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Found 95 results

  1. Once the bridge across the river had been cleared by other troops, it was a simple matter for the Desert King's soldiers to march in. The towers of Eastgate shall fall! More pics. C&C appreciated! My WZ18 entry.
  2. Hooray! Desert King troops have managed to destroy the source of power of the First Centurion! In a fierce battle the defenders were defeated: A large part of the battle raged in the garden of the Celestial Palace: The brave DK fighters (supported by Mounted Ostrich Bowmen) were excited about their victory. The defenders (dis-)appeared in the usual way... Key to the victory was ... ... the Desert King's fire mage ... ... who destroyed the artefact of the First Centurion with his magic flame thrower . The magic monument, that had been beaming with yellow thaumaturgical energy, came crashing down in flames. When its magic died, a loud, unearthly scream was heard through the gardens of the palace... C&C welcome.
  3. A counter to LordDan's attack at L1 The civilian carrying the weapons slipped on the edge of the dock and fell into the river, as he fell, the weapons dropped out of his hands and floated away: Any C&C welcome
  4. (POV Amir Navabi) After traveling to the Ulandian Camp outside Petraea, I had been ordered to raid Desert King territory. The Northmen, like the mercenaries they were, refused to raid with us. They had agreed to help the siege of Petraea, nothing more, nothing less. But I was ready to serve my allies. We had found a Desert King Coal mine.....and we intended to destroy it. The Desert King's war machine ran on coal, and needed mines like this. The Desert King might well be able to rouse untold numbers.........but no matter how many soldiers, they needed swords. And swords required fires. Hot fires. After defeating the only warrior among them, I faced him down, but there was something familiar about him.......... "Amir!" He exclaimed. "Brother!" "Aram.....You support the Desert King?" "Indeed, Brother, and loyally so. Like my parents." Then the Lieutenant called out I turned my back- as my brother attempted treachery. I twirled around, and in so doing, cut off my brother's hand. He cried out in pain, and fell, having failed in his treachery. We set fire to the shaft, and within minutes, it would be no more. As the building fell apart. I was ready to leave.....then I heard a sound. I was brother's moaning. "What are you doing?" The Lieutenant asked, incredulously. I moved his body away from death, and wrapped his wound. I had honor, where my brother had none. For the Praise of His Glory! ~Andrew
  5. Hereby my entry to War Zone 9. If I win I5 is to be the next war zone. WZ 9: The Battle for the Bloody Lane by Beorthan, on Flickr Shortly after having taken position in a small shelter along the important oil road, Sir William Drake finds his unit of heavy infantry attacked by a tribe of Cyclops berserkers supporting Ulandus. "Form a shield wall" Drake barks in a commanding voice. WZ 9: The Battle for the Bloody Lane by Beorthan, on Flickr At the sound of the command, the remainder of the unit, two light infantrymen, rushes from the shelter where they had rested. With the shield wall formed, their bolts will wreak havoc amongst the berserkers, whose savage attack will not stand much of a chance against a well-disciplined unit. WZ 9: The Battle for the Bloody Lane by Beorthan, on Flickr The build sans figs. Nothing too special, but I think it turned out reasonably well. C&C is more than welcome. I must admit 3 war zones with the same deadline is taking it's toll!
