, it's an outdoor built moc. These angles can be done by suspension: Gaz66-005 ... and steering: Gaz66-004 Gaz66-003 Top view: Gaz66-002 Nowadays I have a new semi-pro camera, so from now, you can watch 1080p good quality videos, in my new creations. (but for old mocs, which are waiting for publicizing, I still only have the 480p videos). The slow motion parts were filmed with 1080p60fps and 320x240 at 240fps. Video:
  4. Hy guy's Here I'm presenting my first Crawler MOC DSC_0001 by thenextlegodesinger, on Flickr This time I wanted to go with as less fuctions as possible and an as low center of mass but as much groundclearance as possible. I know those last two don't go together so i have put the battery box under the steering motor. The functions that it now has are: - 4X4 drive (as the name sujest)(XL motors) - front wheel steering (M motor geared 1 to 27) - lights It also has: -extra long suspension (groud clearance from 12.5 studs to 5 studs) - Roof Rack - door to reach the battery box (AA batteries) - easely removable cabin weight: 1.45KG wheelbase: 30 studs - 42 studs height: 32.5 - 25 studs with roofrack and 30.5 - 23 without roofrack widht: body 13 studs axle (without wheels)20 studs The reason why it is still a MOC is that it needs an interior but I'm not good with that so maybe someone of you guys wants to help me. it has to be 16X11X9 DSC_0002 by thenextlegodesinger, on Flickr DSC_0003 by thenextlegodesinger, on Flickr DSC_0011 by thenextlegodesinger, on Flickr DSC_0010 by thenextlegodesinger, on Flickr here you can see the battery box is under the steering motor Now the suspension setup DSC_0008 by thenextlegodesinger, on Flickr 12.5 studs DSC_0009 by thenextlegodesinger, on Flickr 5 studs the roofrack and lights DSC_0013 by thenextlegodesinger, on Flickr DSC_0014 by thenextlegodesinger, on Flickr thanks
  5. TheNextLegoDesinger

    [HELP] suspension for crawler

    Hi I'm going to start making my first Crawler. i have sorted out everything exept the suspension system. What this supension has to be/have: -good flex of the suspension -possible with 6 long steering arms -good for a crawler thanks
  6. pint14

