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Found 95 results

  1. Discussions at Sea (Challenge IV Prelude, Chapter 15) Previous Prelude chapters: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Discussions at Sea meeting at sea by skaforhire, on Flickr Aboard the Fishmonger’s Wife Captain Nelbort Northman receives the diplomats from Ulandus. His privateer vessel had been roaming the Spice Islands, looking for goods-laden Kaliphlin ships heading for Mitgardia that had their papers out of order… Ten days back, while restocking at Barqa, he received a letter from the Foreign Ministry of Mitgardia, asking them to pick up a diplomat on one of the southern Spice Isles. Always willing to help, Northman headed to the location. He exchanged pleasantries with a ship flying colors he did not recognize – Blue and Green – but they also had a Kaliphlin flag. Four men boarded his ship, and he set off for his home waters. The men were dressed similar to Far Eastern Kaliphinites who lived on the Eastern coast just south of Nocturnus. They had similar accents as well. Their leader, Moti Shinzu, became fast friends with Norhtman. Northman was happy to have someone with so much interest in privateering on board. As they traveled they talked about the strange new subcontinent that he hailed from. DSC_1678 by skaforhire, on Flickr Moti had just finished fishing one day when Northman came to him for one of their usual talks. “So what does Ulandus want with Mitgardia? Why are you headed so far away from Kaliphlin, if the emperor wishes only to rejoin Kaliphlin? Asked Northman. Moti was quiet for a moment, and as usual, gave a calculated answer. “All great guilds need strong friends. We know of the arms race last year between Kaliphlin and Mitgardia. It is the emperors wishes that Kaliphlin and Mitgardia put aside their differences and prepare for a more trying time.” “What could be more trying than the series of guild civil wars we have been facing the last few years?” Northman asked. DSC_1677 by skaforhire, on Flickr “Putting a king back on the throne of Cedrica, making Historica whole again.” Moti answered. “Peace between the guilds is essential for this, and for the next steps.” After he said the last bit he looked shocked, as if he may have given something away. As much as Northman tried to get Moti to tell him of the next steps, the soft-spoken diplomat would not budge. Finally he altered the subject a little. “What does Kaliphlin and Ulandus offer Mitgardia?” Moti began what seemed like a very well-rehearsed line. “In return for support and friendship, the Emperor will persuade the council to drop all duties on Mitgardian goods, and having much wealth from the oil trade, will pay Mitgardia a large subsidy each year for thirty years. Free water and food will be available in every Kaliphlin port for any Mitgardian vessel. Kaliphlin will support Mitgardian claims on the northern plains of the territory known as Cedrica. Finally, the new king will be Mitgardian.” “Won’t the Avalonians and Nocturnans have a problem with that last bit?” Moti said. “The Emperor has other plans for Avalonia. They will be happy with what we have already offered them.” When Northman looked at the diplomat, he spilled the rest of the beans. “The Emperor will support Avalonian claims on Esterbroke, and allow for joint occupation of the island. It will be divided in half.” “The High Council will not go for that.” Northman said, he knew the Kaliphlinites were busy making plans on that island, and the last time he visited it, it was 90% Kaliphlinites in the civilized parts. “Some of the High Council will no longer be welcome in Petraea. A civil war is expected. Sides have firmed up in the last month, since Dextrus was killed.” Moti said. “It seems the neutralists on the Council have lost much of their support to both the Desert King and to the Emperor. The Emperor being much stronger.” Moti said. “And what about Nocturnus?” Northman said. “There are certain elements of Nocturnus that don’t fit into the future.” Moti said, and that was all he said about the subject. Northman had caught the whole angle though, not one of the three sides were powerful enough to sway the others without fighting. Ulandus needed Avalonia and Mitgardia to turn the tide of war. Moreover, they probably wanted Mitgardia to deal with the Desert King in the north, and keep his Nocturnan allies at bay, while the Avalonians crushed the Neutralists who were strong in the west. This strategy seemed too plain to see. He wondered how much the other two factions were willing to give to join their side. One thing was for certain… privateering was about to become much more lucrative.