  6. My entry to WarZone 13. If I should win, I pick D3 as the next warzone. This was a fun little build, the mobile fort was a little challenging to make but I think it turned out pretty well. Aymeri and his men send some desert king soldiers packing: More pictures can be seen here: Link C&C much appreciated
  7. Northwall had been under siege for nearly two weeks before the Desert King's commanders gave the order for an all-out attack against the fortified city. The vanguard included a brigade of Nocturnian orcs trained in the tactics of siege warfare. Among their equipment and machines was a large battering ram, which was pushed right up to Northwall's front gate. Crossbowmen, protected within a testudo formation, kept the walls clear of Ulandian archers while the ram thundered against the door. After more than an hour the heavy wooden gate split and separated from its housing. Prepared for the breakthrough, the orcs rushed inside to meet the Ulandian defenders face-to-face. Mummy soldiers and other regular troops in the Desert King's command were quick to exploit the situation and followed closely behind. It became apparent the Ulandian 2nd Legion, nicknamed the Salamanders, refused to lose the city. With its walls breached, Northwall was quickly being overrun, yet the Salamanders stood their ground. When the Desert King's troops declared victory the next morning, not a single soldier of the 2nd Legion had been captured - the entire unit had fought to the last man. Despite being vastly outnumbered the Salamanders had inflicted terrible losses against the Desert King's army. Several entire Desert King companies were annihilated in the fighting. When the losses were finally counted, the day was marked as the bloodiest since the war began. A few other angles: Soldiers of the 2nd Legion brace Northwall's gate in an attempt to stop the Desert King's army: Historical annals would later note the heroism displayed by the 2nd Legion that day, and even the Desert King would pay his respects to the legendary unit. So too did those who fought against the Salamanders that day, and they erected a hasty monument to honor the dead from both sides. And the battering ram by itself: -------------------------------------- Hello! This is my entry for Warzone 7. I tried to go with a blend of Avalonian/Kaliphlin architecture here, hope this looks appropriate for the area. I'm sure this minichallenge is going to produce some sweet builds, I know I had fun with it! I should not I had originally built a larger, more proportionate gatehouse but it really threw off the build's composition so I scraped it. I liked that the area above the gate was shorter than the surrounding wall. Just imagine there's a big, ornate gatehouse right were the build stops! Anyways, thanks for looking, feedback always appreciated! If I win, I'd like B7 to be my next Warzone pick.
  8. ... to take down an ancient beast. Two soldiers of the "Thousand Suns" have set up their trap. May the beast come! Two more pictures without the dinosaur in the background: As a counter towards Tomsche's build
  9. The troops of the desert king are heavily forcing the attack. It's time for every living Salamander to join the forces on top of the wall. So do this wizard and his three veteran companions, who just climb the stairs to enter a small watchtower within the wall. It's time to fight... till the end! Builder's comment: I am not really satisfied with the build, I just lacked the time to improve it (make the wall less colourful, actually build the watchtower instead of having it's entrance just hanging around in the air). Sad, but I thought I'd rather post an imperfect build instead of none at all...
  10. To secure the Desert King's conquered territories in the west, his troops need a fortified keep at the coast to gain supplies and reinforcement from Avalonia. Lord Osric Isentooth is gathering his and allied Avalonian troops for an attempt to sack the city of Eastgate. The inexhaustable timber of the Wither Woods makes it easy to construct large siege weapons. Eastgate will fall.