    Vw beetle

    So her is my new moc wich i finished last week. It drives with 2 xl-motors and for each axle there is m-motor for steering, also 2 pair of lights, switch and 1 m-motor for the piston engine.At first i made jeeps bodywork, but i didnt like it so i made vw beetle(baja). If somebody wants i can make more pics of the axels. Some pictures.
  7. A long, long time ago, back when the [MINI] Technic contest was being run, I decided to build an entry, which would have been a replica of the Lampson International LTL-2600 crane, which was, for a time, the largest mobile crane in the world. My model was actually more inspired by it, and is not a straightforward replica. The primary reason why I did not enter this was due to the fact that, at least according to LDD, I had 230 pieces in it, even though I myself counted only 200. This model also had some major construction flaws, which will be detailed later. This thing's been sitting around forever, and I just want to post it so that I can take it apart. So, without further ado, here it is. Lego Lampson LTL-2600 by Saberwing007, on Flickr Eagle eyed viewers may note that it is not blue, but red. Well, the truss pieces are only available in black, gray, and red, and I only had them in red, so that dictated the color scheme. I guess that would make it more like a Manitowoc crane, but I digress. The crane features, like the real thing, luffing of the main boom, hoist, 2 independent crawler units, 3 cabs, and a large counter weight. My model also has a feature that I don't think the real crane has, but many similar ones do, and that is adjustable radius, which will be shown below. Front Cabs by Saberwing007, on Flickr Rear Cabs by Saberwing007, on Flickr My model, as mentioned above, has 3 cabs, 2 for driving, and one for the crane operations. Even though this thing would be very slow, maybe topping out at 2 miles per hour, having two people driving could be an absolute nightmare. There's probably a good reason for this configuration, but I cannot think of it. The pictures show how the radius can be adjusted, although the real crane can not do this. Minimum Radius by Saberwing007, on Flickr Maximum Radius by Saberwing007, on Flickr The last two pictures show how the winces are configured, and how far down the crane can luff. Winches by Saberwing007, on Flickr Maximum Reach by Saberwing007, on Flickr Finally, the major structural flaw I alluded to earlier: Some connection in the turntables is not that sturdy, so the crane lists pathetically to one side or the other. Leaning by Saberwing007, on Flickr As a last thing, here is an LDD render of what this machine would look like in blue, if the parts existed. Ltl2600blue by Saberwing007, on Flickr And finally, the LXF file: Link
  8. Hi, Here is a very nice MOC ,created by Filsawgood (Russia) that I can not hide from you. Author is not presented here yet. He was inspired by Ford Bronco 1994 He promised to finish LDD soon. For full photoset and video visit http://brickgarage.b...ce-rancher.html Sure you love this and cat-diff-inspector at the video
  9. My newest project is inspired by the American King of the Hammers style of off road racing. It is not strictly crawling and is also not strictly desert racing a la the Baja 1000. The vehicles need to be dual purpose. They need to crawl over some pretty unpleasant obstacles and also go all out on open terrain. You can even overtake other competitors during the race. I think this style of Lego vehicle can combine all that has been learned about trial truck and crawlers and combine them. I was most inspired by the appearance of the vehicle at the 1:40 mark in the following video. My KOH truck has the following -2 RC buggy motors -2 V2 IR receivers -2 LiPo rechargeable batteries -2 speed transmission from Sariel -Front and Rear Differential Locks from Sariel -Auto valve inspired from TechnicBricks w/ onboard compressor -RC4WD Rock Crusher H/T 1.9 tires -Triangulated four links front and rear -telescoping drive shafts -9:1 axles -PF Med steering 5:1 with 8t on rack and Ackerman geometry I am currently mulling over Sariel's newer servo actuated three speed transmission. Initial tests showed that two RC Buggy motors had no trouble back driving the servo and so now I need to figure out how to overcome this shortcoming. The two speeds in the current transmission are not that far apart and with its weight the low gear was not low enough on some obstacles. These problems ought to be corrected by the update to a three speed, but it will take some more work to get there. I tried this transmission but the space between low and high was too great without a middle gear to bridge the spread. I am not sold on the benefit versus cost analysis of the locking axles as opposed to axles that contain a spool. I ended up compromising myself and breaking a cardinal rule of not altering parts. The front axle has a 2.5 stud axle and a 3.5 stud axle in it to achieve the track width I wanted. This could be alleviated if I had gone to a 2 stud wider front axle, but I didn't want to change the proportions that much. I don't have many other relevant pictures yet, but I will provide what people ask for. Comments, Questions, Concerns, or any advice is greatly appreciated. v/r Andy
  10. Hi folks, Just found this cool crations on Levi Movie channel. Looks like chassis and axles are based on 9398 model, may be i am wrong... And those bodies are detailed copies of real cars
  11. Xand0r