  2. Hanging in the Balance (Challenge IV Prelude, Chapter 7) Previous Prelude chapters: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Hanging in the Balance Small Council by skaforhire, on Flickr Dugal sat with his arms crossed. This small council meeting was not going well. This was one of the various small councils, where a few of the High Lords met with a group of Low Lords in order to make decisions for the different regions of Kaliphlin. Most of the time the High Lords did not even make these meetings, as the real lifting happened in the High Lord Council. Dugal was only in Petraea because of the emergency council meeting that was scheduled for that night. This meeting was made up of some of the western lords of Kaliphlin, but the only high lords in attendance were Gideon, Bain Ba’Elder or , Kyban Wh'Ali of Khar'dek and himself. Kyban, was currently serving as the Lord Protector of the Council, so he was the only person besides the guards allowed to have a weapon in the building. It was actually a good turnout of high lords, even if it was mandatory that Kyban attend due to his position. Most of the minor lords had left already, but Bain had just taken the floor, and would probably not yield for some time. He always complained about Eastgate’s control of the Red River, and did not like the taxes placed on merchants from his town upstream. So he was usually an enemy of the MacLeans, but Dugal had not seen him in a while. It was surprising that he began to talk about something else. “I wish to call for a fund to help the westlands rebuild from the Great Disturbance.” Melki O’teel, one of Bain’s lower lord lackeys seconded the motion and began to talk about some of the building efforts East of his village. Earthquake In Kaliphlin by BrickCurve, on Flickr (Thank You BrickCurve!) Earthquake In Kaliphlin by BrickCurve, on Flickr It seemed that efforts were beginning quickly, as it had only been a few weeks. But, the odd thing about the story was that Sea People troops were going around the countryside helping rebuild damaged towns. That was odd. Melki droned on. Dugal almost lost track of his surroundings, thinking of ways in which GEAR Co. could help, and still make a profit… after they get Eastgate back from his brother Petera, that is. However, he snapped back into the present when he heard Bain’s next talking point. DSC_3845 by skaforhire, on Flickr “I move to send a motion to the High Council to take Eastgate’s supply of Kaliphlin Guild troops away. The siege there has taken much of our guild’s resources over the last year, and it is still a stalemate, even after a victory for Lord Dugal at the Wither Woods! Let him use his own troops.!” He was cheered by his cronies, but that was almost half the table. Even Gais Elmor, a once proud member of GEAR Co. sat in silence, seemingly pondering the resolution. “This is ridiculous.” Dugal said. “We must apply pressure to Eastgate, we cannot let Petera escape – he is more powerful than his master, Revolword!” “So you say,” Bain said. “But Petera has never actually threatened anything but your birthright! He has yet to threaten any part of the rest of Kaliphlin.” “Except Queencross!” Lady Kylee protested. “He sent the assassin to kill Dugal and stop the Army! Then he aided the enemy against Paulos during the battle of Queenscross! He is a danger to us all.” Dugal was glad his wife’s friend had taken her father’s seat on the low council, she would be a good ally. DSC_1514 by skaforhire, on Flickr “We only know half of that is true, and still, living in the past will only doom us. There are real threats, present threats before us. These Ulandians or Sea People that Phlici has told us about, the Desert King, and worst of all, the Great Disturbance’s aftermath,” Bain stated. Lady Phlici tried to interject here and disagree that her new friends were not a threat – now that was a weird situation that would have to be addressed—but Bain continued over her. DSC_3847 by skaforhire, on Flickr He