  11. The Nile Crocs strike again!! Led by the mysterious Ka-a-Sobek, the fearsome Nile Crocs wage war against the enemies of the Desert King, mercilessly eliminating small groups of hostiles. Following a series of minor victories they have become increasingly aggressive and have begun to set their sights on bigger prizes... After receiving word that a large Ulandian force would be passing nearby Ka-a-Sobek knew it was finally time to go all out. He gathered all his troops in nearby areas and planned an ambush… It was a peaceful, sunny day. A gentle, soothing breeze rustled the pam trees, and the water was calm, reflecting the beautiful blue sky. There was a tranquil silence, broken only by the occasional squawk of tropical bird deeper in the trees. Suddenly the silence was shattered by a continuous tapping sound, growing louder by the minute. Suddenly a pair of marching soldiers came into view, then another pair, and another, and another, until a score of soldiers could be seen marching in a column. They wore strange looking breastplates and were garbed in a light shade of green. On their heads they work polished silvery helmets, which shone blindingly in the sunlight and carried razor sharp spears. These were soldiers of the Second Legion of Ulandus, the Salamanders. Suddenly, the entire line dissolved into chaos. Along the entire bank Nile Croc warrior appeared out of the water, rushing onto the shore while more warriors appeared in the water behind them. Ka-a-Sobek led the attack from the front, ambushing the front of the column. He burst out of the water, shouted "ATTACK!!!!!" and charged onto the shore.There he dueled against the Ulandian officer in command of this unit. The duel was ferocious, and several times Ka-a-Sobek barely avoided being impaled by the Ulandian. The duel raged on for several minutes, during which the Crocs finished off the remaining Ulandians Eventually the Ulandian officer tired slightly, and Ka-a-Sobek quickly ended the duel. The battle was won! After the battle the Nile Crocs had a huge feast, which lasted the rest of the day. Afterwards they left a message nearby for the Ulandians Additional Pictures: Ulandian Officer Croc Elder The road Figless The Nile Crocs trained war crocodile Sorry about the bad pictures(again). I was in a HUGE rush to take these since I had to leave for a ski trip immediately after this and I wasn't going to get back till after the deadline, so I had almost no time time to take pictures. C and C appreciated
  12. Challenge IV FACTION MINI CHALLENGE To kick off Challenge 4, we will have a quick mini-challenge for each of the factions. The winner of the faction will have the right to call themselves a certain title (depending on faction). They also get to pick the location of a battle in Category C. Deadline: before the end of Sunday March 22nd, anywhere in the world. FACTION: Ulandus CHALLENGE: The 13th Legion. If you read Bannihal’s Report, you may have noticed that there is a 13th legion of Ulandus, but it is brand new. Because of this, it has not earned its name or its colors yet. Your challenge is to create this 13th legion, design a few of their uniforms, give it a backstory and show members of this legion performing a heroic feat that would gain them the attention of First Centurion. You also should pick the nickname the legion will be granted. (IE: The First legion wears red and its nickname is The Thousand Suns.). The only restriction is that you must use a color that is not currently used by one of the legions. The largest MOC for this quick challenge is 32x32 studs. But, besides minifigure only pictures / builds, you may have up to two MOCs to show the feat. TITLE YOU CAN WIN: Exalted Centurion of Ulandus FACTION: Desert King CHALLENGE: Making War. The Desert King is in need of good lieutenants to run his war effort. Show your character (or the character you are using in this challenge) commanding a military action that would get the notice of your faction’s leader. You will probably need a unit under your command, so make sure that they look sharp! The largest MOC for this quick challenge is 32x32 studs. But, besides minifigure only pictures / builds, you may have up to two MOCs to show the feat. TITLE YOU CAN WIN: Warlord of the North (or Northern Kaliphlin if you are not Kaliphlinite already) FACTION: High Council CHALLENGE: Protecting the Councilors. The High Council is busy in this time of war, and need help guarding their person at important meetings. One member is often designated the Lord Protector of the Council when the council is in session, but since Kyban Wh'Ali of Khar'dek, current Lord Protector, was injured, a new Lord Protector must be found. Task: Depict a scene where your character (or the character you are using in the challenge) and his/her men prevent an attack on the council in a random location (Must not be Petraea). It should be clear that they have either saved the lives of the councilors, or prevented a plot altogether. The largest MOC for this quick challenge is 32x32 studs. But, besides minifigure only pictures / builds, you may have up to two MOCs to show the feat. TITLE YOU CAN WIN: High Lord of Kaliphlin (if you are not already one), Lord Protector of the Council if you are already part of Kaliphlin. JUDGING: After the deadline I will compile the entries into a voting thread, and each faction will vote for their favorite entry. That winner will earn the title.