    Neo Blacktron Stuff

    Hi everyone! Having been inspired by Matthias Riedel's Blacktron MOCs, I've been making some builds using the same colour scheme. Namely Black, Dark Bley and Trans Neon Green, which is inspired by the Rench minifig from Raid VPR (5981-1) and the Space Villain minifig (8803-6). I want to say in advance that I was very unhappy with my photography. Sorry about that! Some Notes! - The halftrack is originally by Matthias Riedel: - The crawler is based on a Nova Crawler, which is an alternate build of the Exo-Force kit, Supernova (7712), inspired by Matthias Riedel's blacktron MOC of same: - The racer is a recolour of the Agents kit, Infearno Interception (70162). - The walker is an updated Sub Orbital Guardian (6878-1) from Blacktron II. - The fighter is a recolour of the Ice Planet 2002 set Blizzard Baron (6879). - The submersible is a MOC with it's main design forms coming from the Aquazone set, Crystal Scavenger (2160-1). Many more pics in my Flickr album: I've also ordered components for 8 more Neo Blacktron minifigs, and am eagerly anticipating their arrival! Comments welcome!
  12. Hi all After getting the 42038 Artic Truck, I played around with the track links and noticed that if you make a loop with all the tracks inverted, it can compress, but spring back to its original shape, and so I figired if I had the tracks jammed between some rollers on the underside and on the topside is a sprocket, it will have a motor per wheel and very high ground clearance. I have made a mockup of 1 wheel, it is fairly smooth running but needs stabilizing a lot, the wheel wobbles around. I think having two sprockets on the top then a roller in the middle on the underside might be better (like a triangle shape). The good thing is the wheels change shape depending on the surface it is driving on, the wheels in the mockup are quite hard to compress so just add more links to it. Heres the pics: Now since i'm too busy to start building this I'm just gonna leave the idea out here and see what happnes, I have my 42029 project on the go already... I'm sure somebody willl make something cool out of it, post ideas and builds below!. Regards, Snipe
  13. Here is my most extreme crawler yet this is why it is not on my main topic. It will have 8 wheel drive so AWD, tatra suspeension on all axles, and steering on the first two axles. I call this my extreme crawler/offroader on a budget. Some pics: More updates soon!!
  14. Technic156

    Jeep Crawler

    Hey everyone, I have finally finished the crawler. It took me awhile and a lot of versions till I liked something. So lets get right into it. Features: 1 XL motor for drive 2 Servo motors for steering 2 IR Receivers LED lights 2 Speed gearbox with M motor for remote changing 1 Lego Lipo battery Images: I took some ideas from Madoca1977 and Nico71(which are some great builders) I hope you guys and gals enjoy!
  15. Yet another modification of the 9398, a 4x4 crawler that I just got as a birthday present just a week or two ago (as of 03/10/2014). So mod after mod it ended up becoming a somewhat MOC. This has been widened by 2 studs, has hightened ground clearance and has been given a new body. Compared to the original 9398 it has a much lower COG and better clearance, and climbs better too! Differentials are fitted with rubber, to act as much as a limited slip diff. VIDEO: Old stuff More old stuff
  16. Tamas Juhasz