directed his attack directly at Dugal, meeting his eyes. “You have one of the most powerful personal armies in Historica at your command, yet you have not been able to take Eastgate. You even have Guild troops at your disposal, and perhaps the most powerful army in Historica, Lord DaMaximus’s army with you at Eastgate. You should have broken your brother by now!” “We are close.” Dugal said, he did not want to divulge any secret information, he knew an attack was coming in the next few weeks, but he had no idea if Bain would warn Petera or not. At this point Gideon interrupted Bain who was about to continue. “Perhaps we should let this matter rest while we talk about the Sea People and the Desert King. After all, we are not sure we need an army for either side – they have not threatened anyone yet. “ DSC_3841 by skaforhire, on Flickr Bain snarled, “They might not be an immediate risk, but let me tell you about South Sandstruck. This Kaliphlin town, and others that are too small to have strong standing forces are being hit every day! Warlords that do not give their allegiance to Kaliphlin and Flagg prey on those who pay their dues to our guild! That is what we need the troops for, and who knows, maybe even in time we will need them against the Sea People!” Sandstruck by South Sandstruck, on Flickr by Nice Marmot! Again Lady Phlici began to object, but she was cut off by screaming in the hall. “FLAGG IS DEAD! DEXTRUS FLAGG IS DEAD!” The small council broke up, and Dugal headed toward the commotion.
  3. Rebuilding What Once Was (Challenge 4 Prelude, Chapter 2) Chapter One The thunderous sound of the earth roaring seemed to last for hours in Kaliphlin. Not only did the Lone Mountain explode, but the force of the tremor was felt as far away as Mitgardia. Much of Kaliphlin was shaken, and many places suffered catastrophic damage. The newly rebuild city of Sultan’s Gate was not spared the wrath of the “Great Disturbance” (As it has come to be known). However, as the dust cleared and those who were spared began shifting through the rubble, treachery has surfaced! One of the housing districts that seemed to have sunk into the ground during the quake, was sabotaged! It soon became apparent that Drow tunnels were dug under Sultan’s Gate. For what purpose, we many never know, but the culprits have seemed to have abandoned their plans now. Sultan’s Gate is a tight knit community, and soon the rebuilding effort began. Robuko by Picture, on Flickr (NOTE: Thanks to Robuko for building this MOC, when he gets back in town he will probably post this as a separate free build with more close up shots.) Orcs, humans, mummies all work throughout the day to try and clear up the results of the landslip. Some of the newest Petraea General Trading Company contraptions are used in the effort. In this painting we can see the Ornithopter Flying Boat surveying and lifting rubble. At this rate, perhaps Sultan’s Gate will find normalcy in a few months. But something seems to be lurking in the distance, a general feeling seeps over the people, that the Landslip, the earthquake, and the intrusion upon Kaliphlin are all just early warnings to something greater. And… with the new strangers starting to appear in town, from “Ulandia” or “Ulantis” or ”Ulandus”, or something like that, a place no Kaliphlin seems to recall, , one must wonder what this new era may bring. proverb by skaforhire, on Flickr Rebuilding What Once Was (Challenge 4 Prelude, Chapter 2)
  4. When Altonio De’Ran felt the world shake, surely he was dreaming. Unfortunately as the Kaliphlin Guardsman of Dompei--un’Erezhi (Town’s name translates to “Damp under the Lone Mountain” in ancient Kaliphlinese) looked out his window, the worst thing possible filled his vision. Erezhi was erupting. No, not erupting, exploding. The Lone Mountain had blown its top, and now fireballs were raining down on the three towns around her base. on Flickr He screamed to his leiutenent, but when he finally got out of the barracks, he could see the steady stream of people running for their lives. DSC_1461 by skaforhire, on Flickr Black, fiery rock was falling from the sky, the residence next door had already been hit by a large piece of the mountain. DSC_1468 by skaforhire, on Flickr He looked over to his left and saw at least one person who had been ended by the flying fire missiles. DSC_1459 by skaforhire, on Flickr And the world kept shaking. DSC_1457 by skaforhire, on Flickr To his right he saw a woman grasp her son. After placing a kiss on his head, in defeat she covered the boy’s face and said “Goodnight, sweet prince.” DSC_1462 by skaforhire, on Flickr Then the ash came. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- It was said that the mountain shook for two days, and the lands bordering the Southern Ocean felt the earth cry out for three more nights before she washed away her pain in a great wave that devastated the coast. Although the devastation was enormous, Kaliphlin’s sorrow was just beginning. trustnobody by skaforhire, on Flickr edit by skaforhire, on Flickr
  5. Somewhere, in a dwarven keep in midgardia.... Adummim: Gentlemen, thank you both for coming at such short notice. I have taken the liberty to arrange some refreshments, while we discuss the final plans. Rarroud: Excellent! I have been dying to taste that dwarven ale you talked about! Fimdoum: Some ale and food was an excellent idea sir! Adummim: Well, we should make our stay here as pleasant as possible i guess. But now on to buisness.... Adummim grabs a piece of folded up parchment from under his beard, and unfolds it onto the table... Adummim: This is the final plan for the coming assault on the drow. We will march in three days, under the cover of night. Rarroud and his regiment will pass the border of avalonia trough this mountain pass, and you Fimdoum, will take the path along this river with your troops. I will lead the third regiment trough the forrest into avalonia. There is a possibility the elves will spot our movement, so haste is key. Once the attack has started they will probably declare war on us anyway, but for now we need the element of supprise. Fimdoum: And what if the elves decide to attack us in the rear? Adummim: That is why the first strike has to be a supprise attack. The elves will never engage our troops without the concent of the elven council, that gives us time to hammer those drow, and regroup to counter any elven resistance. Rarroud: Hah, we will kill as many drow as we can, and take as much elven scum with them as well! Adummim puts the map away.... Adummim: Well, now everybody knows what needs to be done, it's time for a refreshment. Eat, drink, feast my friends! We march in 3 days! Upstairs in the attic, there is someone who should not be there.... John: The dwarves are going to war on the drow? I must inform Chorian right away! Once these dwarves are sufficiently drunk, i'll sneak away unnoticed. To be continued.... Well, i hope you like my entry for challenge 3! It was fun building something that wasn't nocturnus themed! C&C welcome! Extra pics: The total build.. Sans figs and furniture... And the rear to show i've stayed within the 16x16 area.
  6. The main forces of the dwarf army prepare to advance into Avalonia. Meanwhile, scouting parties range through the borderlands in search of drow. Occasionally, they encounter remnants of the ancient dwarven civilization that once stretched across all the North and West of Historica. They pause to pay their respects to the dwarven kings of old, buried as they are beneath centuries worth of earth, stone, and memory. Figless:
  7. For our second annual US Civil War Collaboration at Brickfair Virginia, we created a large display (4x8 of 32x32 stud baseplates) of the 1864 battle to commemorate the 150th Anniversary. John Rudy, Joshua Brooks, Patrick Taylor and I built 32 modules and invaded them with 179 confederates and 142 Federals: ---Click on the pictures for greater detail--- While we had to compress the battlefield to get the Railroad Cut, Ny Stream, Brock Road and Widow Tap's Farm in, we were very careful to recreate the battle on May 6th, 1864 at 11:00 am, when General James Longstreet sent his Chief of Staff Lt Col Moxley Sorrel and four brigades sneaking along the Railroad Cut to surprise the Federals with a flank attack. All four of us had a great time with this, and got to talk about history to those who otherwise didn't know about it. The display was popular with the public and AFOLs alike at Brickfair VA, and was nominated for the Best Historical award, but lost to another of my builds, the Battle of Rorke's Drift (post to follow soon). Cheers, Gary
  8. Gary The Procrastinator