  13. This is a counter to Scarst's GAon C3 It seems one of the troublemakers who has been insnaring Desert King troops has become caught in one of his own traps. His loud shouting attracted the attention of some of the elves that live in these woods, elves that are fiercly territorial and aggressive towards intruders... Heres a shot of the elves by themselves This build was heavily inspired by Kayne's The Withered Woods C & C appreciated
  14. Warzone 5: Battle of the Deep Sands Location: I 10 Who Can Participate: All Factions Terrain: This battle happens in the heart of the Dune Sea. The Dune Sea is full of large, often changing, crests of sand. There is very little stable ground, and where there is, there is usually some small oasis as the source of water. However, these Oases often disappear for months at a time under the ever-changing sands. A haboob can pick up at any moment and blow mountains of sand, literally, miles from its original point. Even though not the largest desert in Kaliphlin, the absence of landmarks makes it very easy to become trapped in the Dune Sea, often a traveler can be driven mad from his or her surroundings. This madness is known to those in the Kaliphlin as “Dunstyria.” History: The region has few settlements, and has had even fewer rulers. There is very little of importance here but a few oil wells and a swatch of territory to add to a ruler’s map. It is odd that war broke out here, but it does lie in the middle of many important locations in Kaliphlin, it is bordered by the Petraea Road, the Mystic Mountains, the Lone Mountain, the Swamps of Qar-Akhen River, and the more profitable Parched Lands. In some regards, it is a second avenue into many of these locations, and the side who controls it would be sealing off a backdoor to other locations. The troops must watch out for the mythic Sand Ghouls, Sand Worms, Dirtmaids, and Lerik'ai, all of which can bring a swift end to a party, and if not the inhabitants of the Dune Sea, then nature itself may deal a fatal blow. Mini-challenge: Depict the desolation of the region, while securing it for your side. This does not have to be a battle scene, it can be an occupation (you decide of what), taming the region somehow, building a fortification to outlast the Haboobs, etc… Use your imagination. Special judging consideration: The public will be asked to judge who won based on creative use of the desert. IE: we are asking MOCers to really demonstrate life and death in the desert, not just a pile of sand and some figs. Secondary Category: Best Sand. A third question will be asked on the voting thread, which build contained the best sand? Although it has nothing to do with who will win the battle, it does allow that winner to be known throughout Historica as the “Traverser of the Great Sands.” Restrictions: Unlimited. Due Date: April 5th When posting a link to your entry to each battle thread, make sure you note which zone you are picking as the next warzone if you win. You may want to coordinate with others from your faction.
  15. Ulandian soldiers from the Blazing Swords legion were patrolling a path towards the peak of one of the mountains in the Nestlands. They were about to check one of the numerous caves for rebels when they were suddenly attacked by a ferocious croc warrior! Extra pics: figless The back of the build For some reason I decided to build this whole cave upside down, and then SNOT and reverse the direction instead of just building it studs up. Here is a small build I made to display the Desert King warrior, who is one of the Nile Crocs' Nocturnian brethren. C and C appreciated For the Desert King!!
  16. Two courageous Desert King warriors rescue a young lady from one of the many criminals that are running amok while the High Council troops are busy fighting the war. This young lady's father happens to be the leader of a small village nearby, and both he and his daughter are very grateful of the heroic actions of these warriors. Extra pics C and C appreciated
  17. Warzone 3: The Nestlands Insurgency. Location: G15 Who Can Participate: All Factions Terrain: This battle happens in the Northern Nestlands region. (The following is Gedren_y’s description of his home territory) “The mountain in the center of the grid is known as Ghuin Nol, and is described as predominantly light colored stone. The terrain is somewhat like Asian equatorial rainforest. The Nestlands settlements are mostly on the south and east faces, but Skywatch Perch is at the peak, and is manned by the High Guard. The mountain is honeycombed with natural caves, and would be a good strategic position if someone wants to overrun the commercial and production centers of the Nestlands. There is very little drinkable ground water, as it is too mineral rich.” History: It is said that the Kaliphlin Civil War started in the Nestlands. Even before the council