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Found 4 results

  1. This is what happens when you have a dune buggy but want it to be a salt flat racer or even a dragster. Very fast and very durable, performs astonishing wheelies and looks as scary as a golden-toothed-and-cheap-sunglasses-skull-adorned racer could get. 42046 C-Model, uses 100% of the original set's parts and has those notable features: ► pull-back motor ► very fake V8 and exhausts behind the cockpit ► steering wheel, speedometer and floodlights + rear lights ► reinforced frame and balancing enabling it to perform wheelies (apologies for the photo quality, those were the best results I could get) EDIT: Here's the LDD file if someone's interested. Couldn't assemble the whole thing because of the usual LDD shenanigans, but it's kinda straightforward when you go those three pics. That orange bulky thing is, of course, an equivalent of the pull-back motor not included in LDD - shoutout to marco9999 for the design.
  2. Now that all the Skull gang has been reviewed by VBBN, it's time to take a closer look at the combiner models. The first one is made of three of the four medium sets : Skull Warrior, Skull Slicer and Skull Basher. The build : The instructions for these combiners aren't available (yet), so I had to guess the build from the (tiny) pictures at the end of the instructions of each set. We start with the torso and the gearbox, then we add the legs, the arms, the spikes on the back, the armours and the head. The complete model : His huge body and his wide shoulders make him really imposing, and he's rather properly armoured, especially for a skeleton. The main issue to me is the colour scheme (two metallic colours and four transparent colours), but it was hard to do better : it's possible to replace most of the blue parts by green ones (except the #4 armours on the arms and the horns, of course), but it makes the model look too much like Slicer, which I think the designers wanted to avoid (which is understandable, especially since he already has four arms). So... we have a rainbow warrior instead. Well. A blue crossaxle / pin is used to give some friction to the mechanism, but it's useless : as soon as you release the yellow knob, the arms "fall". Speaking of the arms, since they're all aligned, the "inner" arms almost can't move on the sides, only frontwards and backwards. What I like, and despite what the official description says, it's that this combiner has only one head. Sure, they could have given him three heads, but it would have been useless and ridiculous, so I'm glad they chose to stick to only one head. I also like the claws on his feet, especially the fact that they used a Skull Spider leg for the middle claw. It's a small detail, but I like it. It's an interesting build, and an imposing model, but it really suffers from the colour scheme.
  3. I'm wondering, does anyone have the instructions for the various RoboRider combo models? As in the ones that use three or more? I've spent quite a while looking for them, but they aren't really available anywhere. Does anybody have them, and if so, could you post a link? These are very rare, so you'd be doing every Lego constraction and Technic fan a favor.
  4. Toa_Of_Justice

    {LDD MOC} Cosmic Winger

    UPDATE: See real-life photos of this model in the next post. I have been looking at the insectoid forces in sets 70700, 70701, and 70707 for a long time, imagining what it would be like if they were all combined into one large bug. Before building the Cosmic Winger in real life, I decided to design it in LDD. I ended up using every single piece of each insectoid vehicle/creature in my combo model. Click any picture for a larger picture. { ^ Extra-large pic ^ } { ^ Extra-large pic ^ } { ^ Extra-large pic ^ } { ^ Extra-large pic ^ } { ^ Extra-large pic ^ } { ^ Extra-large pic ^ } { ^ Extra-large pic ^ } { ^ Extra-large pic ^ } { LXF File } { Brickshelf Gallery } The Cosmic Winger has 4 eyes, 4 mandibles, 2 guns beneath those mandibles, 4 wings, 12 legs, a buggoid pilot, and a crazy mosquitoid gunner wielding two blaster pistols. In addition, I have made a "stinger bomb" out of the pieces left over after building the Cosmic Winger itself (I hope to get got the jackhammer to fit more tightly in real life). When I have time to build, I'll post pictures of the real thing, but if you have any suggestions for the digital model, I can make any necessary modifications before I build it. Bugging Out, -Toa Of Justice EDIT: That big green thing in the back of the Cosmic Winger isn't a cocoon prison. Although it's shaped like one (and could technically fit a minifigure), it's actually the hyperdrive engine, with a thruster at the very end. EDIT 2: See the next post for the real thing!