    The Blue and The Gray

    In preparation for our second annual Civil War Collaboration at Brickfair Virginia, here is an introductory build, a mostly symbolic representation of the struggle between the two sides. Depending on how you interpret the build, there are 7 characteristics included that are symbolic of the real conflict. Can you spot them? For more details, click on the picture. If you are coming to Brickfair Virginia in August, stop by the Civil War collaboration and say hello! Cheers, Gary
  9. My lord Simon, After our fortification efforts I decided to see what information I could gather about the leaders of the enemy force. One of my men spotted a drow scout, and I followed him. Soon I found a few of the enemy at a small camp in the ruins of a tower. There were three drow, one of which wore a mask, a Hand warrior, and a raven. They seemed to be arguing about their leadership. The Hand soldier didn't think a drow should be leading them. I overheard them talking about their leader being back at "the Keep". I will investigate. Regards, Sir Jamus Sir Jamus. Whole build. I tried to make the landscaping similar to the landscaping in my other build set in Avalonia. Figless! I love mushrooms... Campfire! Wall detailing! Well, that's my Category A entry! Hope you like it! . More pictures here: http://upload.bricks...ry.cgi?f=544257
  10. Here is my entry for Category A of the challenge. I thought I'd turn the tables on the tunnel-loving drow a bit by having them be the ones caught sleeping on the surface for a change. Somewhere South of the Mitgardia border, a long-abandoned dwarven mineshaft is suddenly the setting of a tense meeting. An Avalonian scout, one of Lord Simon's, has been called down to the underground in the company of dwarven soldiers and a pair of lantern-wielding prospectors who claim they have something dire to share. "Shhhhhh..." comes a whisper from above them. One of the soldiers has climbed up a makeshift ramp to where cracks in the stone form a natural passage for sound and smell. And what sounds! What smells! Directly above all their heads, drow spider-riders creep through the underbrush. One directs his spider to deface an Avalonian flag that once stood proudly from the squat spire of rock. In their harsh language, they confer about the whereabouts of Avalonian encampments. An ambush is being planned. The dwarves want to deliver an ambush of their own. The scout argues with them. Let the drow think they have the element of surprise, he says. He'll head back to the nearest encampment and raise the alarm. The dwarves are reluctant, relishing an opportunity to strike back against their most hated enemy. But the scout is persuasive and the dwarves agree to let this one go... for now. The complete build. I built is so that the rock outcropping is removable, as is the top layer of grass and foliage where two of the drow are positioned: In the bottom right corner you can see structural supports built of wood by the dwarves. The bottom left is a cutaway for visibility. Thanks for taking a look, C&C always welcome. Especially on the rockwork as it is only my second attempt at SNOTed rocks/terrain and I still have a long, long way to go. Note: more pictures available on flickr. These may be fun to look at because they show how I constructed the MOC for easy removal of parts.
  11. My Lord Simon, I write to inform you that our efforts are going smoothly! Our efforts have been met with much success, and we have managed to build dozens of fortifications throughout Avalonia. Our armies will now have many spots to fall back to if we are overwhelmed. The owners of the lands we are building on have been extremely cooperative and helpful. They are willing to give up parts of their land, glad for the protection of our troops. I am now leaving a house where we have built a palisade wall. The inhabitants of the house, a man, elf, and their son, have been very gracious to us. They provided food, help, and entertainment in the form of elvish singing to my men, and wished us the best of luck. I recommend we reward their good spirits after the drow are defeated. Regards, Sir Jamus. The peasants. Sir Jamus (in the front) and the palisade. Spears! No figs! I love the landscaping and path! No palisade! I really like the house. I built a house because I realized I haven't ever really built a proper house. So I decided to build a scene showing a fortification effort around a house. I figured small fortifications like this would be popping up all over Avalonia, so my idea would fit in. Well, that's my entry! Good luck everyone! Edit: Brickshelf gallery's public:
  12. Gary The Procrastinator

    Defense of Little Round Top

    Hello, I'm new to Eurobricks, so I thought I'd start with one of my favorite builds, just to try out the functionality of posting and see if I have everything right. Let me know if I'm messing something up here! This is a historical US Civil War build of the 20th Maine Regiment's defense of a key position during the war's turning point, the Battle of Gettysburg. I built it for the 150th Anniversary of the actual battle, starting it on the anniversary of the very day the action took place. It was part of the Civil War display at last year's Brickfair and won Best Historical MOC for 2013. For the full story of this action, click on the image. Thanks for your comments!
  13. The drow have set up many army camps in the Wither Wood. Sir Jontry of the Eagle-men has scouts all over the Wither, so whenever one finds a camp, they report back and Sir Jontry himself attacks the camp. This time he asked me to come along and attack. We hid for a long time watching them do whatever a drow normally does. as it was late afternoon, we found it fit to reveal ourselves. "Damn drow!" Sir Jontry yelled, and with that we attacked. It was over before it had begun. They fought well, but were clumsy in the way of weapons. My first for the civil war challenge in Avalonia. C&C welcome, and I hope ya like it! EDIT: Can a mod change the title to say "Catagorie A"?
  14. Lord VonBelticus was pacing the room when a hooded man entered. VonBelticus Good, your here. Hooded man Why did you call for this meeting to be a secret? VonBelticus We can't let this letter get to the drow, Cassius. As he said so he laid a letter on the table 002 by TheUtilityBelt32, on Flickr VonBelticus Two days ago I got a message from one of my scouts. I've already sent copys of the contents to Lords DeGothia and Simon. Cassius Well then, if it's so important open it! Cassius grabed for the letter but VonBelticus got to it first. He opened it and put it down on the table. 003 by TheUtilityBelt32, on Flickr Cassius It's a map. It's the coast? VonBelticus My scout found a drow camp near Burnby. He managged to swipe this from them before they left headed toward the sea. Cassius It's war plans! They're bringing there fleet to attack the coast! Here's my entry for the Dark Times challenge and I hope you like it!
  15. Christoph