was willing to recognize they were at war, the Nestlands were busy fighting for their right to live as they desired, under their own rulers and religion. As the Ulandian Forces surrounded the High Council Enclaves of Mypa Stedor and Berigora, the Nestlands held out valiantly. However, overwhelming attacks by the 5th Legion subdued the Northern Nestlands region, and put a green blip on the campaign map. Some said that the Nestlands clans were fighting an unfair battle, as they pledged neutrality, and when they refused to swear allegiance to the “New Council” as Ulandus has styled the government that they are trying to install, the Blazing Swords (5th Legion) forced compliance. Mini-challenge: Now that the war is in its first month, and most of the 5th Legion has moved on to secure more territory, the Nestlands Clans have taken the fight back against the Ulandians. Small pockets of resistance, armed with Mpya Stedor weapons, have begun to overthrow the officials Ulandus had left behind. The challenge here for High Council builders is to depict one of these insurgency operations succeeding against Ulandus. Ulandian builders should depict on of the insurgency attacks failing, and Ulandus forces prevailing. Desert King builders should depict their forces taking opportune attacks against both sides. *this doesn’t mean you have to depict DK supporters attacking both sides at once, just attacking one or the other. Restrictions: 32x32 with limited overhang, SPECIAL: Must have an irregular base. (hey, we are about improving our skills here, aren’t we?) Due Date: March 29th Title Tag for MOC's thread: Title of Moc [WZ2:G15, Faction Name] When posting a link to your entry to each battle thread, make sure you note which zone you are picking as the next warzone if you win. You may want to coordinate with others from your faction. WARMAPSTARTNOWnonum by skaforhire, on Flickr
  18. This is a counter to Elostirion's build Stopping Reincarnation All is quiet inside this section of the crypt. A Ulandian warrior quickly passes through the hallway, and seeing nothing amiss he moves along. However this wall is different from the others across the crypt. Behind this wall lies a small chamber... Although the Ulandians had stopped the main group of Desert King supporters they did not catch all of them and one had made it to the main tomb, where he had begun a spell. The magic flowing through the crypt had some side affects, triggering many of the spells and enchantments carved into the tomb... One of the Desert King's Nocturnian allies during his original reign 2000 years ago was awakened. This powerful warlock seeks to fight for his leader once more. C and C appreciated EDIT: Oops I forgot to add [CG, D10, DK vs U] to the title. Ska could you please fix it? Here is a shot of the whole build
  19. The Desert King sent out some of his warriors and a wizard to find an old crypt and bringt some of his powerful companions from 2000 years ago back to Historica. High Centurion was glad when he heard the news that some of his soldiers had arrived just in time to put an end to this unholy act of the Desert King's followers! - - Builders Note: While I am really happy with the build itself, I don't like the minfigure placement much at all. Also I expected the illumation-effect of the dark wizard in the cave to come over much better than it does...
  20. A counter guerrilla, against Garmadon's, The Storming of Ras-El-Akhen Wall design inspired by Gideon. After breaching the outer wall of Ras-el-akhen, the Ulander troops thought they had it made. But upon seeing the inner wall, they had second thoughts about their attack... More pictures here: Link I tried a new background for this build, any input on that welcome. C&C appreciated
  21. Counter to Robuko's Guerilla against Everlast Besieged, surrounded, and blockaded by Desert King forces, the people of Everlast have been offered supplies and protection to give up control to the Desert King. However, on the town square, a group of strangers have drawn a crowd, handing out food and supplies to the people of Everlast... The Saviour by Beorthan, on Flickr On the podium, a noble-looking, charismatic gentleman is speaking in a booming, deep voice: "The socalled Desert King holds your town in an iron grip, cutting your supplies and starving your families. He claims to mean you no harm, and offers to feed and protect you for your allegiance. But from whom do you need protection? And why are you in need of food? This town has ever been able to support itself, and where it not for the troops of the false god-king, you would be in no need for his socalled gifts!" In the crowd, a low murmur of support is rising, people looking at each other, nodding in agreement, as the elderly gentleman proceeds, raising his voice: "It is said that you should not bite the hand that is feeding you, but are you to rely