    Blue Rock Crawler

    I present my latest crawler: http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=545871 It's main concept is similar to my previous crawlers: nothing unnecessary part and weigth, as simple and reliable technik, as it can be. The chassis is enoug flexible to do this: http://www.brickshel...Crawler/021.jpg - so you don't need more advanced suspension in this concept. Two XL motor drive, one M motor steers the vehicle. For power supply there is one LiPo battery and a V2 receiver built in. The front part is heavier, thanks to the small wheels in the front rims and the ship weight. The chain holds the weight in position. This crawler also has the usual rock crusher tires, in my case, from RC4WD. The body is partly from the 8437 official model: http://www.bricklink...em.asp?S=8437-1 http://www.brickshel...Crawler/001.jpg I lookde around my room in the beggining of body building time, and the 8437's body in my showcase just gave himself to connect with the chassis. I wanted to make a tubular body/frame. Has a fake L6 motor in the back too: As video, there is the first part (from 00:40 to 20:55) of this video: (720p) This was an RC track test, for more information see this topic: http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=97879 I made it in LDD, this is the instruction: http://www.brickshel...crawler-no4.lxf Feel free to ask or comment.
  17. Hi Guys. Here are my first two 9398 based crawlers. The tracktor is my personal favorite - it is 20g lighter then the Evil Crawler with netweight of 770g. (excluding battery - 200g and balancing weights - 100g). Using a DC/DC converter to keep a constant voltage of 11.8V and a 8.4V third party Li Ion battery. A second 9398 set is on its way and I hope to be able to build more complex models then :) 1. Evil Crawler: 2. The Tracktor:
  18. Hey, here's my latest attempt at crawling. The Demon 4x4. I'm not happy with the body at all, but was very rushed to finish it due to my "play ground" being turned into a pond! Also underestimated how much red I had, ahha. Well the main experiment was to test the chassis, which I think held up really well. The dual steering really helps get over obstacles when needed. The axles are basically what I used on my reaper as they perform really well, but always wondered what steering front and back would be like. The weakness in this moc was how the shocks were attached to the body (poorly) and as a result popped off a few times. An easy fix I think, but not with this body, something better I think. Thanks for checking it out and wait for the crashes! I have an LDD file, but not sure how to upload it.
  19. Hi all! In June 2014 we made a little trip to test an off road RC track, thanks for it to the Home-Road R/C Team. It wasn't a race, just a test. Pictures can be found here: https://www.dropbox....palya-teszt.rar Video: download link: https://www.dropbox....t-kis-meret.mp4 I recommend the end part from 28:00 to 29:00, some interesting and funny moments can be seen. We used two crawlers, a 6x6 test chassis, and two trial trucks. I hope we can use the track in the future, a cooperation with the RC team is in process. If we had more time, the video would be better, but because it was together with the RC team, we had limited time before their race. The main test vehicle was a crawler, has also topic here: http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=97878 Hope you like it. Feel free to ask or comment.
  20. I saw this photo on an R/C forum post...and now I'm hooked on crawlers: I've set about building my own crawler based on the above picture, and I'll post WIP photos here. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. To start the WIP photos, here's the chassis as of today:
  21. Hello, Several month's ago, Ive created this crawler drill, but haven't post it on Eurobricks until now The crawler is an heavy machine with masive drill power to deal with the roughest terrain. Two chrome drills, two mining lasers and a radar are the equipment for this vehicle to research the dangerous dark caves. Information about the crawler: The crawler is motorized by two Power Functions M motors The drills rotate when driving Two working lights on front side Removable battery box for easy replacement of the batteries Pictures: Crawler Drill by LegoMathijs, on Flickr Drills and lights. Drills working when moving the vehicle by LegoMathijs, on Flickr Crawler Drill by LegoMathijs, on Flickr Easy assembling battery box by LegoMathijs, on Flickr Chassis by LegoMathijs, on Flickr More pictures on Flickr: Hope you like it
  22. Hi all crawler pros, one question: could you recommend a crawler with really good playablitly - regardless if an official set (9398 or 41999) or a MOC? if latter one then a MOC with available BI would be prefered... Which one would you recommend concerning crawling performance? Thanks in advance.
  23. Hello Eurobricks members! Today I would like to show you a truck together with my previous MOC a crawler forklift. Specifications: Length: 48 cm Width: 17 cm Height: 17 cm Weight: 1894 gr. Power Functions: 2 x PF M motor 1 x PF XL motor 2 x PF IR receiver 2 x PF IR remote control 1 x PF battery box BS Gallery
  24. Hello Eurobricks members! Today I would like to show you a crawler forklift. As a cargo, I used two small cars from 6753 set Specifications: Length: 38 cm Width: 21 cm Height: 21 cm / max cargo height 30 cm Weight: 1364 gr. Power Functions: 4 x PF M motor 2 x PF IR receiver 2 x PF IR remote control 2 x PF extension wire (20 cm) 1 x PF battery box BS Gallery I splited a video for 2 parts: loading and unloading
  25. Hi, few months ago I've submitted here GEN1 offroader, and I promised the second generation with many improvements - so, here it is ;) (GEN1 topic: http://www.eurobrick...52#entry1806014) 1+1XL (independent propulsion for each axle, 2*M, 1*V1 reciever, 1*V2 reciever, 1*Li-Po Battery. Youtube: Flickr (model): Flickr (disassembling): LDD of chassis is also availible.