    Road into darkness

    To those who stay at home: My mind cannot rest. I am on the road again ... looking for truth. But this time it won't be pleasant. This time dark shadows cloud my way. I do not know what I will find in the East. But I do know that I will go there. I am off to look for truth. Friends! Forgive me! - even though you cannot understand... Yours, Abū Alī al-Ḥusayn ibn Abd Allāh ibn Sīnā
  16. Dear Narthok, Sorry to keep you waiting, but I've been supervising the work on repairing a fortress. The sides are really heating up, and it shall be full out war soon. We see spies of the Spire lurking everywhere, and the Drow are getting bolder and bolder. I'll try to keep you informed. You would not believe the man who is lord of this crumbling fortress! He call himself the Watcher, even though he has no eyes. He wears antique armor, surely the relic of some long forgotten age. His warriors wear helmets over masks, and similar armor. The Watcher himself is a hulking man, or whatever species he is. I have certainly never seen anyone like him. He hasn't said anything about the origin of himself or the tower, but there are runes inside that speak of him, runes that must be hundreds of years old! Even though the Watcher and his crew are an unsightly bunch, I'm fine, as I'm stationed with a good group of Orcen-folk. Several different bands, but they're all good folk and soldiers. I'll write you again soon, Garthonkk The full build, probably my best yet! The courtyard. Note the Crypt type thing. The large Orc with a beard is the one writing the letter. A ruined tower. The Watcher... Well... Watching. I gave the stained glass a light-up effect! That's my five pics, but more are here! http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=537719 For the glory of Nocturnus!
  17. rdrees15

    Ironclad CSS Texas

    This is a Ironclad I am designing and hope to build. If there is any suggestions please dont be shy I am up for anything I can approve but just remember I am using LDD so there isn't much I can do. Here is the pictures on my brickshelf
  18. John Brown's Fort - Flickr I've been picking away at this model for a couple months now. The Federal Armory at Harpers Ferry, Virginia was made up of 22 buildings in 1859 when John Brown attacked the factory. But by 1864, the Armory was largely empty shells, collapsed buildings and jury-rigged warehouses. But John Brown's Fort remained much as it did half a decade before. In 1859, John Brown attacked the Federal Armory and Arsenal at Harpers Ferry. His aim was to capture the 100,000 weapons stored there and outfit an army of escaped slaves to carve out a free land in the slave state of Virginia. Flickr Brown and his 21-man army was hemmed in quickly, making a final stand inside the Armory's fire engine house. The building would forever sport the name of the man who tried to raise an army to destroy slavery. The Federal government dispatched troops and saw that Brown was executed for trying to arm former slaves in a war against slavery. Flickr In just 5 years, America underwent a revolution. The Federal government, the same one which condemned Brown, by 1863 was arming former slaves to march through the South in a war against slavery. In 1864, the 19th USCT marched through Harpers Ferry. Brown's avenging black army had finally arrived in front of the fort which bore his name. ----- This build was a real bear. The arches are all of the inverse sort thanks to a gap in the LEGO palette. Thanks to that and a few other oddities, a good deal of the model is SNOTed together. It's still a solid little beast. All told I'm very happy with how this model turned out. Eventually (by Brickfair VA 2014) this building will be getting a diorama of the contraband camp which was pitched in front of the Fort in 1864 as part of the LEGO Civil War Collaborative build project focused on the 150th anniversary of the final full year of the American Civil War. Enjoy, -John
  19. BMW

    MOC: The General

    One of the most enduring stories of the Civil War is the 1862 Andrews Raid... or better known as the Great Locomotive Chase. The namesake at the center of this drama is the locomotive "The General": . The paint scheme shown here is not how she appeared in 1862... however it is the one popularized in the mid-20th century and what most people remember. This static display model was a commission. It leverages many techniques from my Wild Wild West locomotive "Inyo" but with a more traditional brick frame. It also sports a set of Zephyr1934's (Ben C's) custom drive rods ( ). My only regret is that I ran short of large BBB drivers so had to include standard Lego drivers :-( - Brian Williams
  20. Here is an idea I toyed with for a while. A lego steam sloop.