on this very hand for food, when it is the same hand that holds you in a stranglehold? Who is to say what the price of the next meal will be, should you give up your freedom for this? Will he, who styles himself a god, allow you to live as equals in his realm?" The People by Beorthan, on Flickr The orator looks around, meeting the gaze of many of the on-lookers, as his followers hand out large amounts of fish, meats, bread and other foods. A silence falls over the crowd under the man's serious gaze. Loudly, he continues: "The Desert King promises peace, security and an end to starvation, but at what cost? What sacrifice will this "God" require of you next? Will you give in to his demands for the scraps from his own table, or will you stand against him to preserve your freedom? The Republic of Kaliphlin stands with you, and thus, the people of all of Historica! We offer you supplies at no cost but our own peril. We require naught of you, but that you respect YOUR rights as FREE PEOPLE of these lands!" The murmur in the crowds resumes, slowly rising to a cheer... The Town by Beorthan, on Flickr "We have made it our undertaking to supply you with all you need. We have established secret, hidden routes of supply through the lines of the Foul Besieger. We have done so, not to ask for your support, but to show you that you have ours. The High Council stands as protector of the Republic, and as protector of its people. It stands as YOUR protector!" Silence falls over the plaza, as the orator pauses for a second. "So what will it be? Surrender or Stand Fast? Submission or Freedom?!? I shall leave it up to you and yours, but know that we will do our part in allowing you a free choice in this matter!" A loud cheer of support rises, and out of the noise a chanting emerges, increasing in volume, echoing throughout the valleys of Everlast: "Stand fast.... Stand Fast.... STAND FAST, STAND FAST, STAND FAST!" ____________________________________________________________________________________ That's my counter to Robuko's attempt to take over Everlast. I hope you like it :) I am quite happy with the idea, satisfied with the build and story, but somewhat dissapointed about the pics, though.
  22. Pumping the water into the aqueducts is important, yes. Deciding about the waters destination, however, is real power. As such a small unit of Ulandian soldiers has conquered a tower further landinwards where a waterstream is split in two. Some of the water is kept for the small oasis around the tower. Poor Desert King spy soon to be discovered by the watchful dog... Stopping the flow of the water in one of the directions: Feel free to have a look at the full fotostream for some more shots. In case I win: J9.
  23. The forces from Ulandus had taken as many aqueducts as they could, knowing that whoever controlled the water supply would be in the best position to continue their attacks. A small force of the Ulandans had decided that it would be faster to press-ganged some of the local farmers into hauling water for them to increase the flow instead of fixing the water-pump. The men of Budd-apest, fighting for the Desert King, saw the slavery in action and decided to do something about it. OoC: I originally wasn't going to build for this WZ. But then I got this idea in my head. I hope it works as a "medieval pumping station." The instructions just said to make it realistic based on what they had available back then. And what was more readily available than men?
  24. Khalesh and Atem, two loyal militiamen of the Desert King, prepare to get the drop on yet another unsuspecting Ulandian. So, my entry to warzone 4, C+C welcome!
  25. The Golden Partisans - The new 13th Legion of Ulandus? Somewhere in the deserts of Kaliphin, a small group of soldiers has setup their camp. Hidden from the eyes of their foes these warriors are taking a quick rest from the past struggles, looking forward to heroic deeds in the future. Will first Centurio hear about their doings for Ulandus? Colours: Gold (secondary: "sand" / light yellow) Mission: Guerilla Missions, particulary in the desert Name: Golden Partisans Overview of the small camp. Backside of the camp. The group's elven leader is drinking some refreshment, while her guard is trying to take a nap. "The boy" is filling a bucket at the small hidden well they found in the desert. Well, actually it's hardly more than a hole in the ground, but water is what you need to survive under the sun! Some supplies of the warriors. The whole squad of the "Golden Partisans" as CMFs. Full Album with three more photos can be found here. I plan on adding the following over the next couple of days: * the camp at night * some facts about the squad (colour, history, races, mission, equipment) * single characters with some proper background stories * two more scenes about their heroic deeds after leaving the camp